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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  August 25, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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yesterday's humidity. >> storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is here with the weather headlines. chuck? >> that's right. all the good news in the forecast is that temperatures will be at or below average for this afternoon. and more importantly, the rain chances are gone. and the humidity is leaving as well. last of the drops out to atlantic city. couldn't rule out a few stray sprinkles across southern most st. mary's county. but by and large, 99% of us will be rain free for today. temperatures 71 in washington. 63 in manassas and ashburn. 61 in front royal and martinsburg. a nice start this morning. here's the way your day breaks out hour by hour. temperatures staying in the mid to upper 60s through 7:00. mid to upper 70s by 11:00 and then full sunshine, low humidity. temperatures mid 80s and a perfect night for doing everything from backyard barbecuing. how is the ride on 270? >> it is good this morning. no problems here, all the way
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from frederick down to the spur. you can see nice and clear, no issues at all. we had some earlier road work in the northern part of 270 that's out of the way. 66 into and out of town, looking good. same thing on 95. remember in upper marlboro, ritchie-marlboro road at the beltway, we have the eastbound lanes blocked and the left lane blocked. this is because of a construction issue from overnight. so hoping that gets out of the way for everybody. kind of soon here before traffic picks up too much. kids going back to school of course. b.w. parkway, 95 and 29, everything rolling along nicely. top of the beltway also looks good. see you back here at 5:11. new this morning, take a look at some new video of a smoldering, melted metro access bus. this happened in silver spring on new hampshire avenue right near the beltway. we have some calls in to police right now. working to find out how this happened. we'll let you know as soon as we get more information. if you use the w-8 bus in the district you may be taking a new route at least for now. metro is responding to a shooting by rerouting that bus.
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someone started shooting friday night on elvans road and the drivers said that's not the first time. we're learning that metro has imposed a seven day detour off elvans road southeast after 7:00 p.m. news4's meagan fitzgerald will have the latest on how that change may affect you. 5:02 your time right now. the first day of school for more than 100,000 students in our area. calvert and the rest of anne arundel county students are headed back to the classroom. you will see a lot of backpacks in prince george's county as well, as kids head back to school today. a lot of new things happening this school year including two new language schools. a big budget battle also has administrators in prince george's county getting creative in order to keep some programs going. news4's molette green live outside a new school in bladensburg with more on some of the changes. molette, good morning. >> reporter: aaron, good
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morning. yeah, we're outside of annapolis road academy. this is one of two international schools designed to meet students where they are in need. these are students who are international students, some of them are recent immigrants or second generation students still learning the english language. so this particular school will focus on their very special needs. we are in a diverse community where people speak different languages. and come from different parts of the world. so the school ceo, kevin maxwell, thought it was a good idea to bring this kind of school to the county. maxwell and the county executive are doing some regrouping after the county council rejected their school reform plan that called for a very large tax increase. so there will be hiring, six new literacy coaches to try to help students all over the county who are struggling. and they have hired 2,000
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additional teachers because the school system has a lot more students coming into the system this year. and so we will talk to the ceo in our next hour about some of his regrouping and some of the ways in which he is doing things now that he doesn't have the money to do some of the other more progressive reforms that he and the county executive had planned. we are live this morning in maidens burg -- bladensburg. in honor of the first day of school, prince george's county executive rushern baker will visit five county schools today. he'll tour largo high school at at:30. he's wrapp it up at the culinar school. chinese stocks fall for a fourth day. plummeting more than 7.5%.
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it's a new low since 2014. other marks seemed to have rebounded after a day of huge losses. despite the tough day on wall street, the dow is dropping more than 500 points and the u.s. financial economy still showing growth, so now might not be the time to sell. we'll see what happens at 9:30 at the opening bell. but cnbc saying at this point that things are pointing to a higher open. aaron? >> thank you, angie. five after the hour and police in montgomery county are trying the figure out who vandalized more than 25 cars in northern potomac. some had a slashed windshield and tires. this happened at the avalon apartments. police would like to hear from you. they want to hear from anybody who saw something related to the damaged cars. police in centreville say at least two children saw a man shoot his brother. this morning the suspect is in
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custody and officers think the victim will survive. chopper 4 flew over the townhouse complex yesterday afternoon. they were alarmed to hear gunshots and to see officers on the streets, guns drawn. police arrested a man after they say he shot his brother three times. in the day ahead, the maryland attorney general is planning to make a big announcement. brian frosh is proposing a new standard for police investigations. >> it is designed to end racial profiling by police. now we don't know the exact details of the plan just yet. the announcement comes four months after freddie gray's death in police custody and the subsequent rioting in baltimore. we'll be watching frosh's news conference at 11:00 this morning. six minutes after 5:00. and now to decision 2016. the white house not squashing rumors that vice president joe biden is considering a run for the presidency. biden had two not so secret meetings this week. the vp met with massachusetts senator and progressive favorite elizabeth warren over the weekend. he also had his weekly lunch
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with president obama at the white house yesterday, speaking on that lunch, press secretary josh ernest did not say anything to try to quiet speculation. he said that the president would likely make an endorsement during the primary. the virginia republican party is putting some pressure on all the candidates for president. the party may require candidates to support the eventual nominee if they want to make the virginia primary ballot. that's according to the loudoun times mirror. >> some candidates including donald trump have refused to support other candidates who may win the nomination. a mother attacked while walking her toddler in arlington. what police say about the possible connection to other crimes in the area. you may notice something different the next time you ride metro. the adjustment they're making to avoid another derailed train incident. chuck bell is already looking ahead to the weekend. we still care about the days in between, a little bit, right? he says something will return. your time is 5:08. stay with us.
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quite a shock for shoppers heading out of this parking garage. you're watching dash cam video from the officer's patrol car as police chase a car. officers in florida say this chase started when they -- when the suspected car thief tried to run over one of the officers. two of the officers fired, one of the bullets hit the 19-year-old suspect. that man is behind bars facing charges this morning. metro says it's doing something new to keep you safe following the derailment at the smithsonian station earlier this month. according to "the washington post," metro implemented seat restrictions on hard curves throughout the system. trains are slowing down to around 35 miles an hour at the curves and metro says the slowdowns are part of an aggressive inspection of the whole system. the transit agency will lift the restrictions once the inspection is all done. 5:11 your time right now. weather and traffic on the 1s as
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we work our way toward the weekend already. >> it is only tuesday though. so storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell, he'll walk us through what we can expect today and tomorrow, thursday and friday, too, fyi. >> that's right. get through them all. your eyes are always on the weekend. outside now, temperatures in the 60s to around 70. a very nice and dry start. your sky today will be increasingly blue as we go through time. a beautiful day to be outside today. temperatures will climb up into the low to mid 80s with 100% sunshine. no complaints for today and yes, indeed, all eyes on the weekend, both saturday and sunday. looking good, warmer, a touch more humid. a stray shower on sunday. no panic though. still have this problem in upper marlboro. richie marlboro at the beltway. the eastbound lane is blocked and west bound lane is blocked. earlier problem with roadway. now wssc is out there because of
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a water main issue. beltway looks good. 270 at middlebrook rolling along nicely. 95 at route 1
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you're watching "news4 today." >> sending plainclothes officers out there and the subject got scared off by the cries for help. but who knows. >> we're learning there will be more police on the beat after another attack of a woman in arlington. you may be able to help police in arlington county. if you recognize the man in that sketch. it is the sixth attack in recent weeks in that area. and this time the victim was a mother with her 3-year-old daughter. they were walking together in lubber run park around 8:00 on friday night when this happened. police say if you're using the trails, it is safer to walk in pairs or in groups. d.c. police now looking for a man accused of a sex assault
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in northwest washington. they say that man may be an uber driver driving a white sports car with black leather seats. now police say that man forced himself on a woman early sunday morning. it happened around grant circle in the petworth and they according to police. you can download a new app to help you stay safe. the you ask app was made to stop rape on campus. it will have resources for victims. mary cheh and several city agencies are holding a kickoff event for the app today. that's happening at the university of district of columbia at 10:45 a.m. from college safety to school security, parents in maryland may feel safer this school year. extra security will be added at some school events in frederick county. school officials have reached an agreement with the city's police union over security at frederick high school and governor thomas johnson high. two students were injured at a
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jv basketball game back in february. and don't forget nbc4's backpacks for kids drive. it's now just one day away. you can come out to the kingstown branch of the apple federal credit union starting at 6:00 a.m. to donate a backpack. >> you can donate until noon or any time online this thursday. watch news4o donate to our phone bank as well starting at 11:00. angie, amelia and lauren, they'll be be there. another new development for bob mcdonnell. he'll stay out of prison for now and -- after a new ruling from the supreme court. chief justice roberts said that mcdonnell does not have to report to jail this sunday. >> he is appealing to the supreme court right now. this ensures he'll be free while they did seed whether to take his case. 5:19 right now. seoul, south korea, holding up
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its end of the deal after north korea loosened the grip on war. >> the loud speakers blasting pyongyang propaganda are off. if it did not -- but north korea officials did say they expressed regret over the soldiers' injuries. today, a retired congressman who died last week will be laid to rest. louis stokes' funeral is being held in cleveland. vice president biden is expected to attend. he died of brain and lung cancer and he was 90. today the city of new orleans will release a resiliency report. that report comes as the city marks ten years after hurricane katrina. the report aims to identify the city's priorities and prepare for another devastating event like katrina. remarkable survival stories are also being highlighted in that
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report. more than 1,800 people died in the hurricane and in the flooding that followed. an indycar driver has died after a crash on the pocono raceway. it sent his car into the wall. you may remember this video here. you can see a car spin out of control and hit a wall sunday afternoon. justin wilson was in another car behind it and a piece of debris hit him and sent him into the wall. they say wilson died in the hospital last night. he was 37 years old. in "news4 your health" now at 5:20, a new study says a woman's prepregnancy diet plays a huge role for her baby. the prepregnancy diet was compared to those who had healthy diets and those with a major heart defect. moms with a healthy diet significantly lowered that risk. apparently cryotherapy is
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the new trend. you know how much we wait being cold? can you imagine trying to do this? >> no. >> cryotherapy claims to provide everything from muscle inflammation relief to skin tightening. even weight loss. wait a minute, weight loss and skin tightening? some skeptics though. >> there's a lot of folks who make a lot of money off of it. they charge, you know, quite a bit. 50 to $100 to a treatment of getting frozen. we don't have the science to prove that it works yet. >> well, the chambers can cost up to $50,000 each. i guess i have to stick to exercise and face cream. >> that's been proven. the exercise. never mind. i don't want to imply -- let's have a live look outside. >> what are you saying, aaron? >> look at the picture outside. it's dark. >> he cries, it's cold, it's cold. that's how she cries about the
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cold weather, so no way i'm getting in that thing. >> that's right. no cold for me. >> the deep freeze tank for sure. outside today, we'll be cooler than yesterday, but certainly nowhere near deep freeze levels. there's the view outside this morning. there's our monument, standing tall in the middle of washington. a beautiful morning. jefferson memorial to the right-hand side of your screen. beautiful day outside. today the rain showers and the thunderstorms that hit last evening and late last night are gone now. almost 100% sunshine coming your way for your tuesday afternoon. get outside and enjoy, the rain is over for now. keeping an eye on the tropics though. tropical storm erica formed late last night. only chance for a rain anywhere near us today will be southern st. mary's out on to the eastern shore. that's it. even there, rain chances are exceptionally low. we'll be dry from this point
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forward inside the beltway. points out to the north and west. where temperatures are well down into the low and mid 60s this morning. hour by hour then through the day, sunshine, low 80s by noontime. low to middle 80s for highs today. a great day to be outside and enjoying the weather. dinner and movie tonight. clear skies. then into the mid 70s between 8:00 and 11:00. future weather carries the clouds and any rain chances out of here for today. they'll be gone in the next couple of days. that's the latest track of the tropical storm erica. there's a wide range of possibilities but looks like it will be a minimal hurricane approaching the parts of the southeastern u.s. as we head to sunday and monday of next week. so there's a long time for this storm to take the turn and go on out to sea. for us, around here the next few days, near perfect late august weather. actually feeling more like september. right up until the weekend when highs will be back up near 90. slight chance for a shower coming our way on sunday.
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no weekend washout on the way. a check on the first 4 traffic with melissa mollet. >> good morning. first of all, in rockville, southbound 355 there at edison lane, the center lane is blocked. taking a wide look at the beltway, no major problems here. inner and outer loop, looking quite good this morning. beltway at st. barnabas right here. again, no issues there with that live look. in upper marlboro, ritchie-marlboro road, the eastbound lane is blocked. sounds like a water main issue, but not hearing about water flowing. wssc is out on the scene right now. the westbound left lane is blocked as well. top of the beltway, nice and green for us this morning. b.w. parkway, 95 and 29 everything rolling along nicely into and out of town. see you back here in ten minute. >> thank you, melissa. it's now 5:24. police released new details about how a man died in northwest saturday night. d.c. detectives tell news4 he was in some kind of fight on
5:25 am
fairmont street about a block away from howard university when he fell and hit his head on the curb. 35-year-old man was unconscious and he died sunday. they don't have anyone in custody. he worked as an accountant in texas but lived in suburb ban maryland for years. a woman is accused of intentionally running her husband over with a car. 37-year-old araceli alvarez-mendoza is charged with murder. police say she was arguing with her husband fernando fragoso-duana sunday afternoon when he walked out of the police. she followed him in the suv and ran him over. she is being held without bond. a developing story now. the west coast is getting help to battle the fast moving wildfires in washington state. take a look at the flames here. fire crews from fral -- australia and new zealand picked
5:26 am
up the equipment in idaho yesterday. the overseas help will bolster the nearly 32,000 firefighters already in the field. in the meantime, we're hearing from some people who haven't been allowed home in at least a week. >> this keeps our mind off of that out there. without this, i wouldn't be able to sleep at night. >> some of the evacuees are camping together in a home depot parking lot. right now, washington state is dealing with 16 large wildfires that cover more than 920 square miles. another state is now making its own laws to restrict drones. the california senate approved a bill to keep drones off of private property. it says a drone flying over private property would be considered an invasion of privacy. the state assembly passed a bill that makes flying drones an act of trespassing if they're lower than 350 feet.
5:27 am
a legal victory for a disabled veteran. why the tables may be turned on the management company who went after a former marine who painted a picnic table outside his home. we're learning the first day of school for some local students may be delayed. what's slowing down the start for some students in stafford county and the date being tossed around for a new first day. a live look outside for you this morning. chuck bell has your bus stop forecast at 5:31. what is different today when you send yo
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good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilchrist. welcome back to "news4 today." 5:30 right now. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell looking at what is happening today weatherwise. good morning to you. >> good morning. tuesday off to a quiet start as far as any weather slowdowns today. nothing to worry about from the weather department. we have all of the green lights. melissa mollet will let you know where the yellow and red lights are in a second. 66 in hagerstown. 59 in luray. 61, culpepper. 71, washington. 73 in edge water, maryland. the sun is up at 6:31. temperatures near 70 on your way out the door. and a gorgeous afternoon coming up. temperatures will be up into the upper -- low to mid 80s for later on today. a gorgeous day. there's your area wide high temperatures. low to mid 80s. plenty of sunshine. nothing to worry about whatsoever. so there's all good news. now, what about the red lights?
5:31 am
270 is a parking lot by 5:30 most mornings. >> most mornings about this time is the time to start to see some slowdowns. no worries for you. >> i'm already at work. >> unfortunately, we have some worries here, 270 outer frederick, down through pretty much clarksburg and then things open up a bit. you're looking better southbound. northbound, nice and clear on the spur to frederick. beltway at central avenu moving along quite nicely. ritchie-marlboro road in upper marlboro, still have the eastbound lanes blocked. left lane blocked as well. this is a report of construction equipment that hit a water main and started some issues there this morning. sounds like wssc is out there on the scene and so now they're trying to get things under control. no water flowing was the last report. 66 okay, 95 northbound here little slow through dale city going 43 miles per hour. travel times in ten minutes. >> thank you. we're monitoring more
5:32 am
uncertainty on wall street. will today be as unpleasant and rocky as yesterday? the dow closed down another 3.6% and the nasdaq is also down. let's get more perspective from edward lawrence on capitol hill. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. we're in an official correction. that's where the market drops between 10 and 20%. the chinese market slid again overnight and ended up about 12% down or more than 12% down. some asian markets rebounded. japan, however, did not. still the white house spokesman josh ernest says our economy or economic leaders are taking note of this. it shows that the global economy is connected more than ever. now, because the u.s. economy is still showing that growth, experts say that now may not be the time to sell. those experts say if the other asian markets rebounded, then the new york stock exchange will have an okay day. those asian markets ended up not
5:33 am
having significant losses so we should wait and see what happens when the bell rings at 9:30 on the new york stock exchange. the future indicators are pointing in a positive direction. the dow futures are up more than 1%. so that is a good indication that it might not be as bad of a day as yesterday. reporting live in washington, edward lawrence, now back to you, eun. >> thank you. police are looking for four men who robbed a verizon store in montgomery county. the men were arranged when they enter -- armed when they entered the store yesterday in olney. the men drove off in a 2015 dodge charger. police followed them as they drove on to the icc. chopper flew over the scene as it continued on the beltway. police lost the car in prince george's county. d.c. police say they caught the guy who robbed a man in a wheelchair. the whole thing caught on surveillance camera on wheeler
5:34 am
road southeast. earl matthews forcefully takes something from the wheelchair bound man. police arrested matthews on sunday and charged him with robbery. 5:34 our time now. >> most students in northern virginia have one week left before school. the counties in our area want to make sure that you're watching out for their safety on the roads. the national transportation safety board and group from loudoun and fairfax counties are holding an event. they'll discuss best practices to stay safe around pedestrians and students on the bus. >> and students are headed back to school. and kristin wright had more on what you can expect on the roads this morning. more than 100 kids in prince george's county going back to school today, kristin. >> reporter: yeah. more than 83,000 of the kids in prince george's county ride the school bus. so the bus system is very important to this school district. we're in one of 12 school bus lots in the district this
5:35 am
morning. and the buses are about to start rolling out just about any minute now. most students in prince george's county do ride the school bus to school. that's saying a lot because this is one of the largest school districts in the entire state. so again, it's crucial that the school district's transportation system works well. again, more than 83,000 students are riding the school bus this year in prince george's county. buses in daily use. that's more than 1,000. a lot of buses to maintain. now buses with the security cameras on board, 977 of those the school district added more of them this year. that's important to a lot of parents who want to make sure, you know, that children and other students are being monitored properly. buses with the traffic cameras to make sure they're doing the right thing, about 20 of those. also we were talking with a supervisor here in the lot a few minutes ago. he was telling us that the school district this year was
5:36 am
excited to add more school buses with air conditioning, so he's very proud of that. they hope to add more. those in the coming years. here's one of the school buses rolling out now. the supervisor also shared with us that the bus drivers did two dry runs this month. they did one two weeks ago and one yesterday, where they go out on the routes and make sure, you know, that everything is running the way it should and he told me that everything seemed to be just fine. so they have their fingers crossed for today. back to you. >> all right, kristin wright live in bowie. thank you. some students in stafford county may have to wait to go back to school. "the free lance-star" reports that crews were not able to move into the new building over the weekend. stafford county administrators say that means classes may start september 14th instead of the 8th. administrators hope to get the teachers in on sunday, august 30th. it depends on whether the hess construction can get the appropriate permits in time. we'll keep you posted.
5:37 am
a disabled marine corps veteran in virginia could sue the apartment complex that kicked him out and accused him of destroying property. we told you about mickey triplett last week. he was charged with destruction of property after he painted a picnic table white. yesterday, the state dropped the charges against him. the commonwealth's attorney said there wasn't any kind of criminal intent. his lawyer say they may sue the complex for malicious prosecution. responding to outrage, a fraternity's response to the sexually suggestive signs rolled out for freshman females at the start of a new semester. with the rain over, chuck said that sun will dry things right up. right up.
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welcome back. some video for you to see here out of new york. six people hurt after this bus rammed into the corner of that building. one of the witnesses says the apartment building in queens, new york, crumbled and caved in on impact. rescue teams had to use thejaws of life to pull the driver out of that bus. new york police say the bus driver swerved to avoid hitting another car and hit that building yesterday instead. a group of fraternity brothers is in big trouble. their so called welcome to new students was too aggressive and you can probably see why here.
5:41 am
some people are upset with sigma nu at old dominion. three sexually suggestive banner were held. all activities have been suspended at old dominion. 5:41 now on this tuesday morning. your weather and traffic on the 1s. >> here is storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. what do you say, chuck? >> i say it's 5:41. that's what i say. 61 degrees in gaithersburg right now. 66 rockville and college park. 69 in brandy wine and rosaryville. 64 in ft. belvoir in springfield. what to wear today, you don't need to worry about that umbrella or any kind of a jacket. a beautiful day, plenty of sunshine out there. temperatures today will climb up into the low to mid 80s with an impressive amount of sunshine. and temperatures will stay in
5:42 am
the 80s much of the week. your seven day forecast coming up. we still have that issue again on ritchie-marlboro road. the lanes are blocked because of the road work and repairs happening now from overnight. 270 south, germantown to the beltway, no problem. top of the beltway rolling along quite nicely as well. 66 inbound looks good from fairfax county. parkway to the beltway, 95 north looking as good as it possibly can from quantico to the beltway. remember to listen to our friends from wtop 103.5 f.m. when you hop in your car. the changes rolling out that all seniors need to know about preparing for college. that a new survey says most parntdzs
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5:45 am
good tuesday morning. 5:45 a.m. your hometown forecast in
5:46 am
montgomery county, just a few leftover puddles from last night's rain showers. 66 on the way out the at the door. and 80 degrees on your way home with full sunshine. still have this problem in upper marlboro. ritchie-marlboro road at the beltway, eastbound lanes are blocked. westbound lanes are blocked. could start to slow down if this sticks around too much longer. eun? >> thank you, melissa. more police on the street. that's what one d.c. council member wants after someone shot at a metrobus. the w-8 bus in the district, you may be taking a new route at night, at least for now. news4's meagan fitzgerald joins us this morning from the anacostia metro station. how will this affect people who use the bus? >> reporter: well, metro announced that the w-8 bus will be skipping the elvans road stop which is typically three stops before the one we're at today, the anacostia station. this is a response to the increase in violence in city and most recently you may recall that shooting on the metrobus on
5:47 am
friday night. and the 2400 block of elvans road. a man outside of the bus shot inside. striking man who was on that bus. of course, that suspect still at large. that investigation still ongoing. but as you had mentioned, council member jack evans says he believes part of the solution is adding more police officers on the street. he's calling for an additional 200 officers. this will be the third time he introduces that mandate at the next meeting which is set for september 22. back to you. >> thank you, meagan. montgomery county 911, what is the address of the emergency? >> i just been shot. >> sir, i'm sorry, you have been shot? >> yes. yes. >> for the first time, we are hearing the dramatic 911 calls from a double shooting in montgomery county. a man is now facing decades in jail for that violent crime. at the same time, montgomery county police are looking for another suspect. here he is, police say kervon
5:48 am
noel informed robbers that a cleaning company kept tens of thousands of dollars of cash in the office. two people shot through the windows of the office and shot two people. one of them, michael robb was accused of attempted robbery last week. and prosecutors said it almost didn't happen. >> she was admitted on wednesday to the hospital with a stroke. she came directly from discharge from that hospital, testified. a key piece of evidence that allowed us to obtain these convictions. >> now, police believe that noel is liching in the -- living in the trinidad neighborhood. this morning a suspect is in custody and officers say they think the victim will survive. you can see chopper 4 flew over the townhouse complex yesterday afternoon. neighbors told news4 they were alarmed to hear gunshots and see
5:49 am
officers on the streets, guns drawn. police arrested a man after they say he shot his brother three times. now to decision 2016 and the question on a lot of people's minds -- will vice president joe biden make a run for the white house? his two not so secret meetings have a lot of people taking over the weekend, he met with progressive favorite elizabeth warren. he also had his weekly lunch with president obama at the white house yesterday. speaking about that lunch, the press secretary did not say anything to quiet the speculation. >> to add joe biden to the ticket as his running mate was the smartest decision he ever made in politics. that should give you a sense that the president's view of vice president's aptitude. >> earnest said that the president would likely make an endorsement during the primary. the virginia republican party is putting pressure on the all republican candidates for
5:50 am
president. they may require the eventual nominee if they want to make the debut to support the eventual nominee. some candidates including donald trump have refused to support others who may win the nomination. okay, a live look now at the national zoo's panda cam. mei xiang has changed positions. >> right. at least her neck is not up against the wall anymore. i was concerned about that. >> she and the new cubs are doing great this morning. they're not quite out of the woods just yet. the zoo says the newborns are a bit vulnerable, especially during the first week that's why the panda team is working around the clock, closely monitoring the cubs' progress and watching her sleep. it will be a while before we find out the sexes of the cubs. the genders or who their father is. or fathers. the cubs won't receive their names until about a hundred days after the birth in a naming ceremony. that's a tradition. if you can't get enough of them, check out the photo gallery on the nbc washington app any time.
5:51 am
wake up in the middle of the night, you need a panda fix. make a note of that. >> i need a fix because they're so adorable. thomas stone elementary school is closed today because of a water main break. thomas stone elementary in prince george's county. so one more day before back to school for the kids there. check, everybody -- chuck, everybody else is going back to school. >> back to school. >> you are happy about that. >> not a big pool goer, but sometimes it's crowded at the pool during the summer vacation season and less crowded after the kids go back. it's all about learning when you're young and relaxing when you're older. get off the pool deck, kids. it will be a good pool day, actually. a perfect day to get outside and enjoy if you're still on your summer vacation. there's the view over downtown. still about 45 minutes before the sun comes up early this morning. skies are clearing out nicely.
5:52 am
71 at national airport. six miles per hour wind right now. what you should expect for today, plenty of rain across parts of the area last night so there are some leftover puzzles to -- puddles to splash and dash through. still upper 60s and low 70s from i-95 east and out to the north and west, temperatures have dropped very nicely. into the upper 50s and low 60s. hourly temperatures today will be in the 60s and 70s through 9:00 and 10:00 this morning. spend most of the afternoon up to the low and mid 80s. plenty of sunshine. if you go to the pool, full sunshine. quick drying with the low humidity. don't forget your spf 30 or better or you'll get a burn. the nationals and the padres are playing tonight at 7:05. great weather for baseball. 80 degrees at first pitch. mid 70's when the game comes to the end. there's the front that brought the rain and thunderstorms yesterday.
5:53 am
that's moving away from us. as a result the cooler, drier, less humid air fills on in. rain chances going through the rest of the week, next to nothing. we can use rain around here, but that's not in the offing for the next couple of days. 85 on both wednesday and thursday with low humidity. and cool starts in the morning. then warming up and turning a bit more humid and more summer like into the weekend. the only chance of a rain is a stray shower on sunday afternoon. now a check of the weather with melissa mollet. >> thank you. outer loop at georgia avenue, a report of something happening there. police responding to the area. so we'll get an update on that and let you know what's happening there. in upper marlboro, we have this issue, ritchie-marlboro road at the beltway. eastbound lanes are blocked and the westbound left lane blocked. remember all the kids going back to school this morning. so just be careful as you're headed out this morning. a lot more kids perhaps walking on streets they're not typically
5:54 am
walking on the sidewalks there. 270 here southbound, a little slow ott of frederick. 31 miles per hour and then it opens back up. 66 no major problems. and slow spot is dale city. >> thank you, melissa. the national rifle association is pushing back against the so-called gun violence tax. the city council in seattle has implemented that tax. it requires people living in the city to pay an extra $25 in taxes for every gun sold in this city and five cents for each round of ammunition. it goes to gun violence prevention programs. but the nra and several other gun rights groups say it violates state law. a law which restricts the power of local governments to pass gun regulations. u.s. and canadian law enforcement agencies looking into less lethal weapons. a company makes blunt impact projectiles that make people double over in pain but don't cause any lasting injuries.
5:55 am
at least 16 law enforcement agencies have bought the weapons. six in canada. as your arriving junior or senior goes back to school, they're thinking of the s.a.t.s perhaps. the kaplan test prep survey found that most parents don't know the test is changing. kaplan announced the changes two years ago and the new the test launch is in 2016. among the changes the test goes back to the 1600 point scale. the essay will be optional. wrong answers won't be penalized and multiple choice will list four multiple choices instead of five. some are headed back up and getting ready, we'll let you know about what's happening in your school district. we want you to show us your scholar. share your pictures with nbc washington on facebook and twitter and e-mail them. we're sharing the photos on the
5:56 am
nbc washington app. we may put your scholar on our air. a little early to know how stocks will trade, despite a tough day on wall street yesterday. experts say the u.s. economy is still showing growth. cnbc's landon dowdy is here and landon, some people are concerned about their 401(k)s and what might be changing or what they need to do about that. >> that's right. i know it can seem scary, but basically the bottom line is financial advisers say individual investors shouldn't be freaking out over their 401(k)s. as the markets are awash in red ink, focus on the long term and not panic. they say stay diversified. shift some of your assets from stocks to a bond or a cash. sell a little if you must, but don't bail out completely. and netflix is entering the awkward teenage years with the latest programming. "the new york times" say they're adding shows aimed at teens and tweens.
5:57 am
this including the popular tv series. >> landon dowdy at cnbc, thanks. ♪ that choir will perform for pope francis next month. they let us in for a sneak peek at the rehearsal yesterday. this group will sing at the mass celebrated by the pope at the basilica on the national shrine of the immaculate conception on september 23rd. i'm molette green live in bladensburg. prince george's county's schools opened wit
5:58 am
5:59 am
"news4 today" starts now. >> right now, thousands of area kids waking up to the start of the new school year. we're live in prince george's county with the changes your children will see when they arrive for class. we're also watching the financial markets at this hour. as nervous investors brace for another day of losses. i'm angie goff here at the live desk with breaking news out of mt. rainier, washington. we have a school closing already. thomas stone elementary school saying it will not open the doors this morning because they're dealing with a water
6:00 am
main break. crews are trying to fix it right now. we'll bring you more as we get it. storm team 4 helping you get the kids ready for school as we track the weather they'll see at the bus stop this morning. meteorologist chuck bell with the hour by hour forecast. >> beautiful weather for the upcoming day. the rains come to an end, the humidity is drying up. and we're keeping an eye on the tropics as well. weather front which caused the showers yesterday is now moving's of the i-95 -- east of the i-95 corridor and it will bring rain chances to the lower eastern shore this morning and not much of a rain threat. we'll be dry today. current temperatures in the 50s and 60s. so that's a nice way to get your tuesday morning started. hour by hour, up into the low 80s by noontime. 100% sunshine. more traffic troubles on the roads with melissa mollet. >> right now, an update on the problem we were talking about a couple of minutes away on the beltway. outer loop at georgia avenue, that incident on the shoulder. shouldn't slow you


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