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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  August 27, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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live television. >> in the last hour, checks at their station, wdbj-tv held a news conference. workers from the entire news staff standing side by side. >> i have the greatest news team. i -- you know, i love each and every one of them and they have performed so well. i have watched anchors and reporters half an hour before a newscast be crying in the newsroom and then get on that set and deliver the news to the people of southwest and central virginia. >> that news conference came hours after new information emerged about the gunman n newly obtained court document, detectives say they zeroed in on vester flanagan with the help of a text message. the shooter apparently sent that text message to a friend making reference to having done something stupid. >> inside his car after the shooting, police found a wig, six magazines of ammo, a to-do list, 17 stamped letters and a briefcase that contained three
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car license plates. nbc's dave wagner with the latest now from roanoke. >> please join us now in a moment of silence. >> reporter: 24 hours after their colleagues were shot to death, a time of reflection and a moment of silence at roanoke's wdbj-tv. >> the performance this staff has been incredible. they cry, they hug and then they get the job done. >> reporter: 24-year-old reporter alison parker and 27-year-old photographer adam ward were in the middle of a live interview wednesday morning when police say a former reporter, vester flanagan, walked up and opened fire. parker and ward were killed. vicki gardner, who was being interviewed, was seriously wounded while her husband watched it all unfold on tv. >> and i immediately tried call her on her cell phone. there was no response. the next time i spoke to her when she called me from the ambulance. >> reporter: gunman videotaped the shootings himself and posted that video on facebook. police say after killings,
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vester flanagan faxed 23-page suicide note to abc news, outlining a series of grievances. flanagan then killed himself after a high-speed chase. the father of alison parker is feeling both grief and outrage. >> my grief, which is still apparent and will be that way for a while, it's turned anger and i'm relentless and i'm not going to stop until something happens, because i don't want to see another alison tragedy like this again. i'm just not gonna do it. >> reporter: as a memorial grows outside wdbj in roanoke, television stations across the country are showing solidarity through social media, a sad and senseless crime that's hitting close to home. in roanoke, virginia, dave wagner, nbc news. she says she is not okay and she won't be for a long time. that's part of the heartbreaking first public response that many of you are sharing on facebook
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from the fiancee of photographer adam ward. wdbj morning show producer, melissa ott, just accepted a new job at a station in charlotte, north carolina. it was her last day on the job. it started with well wishes and ended in tragedy when she had to watch yesterday's horrific and deadly live shot. later, she posted this message that read, in part -- we also know d.c. is part of the landscape of adam and melissa's love story. he proposed to her at the newseam earlier this year. you can see the full interview
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we posted with melissa ott, up now on the nbc washington app. we are tracking a potentially huge traffic headache at the live desk right now, if your bea to head home, you may want to avoid the area around the tidal basin. a semitruck is stuck under an overpass on main avenue. this is where independence avenue crosses over main. we were just told the cars are being diverted now onto roulette wallinburg place in front of the holocaust museum and already causing a major jam there. you want to avoid main avenue headed toward independence avenue. we will let you know if the traffic gets worse and when it clears up. back to you. i'm meagan fitzgerald at the little hunting creek in fairfax county. hours ago, divers recovered the body of a 16-year-old who went missing in the creek just behind us here. the family of vladimir per res florez says he was going for a swim when he was swept away by a
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current. vladimir's brother, juan, and his mother, returned to the creek this morning. they watched as fairfax county police and fire rescue teams scaped the area where vladimir was last seen. police say some time this morning, boat son far this discovered an image. divers went in to investigate and recovered the body. juan says he and his brother with a friend went fishing. vladimir decided to jump in the water but despite being a strong swimmer, juan says his brother couldn't fight the current. >> he was the best person a brother could have. >> reporter: juan remembers his brother's life and how he had such an impact on so many lives at such a like a september day today, not only do we have low
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humidity, temperatures remain in the 70s around 80 today. not going to stay that way at all. temperatures, 81, warrenton, 82, warm spots in fredericksburg and stafford, mid-70s up north, 76 hagerstown, running at 79 current any frederick, maryland. going out this evening, we drop to about 72 degrees by 9:00. we have had a few clouds and those clouds this time are going to be sticking around. we will keep our temperatures from heading way, way down. so, while it has felt rather pleasant today as well as friday, we are going to be looking at and feeling some nice air. sticky conditions will be returning for the weekend, then, it gets uncomfortable again this upcoming weekend. just how high the temperatures will go, it could be another little miniheat wave moving our watch we have got that, the track on erika and backyard weather day for us. we will have more in just a few. thanks, vj. right now, president obama is in new orleans as the city gets ready to mark ten years since hurricane katrina. the president is out visiting
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neighbors in some of the hardest hit areas. he is set to speak within the hour. news4's chris lawrence is live in the city now. he talked to katrina survivors about what they say has changed and what still needs help since the storm. >> reporter: well, erika, president bush is here in new orleans right now he has been going neighbor today neighborhood talking to people and his message is this city is moving forward. we have spent the day in the lower 9th ward where the president is going to end his day one of the hardest hit areas here in new orleans. people there are telling us something very different. is president obama going to hear about these problems like you have? >> i'm very hopeful that he will. >> reporter: so again, pso agai have seen some of the progress, they have seen the charter school opened, the community center where the president is going to give his address the new fire station, they have also seep the devastation in their neighborhoods, weeds as high up as your waist, homes still
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abandoned. some people saying the schools in their neighborhood have yet to reopen ten years after the storm hit. we will be dig nothing more of that and the president's visit coming up at 6:00. before that, on news4 at 5:00, we are are going to introduce yo someone who was literally hoisted out of her apartment here in new orleans by the national guard. spent the last ten years in, of all places, arlington, virginia. live from new orleans, i'm chris lawrence, back to you. >> chris, thanks. protesters confront d.c.'s mayor as she tries to lay out a crime-fighting plan. what they said and how she responded. a new push for gun control in virginia following yesterday's double murder. what lawmakers are asking for. a man loses control on a segway, knocking over an olympic superstar.
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as promised, the latest on tropical storm erika. some folks expecting to go to the outer banks still or to areas right around southeast coast or maybe even jumping on a cruise, here's the very latest there's erika, still quite organized, still quite tight storm as it makes its way through the lesser antilles. late tonight, expected to move right across puerto rico. its winds at 45 miles per hour, still a tropical storm. still moving west at 16 miles per hour. i will stop it here and show you that on this track, more toward the west and northwest, by late sunday, still gets close to florida, but still more and more of the guidance makes that hard turn just east of florida as a category one and eventually curving north-northeast out to sea. i think if we have any impacts at all, we are talking midweek,
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latter part of next week, could have large waves, rough surf and maybe some rip current. again, the end of next week, but just days before we get to labor day. again, coming up in just a few minutes, look at the extended forecast and backyard weather. we will see where doug is today. >> thanks, vj. those of you hoping to check out the washington monument today, you're in luck. some elevator problems have shut down the landmark twice this week. most recently, yesterday evening. repairs, they are done. the monument reopened to visitors at 9:00 this morning. shock in a small louisiana up to after a murderous crime spree that ended with a police officer dead, four women stabbed, including two sisters of the mayor. the women are all related to the suspect, called police for help during the stabbing. the suspect allegedly shot and killed the first police officer who responded, then took off in a car, smashed it into a convenience store and barricaded himself inside until a s.w.a.t. team brought him out.
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the mayor says the suspect is her cousin. >> i got here, i came upon the scene and i saw my sister dead on the ground. he also stabbed his wife and my mother was stabbed as well when she locked herself in the bathroom. >> the mayor says her cousin was using drugs before the violence broke out. her surviving sister in critical condition right now. shouting at the mayor. why protesters confronted muriel bowser and how she responded. and we are working a new disturbing story this afternoon, a 12-year-old girl attacked inside a local wal-mart. what we are learning from
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and together, police have been -- >> in the district today, a small group of protesters tried to interresult mayor muriel bowser as she attempted to lay out a program to fight a troubling rise in homicide and crime in the city. bowser stood her ground, at times trying to ignore the protesters, reason with them or just shout above them. >> i think it's unfortunate that the people didn't actually hear about the policies and programs that i think they advocate for. but i didn't come across any citizen of this city, any washintonian who says it is okay to commit murder. >> news4's tom sherwood will
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have more on the crime proposal and reaction to the mayor's speech coming up on news4 at 5 and 6. this afternoon, politics mixed among the tears and tributes over yesterday's on-air ambush in virginia. >> northern virginia bureau chief, julie carey, reports on efforts to use the tragedy to push gun control laws. >> reporter: while most virginians are just trying to absorb the details of yesterday's tragic shooting, some virginia elected leaders are using the incident to renew their call for gun control measures. virginia's governor focused on gun control within hours of the tragedy. democratic delegate patrick cope launched this petition drive, seeking support for universal background check legislation. >> and in virginia, we have elections that come up. and yes, i'm taking advantage of a situation where it's really raw for people right now, but people are frustrated and we have got to quit hiding behind this do-nothing altitude, because if we don't do something it will continue to happen. >> reporter: not surprisingly,
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some republicans quickly took to social media to scold democrats. coming up at 5:00, why they stay is wrong to talk about gun control in the wake of the tragedy. in loudoun county, i'm julie carey, news4. >> david, you were out at the scene of the murders yesterday. you know, broadcast journalism is typically a very competitive field. >> s. >> especially when reporters are standing side by side in live shots. yesterday, you witnessed a very different thing. >> there was a point in a news conference where all the media from really around the country were gathered there and you noticed one crew was missing and that was representation from wdvj 7. i turned to one of the local reporters and she said, where are they? she said we are here for them today. >> the other station and affiliates. >> how competitive, left the ex-clues is sive, not yesterday, not that story and actually, that's probably going to continue with this story down there, because they want to help each other out. also interesting that the vigil last night, usually when we go somewhere, there's kind of a barrier between the media and
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the folks participating in an event. right away, they came up to us, photographers, reporters, giving us hugs and wishing us well. >> just incredible to see the outpouring. i'm sure, like many of our staff members shall received text messages and phone calls. >> for sure. >> expressing their condolences. this is something that hit every journalist in every newsroom in this country. >> no question. >> our coverage of the ambush is just getting started. in the next half hour, going to have more of the interview with alison parker's father and the new concerns about social media. and we are going to keep sending out breaking alerts to your smartphone as updates come in with the nbc washington app. again, ready for pattern change, of course, we have been enjoying the comfortable weather, with where it felt a lot like september. temperatures in the low 80s, even a few neighborhoods that were hard pressed to get 80 degrees. i like the low humidity though that is awfully nice, get that during the summer. average high 86 degrees, just below that today and will be for
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tomorrow then, look at that, all the red bars again, midweek, perhaps even through the entire upcoming week, we are going to be dealing with some higher temperatures, more heat, more humidity. so right now, we are 82 in d.c. inside the beltway, 75, gaithersburg, 79, reston, 80 in huntington. very comfortable conditions. hey, guess, i don't know, what do you think? maybe we can get another -- or at least a wind this evening, a little bit on the losing streak right now, but the padres, yes, they will be taking on our washington nationals. temperature by the -- 73 degrees and then 69 by last out, going to get a little on the cool side again. the radar though, look at this scanning the area, it is dry across everywhere from maryland down to virginia. our best chance of seeing any scattered showers or thunderstorms still looking like not until the beginning of next week and i got to tell you, doesn't look great. we are not going to get much rain out of this since early part of june, going back.
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then we have had more than ten inches of rain that gave us a surplus of over eight inches, but since the beginning of august, rainfall has been down more than an inch and a quarter. so, it's been dry now for more than a couple of days. and again, with this meager rain chance coming our way, may need to get back out and water the lawn or your plants. here's a look at friday. any showers could possibly pop, very isolated in the mountains, the higher terrain to our west. i do think that with an east wind kicking in late tomorrow with co-pick up a few cloud, partly sunny to mostly cloudy on friday, then maybe a few clouds drifting through on saturday. again, for the weekend, any little shower that pops, any wet weather farther to the west, the mountains, move that up the next time we have a fantastic friday coming our watch a few afternoon clouds as far as the pool outlook goes. look at this, a again light for friday, saturday and sunday. we have gotten more heat for the weekend. that makes it perfect. even more humidity coming our way on sunday so hopefully, you can get to the pool. maybe even the beach. we will take a look at the beach forecast coming up in just a
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little later this hour. but look at this sky cast for tomorrow. you can see some of those clouds moving in, partly sunny, mostly cloudy, still nice. we hit 84 degrees by 3:00. then 80 degrees even at 7:00. it will be a very nice afternoon even tomorrow. for saturday, hot and more humid. the temperature going up to 91 degrees on saturday. a little higher a little hotter for sunday, with maybe a mountain shower or thunderstorm. we will talk more about the extended forecast, heat building for next week and again, check in, doug, he is in edgewater for backyard weather coming up in a few. all right, back to summer. thanks, vj. developing this afternoon, bread sold in virginia, get this, may have shards of glass in it. we have got details on this recall right ahead. and what was he thinking? trying to get the shot, the photog on a segway takes down photog on a segway takes down usain bolt.
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would you look at this, a security camera captures the home a sinkhole opens up on a street in china, swallows five people. pedestrians were backing or standing on the sidewalk when it just suddenly caved in. three people fell straight into the hole. one of them clung to a pipe so that she wouldn't fall any deeper. good news hiere, everybody is
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supposed to make it out okay. no word yet on what caused that sinkhole. looks like the hardest part of usain bolt's latest race, the victory lap. yeah, take a look at this video right here a cameraman who lost his footing on a segway took out the world's fastest sprinter yesterday. this was right after bolt claimed another world championship title, beating american justin gatt lip in the 200-meter race. bolt briefly held his ankle after that segway incident, seemed to be okay. look at that there the jamaican champ stopped to make sure that the cameraman was okay as well. >> unbelievable. yikes. neighbors have a message for the owner of this house, look at this at the jersey shore. they want them to tone it down a little bit. >> during the day the house in margate looks relatively normal, but this is what it looks like went sun sets. the light show starts, the nightly display includes flashing and spinning lights and it attract a lot of attention. neighbors say they can't sleep,
4:27 pm
even when the shades are drawn and traffic has increased because so many people are driving by to gawk. >> they should thank me, 'cause the house isn't going to get robbed. >> it does create an intrusion into the neighborhood. >> the homeowner says he doesn't know why neighbors are complaining, the lights are on timers, they usually go off about 1:30 in the morning, who would complain. >> that is nice. >> margate does not have an ordinance that covers residential lighting but little city officials can do at the moment. like christmas year round there. all right. still working several developing stories at this hour. images of yesterday's on-air ambush still rippling across social media. ahead, we will examine how that terror unfolded live and what concern wes should have with this era of instant information. and he lost his daughter in the shooting and now, a father sharing his thoughts about the killer. >> if there is a hell, i hope he
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scott macfarlane at the live desk, we have learned a person has been shot just across the street from the archdiocese of washington. the map was found in a park on eastern avenue in northeast at about 3:30 arrange hour ago. it appears he may have been found in this car, you see it there on the back of your screen. police say the man is conscious and breathing and at this point, doesn't appear to be any connection to the archdiocese,
4:31 pm
but there is also no description of a gunman. we will keep watching it and bring you updates soon. for now, back to you. and i'm relentless, and i'm not going to stop until something happens, but a i don't want to see another alison tragedy like this again. >> that is the solemn promise from alison parker's father today a day after the ambush. >> and he shared details about his daughter and how this devastating loss unfolded for him. >> i talked to alison every single day. every day. she would always call after her -- you know, after the -- the -- the builts, the packages that she did and she would always, you know, say, hey, dad, or text, you know, how did it go? what did you think of it? that was -- we had that kind of
4:32 pm
relationship. and when i didn't hear anything, when i called and i got -- went straight to voicemail, i just had a bad feeling and i knew something was wrong. >> andy parker also described the gunman as a coward and called for better gun control measures on local and national level. >> we have learned more about the turmoil that immediately followed the shooting. the husband of vicki gardner, the guest who was being interviewed during the shooting, was watching the segment and witnessed the attack. >> i spoke with vicki for about three or four minutes while she was being transported to the emergency room at roanoke memorial. um, she explained what had happened to her and that she didn't know how she survived, but she did and that she loved me. >> at last check, gardner is reported in stable condition, this following a surgery. >> and we can only imagine the chaos behind the scenes at wdbj yesterday morning as everybody scrambled to find out what had just happened live on the air.
4:33 pm
then came the chilling moment when they looked at that last piece of video shot by cameraman adam ward and it shows this, the killer, looking into the lens, pointing his gun. the news team recognized him right away and tipped off police. today, the station manager says his greatest concern though is caring for his news team. >> and they are doing a marvelous job of holding it together, during their regular broadcast, choking back some emotion but doing what needs to be done. >> station manager that you just saw there, jeff marks, was joined this morning on today by wdbj anchor, chris hurst, you saw with him there dating alison parker for nine months. >> as if that scene caught on tv wasn't troubling enough, cell phone video posted by the suspect showed his view of the attack. the "washington post" joel oaken back talked about the role social media played in this and other tragedy is. good to have you with this
4:34 pm
morning, put up a picture folks will see at home, walk through what seemed to be very taunting images that were put out, taunting the police, taunting even the public by the suspect and you described in your article, this is turning really into standard operating procedure for psychopaths. how do you see that? >> well, we have seen this unfortunately multiple times in the last few years. in columbia, maryland, the shooter there, before he went out into the mall and started shooting and killing people, he uploaded to tumblr a photograph of himself posing with his gun and a bandeau leer. we saw in santa barbara last year, a guy uploaded to youtube a whole, you know, rant about women and so on before he went out and killed a bunch of people.
4:35 pm
in a very calculated way, he uploads the video he, himself, shot on to his twitter account and his facebook account. >> seemed very strategic. folks like this immediate reaction perhaps to blame social media. you don't see it that way. >> well, you can't blame social media. this is the world we live in now. i mean, social media didn't cause this to happen. but what's different now is that these psychopaths are leveraging the technology to enhance the horror, really like a terrorist event, to enhance the terror of what they are doing. and the democratization of the media, in the sense that everyone now can publish anything from their own phone to anywhere in the world, that's really been snag we are just now getting accustomed to. it's not like you can have a bunch of editors in a news meeting say should we publish that or not?
4:36 pm
it is too graphic? it is out there and published. in the in the newsroom, we were gasping and horrified, saw this thing on twitter, on auto play, you didn't can't turn it off, it was already there >> devastating to see. you are right about that. what do you think the implications are with social media, the next generation, young people? >> you know, i -- we all worry about are people becoming numb to violence? does it look like a video game to them? band i think what we saw yesterday, people said take that down, take down that self-made video and it did come down quickly and i think people are reacting to that and not empowering the shooter by that being distributed. a fascinating read, thank you, joel. i have tweeted out a link if you want to read it for yourself. our coverage of this on-air ambush continues on the nbc
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washington app. we invite you to go there and read more about the victims, alison parker and adam ward. police released the picture of a suspect in the assault of a 12-year-old girl. this happened late friday night at the walmart on suddenly road in manassas near the wall. prince william county police say this man touched the girl inappropriately while she was shopping. she alerted another shopper who then called police. if you recognize this man here, call police. this newly released photo shows prince george's county firefighters using ladders to rescue residents from a burning apartment building. the fire started around midnight on the top floor of the complex on 68th place in landover hills. people couldn't use the front doors to get out. at least three people were trapped and had to be rescued from their rear balconies. nobody was hurt and no word yet on the cause of the fire. one of the nation's largest retailers plans to stop selling some high-powered rifles, but
4:38 pm
the reason here, now that may surprise u. and tiny pieces of gl
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hello, everybody, i'm storm team4 chief meteorologist doug kammerer. it is thursday. it is a beautiful day. and what a better day do
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backyard weather, huh? [ cheering ] with me today, i have got the hagerty family here. we are going to be here through the 7:00 hour. of course, we have got family, we have got friends. this is josephine hag gearty. you came down this is not your house. >> this is not my house. i signed my mother-in-law up for backyard barbecue weather. >> and she said, doug who? >> she said, yes, let's do it! let's do it! >> she was ready to go you jg6, this is some place that you guys come all the time. all the time, been coming here for 30 years so we come here pretty much every weekend from the beginning of may to the end of september, while the pool is open, the boat's in the water. >> mentioned the pool and the boat. just take a look at this, guys. that is a arm of the south river right there they have got the bar, they have got the pool right here. they charge $15 for admission when you come to the house. but if -- if you're able to find it, it's a great place. you want to get out tonight, we are looking the some phenomenal weather all night long. you already know that. a great night to be out and about we will get to that forecast right now with temperatures that are going to be down into the 70s by around that 8, 9:00 hour.
4:42 pm
if you are thinking about getting out there, riding the bike a little bit, hey, looking good for that. going to be eating crabs -- eating crabs tonight, aren't we? [ cheering ] eating crabs, that guy there on the grill, he's some stuff. we will be back at 5:00. we got all night long. see you guys back here in about an hour. like a resort out there. looks good. thanks, doug. walmart says it will no longer sell semiautomatic rifles, like the one used in the sandy hook elementary school shooting mu shooting. the store says it is not due to current veerpevents or politica issues but the rifles are not selling. the move has been in the works for months, an official says. we have got an important recall to tell you about, and it involves thousands of loaves of bread sold in 11 state, including virginia and west virginia. bimbo bakery says the bread may contain small pieces of glass from a broken light bulb at a company factory. the bread was sold under seven brand name, including sara lee's nature harvest and great value.
4:43 pm
you want to look for the code 1658, just four dylan jet, 1658 on the package. return the bread for full refunds. saturday marks the tenth anniversary of one of the worst natural disasters in
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since hurricane katrina slammed into the gulf coast. and a writer for the "chicago tribune" is facing backlash for using the tragedy to make a point. whur's troy johnson joining us with the talk around town. columnist kristen mcclearly wrote an op ed saying katrina-type event could help, in fact, save the city. and your listeners said, un-unh, this is not okay. >> yeah, there's a real feeling that ms. mccreary was out of touch, especially at a time we are talking about the tenth anniversary of this devastating storm that affect sod many people in the city of new orleans and along the gulf coast. so, a lot of people expressing disappointment with her. she said, even the national association of black journalists said her comments, you know, they lacked news judgment. so, here what's she wrote in her original op ed.
4:47 pm
>> and your listeners and many other people across the country think that this was absolutely insensitive. >> absolutely. i actually had an opportunity to talk to some folks who were disjointed from new orleans. one woman said she wanted to speak directly to what this woman had to say in her column. >> well, kristen, what you said was never mind my life and what i've been through, you know, never mind the devastation that katrina has caused me, you know, and the losses that i've seen, the people i have lost, the people we've lost. what you pretty much just said was it didn't matter and if i was to say anything, it would be careful how you use your words, because words matter,
4:48 pm
ease -- easy. >> the rebirth is happening but there's a lot of work to be done. you are talking about an area in the lower ninth ward where only 30% of the families is come back a lot of work needs happen. absolutely right. more to this story, show mcqueary's response -- do your listeners think that is a good enough response? >> they don't think it is good enough. there are real problem, talking about a child poverty rate still around 40%. poverty rate in new orleans is still at 30%. she -- she expressed something that -- and was angry with how people felt about it, but they expressed their anger as well. they just weren't feeling what she had to same. >> whur's troy johnson. we thank you for your time. >> thank you. a man in calvert county is going to face charges for
4:49 pm
keeping a coyote as a pet. country do that it's illegal and maryland national resources police say someone reported this coyote wearing a collar and leash around a restaurant in north beach, maryland. the owner said someone gave him the coyote when it was just a pup. the coyote was euthanized to prevent the risk of rabies. word from the national zoo this afternoon that the surviving panda cub, a of you worried about that little cub, doing just fine. visitors crowd the exhibit trying to get a look at the baby. workers say the cub has been active and nursing. they heard the cub make notices and say he, or she, is growing some more hair. the zoo does not yet know what caused yesterday's death of the smaller of the twin cubs. > fantastic weather for visiting the zoo or any of the area parks, so comfortable on a summer day. maybe you're one of the lucky kids you haven't gone back to school yet. weather headlines, let's talk
4:50 pm
about it because we have got a few clouds will are going to come through our area overnight. we are tracking more heat coming our way. summer's not done with us. we will check out any rain chances that we may have over the next couple of days. current temperature, 82 degrees. it is warm. again, there you can see the clouds, over the top of those green trees, the rainfall again, down since the beginning of the month. dry for 9:00, even with those includes, 11:00, the temps will be heading to 70 degrees and 60s just after that will it be as cool during the overnight, i don't think some i think we are going to hang on to those clouds continuing to make our way through the area, northerly winds today but more of a south to southwesterly flow for tomorrow. that is a warm flow for our area, with some more sticky stuff coming into the area. humidity will be on the rise. check out storm team4 radar, it scans the area, see just how dry it is across the area. now, this upcoming weekend, there is the possibility of a few little pop-up showers way
4:51 pm
off to the west and the mountains for both saturday and sunday, i think our best chance of rain is the early part of next week. here is your commuter forecast for tomorrow morning, 65 degrees between 6 and 8 a.m. noticed cloud cover, we are at 72 between 8 and 10 a.m., very comfortable, still shot sleeves and we are going to be warming up tomorrow to about 84 degrees inside the beltway, upper 70s, martinsburg, winchester, down toward luray, very nice day coming up despite those clouds. you can see we hit the mid-70s at 11 a.m. real quick look at your storm team4-day forecast, best chance of rain on monday, look at the heat coming up . on news4 at 5:00, talk about how long the stretch will be with us. working several developing stories in the newsroom now including a closer look at how college students receive financial aid refunds. some students say they are charged a fee when it comes to accessing their money using a college debit card. going to take a closer look at whoed a ministers those refunds and what your student needs to
4:52 pm
though before he or she swipe swipes their card. that's next at 5:00 and again tonight at 11:00. this is the jericho city appraised church behind me it has been going through some serious legal troubles. part of the last change in all of this, the name to have is the city of praise. ever since the pastor who founded this church passed, there have been legal battles back and forth who was really in charge and now the school was involved as well. once called the jericho christian academy, it is now just the christian academy. according to teachers and parents, they were told last minute that the school year would not be beginning this year, giving students and also parents very little time to make adjustment. well today, teachers were saying they want the money that they are now due from the church. coming up on news4 at 5:00, there are a number of sides to this argument. we hear from all of them. i'm tracee wilkins, news4. it's supposed to be a safe place for kids to grow and play, but this day care center, it's been shut down after accusations
4:53 pm
that the owner ordered
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
we are awaiting president obama to speak in new orleans as part of the ambulance and recovery since hurricane katrina hit ten years ago. we are going to be carrying the president's live remarks on the nbc washington app. you can check them out there. our chris lawrence also in new orleans. in about 15 minutes, we are going to introduce to you a
4:56 pm
woman who now lives arlington. the last time she was in arlington, the national guard was pulling her to safety. take a look at this a car smashed into a fire hydrant in l.a. and unleashed this geyser. water shot several stories into the air. not often firefighters in southern california need to pull up their rain gear but they needed it last night with this one. a day care center in oklahoma shut down as police investigate reports that children there were drugs make them go to sleep the owner is accused of ordering employees to give kids antihistamines which doctors warn can have sedative affects and cause kids to stop breathing. the mother of a 6-year-old boy who went to that day care says her intuition told her something just wasn't right. >> normally, he is playful, crawling around, playing, active and he would come home and just sleep. a former worker at the day care contacted state officials about the alleged abuse and triggered
4:57 pm
that investigation. more employees have come forward. the youngest patient in the world to receive a double hand transplant has a new chapter. >> this is also one of the more popular stories on our nbc washington facebook page now. zion harvey was just released from a if i recall hospital and returning to his home in owings mills. the 8-year-old had the complex operation a month ago. his hands and feet removed when he was just a toddler and infection set in threatening his life. he was doing well without hands but wanted to throw a football, play toys like other kids. >> and i hoped for somebody to ask me do i want a hand transplant and it came true. ♪ good-bye, goodbye, goodbye >> reporter: he is going to continue to get outpatient therapy for as long as two
4:58 pm
years. a school will open to 600 first through fifth graders on monday. an open house for parents and students will be tomorrow. the school's principal is excited about a new steam program that the school will run. >> steam is the acronym for science, technology, engineering, art and math. the goal is for children to learn those 21st century skills, such as collaboration, communication, critical thinking, problem solving, working together in teams. >> the school's named in the memory of prince william county police officer chris young who died in an accident while on duty nearly three years ago. >> news4 at 5:00 starts right now -- [ overlapping speakers ] reveals what the shooter in the on-air ambush had in his
4:59 pm
getaway car. plus, we will update the condition of the lone survivor. and ten years after katrina, a new orleans resident forced to relocate to our region reflects on the tragedy. a small number of people -- >> protesters interrupt the d.c. mayor's speech on crime. why demonstrate so upset over what she had to same. the shock has worn off, now outrage and grief bubbling to the surface one day after that local news crew gunned down on live television. >> tonight, hearing from the families of the victims as we learn more about the man who pulled the trigger. nbc's dave wagner start ours team coverage from roanoke. >> please join us now in a moment of silence. >> reporter: 24 hours after their colleagues were shot to death, a time of reflection and a moment of silence at roanoke's wdbj-tv. >> the performance of this staff has been incredible. they cry, they hug and then they get the job done.
5:00 pm
>> reporter: 24-year-old reporter alison parker and 27-year-old photographer adam ward were in the middle of a live interview wednesday morning when police say a former reporter, vester flanagan, walked up and opened fire. parker and ward were killed. vicki gardner, who was being interviewed, was seriously wounded while her husband watched it all unfold on tv. >> and i immediately tried call her on her cell phone. there was no response. the next time i spoke to her was when she called me from the ambulance. >> reporter: gunman videotaped the shootings himself and posted that video on facebook. police say after the killings, vester flanagan faxed a 23-page suicide note to abc news, outlining a series of grievances. flanagan then killed himself after a high-speed chase. the father of alison parker is feeling both grief and outrage. >> my grief, which is still apparent and will be that way


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