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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  August 28, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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>> a busy of morning of breaking news. police are trying to figure out how a bicyclist and a car collided. not everyone survived. >> moments ago a local teen accused of trying to help isis learning his fate. plus a big revelation just announced about the metro train derailment from earlier this month, the one that snarled the commute for countless people. news 4 midday starts right now. >> i'm molette green. following a developing story here in the mo heeken hills neighborhood. police took down their tape and opened the road about 30 minutes
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ago following a crash between a cyclist and a car during the morning rush. accident reconstruction matches up the bicycle and the gray chevy that collided. >> unfortunately, the bicyclist did succumb to his injuries at the scene. we currently have it under investigation. >> reporter: the driver stayed on the scene after this crash in this residential section in the 6,000 block of massachusetts avenue. pedestrians say at this time of the morning, it can be a dangerous stretch. >> when i go home, i cross that crosswalk, nobody ever stops. they never stop. they just keep going. even though they see me there, because there's a bus stop right there. >> reporter: in a few days this will get busier and more dangerous when school kids mix in with busy morning commuters. >> school is starting next week, and, please, when you're driving, stay off the phone.
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do not text and drive and pay attention to the kids. you really need to be careful next week. >> reporter: the cyclist was wearing a helmet. police are looking into speed and other factors including distracted driving as a cause. at this time, no charges fielded. police have not identified the man who lost his life. we're hearing he lives close by and was married with two children. reporting live from montgomery county along massachusetts avenue, molette green, news 4. breaking news into the live desk right now. we have a new report from metro on the derailment at the smithsonian station a few weeks ago. a metro employee working on a track inspections weeks before the derailment make taken think that a defect was not a problem so they deleted the information given to repair crews. the report also says a failed
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rail fastener was the cause of the derailment. those are the metal pieces that are supposed to hold the track in place. they're now doing a comprehensive inspection of all tracks and making immediate repairs. the safety committee plans to meet next thursday to talk about possible policy changes. that employee resigned along with a supervisor. >> reporter: we're at the federal court in alexandria where a teenager who helped his friend join isis fighters abroad has been sentenced to 11 years in prison. that's below the 15 years the government prosecutors requested the judge give him but it's more than the family hoped he'd receive. the student in manassas, when investors discovered his twitter
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account. he also helped a fellow schoolmate travel to syria to join isis fighters. something prosecutors say is likely to mean certain death for that teen. they asked the judge for leniency siting the age and the fact that he began cooperating with authorities even before he was charged with a crime. he says the man has turned his back on isis. >> this is a period of his life that he wishes he could take back. he regrets. and once you commit a crime, there's very little you can go to undo it. he's set out to not only atone to his god, to his family, to the family and everyone who cares about him, she's soughe's atone for what he did. >> family was in the courtroom to support him. in fact, it was his mother who informed authorities about his radical activity when she saw it
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on his social media accounts. i'll have more on this tonight. including a concern that the sentence could discourage other parents from reporting their children's unlawful activity. reporting life, bave, back to y. police want to know who stabbed two people at an apartment complex. chopper 4 flew over the apartments. balances rushed a man and woman to the hospital. no word on their conditions or if police have any leads as to who did this. we'll keep you updated. we are learning more about the deadly on air ambush that killed two roanoke journalists. the medical examiner's office ruled the deaths as homicide saying they were both shot in the head. we're also getting a look in the the shooter's apartment. it's less than a half mile away
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from wbdj. investigators say there wasn't a lot of furniture inside. he had a computer without a hard drive. his refrigerator was covered with pictures of himself. we're also learning more details about the shooting. the woman being interviewed said the suspect was standing over his wildfire, ready to fire when his gun jammed. after the gun failed to go off, they said he walked away. vickie gardener managed to get up and walk to an balance. >> temperatures right now in the mid to upper set70s across the area. the humidity is low. here's a look at the high temperature in your neighborhood. most of us low to the low to mid 80s. gaithersburg, cooler with a high around 80 degrees and mostly to partly sunny skies. coming up in ten minutes, we'll
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have your hour by hour planner. if you have plans for friday night, what kind of temperatures you can expect. >> some may call it slang, but now it's part of the english listening wa language. >> plus it's a boy. we broke the news on our app, but the gender of the new panda cub isn't all we learned today.
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we're following the stories you're clicking on. manspreading is now a word. what does it mean? you can look it up. 20 slightly odd words have been added to the english dictionary. buttdial, awesomesauce.
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tha they're being used enough to be added to the online dictionary. >> three men prevented a disaster and have been honored for their braverybravery. their moms wanted to be there but they couldn't get there. until boyle let his plane be used. >> miley cyrus promises the vmas is going to be a ranger. she says it have been psychedelic and raw, unlike any other. this is the first time she takes
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and here's the latest cloud
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cover across the area. black is lack of clouds. the white is cloudiness. tracking some of that in northern fauquier county. for most of us it's full on sun shine. a temperature of 77 degrees. 2:00, a temperature of 80. by 5:00 p.m., a mild 84. humidity remains low. a temperature of 78 degrees. great night to have dinner outdoors. if you're heading to the nats game, the weather looking nearly perfect. coming up, we have new information on tropical storm erika. >> there will soon be a new black lives matter sign to replace this one which was vandalized. someone wrote the word white in red letters over the word black. the church's reverend said they put the sign up 12 hours before the sign was vandalized. >> a state of emergency for
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thousands of americans as tropical storm erika makes its way closer to the u.s. an update on the destruction so far when we return. here at humana, we value sticking with things. when something works, people stick with it.
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more people stick with humana medicare advantage. because we stick with them. humana medicare advantage. the plan people stick with.
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right now in the news room, we are keeping a close eye on tropical storm erika. florida declared a state of energy just a little while ago. at least 12 people have been
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killed in the storm on the island of do anyone ka in the caribbean. the prime minister is saying the number could be higher. erika pounded them with more than a foot of rain and quickly causing severe flooding and mud slides. we're tracking the path of erika right now. where is it headed? >> right now, here's the latest on tropical storm erika. maximum sustained winds at 50 miles per hour. its movement is west, northwest at about 18 miles per hour. and it's 75 miles south, southwest of the dominican republican. you can see it's not anticipated to strengthen to a hurricane at any point. but as you said, florida has declared a state of enermergenc. tropical storms can pack a heavy punch with heavily, and you could see winds at 40 or 60 miles per hour or even sustained winds at that wind. sunday at 8:00 a.m., here's the location. then it continues to impact all
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of floo, marida. here's the latest on erika. the path is still a little uncertain but it's looking look it will have an impact on florida. we'll continue to get updates and bring them to you. >> reporter: we're live at the national zoo. several big announcements about the baby pandas were made this morning. drum roll, please. >> the panda cub is male. a . the history is over. the long time mate is the father of the new baby boy panda. the mother was oh blifs you is all the excite. . she was taking care of her kaub.
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>> the family is together, terrific. >> and a boy. it's great for the mom. great for the dad. baby boy, then he'll be the father eventually. so it's all good. >> reporter: she gave birth to twi twins. one of the twins died, but the surviving twin is doing well. she left his side briefly for the first time today and the cub is thriving and making lots of noise. >> it's nursing successfully, making lots of noise and growing. it's just listening to that voice. >> reporter: good news following the death of the twin earlier this week. initially signs in an animal autopsy indicates the animal died from material in the lungs. >> our intestinal track breaks
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it down. our lungs are only meant to take in air. >> the cub that died was also a boy. that cub was both bottle and tube fed, and that's likely how the food got into his lungs. zoo officials say they have no regrets. she was not feeding the cub properly and had not tried to intervene, he would have died anyway. back to you. >> thank you, meghan. money could be getting in the way of another city applying to host the 2014 olympic games. costs were underestimated. a preliminary report says it would cost much more. new today, students in the prince william county school district will be heading back to class. they might have to wait for
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their class schedule. there's an air-conditioning failure at the office that's causing a system wide outage. our news partners say it's expected to be up and running tomorrow. >> many of us are about to get newer, safer credit cards, but there are some things you need to know about how they work. tom costello shows us. >> reporter: it's a headline nearly every month. another big name retailer targeted by international hackers. >> there's some new fallout from the massive data breech at target. >> 40 million credit and debit cards may have been breached. >> about 3 million credit card accounts may have been impacted. >> reporter: last year alone, fraud cost about $8 billion. now they're rolling out chip and pin cards with a computer chip embedded on the face of the card containing your information. it generates a unique code to
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protect you for each transaction. for the customers, really just a minor change at the neckout. >> put your card in where the blue light is and put the security code part in first. >> reporter: no more swiping your card. now you insert it into a special reader. >> does it make my credit card that much more secure? >> we've seen dramatic drops in fraud in other markets as soon as chip cards are distributed by 70 or 80%. >> reporter: the u.s. is actually slow to roll out to the new cards. europe and canada have been using chip and pin cards for years. because the rollout process is expensive, most u.s. banks will not require customers to enter a pin code, at least not yet. instead, just a significant. many anti-fraud experts say without the pin codes, the new
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cards are just a half step toward improved security. >> in fact, when the rest of the world has advanced to chip and pin, we've seen fraud migrate to the united states where we have today, the weakest technology in the world. >> reporter: at this hair salon in d.c., they're using the new card readers. >> you put it in. it scans it, and then it'll ask you to remove the card and then your receipt will print out from here. >> reporter: that's it. >> we have a lot of international clients and this is the standard everywhere else. it's easier to incorporate their payments. >> reporter: for most americans n no new pins. just the new chip cards. cyber security experts say it's an improvement. >> it will be for a short period of time but we need to be thinking act what we're going to do next when they figure out how to spoof it at the terminal. >> that was tom costello
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reporting. banks are required to send you the new card by october 1st. after that, if a retailer hasn't upgraded, they carry the responsibility for any potential fraud and when you get the new card, cut up and toss the old one. >> local firefighters faced an unexpected challenge. people fighting on top of their t
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>> take a look at the scene here. a fight broke out on top of a fire truck in d.c. ptop gave us this video. it happened in southeast yesterday. a man jumped on top of engine 33 near alabama avenue and 7th street southeast. he started fighting another man. three others joined in and there was some damage to the fire truck but nothing serious. two of the men were arrested. no word on what sparked the fight. >> right now the search is on for a convicted six offender in our area.
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james norris junior walked off yesterday. he was last seen wearing a black track jacket with a white stripe down the sleeve, jeans and sneakers. if you see him, call 9-1-1. we should learn the results of a mental evaluation for a man who murdered an american metro student. he stabbed a man to death at the metro station july 4th th. two days before that, he attacked a man during a robbery in northwest. he could be in the courtroom this morning. >> local veterans, the up close and personal ek appearance
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turning to washington football taeceam, members of th military get a chance to watch them practice today.
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starting at 1:05 this morning, and then the service members will get a chance to meet with the players. tomorrow the team will take on the baltimore ravens. we'll have live coverage from baltimore on news 4 at 6:00. kickoff is at 7:30. >> i can't believe we're talking about football. temperatures right now in the 70s. 78 in reston. 73 in rockville. 73 in college park. summer like weather comes in over the weekend. the high today of 84. tomorrow near 90 and sunday a high of 92 with a mix of clouds and sun. there's a slight chance of a shower or thunderstorm on monday. only slight. you can still get the car washed this weekend. the trend of 90s continues. tuesday a high of 94. wednesday a high of 93. and thursday a high temperature of 91 degrees. what about the humidity?
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i'll have that forecast in about so minutes. >> right now a volcano is active in hawaii again. you can see the lava flowing. look at that. it started tuesday night. so far the lava has moved more than a half mile. it's threatening a subdivision of homes. no reports of injuries or accidents from that flow. forging ahead in the face of tragedy. what just happened for the first time since two virginia journalists were ambushed on live tv and how that traj ji
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i'm molette green live in montgomery county at the scene of a deadly crash between a bicyclist and a car. just moments ago, a good friend of the victim came up and talked to me about this retired navy sale and a man who loved his church and put his book together by himself. we want you to take a look at the scene of the crash. the crash involved a gray chevy sedan. the accident reconstruction team worked for hours here to piece it back together and look for an exact cause. we are eastbound, not far from
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sangamore road. this collision happened just before 6:30 and it shut down this residential stretch. >> stellar guy in your community. very active at the church. a guy who used to get out and do things with -- >> reporter: police are looking into whether speed or some other factor played a role, including distracted driving. those who live here say this is a busy stretch. this is massachusetts avenue. even though this section is in a residential neighborhood. the victim was wearing a helmet, and he does live close by, just three blocks down the road here. the friend who talked to me says his family, his wife, his two children are just devastated, as you can imagine, by this loss this morning. that is the latest live from montgomery county. i'm molette green. back to you. >> very sad.
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thank you, molette. the site where a reporter and photographer were killed reopened today. the plaza za reopened today. >> the owner said it was up to individual shops if they wanted to open today. the reporter and photographer were killed wednesday morning during an on air live shot. the woman they were interviewing was shot but survived. police say a former co-worker was the gunman. >> within the past hour the medical examiner's office ruled the deaths as homicides. >> the office says they were both shot in the head, and at last night's vigil, the attorney general addressed gun control. they said we need to stop thinking we can walk away from tragedies like this and the problems will go away by themselves. ward was an avid virginia tech
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fan so his family is asking attendants to wear school colors. no word on allison's arrangements. >> police are looking for a person who shot and killed a college student. scary night. students were on lock down. they got reports of an active shooter. it was no false alarm. a junior was shot in the student union. he was from the atlanta area. witnesses well our affiliate in savannah that a fight started the whole thing. back to you. >> thank you, christen. we have breaking news right now. a virginia was teenager just sentenced for helping another teen join isis. the judge sentenced the 17-year-old to 11 years and 3 months in prison. he pled guilty to conspireing to help terrorists. he also admitted to using social
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media to ask for doe administrations and support for isis. good morning. right now, throughout the afternoon humidity levels throughout the afternoon remain pleasant. throughout the day, tomorrow is slightly uncomfortable but manageable. sunday starting to feel sticky as humidity continues to increase and then for most of next week, the humidity continues to run a little bit high and will continue to track the sticky feeling across the area. a good weekend to escape to the beaches. about 78 degrees. leave now and a temperature of 80 degrees. humid on saturday. a high of 82 on sunday. looking like a perfect beach day with a high temperature around 84 degrees and partly sunny skies. if you're sticking around here, the nationals at home all weekend. i'll have that forecast in sen minutes. >> happening in the day ahead, frederick, maryland will swear in the new police chief. he took over the police
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department at the end of july. he's in charge of nearly 200 uniformed and civilian employees. the ceremony is set for 6:00 p.m. it is open to the public. >> this morning democrats are getting ready for one of their biggest events of the summer and joe biden could steal the spotlight. edward lawrence gets you ready for daddy's dnc meetings. >> reporter: joe biden says he will decide to run for president or not by the end of the summer. the summer meeting this weekend, biden's supporters are courting delegates, asking them to keep an open mind. >> i've learns primaries are good. this is sort of our primary where we vet our candidates. the more the hmerrier. >> he's favorable at 48%. well above the 39% hillary clinton gets. no decision has been made by the vice president. the other big topic for the delegates, hillary clinton's
11:36 am
e-mail controversy. >> by november of 2016, i don't think many people are going to deal on the e-mail issue. >> rerter: other the. >> the dnc announced a joint fund raising assignment with hillary clinton. they can raise money. >> breaking down the science behind why dogs really are man's best friend.
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>> and if you're heading to the nationals game this evening, looking nice with low humidity. comfortable temperatures. tomorrow night, mild temperatures. a touch warmer. the humidity still pretty low. first pitch tomorrow at 7:05.
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sunday an afternoon game at about 1:30. if your seats are in the sun on sunday, it is going to be hot. make sure you dress in light-colored loose clothing. temperatures for the game on sunday around 90 degrees. noticing the humidity and the mix of clouds and sun shine. uncertainty in the track of erika, but it's looking like it will impact florida, especially southern parts of the state with potentially heavy rain. however, this storm could weaken. i'll have the latest updated track.yrbujut are some of the s you're clicking on this morning. are you a cat or dog person? i'm adog person. apparently that's a good thing. there are scientifically backed reasons to own a dog. they make people watch which means you're a more social person if you own one. they're loyal and keep you healthy. because you're more active if you have a dog, that makes sense. they also give you a sense of confidence and a sense of purpose. man's best friend, indeed.
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basically, they just make you a happier person. maybe this guy needs a dog. he is not having a good day. you can see in this video, he's trying to get his suv off of a tow truck. not going to well. the clip was posted on youtube. and this happened in orlando. one drive is not getting very far. i don't know how he thinks he's going to manage to get off the tow truck. take a look at this. apparently this is the 2016 new cars hitting the road. one car already sold out in 2017. if you wanted the new tvr, you are out of luck. the car has already had more than 200 orders without really giving too much away on how it looked or what it was called. apparently this much-loved british sports car brand announced the comeback in june after closing the doors back in 2006. that is one successful brand. back to you.
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>> all right. thank you. the tribute you can see here in washington far tragedy 3,000 miles away.
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right now, flags are flying at half staff at the washington monument to honor the three washington state firefighters killed last week. those firefighters will be laid to rest on sunday. that means flags at national parks will continue flying at half staff until sunset that day. in the meantime, crews are finally getting a handle on the largest wildfire on record in washington state. winds pushed parts of the massive fire back on itself. so far more than 1100 square miles of burn, that is an area about twice the side of rhode island. >> today school officials may decide whether to push tobacbac start of classes at stafford high school. they're having a hard time getting permits they need to
11:42 am
move into the new building. it was supposed to get a temporary occupancy permit by the end of the day yesterday, but did not. school officials may push the first day of school from september 8th to the 14th. >> right now on news 4 midday, tracking the path of tropical storm erika. we'll see the latest projected path and whether the storm could be coming straight at the united states. we're back in a moment. comfort keepers can provide a variety of custom in-home services for your aging loved ones,
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including medication reminders and transportation to the doctor. ♪
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tropical storm erika currently moving at about 1 miles per hour. maximum sustained winds at 60 miles per hour. heavy rainfall to puerto rico, now bringing heavy rainfall and it will continue to bring heavy rainfall through the weekend to the dominican republican. haiti right now at south of the dominican. how it moves over the haiti and thousa how the mountains interact with the storm will impact the trek. the red line is the most likely line. this is what we call the cone of uncertainty. it could travel up this side or that side of the path. a high likelihood it impacts florida starting sunday through tuesday. we'll have the latest on the tomorrow at 4:00. >> this year marks ten years
11:46 am
since hurricane katrina slammed into the coast. >> right now former president bush is speaking. ten years ago today the storm was moving out but for thousands stuck inside the super dome, the nightmare was just the beginning. the president and federal government response caused a lot of controversy. >> jay gray is live with us with how the former president has been received so far.yhñ >> during his talk here today, a round of applause. people seemed appreciative that he was here and talking about the problems and the response and the way moving forward. look, business right now in new orleans, it's booming. in fact, it's the fastest-growing city in america from all images outside, it may look like this entire region is all the way back ten years after katrina but those who work and live here will tell you there's a lot of work left to be done. >> reporter: the struggle began
11:47 am
even more katrina made land fall. at this exact hour ten years ago, many along the gulf coast started to realize it was too late to try to outrun the massive storm. katrina struck with a fury that ripped apart the gulf coast. hours later, the levies gave away in new orleans. >> it was one of our country's darkest moments. >> reporter: at the time many blamed the president for a slow federal response to the storm. today he was back in the region for a closer look at the recovery and the work that remains. the numbers from the tragedy are staggering. >> help us. >> reporter: more than 1800 killed. more than 100,000 lost their hopes. 80% of the city was under water. >> there were continuous insults and events. >> reporter: somehow the survivors have managed to keep moving forward. >> if we take a deep breath and
11:48 am
recognize how far we've come in ten years, it indicates how strong we are. >> reporter: strength you can see in the celebrations that fill the french quarter again. in the up town, garden and university district neighborhoods, flourishing, but there are other areas a decade later that still aren't back. neighborhoods like new orleans east and the lower ninth ward where the recovery is patch work at best. >> we were devastated to the tune of 180,000. we've come a long way but there's still a lot to do. >> reporter: and work is still being done with a renewed focus on the communities that need it the most. >> i believe that we're going to continue to get better. >> reporter: just like they have across this region for the last ten years now. you know, as overwhelming it may sound, these working on the front lines of the recovery, they're only about halfway through that process. hard to believe a decade later. that's the latest live here in
11:49 am
new orleans. back to you. >> thank you, jay. and today our coverage from new orleans continues live with reports from chris lawrence beginning on news 4 at 4:00, until then you can learn how the former president's visit is going with our nbc washington app. >> starting this morning, don't be surprised if you see more officers than usual around the district. it's part of a policing initiative. they want to cut down on crime and increase community involvement and relationships. the push starts at 3:00 this morning and wraps up early sunday morning. new today, we now know the six of the surviving panda cub. it is a boy. to find out the se kpx, they usa fragment of the zoing fingerprint gene. we also learned about the father. his name means more and more. and the father has been a dad
11:50 am
many times. >> over and over again. >> hoping that he's doing really well, and bonding with the mother. >> fingers crossed. adorable. >> for sure. the country's thirst is getting more and more watered down. >> and saving money on a big college expense by getting rid of one thing. here at humana, we value sticking with things. when something works, people stick with it. more people stick with humana medicare advantage.
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because we stick with them. humana medicare advantage. the plan people stick with. >> bottled water are expected to past soda. that's not entirely bad news for the likes of coca-cola and pepsi. they have their own water brands nvlt it's not ideal has wholesale water prices are down 25% in the past decade. soda prices are up by a third. that's your morning business report. >> a dramatic scene in a courtroom. a father makes his feelings clear at this sentencing hearing
11:52 am
for his three-year-old daughter's death. he punched his ex-wife's boyfriend instead of making a statement. both the boyfriend and the girl's mother will spend more than 14 years in jail. the 3-year-old died last year from injuries consistent with child abuse. >> textbooks will soon be a thing of the past at the university of maryland university college campus. they'll get rid of textbooks to help students use money. they can use online resources like books and videos that are now free. the school hopes it saves the students thousands of dollars. textbooks will be out for undergrads by fall. >> if only they did that when i was there. i could have saved a lot of money. we finally know when to expect a big smart phone announcement. we'll ask for little hints on what it could be.
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11:54 am
blns. >> summer vacation is wrapping up for many kids in our areas. lots of you head back to school on monday morning. in virginia, it's loudoun and prince williams kids who will head back. my little guy, first grade for the first time. openfully the only time. we're getting you ready for the first day. news 4 today will have you covered monday morning. you can watch or special back to school coverage monday starting at 4:26 a.m. >> as the kids head back to school monday morn, it's going to be summerlike. it will be a little bit muggy at the bus stop but dry. highs monday and for the majority of next week in the low 80s. currently temperatures are in the 70s. up to 78 degrees now in washington. 74 in annapolis. a high of 84 be mostly to partly
11:55 am
sunny skies. a great day. tomorrow humid and a touch higher. 89. hot and humidity on sunday. a slight chance of a shower, thunderstorm on monday. a high of 93. that chance of rain on monday really the only chance of rain on the 7-day. tuesday, kwenwednesday, and thursday, high temperatures in the low to mid 90s and the humidity remains high. still some uncertainty in the trek but it is looking likely that florida will be impacted. a state of emergency declared for the state but as erika moves over the dominican republic and haiti, it could weaken. >> listen up, apple may be ready to unveil the next generation phone. it's hard to keep up. we'll find out for sure on wednesday, september 9th. they sent out an e-mail yesterday with the headline, hey, siri, give us a hint. you too can have siri for a hint of what's to come. he's given several clever
11:56 am
responses, including i'll bet you were one of the kids who snuck down to open presents. >> can you give us a hint? >> well, i hear there's something big happening on september 9th. >> anything else? >> i'm not sure i understand. >> see? she's being coy with us. >> siri, can you give us a hint in. >> see if she gives you a difference response. >> the only hint i can give you right now is a hint that that's a big announcement on september 9th. >> a hint of lime? i'll take that. anybody need a margarita. >> earlier she said i can't give you a hint but i can give you a what what. we'll leave you with that for your friday. thanks so much for joining us. we're back this afternoon first at 4:00. >> you can get news and weather updates any time with our app. have a great weekend. see you monday morning.
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♪ ♪ ♪ (applause) ♪ ♪ makes you feel real good! ♪ makes you feel real good. (applause) ♪ >> meredith: hi, everyone. we have a great show for you to today. ma x chemerinsky from "dancing with the stars" is here. say hello to max. so you behave yourself. >> it is live tv, i know nothing about it. >> meredith: so good to see you again. max was here befor


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