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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  August 28, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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transfer money to someone quickly and easily speak to a financial professional when it's convenient and pay for things with the tap of your finger know that with pnc's convenient solutions, at least your finances will be easy to control. now at 11, not so fast. rg3 no longer cleared to play in tomorrow's game against baltimore. will we see him on the field at all before the season starts? d.c.'s police union at odds with
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the chief as the district struggles with a spike in homicides. how the secret vote this weekend could make things even harder. tropical storm erika making an impact in the dominican republic. and now the latest track come in. i'll show you where it's heading next, in my forecast. >> "news4 at 11" starts now. >> first tonight, a surprise change for the redskins tonight. robert griffin iii originally cleared to play after a hard hit last week, now out for tomorrow's preseason game against the ravens. dave johnson at our live desk. dave, what changed it from just a few hours ago? >> well, doreen, we'll put it to you this way. you might say the green light for robert griffin iii abruptly and without warning turned red tonight. if you have our nbc washington app, you received a notification about this. it was like a hit to rg3. the news was a bit jarring. after all, this afternoon, robert griffin iii went through the team's walk-through. but shortly after 7:00 tonight,
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the redskins released a statement from the nfl's independent neurologist. it noted the initial confidence that robert griffin iii would be able to play tomorrow. but then explained doctors further reviewed griffin's test data and decided he should not play against the ravens. and this was an important part. it was stress that griffin would need to be retested in one to two weeks before decisions could be made on his return to play. again, that's significant. coming up in sports, in fact, we have rg3's reaction to his latest setback. again, it's only two weeks before the start of the 2015 regular season. >> see you in a few minutes. dave johnson, thank you. we're eight hours now into what d.c. police call all hands on deck. all available personnel on patrol until sunday morning. walking the streets, focusing on community policing. those same officers will do something else this weekend. they'll cast confidential votes, answering one question. do they have confidence in their boss, chief cathy lanier.
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news4's jackie bensen is live with more on this rare move against a very popular chief. jackie? >> reporter: doreen, as far as we've been able to determine, there has not been a vote like this held on a d.c. police chief in more than two decades. just after 9:00 tonight, d.c. officers responded to reports of a large fight at the d.c. convention center in northwest. things calmed down quickly, but the large showing of cops was possible due to this being 19 is an all hands on deck weekend. the anti-crime initiative requires all d.c. officers to hit the streets friday, saturday, and sunday. sunday is when the d.c. police union will tally the results of a surae of its members, known as a vote of no confidence on chief cathy lanier. during the past few months as the district's homicide rate climbed to 40% higher than the same time last year, the chief and the union have become increasingly at odds over a
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solution. rank and file officers question the dismantling of vice units, and take issue with what is known as posts that prevent them from leaving a certain area. >> i take it seriously. i talk to officers every single day. i've been in this department for 25 years. i don't think the union speaks for every police officer, but they are the representation for police members. so it is their right to implement the survey and see what residents think. >> reporter: at least one member gave a thumbs-up to the show of force. ben goodman tweeted seven cop cars in my neighborhood tonight. no incident, just d.c. police introducing themselves. appreciated. and to put this in perspective, one year ago, chief lanier was the most popular elected official in this city, according to a survey. and we can tell you in 2001, a vote was held by the police union on the contract of then d.c. police chief charles ramsey, whether or not to renew that contract.
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that fell just short of a no-confidence vote, which is what is taking place this weekend. back to you. >> all right, jackie bensen, thank you. a large turnout tonight at a vigil for one of the district's most recent murder victims, loretta carswell died one week ago today. carswell's cousin is charged with her murder. but as news4's dorothy spencer reports, friends tonight were focused on her life and not on her death. ♪ how sweet the sound >> reporter: friends, relatives, neighbors come together at a community park in northeast washington to honor a woman described as a pillar in the community. >> loretta was my best friend. she was my sister. she was my neighbor. we all grew up together. >> reporter: loretta carswell lived for 63 years. she was loved by so many. and her life ended right in front of her own home, allegedly shot by a relative in a family dispute.
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>> it's tragic. i'm devastated. i'm completely devastated. she is a good friend of mine. and words just can't explain how hurt i am, as well as everybody else in the neighborhood. >> reporter: a cousin, 67-year-old roosevelt robinson, was charged with second-degree murder. he surrendered after a 30-hour standoff with police. >> loretta and i were classmates. she was such a loving, good hearted person. >> reporter: no one here can make sense of how a woman who was so good to so many could be taken so violently. >> i've known loretta since she was a baby. she was like my big sister. >> reporter: many people remember ms. carswell as a metrobus driver. she drove for 23 years, and had just retire lead years ago. friends told news4 she didn't have any children of her own, but took care of all the kids in the community. >> i want to say thank you, loretta. >> reporter: darcy spencer,
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news4. new details are emerging tonight into the investigation into the virginia tv news crew shooting. state police say vester flanagan fired 17 shots at alison parker and adam ward on wednesday. investigators believe the attack was well planned, though flanagan left no note what his eventual destination or plan might be after the shooting. in his apartment, it's clear he identified with mass murderers and even the 9/11 hijackers. virginia garner theory mcauliffe visited wdbj today to meet with coworkers of the slain journalists. he spoke afterwards about the need for better background checks for gun buyers. a change in gun laws has also become the mission of alison parker's father. he spoke strongly today about the need for change. >> we're not trying to take people's guns away. all we want to do is keep crazy people from getting guns. and there has got to be a way to do it.
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and i'm going to dig down in the weeds and start to learn the process. somebody's got the answer for this, and somebody's got a reasonable answer for this. and i'm going to find it, and i'm going make it happen. >> parker also called out several virginia politicians for not taking a stronger stance on gun control after the shooting this week. new tonight, the tool police used to spot vester flanagan on a virginia highway will still be the subject of a lawsuit in fairfax county. a judge ruled today that she would not throw out a suit that deals with license plate readers. the aclu says it doesn't have a problem with police using the readers, but it says the way fairfax county stores the information they collect is an invasion of privacy. fairfax county police pushed to have the lawsuit thrown out. two metro employees have resigned on the heels of a new report that shows human error was partly to blame for a train derailment earlier this month. the report found an inspection train discovered track problems near the smithsonian station on july 9th, but an employee
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accidentally deleted the information from a report. several track walkers also failed to recognize the problem. nobody was on board the train that derailed on august 6th. delegate eleanor holmes norton says she expects to hold hearings on this report from metro. on this night ten years ago, we thought new orleans was out of the woods from an approaching hurricane. and we were wrong. we would wake up the next morning to images of major american city under water. tomorrow, we mark the day hurricane katrina made lawful, the day the levees broke. it's bound to be a day of mixed emotions. but today there was some effort to focus on the positives. former president george w. bush, who was in the white house when the storm hit, visited a charter school in new orleans. he pointed out that katrina, despite all the loss, marked a turning point for the city schools. >> today we celebrate the resurgence of new orleans schools.
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we honor the resilience of a great american city whose levees gave out, but whose people never gave up. >> news4's chris lawrence was bracing for the storm ten years ago tonight, and he looks back on what that scene was like and the mistakes that were made. >> i remember being here in louisiana this time ten years ago, and all of the resources were being moved east to mississippi, because everybody knew that's where the eye of the storm was going to hit. but there had already been some decisions made that were going to lead to disaster. for example, the mayor of new orleans didn't order the mandatory evacuations until the morning before the storm. that didn't give people very much time to come up with some sort of workable plan, especially when you consider if your brother's house is going to be flooded, if your mom's house is likely to be under water, where are you supposed to evacuate to. that's why at this point at
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night, the night before the storm, 25 to 30,000 people had taken shelter at the superdome, which was supposed to be a refuge of last resort. by now we all know how that has turned out. in the years since, of course, they have spent billions of dollars to rebuild those levees and rebuild the city to some extent. but, again, the feeling that i'm getting here is that this is not a celebration. this whole katrina is 10 is not a celebration. too many people died here to ever celebrate that anniversary. it is an acknowledgment of how far the city has come. in new orleans, chris lawrence, news4. >> stay with news4 throughout the weekend for coverage from new orleans, including former president bill clinton's visit tomorrow as that city marks ten years since the levees broke. meanwhile, new tonight, more devastation from tropical storm erika. the death toll rising in dominica. >> erika bringing tremendous
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rains to parts of hispaniola, now moving towards florida. i've got the latest forecast. plus, tens of thousands more students getting ready to go back to school. but for one high school in
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a record number of students are headed back to school on monday in montgomery county. safety is the biggest concern for the police chief and school officials are warning drivers to look out for children walking, biking, or riding the bus. 18 months ago, police began a pilot safety program installing cameras on county school buses. if you're caught passing a
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stopped school bus, you'll get a ticket and a fine of $125. looks like some high schoolers in stafford county, virginia, will get an extra week of summer break because of construction delays. the school system made that announcement late this afternoon. news4's david culver spoke to one student frustrated by the slow progress. >> reporter: deadline pressure is on for these work crews building the new stafford high school right next to the old. first day of classes september 8th, supposedly. cloud-to-ground lightning social media and talking with some students, they are excited about the idea of moving into a brand-new school. they just hope it's finished in time. >> i actually thought it was going to be done, like, in the middle of the summer, instead of all the way at the end. and they're going to knock this down. this school right here. it's going to be gone. >> reporter: giving her little siblings the lay of the land, she admits she has the freshman jitters.
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>> i wouldn't say i'm scared. i'm nervous. but i'm really excited at the same time. >> reporter: a possible delay in starting on time prolonging that anxiety. >> a lot of my friends are excited that it's a week late. but me, myself, i'm not too thrilled. >> reporter: the county says it's made more than 700 inspections already. but they've yet to grant the occupancy permit, meaning they still don't think it's ready for teachers and staff to move in. a few weeks ago we told you about arlington's new discovery elementary school, and how it faces similar delay. we learned they should soon get their permit and teachers moving in this weekend. back at stafford high, trying to keep positive. >> i hope it is. but by the looks of it, i don't think so. i think we're going to have to be a week late. >> reporter: david culver, news4. wildfires remain a huge threat out west, and it could get even worse over the weekend. firefighters are worried about predictions of strong winds. the governor of washington state
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is asking people to follow evacuation orders. so far the flames have burn in order than 470 square miles. they're just 12% contained too. officials say at least 45 homes have been destroyed, along with dozens of other structures. a memorial for three firefighters who died battling the flames is set for sunday. now to tropical storm erika. at least 20 people are now confirmed dead on the small island of dominica. that's according to the prime minister there. he says the damage from erika set the island back 20 years. meanwhile, officials in florida, south carolina,and georgia are preparing for the tropical storm. all three states expect to see heavy rain in the coming days. and we're wondering how it's going to affect us. >> i don't think it will affect us at all. i really don't. i really don't think it's going to mean much to most of the southeast. the big area is going to be areas of florida. florida will see a lot of rain from this storm as right now it's making its way out of the dominican republic towards haiti and eventually towards cuba.
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our area not bad at all. currently sitting at 73 degrees in d.c. notice frederick and gaithersburg coming in in the low to mid-60s right now. it is really nice. one more night. again, just a fantastic last couple of days here around the region. storm team radar showing things are dry. and we do need to see the rain. we have been very dry. over 2 1/2 inches below average since july 1. we would love to see some rain come in here. you may need to water the lawn this weekend. looking back to the west, it has some rain associated with it. we're not going to see any of the rain. what it will do is allow very warm and more humid air to make its way up here over the next few days. that's why i think it's going to be on the warm side for sure there is the latest on the storm. and it looks like it's really firing up here. but that tends to happen when you get over land with these storms you. do get the thunderstorms developing. right now it's moving over the higher terrain of haiti. 10,000 foot peaks in the hispaniola area. and the latest track now has it going over cuba. eastern cuba also has 5 to 6,000
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foot peaks. and that just tears a storm apart. this storm may not survive that trek as it makes its way that way. the rain will still move that way. the thunderstorms will still too. 45-mile-an-hour winds moving to the west-northwest at 20 miles an hour. on that track, it now moves directly over cuba. remember, just a couple of days ago the hurricane center had it way over here towards portions of the bahamas, becoming a pretty good hurricane. it's not going to become a hurricane. i told you that last night. well would not see this become a hurricane. watch what happen here is. it moves towards the gulf of mexico, towards the florida keys. only as a tropical depression. still going to bring a lot of rain. but this will be a depression. i'm not worried about wind at all from this system. this is only going to be a rainmaker. look where it is on wednesday. this is wednesday at 8:00 at night. 30 miles an hour storm bringing rain to florida. they need the rain. florida, georgia, they do need the rain. but it's going to be a very slow mover and it will not move our way. if it does, it would be thursday into friday and just give us a chance of showers and a few thunderstorms.
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high temperatures tomorrow in our area. this is where the heat comes in. 89 in leesburg. 90 d.c. if you live in fredericksburg, you're going to be one of the warm spot there's around 91 degrees. 85 degrees near the bay. a great day to take the boat out if you have a boat. 72 degrees tomorrow morning. 82 at noon tomorrow. beautiful weather. 4:00. that's when it's going to get hot. 90 degrees there. and then as the redskins are up there toward baltimore, as rg3 -- oh, he is not taking the field? oh, yeah, that's right. he is not taking the field. but hey, still going to be good all day. tomorrow night, no problems at all. what are we going to see the next couple days? well, we mentioned that heatwave. 92 degrees on sunday. 91 on sunday. looks like a chance for showers and thunderstorms. 94 tuesday. and how about 95 degrees coming up on wednesday. thursday and friday, temperatures in the upper 80s with just a chance of some showers and thunderstorms. >> a lot of opinions about how we should spend our weekend. >> go to the movies.
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>> good luck with lining up a boat. still ahead, robert griffin iii reacts to the news that he
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this is the xfinity sports desk, brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. >> i know there is some confusion out of the gate. did you have a concussion, or is that a precautionary thing? >> i talk to the people who report that stuff. i don't report that stuff. i was in the locker room, taking a shower, getting ready to watch the rest of the game. i don't know.
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>> well, more rg3 drama, dave? >> do we know now? >> well, as the old saying goes, when you're not sure, you can never be certain. i'm not even sure that ha that means. what we don't know and trying to figure out what we do know. think about that for a while. when you're not sure. signals from the quarterback can get mixed up of course at the line of scrimmage. this week the mixed signals were from the redskins about the quarterback getting to the line of scrimmage. the redskins announced tonight that robert griffin iii will not play against the ravens a day after he announced he was cleared to play from last week's concussion. robert griffin iii taking to twitter in response to news that he had been shut down. you see, doctors further reviewed his test data and he would need to be retested in one to two weeks. only two weeks away from the start of the regular season. after only attempting 20 passes, this was supposed to be rg3's summer of extra work. instead, it seems likely kirk cousins who is likely to relieve griffin tomorrow night will instead likely start tomorrow
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against the ravens. got it? >> no. >> the redskins with a change of scenery, that included rg3. he was practicing at joint base andrews in front of military and their family. it's annual tradition practice letting service members get close to some of their favorite players. and for a lot of the player, and especially head coach jay gruden, today was a special day. >> i thought, you know, we go to work every day, working on football. we come out here and see what real life is all about. and have an opportunity to thank these guys for what they do for us. it's an honor for us. an absolute honor. >> indeed. a special day. look, i'm feeling fine. in case you're wondering. but what is it with the sports and injuries and people not feeling well in this town. rg3 out for tomorrow. the nationals have been taxing their medical staff all season. denard span will have hip surgery. he is done for the year. yunel escobar with a hurt hand and michael taylor with a hurt hand. there is no crying in baseball. just more games to play. in fact, max scherzer on the
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mound taking on the miami marlins. what been struggling as of late. continued tonight. one man on for martin prado. it's a two-run shot. the marlins up 3-1. scherzer allows 4 runs and 7 innings while striking out eight. bottom 5th, down 4-1, wilson ramos, watch his reaction. he knows this is gone. just take a stroll. a solo shot to left. his 12th of the ason. it's a ball game. the nats down 4-2. in the sixth, though, nats within a run. hey, it's wilson ramos again. he did well last time. this time bases loaded. can't come through. the nats fall to the marlins, 4-3. that hurts. all right. orioles are going to get back on track, visiting the rangers. the only problem, a guy named cole hamels. hamels facing jonathan scope gets him swinging. in the fifth, facing steve pearce. and while this is a swing and a miss, ten strikeouts, one run allowed. 2 hits and 8 innings for hamels. bottom of the fifth, a little
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help from his offense. chris jimenez takes this pitch from kevin gosman deep to center that is gone. rangers up 2-1. they win this one, 4-1. >> all right. one thing we ought to be clear about. we hope rg3 is okay. head injuries. you follow the doctor's orders. >> it's serious stuff. and however long it takes to get well and write, that's the important part. >
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well, we hope you have a great weekend. doug's got his boating excursion
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all lined up. you can watch the redskins
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