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tv   News4 Today  NBC  August 29, 2015 9:30am-10:01am EDT

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deter crime. derrick? >> reporter: indeed, it is. this is the weekend where there's an all hands on deck. that means police officers are saturating the ward on foot patrol, bike patrol and cruisers. amid all of that, we had the triple shooting. it was 11:45 when officer who is were out from the district were close enough to hear the gunshot. they got here and found three people who had been shot. one person was unresponsive, according to police, on the scene. another person, first aid administered, taken to the hospital and later died. the first person shot survived. we spoke to someone rather distraught and knew one of the victims. let's hear what he had to say. >> the proper support we need. it's heart breaking. one of them hugged me yesterday.
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you know what i'm say sng. >> reporter: again, we haven't gotten positive identity for both victims yet. not much in the way for the lookout for police. this is being investigated as a double homicide in southeast. we are live in southeast, derrick ward, news 4. back to you. >> thanks. 9:31. let's turn it over to storm team 4 meteorologist, amelia segal. >> the national hurricane center downgraded erika from a tropical tomorrow to a tropical depression. we have been talking about this as we tracked the entire storm system. it's a disorganized system. it continues to remain unorganized. that means low confidence in the track especially 48 hours out. if you have been following this system, you notice the track changed with pretty much every run the national hurricane center put out. that may continue to be the case
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as we work through the weekend into early next week. it's short term impact right now mainly heavy rain. not so much of a window, but a heavy rainfall event impacting hispaniola and eastern cuba. it is only tropical depression, it has the potential to bring high rain amounts to parts of florida for the upcoming week. maximum winds, 40 miles per hour. this is such new news that the hurricane center hasn't been able to update the graphic. maximum sustained winds, 40 miles per hour. i haven't had a chance to look at this, yet. itis pulling away from cuba, to the gulf. as it travels over warmer waters, it will weaken as it impacts florida around thursday morning. angie, back to you. we have breaking news. new information about the man police arrested overnight in a
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deadly investigation. thai officials are interrogating the 28-year-old now. early this morning, they found multiple passports as well as bomb making materials in his apartment. they think he knows about that attack earlier this month at a shrine in bangkok. 20 died and dozens went to the hospital after the blast. a big weekend for police chief kathy lanier. the police union conducting a vote of no confidence in the chief. the homicide rate, 43% higher this year than last. over the past few months, the chief and the union at odds on how to solve that problem. >> i have been with the department 25 years. i don't think the union speaks for every police officer, but they are the representation for the union members. it is their right to implement their survey and see what the members think. >> if we go back to last year, it was then lanier received a
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75% approval rating from registered voters. the union is going to tally the vote. when it comes out, we will send you a push notification. all you need is the nbc washington app. download that. developing right now, an all-out search for a cop killer. detectives are looking for a man they say approached a sheriff's deputy from behind last night, shot him and kept firing once he fell to the ground. deputy darren goforth served ten years. he was filling up his car at a gas station when he was shot. we just heard from amelia mentioning a few minutes ago, erika downgraded to a tropical depression.!4sxs despite that, a state of emergency in effect for florida as the storm continues to fluctuate. itis about to make land fall over cuba. overnight, it passed through
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dominican republic and haiti. meanwhile, the prime minister said 20 people died after erika hit. hundreds of homes, bridge, roads all destroyed. he estimates it sets the country back some 20 years because of landslides, mudslides, heavy flooding. because of what you see there, rescue workers -- you may remember watching some of these scenes. you saw them on your tv play out. gayle force winds, so much rain you could hardly see the picture. then the levee's broke. chris lawrence takes us back to those fateful days ten years ago. >> reporter: this time ten years ago, katrina just made land fall. it did so east of here in mississippi. in fact, the immediate reaction i remember from being down here is everybody thought new orleans dodged a bullet this time. it wasn't until 9:00 in the
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morning when that first levee was breached in the lower ninth ward. that's when people started to realize this was going to be very, very serious. within hours, more and more of the levee started to be breached. the water started rising and soon, you had thousands of people trapped on their rooftops or attic. i was down here, we were at the convention center where thousands of people were taking refuge. we spoke to police officers who cut off from communication from the higher up. scrounging for food and getting shot at on the roof of the police station. it was an extremely dangerous time. the feeling i'm getting here is this is not a celebration, too many people died here to celebrate the anniversary. they are marking how far the city has come. president clinton will be here later this afternoon to deliver that message to the nation.
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in new orleans, chris lawrence, news 4. new this morning, two people rushed to the hospital after this deck collapsed in montgomery county. take a look at the picture. montgomery county fire say the deck broke with people standing on it. it happened on water drop court. the people fell 12 feet. a big disappointment for football fans this morning. robert griffin iii not going to play against the ravens. if you have the nbc washington app, you got the alert. confirming the nfl ease yurologist -- recovering from a hard hit earlier this month. we should mention you can watch the game here on nbc 4. we have carol and jason. they are going to bring you live coverage from baltimore. it will start at news 4 at 6:00. kick off, by the way, starts at
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7:30. >> we hope he gets well and healthy for the regular season. >> will the weather in baltimore be as nice as today? we are putting together the game day forecast. >> if you thought it was bad now, you just wait. how the train derailment could how the train derailment could have an impact on the agency take a look at these bbq best cracked pepper sauce... most ribs eaten while calf roping... yep, greatness deserves recognition. you got any trophies, cowboy? ♪ whoomp there it is uh, yeah... well, uh, well there's this one. best insurance mobile app? yeah, two years in a row. well i'll be...
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announcer: you are watching news 4 today. the latest safety problem for metro could impact federal funding. human error was to blame tr the train derailment. a commute for many of you this month. metro says a faulty rail
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fastener let the train slip out of the track. an inspector notice thad happened before the accident. it was not on his inspection sheet. it's issues like these that have them commuting other ways. >> i usually walk more now. when i first moved here, i used the metro every day. >> the incident will make it harder to persuade congress to fund the system. metro has not officially disciplined anyone for the derailment. the inspector and supervisor involved resigned. >> i want to show this video here. see if you recognize this guy. this man could be the person responsible for a series of burglaries in the district. the video shows him smashing his way into a business. this was last weekend. police tell news 4 the robbery mimics three other cases over the past couple weeks. the very court charged with
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protecting your right like free speech has new pow tore keep protesters off their ground. they ruled demonstrations like these cannot take place on a marble plaza in front of the supreme court steps. the video shows folks gathered during the gay marriage decision. they say they want to keep public opinion from influencing the justices. demonstrators can still protest on the public sidewalk which surrounds the building. not guilty. that's the verdict for the prep school student in a trial that grabbed the nation's attention. why his attorney says he's the victim. >> not like we have to tell you. you know it already. traffic here is bad. is it the worst? we are going to show you where we rank in a national study and how you could be paying for it. take a live look outside. soak it in. it is such a nice morning. very cool, very comfortable. that is about to change. amelia segal is back with a look amelia segal is back with a look at when the
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welcome back. a prep school student faces seven years in prison. he's guilty of sexual aassaulting a 16-year-old girl on campus. it happened when he was 18. he testified they kissed, but never had sex. a jury acquitted the 19-year-old
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on three felony rape charges. >> the victim herself says she has left here with her head held high. it's a step in the right direction. >> i believe owen is a victim of the tradition. it's something that boys are expected to do if you are at st. paul. >> a trial received national attention over the so-called senior salute tradition where seniors compete for sexual conquest. >> we just got an update spoo the news room. the search for a sex offender is over this morning. maryland state officials telling us someone found james norris jr. around dupont circle. mental health officials say he walked away from a court ordered home visit on warner avenue in hyattsville on thursday afternoon. pick your spot. 66, the beltway, 270, 95. this morning, something you may not know about all that gridlock
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in the dmv. a study says we have the worst congestion in the nation. tom sherwood explains how much it costs you. >> reporter: montgomery county, bethesda, civic leaders were out on the noisy street encouraging people to be traffic aware by driving one day less a week. >> we have 20% less traffic and 20% more places to park. >> reporter: the new texas a&m study says billions of dollars of fuel and time are lost. in the d.c. region, it's the worst in the nation. tom robertson says they failed to keep up with biking and pedestrian routes. >> it's, in effect, the price we are paying for deferred may not nons. >> reporter: the study shows washington area drivers lost 82 productive hours in 2014. los angeles, 80 hours. san francisco, 78.
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in new york city, 74. >> constantly commuting between richland and nevada. governor mcauliffe told nbc 4 i-66 and other transportation improvements. >> we need to do more on metro. we need more bus service. these are the things we are looking at. >> reporter: in the district, david from the greater washington website faulted reporting on the study saying the d.c. region is improving, not falling further behind. >> unlike what some people have been seeing or heing, there's traffic on the roads, but it's stayed even over the last few years. >> reporter: tom sherwood news 4. >> amelia segal is with us up here. a nice start to the day. >> it's beautiful outside. refreshing. today, we are looking at temperatures mid to upper 80s. warmer than yesterday. a high at reagan national is 89 today. having a low impact on your day,
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mostly to partly sunny skies. it's hot out, but not too humid. for most of us, a rain-free weekend. again, the weather having a low impact on your day. temperatures are in the 70s. 74 in washington. 75 in gaithersburg. 71 in huntingtown. the sun is out. by noontime today, temperatures will be in the low 80s across the area. sky cast 4 forecasting what the sigh will look like throughout the day. 3:00, suny skies. some areas have more cloud cover. a great evening for eating outdoors. 7:00, the suburbs in washington around 82 degrees. take the dog for a long walk later today. it's looking nice as we get into the evening hours. lows tonight dip into the 60s. washington, annapolis and areas by the water. not as cool, around 70 degrees. a few clouds tonight. a nice start for your sunday
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morning. here is a live look outside from one of the tower cameras. you can see sunshine winning out. for the most part, it's the trend for today. a little more cloud cover in the forecast for tomorrow. partly sunny skies, highs tomorrow warm to 90 degrees. there could be a few thunderstorms back around the mountains. mainly west of i-81 like winchester, martinsburg, a chance of dealing with a thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon and evening. a mix of clouds and sun throughout the day and day one of a four-day heat wave with a high in washington of 91. a heat wave, you have to get three days of 90 degrees or higher. the forecast this evening is looking great. tomorrow, if you are heading to the ballpark for the game against the marlins plan on the heat. first pitch at 1:35. hot and humid by the last out, a temperature of 91. shade, sunscreen, light colored, loose fitting clothing.
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the weekend outlook is looking good. tomorrow, hot and humid. you might want to go for the run, a bicycle ride early in the morning or toward the evening hours. perfect pool weather. night out tonight or tomorrow, it's balmy, it's nice. it's not going to be too bad as far as the humidity is concerned. tomorrow, noticing the humidity, a high of 91. a mix of clouds and sun. monday, a chance of a shower or thunderstorm, 30%, though. no soaking rain in the forecast over the next seven days. a high on monday high 80s. thursday a chance of showers and thunderstorms, 88. again, tropical storm erika no longer a tropical storm, just remnants. we will track it throughout the day. >> good news there, thanks, amelia. >> these days, if your friends or family go to a concert, you are instantly going to see ho
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announcer: you are watching news 4 today. well, if you don't have plans for today, here is a good idea for you. check out the music festival.
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it is happening at mary weather post pavilion. it is a home grown event brought to you by three local guys. >> we are the founder of the music festival. >> they say they want to bring a coachella-like vibe to the d.c. area. they started the event because their favorite artists often skipped over our city. today's festival starts at noon and runs until 11:00. we are getting a new look at a massive party that made headlines here 30 years ago. it was like a local wood stock. >> news 4 covered the aftermath. someone at the party had a camera. here is mark segraves. >> we are having a good time here. >> reporter: it was 1985. called the full moon jamboree. two days of concerts and fun on a farm off river road in potomac, maryland. thousands of people showed up.
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>> it was the end of an era. >> reporter: the group of teens who lived on the farm graduated from wooten high school and had been having parties for a long time. because of development, they knew it would be the last. >> we weren't willing to sacrifice our freedom for someone else so we got a bunch of bands together from all different genres. >> reporter: the party outraged neighbors who called police. because it was on private land, the police couldn't shut it down. >> the party is over, but it was on this past weekend for about 34 hours straight. >> reporter: much of the party was captured on video tape, something rare for 1985. a few years ago, a local film maker got his hands on that footage. >> there was a high quality professional footage of this wild party going on in potomac, maryland. >> rock 'n' roll, party!
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>> reporter: he took the fattage and created the documentary. >> a time period where you didn't have cameras, nobody was documenting it. >> reporter: today, the farm is home to a million dollar mansion with neighbor who is have no idea what used to take place in their own backyard 30 years ago. >> when was this? >> 1985. >> heavy metal picnic plays at the silver theater in silver springs. in potomac, maryland, mark segraves, news 4. >> bring it back. >> starting campaign now. >> that would be so fun. >> that's going to do it for news 4 toda
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hi, everybody. welcome to inside the redskins on nbc 4. i'm doc weaker. we are going to look at the highlights of the win over the detroit lions and hear fl the head coach and running back jones. we'll look at the amazing fans that came out for fan day last sunday. the redskins take on the ravens tonight in baltimore.


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