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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  August 30, 2015 11:00pm-11:36pm EDT

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and then ended up getting suspended and transferred schools and landeded in louisville. so the real highlights of his career came in the first couple years, and then sort of fell off the radar screen a bit. now back out here with the raiders. >> al: caught by lumpkin. tackle. i think we've got a penalty here. t.j. roberts able to knife through some traffic to make the tackle. >> cris: this is always that point in the game where you go, okay, the stars are out of the game. >> referee: personal foul, facemask. defense number 36. 15-yard penalty. automatic first down. >> al: roberts got there for the sack. though it cost him 15. >> cris: but i also typically in this part of the preseason game you see an uptick in play. at least in the emotional level of play. because these guys are fighting for their chance to be a part of
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a national football league team and these coaches, this is when they start locking in, too. because they probably each have 47, 48 guys that they know are going to make their roster and the last five guys on their team are out there playing right now and they're trying to make it. >> al: swinging out, richardson. they want to look at much as they can at richardson. talk about one of the guys on the bubble. what do you do with him? >> cris: a play like that is a pretty good example. i think he's more of a power guy because he was in space. it's one of those that you hope he can make that first guy miss there. if you're the number three overall pick, you say he's got the ball in space, let's see you make this guy miss. he got close but it was an arm tackle that ultimately brought him down.
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>> al: second and eight. pass to the outside. again, not much. 3:30 to go. >> cris: one thing i've learned from james bettcher and his play calling tonight, he's going to send people from everywhere. there have been stunts, corners, safeties, blitz packages, we are going to see it all. if there are very concerns that it was going to be different than under todd bowles, it's not. >> al: that is caught! seth roberts going downfield and running into the sidelines and hauls it in on a third and eight to keep the drive alive. >> al: this was some play.
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again bringing pressure out of the secondary. he just kind of lobbed it up knowing that his receiver was going to break out here. but this happened really early. put a little air under that ball. just nice quarterback play there. >> al: on target for his first six passes. >> cris: they pump fake over to the right, everybody moved and there were offensive linemen out in front and it looked like this was going to go on for days, this one. all the action going this way. then coming back the other way, they had that first guy blocked and a little convoy in front just missed the throw. >> al: trying to get it in to richardson. his first incomplete pass.
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it is second down and ten. puts it up again. that for the first down is george atkinson iii. that's a pretty familiar name in these parts. and he is close to a first down. let's see where they're going to spot the ball. he got it. first down. >> cris: george atkinson played at notre dame. i got a chance to see him there plenty. returned a couple of kickoffs. that had to be two of the fastest kickoff returns i ever saw in my life for touchdowns. he can fly. >> al: from the 20. now you've got a penalty before the snap. >> cris: might get a little
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bonus football here tonight. >> referee: illegal snap, offense number 70. still first down. >> cris: touchdown, little two-point conversion? >> al: right. everybody's got all of their time-outs. >> cris: yeah. we got a couple more stories we want to tell, too. >> al: we'll even make them up if we have to. first and 15 at the 25. >> cris: come on, man. >> al: roberts. breaks away. forced out of bounds inside the 10 yard line. broke away from c.j. roberts. >> cris: lot of pressure coming which means one-on-one on the outside. they're playing off coverage.
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a quick little turn and throw. if the first guy misses the tackle, there you go. seth roberts very much in the competition for one of those wide receiver positions and he played well here in the fourth quarter. >> al: first and goal from the 9. >> cris: another penalty. sometimes on the screen pass coming out of the backfield you'll see a defender grab the running back. >> referee: holding defense number 96. half the distance to the goal. automatic first down. >> al: right here i think. >> cris: the back comes out and through. martin sees it is going to be a
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screen and takes him down kind of sort of. maybe. >> al: debatable. first and goal. incomplete at the goal line. tompkins looked around. this time there is no penalty. second down and goal. >> cris: we haven't seen any change in strategy, have we? james bettcher just keeps firing those blitzes. i would expect this one to be some sort of a pick play. you have avenue got to take advantage, some sort of a bumplbumplnch. it is like a pitcher in baseball. if you can figure out what he's going to call, you can make the appropriate play call against it. but this one feels not quite as
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man-to-man blitzish as some of those other ones. >> al: for the end zone -- and that is caught for a touchdown to get top within two. kris durham hauls it in to make it a two-point game. obviously they'll be going for the deuce. >> cris: again the slot, giving him space. but that time matt mcgloin moved to his right a little bit to make that an easier angle. so now the defensive back is expecting it to come from the pocket. instead, it comes more straight down the line. made that pass much easier. good job. that entire drive really by matt mcgloin. >> al: 83 yards, 12 plays. mcgloin 9 of 11 through the air. two-point conversion to try to
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tie the game. >> cris: now the blitz is coming. that was one change of play. >> al: throws and that will be holding for the conversion by brice butler. the number three quarterback takes them down the field, two-point conversion is good. 2:00 to go. we're tied at 23.
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>> cris: good stuff from matt mcgloin, that entire drive. maybe saves his best for last. saw this all-out blitz look. these are all coming oefrg heei. check, check, check. got it this man coverage on the outside. let me throw one quickly, tie ball game. derek carr understood everything that happened right there. a lot of times it is not how you throw it, it is which plays did the quarterback get you into or out of that can decide football games. >> al: going to be a free agent kick, this is del vek yo.
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jaxon shipley with come out. to the 19 yard line. penalty. >> referee: during the return holding, return team number 49. half the distance to the goal. first down. >> al: you want to see your quarterback in tough situations. now backed up. >> cris: you're thinking here we get an interception, fumble, hold them, punt. we have plenty of time to put that game winner up. >> al: philips sims is a
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virginia kid, born in lynchburg. went to virginia tech. starts this drive from the 9 yard line. batted down at the line of scrimma scrimmage. stacy mcgee got his hands up, 92. second and ten. >> cris: good news for logan thomas is he's got his starting right tackle in the game. they now have bobby massie out there in the game who because of the suspension is playing at the end of the game. maybe their pass blocker and tackle are playing in the game in the final two minutes. >> al: thomas almost gets sacked and does. a flag again.
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shelby harris got in there. >> referee: personal foul, facemask, defense number 75. 15-yard penalty. automatic first down. >> al: harris gets the sack but it is erased on a penalty. >> cris: right there he steps to the outside, then harris going to beat him back to the inside. unfortunately for him, grabbed that helmet. >> al: takes the ball out to the 24 yard line. 2:04 left in regulation. oh! from behind at the 18 yard line, mario edwards, number two draft choice, rookie from florida state. thomas comes limping off the field at the two-minute warning with the score arizona 23,
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oakland 23.
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>> cris: raiders number two pick mario edwards jr. having a good
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night tonight. >> al: with 1:58 reremaining, second down and 16 from the 18 yard line. four-man rush. over the middle. that took up a good chunk of the yardage. fighting, still on his feet! coming close to a first down is momah, tight end. looked like he was about six yards short. next thing you know, he's almost there. >> cris: what a great moment. there you see what carson palmer was talking about, the x factor in this offense this year. >> al: he gets it. they gave him the first down. great effort. he was stopped about six yards short.
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next thing you know, 16 yards to pick up he gets those other six, plus. >> cris: he dragged at least three or four guys three our four yards to pick up that first down. that was terrific. >> al: now second down and ten, 34 yard line. thomas rose. arizona better get off to a good start this year because of the way the schedule breaks for them. 3 of their first 4 games are at home against new orleans, san francisco and st. louis. only road game at chicago. but then in the middle of the season they will play 6 of their
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next 8 on the road. several of them in the eastern time zone. then when they come home, they have 3 of the last 4 at home. a lot of home games early, a lot of home games late but the middle of the season, 6 out of away. from the 45. look at him go! and he is taken down from behind the 16 yard line by tevin mdonald. >> cris: makes that first down, then takes a big shot, bounces off two of them, his helmet has to get re-adjusted. can't see. running blind. he's about to win a football game for them. >> al: momah, free agent.
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to the 12 yard line. that's marion grice. clearly well within field goal range. >> cris: that was almost a jason witten play. remember if the helmet comes off, the play is over so he pulls it back down and takes off again. that was a fantastic series. in between what you missed was he threw a key block on the first down right before that to pick up that one. so three straight plays now by momah to turn this game. >> al: got signed with the eagles back in '13. was released. signed again with them in '14. released. cleveland browns practice squad. released. detroit practice squad. released. lions again. just keeps getting released. but he's made a pretty good mark tonight. >> cris: wide receiver in college and finally made the move into tight end.
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i think he's got it right now. >> al: grice is the running back. to the outside, to the 11 yard line. make it third down and four. catanzaro is the kicker. 37 seconds. oakland takes another time-out so they have one remaining. >> cris: you look at it and go, that's just an extra point. >> al: we were talking about the arizona schedule. meanwhile for the raiders, take a look at that. they'll play 6 of their 16 games this season at 10:00 a.m. pacific time, eastern 1:00 eastern or 12:00 central. all of those games right after breakfast. >> cris: those are tough. just a matter of which division you're playing sometimes how
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that plays out with the schedule makers. sn>> al: through the middle, an taking it all the way into the end zone goes grice with the touchdown. with 31 seconds remaining. grice takes it all the way in. the arizona cardinals, a stuttering start on the drive, but then got it going. at the go 91 yards in nine plays. >> cris: antoine mcclain right here. watch the block he throws. they get the double-team, then off on the linebacker. it was his block that keyed that entire thing. he got two of the blocks on the play that made it, then grice did the rest. that was some drive. >> al: the extra point, with 31 seconds remaining, oakland gets the ball, they have one time-out. there is the tight end who made
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his presence very much felt on this drive. >> cris: as good as it gets for momah. this play was spectacular, dragging people down. gets the block. takes one underneath the chin, and runs downfield. spectacular one-man show by ifeanyi momah. fantasy football week is upon us and i think he just got a little attention. >> al: but first he's going to make the team. that did not hurt. >> cris: odds on. >> al: yep. >> cris: american pharoah-ish.
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>> al: the raiders will have to go the length of the field and do it rapidly. and if they do, i guarantee you they're going for two. i guarantee you. >> cris: absolutely. >> al: atkinson back to receive the kick. he will be able to run this one back from a yard in the end zone. golden domer takes it back out to the 23. that took five seconds for that runback. 26 seconds left. coming up a week from thursday, it's for real. we will go to foxborough. pittsburgh against new england. then we go to arlington, texas three nights later, giants/cowboys, first sunday night official start for the 2015 season right here on nbc.
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>> cris: what are the odds we see tom brady? >> al: i don't know. what do you think? >> cris: i'm going to say 75% yes. i don't even know how. >> al: what do you base that on? >> cris: legal. the appeals to some court. to something. >> al: have you a l-- you have law degree. at this point, there's a hearing tomorrow. maybe we'll know. maybe we won't. >> cris: doctors on the sideline i'm sure chatting with ifeanyi momah because of that hit to the head he took. >> al: short pass over the middle. taking it out to the 40 yard line. that takes us down to ten seconds. atkinson.
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one more time-out and they'll take it right here. down to a play or two left. >> cris: so much better about this subject right now than they used to be. right? they are all over the concussion issue and they even have spotters upstairs now so if the doctors don't see it on the field for some reason, the officials don't see it and there is a player that looks like he needs help, they'll buzz down, get the player off the field and, rightly so. paying a lot of attention to that concussion issue. >> al: 61 yards from the end zone. we're ten seconds. well, pass to streater. that chews up four seconds. so six seconds remaining. the arizona cardinals will head
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back, go to denver on thursday. following the preseason game, they'll open at home against drew brees and the new orleans saints on opening sunday. oakland opens up two games at home, both against the afc north -- cincinnati and baltimore. >> cris: this team the way they played defense in the first half, they ought to be able to slug it out with those two teams. >> al: gabe holmes takes the ball to the 33. and time expires. it is the end of the third week of preseason. final score is arizona 30, oakland 23. coming up next, except on the west coast -- "dateline" at midnight eastern. al michaels, cris collinsworth,
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michelle tafoya. the gang is back together. starting on thursday in f foxborough a week from thursday. for now, goodnight from oakland. hey terry stop! they have a special!
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so, what did you guys think of the test drive? i love the jetta. but what about a deal? terry, stop! it's quite alright... you know what? we want to make a deal with you. we're twins, so could you give us two for the price of one? come on, give us a deal. look at how old i am. do you come here often? he works here, terry! you work here, right? yes... ok let's get to the point. we're going to take the deal. get a $1000 volkswagen reward card on select 2015 jetta models. or lease a 2015 jetta s for $139 a month after a $1000 volkswagen bonus. "news4 at 11" begins with breaking news. >> breaking news off the top. a man is dead after a shooting in wheaton.
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police tell us several people attacked the victim along beers mill road. news4's mark segrave talked to people along the scene. >> we're here in wheaton. behind me on this service road is where it all came to an end this is where paramedics found the 20-year-old man down on the ground, suffering from life threatening injuries. now they tell us that it started when a crew from this road crew paving beer mills road called paramedics when they saw a man being beaten. it all started in this parking lot closer to randolph road between that laundromat and the dunkin' donuts. you see a big police presence up there. we're told a fight broke out between at least two to three or four men, and then at one point, one man started running away toward us, and was chased. here is how police describe the
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incident. >> at this time, we do not know what precipitated this event. detectives are on the scene. they are gathering information and talking to witnesses. and they will attempt to determine what happened. >> reporter: now again, several witnesses are telling us that the fight broke out, and then the victim fled running this way down beers mill road through this parking lot, past the rite aid and past the capital one bank until at least two men caught up with him and attacked him. police are now saying they're not sure whether he was shot or whether he was stabbed. they're waiting on the medical examiner's report for this. and they don't say whether or not they have any suspects in mind. they're asking anyone who was here at this intersection tonight at beers mill and randolph around 9:00 p.m. who may have seen anything to please give them a call. erika, back to you. >> mark segraves live in wheaton for us, thank you so much. evidence markers lining the streets in southwest d.c. after a double shooting this evening. it happened along third and i
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streets. d.c. police say a young girl and a man were hit. both are expected to survive. no arrests yet in this case. hunters at park in gaithersburg stumbled upon a body. now police are going through missing persons reports, trying to see if there is a match. the hunters found the man's body yesterday in great seneca stream valley park. the body was removed today. the medical examiner will do an autopsy to determine exactly how the man died. police hope to get those results within the next couple of days. >> investigators have told me they do not believe that there is reason for alarm from the public who use the park area. there is nothing to indicate that they should stop using that parkland. >> police don't know how long the body had been there. but hunters who found it were on a controlled deer hunt. fire ripped through this house on dupont avenue in suitland, and the family cat is
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to blame. the cat knocked over a candle early this morning. the candle quickly set the mattress on fire, and that just spread through the entire house. the good news is nobody was hurt, but the fire did cause about $50,000 worth of damage. two people are now displaced. now to the on-air ambush that killed two virginia journalists. family, friends, colleagues, and community leaders came together at a church in roanoke to remember the victims today. the memorial began with a video montage that showed reporter alison parker and photographer adam ward in many of their lighter moments. wdbj station manager jeff marks noted that mental health issues played a role in the murder of the two young journalists. >> i spoke this week with governor mcauliffe and congressman goodlight about the need to increase or embrace, yes, our embrace of mental illness, just as we do with cancer. because most mental illness is
11:35 pm
treatable if we can get to the sufferer. in this case, we didn't. >> the journalists were shot and killed by a disgruntled former coworker during a live broadcast wednesday morning. expect to see and feel a strong law enforcement presence around the capitol the next couple of days. authorities are launching helicopter medical evacuation exercises. capitol park police and d.c. police are holding training session. you'll see crews at the capitol and union square between 6:30 and 8:00 in the morning, and then again, 6:30 and 8:00 in the evening. the exercises will force temporary street closures in that area. well, it is the last night of summer break for many students. we shot this video from a back to school fair yesterday. students in montgomery, prince william, loudoun and charles counties all go back to school tomorrow. a number of d.c. charter schools also begin classes tomorrow as


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