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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  August 31, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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it had a tentative plan to do something next year. but today, action. it appears someone put this project on the fast track. see that in front of the united medical center? it's a crosswalk. you see, up until now, this is the only hospital in our city that didn't have a crosswalk at its entrance. this year, two women have been struck and killed by hit and run drivers as they were leaving the united medical center trying to cross southern avenue. and for years, people here have been waiting for some crossing help. david thompson is with the united medical center. >> this is like a blessing and the short -- the short way to say it's a blessing because we need a traffic light here, a crosswalk, we need something that's gonna help the people
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cross to come to the hospital, employees and patients and visitors. >> reporter: now they have deployed a small army of people to make this happen. two bus stops are being moved to make room for the crosswalk, which will be ada compliant. robert hort isn't ddot project manager. this is on the fast track? >> yeah. boy say it's on the fast track. the good thing about this, it will make it a lot easier for the residents and folks who visit the hospital to get across the street back and forth. >> reporter: by wednesday, the crosswalk and flashing pedestrian signs will be in place. a pedestrian-activated traffic light is scheduled to be installed here by december. a safe crossing here means so much to the people who use this hospital. you will understand why coming up at 6:00.
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live in southeast, pat collins, news4. we have announced that kirk cousins will be the starter for 2015. >> turning to the talk of the town now, kirk cousins is in, reeve is out. it took just four seconds for head coach jay gruden to say it, but the meaning of those words will be debated a whole lot longer. news4's jason pugh here with more on what it means for the team and rg3. >> kirk cousins is the number one guy the guy, in charge of leading the skins for the 2015 season. cousins is the man, griffin, most like lay third teacher at this point when he returns. this comes despite jay gruden naming rg3 the starter in the offseason. >> just what kirk has done. and i think what he has done in practice and otas has really opened our eyes and he has proven to be the best quarterback on our roster at this time. really, it's -- it's a
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compliment to kirk, not so much the other guys didn't do this or didn't do that i just think kirk has played so well that he has earned the right. >> i do believe from 2012, the day i was drafted, that god brought me here, he has a plan for me. the plan may not be to win super bowls and throw a bunch of touchdown passes and win a bunch of games. i hope is part of the plan, i trusted add plan for me and he was going to work everything out and you know, time will tell. >> reporter: now the teammates know he is the number one guy, they are ready to rally around cousins and end the drama. >> really crap to me you hear people saying like the show, this is our livelihood, this is not a joke, we take our job very serious. kirk takes his job serious, guy is down, kicking the guy when he is down, as our teammate, we will support him whether he is our first quarterback or third quarterback. >> everybody understands the die namic that robert brings. he is a high-profile player,
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deservedly so done a lot of great thens in his career. moving forward, when you are the starting quarterback it your job to keep that job and you can't get outside noise influence you as a football player some i think kirk's strong enough to handle it and i know there is an completion or interception, there could be chatter about putting robert in. we are not worried about that we are going to support kirk. >> in his three seasons with the redskins, cousins started nine regular season games. he will not start the preseason finale this thursday. colt mccoy will plate entire game against the jacksonville jaguars. >> all right, jason. everyone's got to weigh in on this, as you know, twitter exploded after the announcement. kirk cousins has been the number one trending term all day. many of the fans we heard from say this had to happen. i don't really agree with it he had a lot of issues ever since he came here with the skins, you have to do what you need to do to win. >> i agree. yeah. because i've been watching
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cousins and mccoy and when they come in, they do a better job than what he has been. >> cousins the better quarterback to me, in my opinion. that's my personal opinion. >> i'm more a redskin fan than an rg3 fan. i rather see the team win than an individual trying to prosper. >> and here's a program note, washington's last preseason game is this thursday night. it's against jacksonville at fedex field and you can watch it right here on nbc4. it's scott macfarlane at the live desk, a water main break in weeden causing trouble during the busy rush hour. live pictures from chopper4. we are told this water main break is at judson road near munson street just off randolph road. the break has shut down roads because of the high water. you can see the high water in that area. it is clear you want to avoid this area as long as you can. at the live desk, i'm scott
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macfarlane. we are still following this afternoon's breaking news on former virginia governor bob mcdonnell. the u.s. supreme court granting his last-ditch plea to remain out of prison while he appeals his corruption conviction once again. this does free him from a previous lower court order that could have forced him to start serving that two-year sentence in the next couple of weeks. mcdonnell is convicted of doing favors for a vitamin supplement company ceo in exchange for gifts and lens. he will be free until the high court acts on his appeal and that could take several months. after a violent weekend in the district, this agreement tonight about whether efforts to beef up the police presence is actually helping or hurting the situation. and late today, d.c. police won't comment on what she saucad an anonymous no confidence vote by one-third of the police union. mark segraves outside wilson building with new information
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with the rules of the all hands on deck initiative. mark? >> reporter: that's right, it was all hands on deck this weekend, jim, as you said, which mentioned just about every police officer in the city was out on the streets. inside the wilson building here, council members and the mayor's staff say all hands on deck is an important part of the chief's plan to fight crime but community activists who say it does more harm than good. >> most of us kept our kids off the street. i have a 17-year-old. i mean, the more police means the more chances of something -- a negative police encounter as well. >> reporter: april goggins is a community activist who lives ward eight, one of thek5ao÷ neighborhoods hartist hit by at spike in murders. more police on her streets sends the wrong message to neighbors who are dealing with the surge in violence. this weekend alone saw 16 assaults with deadly weapons across the city and two murders. >> we are in the midst of a public health epidemic. i think this situation with the
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homicides in the district is indeed a crisis. >> reporter: despite the two homicides, district officials call this weekend's all hands on deck a success. >> i would give it exceeds expectati expectation. we normally expect it based on many years of doing them to depress violent crime by 10%. this past weekend, brought it down by 40%. >> two people died this night. and if there are -- if their goal was to save lives that didn't happen. >> we know police presence matters helping deter crime now, also know it doesn't cure everything. the whom sides are an example of that. police are asked to do more than they reasonably can. >> reporter: i asked the deputy mayor if there will be more hand all hands on deck in the future and he declined to answer saying everything remains on the table but did say beginning next week, they would be doing something differently in one particular part of the city. coming up at 6:00, we will tell you what that is. wendy, back to you.
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>> all right, mark segraves. there is a desperate search under way overseas for a missing student, nick upton. he disappeared while swimming on the eastern coast of south africa. upton got caught in a riptide. he is a junior from connecticut stud doing abrad from south africa. gw says authorities in that country are coordinating with his study program and u.s. embassy there still ahead, we are going to hear from upton's family. right now in salem, virginia, family and friends of adam ward are remembering the photojournalist. they are gathering here at salem high school, where ward graduated. ward and fellow journalists, alison parker, were shot to death during a live tv broadcast last week, you remember. ward's funeral is set for tomorrow. much more on his memorial service coming up in the next half hour. the e-mail controversy that has dogged hillary clinton's presidential campaign may intensify tonight with the release of the largest batch yet
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of her state department messages. the state department plans to release about 7,000 e-mails at 9:00 tonight. roughly 150 of them contain information that is sensitive enough to be retroactively deemed classified, although none of them contained information considered classified at the time. a look now at national harbor. actually looking out over our city there is national harbor off in the distance, could be a good place to beat the heat. the muggy weather is upon us once again, doug. >> it really is, wendy. i think it is going to get worse the next couple of days. maybe the last of the heat waves, yeah, i think we are going to be in a little bit of a heat wave starting tomorrow. we hit 89 yesterday. close again today. not hit 90, gaithersburg, 88, martinsburg, 85, 86, toward culpepper. the hot side for sure. we saw cloud cover earlier today, even a few showers, we do have a couple of showers back toward the west, d.c., i don't expect anything tonight.
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don't worry about that for the rush. hardy, winchester, frederick county, good shower near emmittsburg, thurmont area, north of frederick. most of us should remain dry this evening. sunset, 7:40, days get shorter, 86, 7:00, 83 bied, dropping to about 79 by 11. heat and humidity, it is on, the seven-day forecast for you at 5:25. still ahead, the teenager who was behind the wheel during a deadly stunt speaks about the death of his friend as he is sentenced today. and back to school comes with some bumps and bruises for some area students. the accident that left them shaken on their first day. i'm julie carey in louden county, where you'd think high school students would all be celebrating a big change this year. midterms and finals no longer mandatory. coming up though, you will hear from some
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the jou the new year off to a bumpy start because of this, two school buses running into each other this morning. chopper4 over the scene. this was falls road in potomac. first responders checked out 17 students, no serious injuries. the buses were headed to churchill high school. the first day of school in
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louden county. high school students can be sure of one thing this school year, less cramming for exams. midterms and finals are no longer mandatory. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey live at rock ridge my ashburn. the change is on a lot of people's minds. julie? >> reporter: some big changes on both end of the school spectrum. for the high schooler, fewer tests will be given this year and for the very littlest student, a record number of kindergartners entered full-day kindergarten classes today, as the district moves to expand the full-day classes. >> who had a nice day at school today? i did. >> reporter: it was a debriefing of sort, the end of the first day of full-day kindergarten. most loudoun county 5-year-olds are enrolled in half-day classes, but this year, added funding means a bump in full-day k, from just 11% last year to more than 30% of the kids enrolled this new school year. >> with that expansion, we are targeting students who will benefit the most from kindergarten. that includes students from
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low-income families, special needs students and also english language learners. >> reporter: expansion kblusd 70 other families who got slots through a lottery. this mom can't imagine juggling schedules without full-day kindergarten. >> full-day kinder garthson important to their learning most of the day. >> reporter: the county's oldest students, good, too at least for some. gone are the midterms and final exams mandated on the school calendar it is up to teachers decide,assess student progress. this teacher and department chair says she will turn to more project-based learning. >> it is about kids thinking critically and then coming together to collaborate to come up with solution, not just in the community, but in the world. and so excited about that, to get away from the whole test, everything about testing. >> reporter: but here's a surprise, among the skeptic, some of the students themselves. this senior says he sees great benefit to project-oriented lessons but he still worries about fewer tests. >> my biggest concern is that i feel like we are going to go off to college and this suspect
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really preparing us for college because they have midterms and finals, you know, and so i feel like it create a lot of issues there. long-awaited road project is under way along a stretch of indian head highway in fort washington. crews will add a new interchange with livingston road. the first step involves removing trees and bushes from route 210 here, between the beltway and palmer road. the texas sheriff's deputy who was ambushed friday night was shot from behind 14 times. deputy darren goforth, a husband and father of two, was killed while he was filling his patrol car at a gas station. the suspected shooter, shannon miles, made his first appearance in court today. prosecutors say miles targeted the deputy simply because he was wearing a police uniform. they then described the brutal murder in graphic detail. >> he runs up behind deputy go forth and puts a gun to the back of his head and shoots. deputy goforth hits the ground
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and then he continues to unload his gun. >> the suspect is facing capital murder charges in this case. former maryland governor marvin mandel will lie in repose later this week at the state house. mandel died yesterday. he took office in 1969 when then-governor spiro agnew left to become nixon's vice president. mandel leasily won two rees despite a highly publicized split with his ex-wife that included him being temporarily exiled from the governor's mansion. he left office in 1977 after being convicted of mail fraud and racketeering charges that conviction was later overturned. marvin mandel was 95 years old. no word tonight on the cause of death. a local college student dis disappears while on a study abroad program. tonight, his mother talks about his disappearance. the concept changing the way some wedding caters
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oh that forecast, a hot one after what was a pretty nice weekend. we did see a little bit of heat yesterday, 89 degrees. we haven't made 90 yet. we haven't made 90 in over a week. i think we will get there during the day tomorrow. take a look at our tower cam, we look right down the street, our
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friends there at au, that's american university, right there. some of the construction going on currently. plenty of sunshine. temperature right now of 87 degrees. notice 68-degree dew point that dew point close to 70. it's been a little bit on the uncomfortable side today it will get more so the next couple of days. 85, martinsburg, 89, fredericksburg, 89, hunting town. the temperatures have come up. we did see a lot of cloud cover earlier today, even a few showers, now those clouds out of here and we have developed a couple of showers and a few storms in the portions of the winchester area, west of winchester, hardy, hampshire counties, and shower toward the frederick region, emmittsburgh, one viewer around emmittsburgh, the pennsylvania border, saying it came through that area, fairly heavy downpours, there it is the johnsville area, east of lewis town, continue to see showers up that way, most of us remaining on the dry side. once again, you can see the clouds, see them moving off to the north and east, big-time
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rains, toward the cape hatteras area, south carolina, charleston, south carolina, six inches of rain earlier this morning, but not for us. we have some shower activity, but most of lust remain dry tonight. same deal tomorrow. and i think more sunshine tomorrow and it gets hot. 91 at d.c. 92, fredericksburg. 88, martinsburg, hagerstown and winchest winchester degrees. along the bay, temp in the 80s, bay breeze trying to come in. weather outlook tomorrow -- speaking of running or walking outside, i mentioned early, it will turn muggily early. 11 a.m. temperature, 86. heat index close to 90. heat index could be 93,
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94-degree mark a very hot day tomorrow, gets hotter still over the next couple of days. high temperature on wednesday, 92 degrees, 30% chance of a shower, maybe a thunderstorm coming up on wednesday. thursday, that, i think, the hottest day 94 degrees on thursday. we are going to see a chance for an isolated shower back toward the mountains, most of us dry on thursday. going to be the humidity in there, too see the heat index around 100 degrees during the day on thursday. staying humid on friday, a 40% chance of showers and thunderstorms. high temperature around 90 degrees. that comes with a front that should help to cool things down and take the humidity out of the air. 86 on saturday, 88, sunday. 91 coming up on monday. but 91 here, how what about the beaches for the holiday weekend? veronica's back about 5:45 with a little bit more on that. right now, tracking that heat. >> all right, thank you. and still to come tonight, a community gathering to remember the photojournalist who was gunned down on live television. >> we bring you a deeper look at the man behind the lens.
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loudoun county teen pleading guilty in a deadly stunt that killed his
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you never know what's going to happen. teenagers do things. you got to learn. the worst could happen. a lady car stunt killed his young friend. today, that teenager who was behind the beale pled guilty. >> he will have to serve some
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time but the weight of what he's carrying will last longer than any sentence. >> he spoke with northern virginia bureau reporter, david culver, as he left court today. >> reporter: now 19, he left the loudoun county courthouse surrounded by family, carrying a heavy burden, he pled guilty to recklessly driving the car that killed his friend. i'm sorry for what happened. >> reporter: the deadly scene played now the this parking lot last august. kareem told investigators he and his friend were trying to act out movie stunts. kareem was at the wheel. >> he was going approximately five miles a hour and the car shifted into neutral or he shift it had into neutral. that jolted momentum was enough to cause his friend to slide off. >> reporter: killing u mare, a year later, his family, too torn to speak, but shared these pictures with us today. the judge asked you what you've been reflecting on. what do you think about? >> just him, just trying to move
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on, you know, it is not going to be easy. i mean, it's a stupid mistake, i have to deal with it. >> reporter: jim told kareem -- >> the defendant and victim were good friends. i think that's always hard. >> reporter: the prosecutor says one month in jail, $1,000 fine and suspended license is a fair sentence. >> clearly, this was a case that no one intended for what happened that night to happen. >> that was david culver reporting. the two men behind a brazen armed robbery attempt of an armored truck here in northern virginia have pled guilty. jesse lee roberts and jared williams opened fire trying to rob this truck in february. it happened in the middle of the day at a busy sho shopping center in south riding. one of the guards returned fire and wounded robert, he pled
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guilty to three felony charges. williams pled guilty in june and will be sentenced next week. please need your help finding the man in these surveillance pictures. they believe he robbed a shell gas station in arlington earlier this month. police say the man smashed the front door glass then stole several cartons of cigarettes, gar and then took all he appears to have long dread locks and a tattoo on his right arm. call arlington police if you know anything. if you're near the u.s. capitol tonight or tomorrow, prepare for some road .naclosu officials are practicing medical helicopter evacuations. there's going to be one tonight and tomorrow from 6:30 to 8, another one tomorrow morning between 6:30 and 8. if you see a couple of police helicopters landed on the st front of the capitol at union square or the west front by the reflecting pool, don't be alarmed, it is just an exercise, practice exercise. right now, loved ones are paying their respects to the photographer who was ambushed and killed on live television.
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ashley monford reports from salem high school where adam ward graduated. >> reporter: wdvj photojournalist adam ward was not just a valued member of the news team. at salem high school, he was part of the school district's family. >> he loved life. he was truly kind to people. he smiled all the time. >> reporter: some of the first people to line up at the visitation signed the salem high school auditorium were members of the football team. principal scott habib was adam's teacher and football coach. he reflected on adam's love for the virginia tech hokies. adam was hokies from day one. >> reporter: in college, adam was known for painting his chest at the virginia tech football games. a love shared by his father, who was a guidance counselor at salem high school. people were encouraged to wear hokey colors today, a loss felt across the community. >> this is not just the loss of a student. this is as will of a family member because's spartan. he is part of us >> the only survivor of that
5:32 pm
on-air shooting is doing well. friends and family of vicki gardner are posting regular updates on her recovery at facebook. the postfrom sunday said she did a couple of laps around the hospital icu and shown great endurance and strength. gardner had several surgeries since being shot during that interview. we are now just three weeks away from the pope's visit to our area. coming up, the work already going on sour not stuck in traffic when he arrives. and they are the two most stolen cars around our area. one may be very familiar, but it's the other that's big surprise. we w
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her at the live desk, updating a developing story we have been following all afternoon a george washington university student who went missing on a study abroad has died. the state department source confirms to wtop that nick upton died sunday in south africa. now, he had been on a study abroad. he had a break in classes and went with another group of students to a surf lodge. he had been swimming in the east cape province on sunday. that was the last time anyone saw him. a huge search was launched. we should mention that upton is -- was a member of the university's rowing team at gw.
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again, they have been looking for nick upton and now learned he has died. at the live desk, i'm chris lawrence. >> chris, thank you. on the lookout for some work to improve one of our most iconic landmarks, the national park service tells us beginning next week it will drain water from a 30-foot section of the reflecting pool down at the lincoln memorial. they will remove and repair a damaged part of the pool basin. 95% of the reflecting pool will still have water. the work should be done by next summer. right now kids maybe working on their first homework assignments of the new year and if your kid goes montgomery county, he or she is part of the record enrollment there. 156,000 students. news4's kristen wright shows us how they kicked off the first day of class. >> good morning. >> reporter: a new year, new beginnings in montgomery county. >> it's good to be back. i'm going to miss summer but nice to get back in the swing of things and start junior year. >> reporter: students at walt bittman in bethesda are ready.
5:37 pm
>> see my friends again. having new teachers. it's going to be really awesome. >> reporter: they have big plans for the new year. junior michael choi is focused on what comes next. >> i did a one-week full college tour up in the northeast area so it's got me in the mindset of thinking about where i want to go, what i want to do things like that. >> reporter: high school and middle school students in the county are starting the day 20 minutes later now. elementary, ten minutes later. it was a big debate. >> we have had positive feedback from the high school and middle school parents. the a he is a bit of a struggle for the elementary. change is hard. we hope it will all work out. >> reporter: top school and county officials held a press conference to talk about the road ahead, including this promise to parents. >> student safety is our top priori priority. all of our staff are really understanding about what the expectations are and they are going to be making sure they report any type of incidents. >> a big deal for us. we are excited, but nervous at the same time. >> reporter: right now, as you
5:38 pm
saw there the montgomery county school district has an inter rim superintendent. they plan to relaunch their search for a new superintendent this fall and hope to have that person in place by july. in montgomery county, kristen wright, news4. classes are also back in session for the 95 catholic schools in d.c. and maryland. it was a half-day for kids at the st. jane dechantle school in beth these d.a. the archdiocese tells us 27,000 students are enrolled in their schools. a federal judge could rule as early as tomorrow on whether patriots quarterback tom brady will have to serve a four-game suspension. that judge says last-minute settle talks between lawyers for nfl commissioner roger goodell and brady failed. goodell upheld the suspension
5:39 pm
last month. he says brady worked with two ball handlers to deflate game balls before the afc championship. brady has denied any wrongdoing. well, it's a different twist on the open bar concept. >> coming up, how the legalization of marijuana in some states is leading to a change in the wedding catering industry. well, have you heard, the pope is coming and when he does come here to our city, yeah, getting around, it's not going to be easy. i'med i'm adam tuss. tell you about the transportation issues i'm learning. the heat not done with us. show you which day will feel the worst and take an early look at labor day on ♪ know you can keep your financial big picture under control. know you can see how much you have to spend and whether you should transfer funds.
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know you can easily keep track of what you're putting away. and know you're budgeted for the great escape. thanks to virtual wallet by pnc. ♪
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is big a day in alaska with the arrival of president obama any minute now it is his first ever trip there and things are about to get wild. over the next three days, he will focus on climate change, also set to tape an episode of "running wild," hence the -- with bear grylls. i will have to watch that out. the president will track through the alaskan wilderness with the survival expert. the special episode is set to air later this year. pope francis is.coulding to town in three weeks and learning more tonight about the some of the big challenges to keep huge crowds moving. it is being compared to handling an inauguration and marathon at the same time.
5:43 pm
adam tuss has more. >> reporter: might want to throw in handling a rock concert in there as well. it starts september 22nd when the pope arrives here, rolling road closure, amtrak adding service. it is going to be busy. here is the transportation game plan. the pope is coming. and it seems everybody wants to see him. are you going to try to stay away from this area that day? >> i'm coming. >> you're coming? >> i want to receive my blessing. >> reporter: coins, crosses, shirts, excitement. >> he is more of a part in our time. >> reporter: getting around will be tough. a complete list of road closures not yet announced, the pope will be landing at andrews air force bay, the afternoon of september 22nd and moving around quite a bit. the main convenient september 23rd here at the basilica of the national shrine of the emaccue late conception as the pope will sing mass outside. students at near bay catholic university being warned about the crowds. >> i think basically the whole
5:44 pm
campus is going to be shut down. >> reporter: when pope francis says his mass here at the basilica, 25,000 people are going to be down there on the lawn watching. >> well, fortunately for us here at the shrine, we have done this before in 2008 with pope benedict xvi. >> reporter: monsignor walter rossi is the rector at the shrine. his advice if you are lucky enough to have a ticket. take the metro. the easiest way, safest watch. >> reporter: metro says it is preparing like an inauguration and running near rush hour service the day of the mass. metro buses also expected to be detoured. our local airports say they haven't seen an uptick in private jet requests for the time the pope is here but they will know more as the date gets closer. now, ahead at 6:00, if you are going to be taking metro around to see the pope, the one thing the transit agency says you absolutely must do. wendy, back to you. >> all right. adam tuss. vehicle theft has fallen
5:45 pm
dramatically in the past few decades. last year, however, thieves stock market more than 700,000 cars and trucks. here are the most popular. new data from the national insurance crime bureau says the honda accord is still the most stolen. this was in 2014. the most stolen just in virginia alone. in d.c. and maryland, the top spot went to the dodge caravan. >> generally, what they are doing is they are breaking them down and selling the parts. they are worth more in parts than as a whole vehicle. >> experts say one of the surprising causes of car thefts is you leave your keys in the car. we posted a link on our nbc washington app. search stolen cars. >> don't do that. a first four traffic alert for you in fairfax county. starting tomorrow, you will no longer need to take a detour between chantilly and centreville a new bridge on wallny road will be partly opened to traffic. that project to help relieve traffic between route 50 and route 28 will be done in
5:46 pm
december. when it's all done, the road will be four rains. this is what's left of a small plane that was supposed to be on its way to lynchburg, virginia, but just moments after it took off in florida, the plane went down, bursting into flames. incredibly, the two people aboardwalked away. bobby brooks from our affiliate in south florida has the amazing story of survival. >> if you can believe it the rubble you're looking at was once an air men and the people that were inside survived the crash. no one can believe that, not even ems crews who have seen it all. >> completely destroyed. the fact anybody was able to get out is simply amazing. >> reporter: more amazing, the victims gout to out of this thing under their own power. >> two people standing in the levy inside of the plane. >> reporter: the people inside, kenneth and sonia mckenzie, husband and wife, took off from fort lauderdale executive airport heading up to lynchburg, virginia. >> mrs. mckenzie told bso deputies that they had a drop in the engine oil pressure and then
5:47 pm
the engine failure. >> reporter: kenneth was the plight and told did a tech hurricane katrina of a job landing the four-seat plane. in fact, some people fishing near the crash sites didn't even hear it land. >> i didn't hear no crash at all. >> reporter: the plane landed near canal a few hundred yards off the end of waxahachee road and immediately went up in flames. >> after i seen smoke, i heard a pop and a little bit later another pop. >> reporter: couple was airlifted to bso. their injuries non-life threatening, the outcome due to quick thinking by ken. >> he, like any good pilot, was looking for a police to put this plane down and chose an access road. they had a hard hit. the plane burst into flames. but they were able to both get out. they were both walking around and talking when our flight medics got there. >> and in case you missed it on friday, we want to show you again and also hearing from that local police officer whose unexpected double dutch skills
5:48 pm
went viral on facebook. it's corporal alan jones, prince george's county police department. look at him go. he went to a community day at the victorious life of faith church in district height, he was going to foster some goodwill. boy, did he. look at this athletic spectacle. now the guy does jump rope, but not double dutch. i mean, he jumped rope. >> jumping jacks. now, these ridiculous. just showing off. >> as well he should. he was our friday hero. >> i thought it was just gonna be like a goofy thing, like i would show my friends and that's it. and then it kind of went from there. i think if we can kind of, you know, humanize ourselves to people, then they can see through the uniform. >> oh, he super humanized himself. he is doing it with his police radios, his gun, all his gear. good for you. good for you. we have got more of the video on
5:49 pm
nbc, our nbc washington app, search double dutch. way to go. >> doing that today he would be drench ready. it's humid out there >> the rest of the week. i would say now -- >> this week. >> i bet he could do t >> write that down. >> no double dutch. >> the kids a lot of them are back tole school, last week was so nice, hard to believe that we have got a sticky week. the whole week is going to be rather uncomfortable. temperatures will be getting up to around 90 degrees, if not higher each day. you are looking at the temperatures that we masked out at this afternoon. 87 degrees right in d.c. 90, fredericksburg. upper 80s just to our north and west of d.c. when you factor in the humidity, boys, it has been one sticky one for today. what we are going to tee see the next couple of days, uncomfortable and air quality tomorrow, code orange. so unhealthy, especially for the sensitive group, you suffer from asthma or have any respiratory ailment, all the way down backe down to pleasant conditions,
5:50 pm
feels like outside this upcoming weekend. show you how we go through that change. driving impact forecast for this evening, just a few clouds around the area, 82, still a shower or two out there right now. we will take a look at the radar in just a moment. by 9 to 11 p.m., the sky will start clearing and we could see some fog forming. our temperatures drop to the upper 70s. here is the radar, a shower around frederick, maryland, another one just around winchester that's sliding south and east, so, head into areas like front royal, passing probably just to the north. that's it, just a shower. that chance we are going to hang on to for about another hour or some then we have got a chance on wednesday, where we could see some wet weather around, a 30% chance, probably the best possibility of any wet weather at the end of the week. on friday, up to around 40 to 50% where we could have some showers and even some thunderstorms come through. early tomorrow morning, bus stop forecast, fog, 78 to 82 by 9 a.m. we are going to see the fog clear out. and i do think we are going to have a bit more sunshine coming our way tomorrow.
5:51 pm
but look at the pockets of fog for early tomorrow morning. that's the visibility, down under a mile, possibly around manassas, culpepper, fredericksburg, then burns off by 7 to 8 a.m. tomorrow morning. if you got to leave out the house early and hitted road, make sure you leave yourself a little extra time. temperatures start out in the low to middle 70s, 75 inside the beltway, la plata, 72, 60s a stack from hagerstown down toward martinsburg. luray, 65 a warm start, already i think a sticky start to our tuesday. then, during the afternoon, maybe 92, hot, humid, a few clouds. so, again, want to exercise early, because of the code orange air quality. i say before noon or 11 a.m. tomorrow morning, 82 by 9 a.m. in the morning. the other thing that we have seen, of course, with the moisture and the warm temperatures, any time you get the rain that drives up the mold spore count, moderate for today, i do think it is going to be moderate even for tomorrow, rag weed, of course, hanging on as
5:52 pm
well over the last 24 hours. here is an early look at what we think you can expect at the beaches this upcoming labor day, friday, saturday, sunday, 82, 79 degrees with a few clouds on saturday. even a few clouds hanging on on sunday we are around 80 degrees. so, nice at the beach locations this upcoming weekend. it is going to be an easterly wind. so for monday, we have got to watch out for the possibility of a little shower popping up. there's your rain chances, wednesday and friday of this week, we have got a stretch of 90s, back-to-back days all week long, going through friday, then the weekend will be cooler and also less humid, we pop back to that temperature of around 90 degrees on monday, labor day itself. so, guys, just all week long, it's going to feel like we are in the middle of summer. get used to it >> all right. thanks, veronica. still too come, how marijuana legalization is changing the katering industry in states were it is now legal. a lot of videos have been
5:53 pm
going from the prince george's county police department. >> this is normal from our aspect. it is part of ♪
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hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! ♪ introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle.
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a 62-year-old woman separated from her hiking group in the sierra national forest spends nine days alone with no food. rescuers hiked 21 miles in
5:56 pm
treacherous terrain, hampered by one of the wildfires burning in the area. they fally found her on saturday, badly injured, with some broken bones. rescuers are calling her a fighter, saying she kept her wits about her during the whole ordeal. >> when i talked to her, there was a time when she asked herself, well, i can either stay here and die or i can get over to the sound of water and make sure i can be hydrated every day. >> they were able to land a helicopter and bring her to safety. the fresno county sheriff says she found her just in time, any longer she may not have survived. just moments ago, a man charged with killing three people at kansas area jewish sites last year was convicted. >> white supremacist frasier glenn miller admitted that he killed the victims in april of 2014 but he argued that he was compelled to do it because jewish people are trying to wipe out the white race. those are his words. none of the victims, by the way, was jewish. miller could face the death penalty. well, it's a new wedding trend that could soon catch on
5:57 pm
in states where recreational pot is legal. we are talking about weed weddings. one couple in portland set up a bar or weed tent at their wedding reception. >> cathy marshall takes a closer look at the wedding which now come with a bud-tender. >> absolutely beautiful. >> reporter: the summer wedding of john and whitney included a weed tent, a family christmas tree farm. >> we were shocked. utterly shocked at the response. people loved it. i'm still getting 15 to 20 texts a day from people saying, what a life-changing event that was, what a great experience it was to have a smoke tent there. >> reporter: the california couple used bridal bliss to plan the day. it was their first request for a can nah bar. >> we posted a couple photos from that wedding on the instagram and facebook and they have just blown up, gone viral and people either love it or they think it is such a fun idea or hate it. they think it is just disgusting. >> reporter: key for the bridal bliss wedding planner was
5:58 pm
safety, providing transportation for all the guests. the couple came up with the product and hired the bud-tender to control consumption. >> with the new recreational laws, you can only have up to eight ounces on private property. we had about 13 different strains there. >> i thought maybe it would pull a lot of people away from the reception and not a lot of people would be hanging out in the tent but it actually did the exact opposite. people really just kind of popped in. >> reporter: at the oregon liquor control commission, they admit, this is new territory. weed bars are not allowed any place that has liquor license, like a restaurant. and people with a liquor license, like a caterer, can't serve alcohol where marijuana is also available. >> caterers should be aware that they can't be bartenders and bud-tenders. >> reporter: the groom, what maybe the first of its kind in portland, is a professional marijuana glower california who thinks offering weed to his guests made the day extra special. now at 6:00, we have team
5:59 pm
coverage of the day's top stories, including the big switch at quarterback. also, changes to one of the most dangerous roads in our area that follows two hit and run deaths there. but first, growing backlash against d.c.'s police chief amid the rising violence in the city. there have been 105 homicides so far this year. that's the same number for all of last year. this weekend's all-hands-on-deck initiative didn't do enough to stop the violence and some say police chief cathy lanier is partly responsible. mark segraves is live with the latest on all this. mark? >> reporter: yeah, doreen, the very latest is mayor bowser last week in her crime speed alluded to the fact that in addition to a police presence, they were going to put more services into neighborhoods and today, the deputy mayor tells news4 exactly what that plan will entail and how it will begin next week in anacostia. as for the all hands on deck this weekend, despite 16 violent assaults and two murders, people
6:00 pm
here in the wilson building are calling it a success that exceeded expectations. >> i guess i would also like to see how they would determine success, because those mothers of the people who passed away are not going to feel like it was successful at all. >> every single homicide that happens in the city is a failure of the government and its polls. >> reporter: councilman mcduffie calls the spike in violence an epidemic that should be treated like a health crisis with more than just police. community activists who oppose putting more police on the streets agree, saying the violence is just a symptom of a much bigger problem in their community. >> poverty and joblessness and infant mortality, access to health care, those are things that hurt people and hurt people hurt people. >> reporter: that's why the mayor's office plans to start offering more services like job training and day care in neighborhoods hit hardest by the


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