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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  September 1, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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figure out what happened here. we'll let you know if we hear anything more. back to you, eun. >> thank you, angie. the county clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples starts work in a few hours in kentucky. today, she will have to do that job or face time in jail. the supreme court ruled against kim davis yesterday. she said she stopped issuing all marriage licenses because of same-sex marriage violates her religious believes. several helicopters scheduled to fly around the u.s. capitol again this morning. d.c. police and park police are landing medical helicopters next to the capitol starting at 6:30 this morning. they say they're testing emergency evacuation and response there. you may get some delays by the capitol this morning or during a similar exercise that starts at 6:30 tonight. all right, coming up on 4:31 on this tuesday morning. 73 degrees outside our studios and we are in for another really hot day. >> i know. no relief. chuck bell with more on what we
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can expect in the day ahead. good morning. >> i like that summer dress, but you can't wear white after labor day. >> yes, you can. >> okay. rewriting the rules of fashion day by day. outside, you guys are right, it is a mild start for sure. 73 here at the tv station. 72 at reagan national airport. out into the western and other suburbs it's a smidgen cooler. and weather slowdowns today, there are some patchy areas of fog first thing this morning, so put a little yellow line to remind you to slow down a smidgen. temperatures on your walk in, temperatures low 70s. mid to upper 70s around 8:00 or 9:00. don't forget your sunblock, shorts and short sleeves and your kite. melissa, over to you. >> thanks, chuck. i have to tell you, when you can only wear five different colors, eun and i will be wearing white into september.
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just expect it. we're very limited. winter white. two left lanes blocked on branch. looking good at 66 and 95 in virginia. no problems there. 270 at old hundred road, rolling along. b.w. parkway, 95, 29, everything here nice and green. 66 east at nutley, we have that right lane blocked until 5:00 a.m. see you at 4:41. we have this developing story. near downtown atlanta, an officer and a homeowner are recovering from being shot. this after police responded to the wrong house. now, that officer is in critical condition as we look at the aftermath of the scene. the department saying that the shootings happened after officers responded to the call for a suspicious person in the area and entered the wrong home. that's when the gunfire broke out. now, the homeowner was shot in the leg. the officer shot in the leg and the homeowner's dog we believe
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was shot and killed. right now, police are still looking into whether a burglary did happen at that home. aaron, the georgia bureau of investigation is now overseeing this case. >> angie goff at the live desk, thank you. 4:43, the search is on to find a man who is responsible for two recent sex assaults in northeast washington. it happened on rigs road in michigan avenue and a man threatened a woman with a knife, sexually assaulted her and rode off on a bike. officers want us to remind you to be aware when leaving metro station alone and to use the nearby bike trails. 4:33. you can learn about how the d.c. mayor plans to reduce homelessness. muriel bowser will announce a new set of initiatives aimed at reducing the amount of homeless people in the district. people living on the streets should be a rare and a brief
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occurrence. a maryland commission can make the recommendations on how police body cameras can be used. they need to come one the new rules by october 1. they'll gather in annapolis for the second meeting. two big questions they're trying to answer is when should an officer turn off a camera and how will departments store the video? you know it can be hard to find an affordable place to live in this area. tonight, a group in arlington plans to protest. and they are discussing a plan to add more than 15,000 affordable housing units over the next 25 years. the coalition of arlingtonians said that's not enough and that the county not responsive to the concerns. another community fed up with rising rent prices in takoma park, maryland. >> on july 23, most were given rent increase notices.
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>> that means rent will cost some people in the apartments 72% more than last month. news4 spoke to the residents last night and we asked the complex owners about this as well. they say anyone facing more than a 25% rent increase has six months to decide whether to move. they also say the tenants association agreed to the price hike to pay for building improvements. in a statement, the owner said the building was deteriorating with more than 580 code violations and $3.6 million in needed repairs. developing in decision 2016 now, a lot of hillary clinton's e-mails, more than 7,000 pages worth, are now public. the state department released all of the documents last night. they're from clinton's personal e-mail server she used while she was secretary of state. a lot of the content is now heavily censored but the state department says none of the information was classified when clinton received or sent it. former virginia governor bob mcdonnell will not have to report to prison while the
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supreme court considers his appeal. the court overruled a lower court's decision which required the former governor to begin the sentence immediately. his lawyer said they'll ask the supreme court to reverse his conviction or order a new trial. the former governor and his wife were convicted on corruption charges. schools in fairfax county starting in less than a week. parents, that means it's time to make sure your child has the immunizations. she needs to bring the paperwork to school before entering kindergarten or sixth grade or before transferring into the school system. you can get this done between 10:00 and 6:00 today. thousands of lives could be saved by speed cameras and it points to montgomery county as a model for the rest of the country. the insurance institute for highway safety studied the cameras in montgomery county since they were introduced in 2007. they found the likelihood of a driver going ten miles or more
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over the speed limit has dropped by 60%. and if instituted nationwide, hhs estimates 21,000 lives could be saved a year. well, if you need to pick up someone from dulles airport, there is a new place to wait. a new cell phone lot opens today. it's across the street from the airport's gas station and near the economy lot. the airport says it will give drivers faster access to the terminal. the old style lot was closed to make room for construction. ashley madison says memberships are up and you might be surprised at who is joining. if you're going to impersonate a police officer, here's a tip, don't pull over someone who actually wears the badge. the move that landed the local teen in jail. looking live outside this morning, get ready for a hot and morning, get ready for a hot and humid
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looking for a delicious taste that lifts you up? try lipton sparkling iced tea. the perfect combination of fruit flavors, iced tea, and light carbonation. lipton sparkling iced tea. refreshingly uplifting! more than 80,000 women signed up to the ashley madison website last week, despite the recent hack. avid life media the parent company of ashley media said women sent more than 3 million messages last week. hackers exposed the personal information of more than 35 million users of the site for cheating spouses. the company says there were incorrect assumptions made about the recently released
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information. an 18-year-old is facing charges after he tried to pull over an off duty cop. joshua rosene turned on blue flashing lights in an attempt to pull over a car two days ago. that car had an off duty prince william county officer behind the wheel. the officer did not stop. rosene then tried to drive away, but the officer followed him and called police. picked the wrong person. 4:41. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. >> let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. >> that's called justice. outside this morning a little cooler in the western and northern suburbs. 64 out in martinsburg and winchester. 68 in leesburg. only 72 now in arlington. hometown forecast today, newington, virginia, maybe a little fog around first thing this morning. started off temperatures around 71 at 7:00 a.m. near 90 by lunch time. low 90 much of the afternoon.
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about 88 degrees by 7:00 tonight. humidity moving up into the uncomfortable range as a big cell of hot air moves into to ary. for now, a check on traffic by melissa. >> we have nice and dry roads. a big look at the beltway and that looks quite good. inner loop and outer loop is rolling along fine. and beltway at river road, inner and outer loop rolling along nicely. 270 northbound and southbound looking quite good at this point this morning and branch avenue southbound at woodyard, two left lanes blocked because of road work there. back in ten minutes. weather and traffic always on the 1s. a lot goes into a papal visit but a new cell phone tower? where you can see just that, as d.c. prepares for pope francis. and just in to the live desk, new video out of arizona after a major monsoon. look at the damage impacting a lot of people this morning when we check in at the live desk.
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right now crews are dealing with a mess left behind as strong storms swept through the phoenix areas, leaving drivers stranded and a lot of flights delayed. you can see how flooded the streets are out here. also, a lot of damage left behind. this is the result of another monsoon. the phoenix area slammed with one inch of rain in under an hour. more than 55,000 people lost their power. many still in the dark this morning. aaron? >> angie goff, thank you. 4:45 your time now. developing this morning, we are pouring over the huge release of e-mails from hillary clinton's time as secretary of state. the e-mails were made public,
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but they're heavily censored. nbc's tracie potts live on capitol hill to tell us the political impact the documents could have. >> reporter: good morning, aaron. here's the deal. 4,300 e-mails, more than 7,000 pages that came out just before a midnight deadline, court ordered. the state department in a statement late last night saying they'll meet their deadline to get all of hillary clinton's e-mails out by the beginning of january. we have an nbc team pouring through the thousands of pages overnight. here's the deal. 150 of them are now classified. recently classified, but the state department says they were not at the time that she exchanged those e-mails, they covered iran, russia, a conversation with tony blair right after he met with benjamin netanyahu, china, haiti and cuba and including at least one where hillary clinton told the e-mailer to delete after reading. there were also e-mails where she got frustrated that she couldn't get what she thought was a public statement, but there were two versions of it.
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one had been classified. so we are getting a sense of what was going on with her e-mail inside the state department. as they do another document dump. thousands of pages that came out a few hours ago. >> tracie potts on the hill for us, thank you. turning now to donald trump and when you might see the republican presidential frontrunner here in our area. an online group called friends of dt wrote yesterday morning he plans to visit his golf course october 16th, but by late monday the website said coming soon. we'll let you know once a visit is confirmed. a teenage boy is facing jail time after pleading guilty for his part in the deadly car surfing stunt in loudoun county. shafin karim was sentenced to spend a court in jail. >> he was going five miles an
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hour and the car shifted into neutral or he shifted it into neutral. that jolt of momentum was enough to cause his friend to slide off. >> the judge told karim this is a weight you will carry for the rest of your life. the victim's family has filed a civil suit in this case. the confederate statue outside a courthouse of rockville is moving. e-mail montgomery county by september 9th with your choice among five places. special parks in rockville, potomac, darns opportunity or silver spring or a private farm in gaithersburg. county leaders decided to move it after the church shooting in south carolina and after someone spray painted black lives matter on it two months ago. we are three weeks away from pope francis' visit to d.c. and to accommodate all the extra communications when he arrives catholic university has put up a new cell tower. this tower will give you a better signal even with everyone else on their phones.
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it is not just cell phone signals that will be impacted by his visit. you can expect days of traffic and transit congestion. he lands at joint base andrews september 22 and would be moving around quite a bit. there will be rolling street closures. a complete list of closures has not been released. he will say mass outside of the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception. if you're lucky enough to have a ticket your best bet is to ride metro. >> there's the most secure way because of the fact that the roads will be closed down. we don't know how far yet. but metro won't be closed so take the metro. >> metro says you can compare the congestion for the pope's visit to a presidential inauguration. and trains will be added while the pontiff is in town and buses will see detours as well. a first 4 traffic alert in fairfax county. you will no longer need to take a detour between shann tillty --
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chantilly and it will be done in september. when it is done it will four lanes. big decision in the deflategate scandal expected to come down today, but everyone is talking about the newest sketch of tom brady in court. take a look. here is how jane rosenberg depicted him at the hearing yesterday. can you see the difference? after comparisons to e.t. and lurch last time around. i mean, fans were up in arms. they were so mean. so i'm going to post these side by side pictures on the facebook page. let me know what you think. here's the thing. tom brady is very good looking. i think maybe it's hard to capture that in a photograph and so his fans are -- why would you make him look that? >> he's so good looking you
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can't draw him. >> i'm just saying, right? >> could be a little jealousy. >> you guys have the same problem. >> no. no, we don't. >> aaron is like, absolutely right. >> can't argue with you there. >> i feel his pain. >> so problems. tom brady's problems including he's too good, he makes $20 million a year and he's married to a supermodel. >> i know. i know. >> oh, to have these problems, aaron. >> don't feel bad for tom brady. he will be a hall of fame quarterback. >> this what happens when the new york media does the drawing. that's the reality. >> we'll find out where she's from. >> well, she works in new york. she's probably a jets fan. we all know how the jets and the patriots feel about each other. outside, it is a murky start this morning. a lot of humidity has moved into the area and man, oh, man, you'd never guess it was september around here. it is going to continue feeling like the middle of summer, 72 now in washington. dew point temperatures and that's the measure of moisture in the atmosphere.
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any time it gets around 70 that's when you notice the oppressive style of weather. it will turn into blazing hot and humid afternoon, barely a breeze to cool you down. if you don't have to go to school or work today, you can spend the afternoon by the pool that's the best place to do it. 66 now in new market, maryland. 64 out in the panhandle of west virginia. 65 in bristow this morning. 69 over in calvert county. runner's forecast, get ready to sweat outside this morning. temperatures upper 60s and low 70s. get your run in before 9:00 a.m. because after 9:00 a.m., temperatures will already be 80 or better. highs this afternoon about 88 in gaithersburg. but 93 in washington. 91 in waldorf or la plata. the western shore communities along the bay may be below 90. as far as rain chances today, the only rain drops aren't anywhere near us, and aren't coming our way. they're off the outer banks of
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north carolina. if you're doing traveling off and on traveling across florida and south texas and showers and storms across the midwest. by and large, the high pressure is large and in charge of our weather. here's the future weather through the course of the day today, rain chances are very, very low. the fog will be gone by about 9:00, 10:00 this morning. the only places that might have a quick shower today, down across parts of southern maryland but rain chances are below 10%. not zero, but below 10%. everyone has a better chance of a shower or thunderstorm tomorrow afternoon. best chance for rain comes up on friday. by then, we'll have four 90s in a row. cooler and less humid just in time for the labor day weekend. that's a check on the traffic. check on the roads with melissa mollet. good morning. >> good morning. inner loop, a car fire. it sounded like it overheated passed river road on the beltway. 95 northbound on virginia, truck scales we have a crash here off
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to the right side of the roadway as well. prince george's county, no major problems there when you look at prince george's county. top of the beltway looks good. branch avenue, pennsylvania avenue, everything there is fine. here you can see the parkway is rolling along just fine. remember to listen to our friends on wtop 103.5 f.m. when you hop in your car. see you in a few minutes. new safety precautions in place after a deadly stretch of road in d.c. and it's only the beginning. what's being done outside the united medical center. it is an exciting time for a lot of students but it can create anxiety. what to do with your child -- if your child starts to show signs as
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just in, the guy seeing in the thai shrine bombing, police say they at go him. thailand's prime minister says that man you saw in the yellow right there is a main suspect in the deadly blast and he has been arrested. they add the other two men seen with the suspect, one in the red shirt right there, also suspects themselves. the bombing killed 20 people. as new information continues to come in we'll continue to update you. aaron? i was surprised, shocked and happy. surprised, shocked and happy and hope that nobody else has to lose their lives.
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>> that is just one of the happy reactions as the new crosswalk is being installed in front of the united medical center. a project to make a d.c. road safer is on the fast track. two women have died in vent months after being hit by drivers who didn't stop and help them. crews are installing a pedestrian cross walk outside that hospital in southeast. one of them who died with us a physician's assistant there. >> somebody that was real close in the hospital, lose their light, they put up a light. this is a busy intersection. >> two bus stops were moved to allow the crosswalk to be put into place there. we are also learning that by the end of the year, there will be a pedestrian activated traffic light at this crosswalk. we are talking back to school stress in "news4 your health" this morning and parents, we're zeroing in on you. both parents and children have anxiety over the transition, but doctors say how you handle it matters. clinical psychologist dr. donna
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rockwell says she sees parents struggle with the new school year, especially the first time. >> when your kid first goes off to kindergarten, i think the parents cry way more than the children ever are. at least that's been my experience. >> yep, an emotional time of the year. melissa mollet. dr. rockwell said that's okay. making this time of the year fun and being organized about it are the best ways to ease into the change. well, apple may be getting into the original programming business. insiders say apple executives are talking to people in hollywood about creating something that would compete with netflix. right now, it is not clear if apple would produce television shows or movies. the format would likely be more hulu and netflix and less like hbo and an apple representative didn't comment. stay with us. "news4 today" continues at 5:00 a.m. "news4 today" begins with breaking news. >> breaking news in prince george's county where firefighters are mopping up
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after flames tore through two homes overnight. news4's kristin wright arrived on the scene and she has an update from the fire department. she said nobody was injured there. we'll check in with her in a minute. but first, good morning. it's 5:00 a.m., i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm eun yang. it's first day of september and our top story this morning is the weather. and the heat cranked back up today. >> storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell has your hour by hour forecast. chuck? >> hey, good morning. temperatures in the 60s and low 70s now. enjoy it, everyone. this won't last long. as soon as the sun comes up, temperatures will start to jump. 66 now in gaithersburg. 69 in rockville. 70 at joint base andrews. planning out your day today, upper 60s and low 70s for the next hour and so with some areas of fogginess around. look out for that. sunshine, 89 at lunch time. 93 your highdo


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