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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  September 1, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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for a summer heat wave. the pleasant conditions you're stepping outside to will soon give way to heat and humidity. and air quality concerns. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is here now with your weather headlines. good morning, chuck. >> that's right. it's a mild start to your tuesday morning. first of september, meteorological summer ended yesterday. the equinox until the 27th of this month. it's september nonetheless and it will continue to feel like july across the region. your morning planners, temperatures in the mid to upper 60s in the suburbs. mid 80s by 11:00 and low to mid 90s for temperatures this afternoon. sunny, hot and humid. a check on a crash with melissa. >> 16th street at irving. police on the scene there in the columbia heights area. outer loop at eisenhower connector, we're not seeing any
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slowdowns but if it sticks around it will. beautiful there morning, inner and outer loop starting to get a little bit of volume building there. 66 west of sudley road into and out of town, you're okay. into town little more volume than if you're headed out. travel times in ten minutes. eun? >> thank you, melissa. today a d.c. teenager will appear in court for the murder of a mother who was trying to defend her son. prosecutors say 17-year-old kevin lee shot and killed tamekka fontanelle last month. lee is also accused of shooting fontanelle's 12-year-old son and another boy after they had an argument. in the day ahead a community meeting in d.c. to talk crime. officials are scrambling to do something about the rise in violence in the nation's capital. the district has seen 105 hom sides this year -- homicides this year. 61 still not solved. news4's kristin wright with more. good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning. so what it is is the first district police citizens advisory council is holding this
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meeting tonight here at the first district police station. and this is a group of really regular people who kind of serve as liaisons between the community and police. the meeting is tonight from 7:00 to 8:00. what we're told is going to happen is that this -- there's been a big discussion about how crime is affecting neighborhoods in the first district. the group we're told has requested a detailed analysis of crime that's happening from the d.c. police department. the group has also requested that other agencies such as u.s. capitol police and metro transit police weigh in on this big discussion. we know there's going to be a series of presentations and then q&a. neighborhood leaders met at the wilson building last night to talk about the 40% rise in the murder rate in d.c. and possible solutions. council member anita bonds
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called that meeting last night. the meetings both last night and today and tonight follow the police union's no confidence vote in police chief cathy lanier and the fact there are two more homicides despite the police department's all hands on deck initiative. so again, 105 homicides in the district so far this year. and more than half of them, 61, have not been solved. so a lot to do. back to you. >> kristin wright live for us, thank you. morning the search is -- this morning the search is on to find a man responsible for two sex assaults in washington. it happened on riggs road and michigan avenue. in both cases the man threatened a woman with a knife, sexually assaulted her and rode off on a bike. the michigan avenue attack happened this past thursday. officers want to remind you to be aware when leaving metro stations alone and using the nearby paths and bike trails. that's where they say both attacks happened. one of the victims of the on-air ambush in roanoke will be laid to rest.
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photographer adam ward's family and friends are holding his funeral service in roanoke at 11:00 this morning. ward was holding the camera that morning for a live shot when vester flanagan shot him last week. flanagan killed reporter alison parker and then killed himself after several hours on the run. virginia governor terry mcauliffe attended a huge ceremony to remember ward last night. you're looking at the visitation a few hours before. today you can learn more about how d.c.'s mayor plans to cut down on homelessness. today, muriel bowser will announce a new set of initiatives aimed at reducing the amount of homeless people in the district. >> now, earlier this year, the city moved homeless families to hotel rooms as a move to year round shelters. the mayor is expected to lay out the plan at 2:00 today. we are pouring over thousands of e-mails from hillary clinton. they're now public in a huge document dump by the state department last night.
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the department released 4,300 e-mails, nearly 7,000 pages of documents. they're all from hillary clinton's personal e-mail server she used while secretary of state. about 150 are heavily redacted because they're classified now. 6:05 now, and bob mcdonnell will not have to report to prison while the supreme court considers his appeal. the high court overruled a lower court's decision that required the former governor to begin his two year sentence immediately. mcdonnell's lawyer will ask the supreme court to review the conviction or order a new trial. the former governor and wife were convicted on corruption charges. thousands of former convicts have their rights back, thanks to terry mcauliffe. his administration restored the voting and civil rights of more than 10,000 residents. that process allows an exoffender to vote, run for public office and serve on
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juries. a new study says thousands of lives could be saved by speed cameras and it points to montgomery county as a model for the rest of the country. the study by the insurance institute for highway safety found drivers in the county are 60% less likely to break the speed limit by ten miles per hour or more in serious or deadly crashes have dropped by nearly 40%. ihhs estimates about 21,000 lives could be saved a year if that program were instituted nationwide. starting in less than an hour, you may be delayed around the u.s. capitol. a helicopter exercise is happening again this morning. d.c. police and park police are landing next to the capitol starting at 6:30. they'll do that exercise again around 6:30 tonight. police did this yesterday as well. all part of an emergency evacuation and response drill there. excitement is building over the pope's trip to d.c., but so are concerns about the impact
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his visit will have on your commute. what you need to know to make your trip a smooth one. right now top of the beltway right now, volume just building a little bit. everything is moving just fine. new crash though in the district. we'll talk more about that in a minute. but first, a developing story in georgia right now where a police officer is hospitalized after being shot while responding to a call. the mistake that may have led to that
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developing this morning in georgia, a police officer in critical condition. he was shot while responding to the wrong home. police say they got a call for a suspicious person at a house in suburban atlanta. but officers entered the wrong house and shots were fired. the homeowner was shot in the leg, his dog was killed. police trying to figure out if the homeowner fired any shots.
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right now people in arizona are waking up to the mess after another strong monsoon swept through phoenix. take a look, the storm dropped more than inch of rain in less than an hour. swamping roads and knocking out power to thousands. high winds ripped out trees from the ground and damaged the roof at the phoenix airport. these issues caused major delays. >> time to check out the weather for your school day. >> storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is in silver springs with your bus stop forecast. how is it feeling out there, tom? >> oh, it is a beautiful morning. fresh and cool. we have a clear sky, not a cloud in the sky, first light of day showing up and the storm team 4 anemometer, it's barely moving. a gentle breeze. montgomery blair high school is the largest enrollment in montgomery county. there are 3,000 students. that's bigger than some colleges. that i will -- they will assemble here this morning.
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be watching out for students waiting for buses. with we'll have the -- we'll have the temperatures in the mid 70s and headed back home with lots of sunshine. it will be feeling like summertime. a hot afternoon. temperatures climbing into the low 90s. it's going to be rather humid as well. let's check on the commute. we have university boulevard pretty busy behind me as well as colesville. what's going on on the roads? >> new hampshire avenue northbound to the inner loop of the beltway, take a look. brand-new crash. chopper 4 got over this one. we are starting to see some delays as folks are trying to take that route here this morning. 16th street at irving a crash there. outer loop, top of the beltway, no issues there. 95 north, quantico to the beltway, a few minutes behind from fairfax county park to the beltway. remember to listen to our friends on wtop 103.5 f.m. as you hop in your car. again, new hampshire avenue northbound to the inner loop starting to see some slowdowns.
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guys? >> thank you. new controversy this morning for organizers of the tokyo summer olympics. this time it's the logo. why they may be forced to make a change. receiving a failing grade for what you say in front of the professor. the words that students are forbidden from using in class.
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6:16. we are about three weeks out from pope francis visiting d.c. the accommodate all the extra communication when he arrives, catholic university has put up a new cell tower. the tower will give you a better signal even with everyone else on their phones. 25,000 people expected there outside the catholic university for one of the pope's masses. it is not just cell phone signals that will be impacted by his visit. you can expect days of traffic and congestion. he'll be moving around quite a bit. there will be rolling street closures although a complete list of those closures hasn't been released yet. on september 23, pope francis will say mass outside the basilica at the national shrine of the immaculate conception. now if you're lucky enough to have a ticket your best bet for getting to that mass will be metro. >> that's the easiest way, the
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safest way, the most secure way because of the fact that the roads will be closed down. we don't know how far yet but metro won't be closed. >> you can compare the pope's visit like to a presidential inauguration. the amtrak will be adding trains and some detours of the buses. a baltimore jail appears to be on lockdown after a huge fight broke out this weekend. "the baltimore sun" reports that eight correctional officers and six inmates were hurt in that brawl at the baltimore complex. that facility absorbed inmates from the troubled baltimore city detention center. governor larry hogan closed that jail at the end of july. activists say they're planning protests as hearings for six officers charged with the death of freddie gray get underway tomorrow. several groups tell "the baltimore sun" they're planning together outside of the courthouse. one is calling for nonviolent
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acts of civil disobedience. another wants to make sure that charges aren't dropped and that the trial isn't moved. police are planning to have an extra presence tomorrow. maryland is remembering former governor marvin mandel. we know when he will be laid to rest. first tomorrow, he will lie in repose at the state house in annapolis. then his funeral is happening in pikesville this thursday. he was maryland's governor between 1969 and 1979. he was convicted of corruption in 1977. that conviction was eventually overturned. new details in the number of houston sheriff's -- in the murder of a houston sheriff deputy. the man charged in darren goforth's shooting has a his tir of mental -- history of mental illness. miles spent time in a state mental hospital in 2012. prosecutors say miles shot the deputy 15 times in an unprovoked attack. investigators say they don't know the motive behind the
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shooting. starting today, lawyers will argue why a man convicted of killing three people at a jewish center should not be put to death. miller jr. was convicted of capital murder and other charges yesterday. miller had confessed to three murders. they happened at jewish centers in kansas city last year. miller raised his arm in a nazi salute when the jury read the verdict. now they can give him the death penalty. montgomery county leaders now considering several plans to move this confederate statue in rockville. it's outside the red brick courthouse right now. someone spray painted black lives matter two months ago and the county plans to move it to one of five places. potomac or silver spring or a private farm in gaithersburg. you can e-mail the county with your choice by september 9th. i'm going to tweet out more on that information in a second here. all right. listen to this. you decide. too harsh or an important lesson? some professors at washington state university threatened to fail their students if their used certain words in the
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classroom. we're not talking about curse words here. the forbidden words and phrases are female, male, colored people, illegal immigrants. >> i think that's unfair. a lot of students see it in the news feeds. >> a little harsh but you have to live with it. there are rules in the world. so you have to follow them. >> over the weekend, wsu's president assured the students they wouldn't be failed for using the terms. the school didn't talk about doing away with the restrictions. >> i think it's an important lesson to think about what you're saying before you decide what words you use. starting today, you may tweak to outdoor plans if you live in montgomery county. some trails and rec areas are closed for construction. you will not be able to use some trails today. portions of the overlook and
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heritage trails in the hayes forest preserve around croix don creek will be closed too. the wssc said the project should be finished by april. this time next week the reflecting pool at the lincoln memorial will look different to you. the water is being drained from the 30 foot section of the pool. that's damage to the basin. the crew will remove it and fix the problem. the work should be done by next fall. new this morning, japan is throwing out the logo for the 2020 olympic games over growing controversy that it was plagiarized. a belgium designer said it was copied from a logo he made for the theater. it's the latest embarrassment for the olympic committee we had to scrap plans for the main stadium for the games because of skyrocketing costs as soon as tonight, los angeles can give the mayor the power to announce its intentions
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for the 2024 olympic games. rome, hamburg, budapest are already contenders. the international olympic committee will choose the city in 2017. financial analysts say the costs of the games could go way over the estimates of $1 billion. huge cost. huge undertaking. all right. let's talk about the forecast for our day. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell telling us what we can expect especially for kids who are back in school now. >> that's right. kids, it's outdoor recess day today, but be ready for the fact that by 11:00, temperatures are in the mid to upper 80s. recess will be a hot one for sure. outside this morning, sun not up just yet, except in 15 minutes from now. it's a mild 72 in washington, stafford and fredericksburg. 68 now in manassas. 64 out in the shenandoah valley. been talking about the fog all morning. only a third of a mile visibility in manassas. little over a mile in culpepper, about five miles of visibility
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in frederick, and four miles up in martinsburg. watch out for the fog. high pressure is building in, not much of a breeze to keep the atmosphere mixed up. we have a foggyabundance. not much of a wind, stagnant air and air quality today is up to code orange. limit your outdoor actives particularly if you have heart or respiratory problems. temperatures will rise from the 60s with some patchy fog this morning up into the low 90s by later on this afternoon. it will be a hot one. there's any little -- if there's any little chance for a shower, maybe a stray shower down across southern maryland. rain chances are below 20%.
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and the heat and humidity come right back in on us for tomorrow. the difference is tomorrow, weak disturbance in the atmosphere provides a slightly better chance for a cooling shower or thunderstorm on your wednesday. here's the seven day forecast. 93 and dry today. 92 tomorrow with a slight chance for a shower. 94 thursday and as we head into the weekend, friday looks to be the best chance for rain this week and the holiday weekend for labor day, cooler and slightly less humid. chopper 4 over a new crash with melissa mollet. >> still have the problem on the beltway or headed to the beltway. this is northbound new hampshire avenue that ramp there to the inner loop, take a look. you can see chopper 4 over the accident and people are creeping on the inner loop this morning because of the crash that happened just a short time ago. hopefully it's out of the way soon. you won't be too held up because of this. columbia pike, a brand-new crash. outer look at eisenhower avenue, that disabled vehicle moved off to the side.
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a tad slow through dale city. beltway, looking typical. starting to slow down, outer loop as you're passing colesville. eun? >> thank you, melissa. in "news4 your health" now, catching some extra zs may help you fight a cold. researchers in california say people who sleep for six hours or less are more likely to get a cold. sleep is more important than any other factor when it comes to getting sick. uh-oh. sleep is our own nature's defense against illnesses. that sleep is so good for so many things. if only we could get some. here is a bit of a scary suggestion. a group of pediatricians says giving peanut products to children younger than age 1 may prevent children from developing an allergy. this is a story in the "new england journal of medicine." it monitored 600 babies and those who ate the peanut products were 80% less likely to develop an allergy.
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despite the hack, women are signing up to ashley madison in droves. more than 80,000 signed up last week. avid life media, the parent company, says women on the site sent nearly 3 million messages last week alone. hackers recently exposed the personal information of more than 35 million users on that site. the company said there were incorrect assumptions made about the recently leaked information. download the nbc washington app to find out the moment we learn whether tom brady has to face a four-game suspension this year. a judge is expected to deliver the decision in the deflategate case today. right now though everyone is talking about the newest sketch of the quarterback in court. take a look here. this is how jane rosenberg depicted him yesterday. you might remember last time his sketch was compared to e.t. and other unfriendly things. you see the two side by side. the first one and the one from
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yesterday where he looks more like tom brady. >> also some people they posted on the facebook page, someone said i can't figure out who this person is supposed to be. >> you said it's hard to draw tom brady. >> you know? yep. new information about the use of marijuana. what college students are saying about their use of pot and the once popular drug that has taken a back seat to it. also ahead, his presidential campaign draws attention wherever he goes and now he's bringing it to our area or is he? what we're learning about his potential campaign stop. a pleasant start to your morning. as we look outside, this is reston where it's 66 degrees. 71 outside of our studios here in northwest. things will get uncomfortable in a hurry. the conditions you can expect on your way to and from work with your commuter forecast at 6:31.
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right now we are watching this situation in prince george's county. a town home damaged after flames
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tear through the homes overnight. who that man is is thanking for saving his life this morning. but first, another taste of summer. we are hours away from extreme heat and humidity again. bumping these numbers up big time. >> right now, 68 degrees in leesburg. not too bad. chuck bell is tracking the conditions you will see for the rest of the day. chuck, doing some studying there? >> there's the calendar. i'm just double-checking. it says september now. so technically it should not be talking about 90 degree weather. but sure enough, it looks like today and maybe the first three or four days of our new month will be 90 degrees or higher. a little miniheat wave coming our way. visibility reduced in some of the rural areas early this morning, down to a mile or less. be careful. that's the only real weather slowdown this morning. we'll put a yellow light out there, potential for fog. green light for driving around later this afternoon and this evening. metro temperatures are in the upper 60s and low 70s now. on the way out the door, walking in this morning, temperatures low 70s. mid to upper 70s by 8:00, 9:00
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this morning. high temperatures should be 90 or higher. and when i show you that seven day forecast in a couple more minutes plenty more 90s where that came from. >> going to need some a.c. today. look at one problem. this is because of a crash, northbound new hampshire avenue. we have a big backup there on new hampshire northbound headed to the inner loop right now. a lot of debris on the roadway at this point this morning. southbound columbia pike at stewart lane, turning red here. a mile and a half backup as you're headed southbound coming out of frederick on 270. slow until germantown. overall, prince george's county starting to slow down but not terrible. we'll have some travel times in ten minutes. >> thank you. your time is now 6:33. in maryland man is thanking his neighbors for this early morning wake-up call as fire started to spread through two town homes. he told kristin wright he was
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about to go to sleep when he heard frantic knocking at his doors. everyone got out of the home safely. the fire that started at 3:00 this morning is now out, but the two town homes are damaged. no word on the cause. a maryland commission could soon make its recommendations on how police body cameras should be used. that commission needs to kohl up with the new rules by october 1. two big questions they're trying to answer. when should an officer turn off the camera and how will departments store that video? right now, d.c. police say they want to speak to this man. he's a person of interest in the killing of an american university graduate. police say 19-year-old andrew dudley is a suspect in a burglary that happened on august 12th. this is surveillance video from the robbery. matthew shlonsky was shot and killed outside the shaw metro station. they have made one arrest, but they say dudley is a person of interest in the case.
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angie goff here at the live desk. the man believed to be behind that shrine bombing in thailand is in custody. we have been showing you this video for the last couple weeks. after police identified that guy in the yellow shirt as the main suspect. well, they think they've got him. they're still looking for two other people seen in the video. one in the red shirt right there. they're believed to be accomplices. any big developments we'll continue to bring you. it's now 6:34. in the 2016 race for president, a new report says donald trump might visit our area soon. an online group called friends of dt wrote yesterday morning he plans to visit his golf course on october 16th in sterling, virginia, but then by late yesterday, they said coming soon. we'll let you know on the nbc washington app if a visit is concerned. and new jersey governor
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chris christie appeared on "the tonight show" last night. >> donald trump is ahead in the polls, is this a surprise to you? >> no, i expected that. everything he does is spectacular, wonderful amazing. >> that was christie weighing in on the surprise surge of donald trump. christie is far behind trump in the polls right now despite well received public appearances. he also joked with jimmy fallon about the number of jimmys living in new jersey. quite a bit i can imagine. well, president obama is in alaska right now. you're looking at video of him speaking at the glacier conference there. he called on world leaders to take action on climate change. today, bear grylls will lead him on a hike. a teenager facing jail time after pleading guilty for his part in the deadly car surfing stunt in loudoun county. shafin karim was sentenced to a
6:36 am
month in jail. umair khalid was killed after they tried to act out a movie stunt called car surfing. karim was behind the wheel of the car that was moving at five miles per hour. a sudden change in speed caused his friend to slide off the car. the judge said, this is a weight you'll carry for the rest of your life. the victim's family has filed a civil suit in this case. an 18-year-old from manassas now facing charges after trying to pull over an off duty court. joshua rosene turned on blue lights in an attempt to pull over a car. the officer did not stop and rosene tried to drive away but the officer followed him and called police. this morning a community said it's fed up with rising rent prices. residents say apartment complex managers are forcing them out of takoma park.
6:37 am
most of the tenants in this building were given rent increase notices that ranged from $200 to $639. >> that meant that rents will cost some people in the hampshire tower apartments 72% more than last month. news4 spoke to residents at the protest in montgomery county last night and we asked complex owners about this. they say anyone facing more than a 25% rent increase has six months to decide whether to move. they say the tenants association agreed to the price hike to pay for building improvements. the building was deteriorating with over 580 code violations and $3.6 million in needed repairs. 6:37. trying to ease concerns as violent crime soars. the steps d.c. police are taking to make sure people like you feel safe if your community. two crashes we're dealing with right now. northbound new hampshire ramp to the inner loop, we have a mile and a half backup on new
6:38 am
hampshire. that's the problem. not necessarily the ramp issue. so we're slow on new hampshire. southbound columbia pike at stewart lane another mile and a half backup there because of the crash. full details coming up. but first, new numbers are highlighting the growing popularity of marijuana on college campuses. a bad habit now taking a back seat to drug. seat to drug. your time is 6:38. we thought we'd be ready. but demand for our cocktail bitters was huge. i could feel our deadlines racing towards us. we didn't need a loan. we needed short-term funding. fast. our amex helped us fill the orders. just like that.
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you can't predict it, but you can be ready. another step on the journey. will you be ready when growth presents itself? realize your buying power at
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new this morning, college students who regularly smoke or turn to marijuana more than cigarettes. that's a finding of new stu by by the university of michigan. it found 6% of the students used pot 20 times over the course of a month. that's compared to about 5% who said they smoked cigarettes that often. it is the first time in more than 30 years -- in the 30 year history of the study that researchers have seen this
6:42 am
particular trend. 6:41 your time right now. time to check out the weather for your tuesday. >> it's the first day of september too, can you believe it? storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein live at montgomery blair high school with your forecast. good morning. >> this is the largest high school in montgomery county, about 3,000 students will be arrives for classes at 7:45 this morning. not much wind though. there's the storm team 4 anemometer, blowing about five miles an hour. above that we have the moon morning. a clear sky, beautiful morning. here is your school day forecast at the bus stop this morning. temperatures will be in the mid 70s. might be a little bit of a patchy fog in the rural areas. recess, give that an "a." mostly sunny, a little humid, but then headed back home by dismissal time, classes end at 3:20. low 90s by this later this afternoon. so go with the short sleeves today. melissa, who -- how is the
6:43 am
commute? >> this is southbound columbia pike at stewart lane. we have a two mile backup. look at this as you're headed south on columbia pike because of that accident blocking the right two lanes. remember also northbound new hampshire inner loop trying to get on to the inner loop of the beltway i should say, we have a one and half mile backup. not so bad, top of the beltway is okay. 95 north and 66 into town is all right as well. remember to listen to wtop 103.5 f.m. when you hop in your car. you may nota fan of them, especially if one catches you speeding. however, one group is a big fan of the montgomery county speed camera program. why you have your life to thank for it. and running out of time. when a popular museum in d.c. is set to close its doors for good.
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right now, d.c. police are trying to ease fears amid a spike in violent crime. how they're tracking the rising crime rates one community at a type. we are also breaking down a new report that has nothing but praise for montgomery county's speed cameras. the group that claims those cameras are a life saver. first, breaking news on the roads now. here's melissa mollet. >> breaking news right now. chopper 4 over the problem. southbound columbia pike at stewart lane. we have a two mile backup.
6:47 am
it is jammed there. you'll want to avoid it today. chuck? outside right now, sun coming up on a hazy morning outside. there you can see from our tower camera kind of a red hue to the skier early this morning. beautiful newington, virginia, 71. maybe patchy fog on your way out the door. near 90 at lunch time and 88 at dinner time at 7:00 tonight. seven day forecast coming up in a few. thank you, chuck. a community meeting in d.c. toic that crime. officials are scrambling to do something about the rise in violence in the nation's capital. the district has seen 105 homicides this year. 61 of those remain unsolved. news4's kristin wright is live at the first district police headquarters with more on this initiative. kristin, good morning. >> reporter: hey, good morning. well, what it is ithat the first district police citizens advisory council is holding a meeting here at the first district police station.
6:48 am
that meeting is tonight from 7:00 to 8:00. this a group of regular people who kind of act as liaisons between the community and the police department. the meeting again tonight at 7:00. they'll talk about how crime is affecting neighborhoods in the first district. the group has requested a detailed analysis of crime in the district from the d.c. police department. they have also requested that other agencies like u.s. capitol police and metro transit police weigh in on all of the crime going on in the city right now. there's going to be a presentation at this meeting tonight as well as q&a. neighborhood leaders met at the wilson building last night to talk about this 40% rise in the murder rate in d.c. and possible solutions. council member anita bonds called that meeting. now, these meetings follow the police union's no confidence vote in chief lanier and two more homicides despite the all hands on deck initiative and it is worth saying again, 105
6:49 am
homicides in d.c. this year. not to mention more than half of them, 61, have not been solved. back to you. >> thank you, kristin. 6:49 now. today, a d.c. teenager appears in court for a murder of a mother who was trying to defend her son. prosecutors say 17-year-old kevin lee shot and killed tenika fontanelle last month. lee is also accused of shooting her 12-year-old son and another boy after they argued. this morning the search is on to find the man police may be responsible for two recent sex assaults in northeast washington. once on riggs road and then again on michigan avenue, a man threatened a woman with a knife, sexually assaulted her and rode off on a bike. officers want to remind you to be aware when leaving metro stations alone that's where both of the attacks happened. a funeral is happening for one of the victims of the on-air ambush in roanoke, virginia. adam ward will be laid to rest this morning. he have holding the camera for a
6:50 am
morning live shot when vester flanagan shot him last week. flanagan also killed reporter alison parker. after several hours on the run he killed himself. ward's family held his visitation last night and hundreds of people including virginia governor terry mcauliffe remembered alison parker at a ceremony in martinsville. a police officer is in critical condition, shot while responding to the wrong home. the police is got a call for a suspicious person for a place in atlanta. shots were fired. the homeowner was shot in the leg, his dog was killed. police are trying to figure out if the homeowner fired any shots. out of new york, a catholic school in manhattan is now off limits after positive tests for a legionella bacteria. they have disinfected the
6:51 am
cooling tower which tested positive for the low levels of the bacteria. the school is expected to open next week for classes. an outbreak in the bronx killed a dozen people and sickened more than a hundred. >> thank you, angie. 6:51. today, you can learn about how d.c.'s mayor plans to eliminate homelessness. muriel bowser will announce an initiative aimed at reducing the amount of homes will less into district. we may learn if this was a move toward year round shelter. bowser is expected to lay out the plans at 2:00 today. up twoing right now, -- developing right now, we are poring over thousands of e-mails from hillary clinton. the state department released 4,300 e-mail, nearly 7,000 pages. they are all from hillary clinton's personal e-mail server she used while secretary of
6:52 am
state. about 150 of the e-mails are heavily redacked because they're now classified. however, the state department said none of the information was classified when clinton received or sent the e-mails. breaking news on the roads right now. in silver spring, take a look at this. chopper 4 over this problem. we are talking about southbound columbia pike at stewart lane. we have two left lanes getting by. a two mile backup. we are jammed, southbound columbia pike because of this problem. a warning for you there. northbound new hampshire avenue, a two mile backup there because of the earlier crash on the ramp there to the inner loop of the beltway. 66 here, slowest spot is through manassas. 95 northbound not bad. through dale city a tad slow there. overall, prince george's county looking okay. indian head going 11 miles an hour. top here you can see b.w. parkway is a tad slow this morning, and 29, you can see the problem on columbia pike.
6:53 am
270 at montgomery village was jammed but opening up. good morning. very, very humid day. 72 now at reagan national airport. dew point temperature, when that number gets close to or above 70's that's when we start to complain. patchy fog in the rural areas. prepare to slow down a smidgen if you're driving through the lowered visibility. otherwise, plan on a hot and humid day today with barely a breeze ablowing. 64 now in frederick, maryland. 68 in winchester. 63 in martinsburg. low 70s in the capital beltway. and outdoor running this morning, get ready to sweat it out, everybody. temperatures will be in the 80s by 10:00 a.m. this morning. and near 90 by noon. so get those miles in as soon as you can. going to spend a day at the pool, melissa mollet said that
6:54 am
that'll do that. spf 30 or higher. send out the kids to wash the car. still more dry than wet so you get to drive the clean car a little while longer. 88 for a high in gaithersburg. 91 in culpepper. future weather, not much if anything in the way of a rain chance. any shower chances today, it will be down to southern maryland on into the eastern shore. by and large, don't count on any cooling showers today. there's your seven day forecast. heat wave to begin the month of september. 90 or better for today, tomorrow, thursday and friday. cooler and less humid just in time for the holiday weekend. it is 6:54. new this morning a study that uses montgomery county as a model for the rest of the country. it says speed cameras could save thousands of lives. this study by the insurance institute for highway safety found drivers are 60% less
6:55 am
likely to break the speed limit by ten miles per hour or more and serious or deadly crashes have dropped by 40%. 21,000 lives could be saved a year if the program were instituted nationwide. also a new place to wait for family and friends arriving at dulles airport. a new cell phone lot is open. it's on rudder road across the street from the airport's gas station and near the economy lot. the old cell phone lot was closed to make room for construction of metro's silver line to dulles. 6:55. we are watching the markets and the impact it could have on your money. wall street futures are already down after a rough day of trading in asia. cnbc's landon dowdy live with what's to blame for the latest losses. landon? >> hey, there, good morning to you. the market opens well in the red after ending august with a thud. futures are sharply lower after china reported the country's manufacturing activity fell at the fastest pace in three years.
6:56 am
dragging down both asian and european markets. oil prices are lower today after surging 9% on monday after reports that opec may cut production after signs of a drop in u.s. crude supplies. and september may not provide much relief historically the worst month of the year for stocks. aaron? >> thank you. you have one month left to visit the crime and punishment museum in gallery place. it is closing at the end of september. the people in charge say they were asked to leave the building because they didn't have a choice. they say the d.c. real estate market is a main reason this is happening. the museum curators will help out with other exhibits in the city. and it's 6:56. here are 4 things to know before you head out the door. right now, we are working to learn whether donald trump is really coming to our area next month. an online group called friends of dt said he'll be here in
6:57 am
september, but then changed the website to say coming soon. the man seen in surveillance is seen leaving a backpack just before the explosion. fire rips through a home in lanham. he was alerted by neighbors at 3:00 a.m. two homes were damaged. and talking about crime. 105 homicides in d.c. this year. that's the broadcast this morning. we appreciate you waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next. >> make it a great tuesday, everybody. ♪ this fall at dunkin donuts, get lost in pumpkin. pick up your favorite pumpkin-flavored beverages and baked treats, like the new pumpkin cheesecake square, while they're still here. america runs on dunkin'.
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see you tomorrow. that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. good morning. document dump. 7,000 pages of hillary clinton's e-mails released overnight. do any of them contain classified information? and what did she know? sniper on the loose? shots fired at four different cars on the same stretch of interstate in arizona. one young girl injured, drivers on alert. is there a serial shooter? september scorcher. no relief from the blistering heat wave. much of the country baking. 50 million of us wondering when it will end while storms cause damage and bring a busy airport to a standstill. and worth the risk? ashley madison claiming hundreds of thousands of people have s


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