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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  September 2, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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hot and humid. a look at the hour by hour storm forecast coming up. >> we begin with a developing situation out of baltimore. >> six officers at the desk head to court with protesters just steps away. >> aaron the at the live desk. >> right now we can tell you court is in resacess in baltimo. we want to show you live pictures coming in from our affiliate in boston. it looks as though some of the roads have saturdtarted to ep u. they were closed down moments ago. lawyers have been through at least two of the motions they
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were putting before the judge today. some video from a little bit earlier. we can tell you there were protesters gathered outside the courtroom. some of them marched down as well. at this point, baltimore police officers saying they've made one arrest this morning. there were about 40 or 50 people gathered and some of them were blocking the street. most of them moved. one person who was arrested may have been ignoring orders to get out of the road to stop impeding traffic. at this point, we want to give you an idea of what exactly the judge is hearing from the lawyers who are in the courthouse today. >> reporter: i'm in baltimore. security is very tight here around the courthouse where the first hearing in the trial of the six officers charged in the freddie gray death is set to get underway. the judge will hear to rekuz the
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prosecutor saying she's become a witness because of her own investigation into this matter. they're also going to ask the judge to dismiss the charges saying she's been grand standing at public events. and the defense will ask that the trials be separated. prosecutors want to do all six officers in one trial. the defense wants it four officers and two officers. next week will there will be another hearing to move the trial out of baltimore to another venue. baltimore city police have cancelled all leaves and vacation. it is all hands on deck for officers here as several peaceful protests are planned in the city throughout the day. police aren't taking any chances that the protests might flair up into something more dangerous. reporting in baltimore, news 4. >> we're posting all our coverage of the case on the nbc
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washington app. down load the app for breaking news alerts. you can also use it to watch news 4 on your phone with a button that says watch live tv now. >> our summer weather continues in september. thundershower out in morgantown and closer to the metro, one shower. no lightning associated with it yet. that's this area in the orange and the red. that's where there's a moderate to heavy downpour. that's just to the west of warrenton and sort of a slowly drifting off along 211 webetwee warrenton and skyline drive. no thunlder or lightning. later today, we could get storms popping up during the afternoon. i'll have the hour by hour timing in a few minutes. right now we're in the low the mid 80s around the region. >> developing right now, police investigating a death at an
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extended stay hotel in alexandria. officers are saying very little about this right now. we do know officers have been going into the brag towers on brag street. we don't know what the body was found inside the hotel. we also don't know if the person is a man or a woman. we're going to post more as we learn it on our nbc washington app n. >> right now we're working to learn the condition of the motorcyclist who was in a serious crash in rockville just hours ago. chopper 4 was over that scene. montgomery county police shut down the roads when the motorcycle was hit by a car. it was chaotic there and a lot to clean up. the road is still shut down. at the live desk, a massive man hunt continues after the murder of a police officer there. lake county departments and state police keeping saturation patrols going in the mox lake area. that's about an hour north of chicago and that is where
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veteran lieutenant joe gliniewicz was shot. the search partly to search for the man and partly to reassure the community where schools have been closed and people have been on edge as well. want to try to reassure folks they're safe and that the search for the people who may be responsible for the death of the police lieutenant is still very much underway. that's the latest. >> we're now getting a better picture of the man affectiona affectionately known as gi joe. he spent 32 years as a police officer. he has four young boys and was passionate about leading law enforcement groups that taught young people the skills to become police officers. >> joe loved the youth and he loved being a police officer. and if he could teach one person one thing, he would do that.
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>> businesses around fox lake have placed blue lights in their windows in honor of gliniewicz. >> investigating a house fire this morning. take a look at the huge mass of flames. no one was at home when this happened this morning. as of right now, it's not clear how the fire got started. and right now on news 4 midday, we just learned about a local connection to a controversial deal with iran, and keeping a close eye on downtown baltimore as the freddie gray case heads to court.
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another crime meeting is happening in d.c. today. it's the third one in three days. police officers from the fifth district will talk to you about
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the city's increase in violence at 7:00 tonight. d.c. police chief will also be there to answer questions about a third of the police force voted they had no confidence in her leadership just a few days ago. a lot of people and high emotions at today's meeting after a lot of people showed up at a meeting in southwest d.c. last night. take a look. you can see people filled off the seats there at that meeting to talk about the spike in crime there. there have been 105 homicides in d.c. so far this year. compared to 73 at this time last year. the former governor's body is lying in state at the maryland state house in an al l annapolis. the viewing is open to the public until 8:00 tonight. a funeral service will take place tomorrow in pikesville. he died sunday. he was 95 years old. >> why a change in the rules
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could help one presidential hopeful in the next debate.
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feels like midsummer. the radar showing one shower getting going here. no lightning associated with it yet. it's near sperriville. it's to the west of warrenton before it gets up to skyline drive. maybe thunder associated with that. quite a bit of a downpour. it's drifting off to the east. closer to the metro area, we just have hazy sun shine. hour by hour timing. by around 1:00 or 2:00, maybe a few more popping up. the green, the panhandle of west virginia, then by 4:00 p.m. they creep closer to the shenandoah valley. 5:00, moving east of the blue
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ridge and by 6:00 p.m., maybe an isolated shower. done by later this evening. >> it's not a campaign stop but in a few hours, the vice president plans to speak on the importance of a college education. students at miami dade college in florida will get to hear him. we expect the democrat to talk about the role of partnerships between community colleges and the businesses. >> carly fiorina has a better chance in the next presidential debate. she would likely not score among the top ten candidates batsed o national polling but cnn says it's going to take data from last month and he did better in august. they will announce the paren
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participants a week from tomorrow. >> researchers say between 1998 and 2013, bike injuries among adults were up by 28%. cyclists over the age of 45, the jump was bigger, 81%. we're learning that trends in bike injuries are hard to assess because the majority of incidents are never reported to police. new details about the how the government will take care of the huge employee data breach and who's going to pay for it.
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at the live desk, we are watching live pictures coming out of philadelphia right now. this is john kerry giving a speech on the iran nuclear deal. trying to make the case saying it is imperative of they prove the nuclear deal. we expect a vote later this month where we know republicans are pushing a disapproval resolution. this morning we just learned that the maryland senator is the crucial 34th vote that the president would need in order for his veto of any disapproval resolution to hold water. now, 34 senators have said they will agree with the president to move forward with the iran nuclear dealing ensuring that deal as it's been signed with the united states and several of the world powers will be
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enforced, putting new rules on how iran has to deal with its nuclear programs. that is the latest from the live desk. >> your taxes will cover the i.d. protection after an hack. >> some are not happy with the government's response. tracie potts as new details. >> reporter: we have now learned that the federal government is going to spend 13 $3 million of your tax money to make sure the people whose identities may have been stolen have protection for the next three years. they're giving that money to a firm in portland. experts are free for the individuals targeted. credit monitoring, they'll identify risks and cover them up to $1 million if something happens. but right now, many of the 21 million people who the government thinks were targeted don't know who they are. the pentagon has yet to contact
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them. we understand that's coming soon. it's been three months since they initially announced the breach happened. the office of personnel management is where the breach happened. the fbi has been monitoring. they don't see anything right now that indicates this information has been misused. here in washington, many people pointing at china. china has denied it but the government may spend as much as half a billion dollars to fix it. >> thank you, tracy. three weeks from today, the pope will be here in d.c. his visit is expected to bring huge crowds to the district. the federal government is giving federal employees have amounts to a snow day. they say they will be able to telework while the pope is in stand. you can also take leave or comp time. this should improve traffic. we'll keep you posted on the
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impact across the area when the pope gets her on september 22nd. >> hazy, warm and humid. the second day of september, around the metro, in the 80s. the storm team 4 radar showing one shower here that has popped up in the last hour but it's hardly moving. it's just sitting here and unloading. some moderate rain near sperriville. ever so slowly trying to drift east. could get some a little bit later on. there's the tower camera showing the haze in the air. afternoon high temperatures near 90 north and west. feeling like midsummer rather than early september. might get a few isolated storms, mainly west of the area during the afternoon around the bay. partly sunny with a lower chance of my storms there. >> all right. thank you, tom. in a few hours officials at loudoun will consider a plan to build a controversial new statue. there's been a debate about whether it's appropriate to have a confederate general.
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the monument would be in downtown leesburg. friday it will finally be back to school for teachers who work in stafford county's new high school. we started telling you about the series of construction delays that pushed the start of classes back a week. county officials gave the building the first occupancy permit yesterday. students will be back at stafford high september 15th. >> as thousands head back to school, one of the big struggles for them can be getting up early, but if you or your child keep having rough mornings, it may not be anyone's fault. dr. joshua winer is here to talk to us. >> delayed sleep phase syndrome. this is a sleep disorder in which people's biological clocks are programmed such that they
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just don't get tired until very, very late at night. so these are the extreme night owls. these are the people who really can't fall asleep until 1:00, 2:00, 3:00 in the morning. now, once they do fall asleep, they can sleep normally. they sleep their seven or eight hours. but the problem is that the world doesn't work on their -- the world doesn't work on that schedule. you have to wake up early for work or school. >> who usually is suffering from this? what age groups? >> this commonly occurs in teenagers. that's when you start to see this occur. and it occurs in 10 to 15% of both teens and adults. combined, 10% to 15% of people out there have this disorder. >> how do you know? >> well, i would take a look at what your teen was like over the summer. if your teen during the summer was going to bed in the middle of night and sleeping until noon or they say they can't fall asleep until the late hours and
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they're miserable to get up in the morning and then they're the type of person on the weekends that sleep in until noon to try to catch up for the lack of sleep during the week, i think you to consider this a possible condition that your child may be suffering with. >> it never happens to little kids. >> this is something that occurs in teens and up. >> we want people to know how they can treat this in their teenagers. stick around. >> we'll talk about this later in the hour. >> all right. thank you, barbara. imagine you and hundreds of other train passengers being stuck in a tunnel overnight. it happened on one of the most
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we following what you're clicking on this morning. a class action lawsuit against uber can go ahead. this lawsuit alleges that the more than 100,000 drivers were misclassified as independent
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contractors, meaning they missed out on a lot of perks that drivers are supposed to get under california law. a story that has a lot of people talking this morning, in fact, about 3,000 bikes carrying naked or partially naked passengers. yes, this year the riders in the national philly naked riders photo bombed a wedding. they looked for opportunities for a photo op, and they got one. the euro star line was suspended. it was topped after people were spotted on the tracks. they were trying to enter the uk through the tun
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lazy, hazy, crazy days of
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september. this is more like midsummer as we've got some heat and humidity. in the heat and humidity, a couple of showers. the closer one in washington. as i've been showing you over the last hour, it's hardly moving at all. moderate downpour there. and that's drifting maybe into central fauquier county over the next hour. maybe a little bit of light anythi lightning. staying summer like the next few days. hot again tomorrow. hazy sun shine, highs mid 90s. cooler on friday. a front comes in with scattered storms in the afternoon. lower humidity, highs 80s, and labor high, highs near 90. >> a scare is over surrounding the trump tower in canada. the city's mayor is vowing to get to the bottom of it. a couple of days ago, the hotel management noticed a potential problem with an antenna on the
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roof and alerted police. officers say the concerned closed down blocks in the center of the city for days. they were completely unsubstantiated. >> take a look at this incredible video. it shows a construction worker in california being blasted out of a manhole in a steam explosion. kind of hard to see. it happened in santa clara county. that man survived but was seriously hurt. he's not been able to get back to work. the county is suing the construction company for safety violations. >> with temperatures in the mid 90s, a lot of people looking for ways to cool off today. >> and that includes, of course, grabbing an ice cream cone. if you have kids you know that ice cream can be pretty messy. >> it can. >> well, thanks to science, that mess could be a thing of the past. they discovered a new protein that can help slow down the fast ice cream melting. and it keeps it sold.
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>> i don't know. my son eats popsicles with jell-o in them, so they don't melt so quickly. after more testing, ice cream makers could start using the new additive in a few years. it creeps me out a little. you wipe them down. >> i wonder if it will change the taste at all. >> i don't know. the texture for sure. >> right now, a special washington honor in the works for pope francis. >> we're also closely watching a developing story in baltimore. demonstrators gathering out the courthouse. more of our coverage is still ahead.
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at the live desk, we are continuing to follow developments in baltimore this morning. court has resumed in the freddie gray case. this is an opportunity in baltimore for prosecutors and defense attorneys to make a few motions. we know they've talked about two motions, one to dismiss the charges against the six police officers in the death of freddie gray and also for the state's attorney to rekuz herself as well as some other prosecutors in her office from the case. we expect the judging is hearing a motion to separate the trials to present the officers in at least two groups. a bit earlier, there were some protests that happened on the street outside the courthouse headed toward the inner harbor. we know there was one arrest. the baltimore sun reporting that
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a protester was arrested for assaulting an officer. we also know that part of the protest group, a few dozen people moved to the police head quarters. at this point, we believe the protests there are fairly quiet. you can follow on twitter for the latest developments this afternoon. >> the death of freddie gray is one of the recent events that has a coalition calling the state's community to take action. >> the national ama church is holding a press conference detailing steps they want to take to bring bring to the criminal justice system. kristin wright has more details where are this is a meeting of faith leaders from across the country making their message very clear. no more gun violence. no more inequality. no more racracism. they are calling for action now to prevent violent tragedies.
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education, economic justice, gun reform, and voting rights. the coalition is taking this call to action to local communities across the country and to congress. the murders of nine people at mother e man yawl ane church is one of the tragedies we've been talking that set off this urgent demand. o no matter where you stand on gun control, a sobering moment came for everyone in the room at this morning's gathering, one that stands out. listen. >> today all americans, all americans, whether they admit it or not, have to be prepared for the possibility each and every day they may be shot and killed or wounded, whether they are in
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bible study in church, sitting in a movie theater, teaching or attending school, driving their car down the street, standing at a bus stop or reporting on tourism for the local television station. this is insanity. >> reporter: the coalition is designating this sunday confession repentance and they are calling on other churches in all faiths to commit to this same mission. live in northwest, kristin wright, news 4. >> and the humidity in place here with hazy sun shine. and the radar over the last hour showing a slow-moving shower. not really seeing any light anythi -- lightning. it gets close to the skyline drive. it is slowly drifting over into
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near warrenton. we're in low to mid 80s around the chesapeake bay. haze in the air. for the afternoon, have an umbrella handy. might get an afternoon or early easy thundershower popping up. only about a 30% chance. dropping down into the 80s this evening. >> the kentucky county clerk who refuses to give marriage licenses to gave couples is back at work today. she received a federal court summons today. she's still refusing to issue marriage licenses to gay couples. protesters are calling for davis to be fired. however, she can only lose her job if the state legislature impeaches her. she also said she refuses to resign. >> it was a plit second decision that kept a massacre from happening in france. one of the three americans hailed as a hero is getting
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celebrity treatment. anthony sadler appeared on the tonight show and spoke about the moment he ok action. >> my friends got up. i got up after i saw them go. i fully expected a gunshot to go off before we got there. but it never did, and then spencer hopped on him. a few seconds later, we were there, and we got to beat him down a little bit, and then -- >> you heard cheers there. sadler said his friend spencer helped another injured passenger despite getting slashed by the shooter. >> a new poll is out this morning about american catholics that comes three weeks before the pope visits us in d.c. the pew research center found catholics are largely accepting of nontraditional families here. 87% said they're okay with single parent families.
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83% are okay with divorced parents. and 66 said they would accept a family with gay parents. the kennedy center for the performing arts will host a free concert in pope francis's honor. the pope will not be there. the concert begins at 8:00 on september 23rd. you can pick up tickets a couple hours early at 6:00 that evening. feeding the meter for a longer period of time. where that idea is being
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just into the live desk, we are learning about an attempted on duction of a toddler. this hooped about 9:30 this morning on the orange line. as we understand it, a woman was headed new new karlton with her
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two-year-old daughter in a stroller. at some point another woman attempted to snatch the little girl out of the stroller. someone else on the train intervened there and was able to keep that from happening. at this point, we know the woman who tried the grab is child is being questioned. we believe that's her. she's being questioned by metro transit police. no charges have been filed as of yet. thank you, aaron. a meeting in arlington tonight about changes to parking meters that could be on the way. active from 8:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m. every day but sunday when they're free. meters are currently enforced between 8:00 a.m. and 6:00 p.m. in arlington. you can say what you think about the plan in a public meeting at 7:00 p.m. tonight. >> a fast food game changer and where some veterans can eat
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>> amazon tries to one up netflix. prime members can down load certain tv shows and movies to watch offline whenever they want. the new perk is available at no extra charge. previously amazon only allowed video down loads in the fire tablet. and you'll soon be able to get the egg mcmuffin at any hour of the day or night. mcdonald's are start offering breakfast all day long. it could boost sales that have lagged. it's been testing all day breakfast in select markets. they have long asked for it to sell breakfast past the cutoff. that's your morning business report. >> and now your storm team 4 forecast. >> we may see thunderstorms getting closer to the metro later this afternoon. right now just in the last hour starting to see more activity in the mountains.
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where these blips of greens, seeing showers. south and west of frostberg, showers. one shower persistent in eastern rap hanic county is starting to break down. metro area, no storms around right now. later today, late afternoon and evening, isolated afternoon. the main story is low to mid 90s. cooler on friday, a front triggering afternoon and maybe evening thunderstorms. >> a d.c. restaurant is honoring the men and women who served during the second world war ii. martins tavern is offering free food and drinks to all world war 2 veterans. they've hosted every president since truman. >> well, summer is almost over.
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labor day weekend almost here. new numbers show how much you can expect to spend this labor day. >> and why our phone charger could be on a retall list. what did iran's supreme leader get in the nuclear deal? to start with, $100 billion. they keep their nuclear facilities and ballistic missiles. there won't be surprise anytime-anywhere inspections. and after ten years, restrictions are lifted and iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. congress should reject a bad deal. we need a better deal.
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right now three men are on the run in illinois accusing of gunning down a popular police officer. >> police are hoping to find the
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men who killed joseph gliniewicz. >> reporter: today the nature of the search seems to have shifted. the officials say they've given up on the focussed search around the two square mile area, around the spot where lieutenant charles j. gliniewicz's body was found. they're focusing on saturation areas to reassure people they're still out there looking for the three suspected cop killers. this is a community on edge and in mourning. lieutenant gliniewicz touched many lives young and old and they've come out to pay tribute to him. >> he was an all-around caring person, and he was, the kids loved it when he came down the street. >> we all tried to run outside. >> they loved it.
11:46 am
and sometimes he'd buy them an ice cream. he was an army veteran, a father of four sons, including one in the military. he touched many lives in this community, especially young people who were interested in becoming law enforcement officers. he had been on the force more than 30 years and talked about retiring at the end of last month. but the police chief talked him into staying just a little bit longer to help out. fox lake, illinois. >> the parents of a george washington university student who went missing in south africa are flying there today. he was pulled away in a rip tide three days ago. his parents say rescue crews believe he drowned. they say the crews are no longer searching for his body, so they're going instead. since about this time yesterday, they've raised nearly $50,000 on a go fund me page to fund the new search. >> we're learning about a loaded gun tsa agents seized at reagan
11:47 am
national airport. they stopped a man from carrying a loaded gun on a flight to denver. they said this was the seventh gun seized by authorities at reagan national airport. >> an incredible time lapse view of wild weather that slammed the phoenix area. this is video of two storms colliding around sunset. the photographer posted this an instagr instagram, the lightning show that seemed to be nonstop. did you see it, tom? >> i love that. let's keep running it. i could stair at this. look at that. sunset inbetween. two different thunderstorm cells. this is time lapsed. both of them with heavy downpours. you can see the thunder and lightning cloud to ground and cloud to cloud. this is the time of year they get isolated thundershowers. to get two was something to see.
11:48 am
now near frostberg, toward petersburg, and near the i-81 corridor, that one shower we've been having over the last hour, that's really dissipating as it's drifting toward warrenton. later today a chance of an isolated thundershower in the afternoon. not severe. maybe a downpour like we had in phoenix in the video. tomorrow, another humid day. highs mid 90s. near 90s friday and greater chance of afternoon storms on friday. nice weekend coming up. lower humidity. highs in the 80s. labor day looks nice, highs near 90. >> breaking news coming into the live desk right now. we are just hearing from the freddie gray hearings happening in baltimore that the judge has denied a motion to dismiss the charges against the six police officers who are charged in freddie gray's death. we understand that the defense attorneys had asked for that dismissal based on their claims of prosecutortorial misconduct
11:49 am
saying that the state's attorney had been speaking about the case in public forums and public settings between april and today's hearing. the judge, obviously, disagreeing with that and denying this motion. there are several other motions the judge is considering today. >> thank you, aaron. 3200 ie phone wall chargers are being recalled for a serious problem. the chargers with usb cords for the iphone 5 and xs were sold at charlotte rus stores. get a full refund. >> thousands of local students are already back in school with thousands more returning on tuesday. one of the biggest adjustments is getting up early again. for some students, it's more difficult than it could be. dr. joshua winer joins me. we talked about how dsps can
11:50 am
make kids stay up late. tell us about the cause of this. >> we don't know exactly what causes it. what we think is ours is there's a natural shift in your biological clock when you become a teenager. sort of the ideal time for the majority of tarngs eenagers to asleep is 11:00 p.m. and wake up around 8:00 p.m. for some of them it's kpo exaggerated. >> what about computers, cell phones and social media? >> that absolutely exacerbates this problem. you're predisposed with the problem, and then when you're exposed to bright light at night, that's teachikeeping you longer. it messes from your mel tone in. >> what can parents do to treat
11:51 am
this? do you have to take your child to a doctor? >> you should take your child to a sleep specialist to address this. it's going to be hard to treat on your own. i think the big problem i see in my practice when i'm trying to help people is the kids are not that motivated to make the change because it's very hard. what you need to do if you have this condition is you need to have a very rigid sleep schedule. first, you switch your sleep schedule, slowly move it up so you're falling asleep at a more reasonable time. sometimes you'll do it with melatonin or using a light box. it advances your sleep at night. but then once you get into a normal sleep pattern, you have to be rigid with sticking to it, and that's hard for a lot of people. kids, college-age student, they want to go out on the weekends and go to bed at 2 in the morning and wake up later. you don't do that with this condition because it perpetuates the problem. >> you can't have bedtimes for
11:52 am
teenagers. they won't follow that. >> motivation is the big issue when you're trying to deal with this issue. >> it's a serious issue. >> it is. it can cause a lot of problems were families and kids. >> thank you. >> my pleasure. >> he will be back with us next week for more advice. >> thank you, barbara. there's a new pig standing next to america's most famous frog.
11:53 am
here are joust soust some s stories lighting up social media. cov kemit the frog has a new girlfriend. all we know is her name is denise. well, not to be outdone here, miss piggy was caught flirting with liam henz worth. he finally joined the world of instagram and his first post was
11:54 am
a flirtatious photo with miss piggy. it has take an year for the next video to take your attention. it has gone viral. underwater couuteness. a little belly rub. they're so cute. back to you. >> i have to say, that was the best point. she said i wonder why he doesn't just -- i never thought about it. a free night at the ballpark if you live in one particular area of the district.
11:55 am
want to go to the gnanats g. councilmember jack evans wants you to join him and other people who live in the district's ward 2. call his office or e-mail his staff if you're interested.
11:56 am
this is a two-ticket limit per person, and you should try to be there early. they're going on a first-come, first-served basis. they will take on the atlanta braves at 7:30. >> those braves. this morning we've got some showers and thundershowers getting numerous out in the mountains. the radar, the time lapse of that over the last couple of hours. a little bit of thunder and lightning. maybe along the i-81 corridor from harrisonburg to hagerstown. it may get closer to the metro but not only later this afternoon. grab an umbrella, it's going to be a steamy afternoon. >> thank you, tom. that's it. thanks so much for joining us. we are monitoring the situation in baltimore. keep the nbc washington app handy for updates all day. >> we'll be back at first at 4.
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have a great day and join us tomorrow morning.
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