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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  September 2, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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hours. one thing you notice here, we saw a lot of reds earlier that is now all gone, now mostly just green, a few areas of yellow, down toward luray, rutgersville, culpepper, this is the area we continue to see light-to-moderate rain, this is going to stick here the next hour or some look down to the south of fredericksburg, very strong storms here around spotsylvania county, these storms moving to the south and then up toward the d.c. metro area, we have some right around mount vernon, light rain in this area this rain continuing to move on down, farther to the north, along 70, thurmont, this is where we are seeing some more rain. we have some showers across the region. no severe weather in our area right now we will continue to keep you posted. talk about the temperatures and the next chance for storms coming up in just a minute. >> thanks, doug. tonight, lawyers for six baltimore police officers charged in the death of freddie gray have been dealt a couple of losses in court. >> a judge refused to dismiss the charges against the officers and also refused to remove the prosecutor in the case.
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defense lawyers claim the misconduct by the prosecutor but the judge said while her public comments were troubling, they weren't likely to taint a jury. mark segraves is outside city hall in baltimore as we look ahead to what's next in this case. mark? >> reporter: that's right, doreen. the hearing started early this morning and just wrapped up about an hour ago with the judge deciding there would be six separate trials for the six separate officers and as you said, three major decisions today, two went in the direction of the state's attorney's office and one was a victory for the six officers. >> enough is enough! >> yeah! >> and we are tired of it. >> reporter: before today's hearings began, about 50 protesters showed up outside of the courthouse. the group was vocal but peaceful. baltimore police did make one arrest today when a protester refused to get out of the street. inside the courtroom, defense attorneys argued that state's
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attorney marilyn mosby contaminated the jury pool when she gave a press conference announce the charges against the six police officers involved in freddy gray's arrest. prosecutors argued that mosby was within her rights as a law enforcement official trying to calm the crowds who had been rioting mu rioti rioting. the judge agreed with prosecutors and denied to dismiss the charges as mind bogg boggling. while prosecutors and defense attorneys declined to talk to reporters after the hearing, there were courtroom observers who gave their opinions afterwards. >> the one thing i think significant for the steps of baltimore is that he said he feels that we can find jurors right here in baltimore. >> reporter: you heard the president of the baltimore naacp
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say they could find an impartial jury pool here in baltimore, the decision the judge will have to make next week when all these parties come back together in this courthouse for another hearing to decide whether this trial will take place here in baltimore or moved to another venue. back to you in the studio. >> mark segraves, thanks, mark. the death of freddy gray is only one of the recent events that has the national african methodist episcopal church calling on the faith community to take action. leaders there say incidents such as the massacre at a church in charleston, south carolina, and the on-air shooting in virginia proves that we need change in the criminal. faith leaders say americans are living in fear every day. >> they may be shot and killed or wounded, whether they are in bible study in church, sitting in a movie theater, teaching or attending school, driving their car down the street, standing at
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a bus stop or reporting on tourism for the local television station. this is insanity. >> church leaders taking their message across the country and to congress. they are calling for education and gun reform. more than 19,000 packets of bizarro seized with a street value in the millions. tonight, we are learning more about the two m charged in d.c.'s biggest ever synthetic drug bust. news4's pat collins is live downtown about details. pat? >> reporter: doreen, when the two men were arrested, they were in a van. a van carrying 265 pounds of illegal drugs. these are the official court documents. suspect number one, 41-year-old yene work abera, a cab driver from alexandria. subject number two, siraj issa,
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a 33-year-old grocery worker from north best d.c. at the federal court today, they brought in an ethiopian interpreter so both men fully understood the charges against them. the men arrested in connection with the largest seizure of synthetic drugs ever in the city of washington. look at this pile of drugs. 19,247 packets of a synthetic drug known as bizarro. this particular batch is blueberry flavored. they say it has a street value of more than $2 million. >> a seizure of this size, which is unprecedented, is going to have a significant impact on the amount of the stuff that we have on our streets. >> reporter: the drugs were packed in these large, cardboard boxes. according to court documents, police tracked the shipment to a commercial storage facility in northwest and when two guys came to pick it up, the cops moved in for the arrest.
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now in recent months, police say there's been a sharp increase in the use of synthetic drugs in our city. they say it's partly responsible for the surge in violence we have experienced this summer. >> the synthetic drug problem that we have in the district, which seems to be increasing significantly, is contributing to that violence. >> reporter: now the two suspects have been held without bond. they have been charged with possession with intent to distribute. that carries a maximum penalty of 20 years. now back to you. >> pat collins. thanks, pat. the meeting to talk about the increase in violence in d.c. to which pat referred begins an hour from now. it's going to be held at the fifth district police station off bladensburg road in northeast. the police chief and other officers will be there to answer questions from residents. those meetings come after a third of the police force said they had no confidence in the chief's leadership to stop the
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violence. new developments on a shooting that almost caused metro to reroute its buses. this is bichon lamont brown. police say he shot a man white man was sitting on a metro bus last month on elvins road in southeast. metro wanted to take buses off of elvins road after that shooting but after a public outkrirk the transit agency changed its mind. police officers are now patrolling the area 24 hours a day. new intrigue in the presidential race tonight. vice president biden flew to a critical battleground state looking a lot like a candidate today. this is falling speculation he will enter the race. steve handelsman has more. >> reporter: some of the leaders of the draft vice president mom. say he has time. the democrats' first debate is more than a month away. it looks to some like he is testing the waters. vice president joe biden in
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florida for a campaign-style swing, talking to students, maybe to himself. >> and people who aren't willing to risk failing never succeed. >> reporter: biden ran for president in 1988 and in '08 and talked about a run this year, till may when he lost his son. but beau biden had asked his dad to run again and hillary clinton's campaign is in trouble. hurt by the e-mail controversy, pressured by bernie sanders, clinton is down to 49% support nationally. biden's got 14. and a decision to make about hillary. >> they are very good friends. they have been for a long while. i don't know if joe biden has the stomach to launch a campaign based on attacking hillary clinton. >> reporter: the woman running on the republican side, carly fiorina, polling fourth now in new hampshire, learned she is included in the next gop debate. >> any opportunity for me to introduce myself to the american people is an opportunity i'm going to take advantage of. >> reporter: many in fiorina's
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party would rather not face joe biden in the fall. >> he has a likability factor. he is able to connect with voters. this is something that hillary clinton lacks. >> reporter: biden backers are pressuring him to run. >> in 2016 -- >> i'm riding with biding. >> i'm definitely riding with biden. >> reporter: but insiders say the veep is not definite about what he want does. i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, washington. maryland senator barbara mckulski will supply the crucial vote book needs to close the iran nuclear deal. she announced today she will join 33 other senate democrats and vote in rainfall is over the deal. she said the deal isn't perfect but she believe it is the best option. congressional opponents have said they intend to pass a resolution to block the deal. president obama has are vowed to veto it mckulski's support gives the president enough votes to group hold a veto. people have been visiting the maryland state house all day, paying their respects to former governor marvin mandel. he died on sunday.
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our chris gordon has more now on special honors for the governor who spent nearly 30 years in elected office. >> reporter: maryland governor larry hogan led the procession, despite having been just released from the hospital last night. after completing the fourth of his six cancer treatments. but hogan didn't want to miss this opportunity to honor former governor marvin mandel. >> there's no doubt in my mind that his legacy live on in the minds, hearts and souls of all those people he touched over the many years much. >> reporter: mandel served as governor from 1969 to 1979 when he was convicted of corruption and served 19 months in a federal prison. that conviction was later overturned and mandel became a powerful lobbyist in annapolis. >> long after any personal controversy were forgot, the state of maryland will still be
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better because of his services and contribution. >> reporter: democratic lawmakers developed close relationshi shp ships with mand >> he moved the state forward in terms of the environment, health care, in terms of building schools. >> reporter: mandell was willing to bork closely with republicans, too. sharing his knowledge and experience. >> we had a very strong relationship with the governor, helpful to me and my office. >> reporter: mandel's family says he shared a crab feast and watched the ravens/redskins game the night before he died. >> he had two loves in his life, his family and the state of maryland. >> reporter: funeral services for former governor mandel are open to the public and began at 11 a.m. tomorrow in pikesville, maryland, ollowed by internment in davidsonville. if you would like more information about the funeral arrangements, go to our nbc because app. reporting from annapolis, chris gordon, news4. now to a developing story in
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i wi illinois as the manhunt intensifies for the three men accused of killing a cop. the search for serial robbers in prince george's county. there's video of their latest heist. a child tumbles out of this apartment building several stories up. >> 3-year-old female fell from the fifth floor balcony. >> ♪
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a woman was taken into custody at the foggy bottom station about 9:30 this morning, accused of trying to kidnap a toddler on a train. witnesses say she tried to grab a 2-year-old girl from a stroller but other riders jumped in to stop the suspect until police arrived. the child was not injured. coming up in our next half hour, tom sherwood has more on the scary moments and he will tell us why police have not yet charged that woman. now the latest on a developing story in illinois. the manhunt is expanding for three suspects wanted in the deadly shooting of a police officer. the 30-year police veteran was killed yesterday in fox lake, north of chicago. tonight, authorities admit they have little to go on. nbc's jay gray reports. >> reporter: today, police are expanding the scope of their manhunt for three men accused of gunning down a police officer in suburban chicago. >> this is an ongoing
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investigation. we have been following up on leads since yesterday. >> reporter: more than 400 local, state and federal officers have been a part of the search for three suspects described only as two white and one black man who allegedly shot and killed fox lake lieutenant charles j. gliniewicz. investigators say gliniewicz was responding to a suspicious activity call early tuesday. when backup arrived, they found gliniewicz dead. at the time, his service revolver and other gear missing. can. an officer is down. >> reporter: the murder has rocked this community of about 10,000. >> he would always be on my street and say hi to us. >> reporter: gliniewicz was a mentor to young residents in the village of fox lake. a husband and father of four, he had prepared to retire a month ago but was persuaded to stay on the force a bit longer. >> it's just very sad. senseless.
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>> reporter: emotions that drive the officers and federal agents searching around the clock for his killers. >> tenacious. their focus, energetic and they know exactly what their mission is. >> reporter: a mission that's personal for this force and the mourning community. jay gray, nbc news. there was a vigil today at james mason university in memory of alison parker. students and staff me, pardon me, pause forward moment of silence at 6:45 a.m. it was at that time, one week ago today, that parker and photojournalist adam ward were shot and killed during a live broadcast near roanoke, virginia. parker graduated from the university back in 2012. friends and former classmates share their memories of her.
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>> i got to realize her true zeal for journalism. it was a total joy to be around her. >> parker's family scattered her ashes around her favorite river in north carolina. adam ward was buried yesterday in roanoke. a county clerk in kentucky is not backing down but ordered to appear in court tomorrow. kim davis tops to defy a federal oerter to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples. she says her religious convictions prevent her from issuing that. she refuses to resign and she cannot be fired because she was elected to her post. critics note that davis has been married four times and divorced three times. she says she had a religious awakening four years ago and has changed. doug's back with more about our weather. some storms passing through, huh? >> yeah. you know, and they are much needed. we really do need to see some rain out there, lawn getting on the brown side, we need that rain and some of us got
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much-needed rainfall earlier today. but most of us stayed on the dry side. take a look, we will show you, first off, before the rain set in the temperatures on the warm side again. 93, leesburg, 93, warrenton, 39, fredericksburg. d.c., says 92. i was looking at the official observations, we hit 94 a little bit earlier this afternoon so another very hot day after a hive 95 yesterday. right now, dealing with the cloud cover across the region a lot of clouds earlier to the west, dew point, 68, very warm and muggy. let's look at the numbers, you really notice where we've seen the rainfall. it has rained in leesburg, manassas, culpeper, lore ray winchester, all areas on the cooler side, frederick, maryland, 73 degrees, much cooler air with those storms then right now, no storms, just rain. we are talking rain from 270 up toward frederick, urbana, frederick, hagerstown, warrenton, back toward luray. big thunderstorms just down to the south around the fredericksburg region.
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this is what was happening earlier today. a lot of thunderstorms going off. watch them and then they just kind of die out as they make their way our watch that was the forecast, we predicted this afternoon and last night. this is the big storm, south of fredericksburg, if you're planning on going, say, fredericksburg down south along i-95, a ton of rain associated with this and look at all of the lightning here this is down toward spotsylvania and caroline county, shift down to the south, very slowly. we had some shower active the here. now, the only thing i'm seeing right along 301, maybe a little sprinkle or two. that's about it. this is all because of a little area of low pressure moving through in the upper levels of the atmosphere, but all in all, we are still dealing with high pressure around our region, we are going to see another hot day, look back toward chicago, see this right here? this is another cold front that will try to swing through, ahead of it warm tomorrow, behind it much cooler air as we head into the bond. high temperatures tomorrow, back on the warm side, 91, gaithersburg, 95, manassas and in d.c., i do think we will see a repeat of the storms back toward the mountains tomorrow,
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from the blue ridge to the west, maybe martinsburg, winchester, maybe back toward petersburg, west virginia, but most of us remain dry to just hot and humid. that outdoor planner, hot and humid for sure, 78 at 7 a.m., rising to about 87 by 11 a.m. and 93 during the 3 clack hour. i think we get that 94, 95-mark around 4. there it is 95 degrees, 90 on friday. that as the cold front moves through, with that, i think a much better chance of scattered showers and thunderstorms on friday afternoon. look at the weekend, 84, saturday. 86 on sunday. a really nice weekend here and then we get to labor day and it looks like possibly another heat wave to start next week. now, coming up, we will talk about those weekend changes what it means if you have plans around the area at 6:45. >> thanks, doug. 4-year-olds forced to fight. we are going to tell you who has been arrested amid reports of a fight club inside a day care. it's a debilitating disease but a local woman bent from this
6:22 pm
to this without surgery. the breakthrough treatment giving new hope to parkinson's patients. a lot of traffic out here and it's about to get a lot heavier as tons of school buses heavier as tons of school buses hit the road in fairfax county.
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what did iran's supreme leader get in the nuclear deal? to start with, $100 billion. they keep their nuclear facilities and ballistic missiles. there won't be surprise anytime-anywhere inspections. and after ten years, restrictions are lifted and iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. congress should reject a bad deal. we need a better deal.
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we are about to start seeing
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hundreds of more school buses, 1600 to be exact. fairfax county, the largest school system in the area, will begin classes next tuesday. and as transportation reporter adam tuss tells us now, the focus is on safety and on keeping traffic moving. >> reporter: fairfax county's bus fleet is second only in size to new york city's. the fleet is larger than greyhound's, if you can believe that. out here next week the police will be watching. >> we have officers from the traffic division and patrol out. we're doing additional surveys, as requested, as needed. >> reporter: that means if something something needs to be changed, like an extra crosswalk, a new traffic light, it can happen fast and police say they want you to tell them about issues. >> summer, you see traffic lightening up around here, when school starts back up, the metropolitan area and fairfax, traffic gets heavier, to and from work. >> reporter: pay attention, high schools will start an hour later, around 8:10 in the
6:26 pm
morning. dr. karen garza is the superintendent of fairfax county public schools. she says the buss here carry over 130,000 riders per day. like its own transit system. >> 400, you know, square miles, county's quite large. so the logistics are quite complex. >> reporter: other school systems have started using video cameras on the outside of buses to catch drivers passing the school bus stop sign. fairfax county says it's considered it but no plans to do that just yet. just please be aware next week. in mary field, adam tuss, news4. some good news for some parents in arlington county. the city's newest elementary school will open on time. a few weeks ago, we showed you how linger construction delays at discovery elementary had parents concerned. they were afraid the building wouldn't be ready for the start of cycle next tuesday. the school system opened up the new school building for media tours today. teachers began moving in on monday. the kids at concord elementary school in district
6:27 pm
heights have new backpacks, thanks to our backpack for kids campaign. the donation was made today along with our partners at comcast. this school year, nbc4's given out more than 3,000 backpacks to help students all over the area. still ahead, an attempted abduction on metro. how riders jumped into action to protect a child as some question why the suspect still hasn't been charged. big crowds, tight secure i tonight, we will tell you about steps being taken to prepare for the pope's visit to d.c. and a terrifying fall. what we are just learning about the response after a toddler fell five stories from the
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a little girl falls five stories from an apartment window and survives. new at 6:00, the calls for help. >> 3-year-old female fell from the fifth floor balcony. poli police are looking for two armed robberies they believe are responsible for four robberies in prince george's county. and a groundbreaking new treatment for parkinson's disease happening he has just a most incredible thing in the world. tonight, a woman being
6:31 pm
questioned for trying to snatch a toddler from her stroller. it happened today on the metro train. >> other riders saw the whole thing happening and stepped in to help. news4's tom sherwood has more on the scary ordeal and why the suspect has not been charged. >> reporter: metro trains zooming all over town wednesday morning and then, an orange line train near foggy bottom, a suspect tried to grab a 2-year-old from the mother's stroller. a passenger, who didn't want to be identified, was sitting nearby. >> out of nowhere, i see a baby in the air. and a woman screams "my baby, my baby." >> reporter: police took the unidentified suspect into custody after a group of passengers grabbed her on the train and held her for police. this arlington, virginia, man, praised another passenger for first jumping to the baby's rescue. >> he is the real hero. he kind of took the first act of courage and then, you know, we all got together on the metro car. >> reporter: later in the day
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that passenger who acted first had not been properly identified. metro police chief robert pavlik says the suspect is expected to be charged with attempted abduction but was not cooperating with police trying to identify her. the chief cautioned passengers who want to act. >> basically, something we don't encourage, obviously. this one ended really well. any time another rider gets involved in a criminal activity, they have potential to become a victim billion is. >> reporter: witness who talked to news four just had one hope. >> and i just really hope the baby and the mother are okay. >> reporter: police say they are. in the district, tom sherwood, news4. a stranger helped save a woman in fairfax county. a guy grabbed her in the mount vernon neighborhood before noon last thursday. she was backing on buckland wood toward the pine wood south apartments. the kidnapper tried pull her into his car. somebody driving by saw her fighting the man and he stepped in to help. kidnapper took off in a light-colored toyota. tonight, we are hearing the dispatch recordings as rescuers
6:33 pm
rushed to help a little girl who fell from a fifth floor apartment. news4's david culver is in bailey's cross roads with details on her incredible survival. david? >> reporter: doreen, a tree, some shrubs and mulch, the combination of the three helped cushion a young girl's fall from this apartment building and very likely saved her life. >> 3-year-old female fell from the fifth floor balcony. >> reporter: the call came down around 8:30 last night, emergency crews dispatched from bailey's crossroads fire station 10. >> reports that a woman is yelling that her 5-year-old daughter fell from the tenth floor, also the fifth floor balcony. >> reporter: once on scene here at skyline towers, they learned the victim, just 3, fell out of a window five floors up, near the balcony. >> the child fell out of the balcony on the side of the building that faces the pool.
6:34 pm
skyline towers, this will be the north tower. >> reporter: a neighbor invited us to see the high up perspective from the same floor. she didn't want to talk on but told me she heard the screams and her heart sank. the toddler, incredibly, survived, rushed to the hospital. >> the inyour police determined to be non-life threatening. >> just from your experience, that's -- five stories up, taking that fall, that's pretty incredible. >> yes. apparently some shrubs and branches happened to break the fall. >> reporter: greenery below. a lifesaver, it seems, as the weather becomes less humid, the temptation to open more windows grows. fairfax county fire and rescue captain mike fontana warning parents. >> you have to recognize that screens are not the same as window guards. they won't prevent a small child from falling out of a window. >> reporter: he says don't let things stack up in front of your windows, making it easier for kids to climb on to. at last check that child is
6:35 pm
still in the hospital, recovering, police are investigating this but as of now, they are only labeling this as an accident. pope francis arrives in d.c. three weeks from today. his visit is expected to generate huge crowds and that is one of the reasons the federal government is urging employees to work from home. the office of personnel management says federal employees will be able to telework while the pope is in town. also suggested that others might want to adjust their work schedule or take leave or comp time. that could help with crowds and the traffic when the pope does arrive on september 22nd. the altar being built for the pope's mass at the basilica of the national shah rain of the immaculate conception is really taking shape now. painters are detailing the altar now. it had been designed by students from catholic university and crafted at a cabinet shop in
6:36 pm
frederick. after the pope's visit, it will beed as the church's permanent altar. more, check out the papal visit playbook on the nbc washington app. a local celebrity chef under fire. we will tell you why he is being sued by two people he used to work for. prince george's county police are looking for two suspects they believe responsible for four different robberies. coming up on news4, why people who live in this community are especially upset that these particular businesses have been targeted. if you saw some showers out there, count yourself as lucky. we need to see the rain. stale few area of rain out there, but a better chance
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6:38 pm
surveillance video shows men who committed a series of armed robberies across prince george's county.
6:39 pm
tracee wilkins tells us why some people who live nearby are particularly upset about these crimes and the impact they are having on their community. >> this is inconvenient for everybody living in the neighborhood. >> reporter: with limited grocery stores and food options, these stores are important. higher crime rates impacted, attracted and keeping businesses in the county's inner beltway communities. >> it should just be enjoyable just to go in the store and get what you need and come out, without having to be worried about being robbed while you're inside. >> reporter: just yesterday at 1 in the morning this 7-11 in the 6,000 block of marlboro pike was robbed by two masked men. police think these two guys are responsible for a number of recent robberies in prince george's county. >> during the course of the investigation we found were linked to about four different, separate robberies. >> reporter: you can see the robber's gun in this picture, it was taken as they robbed a gas station, the 16,000 block of mchenry road in brandywine. after grabbing cash, they got away in a blue ford, maryland
6:40 pm
tags, 1 az 8591. turns out, it's a stolen car. >> later discovered that the vehicle that was used was actually carjacked some time before that same day. >> reporter: then last friday, this 7-11 on silver hill road was robbed, 4:00 in the morning. the manager here tells me there were three employees inside at the time. on august 29th, police say the two robbed this subway in the 5700 block of silver hill road. now, on the front of the store, they have a wanted sign for the suspects police are looking for. >> i hope they catch them. >> reporter: they have signs of these suspects, their pictures all over stores in this area. prince george's county police are asking police to take a very close look and also look at that video and a see if you know these suspects. any information leading to an arrest can also lead to an award. reporting live, i'm tracee wilkins, back to you in the studio, jim. a local celebrity chef is
6:41 pm
being sued by two people who used to work for them. they claim brian vol tash yo's company did not pay them for overtime and threatened to hurt company did not pay them for overtime and threatened to hurt their careers. a woman who worked the volt in maryland claimed she was paid $9 without a regular schedule. the other worked at volt family meal in baltimore. we reached out to brian voltaggio but not yet heard back. voltaggio appeared on the tv series "top chef." he operates nine restaurants in maryland, d.c. and virginia. this one is hard to believe but there are allegations of a fight club inside a day care center in new jersey. two women are accused of encouraging children as young as 4 to fight each other. it happened at the lightbridge academy last month. police say the women shared video of the fighting on social media. they could be heard referencing the movie "fight club". the workers have been fired and
6:42 pm
charged with child abuse. the children were not seriously hurt. storms starting to move out of the area tonight. doug's tracking the conditions in your neighborhood, coming up. plus a potential breakthrough in the fight against parkinson's disease. the story of a local woman taking part in the first of
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6:45 pm
tonight, a potential breakthrough for parkinson's disease's patients. an experimental treatment being tested here is showing some incredible results. doctors stay could help restore the quality of life for millions of people suffering from this debilitating disease. this is what parkinson's disease does to kimberly spletter, uncontrolled movements, shaking and would >> it got to the point where i was having difficulty getting dressed. i have a grandson. i couldn't snap his onesies. i was at a wedding recently, i couldn't dance with my dad. it was sad. >> reporter: parkinson's is a degenerative disease of the nervous system there's no cure, only treatments to ease the symptoms, including the most common treatment, an old medication that causes its own set of side effects. >> with time, it seems to be less effective, mostly because the disease just progressively gets worse with time. >> reporter: but now, doctors at the university of maryland medical center are experimenting with a brand new treatment,
6:46 pm
something that's never been done before. it's called mri guided ultrasound. >> it's been known for a long time that if you make lesions in certain parts of the brain, you can eliminate some of the symptoms. >> reporter: and that's exactly what this treatment does. except there's no cutting and no surgery. patients are put into a special mri machine so doctors can get a close-up view inside the head. then, ultrasound waves are targeted to a specific part of the brain that's connected about the uncontrolled movements. dr. howard eisenberg is kimberly's neurosurgeon. >> making the ladies and gentlemen -- making the lesions, but it interrupts that part of the circumstanc circuit. >> reporter: she said she had to shave her head but the procedure didn't hurt. the only feeling is intense heat. she underwent the procedure a
6:47 pm
week ago. the results were immediate. she was able to walk. >> it was just absolutely the most incredible thing in the world. >> reporter: and when we met kimberly this morning, there was even more emotion, because she was able to accomplish something else, running, a favorite hobby that she hasn't been able to do for years. >> it's turned back the clock for me, you know? i have a new lease on life. i can do things that i want to do. it's a blessing. >> pretty amazing. and very, very rare for medical researchers to see something they are testing produce immediate results like this. so they are very excited. kim ber lives the first person to undergo this treatment so doctors have no idea yet how long the rules will last but they have done some testing on people with tremors and those treatments are holding up about a year later. so, that's very hopeful sign. we will keep an eye on this one. >> really good news. >> exciting. >> miraculous. storms are gone, huh?
6:48 pm
>> yeah, for the most part. you know a couple areas saw some showers. the showers did a couple of things, one, gave you much-needed rain, but man, cooled thing down, too up into the low 90s earlier, temperatures in the region down into the upper 70s, low 80s, the airport, no rain, we are still hot. 87 degrees, the sun goes down tonight at 7:37. 7 p.m. temperatures, 86, 84 by 9. on the humid side. you can see where the rain has been, gaithersburg, 81 degrees, look at warn ton where some rain has been, 79. fort belvoir, 77. shower come through that region. leesburg into the 70s, now rebounded as the rain pushed out. almost nothing on the radar now, a few showers extreme northern portion of montgomery county, damascus, mount airy, moving down 70, a very strong thunderstorm north of the annapolis area, more toward fredericksburg that is it. the rest of us are on the dry side. if you missed out on the rain,
6:49 pm
you missed out on it for a couple days, hot and humid tomorrow, heat index, upper 90s again, like today, 89 to 95, during the day tomorrow. can't rule out a shower or thunderstorm, mostly to the west, talking i-95, i-81, and areas back along the blue ridge, the best chance for storms tomorrow. if you're heading to the beach this weekend, for a lot of us, the last beach weekend. i say a lot of us, i'm not going, a lot of you, it is the last beach weekend, 83 degrees, afternoon thunderstorms possible on friday, with the next front clearing and really a nice weekend, a great beach weekend, the water temperature still very warm this time of year, around 80 degrees. so, looking good there 95 tomorrow, 90 on friday, we will see another chance of scattered showers and storms, i think a better chance to see them area-wide, one or two of those could be on the strong side, but nothing too severe. 84 on saturday. 86 on sunday. so the weekend looks great. labor day also looking very good. high temperature of 91. humidity does not start to increase until later in the week and we get right back into the
6:50 pm
90s. so september starting off on very, very hot note. the lone exception, just happens to be the weekend. >> got to love that. >> indeed. thanks, doug. got sports coming up -- pardon me, this chokes me comme was benched. also, what kirk cousins is not doing this year that might help. but first, here's lester holt with a look at what's ahead on "nbc nightly news." >> coming up tonight, the heartbreaking photo that has come to symbolize a human disaster, people risking it all for a better life but with no police to call home. we have an nbc news investigation into a medical device designed to save lives but is instead putting lives at risk. and an nbc news exclusive, my one-on-one conversation with one of the heroes
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
some questions can't wait until morning. so i'm one of many nurses at cigna with answers, anytime, day or night. i'm lauren, and i've got your back. rg3 is now third on the depth chart? >> still to be determined. colt mccoy is getting all the snaps tomorrow night in the final preseason game. i think that's pretty telling. you know, rg3, you know that phrase you can't win for losing? >> yeah. >> that's griffin right nouchno.
6:54 pm
he suffered a concussion, got benched. now trade rumors. today, after taking home a redskin award, his thank you speech stirred up controversy. redskins welcome home luncheon, emceed by our old friend, dan hellie. desean jackson, defensive player of the year, dy, defensecy plary, darrel young, community service, robert griffin iii recognized for his contributions to the military. griffin, who just lost his starting job to kirk cousins also got a standing ovation from the crowd. he then gave a 45-second speech, the most notable occurred at the end. in the military, the one thing you have is your word. you give your word to somebody, that means you are going to follow through and i give my word to my family, to washington redskins, my teammates and the military all they always be there for them. appreciate you guys. >> hmm. >> so a lot of folks saying this is a little bit of a passive aggressive. i said it was heartfelt, i said no controversy. >> he can't say anything that is not going to be overanalyzed.
6:55 pm
>> i say we parse everything that comes out of his mouth way too much. >> only looked at it for like 15 straight times. wait, back up, two frames. see that face? anyway -- >> i wish -- >> what? >> i wish we would allow him to just play football and not have to talk anymore. we don't need to hear what rg3 has to say. >> they make him talk every day. don't want to hear from gruden every day. >> if he is the backup, not going to talk, not going to hear from him, just developing. whether it's here or somewhere else, just going to be developing. as for the new starter, kirk cousins, so many self-business it fans today, he really knows how to take a good self-fit so he finds a fan, i mean, took thousands of them today. he was like, oh, you need to push this bunt to get it to work. he is a pro. cousins getting up close and personal with the burgundy and gold faithful, the meet and great. so, what exactly is different from cousins now as the main man behind center? he says not much. >> been pretty similar. it's been a lot of football and going to redskins park every day putting a lot of work in and getting a faw more reps now, being with the ones, but all in all, feels pretty similar. %
6:56 pm
in the two losses in the nats bullpen, he has not got the job done. the cardinals have scored ten runs combined in the seventh, eighth and ninth innings the last two days. the biggest offender, casey janssen. >> horrible. >> given up seven of those runs. many fans frustrated. matt williams chose not to use jonathan papelbon last night. nats 6 1/2 games back behind the mets in the n.l. east.
6:57 pm
to flushing queens and the u.s. open, serena williams taking on kiki bertense, the 110th ranked player in the world gave her an early scare. first set, take a 5-3 lead, she is thinking upset. serena, she starts to rally, first set could would go to tie break. williams here, shot, bounces off the net. bertense get there is, but return it is out of bounds. look, she is throwing the racket in anger. wins 7-6, tied two games a apiece. trading shots, williams great angle shot, falling away. out of reach. she will go on to win, 6-3, her 50th win of the year. she is five matches away from historic. now this van der way. serena is next. look what van der way does
6:58 pm
after -- she gets mad. >> a lot of racket throwing in this. >> she demolishes it >> get it out. >> get it out. >> she would lose in what did iran's supreme leader get in the nuclear deal?
6:59 pm
to start with, $100 billion. they keep their nuclear facilities and ballistic missiles. there won't be surprise anytime-anywhere inspections. and after ten years, restrictions are lifted and iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. congress should reject a bad deal. we need a better deal.
7:00 pm
tonight, nowhere to run. thousands in a perilous search for a new home, hitting obstacles at every turn. the human toll symbolized in a searing image today, one of the many young victims of this global crisis. cold trail? the all-out manhunt for three suspects turning up few solid leads in the killing of a police officer, but investigators vow there's no giving up until these men are caught. an nbc news investigation, a woman's life saved in the nick of time, the threat coming from a medical device implanted to protect her, a device thousands are still walking around with. and hero's tale. our exclusive one on one with one of the americans who stopped a terrorist attack. the advice from his father that replayed in his head as he and his friends sprang into action.


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