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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  September 5, 2015 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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. right now at 6:00 arrests in what investigators call a gang-related murder of a loudoun teen. find out who the suspects are and what police plan to do in the coming days. people looking to get out of town for the weekend may still be stuck on the roads thanks to major backups on the bay bridge. and the redskins make a big decision on rg3's future with the team. we begin with new details ton murder of a 17-year-old in sterling, virginia. police arrested three people earlier today for that kr
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>> a teen gunned down at 8:30 in the morning his way to school a community and schools locked down as search for suspects begins. that was friday. a day later suspects were in custody. police believe the shooting was gang-related but not a lot regarding details. >> having a suspect in custody should allay any fears out there. >> a juvenile 17 years old has been arrested. he's been charged with second degree murder and a gun charge. police have arrested two others, 18-year-old juan salais and henry vasquez both from the sterling area. the biggest concern among people who live here this happened yards way from a school bus stop. the concern goes beyond this park lot whit comes to young people and schools. immediately after the shooting local schools were locked down or lock out. part of the reason was safety of
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students but there was more than one reason for that at park view where the victim was a sophomore. >> some initial information we may have other students, active students. >> they know some students have gang affiliations. >> what i've been told by kids themselves is we understand the ramifications of us assuming our gang hood in the schools. they do what they can to leave it at the door. >> one of the suspects may have been a former student at park view and they say there will be stepped up police presence at the school for some time to come. >> police have identified the man killed in a triple shooting in d.c. people who live along 25th
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street said it sound like fourth of july when gun shots rang out. when police got there two men with gunshot wounds. their injuries are described as serious. someone took the third gunshot victim to the hospital in a private car. police have not released any information about who may be responsible for this crime. dual protests. one side confederate pflag supporters. the other, black lives matter. >> reporter: there were definitely some tense moments between these two groups today. this was a big social media event here in washington. we want to show you some video that was posted on twitter. that video taken right here inside union station. now from what we've been told
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these demonstrations have been very passionate but also peaceful today. inside union station they were chanting black lives matter and you can see from the video how crowded it is inside union station. but no reports of any arrests. earlier we're told there was a pro confederate flag rally at the capitol, counter demonstrators were there with black lives matter and other groups. police were also there making sure that everything stays calm. u.s. capitol police tell us that the flag group did have a permit to demonstrate there at the capitol today. it's not clear if the counter demonstrators had a permit as well. again, this was a really big thing on social media earlier today. we want to show you a couple of photos that were also posted. again people very passionate on both sides of this ish. police are telling us that all of the demonstrations are over and again no reports of any violence or arrests today. back to you. >> instead of soaking up the sun
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and surf at the beach lots of people spent part of their day stewing in their cars. check out the delays on the chesapeake bay bridge. this began with a power outage overnight which led to the signals being down preventing two way traffic heading to the beaches. at one point people got stuck in a 10 mile back up. the maryland transportation authority says crews are working on the problem but they just don't know when it will be fixed. those of you staying in town for the weekend enjoyed a very nice day outside. little cloudy those. storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein joins us now. good to see you. >> good to see you. it has been a treatmenty summer day. we had it turn a little less humid although still kind of steamy and certainly has been a bit cooler. afternoon highs peaked in the mid-80s around 3:00. we're cooling down a bit. here's a look at a sublime summer evening. some sunshine breaking through the clouds. temperatures now down into the
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low 80s. much of the region, reagan national at 84. great night for baseball. play ball. the nationals take on the atlanta braves at 7:05 first pitch and temperatures by then in the low 80s and seventh inning upper 70s. mid-70s by the last out and the nats are still alive. hang in there. look at our forecast for the rest of the labor day weekend coming up inner loop the red cities in multimillion dollar quarterback question has been answered. robert griffin iii stays. >> cut him or keep him. redskins knew they had to pay him. robert griffin iii has to be cleared from his concussion to play. but jeff darlington reported red kins had already made up their mind that rg3 is still very much in their plans. they consider robert griffin iii
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the second best quarterback on team and he'll be the back up to court cousins. the risk if griffin suffers an injury in a game or practice that prevents him from passing his end of season physical the redskins are on the hook for his 2016 salary of $16 million. that's the risk. coming up later in sports, critical words from a former d.c. united star whose career was cut short by a concussion. he'll be talking about the doctor who examined rg3. all right. so i think a lot of people safe to say have been in a pillow fight. has yours ended in a concussion. the brawl at an elite institution that left students black and blue. relaxing afternoon out on the afternoon takes a terrifying turn when a boat bursts into flames. flames. and support for the
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. a fiery scene at baltimore's waterfront after this boat caught fire. this happened at 12:30. flames quickly engulfed the 34-foot boat sending thick black smoke into taxpayer. it took firefighters about 40 minutes to put it out. they evaluated one person on the boat who was hurt but they did
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not want to go hospital. no word on how the fire started. a kentucky clerk who refused to issue marriage licenses to gay couples is getting support while she was in jail. around 200 people held a prayer rally outside of the jail in grayson today. a judge ordered rowan county clerk kim davis to jail on thursday after holding her in contempt of court. lawyers for davis say she's in good spirits. they say she's been passing the time by reading her bible. dachs' husband said her decision is about sacrifice. >> sometimes we got make sacrifices as human beings so that's what we're doing we're making sacrifices. >> since davis has been in jail deputy clerks issued marriage licenses to at least four same-sex couples in the county. temperatures dipped into the 80s today. what's in store for the rest of your holiday weekend? tom is up next. a wave of migrants making their way through europe.
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tens of thousands of people expected to arrive in germany today as europe deals with migrant crisis. in a surprise move overnight the asylum seekers were bussed out of hungary where they were stuck
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for days. we have more on what is next for them. >> reporter: for the first group of migrants and refugees in this latest wave arrived in munich , germany, authorities expecting anywhere from 5,000 to 10,000 people today alone. and more will follow. after days of chaos in hungary people are now leaving the main train station in budapest on foot. they are walking towards the border with austria some 110 miles away. last night there were hundreds on the main highway to vienna and the hungarian government sent 100 buses to pick them up and take them to the border. >> the austrians promised to take these illegal migrants and take care of them. but we promise, we're fulfilling we're keeping law and order. >> reporter: they were left to walk the last few miles into austria where red cross volunteers and austrian officials gave them food and water and prepared for their
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safe passage on to germany if they so choose bringing on many more trains in order to accommodate the numbers. today in hungary the government said not to expect a repeat of yesterday's action with the use of buses. >> hungarian government doesn't let us get the train or buses or anything. >> reporter: germany has waived asylum rules requiring people to register in the first country they reach and that's a knock on effect in hungary where hundreds are now on the move once again, crossing the border farther south from serbia into hungary and then again walking that same route through hungary and up into austria. back to you. >> images are so powerful in that story. it is an annual tradition but this year a pillow fight at the u.s. military academy caused some serious injuries to more than two dozen cadets. the school superintendent said 24 cadets suffered concussions
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during the fight on august 20th. there were other injures including a broken nose, dislocated shoulder and hairline fracture. some cadets put hard objects in their pillows. the academy may be taking some disciplinary action. thomas jefferson once said i cannot live without books. and today the art of the written word was celebrated at the 15th annual library of congress national book festival. more than 170 author, poets and illustrators were on display at the washington convention center. people lined up to immediate some of their favorites. lots of us here at news4 were part of the fun. nbc 4 is a proud sponsor of the book festival. and we're here on this labor day weekend the unofficial end to summer. no more white pants. tom kierein. >> good thing i'm not wearing mine. >> we had a wonderful break from our heat wave.
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little less humid. we do have kind of sticky humidity, though, still sticking around but overnight tonight and into tomorrow you'll notice it will be turning more comfortable as the pleasant humidity moves in. only in place for, well just about a day tomorrow and then after that we'll have it return again and another heat wave moves in later next week. temperatures right now, though, are pleasant. we're in the low 80s and mid-80s right in washington. near 80 right by the chesapeake bay. low 80s across the rest of the region. couple of days ago i was biking along the c&o canal tow path. look how low the water is. more rocks than water. you could actually kind of walk across the river just by walking from rock to rock. we had about two inches below average rainfall in the metro area since way back in the first of august. comfortable. if you're heading out tonight for dining partly cloudy. down into the 70s. if you're having an evening out on this saturday looks like great weather. tomorrow at the pool looking
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beautiful. pool forecast for sunday near mid-80s tomorrow, partly cloudy and noticeably less humid during the day tomorrow, lots of sunshine around. don't forget the sun block at the pool. if you're going the beach there's some rough surf at the beaches. four to five foot waves there. water temperatures in the upper 70s. on sunday up around 80 and the low 80s on monday, labor day great weather at the beach but watch out for rip currents as we'll have big waves and rip currents going on at the beaches. temperatures inland upper 80s during the day on sunday near 90 on monday for labor day. and little more humid on monday afternoon. then getting back to work and school tuesday and wednesday, into the low to mid-90s. here comes another september heat wave. summer in september doesn't want to give it up. quite humid. getting back to work and school. end of the week next chance of any rain may be on thursday. thursday afternoon maybe some thunder showers. after that couple of days of
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needed rain moving in. that ought to fill up the potomac. on friday and saturday showers around. temperatures in the low 80s. over to you. >> college football's return brings lots of smiles to people in our area. plus the doctor who diagnos ♪ hey! let me help with that. oh, thank you! ♪ introducing the one-and-only volkswagen golf sportwagen. the sportier utility vehicle. what did iran's supreme leader get in the nuclear deal? to start with, $100 billion. they keep their nuclear facilities and ballistic missiles. there won't be surprise anytime-anywhere inspections.
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and after ten years, restrictions are lifted and iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. congress should reject a bad deal. we need a better deal.
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. you know, no matter how good yo your self-esteem can't feel good to know you're number two and take a seat. >> talking about the quarterback situation not me. >> take a seat. no, no. >> well i tried to get my self-esteem back. waiting on doctors but not a decision. redskins have already decided that robert griffin iii will be the back up to curt cousins. griffin needs to be cleared to play from his concussion. the doctor who is working with rg3 has triggered an emotional response from another athlete he
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treated here in d.c. alecko eskandarian took issue with the doctor. its career was cut short by concussion. he was surprised he was still working with pro athletes and his surprise based on experience and belief that he was cleared too soon to return to practice. last week griffin was cleared to play but then changed his mind. redskins has plans for robert griffin iii but cutting 20 players to get down the roster limit of 53 against next week's game against the dolphins. college football, the first saturday of the college football season typically produces our collection of one sided results. the maryland terrapins were looking to be the one in their season opener against richmond. maryland from the big ten,
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richmond a level down from the fcs, there's anxiety early. randy sullivan in his fifth season and in charge what else would the players do but practice their leap. first quarter maryland up 3-0. quick shovel pass. jacobs goes around tend. finds the end stone. now looking good. maryland 10-0. richmond had a lead. terrapins cling to a 16-14 lead. loses that defender. this is going to be a 37 yard touchdown and now the terrapins start to roll they lead 22-14 at the half. they were down early. the guy to keep your eye on will likely fourth quarter the punt on his own 33 yard line and watch him go to work. he breaks the big ten punt, breaks single game record. no touchdowns. this one oh, so close. it's okay. maryland still beats richmond 50-21 your final. a lot to like.
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>> i don't know if there's enough superlatives to use. i thought he ran out of gas towards tend. our guys know we have a weapon back there and they do their job he's got a chance to score. >> all right. let's head over to annapolis. navy hosting colgate. they want you to get aboard the swing train. tied game first quarter all aboard that swing train, 11 carries. 126 yards all in the first half. 52 you're looking at light. 371 yards for navy on the ground. fourth quarter defense gets in the act. kevin mccoy picks up the fumble. he goes 54 yards for the touchdown. navy is off to a terrific start. now mountaineers.
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marcus cox is going to go through a couple of defenders. he goes 68 yards for the score and they stay up 14-0. second quarter, taylor lamb with the pump fake finds shady meadows and he waited for it but got the 50 yard touchdown. 49-0. that's in the third quarter. nats fans how do you like it the home stand. 1500 win thursday over the braves. then last night taylor's walk off and the nats now five games in back of the mets. that's progress. but there's still pressure for success tonight against the braves. the mets due in town on monday. orioles feeling pressure. fly up to toronto. bottom of the first, batista sends that pitch to left field and then some. wow. 32nd homer of the year. bottom of the fifth, toronto up
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4-0. going for a line drive. you get the idea. not a home run but a double. brings in a run. 5-0 toronto. orioles last chance. caleb joseph with a short pass. chris davis is on his horse. come on home. he makes it. orioles come up short 5-1. six games out of the wild card. same two teams go at it tomorrow. #stayalive applies to the nats and all of us. >> that's the news for now. "nightly news" is up next. we'll
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on this saturday night, back on the trail of hillary clinton's e-mails. who she personally maintained to maintain her private server >> thousands of refugrefus refugees back it to the west. outbreak. it's deadly. hundreds are sickened by salmonella across two dozen states. tonight, how you can protect yourself. price is right. gas hasn't been this cheap since 2004. how americans are saving a billion dollar this holiday weekend. and under threat. these majestic sequoias survived thousands of years. we climb up to show you how the historic california drought is


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