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tv   News4 Today  NBC  September 6, 2015 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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northwest washington. police on the scene of a double shoot iing that left one man de. we're live with what happened. >> also ahead, what we're learning about the crash that sent a person to the hospital and had the suitland parkway closed overnight. we're in the 10:00 hour now on sunday morning. i hope you're having a great one. i'm adam tuss. >> and i'm molette green in for angie goff taking the day off to enjoy. on "news 4 today" we welcome you and, you know what, this is going to be a great day to get outdoors and enjoy the last blast of summer. meteorologist tom kierein in the weather center with what we can expect. good morning. it is a perfect late summer day. on this sunday morning starting off, you will notice the lower humidity in place. it is still comfortably cool in the akts to around 70 degrees and our camera overlooking uni station. showing a gentle breeze there flapping the flag and we are flooded with sunshine all around the region, less humid today. a little more humid tomorrow. here comes another heat wave
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that will be moving in later this week ahead. right now we are near 70 in the metro area. mid-70s in washington and nearby suburbs. mid-70s around the bay. and shenandoah valley now quickly climbing into the low 70s. still in the 60s in the mountains. many of the state parks are filled with campers. just a few high clouds drifting over. these are contrails from jet airliners later today. quick ly climbing into the low 80s by noontime. mid to upper 80s midafternoon with low humidity. a wonderful day coming up. a look at labor day and that heat wave coming up in a few minutes. >> all right, tom, thank you so very much. breaking news, another deadly shooting overnight in the district. police rushed to 7th street near coolidge high school around 3:30 this morning. they said someone shot two men, one of them in the head. news 4's derrick ward is on the scene. derrick, what are police telling you? >> reporter: this is still a crime scene in terms of the investigation. take a look here. you are looking up tuckerman
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street toward georgia avenue. now here at the intersection of 7th and tuckerman police had a couple of vehicles up on tow trucks. they put them back down. they're still here. lots of evidence markers. we counted at least 13. so there are at least 13 pieces of evidence of various kinds that are being chronicled here. this happened early this morning at about 3:25. that's when police were called to this intersection. when they got here they found one adult who had been shot and a short distance away they found another person. both had been shot. now the first person they encountered had been shot multiple times. we don't know how many. one person has expired. the other person suffered what are called nonlife threatening injuries. again, police are holding the crime scene and doing a pretty thorough investigation but it is a broad crime scene. it stretches from tuckerman to tux berry.
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we don't have any identification for the victim. they are holding that pending notification of next of kin. >> thank you, derrick. off to another developing story. a call for help is now a death investigation. police in southeast d.c. say they found the bodied inside a burnt out vehicle. if you have our nbc washington app and you got the alert from us, investigators first went to the scene on xenia street around 9:30 last night. that's when someone called about the car on fire. today we could learn more about the person who died and the circumstances of his or her death. new this morning, we're working to learn more about a crash on suitland parkway. for hours police shut down all lanes between alabama and branch ae avenues in southeast. one person had to be removed from her car. paramedics rushed her to united medical center. no word on how many were involved in the crash. all lanes on the suitland parkway back open. new information in the past five minutes about the woman who
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died after a car ran into her near a bus stop in fairfax county. police in springfield say a 22-year-old man was under the influence when he ran into 47-year-old yesterday afternoon. we're working to put up his picture on the nbc washington app. police say the man died at the scene near greeley boulevard. all three people inside the car that hit her are now out of the hospital. 22-year-old cory english is in jail this morning facing charges. also expecting to learn more about a drowning in ocean city. ocean city firefighters say a 7-year-old girl died after drowning in the ocean. officials plan to release more information on how she drowned later today. a deadly development new this morning. coast guard officials there said they found the bodies of eight missing people early this morning. they were able to rescue three others and get them to nearby hospitals where officials say
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they think the victims will survive. the coast guard says the group was on a fishing trip. they found the boat upside-down in the water after it lost radio contact some time late last night. waves of people running from war and poverty are safe in europe this morning. thousands more of them are trying to get away from places like syria. german police say at least 4,300 people arrived at the train station in munich last night, many of them came from hungary. the government there threatened to put them in camps after days of international pressure, local authorities bussed them to germany and austria. how about this one, 24 cadets suffered concussions after an annual pillow fight at west point. the superintendent of the school says other injuries included a broken nose, dislocated shoulder and cheekbone fracture. the tradition is supposed to be a way for first-year cadets to blow off steam after summer training. it turned into violent outburst when is some cadets put hard
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objects in their pillowcases. the superintendent says appropriate action will be taken once the investigation is over. the holiday weekend is over for the redskins. it's back to practice today ahead of next weekend's season opener against miami. a lot of you may be wondering about rg3's future here in washington. a concussion pretty much stopped his game before it started this preseason. the team cleared up that confusion yesterday. nfl media says robert griffin iii is on the 53-man roster but the team dropped him to second string quarterback behind kirk cousins. 10:06 on this sunday morning. retired general and former secretary of state colin powell is on "meet the press" today. chuck todd will join us about what he's saying about the iran nuclear deal and the president's legacy because of it. also ahead, it wasn't supposed to be part of the race. the new video showing the scene after a car loses control crashing no a crowd of spectators. on route 50, a live look at the bay bridge where traffic is moving smoothly.
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las vegas police say a 24-year-old man is behind bars for driving drunk and causing a deadly crash. four others got hurt in this crash yesterday morning. police say jonathan donner sped through a light and hit a minibus. the bus then caught fire. two people were not able to get out in time. everything back to normal on the chesapeake bridge. a ten-mile backup had people just sitting in their cars instead of enjoying the labor day weekend. let's take a live look at traffic. seems to be moving normally there. looks good. all the trouble began with a power outage friday night leading to signals being down preventing two-way traffic heading to the beeps. the maryland transportation
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authority is work iing to find t what caused the outage. flights are back to normal in los angeles after a bomb scare. this is what it looked like yesterday afternoon after someone called in that threat. the caller said there was an explosive device inside a homeland security vehicle parked near a terminal. police and airport authorities evacuated three terminals while the bomb squad investigated. they did not find nigs suspicious. the all clear was given two ours later. >> never easy to get around. we have a very, very sweet story of proof that a little gesture can make all the difference in the world. >> we're going to show you a room with a view giving this tiny cancer patient a little distraction and the two tough guys behind the sweet story. >> not so tough after all. and today we're helping you prepare for your holiday weekend as you wake up to mostly sunny skies. great conditions that you will see today plus the labor day
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forecast coming up. what did iran's supreme leader get in the nuclear deal? to start with, $100 billion. they keep their nuclear facilities and ballistic missiles. there won't be surprise anytime-anywhere inspections. and after ten years, restrictions are lifted and iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. congress should reject a bad deal. we need a better deal.
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three things to know today. everything back to normal on the chesapeake bay bridge. a ten-mile backup had people sitting in their cars for hours. >> a deadly salomon monella out
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spreading across the country. the cdc blamed shipments of cucumbers from mexico. it does not distribute to our area. if you're concerned, double-check with your grocer. this morning news 4 will keep asking police for more information about a body they found late last night in southeast. officers tell us they discovered it inside a burnt out vehicle. suitland parkway back open. it was a bad crash in southeast. one woman had to be rescued from her car. two pregnant women and a young girl, just a few of the people now dead after a race car crash. in all, six people died when a race car spun out of control and crashed into the crowd yesterday. police worked into the night inspecting the car and speaking to its driver and co-driver. this is video of the aftermath along with the makeshift track in the northwestern part. as many as 16 people are in the hospital this morning, just awful. >> all happening today, northern virginia bureau chief julie
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kerry just spoke with alexandria mayor bill euille and he will launch a write-in campaign. julie reports that euille already has the support of other democrats including the former mayor. mayor euille wa defeated in the yuan primary by allison silverburg. by then it was too late to file for an independent campaign leaving a write-in campaign as his only option. several political activists in alexandria tell julie kerry they expect euille will wage a campaign. >> a critical deal with iran about nuclear capabilities poised to move forward. and on the campaign trail hillary clinton is making a concession about those now infamous state department e-mails. >> joining us now to talk about all of it, moderator of "meet the press" chuck todd. good morning, chuck. >> good morning. nice to see you. >> yes. the iran deal is moving forward. we discuss this had earlier, kind of funny because it's just a veto-proof measure, right?
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>> a vetoroof minority. they can't stop the united states from participating in the deal, and that's obviously important to the president. colin powell coming on the show, former secretary of state, in a republican administration he had some very strong opinions about this deal, about sort of where the politics of foreign policy have gone. lamenting a little bit of the partisanship. he's pretty surprised at how the parties are essentially moving -- judging this deal based on their political persuasion rather than the details of the deal itself. >> and so much internationally riding on this deal, when you say something like that, it's really incredible. >> and, you know, anybody who sat in the office of secretary of state and, if you noticed, we haven't had -- this will be the first former -- the second former secretary of state, the first on the republican side, to come out and say where he is on the deal. so far not a single secretary of
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state has come out against the deal because anybody that has sat in that chair when your whole is about international agreements and diplomacy, you know that what happens here has ramifications overseas, and you see that more sometimes than if you're sitting on the back bench in congress. >> on the campaign trail hillary clinton, it seems like we just keep getting dribs and drabs about the e-mail controversy and it's really not going away. >> it's not and, look, the question is, has it taken a toll on her politically? new poll numbers, if you're following twitter we've seen them in both new hampshire and iowa and it's crystal clear. the most electable democrat in both swing states is joe biden. the person who performs best is joe biden. bernie sanders is surging in new hampshire and iowa. the collective toll this is taking on her politically now, i think, they're getting close to being in crisis mode, i think, in brooklyn.
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>> can we fautalk about donald and jeb bush squaring off. >> labor day is the traditional start of the campaign season, let's put it in nfl terms. you have this preseason, mini camp, you have the preseason games. we've had that. this is now the regular season has begun. i think jeb bush knows his numbers are falling. he's got to show conservatives that he's tough. if he takes on trump, he's it tough enough to take on hillary clinton. that's what he's rolling the dice on. >> a good start from miami. >> and it was the way, very happy. a little shaky but, hey, we'll take it. it's a "w." rather not be my friends nebraska losing in a hail mary. that was rough. >> thank you, chuck. >> you can see "meet the press"
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every sunday right after "news 4 today." well, we love this story. >> it's a great story. >> proof this morning that just a little gesture can make all the difference in the world. >> we want to show you what happens when two construction workers form a friendship with a tiny patient. >> reporter: sometimes what's built isn't in the blueprint. >> we got up about three floors and you could see the kids in the window waving at you. >> reporter: for 2-year-old vivian, those waves were a therapy that helped her forget the chemotherapy. her family got the heartbreaking news that vivian had acute lymphoblastic leukemia. >> i thought, well, i'm losing my little girl. >> reporter: a.l.l. is a cancer that affects the white blood cells, the ones that fight
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infection and protect the body against disease. >> the doors remain closed. people come in with gowns and gloves and masks. >> reporter: so vivian's only way out was to look out. then on a day that was tougher than most, vivian and her mom went to the window and instead of waving saw the ironworkers pointing to this. written on one of the beams were get well soon, the little girl in the window had become a smelter for hearts. what were you thinking about? >> my kids and how precious life is. >> reporter: strangers becoming friends even though they'd never met. and then -- they finally did. >> i appreciate it. good to meet you guys. >> reporter: construction workers are known as tough guys but even they know they're not as tough as this little girl.
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>> it touches you. sets you back realizing how good your own life is. >> reporter: vivian's recovery is still under construction. but she's feeling better thanks in part to two new friends and the room with a view. >> i love that story. >> everyone is rooting for little vivian there. >> i hope she does well. let's turn our attention to the weather. we are off to a little bit of a quick start today. going to get hot. >> only around 60 around dawn. it's jumping. that strong september sun is working on us heating us up. if you're about to head out the door, enjoy this day. we're in the low to mid-70s around the bay as well as in the shenandoah valley, still in the 60s to right around 70 degrees
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and the radar is not showing any rain near us. it's off the carolina coast. in metro area, play ball. nationals park. they take on the braves. they're still in it. still alove. first pitch in the mid-80s. the low humidity in place the rest of the game, wonderful baseball weather. last week, post your pictures when you're out and about this weekend on facebook and twitter and i'll share. great pool weather, afternoon highs in the upper 80s. don't forget your sun block. this photo taken at virginia beach and the rough surf not as
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strong. rip currents saturday. had to have several ocean rescues. lots of sunshine into the low 80s right at the beach with the water temperature in the upper 70s. inland up around 90 degrees and partly cloudy the rest of the region labor day. another gory day tomorrow. more humid on sunday. then here comes sweltering humidity moving back in on tuesday. get back to work and school as well as on wednesday. morning lows, low 70s. we do need some rain. a rain deficit since the 1st of august. maybe a few showers on thursday and again on friday. looks like another break from the high humidity, turning less humid saturday and sunday as we get to next weekend.
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♪ today you can tinsel britting the holiday weekend at the labor day concert on the national mall.
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>> video of a concert from last year. they'll be performing tonight. it begins at 6:00 on the capitol west lawn. gates open at 3:00. the concert is totally free, so you have no excuse to check it out. >> good weather for it. >> perfect weather for the concert on the mall. temperatures should be back down into the 70s and partly cloudy through the evening. a nice evening coming up. that's it for "news 4 today." >> wake up with us tomorrow morning. we start at 4:26 a.m. until then, have a great sunday, everybody.
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this sunday, former secretary of state colin powell, his first interview since the nuclear deal, his stand on race in america and on election 016 and our nbc news marist poll from two states where it counts the most, iowa and new hampshire. who is up? who is down? and which of these candidates may now have a reason to worry. also, jeb bush takes on trump. >> there's one candidate in this -- in the republican party that is preying on people's angst and fears, that has a philosophy not about the goodness and greatness of the american people. will it work? >> so far everybody that's attacked me have gone down the tubes. >> and the big interview with hillary clinton ab


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