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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  September 8, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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news4 at 11 begins with breaking news. >> and that breaking news tonight from las vegas. fire forced a boeing 777 to abort takeoff and evacuate passengers on to the runway. >> some of the passengers injured upon evacuation. we have just gotten the audio
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from the air traffic control tower tonight. news4's chris lawrence tracking it all for us from the live desk. >> the plane was this close to take off on a 5,000 to 6,000 mile flight to london, and the pilot told passengers there was a catastrophic engine failure. >> 2276 heavy, we are evacuating on the runway. we have the fire i repeat. we are evacuating. >> 2276, roger. >> people on board other planes shot video of the passengers evacuating on to the runway with black smoke pouring out of the plane and one of its engines engulfed in fire. the british airways flight was about to lift off for the uk when it suddenly deployed evacuation. crewmembers and passengers had to evacuate down the emergency slide. passengers say they were crashing into each other in the thick smoke. the airport says 13 of them went to the hospital with minor injuries. firefighters had to douse the 777 with fire retardant. two faa inspectors are on the scene right now.
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and we just learned the ntsb is sending a go team to look into it. jim, doreen? >> chris laurence, thank you. no proof anyone committed a crime. that's what the commonwealth attorney says about the death of inmate natasha mckenna. >> the prosecutor also said there is no question mckenna suffered from a psychiatric disease. and tonight meagan fitzgerald got reaction from mental health experts. meagan? >> reporter: and jim, many of the experts say that natasha mckenna's death highlights many of the issues in the prison system, but they stop short in saying that those deputies should have faced charges. what happened here on february 3rd is something many mental health experts say could have been avoided. 37-year-old natasha mckenna battles with schizophrenia, bipolar disorder and other mental illnesses for years. her erratic behavior landed her in jail. the president and ceo of the national alliance on mental
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illness. she says jailing mentally ill people is the first mistake. >> we need to find resources in our community so that people can get the help they need. >> reporter: she says this 25-page death investigation report is a glimpse into how much help mckenna needed. deputies trying to restrain mckenna in a chair should she could be transported to alexandria. but according to the report, she thought they were out the get her, saying, quote, you promised me you wouldn't kill me. i didn't do anything. though she fought the deputies as hard as she could. >> people who are living at mental illness, at times their brain is not telling them the truth. >> reporter: after fighting deputies for more than 17 minutes, the report says mckenna was tased four times. she lost consciousness, and ended up dying five days later. >> it's just -- it's just a horrific tale of suffering. >> reporter: fairfax county commonwealth attorney ray murrow admits mckenna's death is tragic, but his investigation determined the deputies who
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tried to control her didn't do anything wrong. >> at the end, these deputies were exhausted. they were trying to push her legs down into the chair. and believe it or not, they couldn't get them in the chair. she was a fighter. and if you look at her history, god bless her, not her fault, but she is a fighter. >> reporter: now we reached out to the attorney for natasha's family for comment. he declined, but sent an e-mail to "the washington post" and said, quote, this decision sends a frightening message to members of minority groups and the mentally impaired about equality protection in fairfax county. now the department does tell us that there is video surrounding this incident. they're expecting to release that in the coming days. back to you. >> meagan fitzgerald, thank you. there is a heavy police presence tonight in the d.c. neighborhood where gunmen shot five people just over 24 hours ago. it was a hail of gunfire. almost 30 shot all together. and shomari stone reports new
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tonight, while police patrol outside, neighbors are inside praying for peace. >> we're just delighted, really, to have you here to share. >> reporter: dozens of people who live in southeast d.c. sit and listen in pews. they're concerned about the seemingly endest gun violence in their community. >> upset that young men and women are finding -- hurting each other. >> reporter: ronald hampton vol tweers the d.c. justice collaborative, a coalition of social justice groups. >> i just wish we could have prevention strategies. >> reporter: last night police drove to a shooting in the 2900 block of martin luther king avenue. three gunmen fired nearly 30 rounds, hitting five people. so many bullets were fired that detectives worked all night to collect evidence. tonight police have stepped up patrols in the area as they search for tips and leads. some of these folks in the church want the d.c. government to spend more tax dollars on creating jobs and social
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programs. but what about the people who are causing the violence? what about personal responsibility? >> we have people, families are incarcerated. whole families that are incarcerated. so at some point or another, we pay taxes. so some of the manifestation of the taxes are establishing service. >> reporter: they'll discuss the best way to stop the violence. meanwhile, some want police to continue to step up enforcement. tonight police say the victims in this latest shooting are not cooperating with the investigation. which makes solving this crime that much more difficult. call d.c. police if you have any information about the shooting. here in southeast, i'm shomari stone, news4. just one weekend into september, and it's already d.c.'s deadliest year since 2010. and police point to one common thread. repeat gun offenders. so far this year more than a thousand illegal guns have been taken off our streets. more than half had already been caught with a gun before. d.c. leaders want tougher
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penalties for gun offenders and a zero tolerance for repeat offenders. >> if they're caught with a gun once they're on that list, and they've been given all the opportunities to be successful, then there are no breaks in the system. they are the given the strictest penalties. >> chief lanier also says repeat offenders will be put on a list and monitored by police once they're released from jail. a d.c. police commander is under investigation tonight for allegedly instructing officers to engage in politics that would violate federal law. police say commander vendette parker told officers to distribute mayor bowser's pledge to end homelessness while out on patrol. each officer was told to get at least five signed pledges from residents. > so far of the eight days in
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september, we've had six 90-degree days or better, and i think we have one more during the day tomorrow. then a change. a cloud cover and front that makes its our way. it's going to change things for the better i think as it will cool things down. 92 degrees the high temperature today in d.c. 95 in warrenton. tomorrow temperatures very similar to where they were today. the headline, one more hot one. the storm chance is going up. we have multiple storm chances here, and a pretty big pattern shift. we'll talk about that coming up in my full forecast in just a minute. back here at the live desk, we're keeping an eye on a brushfire that is burning dangerously close to a lot of homes in southern california. this is a fire that is burning in the hillsides near fullerton, very close to a gated community on the los angeles border. firefighters requested two superscoopers, a plane designed to put thousands of gallons of water on a wildfire. voluntary evacuations are under way on several streets. and officials have converted a community center to handle any
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evacuation. we just heard doug talk about our own hot weather. but it's triple-digits in that part of southern california. and a local mayor says it's bone-dry right now. >> we serve a living god who knows exactly where each and every one of us is at. >> that kentucky clerk jailed for refusing to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples is back home tonight. kim davis was released from jail today by the same judge who order her held in contempt last week. there were two republican candidates, a crowd of supporters, and the eye of the tiger playing on speakers. the judge instructed davis not to interfere with her deputies who have been issuing the licenses since last friday. davis plans to go back to work this week. she is asking that her name and authority be removed from the licenses. >> we're still asking for kim davis and others like her to have her conscience and her religious convictions accommodated. >> if you do not want to obey the law and you do not think
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that is not right, maybe you should not be in office. >> davis hasn't said if she'll return to work tomorrow or wait until later in the week. hillary clinton is hitting the reset button as she tries to regain momentum in the polls. that started today with an apology for using a private e-mail server during her time as secretary of state. mrs. clinton said she was sorry and called using the private server a mistake during an interview with abc news. last week, clinton declined to apologize during an interview with andrea mitchell, and yesterday with the associated press, clinton will appear on ellen this thursday and jimmy fallon next week. campaign strategists hope some humor will help her regain the edge with the voters. two republican candidates for president are teaming up to protest the iran nuclear deal. donald trump and senator ted cruz will headline a tea party rally tomorrow on the steps of the capitol. in an op-ed in the usa today for tomorrow, trump called the deal
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amateur hour. he said it demonstrated the total incompetence of the president and politicians. tomorrow trump and cruz will call on congress to reject the deal. but congress may not even vote. 41 senators back the nuclear deal, which means democrats could block a vote from happening. three young men charged in the murder of a high school student in sterling will stay in jail for now. danny ceteno miranda was shot as he walked to school. a 17-year-old is charged with his murder now. two adults are charged with the accessory after the fact. counselors were at park view high school today in case any of miranda's classmates needed support. neighbors say they believe miranda was killed because he refused to join a gang. next at 11:00, it was one of the most talked about individual i don't understand facebook over the weekend. now the high school football players who put this hit on a referee have an explanation. plus, a local mom one of the
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faces of the free range parenting movement. tonight urging more parents to get on board. and tickets to see pope francis in philadelphia in philadelphia sold out in minutes. they're supposed to be free. so guess how much they're going for on ebay. >> that's coming up. but first here is jimmy fallon. >> richard gere is my guest tonight. >> thank you. >> rich gear, everyone.
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given the information we have today, we are not cancelling the football season for jon jay. >> a high school football team will play out the season in san antonio, texas after two teammates were caught on camera ramming a referee during the game on friday. new tonight, the players are accusing that referee of directing racial slurs at them. both students were suspended at the school district as they investigate.
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an assistant coach has been placed on leave for suggesting the students retaliate. a montgomery county mother known for her free range parenting style wants more children to walk to school. danielle spoke at the action committee for transit meeting in silver spring tonight. she believes parents choose to drive their kids to school instead of letting them walk because they're scared about stranger danger. >> but of course what we really know the most likely thing is -- accidents, the number one cause of children every year. children between the ages 4 and 14. so when people say i'm going to drive my kids to school rather than walk, we're actually endangering our children more. >> meitev and her husband were charged with neglect for letting their two children, aging 10 and 6 walk to a park about a mile from their home. a judge cleared the charges against them earlier this year. new at 11, you'll no longer
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see a long-standing tradition in alexandria city. the city council voted to ban the flying of confederate flags twice a year at its busy old towne intersection. in the past flags have been raised there to commemorate robert e. lee's birthday in january around the confederate memorial day in may. at the same meeting tonight, alexandria's fire chief robert du bay briefed the city council on the effort to cross-train firefighters and paramedics. he says so far 38 workers have done the process. the program is voluntary for current emergency workers. the chief says it helps ensure a paramedic will always get to a call first and can issue vital life support. some emergency workers are concerned they'll be looked over for promotions if they don't choose to cross-train as firefighters. the chief says the program will save the city 3 million a year. police are looking for the guy in these pictures. see wanford a string of recent robberies in charles county. police say he entered a dash inn on crane highway in waldorf on
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early sunday morning. he showed a gun and stole money from the clerk. later that day he robbed a cvs on leonardtown road and yesterday he robbed an employee at a 7-eleven on crane highway. police say they would sure like to hear from you if you have any info. doug is here. now before we get to the forecast, you went up to new york to have a little fun at 30 rock. >> it was some of the most fun i've had in a long time. i got the call. they said they want you to come hang out with jimmy fallon on "the tonight show." we played the whisper challenge. if you have seen it, with know what we're talk. it's on the nbc washington page and my facebook page. here is one of the clues i gave jimmy. >> we're here to do the whisper challenge. doreen gentzler. >> do it, no questions. >> news4 followed by tonight show, tonight. >> do it! >> no questions. >> it was so much fun. i had a great time. and i gave him a lot more clues
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as well. so that's going to be up there over the next couple of days. and all i got to say, one of the best times in a long time. >> we love his show. he has great guest list. >> big week. >> most definitely and glad to see the singers doing okay. let's take a look at what is happening across. temperatures still 80 degrees. oynts the hot side or warm side. winds out of the south at 10 miles per hour under partly cloudy skies. temperatures around the region 81 degrees right now in leesburg. 74 culpeper. 75 in huntingtown. it's warm every where. it's going to stay warm through the next 24 hours. something else happening the next 24 hours, we're finally going to get some rain on radar. nothing out there tonight. but all you have to do is look back to the west. look at the clear skies. a beautiful night. but here is the frontal boundary that is going to change everything. take the heat away from us. give us much cooler air. and give us a chance for rain. not just one chance, but couple of chances of much needed rainfall.
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we really do need to see some rain. here is future weather tomorrow morning. just a few clouds coming on in. watch what happens around 1:00. the clouds starting to build. it's on the hot side. notice the showers back towards the mountains where they normally tend to start. in and around 6:00 we start to see them. i still think most of the area is dry all day. but there will be a few showers, a few thunderstorms developing. look at 9:00. some of the latest computer models giving us a chance of thunderstorms tomorrow night around 8:00, 9:00, ten, 11:00 tomorrow night. watch what happens on thursday. heavy rain potentially overnight tomorrow night. and thursday, here is 8:00 a.m. watch what happens around noon. we get wet. and that's some very good news. once again, we really do need to see some rainfall. we have not seen much at all. we're about 2 1/2 inches below average since the beginning of august. so once again, we need to see some of that rain. it looks like it's coming on wednesday night and into thursday. we're not done yet. 92 degrees for tomorrow. 90 in gaithersburg. 92 manassas. 94 in fredericksburg. again, most of us seeing partly sunny skies tomorrow.
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and back to the west, a best chance for storms during the day. east of the blueridge, not worried about the storms at all. bus stop forecast. great start. 75 with some sunshine. some clouds mixed in. and then it gets hot again, the high temperature around the 92 degree mark. sunrise at 6:44. 85 for a high on thursday with the 80% chance of rain. some of it could be heavy at times. knott anticipating any severe weather. 84 on friday. mostly cloudy. an isolated shower possible. but most of the day is dry. then we get to the weekend. and that is a tough weekend forecast here. we have another storm system that's going to come in and give us a chance for rain saturday and sunday. so some rain is likely. much cooler. but a tricky forecast. which day is going to have the most rain. how much rain will we see. a lot of differences on the models. this is something i'll be watching, and we have time to watch it. one thing we know for sure, say goodbye to the 90s and hello to the 70s. 79 on monday. 78 on monday. >> we'll welcome them. >> we will for sure. >> thank you, doug.
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up next, the nats' bull pen collapses tonight. did you see it? did you see it? as the mets beg
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this is the xfinity sports desk, brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. >> they took us on a wild ride tonight, up and down. you would have left in the seventh inning. >> i gave nationals fans a hard type last night. i have to apologize after what happened last night. if you're a fan that went to nationals park tonight, you probably had a great time at the game. but i guarantee you the fun ended somewhere around the seventh inning with their season hanging in the balance, the nationals blew a six-run lead of
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all nights fans had reason to get up, walk out and be traffic tonight. it wasn't all bad at the park. sixth inning, the fans on their feet. michael taylor up with the bases loaded. and a three-run lead. taylor takes this ball up the middle. yoenis cespedes can't handle it. that is a bases clearing, hold on. taylor is trying to come home here. this is a stand-up grand slam four runs come in to score off the error. taylor, he gets a curtain call. the nationals, they're up 7-1. drew storen inherits the bases loaded jam in the seventh facing cespedes. he makes up for that error. center field, he had a big-time night. he is going the clear the bases. three-run double. since joining the mets, he is batting over .340, cespedes. the mets right back in this game. they're down just a run. nats fans can't believe what they're seeing. a few batters later, walks marcus duda with the bases loaded that brings in the game
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highing run. the nationals blow a six-run lead. in the eighth, matt williams brings in his closer early. jonathan papelbon gives up a long ball here to kirk. that would be all she wrote. the go-ahead home run. the mets go on to win this one by a final score of 8-7. here is manager matt williams at the game. >> there is good times and there is bad times. and the bad times needing support. and that's part of my job. i've got confidence in every one of those guys in that room. and tonight wasn't their night. but i have got confidence in them. moving on now, the orioles visiting the yankees. adam jones hitting this one out. has a hurt shoulder from yesterday's game. the bash brother of his, khris davis taking care of business. going opposite field with the game tied at one in the top of the ninth. that's his major league leading 41st home run of the season. the orioles double up the yankees by a final of 2-1.
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moving on to tennis now. it was very emotional night in new york for serena williams. a victory will put her a few steps closer to capturing the calendar year grand slam. but to advance she had to get past her big sister venus. it was a full house at arthur ashe stadium. the two sisters meeting up for the 27th time as pros. serena took the first set 6-2. in the second sister venus serving the point set here. a little back and forth. mistakes costing serene. that venus would take this 6-1. we head to a third set. serena, she stopped playing around here. check thought backhand winner from serena. she knows she is close to moving on. and then later on, serving with double match point, how about an ace. serena williams goes on the win, 6-2, 1-6, 6-3 to advance to the semifinals. >> that's a picture right there. >> thank goods than was on tonight with the nationals. . that was the ♪
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tomorrow will be one of the biggest days of the year for tech news. apple is expected to unveil a couple of new iphones. a long reported giant ipad could steal the show, though. ipad sales have fallen for six straight quarters as iphone screen sizes have gotten bigger. there is speculation we'll also hear about a new and improved apple tv. some people are calling it a sin. sky-high ticket prices to see the pope. tickets for pope francis at philadelphia's independence hall are popping up job line for up
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to a thousand dollars apiece. 10,000 free tickets were made available online at noon today. they were all gone, in get this, two minutes. the archdiocese of philadelphia says it can't stop the sales. free tickets for the pope's other events in philly will be up for grabs tomorrow. wow. >> don't you think those people
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♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- richard gere, jessica simpson, musical guest, keith urban,


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