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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  September 9, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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they are expected to be okay. a short time ago we learned all runways are now open at mccarron international in las vegas. now to a developing story in the district this morning. police investigating another shooting. it happened at alabama avenue southeast just before midnight. they have not made any arrests. d.c. mayor and police chief say repeat offenders the commonality in many of the city's recent murders. now police say they're going to track the repeat offenders through the criminal justice. cathy lanier did stress they will offer job training to repeat offenders so they have a chance to be a productive member of society. the rape accusation in that
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now discredit "rolling stone" article. critics say the school could protect privacy by removing names. alexandria is ramping up efforts to cross-train firefighters and paramedics. the program is voluntary for some workers. some emergency workers were concerned they will be looked over for promotions if they don't choose to cross-train as firefighters. the program will save the city $3 million a year. that is not the only ruling coming out of that meeting coming up in a few minutes. first, let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. hot once again? >> yeah, i know, i'm not happy about that. i refuse to run in 90 degree weather. that means another day i get to sit around and wait for the cooler weather.
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overall weather impact on the day will be fairly low. hot and humid, yes. rain chances arriving probably the metro area, not so well after the sun goes down. waking up this morning, it's sticky and feels like summer outside. temperatures are in the low to mid-70s in much of the area. 76 in washington. 72 in manassas. even know the cool spots out in the shenandoah valley are close to 70. your hometown forecast, wheaton, maryland for today, warm and humid, 74 degrees at 7:00 a.m. up near 90 by lunchtime. and a chance of showers probably until not after 6:00 or 7:00 this evening. you may want to take the umbrella. breaking news at connecticut shut down northbound and southbound at knowles avenue. a truck and wires down there. the alternate, howard avenue or
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washington street. if you're heading northbound, trying to work your way around it. it sounds like it will be there-l some time. overall, 66 and 95 looking good here up top. no major problems there on 66 right now. taking a look at 95 and maryland bw parkway. back in ten minutes. they really believe that the people trying to help them, retrain them, are trying to kill them so literally they exert themselves to dearth. that's perhaps. >> commonwealth attorney there in fairfax county said no one is at fault for an inmate's death earlier this year. natasha mckenna died in february after deputies tased her while trying to restrain her in a declare. prosecutor ray morrow said they will trying to help her while she fought back. mckenna had mental illness, including bipolar and schizophrenia. >> people who live with mental
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illnesses, at times their brain is not telling them the truth. we need to find resources in our community so that people can get the help they need. >> that was a mental health expert who told us someone with mentalet illness should be sent to a hospital instead of a jail. the fairfax county sheriff has us suspended the use of tasers. today, a woman in rockville accused of killing her roommate by stabbing her in the back will be in court. montgomery county police said she had a journal that said that her roommate practiced witchcraft. we're expecting to hear new reaction today from the multimillion-dollar settlement for freddie gray's death. gray died in baltimore in police custody earlier this year. we learned yesterday the city will give his family $6.4 million to settle its wrongful
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death claim. they will make that official in city hall this morning. and lawyers for freddie gray's family will hold a news conference about the settlement. a new poll out this morning how much people believe that police officers treat black people differently than white. the poll comes from the national bar association. half of all responders say they do treat black people differently. however, 88% of black people agreed with the idea, compared to 59% of white people. you will no longer see the flying of the confederate flag in alexandria. to decision 2016 now, a live look at the hill where later today, presidential candidate donald trump and senator ted cruz will hold a rally against the nuclear deal with iran. the two republicans rivals are calling on members of congress
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to reject the deal. they're not the only two big names that appear. later on we'll be talking about nbc's tracie potts about who will be joining them on the rally. i want to welcome to the stage, kim davis! >> with rock music blaring and two presidential hopeful, the kentucky count itty clerk who refused to issue gay marriage licenses is out of jail this morning. a judge ordered her to jail last thursday on a contempt of court charge. yesterday, the same judge released davis. he said her deputy clerk started issuing gay marriage licenses as soon as davis went behind bars, complying with his orders and federal law. davis said many supporters admire her for what she said in following her faith as an apostolic christian. her critics say she should resign. >> if you do not want to obey law and you think that is not right, then maybe you should not be in office. >> davis san elected official, that means she can't be fired
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but she can be impeached. the governor said the licenses issued in her absence will stand despite davis' argument that without her significant they are not valid. just into the live desk, another opportunity to get more tickets to see the pope. thousands of more tickets are actually going to be up for grabs later today. 10,000 will be given out on a first come, first served basis. that starts at 4:00 this afternoon. this is for the closing festival of the world meeting of families in philadelphia. then another 10,000 will be available at 8:00 p.m. that is for the mass happening the day after on september septemberth. free tickets given out yesterday. ticks already being sold online for 1,000 bucks a piece. those tickets were gone within a few minutes. for ongoing pope coverage, check out our nbc app. a report on metro this
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more bad news is capping off what has been a rough summer for metro.
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the agency's vital signs report shows more trains and buses broke down in april, may and june, compared to the same months in 2014. now, metro says that led to fewer buses and trains arriving on time. crime also went up steadily over the three months. and customer satisfaction dropped from 73% on the rails to 80 last year. and peak today, with money back on your pepco bills. it will be the peak demand days of the year. it's offering a credit for customers who keep their energy use low between 2:00 and 6:00 today. the less you use, the more money you save. customers in pepco's voluntary energy-wise work program may notice a one to three-degree rise in their service this afternoon. we're like, forget the savings, it's that hot. >> it's already unbearable out there, chuck. >> uh-huh.
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way to be a team player. i support the idea and effort and all that jazz, but i'm sure -- >> no one else does, but pepco thinks you're the boss. >> wow. 76 in rookville, 76 downtown, 74 out in clinton, maryland this morning. heading out to the bus stop, 7:00, 8:00 in the morning, mid-70s and very muggy. sun's not up until 6:44. and muggy at 12:00. coming home, temperatures in the upper 80s and low 90s. we'll talk more coming up. breaking news in kensington, connecticut avenue, we're shut down northbound and southbound there at knowles avenue. your alternate if you're coming southbound, howard avenue or washington street. if you can we have downed wires there. prince george's county looking good. overall green. 95 north, through stafford, two
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right lanes blocked. it was a little yellow but it's okay now. and 270 rolling along quite nicely, eun. >> thank you, melissa. new details in the e-mail scandal with hillary clinton's campaign and republicans now pushing for immunity in the x-rays. and it's not as bad as drama ♪
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d.c. is the center of the presidential campaign today. candidates are out in full force to weigh if on the nuclear agreement with iran. nbc's tracie potts is with here on capitol hill. who is in town? >> reporter: we've got donald trump and ted cruz leading a big
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rally on capitol hill. they are against it. in fact, trump in an op-ed with "usa today" talked about negotiations calling it amateur hour. they're going to be out with other conservatives like sarah palin and glenn beck rallying against the deal. it may be too late too little. president obama has the 41 votes needed to block the resolution from ever getting off of capitol hill to his desk. what that means, the vote may not even be needed. they may not be able to get that to his desk. lawmakers have just over a week to deal with this. that's the deadline, after that, it looks like that deal may be. and in just a few hour, hillary clinton will deliver her take on the iran deal. she's speaking at the brookings newt this morning. clinton had spoken in support of the deal.
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"the wall street journal" reports her and her aides play key roles in shaping early developments of that deal in her last months as secretary of state. and clinton says i'm sorry about the e-mail use and criticism of that use while in office. she said she made a mistake. politico is now reporting two powerful senators to offer a top staffer immunity to testify on the little about the arrangement. that staffer is ryan pagliano, he has invoked his rights not to testify before the house committee. the u.s. intelligence summit begins today on capitol hill. the director of national intelligence will share his assessment of the state of u.s. intelligence at a panel at the national security skouns. people like john brennan and the
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head of the faa will. and prince george's hospital with patients to employees who politicians who fought to keep the hospital open, people want to know why its impending closure was kept a secret. some of them found out on facebook, others while we broke the news on twitter. it plans to be an ambulatory care center by 2018. >> we as maternity nurses are terrified. they should have transitioned us better. >> when the 38 staff members who work in the maternity unit leave, there will only be one other hospital that offers delivery in all of prince george's county. you may be able to help police in charles county if you recognize the man you see here. he's wanted for a string of recent robberies in the county. police say the incident at the
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dash and food store showed a gun to a clerk and stole money. later that day, he robbed a cvs and then on monday, he robbed another on crane. now to a violent robbery in arlington. a man was stabbed. a man walked up to the victims and tried to take the woman's purse. in the struggle, her hand was cut. the man she was walking with jumped in to help but there was a second attacker hiding in the bushes. this happened on arlington boulevard near the middle school. police say both victims are lucky to be alive. new this morning, a push from the attorney general to get up and get moving. we're not saying you have to run like chuck bell. in fact, today's study focuses on walking. to make it convenient places for people to go to the stroll.
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d.c. is the second largest city to walk. on circles, streets and the cities and beautiful parks. the white drew thousands of visitors. turns out a visit to a real beach. many of them lost something in the beach exhibit. according to "the washington post," nearly 1,000 items have been reported lost and have been unclaimed at the beach. the items are phones, wedding rings, shoes, sunglasses, a fitness tracker. they've all washed up, if you will, or found in the depth of that exhibit. >> you know, you could easily lose something small. >> i just found this diamond ring on the news desk. >> i was putting lotion on my hands. >> chuck's like, hmm, i'll take that. >> absolutely, diamonds are forever, right? >> they are. >> so, the last of the hot
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weather, you're planning on staying in the ac all afternoon? >> i'm headed out. >> and indeed, it's kind of a strange thing to live in the studio with all the ac going on. it's a hot and humid afternoon coming your way for the region for the avenue. our view outside early this afternoon over washington. there are clouds starting to sneak back in the picture. these clouds will thicken up later today. there are rain chances later on in the evening. most of your daylight hours i think should be dry. 76 in washington with a south wind blowing. summer is slowly but steadily coming to an end. 51 days in the 90s this year. but, today will be the last of the 90s in the long stretch. and last year by comparison, our final 90 dream day of the year was on september 11th and today will be september 9th. so it's about that time of year to start saying good-bye to the
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90s once again. a muggy morning, hot and humid afternoon. rain chances move on to the shenandoah valley and by evening time possibly to the metro. right now, low to mid-70s, already in the early morning hours. running today, one more hot and humid day. if you're like me and you can't run before lunchtime, you may take one more day off but it's back to disciplined running after today. low to mid-90s across much of the area. could have showers on i-81 as early as 3:00, 4:00, 5:00, showers on the metro by 5:00, 6:00, 7:00. held to the game tonight, the best thing for the nationals to happen right now is for a rain delay, maybe not get the game in, after another loss to the mets last night. it will be warm and humid. and the nats are going to have to win it the old-fashioned way. here's the weather front. arrives here primarily during the day tomorrow.
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here's future weather, through lunchtime, nothing happening but after, 2:00, 3:00, 4:00, there's a risk of showers on sii-81. and some of those could be in the metro. you want to take your umbrella. 92 with a chance of rain showers around. rain likely for tomorrow. sunshine back for one day on friday. unfortunately, you have a chance of rain on both your saturday and sunday. no washout, but nonetheless, be ready to be dodging in drops on the course of your weekend. check on what you'll be dodging on the roads with melissa mollet. breaking news in ken sing tonge. again, we consider connecticut shut down at knowles avenue. your alternate, howard avenue or washington street, or georgia. possibly georgia is your best bet. inner loop at colesville road, right lane getting by. wide look at the beltway here. everything looking quite good. inner loop and outerloop.
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no slowdowns here. and 1-95 at skaggsville road. there you go, and 270, northbound and southbound, everything going just fine. remember to listen to our friends on wtop, 105 fm in your car. the so-called freeway mom speaks out about her parenting style. what she says more kids should be allowed to do. and we're just hours away and we're just hours away from a major announcement from
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what did iran's supreme leader get in the nuclear deal? to start with, $100 billion. they keep their nuclear facilities and ballistic missiles. there won't be surprise anytime-anywhere inspections. and after ten years, restrictions are lifted and iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. congress should reject a bad deal. we need a better deal.
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we continue following breaks news in prince george's county where one person is dead, others wounds after an early morning shooting. kristin wright just pulled up to the scene there. she's gathering the latest and will bring us an update at the top of the 5:00 hour. looking live at the current temperatures this morning where most of you are waking up in the 70s. look at that, 72 in manassas, 72 in gaithersburg. cluck bell is putting together your hour-by-hour planner. plus, new information about two people police officers shot and killed in virginia beach. one india cager is from college park. >> to mitigate as much as possible, officers found a light
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distracting device. again, they've done this before. >> now, police say perry was a person of interest in a homicide investigation. they say he started shooting at office when they approached him in his car. four officers who opened fire in response are now on administrative assignment. more than 450 virginia national guard member, headed to the middle east. many of you know some of the people who are going. the guard members are based in leesburg, fredericksburg, charlesville, suffolk and woodstock. they'll be honored with a departure ceremony this morning at 11:00. the guardsmen and women were part of the winchester-based 3rd battalion. a montgomery county mother wants more children to walk to school. danielle macy is known for her free-range parenting style. she spoke at the action committee in silver spring last night. she believes parents choose to
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drive their kids to school instead of letting them walk because they're afraid of stranger danger. >> of course, what we know of course, the number one cause of death for children is in a car. so people say i'm going to drive my kids to school, rather than walk. well, actually, we're leading our children there. >> she and her husband were charged with neglect for letting their two children age 2 and 6 walk a mile to a park away from their home. get ready for the long lines when you take the train from manassas, you may be able to park easier. the city is providing 100 more spaces in the parking grac inin downtown manassas. you can park on levels, 1, 3, 4 and 5, 2 is reserved nor for
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their use. and later today, the company will announce new iphones and newly designed apple tv system. experts expect this year's iphone models will be the same size as perhaps a camera, a faster processor and new colors. doesn't matter, it could be the same thing, people are going to be in line. this is the brand loyalty. >> it's mind-boggling. >> how smart is this company? >> it's got to run out at some point. >> i don't know, they're geniuses over there. stay with us, "news4 today" continues at 5:00 a.m. >> announcer: "news4 today" begins with breaking news. a deadly shooting leads "news4 today" at 5:00 a.m. prince george's police say one man is dead, two other people in critical condition after a


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