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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  September 9, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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like right now. you're looking the a live picture. crews on the scene trying to repair the downed power lines, melissa mollet has more. >> it is a heck of a mess. again, connecticut avenue at knowles avenue. what happened, they were putting asphalt down, the back of the truck lifted up and hit some wires here this morning. they're trying to get that out of the way, and things cleared out of the way. right now, connecticut at knowles, we're shut down this morning. alternate is going to be georgia avenue. also although longer single tracking, orange, silver, blue. outside for today, clouds are starting to sneak back into our skies. temperatures will be at or above 90 degrees. but i think this may be the end of our heat wave in september. hours rolling in mid to late evening and rain chances continue to climb as we head towards the weekend as well. overall weather impact on your daylight hour, relatively low,
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it will be hot and humid. but most of us have rain chances not aryaning until after 6:00, 7:00, nothing on radar with temperatures in the low to mid-70s. again, plan on a hot day to be outside today. skies will go from partly to mostly cloudy. highs right around 92 degrees in downtown washington. be ready to sweat it out. we have breaking news right now if you're just joining you, a man is dead and two other people are in critical condition after a shooting overnight in prince george's county. you can see here detectives at work laying out evidence markers near the scene in capitol heights, maryland. police tell news4 the gunfire started just before 1:00 on jade court. kristin wright is on the scene with more information. kristin. >> reporter: yes, that's right. three people shot overnight, and one of them dead. those evidence markers that are still here right now. you can see, we counted about 25 of them. we're not sure if those are
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shelt ca shell casings or not. certainly, a lot of evidence markers a lot for detectives to do this morning. some five hours after this happened. if you look beyond the evidence markers, you see a car back there and its driver's side door open. we feel that might be part of the investigation. there are some evidence markers near that car. the shooting happened this morning at 12:30. the detectives had been out here all night long working on collecting evidence. officers got here and found a woman and two men, with gunshot wounds. one of the men died here. the other man and woman were taken to the hospital in critical condition. what exactly happened and why, we just don't know at this point. police don't have anybody in custody. they haven't arrested anyone. they have not named any suspects, so we're following it closely this morning. and we'll bring you information agency we get it. back to you. >> thank you, kristin.
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6:03. we're learning how an independent review the university of virginia handled a student's rape accusations will not be made public. this is the rape accusation in the new discredited rolling stone argue. critics say the school could protect privacy by removing student names. we're told video of a fairfax county inmate who died will be released in the coming days. deputies will make it public now that the county commonwealth's attorney said natasha mckenna's death was not a crime. mckenna died back in february after deputies tased her while trying to restrain her in a chair. prosecutor morrow said her death was a tragic accident. he said she believes that the deputies were trying to kill her instead. in an e-mail to "the washington post," her family's attorney said, quote, this decision send ace frightening message to
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members of minority groups and the menty impaired about quality protection in fairfax county. in rockville, a woman accused of stabbing her roommate in the back will be in court. rita sanders-campfield. she was sent to a state cyst facility in september. a developing story this morning, all runways in the mccarron airport in las vegas now open after an engine fire on board a british airways plane. more than 150 passengers and crew members used emergency slides to escape that flame. the london-bound flight was forced to abort takeoff in las vegas yesterday afternoon as flames shot from the side of that jet. you can see that smoke there. 14 people hurt there. they are expected to be okay and no word on what caused that fire. on capitol hill, presidential candidates donald trump and senator ted cruz will
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hold a rally against the nuclear deal in iran. the two rivals are calling on members of congress to reject the deal. however yesterday, democrats have clinched enough votes to fend off republican attempts to thwart the deal. alexandria is getting rid of a local tradition. the city council voted to ban the flying of confederate flags twice a year in old town. in the past the flag was raised for robert e. lee's birthday and confederate day in may. flags will no longer be flown on city property. new steps being taken to make community college free. the president will make that announcement. $175 million being set aside to hiring more apprentices at community colleges. that's 35,000 in all. a new college advisory board is going to be created. that will be led by dr. jill
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biden. the administration also launching a campaign to highlight success stories. the president is expected to emphasize the impact this is going to have on the hispanic community. we know how full grades for your students matter to you and now you can have a little more control over how exactly that happens at least in montgomery county's public school system. the board of education wants to know what you think about would specific items. number one, whether you think students should have a large assessment like a paper or project every period, rather than a final exam at the end of the semester. number two, if those final exams go, what should count towards the student's grade? we'll keep you posted on how to get involved. there are more chances today for you to snag a ticket to seat the pope in philadelphia. 10,000 tickets were made available, first come, first served, at 4:00 this afternoon for the closing festival of world meeting of families. another 10,000 open up at 8:00 tonight for the mass september
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27th. we have everything you're looking for related to the pope's upcoming visit on the nbc washington app. breaking news on the roads. a big problem and closure in kensington. here this morning, we'll have details on that. a brand-new issue on gw parkway. also a metro delay coming up. also, a new poll is highlighting america's views on police officers and how they treat the public. how the response had that in common sense. celebrating another milestone. how queen elizabeth is making history
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breaking news in kensington right now. connecticut avenue again we're shut down at knowles avenue. you can turn left southbound connecticut to turn left on
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knowles. otherwise, you're going to be stopped there. the best thing to do is take georgia avenue. outbound. a car fire that just popped, town center. and red line delays to glennmont. on the roads, 270 south, no problems. outer loop of the beltway looking quite good. 66 inbound and 95 outbound looking okay. breaking news right now, we just learned of a second homicide in prince george's conte this morning police are at the scene, this is annapolis road and cooper lane. they tell us they responded to a report of an assault just about an hour ago. when they arrived on the scene, they did find a man. it appeared he had trauma on his body. he died it scene. police at this point still trying to figure out what the motive was and they're also trying to find a suspect in the
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case. stay with news4 for more on the developing story. eun. >> thanks, angie. that is big ben. as big ben struck midnight in london, queen elizabeth officially became the longest reigning british monarch. she passed the record of had her great-great-grandmother victoria. the 89-year-old has working with 12 prime ministers from winston churchill to david cameron. she has witnessed history before her very eyes. >> she almost literally has seen it all. >> and all the hats and outfits, too. today's hash tag is last hot day. >> meteorologist tom kierein is on the storm team 4 deck with the forecast. how does it feel? >> it's light and breezy. the critics are loud.
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they're playing metallica. starting out this morning, we've got delightful sight in the sky, venus is about 50 million miles away. there may be showers in the shenandoah valley in the mountains later today. tomorrow, though, there could be problems. no problem for the morning commute, warm and dry and 70. afternoon commute, might need an umbrella. some of the roads may be wet west of the i-95. back to you. upsetting images that sparked outrage worldwide how this journalist is being caught this morning after caught on camera tripping refugees. like them or not, more driverless cars are
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breaking news. i'm melissa mollet in the traffic center. take a look at this, connecticut avenue right now shut down at knowles avenue. if you're headed southbound on connecticut avenue you actually can turn left. that is the only thing you can do. take georgia avenue instead. it's going to be a big problem for a lots of folks. in just hours a baltimore
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city panel is expected to prove a multimillion-dollar settle in freddie gray's death. six officers facing charges in that death. gray's family filed a wrongful death claim. the city will spend $6.4 million over two years to settle that claim. new this morning, a poll out this morning that says -- it's about how much people believe that police officers treat black people differently than whites. the poll comes from the national bar association. across the country, morning half of all responders say they think police do treat people differently. however, 88% of the black people agreed with the idea, compared to 59% of white people who said they agreed. we're learning now that prosecutors will not face the death penalty for the man accused of filling an fbi officer. 26 year antoine johnson will
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instead face life without parole. johnson is accused of shooting fbi officer jeremy brown four times outside of his house in stafford in late april. that is brown in the photo. johnson told police that brown was his former lover. >> you may be able to help police in charles county if you recognize this man. he's wanted for a strong of robberies. he's wanted for a robbery early sunday morning. he left with cash. he's also wanted in connection to two other robberies. if you have information, police want to hear from you. you can now apply for an open loudoun county seat. the board plans to fill the seat of sean williams. williams resigned a few days ago after he was arrested for assault. instead of a special election, supervisors will appoint someone to serve, they want to fill that
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vacancy by the 7th. a hungarian journalist fired this after she allegedly stripped refugees caught on tape. here's a video circulating. you can see right there, she was seen kicking one of the people. now, there's another video, where she's seen tripping, actually a man carrying a child. and this is all while they were trying to escape from police. now, other videos, there's several that are circulating right now, you see them pushing and taking them. the tv station the woman works for has condemned the behavior and they fired her. tens of thousands of refugees hope to make their way into europe. later today, we will get a brand-new look at the visitor center that tells the story of the crash site.
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the center aims to tell the story of passengers on board flight 93 who heroically kept terrorists from causing more harm on 9/11. the effort to make paid sick leave mandatory in prince george's county may have hit another road block. a proposed bill would let hours have an hour's leave for every hour worked. they hoped would be on today's meeting agenda. however, council chairman said more discussion is needed. critics say it could hurt local businesses. well, you could see long lines outside of chipotle this morning. chipotle will open every location in the u.s. between 8:00 and 11:00 to hire more people. chipotle our employees 40,000
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people. and now calling on the walkable cities. washington is one seventh most walkable large city, that's according to breaking news in kensington. still, we have this problem. connecticut avenue totally closed there at knowles avenue. southbound traffic can turn left on to knowles. and your alternate is going to be georgia. to avoid this altogether. you see backups building on gw parkway. brand-new crash -- sorry, not a crash, a disabled car but the right lane is blocked there this morning. car fire outbound at the beltway. pretty much the same area that is blocking the lanes. town center parkway at new dominion, a crash there. i-95, doesn't seem to be slowing things but we do have a new accident there as well.
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remember, we do have red line delays. the national tentative 2016 schedule is out, it may be time to start looking it over. the team's playoff chances gasping for air after they blew a lead to the new york mets last night. this time, they had a 6-1 lead that evaporated late in the game. >> seventh inning. >> i know. you were already in bed that the point, right? >> yeah, we were winning when i went to bed. >> they pretty much have to wait for all those games and beat up on several teams with losing records in between. >> thus is heartbreaking losses. everybody is pointing to the bull pen. every season we have such a good team. we should win. let's turn to chuck to look at the forecast. >> i'm blaming eun, everything was going fine until she went to
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bed. so, now, eun, you've got to say up and watch these games all the way to completion. >> that's a lot of pressure. >> sure is. outside this morning, sticky and summerlike feel, temperatures are in the low to mid70s across the region first thing this morning. no rain just yet. rain chances start to go up later in the afternoon. to after dark in the metro. you can probably get away with not having your umbrella this afternoon. rain chances are pretty high for tomorrow for sure. but nothing's going on this morning. 75 in winchester, 71 in culpepper, 72 in newmark. planning out the day, mid-70s this morning, outdoor recess for the kids only a grade of "b" because of the heat and humidity. temperatures will be up in the low 90s once again. maybe a short-sleeve shirt. umbrella? ist to play it on the safe side.
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today's high, 89 in hagerstown, and 92 in downtown washington. timing out your best chances for the rain today. rain most likely to start 2:00 to 6:00 o'clock in the shenandoah valley. but metro, first chances not until 6:00 to 10:00 p.m. 90s today, but that's it. back into the 80s tomorrow and showers around both days this weekend. time now 6:24. well, apparently, there say party for the king street trolley, alex andrea transportation leaders say 5 million people have now taken the trolley. if you want to go, starts at 11:15. news4 your health teens who smoke real cigarettes are more likely to try real tobacco. researchers in pittsburgh say teens who vape, may become
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regular cigarette smokers. the cost may be a deterrent. the increase and taxes is up 3%. do you check online reviews for a doctor? well, the good, bad and ugly may be online for doctors in the nova medical group. all patients' comments will be reviewed before they're posted to make sure they're not appropriate, libelous or include patient information. google is trying to make the dream of self-driving cars a reality. but it faces a new threat. lasers. a researcher was able to confuse a self-driving car with a laser he bought with $60 in parts. self-driving cars use lasers themselves to detect things like other cars and bikers but it could cause the car to see
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something that is not actually there. researchers say it should be a wake-up call for manufacturers that more needs to be done to protect them inside and out. she made headlines across the country after her kids were picked up for walking the neighborhood alone. now the so-called free-range mom is talking about her parenting style and what she thinks your children should be doing. and the cut due to a growing budget cries. how fairfield county wants your shots. and breaking news on the roads this morning including a big closure here in kensington.
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we have breaking news right now in montgomery county where a stretch of connecticut avenue is shut down after a construction accident overnight. this is what the scene looks like in the live picture you see here right now, still very busy with cleanup here. melissa mollet has more on what happened and how to get around that mess. melissa. >> definite problem here. again, connecticut avenue at knowles.
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the only thing you can to head southbound is turn left on knowles. i know they're looking to get a northbound lane open in the next hour or so. keep our fingers crossed. alternate is georgia avenue. inbound, gw parkway at turkey run. had a car fire. off to the right shoulder there. 66 overall, looking pretty typical, same thing as you're looking at 95 in virginia. town center parkway, new dominion parkway still with that crash there. prince george's county no major problems. >> no major weather worries on a wednesday morning, weather impact, fairly low. heat and humidity in abundance, any rain chances not coming until late tonight, temperatures tonight near 90. back over to you guys. >> okay. chuck, thank you. we'll get you some water. >> i'll take it from there, chuck. developing story that we are following out of washington
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state where kids are actually being kept from attending their first day of school today. the teachers went on strike after contract talks broke down between the school district and the teachers union. the teachers say that they plan to ticket at all 97 schools. and the district says it may take legal action against them. the district serves about 63,000 students. aaron. 6:31 the time. parents in fairfax county have a chance tonight to weigh in on possible budget cuts next year. fairfax county schools said it's opening for a lot of engagement as it grapples with a budget shortfall. there's a meeting at south lake high school. the county school board said its budget deficit could be as much as $100 million next year. and we could see as many as 25 new teachers hired for stafford county schools.
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seven positions having added as some glasses grew to more than 30 students. the numbers are fluid as they're based on estimates. >> a montgomery county mother wants more children to be able to walk to school. danielle meitiv is known for her free-range parenting style. she believes parents choose to drive their kids to school instead of letting them walk because they're scared about strangers. >> but, of course, what we really need is confidence. the number one cause of death for children is over 4,000 a year, in 2014. so people say i'm going to drive my kids to school rather than walk, well, actually we're leading our children there. >> she and her husband were charged with neglect for letting their two children ages 10 and 6 walk a mile from their home. a judge cleared the couple of
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the charges. we've learned an infant was in the car that officers were shooting in over the weekend. we've learned that the baby's mother india kaiger was from india park, maryland. police say perry was a person of interest in a homicide investigation and started shooting at police when officers approached. kaiger's mother said her daughter's death was unjustified. baby was not hurt. a former maryland bishop could face ten years in prison. heather cook pleaded guilty. state prosecutors will request the judge give her a ten-year prison sentence next month. news4 is tracking the rise in violence in the district. d.c.'s mayor is cracking down. they say the criminals are the
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common link in many of the city's recent murders. now police say they plan to start tracking the repeat offenders through the criminal justice center. chief cathy lanier would include job train for repeat offenders to have a chance. and a shutdown of the federal government could hit workers here in d.c. and elsewhere. across the board spending cut from sequestration could hit d.c. if lawmakers can't make a deal. our news partners wtop are reporting local business, already thinking about furloughs. the clock is sticking for the relocation of a firestation. the county is thinking about relocation of the firestation
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number 8. officials are looking at a location at 26th street. you can have your say at a neating in yorktown high school that starts at 7:00. alex sans alexandria is ram efforts to cross-train firefighters and paramedics. 38 workers have started the process. the program is voluntary. but some workers are concerned they'll be overlooked for promotions if they don't choose to cross-train as firefighters. it will save the city $3 million a year. more than 200,000 people dove into the sea of plastic and many of them left something behind. according to "the washington post" about 1,000 items are reported loss or unclaimed from a dip at the beach exhibit at the national museum. many are phones, wedding rings, fitness trackers all of those things washed up, if you will. they were found in the depths of
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that exhibit. it's now been moved out of the building. breaking news on the roads. a major crash in kensington and just hearing about a brand in new crash on the toll road. new details on the tackle of the players on the official. plus, the chance to see the pope
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breaking news on the roads right now, connecticut avenue, we are still shut down at knowles avenue. if you're headed southbound on connecticut you can turn left on knowles. again, you want to take georgia to avoid that altogether. two problems, gw parkway at turkey run. both lanes you have to stay left
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to get by. dulles toll road, right lane blocked there as far as chapel pines. a little slow here, 270 southbound, top of the outer loop going ten minutes slower than you want to go. 66 inbound okay. 95 north, ten minutes behind from kwauvnticquantico. hearing about violent incident at a high school football game is happening today in texas. in san antonio, two high school players accused of using racial slurs and tackling the referee, take a look there. they're considering the assault on official. they say the players were frustrated over the official's calls. and an assistant coach also told the players that ref needed to pay. that coach is suspended. today's hash tag last hot
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day. a lot of people wishing it would cool down in a hurry. >> let's check the forecast with storm team 4's meteorologist tom kierein is on the storm deck. >> good morning, feels like margaritaville here. mild and muggy. live view from the tower cam, showing low clouds racing in from the south sweeping in that caribbean humidity. at the bus stop, you'll be comfortable with short sleeves in mid-70s. clouds creeping in, bus stop this afternoon, heading back home, low 90s. by 5:00 p.m., down to the upper 80s. have an umbrella handy. may mhave showers around. more bad news on metro, a report that shows your commute is taking longer and one group's plan to make sure your complaints are taken seriously. but first, please are
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dealing with a second homicide overnight. this happened in the last
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we are watching several breaking news stories at this hour. as we work to get you up to the minute, the minute you're up. we're live at another homicide scene in prince george's county. the second one there overnight.
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but first, a major traffic problem in montgomery county where a construction accident has shut down part of connecticut avenue. melissa mollet is helping you get around. >> it is very slow this morning, connecticut at knowles. if you're headed southbound on connecticut you can turn left on knowles. that's all you can do. let me tell you, take georgia avenue instead. we're talking about connecticut avenue shut down the aknowles. going to be a problem, probably, for the next couple of hours, at least. breaking news, two men are dead after separate homicides overnight, both in prince george's county. more on a dead shooting in capitol heights but first kristin write joins us from annapolisville. kristin. >> reporter: hey, this is the second homicide actually that we've been at prince george's county. this one as you mentioned, aaron, annapolis road and cooper. if you look behind me, you see
6:46 am
police cars there. and there are quite a bit of a scene here. a lot of details still not clear. at this point, we have a couple pictures we can show you from just a few minutes ago that show you a bit vantage of the scene here. we talked to several neighbors who said they heard the gunshot this morning. this is just after 5:00 this morning. we talked with one of the neighbors here, there's an apartment complex, very close by where this happened. and we talked with one of the neighbors here who says she heard about five shots this morning. another neighbor who said she heard three. so definitely, it was startling to them. they said they knew right away what it was. they stayed indoors. they didn't come outside for fear of what might have been happening. and they were exactly right. so, police tell us one man is dead. they were called out here initially for report an assault.
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and then they found one man who was dead. so we'll be here for a little bit and try to bring you the latest on the nbc washington app throughout the morning. back to you. >> thank you. the other shooting investigate in prince george's county, directing on jade court told news4 one man is dead and two other people, a man and a woman are in critical condition. they say there's a shooting just whether 1:00 on capitol heights. the investigation seemed to focus on a small silver car overnight. you see officers shining their flash lights. we're learning how an independent review of the university of virginia's handling of a student's rape accusations will now be handled. the university cited the student's privacy concerns in denying the request for the report summary. critics say the school could protect privacy by removing student names. lawyers now reacting to the
6:48 am
claim no one is responsible for the assault this year. fairfax county detectives say they did not credit a crime when they used a taser to restrain natasha mckenna. she died a few days later. prosecutor ray morrow said deputies were trying to help her, but mckenna thought they were trying to kill her instead. mckenna's family's attorney says this decision sends a frightening message to members of minority groups and equal protection in fairfax county. today on capitol hill, presidential candidates donald trump and senator ted cruz are joining forces to rally against the nuclear deal with irrap. hillary clinton is also in washington talking about the iran deal. peter, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, it took six months for hillary clinton to get to this point. she's now saying i'm sorry for
6:49 am
that e-mail controversy. a clear acknowledgement it's been dragging down her poll numbers. and even her donors are expressing concern. overnight, she put it on facebook, saying i could have and should have done a better job answering questions. that comes after telling she used it for private business while in her words it was a mistake. she said i'm sorry about that. i take responsibility for that. that long awaited apology comes 24 hours after clinton said there was really no apology needed. she told the associated press what i did was allowed. as for the poll numbers, a new national poll shows 18% lower than only a few months ago. only 20 points above her closest challenger eun, joe biden. >> thank you, peter. city leaders in alexandria
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are doing away with a local tradition. city council voted to ban the flying of the confederate flag twice a year at the old town intersection. in the past, flags were raised to commemorate robert e. lee's birthday in january and the confederate day in may. in a developing story this morning, more than 150 passengers and crew members used emergency slides to escape a british airways flight. that plane aens gin w18 engine fire. that london-bound flight was forced to abort takeoff in las vegas. this is yesterday afternoon as the flames shot from the plane's side. we're now hearing from one of the plane's passengers. >> everybody that got off before me, as soon as they hit the tarmac, they just sprinted because behind us are giant flames. >> now, right now, there is no word on what caused that fire. 14 people were hurt. they are expected to be okay. a short time ago, we learned all
6:51 am
the runways are now back home at mccarron international in las vegas. two more chances today to snag a ticket to see the pope in philadelphia. 10,000 tickets will be available, first come, first served, 10:00. and another 10,000 open up at 8:00 tonight for the mass september 27th. all of what you need for the pope's upcoming on the washington app. breaking news, connecticut avenue at knowles, we're still shut down this morning. that is still going to take you a long time. if you have to take connecticut avenue the only thing to do is turn left on knowles. connecticut again shut down. alternate is georgia. gw parkway, two problems inbound at turkey run, outbound, same area. dulles toll road eastbound at
6:52 am
leesburg, right lane blocked box of an accident. 66, overall, okay. and dale city is a little slower. prince george's county, no actual issues. as you're headed northbound there to the beltway. taking a look up top here, again, a little slow here, 95 southbound. same thing, gw parkway southbound. 270 at shady road looking good. there are lots of clouds moving on in. we will see sunshine for parts of the morning hours but clouds will win the day. expect increasing numbers of clouds and rain chances. probe won't get wet inside the beltway. do have your umbrellas. 75 right now in washington, with the south wind at 8 miles per hour. summer coming to an end, yesterday, 92. 90 or better again today. we're getting close to that time of year where we don't need to worry about it. the last 90 degree last year was september 11th, this year, it
6:53 am
might be today. you never know. what to expect, a muggy morning. again, rain chances this afternoon. but it's a mild start, low to mid-70s, going out for your morning run, it will be above 80 degrees by 10:00 a.m. get your run done by then. hot temperatures in the low 90s again. and west side to the metro, 4:00 or 5:00, in the downtown areas, though, it might be after 6:00 or 7:00 before we get much of a shower. going to the mets and nationals game tonight, temperatures will be in the 80s. maybe a brief delay. best thing we can do is rain that game out, the way the nationals have been playing. best chance for timing out the rain drops in the metro, most likely between 6:00 and 10:00 p.m. this evening. if you can't find your umbrella, you can probably get away with it. dry for high school football friday night. 6:53, more bad news, capping off what has been a rough summer
6:54 am
for metro. the agency's vital sign reports show more buses broke down in april, may and june compared to the same time in 2014. metro said that led to fewer buses arriving on time. crime went up steadily over those three months. and customer satisfaction drops from 73% on the rails from 80 last year. all of the issues have requires seeing red now and they're looking for a new way to have their voices heard. tonight will be the first meeting of the ramada riders union. that meeting will help determine a mission statement and fund-raising. new push from the white house to make communicate college free for students. today, the president will announce $175 million set aside to train new apprenticeships.
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new college promise will be performed. stay with news4 for more on this announcement later today. parents in montgomery county will now have more say on how their student, graded. the board of education wants to know what you think about would specific items when it comes to grading. number one, whether you think students should have a large assessment like a paper or a project every period. rather than a final exam at the end of every semester. number two, in those final exams go away, what should count toward each student's grade. we'll keep you posted on how to get involved. in just a couple of minutes, a candid conversation with caitlyn jenner, matt lauer spent a day on the golf course with her to discuss her transition. and if there's anything she misses about her life as a man. >> to be honest with you, everything is so new and fun from that standpoint, it's been great. it's nothing better in life to wake up in the morning, look at yourself in the mirror, feel comfortable with yourself and who you are. >> you can see the first of
6:56 am
matt's two-part interview with caitlyn jenner coming up on the "today" show next. 4 things to know on this wednesday morning. queen elizabeth ii now the longest reigning monarch in history. she has passed her great-great grandmother's record visibility victoria. and apple is expected to release a new iphone and tv is. donald trump and ted cruz will hold a rally against the nuclear deal with iran on capitol hill. just blocks away, hillary clinton will also address the iran deal. that speech will be under way in just about would hours. weren't man dead, two other people, a man and woman, in critical condition after a shooting in capitol heights, maryland. no arrests. right now, the biggest problem, connecticut avenue at
6:57 am
knowles, shut down northbound and southbound. connecticut at knowles, you can only turn left on knowles. we're trying to get a northbound lane open soon. chuck. all right. heat and humidity, one last time, everybody. chance for rain 40% after you're on your way home from work and school. >> that is the broadcast for us. thanks for waking up with us. >> the "today" show is next. we'll be back in 30 minutes with ♪ this fall at dunkin donuts, get lost in pumpkin. pick up your favorite pumpkin-flavored beverages and baked treats, like the new pumpkin cheesecake square, while they're still here. america runs on dunkin'.
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america runs on dunkin'. good morning. breaking overnight. drama in las vegas. a plane catches fire on a runway with more than 160 people on board. >> please be off. please be off the plane. this is insane. >> flames and thick smoke pouring out asrightened passengers use slides to evacuate. at least 20 people hospitalized there. we're there live. reboot. hillary clinton changes her strategy on that e-mlscandal. once defiant, now apologetic. >> that was a mistake. i'm sorry about that. i take responsibility. >> why did she wait so long? and has too much damage already been doing done? today's exclusive a revealing round of golf


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