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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  September 9, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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we are led by very, very stupid people. >> donald trump comes out firing at a big protest outside the capitol, as senators inside debate the iran nuclear deal. we are talking heat and showers and thunderstorms that are developing around our region. finally, some good chances for rain. i'll break it down for you. some closure this afternoon for two families that both lost mothers in the same crash in maryland. >> ten children were left motherless when these two sisters died. five people were lost in the crash. and now, an indictment the families have been waiting for, the indictment of a man accused of driving drunk at more than 70 miles per hour. >> reporter: i'm darcy spencer in oxon hill a man has been indicted in connection with the crash that claimed five lives right here on livingston road last october. kenneth kelley is facing five counts of negligent manslaughter, dui and other traffic charges. the victims were stopped at a
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light right here on livingston road when kelley allegedly rear ended them going in excess of 70 miles an hour. he is being held on a $500,000 bond. coming up on news4 at 5:00, why did it take this family so long to get the justice that they have been demanding? in oxon hill, darcy spencer, news4. i'm scott macfarlane at the live desk with an update with a story my colleague broke on twitter, another report of an emergency involving a child in d.c. with no ambulance close enough to help child in time. the fire chief tells news4 first responders from engine 10 in northeast had to take a 1-month-old suffering cardiac arrest to the hospital in a fire truck. the closest ambulance, we are told, 126s minutes away at the time. there's no word on the condition of that child, but it's the second report of a child being rushed to the hospital inside a fire engine in the district in just the past five days.
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chris and pat? now to the issue that brought donald trump to town. congress has just either week to make a decision on the iran nuclear deal. while it appears the white house has enough support, critics of the deal aren't giving up. news4's steve handlesman is live now with a big-name rally outside of the capitol this afternoon. steve? >> reporter: the donald was here, right, pat? that was perfect issue for donald trump, the non-politician, because it does look like this nuclear deal with iran was going to go through, from man american perspective, despite the fact that majorities in the house and senate disapprove of it and so do the tea partiers who came here to capitol hill today, to see and cheer donald trump, roughly 1,000 tea party conservatives came to the west front of the capitol. they hate the nuclear deal with iran. so does sarah palin, the former alaska governor and 2008 vice presidential candidate showed up and current candidate, texas senator, republican ted cruz, came out. cruz called the iran nuclear
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deal the top issue in the current presidential campaign. trump called the deal disgraceful. >> never, ever, ever in my life have i seen any transaction so incompetently negotiated as our deal with iran. we are led by very, very stupid people. we will have so much winning, if i get elected, that you may get bored with winning. >> reporter: across town today, dupont circle area, brookings, was hillary clinton, who wand iran's leaders if she wins the white house, she will not tolerate iran building a nuclear weapon. she backs this current agreement since it's the best way to present the iranians from building the bomb, but she warped iran's leaders this if she is president and if they cheat and if they try to build a bomb, she would not hesitate to use the military option. so pat, a lot of tough talk,
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even though, ironically, if you will, all the talk about this deal here on capitol hill, senate house debating, won't seem to have much effect. back to you. >> steve handlesman live on the hill. thanks, steve. >> welcome. get to storm team4. doug warned us it was going to be a hot one today. doug what do you see in terms of the showers thought right now? >> finally starting to see showers and a couple of thunderstorms and that's the good news. we do need to see some rain and it's also going to bring down those temperatures shall as you mentioned. current temperatures on the hot side for sure, 94, d.c., 19, leesburg, 93, fredericksburg. look at what we are seeing out there, shower and thunderstorm watch. most of the region, as i told you yesterday, would stay dry through the evening but we do have a couple of heavier storms across our region, back toward frederick and clark county, to toward warren county, 66 here, one other shower in through fairfax county and moving in toward montgomery county, a few more right around the harpers ferry region and there's going to be a few more as we move on through the rest of the night tonight a lot of rain potential for some of us overnight tonight
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into the day tomorrow and then a pretty big pattern shift goal. from very, very warm to temperatures below average by the end of the weekend. got that for you coming up in a couple minutes. >> thanks, doug. right now police are working two homicide investigations on prince george's county. the most recent murder happened in hyattsville around 5 this morning. police found a man seriously injured on annapolis road. trying to find out how he died and whether detectives are still looking for a suspect. triple shooting left a man dead in capitol heights. prince george's county police identified the victim as 25-year-old george sal lass. two other people were wounded in the shooting on jade court just after midnight. they are in critical condition. there's a $25,000 reward for information in the case. well, it's official now the city of baltimore has approved a multimillion dollar settlement with freddie gray's family. gray died in april, a week after the he was critically hurt in police custody. today, a city financial board unanimously approved the payout of $6.4 million. the mayor admits it's unusual to
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settle a civil case before the criminal trial, but says the deal serves -- saves taxpayers years of expensive litigation. >> the settlement also represents an opportunity to bring a measure of closure to the gray family, to the community and to the city. >> the head of baltimore's police union is against having a settlement ahead of the criminal trial, calling it "obscene." six officers face criminal charges in gray's death and a judge is expected to rule tomorrow on a defense motion to move the trial out of baltimore. the university of virginia won't be releasing information about how it handled those rape allegations that shocked the country last year. an independent review looked at the university's response to the rape accusation in that now-discredited "rolling stone" article the university says it won't release the report because of privacy concerns but critics say the school could better protect privaciby removing
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student names and still release the report. what program get cut and which ones are worth saving? in a few hours, parents can weigh in on how fairfax county schools should spend their money. school official want to hear from parents as they grapple with a potential shortfall in the budget there is a meeting tonight at south lakes high school and it starts at 7:00. the school board says its deficit could be as high as $100 million next year. disturbing new images from the crisis zone. why a photographer tripped a man and his child as they tried escape to another country. long guns, a longer rap sheet. two serial robbers on the loose two serial robbers on the loose in the what did iran's supreme leader get in the nuclear deal?
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to start with, $100 billion. they keep their nuclear facilities and ballistic missiles. there won't be surprise anytime-anywhere inspections. and after ten years, restrictions are lifted and iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. congress should reject a bad deal. we need a better deal.
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a few wet roads out there now, some showers, some thunderstorms starting to make their way on through. we will see more as we get into the evening hours from 86 degrees between 7 and 9. 9 to 11, we drop to 83 with rain looking a little more likely. you can see the showers i'm talking about right now through areas of montgomery county, through fairfax county, all moving east to rockwell, brunswick, some showers, bloom month, too the road impacts right through the overnight, early part of the day tomorrow. the weather will have a moderate impact on area roads, that rain
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likely overnight. fog and some rain likely for early tomorrow morning. coming up in just a couple of minutes, you know, it's been hot and sticky, look at the heat index now, 92, 98 in d.c. what it feels like. chief meteorologist doug kammerer will have the four-day forecast and show you when you can expect a cooldown. now more disturbing images of our coverage of the migrant crisis in europe. the camera woman in this controversial video, she has been fired, she was seen on film yesterday appearing to deliberately kick and trip migrants running from police. a man with a child in his arms went sprawling to the ground much the photographer worked for a right-wing television network in hungary, which condemned her actions and sent her packing. when andy parker's daughter was shot and killed during a live tv news broadcast last month, he vowed to do whatever it takes to reform the nation's gun laws. he is expected to be here in washington tomorrow with two groups that are working to change gun laws. the groups are part of the
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coalition called every town for gun safety. they will be on the had toil pressure lawmakers to change laws and the washington examiner reports, they have adopted parker's slogan, which is "whatever it takes." developing first at 4:00, a major city becomes the first in the country to make restaurants put salt warnings on menus. they have got big guns, they've got big knives, robbers targeting 7-11s in our area looking for big money. it's so bad, the fbi's in on the case. i'm pat collins, the
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some top stories developing newt 4:15. the first round of pope tickets in philly are gone in a matter of seconds. how many will be aavailable tonight for his biggest mass in the united states? a torched jumbo jet. new accounts from passengers who escaped the inferno and where federal officials are focusing their investigation. was it oversold? why mcdonald's all-daybreak fast may not be all that it's cracked up to be. they are bold, they move quickly and they appear to have a favorite target. now, the fbi is working to track down two men in a series of armed robberies at 7-11s. news4's pat collins is live in northeast d.c. with details on this case. pat? >> reporter: pat, the 7-11 serial robbers, they are armed, they mean business, they are active and now, they are wanted
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by the fbi. in one week, they robbed six 7-11s in our area. here's some surveillance video of a robbery at this 7-11 store on rhode island avenue. on this particular day, they hit three 7-11s in about two hours. now, they have the attention of the fbi. coming up at 5:00, we are going to talk to the feds, i'm going to show you what you might call the director's cut of this surveillance video. pat, back to you. >> all right, pat collins, thanks, pat. you know, there's a reason why labor day is the unofficial end of summer, because it's still summer out there >> not the unofficial end of the heat. >> that's right. >> are we close to the unofficial end, doug? >> we are close. as a matter of fact, we are hours away from the end of the heat. but it's still hot out there right now temperatures tonight
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back into the low to middle 90s, look outside, hot, hazy, humid atmosphere across our region. temperatures right now, still way up there. 94 at the airport. heat index, 98 today. the hottest day we have seen of this three-day heat wave that is it. -ó look at the radar, we have showers, thunderstorms across the area. the biggest storms down southern fauquier county, one in montgomery county and fairfax county and a few more back to the west, we will zoom on into this area across the american legion bridge here. exactly where we are seeing this shower around tysons corner around the area of great falls. here is great falls, along the potomac, river road and up 495, up toward 270. all moving up to the north and east. farther to the west, heavier downpour, around millwood, clark county, warren county, the front royal area, once again, moving to the north and east, up toward the bluemont region and they will intercement portions of loudoun county the next hour and then this little guy here, no lightning with these just yet, can't rule out a couple rumbles of thunder, over harpers ferry
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now, across brunswick and really move along 340 over toward frederick, should get to frederick in the next 20 to 30 minutes. yes, we have some showers, yes, we have an isolated thunderstorm or two out there but not talking about a lot. if you are going down to the nats game as they take on the mets, maybe we can win one, 88 degrees, showers possible by game time, 48 by the seventh inning. again, can't rule out showers, maybe a quick downpour, could we see a delay, yes. get the game in, most definitely, once again, could see a delay some point the evening hours. tomorrow a better chance of rain, 83, we come down significantly, dropping more than 10 degrees, that good chance, 80% chance of rain, 84 on friday, 81, saturday. 79 on sunday. coming up later, veronica will have more on the weekend and what's in store early next week. for the first time, we are hearing the referee's side of the story. two play rammed him during a heated high school football game in texas and we learned he was filling in for the regular
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referee friday night. according to his lawyer, the ref is under a doctor's care, calling the incident a premeditated crime, the attorney says the ref was blindsided. officials at the san antonio area schools say the students claim the referee was using racial slurs against them. the ref's lawyer denies that. >> this wasn't passion turning to violence, this was premeditated crime. >> the players also allege racial slurs were directed at them by the umpire. >> the umpire's lawyer denies those claims. later this week, the school system will determine the fate of the suspended students. they could lift the suss steps against the students and assign the students to an alternative high school or they could expel them. alexandria's doing away with a local tradition, city employees will no longer fly the confederate flag in old town. it's been a custom to raise the flag in january to commemorate robert e. lee's birthday and again in may for confederate memorial day, the alexandria
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city council yunnan employs approved the chances and like confederate flags won't fly on city property, the ruling has no effect on what private citizens do. a new chance to get tickets to see the pope in philadelphia coming up in about four hours. at 8:00 tonight, 10,000 free ticket goes up for the mass september 27th, just a couple of minutes ago, 10,000 tickets became available for the closing festival of the world meeting of families. those tickets were gone in just seconds. more details on this and all of the events related to the pope's visit on our nbc washington app. the rear window defrosters in some cadillacs can catch fire and this has sparked a massive recall. general motors is recalling more than 100,000 ats sports sedans from models 2013 through 2016. engineers found if you use them enough, the window defrost kers overheat and catch fire. gm says there have been four fires but no one's been hurt. dealers update the climate control software and remove a function that automatically turns the defroster on. it's a brand new toyota
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prius and it's ready to hit the road. it's the electric car's first redesign in nearly seven years. the 2016 model will get about 55 miles per gallon in the city and highway driving. that's 10% better than the 2015 version. they will arrive in dealerships early next year. an ecoversion of the prius is also in the works now, set to get even better mileage. this afternoon, the world is reacting to a royal milestone in britain. queen elizabeth ii is officially the longest reigning monarch in british history. today, she broke queen victoria's record of 63 years and 216 days. >> wonderful record of service and continuity and that's happy day for us all, i suppose. >> i think it's a symbol for the whole monarchy, i think it is amazing, she is someone who has been here for so long. i think she shows pride in her country and her people and she does an amazing job. >> this is one record not likely to be broken any time soon.
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charles and william are next in line but they are both older than elizabeth was when she ascended to the throne. if you see the salt shaker, you have been warned. why a major city forcing restaurants to change their menus. and mcdonald's says it will soon sell breakfast all day long, but did mickey d's promise more than it can deliver? ♪
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will be the first city in the country to require salt warnings on menus at chain restaurant which is means you will see the symbol of a salt shaker next to dishes that have more than 2300 milligrams of sodium that's about a teaspoon in the recommended daily limit. the city's board of health approved the new rule today and takes effect in december. some restauranteurs say it is
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another confusing warning and based on outdated sodium guidelines. here is a change coming to the menu at mcdonald's. the world's largest fast food restaurant will stop using eggs from chickens housed in cages. consumers asked for this, company officials say. the restaurant use morse than 2 billion eggs every year. it will take about ten years accomplish this goal. earlier this year, mcdonald's stayed would soon begin using chickens raised without antibiotics. mcdonald's is breaking another one of its big tradition. >>ed company is going to offer breakfast items all day at certain restaurants. mcdonald's new all-daybreak fast will have a limited menu with mcmuffin or the biscuit sandwiches but not both. the mcgrilleds and items still come off the menu at lunchtime. several developing stories to come at this hour, no charges in a deadly incident in the fairfax county jail case that triggered a new conversation about the way people in custody are treated. we will talk to whur's troy
4:27 pm
johnson about the death of natasha mckenna. more twist and turns in the battle over same-sex marriage in kentucky. what deputy clerks are doing before kim davis comes back to work. a newism phone, a new ipad and a new tv. we are live at
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right now at 4:30, we are working another report of a child in the district rushed to a hospital in a fire engine because there wasn't an ambulance close by. fire department sources say first responders from engine 10 in northeast administered cpr to a 1-month-old child on hunt street monday evening. sources say the closest ambulance was 12 minutes away. it's the second time in five days that the fire department has had to respond to an emergency involving a child. no word on the child's condition at this time. republican presidential candidates share the spotlight at a rally to protest the iran nuclear deal. donald trump and ted cruz spoke this afternoon on capitol hill.
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both candidates warned of dire consequences if the deal is implemented. natasha mckenna's death was a tragic accident. because of that, no charges will be filed in virginia. that's what the commonwealth's attorney says about the controversial incident in which mckenna was restrained and tased and died just a few days later in the fairfax county jail. the case stirs up questions about how people are treated in custody. whur's troy johnson is here with today's talk around town. troy, are your listeners okay with this ruling? >> they are not satisfied with the ruling. they say these jails need to do a much better job of identifying and handling people that are in custody when it comes to these jails, especially if they are having issues with mental illness and doesn't seem like in their mind they are doing a good job of that. there has to be a better way to check on people as they come into the jails because their lives in danger, since being handled by a corrections officer. >> and what -- are they talking
4:32 pm
about how mckenna was characterized after her death? >> yeah, that was something that came up, that a lot of people talked about. they said that, you know, she seemed to be characterized as someone who was using super human strength, you know, was a situation that she had more control than the six men that were trying to restrain her and that really struck a chord with the listeners that i talked to. they said essentially that, you know, that's kind of an insult to a woman who was suffering from schizophrenia. she was -- there was no way, in their mind, she could have imposed herself on those officers and they say that's really in some people's mind, they were strongly feeling like that's built of a racist statement. some say they found it hard to believe that there's no wrongdoing in this case and also the fact that the onus was placed on her and not the officers involved in restraining her when initially she was restrained by people unarmed. >> all of these incidents should be looked at on their own merits
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but there are some parallels here with other cases, like sandra bland. >> sandra bland was the name that came up specifically, freddie gray as well. but sandra bland, she essentially -- have was an issue with whether or not she had been screened for mental health issues in her interview when she came to the jail and, you know, that was kind of a running theme and maybe issues not addressed correctly. and the other thing that was really resonating with people was the fact that she wasn't mop toward correctly after she had admitted that she may have had some mental issues. obviously, the procedures not being followed well enough in terms of what people are talking to me about. they say there needs to be a better handle on those kinds of situations. no one should be dying in custody. >> well said. thanks, troy. pat? one day after returning from summer break, republicans in congress are renewing their effort to end federal funding for planned parenthood there are three committees investigating the group after the release of undercover videos that purportedly showed planned
4:34 pm
parenthood officials talking about the harvest and sale of tissue from aborted fetuses. the group strongly denies the claim, they say a team of forensic experts determined the undercover video was deliberately doctored to prevent a false picture. we are going to have to wait a few dies see what happens in the battle over marriage in kentucky. although rowen county clerk kim davis is out of jail now, she is taking a few days off work. in the meantime, deputy clerks are continuing to issue marriage licenses. her attorney said they are not valid what is your solution on this? >> we have no idea. we asked that in court on thursday. and the judge will know. >> davis hasn't said whether she will allow licenses to be issued when she goes back to work. is your lawn browning up? brown spots on t look at our storm team4 lawn next to our weather deck, we sure have some.
4:35 pm
you probably do, too. starting to get a little drier across our area, got showers coming through the area right now, storm team4 radar, tracking a few areas of just showers now, a couple of lines, waldorf, fredericksburg, leesburg, frederick, winchester, back down toward luray. the next 24 hours, keep that chance going, but look at this since september 1st we have only picked up a trace, our deficit now for the young month, september, almost an inch. these are the spots that are getting dry from the drought monitor index. southern maryland, west central areas of maryland, hagerstown, martinsburg, already seeing some dry spots. here's how much rain we could get the next 24 hours, i think a half to maybe some isolated spots picking up an inch, more around the half-inch totals and of course, we look forward this weekend, next week, next weekend, our chances of seeing appreciable rain not that great. while we will be cooling off, chris not a tremendous amount of rain coming our way the next
4:36 pm
couple of days. >> could sure use a few more inches, thanks, vj. an impressive lineup of comedians will be in town next month to honor eddie murphy. he is receiving the kennedy center's mark twain prize for humaner on october 18th. among the guests are dave chappell, whitney cummings, sam moore, kevin nealon, trevor noah, jay farrell, joe piscopo and chris rock. we will show you the tech we will show you the tech goodies
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we have had the heat, the humidity, three days in a row, temperatures 90 degrees or higher. today, we reached 94 so far and we do have some scattered showers and storms and this marks the end of the heat wave today a couple of storms around the beltway, i-95, more storms developing down toward the south, all moving north and east, heads up woodbridge, quantico, portions of charles and prince george's county, seeing a couple of showers, stafford county, a few showers here and showers lining up along the blue ridge, frederick, back on toward bluemont. nothing too heavy but what we are watching is an area back to the west. this is a frontal boundary that we are going to be making, making our way itsth way, all the moisture coming in. in a couple of minutes, veronica is going to talk more about what you can expect tomorrow and of course that all-important weekend coming up in a minute. just a few hours ago, apple
4:40 pm
ceo tim cook unveiled several new products that should be ready just in time for the holidays. >> many folks who asked siri for a hint came up short. but now, we know what's coming. nbc's jennifer bjorklund joins us live with the answers. and we anticipated some of these. jennifer? >> reporter: yeah. we anticipate some of them, pat, chris, we did not expect the apple pencil. that was something i hadn't read about anywhere. but that was one of the things that they announced today in this two-hour-long apple event in 7,000 people in the auditorium behind me. they also talked about the apple watch and hermes, the designer part energy for the new watch band and watch face and moved into serious technology. they stated that the biggest news in ipad since the ipad. tim cook saying that new ipad pro, which is their jumbo screen ipad for business users and artists, starting at $799. this is one with a full-size
4:41 pm
software keyboard. it also has a detachable magnetic keyboard that is an additional $160. this thing is 12.9 inches on the diagonal. so to give you a little bit of perspective, if you were to prop up the ipad you have, height-wise, it would be the same as the width of the new one if that makes any sense at all i think i said that correctly. 5.6 million pixels, more than a macbook pro, 15-inch retina display. the other neat thing about the ipad it has four speakers in it and they orient themselves right to left as to which direction you're holding the ipad, like, you know, as a screen flip. so, that's something that's kind of cool as well. and then there's that am pencil. that's as 99 accessory on top of the am new ipad that isis a stylus, controversial on social media but one of the many things apple announced today. >> jennifer, i mean, you've used an iphone. one of the things people
4:42 pm
complain about over and over again is the battery. do they make any announcement about a better, longer-lasting battery? >> reporter: you know, they are talking about all these advancements in the 3 d pressure touch and moving things around and the camera's better but i didn't hear a lot about the battery life. i can tell you the new ipad pro has a ten-hour battery life. so, that's one good thing. but yeah, the iphone, no word on whether the battery is going to be that much better. >> all right. we know folks are going to be lining up to place those orders. jennifer bjorklund, thanks so much. >> you bet. dramatic escapes from a plane on fire. new close-up photos of the damage and where federal officials are focusing their investigation. a young man opens fire on his own father in his home, says he has no regrets. he has no regrets. >> he wanted to what did iran's supreme leader get in the nuclear deal? to start with, $100 billion.
4:43 pm
they keep their nuclear facilities and ballistic missiles. there won't be surprise anytime-anywhere inspections. and after ten years, restrictions are lifted and iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. congress should reject a bad deal. we need a better deal. what can i make for you? how about one of our reuben sandwiches? choose from tender corned beef or oven roasted turkey breast, topped with sauerkraut, melty swiss cheese and thousand island dressing. enjoy one while they're here! subway. eat fresh.
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police are investigating two homicides that happened overnight. for hours now, they have been inside of this gas station looking at video, checking out the latest homicide that happened around 5:15 this morning. police were called to the scene for a body found on the sidewalk. this was here in high yachtsville, just off of annapolis road. then over in capitol heights, three people shot, a man and a bomb and another man found dead there on the scene. the man and woman, who were also shot, are now in critical condition. coming up on news4 at 5 and 6, the latest in both of these investigation and with two murders overnight what does this mean for prince george's county's crime statistics? in hyattsville, tracee wilkins, news4. this is chris gordon at richmond montgomery county high school in rockville, maryland. montgomery county public schools will eliminate final exams next year and go to an alternative
4:47 pm
that gives teachers more time to assess student performance. this new grading system will be introduced in all county public high schools next fall. >> the board of education has long been concerned about the amount of time spent testing and we wanted to regain time. more teaching and less testing. >> reporter: all new at 5:00, parents, students and teachers react to the elimination of final exams. back to you. question remain why this british airways plane burst into flames on a vegas tarmac. >> the ntsb sent a go team of engine and fire specialists from d.c. to figure out what went wrong. >> the fire sent passengers scrambling down the emergency slides and running for their lives as flames shot out of the plane. >> nbc's chris clackum has new pictures of the badly damaged plane. >> reporter: by daybreak wednesday, the heavily charged british airways jet has been towed from the runway in las
4:48 pm
vegas. close-up photos providing proof how extensive the damage is. it burst into flames tuesday just as the boeing 777 headed down the runway for the flight to london's gatwick airport. >> he was doing almost 100 miles an hour when he slammed the brakes on. >> we have an aircraft on fire with people coming out of t >> there were some passengers that were saying there's a fire, there's a fire. >> reporter: a fire that started in the left ingyp and quickly grew into some terrifying but heroic moments, especially by the crew. >> there was no hesitation whatsoever. the exit doors were opened. they were literally in full swing. it was like clock work for them to be honest. >> reporter: of the 170 people on board, more than two dozen were injured, evacuating. none seriously though. >> everybody that got off before me, as soon as they hit the tarmac, they just sprinted. behind us are giant flames. >> reporter: ntsb investigators will focus on what cause the engine to catch fire. while passengers, crews and many
4:49 pm
others give thanks the fire occurred before not after takeoff. chris clackum, nbc news. talk about the rain, you're probably talking about the heat and when are we going to see a cooldown? well, today, i think, the last of the 90s for a while but maybe not the last of the 90s all together. take a look, showers, thunderstorms, wind it down a little bit, to show you where our weather front is that is going to allow us to cool down at least for tomorrow and the coming days and that weather front right here, outside of west virginia, moving eastward on the other side of it, lower temperatures, we are going to see the humidity gradually start to drop, too. right now, just showers, no thunderstorms, kwaunt coker i-95, a few up to the north, headed toward laurel, maryland, i-95, route 1, the northern side of the beltway, out of colesville, the winds around quantico through western charles county here the next couple of minutes. the weather over the next 24
4:50 pm
hours will have a moderate impact on what you do with morning fog, showers, even a few afternoon thunderstorms coming our way. evening planner forecast, 94 from where right now temperatures come down to 80 by 11 p.m. this evening. at the bus stop tomorrow morning, again, the patches of fog, you might need to leave a little early, because the roads will be wet, showers, thunderstorms coming right on through our area, especially during the afternoon hours, we can have a few hefty storms and that means you will probably need the big umbrella for your day tomorrow. could have some thunderstorms. take a look at your weekend cooler, just a little bit of rain. we will talk more about the rain chances in detail for the upcoming weekend with those lower temperatures coming up on news 4 at 5:00. hope to see you then. thanks, vj. investigators say it's a case of justifiable homicide. a florida teenager shot and killed a masked man who broke into his family's home. seconds later, he learned that masked man was his father. malachi heisler covered his face
4:51 pm
when he talk about the incident in front of the house he shares with his mother and sister a man with two handguns forced his way into the house on tuesday. malachi woke up when he heard his mother screaming and grabbed his assault rifle to help her. >> so, picturing there was a standoff between me and him. he had his pistol and i had my rifle. doesn't matter, a bull it's a built. one shot, you're dead. >> john help. isler died at the scene and police say the two guns he had on him were just bb guns. but malachi's mother had a restraining order on his dad and investigators said he went to the house to torment his family. the new visitors center opens tomorrow at the national memorial to flight 93. the building overlooks the crash site near shanksville, pennsylvania. it features interactive exhibits that tell the stories of the people on the plane that crashed there on september 11th. those passengers heroically kept
4:52 pm
terrorists from doing even more damage during the 9/11 attack. the nfl kicks off tomorrow night right here on nbc4, but we already know hot league wants to headline its super bowl halftime show. it's bruno mars. he just did the show two years ago, but this performance could be different. billboard reports that mars is being asked to cure rate the show, which means he could invite some big-name performers to take the stage with him. mars drew 115 million viewers during his last go-around. we are working several developing stories in the newsroom right now a man is facing counts of manslaughter after a crash in prince george's county. kenneth kelly hit another car in oxon hill last october and police say his blood alcohol level was twice the legal limit. two of the people killed were mothers and they left behind ten kids between them. just ahead, we will have reaction on the indictment from the daughter of one of those victims. strong language and strong emotions on capitol hill today as a tea party group, donald trump and senator ted cruz all
4:53 pm
come together to denounce the iran nuclear deal. our coverage of the rally tops at the top of the hour when a local woman explains why she felt compelled to go. thousands of migrants trying to escape and start a new life.
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
it's impossible to imagine how this texas couple feels reunited with their baby more
4:56 pm
than three months after he was accidentally swappeded with a newborn at a hospital in el salvador. they got suspicious after the birth because the baby didn't resemble mom or dad. the child was not related to either one of them. a flash flood hit. a couple was hiking yesterday in the mountains east of los angeles. they made the mistake of trying to cross a riff that had become waist deep. they were holding hands and struggling to make their way through the strong current. city of baltimore is home to migrants looking to start over. how the city is benefits from this influx of new residents. >> reporter: as the civil war rages on in syria, millions of people are seeking refuge in other countries, including the united states. the international rescue committee here in baltimore is responsible for resettling some of them. >> they have lost a lot, their homes, sometimes family and
4:57 pm
friends. they have come here with a burning desire to started a new life and baltimore has been a welcoming place for immigrants and refugees where they can do that. >> reporter: executive director says many of these refugees had lives much like ours in syria but are forced to flee because of the conflict. the irc contracts with the government to welcome refugees legally allowed into the country. >> greet them at the airport, we make sure that we have a modest, furnish aid parent for them, where they can start their life. we enroll them, their kids in school, and ultimately, we help adults find work so that they can pay their bills and move on with their life. >> reporter: in the past year, irc has resettled 26 people in baltimore. the u.s. has taken in about 1500. but the irc and other organizations would like to help more and they are asking the obama administration to allow 65,000 syrian refugees into the country by the end of 2016.
4:58 pm
>> i thinks it's in alignment with our principles of a democratic nation that is compassionate to those in need and we have a very strong reputation of being such a country and now is a time where we can demonstrate that commitment. >> and he says baltimore is uniquely qualified welcome the refugees with many vacant homes to be occupied and jobs to be had, the refugees can also help baltimore. we absolutely believe that these new americans can contribute to the social and economic health of baltimore city by becoming residents of the city, buying homes and paying taxes. >> news4 at 5:00 starts now with jim and pat. right newt 5:00 tonight, d.c. firefighters rush a baby in cardiac arrest to the hospital in a fire truck because there's no ambulance close by. it's the second time in just a week. we are asking why. news4 is first to report an
4:59 pm
indictment in a crash that killed five people. now, we have new reaction from the daughter of one of the two mothers killed. and the hashtag, stop iran deal, goes viral tonight as donald trump comes to town and rallies hundreds of people up on capitol hill. we begin with a story news4 broke on twitter today. a suspected drunk driver indicted in a crash that killed two mothers. >> the collision nearly a year ago killed five people in all. the two moms left behind ten children and one of their daughters just talked to news4's darcy spence ber that crash and the man now facing charges. >> i just hope he just think about what he did and just apologize to the family. >> reporter: jasmine curtis is a 16-year-old high school student and the daughter of tameika curt curtis, one of five people killed in a crash in oxon hill nearly one year ago. she is speaking for the first time only to news4 about losing her mom, as the man who was
5:00 pm
behind the wheel is indicted on manslaughter charges. >> i'm just glad that's charged and hopefully, will be convicted, the dangerous things that he done and be able to go to prison or jail to think about what he did. >> reporter: this d.c. man, kenneth kelley is facing five counts of negligent manslaughter for allegedly caution the crash. it claimed the lives of three bim and two children. the victims were stopped at a traffic light when kelley allegedly slammed into the back of their car here on livingston road. the state's attorney's office says he was going in excess of 70 miles an hour when he crashed. kelley was also charged with dui. toxicology results show kelley had a blood alcohol level of .14. that's nearly twice the limit in maryland, which is .08. >> we see far too many accidents where alcohol is a factor and in this case, where we believe oklahoma to have been a factor, five people were killed and just a tragic loss of life that didn't need to happen.


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