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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  September 9, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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manslaughter charges. >> i'm just glad that's charged and hopefully, will be convicted, the dangerous things that he done and be able to go to prison or jail to think about what he did. >> reporter: this d.c. man, kenneth kelley is facing five counts of negligent manslaughter for allegedly caution the crash. it claimed the lives of three bim and two children. the victims were stopped at a traffic light when kelley allegedly slammed into the back of their car here on livingston road. the state's attorney's office says he was going in excess of 70 miles an hour when he crashed. kelley was also charged with dui. toxicology results show kelley had a blood alcohol level of .14. that's nearly twice the limit in maryland, which is .08. >> we see far too many accidents where alcohol is a factor and in this case, where we believe oklahoma to have been a factor, five people were killed and just a tragic loss of life that didn't need to happen. >> reporter: tiffany wilkerson
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and tameika curtis were sisters. their deaths left behind ten children with no mom. the two children of another passenger were also killed and dominique green, she was a passenger in kelley's car. >> i wouldn't forgive him for that because i don't have a mother or aurnt i can go to. i would just look at, oh, you probably maybe learned from your mistakes. you was drunk. you wasn't thinking at the time. but you still killed five people. >> reporter: i'm told that kelly was actually indicted back in may but the warrant for his arrest wasn't served until august 31st by the sheriff's office. what took so long? i will have that part of the story coming up on news4 at 6:00 n oxon hill, darcy spencer, news4. for the second time in less than a week, a fire truck had to transport a baby to the hospital because there wasn't an available ambulance nearby. this most recent case happened on monday and news4's megan fitzgerald is live now in northeast d.c. with developing details for us. hi, megan. >> reporter: once again, we are
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seeing that ambulance response time here in the district is posing a problem, but something something that the city administrator, along with the fire union has also had. this time it came on monday, 911 call coming from this apartment complex here for a 1-month-old child experiencing cardiac arrest and again, it was a fire truck and ambulance that rushed that child to the hospital. now, take a look what the we know. we know that the call came in at around 5:25, four minutes after the a fire truck arrived on scene. three to four minutes after that, another fire truck, along with ems supervisor arrived. that's when d.c. fire officials say the decision was made to transport that baby on a fire truck to the hospital. the ambulance didn't arrive until 13 minutes after the 911 call came in and again, it was a fire truck instead of an ambulance taking that child to the hospital, but there's no indication that that delay in the ambulance had any effect on the child's condition. that something that we are
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working to learn at this point. we have asked fire officials how that child was doing. they say it's something that they are still looking into. back to you. now to a story our mark segraves broke on twitter about a d.c. police commander. internal affairs and the department's general counsel are now looking into whether that commander broke the launch an assistant chief tells us the commander instructed officers to gather five signatures each for mayor bowsers a plan to end homelesslism officials call it an inappropriate use of resource and play is violated a law preventing government workers from taking part in political activities a spokesperson for bowser tells us the mayor never intended for government workers collect signatures. new tonight, we are learning that a d.c. woman died after the a tv she was driving went over an embankment in the mountains of western maryland. her name is kimberly warrenfeltz. the 48-year-old was reported missing on sunday. her body was found hours later
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at a vacation home community near mchenry, about 170 miles from d.c. sheriffs tell us it is unclear if she was wearing a helmet at the time. a local little league is reacting with relief right now. an umpire caught with child pornography has pleaded not guilty. julie care ya has the latest in the case we first told but in may. julie? >> reporter: none of these allegations involve children in the little league where don essex worked as an empire for years but very troubling nonetheless to those children who played baseball there tonight, rethief this guilty plea means this case won't drag out. don essex was once the chief umpire in the fort hunt little league. his facebook photo shows him suited up for a game. off the field and online, essex caught the attention of an undercover fbi agent, an agent posing as the father of a 9-year-old girl. essex sent the man images of child pornography.
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court documents report that's sex then made plans to meet up with the little girl for sex but later backed out. essex was soon arrested and investigators found 600 images of child porn on his computer. torktd 68-year-old grandfather pleaded guilty to a count of child porn possession. >> i don't know that i would want to know all of them. i would want to know the league is doing everything they can to ensure that this doesn't happen again. and i personally believe that they will. >> reporter: that was the reaction from little league parents in may when they learned of the case. essex had passed all the criminal background checks. today, the league president told me by phone, "we are pleased this doesn't have to go through a long process. this ends for many people a very painful period. we are happy it's come to a conclusion." in response to the essex care the league is adding new training this fall to try to better identify potential predators. essex has been behind bars since his arrest in mid-may the former umpire will be sentenced december 1st.
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he faces up to ten years in prison. in the newsroom, julie carey, news4. i'm adam tuss in the metro system. the sign here says it all, delays possible. and that's something that riders have been seeing over and over again and now, there are statistics to show that metro's on-time performance on the rails is not where it needs to be. take the orange line, for example. 79% on-time performance according to the most recent ranking. metro's got a target of 91% for on-time performance. and the only rail line that has shown that is it is meeting or exceeding the on-time performance standard, according to the latest rules is the yellow line. now, of course, a lot of riders frustrated with it all. >> i think that there's room for huge improvement. sometimes, i'm late for something, like a doctor's appointment or something like that, because, you know, need delay. >> reporter: metro also has a
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report showing that some of its railcars are not going as long as they should go between breakdowns. at the morgan boulevard station, adam tuss, news4. been on the hot side for the last couple of days. two days ago, temperatures of 90. yesterday, 926789 today, 94 degrees at the airport. very hot, very humid. now we have scattered showers and a few thunderstorms out there as well. the heaviest rain right now in toward charles county. this is moving up i-95, portions of fairfax county and prince george's county the next 30 minutes or so. heads up for that, we look toward the wider view, watching this frontal boundary going to come through. look at all the moisture associated with it. we need to see some rain, looks like we are go going to see rain the next 24 hours, some cool weather going to be moving in, too. i have got the complete forecast including the weekend, which also shows a chance for rain. that coming up in about 5:25. an oklahoma man with a history of assassination threats against u.s. presidents is headed back to prison tonight
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for threatening president obama again. secret service found archie glass jr. outside the white house last month in violation of his parole. he had already been in prison several times for threats against obama and former presidents george w. bush and bill clinton. court records say he once sought to be the next john hunk laich judge just sentenced glass to 14 more months in prison for this violation. this vote is quite like lilt most important vote that any member of congress, any member of the senate will cast in their entire career f this deal goes through, we know, to an absolute certainty, people will die. >> never, ever, ever in my life have i seen any transaction so incompetently negotiated as our deal with iran. >> republican presidential
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hopefuls, ted cruz and donald trump blasted the iran nuclear deal as congress gets ready to take it up for debate. inside the capitol, house leaders delayed any procedural votes on the deal following divisions among some gop members much the proposed deal means billions of dollars in sanctions relief for iran. in exchange, iran agrees to a decade of con statement straightens on its nuclear program. 32 senators said they sport deal, essentially guaranteeing it will move forward. a large crowd gathered outside the capitol where we heard from crews and trumps sounding off on the deal. chris lawrence is there now with some of the reaction to the strong rhetoric today. chris? >> talking about hundreds of people who turned out for that rally to hear some of the leaders, the headline being the gop front-runner, donald trump. most of that crowd had posters against the iran deal, but both trump and cruz told supporters the next president should kill this current proposal. trump told reporters offstage, the plan is likely to move
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forward because we have, in his words, stupid and incompetent people running our operations. here's what one woman from maryland had to say about it. >> this is a white flag from this country. this is a give up. we gave them -- they got everything they wanted in this deal. this is not a starting point toward peace. this is a starting point toward disaster. >> the deadline for congress to act on this deal is just over a week away, september 17th. and as we mentioned, right now at this point, it looks like president obama has enough support in congress to block any attempt to try to kill it. president obama and the first lady will lead the welcoming committee for pope francis, set to arrive for an historic visit at joint base andrews in prince george's county in about two weeks much the pope will meet privately with the president, making him just the third pope to ever visit the white house.
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pope francis will also become the first pontiff to address a joint meeting of congress before heading to new york and philadelphia. now to a first four traffic alert for that you will impact people in northern virginia when the pope comes to visit later this month. fairfax connector tells us there will be detours for its route 599 buses in and around pog city. that means no stops on army, navy drive and 15th street west of the southeast street. normal service will resume that friday. if don't have it already, now a great time to download our nbc washington app. we will have an entire section dedicated to everything you will need to know to get around during the pope's visit. if your ride needs a fix, you are not alone. up next, erika gonzalez explains why drivers in our area have the most expensive repair shop bills around.
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plus -- >> serial robbers. there they are armed and they are fast. they hit three 7-11s in about two hours. now now the fbi is on the case. i'm pat collins, the story coming up, news4. county eliminates final exams in its public schools. this is chris gordon. quarterly grading begins in high schools next fall. schools next fall. how will teachers
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right now at 5:15, here are the stories we are working on, making community college tuition free. the am watch is going chic. and people weighing in on the news4 flash survey on final exams. is it a good idea to eliminate finals if the time is used for more teaching? keep your votes coming. we will have the rules coming up in a few minutes. now to that bold move, pat, by one of the area's largest school districts, montgomery county will be ditching finals in high schools. so, what's the plan to evaluate students and how would teachers use that extra time? here's news4's chris gordon. >> reporter: here at richard montgomery high school in rockville, maryland, the principal is an advocate for the change. he thinks replacing high school
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final exams with alternative assessments will improve learning. >> i believe that getting rid of the final exam week at this end of january, first semester and second semester in june puts two full weeks of instruction back into our high schools so that we can better reach our students. >> reporter: beginning a year from now, high school teachers will assess student performance on a quarterly basis instead of waiting for a final exam at the end of the semester. >> it will free up a lot of time for us to do more instructional activities, more hands-on activities and actually better enable us to assess student data and understand, what we can do better to help them. >> reporter: many high school students give the new grading system an a. >> final exams give a lot of students stress, especially when it comes to world languages because they test us on the whole year, which i think is not necessary. >> rather than as my daughter just said, piling it all up
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to -- at the end, do it throughout and to do it with projects, i think the kids will learn more and learn better. so i think it's a very good idea. >> reporter: without final exams, will montgomery county students be prepared to compete in college? i will have that part of the story coming up on news 4 at 6:00. at richard montgomery high school in rockville, chris gordon, news4. >> we asked what you think is it a good idea to eliminate final exams if the time is used for more instruction? here are the rules so far, 60% think it's a good idea. the white house is stepping up the effort to make tuition free at community colleges across the country. today in michigan, president obama announced an independent college promise advisory board led by joe biden that will work to press for tuition-free community colleges across the country. >> whether it is a bachelor's degree, associate's degrees, journeyman's card from an apprenticeship program, having a credential above and beyond your high school diploma, that is the
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surest ticket to the middle class. >> according to the white house, by the year 2020, an estimated 35% of job openings will require at least a bachelor's degree and another 30% will require at least some college or an associate degree. car repairs. nobody likes to deal with them or to pay for them. >> and those prices vary around the country. consumer reporter erika gonzalez tells us how d.c. compares. >> costly car repairs, they can bust your budget, especially in d.c., where drivers pay the most for parts and labor, according to a recent study. deprivi driving in d.c. it can be stressful and your car can take a beating. especially if you put off regular maintenance. >> my car is beeping me right now that's time for me to take it in for maintenance and i will tell that you it's been beeping nee for the last week. >> i usually just go in when things are falling apart. >> reporter: and that can definitely drive up the cost of
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repairs but so can driving day after day in the district. that's according to a recent report by car md, which analyzed and compared the cost of parts and labor needs state by state. it found drivers in d.c. paid the most for total car repair costs in 2014. an average of $467, 13% more than the year before and about $77 more than the national average. john connor owns bp gas and service station in northwest d.c. >> the inclement weather, spinning the tires, brakes are another thing, get to those more frequently than if you drove on the highway every day. it takes toll on your car. so the wear and tear is, by far, greater here. >> reporter: conners says d.c. drivers who commute a short distance could end up with an added expense. >> people drive six miles in d.c. and six miles is killing your car every day. so you have more cases of tunups
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more often than needed, 'cause cars do not reach operating temperatures for the amount of time you need to have them in the normal driving condition. >> reporter: and of course, there's the cost of real estate for repair shops. >> it's very expensive to do business here. >> reporter: to see how maryland and virginia rank, you can go to and search car repairs. keeping up with car maintenance is one way to keep repair costs down and there is a free app, my car facx, track your service history to five cars and get reminder alerts. here in this garage, one of our vehicles here at the station, a toyota highlander. no open recalls reported. i am overdue for an oil change, according to this. tire rotation in about a day, registration, got three months left on that. that's free app. a nice way to keep all that stuff in check. >> pretty cool. >> yeah. >> definitely. >> car repairs, a necessary evil. >> happens to everybody. >> thanks, erika. thanks, pat and jim.
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apple is now trying to give you a taste of luxury with its new watch. have you heard? as part of a new product rollout today, the text giant revealed hermes will be making bands for the apple watch, oh la la. new iphone, ipad and am tv the goal is to get the products ready for consumers ahead of the holiday shopping season. a good samaritan car jacked. how a northern virginia man went out of his way to help someone. a survivor of the charleston church massacre speaks out about the home the gunman began shooting. >> we were just about to say the >> we were just about to say the prayer to be
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what did iran's supreme leader get in the nuclear deal? to start with, $100 billion.
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they keep their nuclear facilities and ballistic missiles. there won't be surprise anytime-anywhere inspections. and after ten years, restrictions are lifted and iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. congress should reject a bad deal. we need a better deal.
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say goodbye to the heat, kick it to the curb. the heat out of here by the day, by tomorrow, we will see much cooler conditions, temperatures today, they are on the hot side, doesn't look like it, all the cloud cover around. reston town center, yeah, it is still hot. the cool cumulus clouds now, temperatures 92, heat index of 96 a high so far today of 94. it was the hottest of our heat waves the next three days, temperatures above 90 each day. now tracking some showers, not a lot out there again, most of will you stay dry tonight, but we are seeing some rain, some of it heavy, one shower right over the patuxent river between prince george's county and anne arundel. this area down to the south this is the one that i'm watching make its way across the potomac, in toward charles county, this will move up 301, clinton, waldorf, the next 20 to 30 minutes. heavy downpour, too, not seen much in the way of lightning from this at all, more shower activity back into northern
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loudoun county, luck et cetera and lovetsville, toward the frederick area, heads up, the roads get on the wet site this evening, all in all, going to be overnight tonight into tomorrow that we see the better chance for storms, look at the storms back toward the south and west, all the moisture here, too, all coming our way that is courtesy of a cold front that will swing on through during the day tomorrow and give us the chance for rain, tonight we take on the mets and go for win number -- okay, well, as long as we get a win that will help, showers possible, 88, 7:05 game, 84 in the seventh inning, again, we could see showers, maybe a delay in the game so, a good idea to take the poncho just in case, they will get the game in, not worried about that but we could see showers. 8:00 tonight, notice the showers around the stadium and down toward the south, watch what happens as we move on through, 11:00 tonight, still some shower activity, maybe a couple of thunderstorms, tomorrow morning, most of us on the dry side. we could see fog to start with, a few showers around, could affect your morning rush and then watch what happens, here's 1:00 and then around 4:00, well,
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everybody gets in on the action, we do expect most areas to see rain during the day tomorrow. high temperatures, much cooler. 10 to 15 degrees cooler than where we were today, 82, leesburg, 84, toward fredericksburg. 82, win chester that good chance of rain. next couple of days, let's talk about t 83, tomorrow, 84 on friday and then dropping temperatures saturday and sunday, watching another storm system, right now, going for chance of rain late in the day on saturday, high of 81. sunday, most likely, the rain chances will be early, temperature 79 degrees, coming up at 5:45, take a closer look, veronica will have that for the weekend. the forekoontz tricky side. guys? >> thank you, doug. we are working on a number of big stories for you at 5:00 tonight. >> a string of convenience store robberies may be relate and pat collins found why the fbi is involved. a violent 24 hours in prince george's county. and learning more about a bizarre attack at the
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now at 5:30, new video released could help crack a crime spree case. >> the family of freddie gray is about to speak out for the first time about the wrongful death lawsuit settlement. and redskins quarterback, kirk cousins, ready for the season other against miami. why he says rg3 is not a distraction. first, in just over a week,
5:31 pm
they hit sixself pratt 7-1 six the area. >> pat collins talked with a special agent today and he is live outside one of those stores in northeast d.c. pat? >> reporter: jim, they have big guns, they have big knives. they have some big 7-11 money. oh, and they also have something else, they have the fbi on their trail. >> reporter: the 7-11 in the 3100 block of rhode island avenue northeast. here they are in action. the gunmen behind the counter, forcing the clerk to open the cash register, then making a move for the money. look at his partner. he is watching the front door. he is armed with a large knife and he gets into it with a store clerk who tries to salt him away with one of those slippery floor
5:32 pm
signs. in one week, these two suspects held up six 7-11s. they hit three in about two hours. one ins on hill. one in alexandria. and this one here in the district. the fbi is on the case. >> these are armed takeover-style robberies. the individual robbers each carry guns. they seemed very familiar with guns and the robberies appear to be fairly well planned. >> reporter: you saw what happened here. wait until you see what they did in virginia. we are the surveillance tape. i will show it to you at 6:00.
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kirk cousins the starter on opening day, first time since college for him he says he is excited about the opportunity and trying not to let the moment overwhelm him. >> yes, a big game and yes it's important but i'm kind of guy who is going to acknowledge that. it is my job to be relaxed and enjoy the process and enjoy the moment, have fun, put a smile on my face. >> the biggest thing is he can't feel like the weight of the world is on his shoulders. he has to rely on people to help him out and we have total confidence in kirk and have to understand if it doesn't go
5:34 pm
right early, hang in there. good things will continue to happen. >> i do feel believed in. i haven't questioned that. never questioned that. i feel like i have all the pieces around me to be able to be successful. >> reporter: one of the pieces behind him is robert griffin iii. there's a fear that having the former franchise quarterback on the bench will hurt cousins' focus. a sentiment not shared by kirk. he's been great, always been classy and i don't feel a distraction in the building. you know, the distraction is if i turn on the tv, anticipate my phone, get on twitter, the distraction is, you know, as long as i am in the building working hard, "ignoring the noise," even if there is something on the outside being said, i don't feel it. >> reporter: cousins is in the building as we speak, so is griffin, who has yet to be cleared from his final concussion test. the team says jay gruden said that he has been verbally cleared but he won't make the
5:35 pm
official announcement until he has written notice. going to have the latest coming up on news4 at 5:00. live from redskins park, i'm carol maloney, back to you guys. >> thanks, carol. a virginia mother says she was blamed when her child died following an allergic reaction at school. how she has fought back in court. police are still investigating and searching for clues after a body is found on a sidewalk here in hyattsville. i'm tracee wilkins
5:36 pm
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two years ago, i introduced to you a 14-year-old foster child named nick, a very bright young man who said he was hoping to play college football someday, but his biggest dream was to finally have a permanent family. well, tonight, we catch up with him to see how things are going now. nick, along with his brand-new parents, came back to georgetown university where we first met him. great to see you again. whoa. i want you to meet coach rob
5:39 pm
scarlotta. a new coach since you were here. kevin kell lynn is righted nick and our wednesday's child and one with a key interest in academics and sports to come work out with his some his team back then. we were anxious to find an adoptive family for nick, a family that would love him and foster his many talents. the clanahans had raised four children and considering adoption. they saw nick on wednesday's child. they knew he was a perfect fit for their family the minute they saw and heard him. >> it is like you had me with the hello. >> reporter: nick says when he met them the first time, the feeling was mutual. >> it's like a feeling that you know what it is, but you don't know how to express it. like a pleasurable feeling in many ways. >> reporter: nick's news mom, mary, is a teacher and both are coaches. >> we coach cross-country and track. >> reporter: nick wass eon the field for a workout, some
5:40 pm
players got up early to welcome nick back to the campus. nick is 16 now and a sophomore in high school and the coach said he was impressed with his moves and high academic goals, like those of his team members. >> first thing we do is look at their academics. >> reporter: nick's new family says brains and braun have always been important in their family and nick's got a really big family now. >> he has got a sister and three brothers now and niece and nephews and grandparents. >> i thought i was going to be a foster home until i was 18 years old. once i realized somebody -- a family had actually wanted me, i realize there had is a happily ever after and that it can go ahead and be a good ending. >> and it is. >> and it is. >> we are so happy for him. if you have room in your home and your heart for another child who is waiting, please call our special adoption hot line, the number is 1-888-to-adopt-me or search wednesday's child on
5:41 pm storm team4 radar, we do have some wet weather moving through, showers and also some isolated thunderstorms showing up. will we get enough for browning lawns in a couple of minutes? i will show you how much i'm exspece ex -- expecting. how one man's offer to help how one man's offer to help feed a panhandler en
5:42 pm
what did iran's supreme leader get in the nuclear deal?
5:43 pm
to start with, $100 billion. they keep their nuclear facilities and ballistic missiles. there won't be surprise anytime-anywhere inspections. and after ten years, restrictions are lifted and iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. congress should reject a bad deal. we need a better deal.
5:44 pm
all of us realize that money cannot, will not, is no possibility to bring back a loved one. >> new reaction after the city of baltimore approved a $6.4 million settlement with the family of freddy gray. in the next 15 minutes, hear what his family has to say about that. plus, a preview of an nbc news exclusive. lester holt interviews survivors of the charleston church shooting. and a look at the radar, getting pretty active out there storm team4 is working on the
5:45 pm
exact timing of the rain expected to roll into your neighborhood. he offered him a ride and a warm meal. fairfax county police tell us one man's goodwill toward another left him beaten up and without a car. our northern virginia reporter david culver live outside the vienna metro station near were that crime occurred. david? >> reporter: police looking for the violent carjacking suspect and made what happened here had he hope serves as a lesson for those acting as a good samaritan. in began where the orange line ends outside the vienna metro station on august 25th a man perres tently asking another man for money, a map acting on good intentions, according to police. they were trying to see what they would do to help someone who they felt was homeless, down on their luck, that sort of thing. >> reporter: according to police that victim refused to give the man any cash, said he would drive him to his house and make
5:46 pm
him a meal. >> sometimes, people respect who they appear to be. >> reporter: with the man in his car, the victim drove just down the street to his home the warrant we pulled says once there, the suspect refused to eat, became focused on the man's belongings, the victim drove the man back to the metro station. the pan handler refused to get out, he grabbed the keys, got out of the car pretending to throw them, but the warrant says he got back into the car with the keys in between his fingers and started brutally punching the victim. >> after he beat the victim, he then took the vehicle, still an active investigation. >> reporter: police not discouraging generosity, just urging caution. >> as far as having a stranger in your home or your vehicle, do you have to be extremely cautious, especially when you're alone. >> reporter: the victim is expected to be okay physicalism again, that suspect still out there. police telling me they are working to identify him tonight, pat.
5:47 pm
>> thank you, david. two murders hours apart, leaving neighbors in two prince george's county communities shaken tonight. the first shooting happened in capitol heights just after night. four and a half hours later, someone found a man's body on annapolis road in hyattsville. tracee wilkins joins us with more on both investigations. >> reporter: it was a violent night. four people shot, two people killed, all within a matter of hours. >> i think it is a shame that, you know, people, you know, killing senseless, you know? >> reporter: rodney johnson was shocked by what happened right next door to his home shortly after midnight. george gnat that willi nathanie shot and his body found in a vehicle a man and woman found nearby also shot and in critical condition. a good neighborhood, family neighborhood, everybody pretty much gets along around here.
5:48 pm
so sad to see something happen like this. >> reporter: some neighbors questioning if the people living inside of the home, including the victim, were there legally. >> right now, we are looking into whether the victim was a squatter. however, preliminarily, our detectives don't believe that had anything to do with what happened this morning. >> reporter: around 5 in hyattsville, another shooting leaving a young man, who has not been identified, dead on a sidewalk it happened near the intersection of annapolis road and cooper lane. >> very sad. very, very sad, it's a shooting and it's so close to where i live. >> reporter: detectives spent most of the day going around to area businesses, seeing if they could find any video of wh at unfolded just across the street. >> we each came over and asked about the camera here. >> reporter: in both situations there is frustration and worry, as police search for possible suspects and motives. >> it's unfortunate that all of these people are being killed, you know, over senseless things.
5:49 pm
>> reporter: again, this was a violent night and as we know, there has been an increase in homicides in the district of columbia, so, how are things looking here in prince george's county? we will have those numbers coming up in a live report on news4 at 6:00. reporting live, i a'm tracee wilkins, news4. the radar is getting active out there and we are starting to see some storms pop up? >> a few thunderstorms moving into our southeast south or so counties, spot silvin ya. show you that in a moment you will need an umbrella. roads are going to be wet.
5:50 pm
this system more intense as it moves toward airs yas like st. charles and waldorf the past few minutes, bringing moderate to heavy rain. don't think we will see high winds with these but get pretty good rain there into spotsylvania county, fredericksburg, staffordburg, i-95, the next few minutes. evening, driving impact forecast, the green light there, but overnight, weather will have more of a moderate impact on area roads with it likely, sthanlg early tomorrow morning, saturday morning, but of course, for thursday morning, fog and rain likely. we do need the rain, our lawns are starting to get a little brown in spots, we only had a trace for september, that deficit, almost an inch now, how much are we going to get? these are the areas that need it more, from your drought monitor folks. they show us that these are the areas driest, fredericksburg up toward areas like alexandria, around waldorf, into hagerstown and martinburg, this is where some of the heaviest rain will
5:51 pm
be setting up, down here where it's needed, about half to just over an inch, same thing up i-95 in bolt more. i think most neighborhoods will see around a quarter to a half inch of rain as it ends late tomorrow. then the trend for this weekend, next week, even next weekend, i think our chances are fairly low. doesn't look as though we are going to get any big storms that are going to produce any days long rain, that pattern typically starts changing we make our way into fall. but for right now, not much rain. 76, 79 degrees for early tomorrow morning. there's your showers, a look at tomorrow morning, afternoon, heaviest with storms, leesburg to orange, 6:00 tomorrow, still storms moving through our area. so, yes, going to need the big umbrella tomorrow. talking about downpours coming our watch in terms of temperatures though, say bye bye to the heat. today, low to middle 90s across the area, look at tomorrow, 83, that's it for a high temperature, we stay in that pocket of cool, right through the upcoming weekend.
5:52 pm
yes, the weekend, could see a little bit of a chance of rain coming in late saturday. during the overnight on sunday, a few showers, maybe a thunderstorm as that rain moves out, the high on sunday, 78 degrees, guys, while we have got a cooler pattern coming up york think we are done with the heat, certainly need the rain, we are going to get quite a bit of it come tomorrow. >> veronica, thank you. tonight, we hear for the first time about that horrific moment when a gunman opened fire on members of the bible study group at a charleston church. nbc's lester holt talked to the survivors. >> i remember my son saying, mama, he shot me in the head. and my granddaughter was hollering, saying she was so afraid. >> now, you can see more of lester's exclusive interview on "nbc nightly news" right after news4 at 6:00 tonight. we invite you to stay with us. baltimore's mayor is on the defense after that multimillion
5:53 pm
dollar lawsuit settlement in the freddie gray case. somebody is targeting the cars at this metro station, but it's not the car, it's what's inside tha
5:54 pm
5:55 pm
5:56 pm
the king street trolly in old town, alexandria is celebrating major milestone. its 5 millionth rider. look at mayor bill euille greeting that rider, from scotland. euille and dash presented them with a certificate for a lifetime of free rides. that was meant to be a joke since the service is free. the king street trolly started operating back in april of 2012. it takes 2500 people a day between the king street and the waterfront. a girl who died from a peanut allergy settled two lawsuits n 2012, maria johnson died after the eating a peanut
5:57 pm
on the playground of a school near richmond. johnson's mother filed lawsuit against the chesterfield school system. she says she filed a health plan spelling out treatment, in case her daughter had a reaction. the mother also sued for wrongful death. there's no word tonight on what's included in the settlement. a nearly $6.5 million settlement was approved by a baltimore financial board for for the family of freddie grave. . the mayor and the team say this was a way to cut the city's losses. we know the city had key evidence in the death of gray before decides no to-tohe -- no fight the civil case. >> reporter: all five members of the board of estimates approved spending $6.4 million to set the civil claims in the freddy gray case. the mayor called it the best deal for taxpayers, considering the high stakes the case carries.
5:58 pm
>> we must consider all of the potential expenses of fighting a lawsuit in court and the expe e expenses to the steps of baltimore if we lose the court case and the cost to the city if we win. >> reporter: settlement heads off a federal civil rights lawsuit which was the plan of billy mur fishing the lawyer for the freddie gray family. murphy says the timing of the settlement is intended to calm the public, with a change of venue hearing tomorrow in the criminal case. >> both the city and the gray family, in addicting to want to resolve this case fairly on the merits, had a vital interest in preventing any violence. and we hope we have done that. >> reporter: city repeatedly stressed the civil settlement is unconnected to the criminal case and admits no wrongdoing in the death of freddie gray. the city's lawyers suggested the civil case did have legs and the city hall spokesman told us the lawyers did review the statements made by the police officers and freddie gray's
5:59 pm
autopsy before deciding to settlement in federal court, the city could have been exposed to large jury verdicts without the froex of liability caps in the state courts. from the city's perspective, the purpose of the civil settlement is to bring an important measure of closure to the family, to the community and to the city and to spare the police officers now facing six criminal trials the continuing ordeal of years and years of civil litigation. at 6:00, team coverage of the day's top stories and includes reaction from the parents of baby in d.c. a baby that was rushed to the hospital on a fire truck closest ambulance was 12 miles away. man indicted nearly a year after a deadly crash. first, heat deed bait over the iran nuclear deal. inside the capitol, lawmakers try to find way to blocked agreement while hundreds rallied outside the capitol and
6:00 pm
presidential hopefuls donald trump and ted cruz led the charge. steve handlesman join us live now with the latest. steve? >> reporter: thanks. for donald trump, the outsider, the no politician this issue was perfect. whatever anybody might think of the iran nuclear deal, and trump hates it, heater hill now, it reeks of politics and parliamentary maneuvering, so, cue the donald. >> this is donald trump. >> reporter: donald trump brought to the tea party rally at the u.s. capitol his campaign and his contempt for the obama iran nuclear deal. >> never, ever, ever in my life have i seen any transaction so incompetently negotiated as our deal with iran. >> reporter: it's the crux of the presidential campaign, says candidate ted cruz. >> stopping iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. >> reporter: he was preaching to a tea party choir. >> they mean death to america and don't let anybody fool you. >> donald trump for presidential caid


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