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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  September 9, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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presidential hopefuls donald trump and ted cruz led the charge. steve handlesman join us live now with the latest. steve? >> reporter: thanks. for donald trump, the outsider, the no politician this issue was perfect. whatever anybody might think of the iran nuclear deal, and trump hates it, heater hill now, it reeks of politics and parliamentary maneuvering, so, cue the donald. >> this is donald trump. >> reporter: donald trump brought to the tea party rally at the u.s. capitol his campaign and his contempt for the obama iran nuclear deal. >> never, ever, ever in my life have i seen any transaction so incompetently negotiated as our deal with iran. >> reporter: it's the crux of the presidential campaign, says candidate ted cruz. >> stopping iran from acquiring a nuclear weapon. >> reporter: he was preaching to a tea party choir. >> they mean death to america and don't let anybody fool you. >> donald trump for presidential candidate who says no to this
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deal? >> absolutely and knows when a real threat is a threat. >> reporter: in the cap torn the house and the senate debated. >> can they build a bomb? the answer is no. >> reporter: u.s. allies agree and democrats have the votes to block congressional disapproval of the agreement. >> done deal because we have stupid people and incompetent people running our operation. >> reporter: across town was hillary clinton. she spores the deal but warned iran will test the next u.s. president. >> so, here's my message to iran's leaders, the united states will never allow you to acquire a nuclear weapon. i will not hesitate to take military action if iran attempts to obtain a nuclear weapon. >> reporter: tough talk from the leading democratic candidate and the top poll willing republican on an issue sure to play a role in who wins the white house. congress might not be able to stop this iran nuclear deal but our next president, whoever he or she might be, could back us out of any agreement.
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i'm steve handelsman, news4. >> thank you, steve. now to a developing story in the district where for the second time in less than a week, an ambulance shortage led to a fire truck taking a baby to the hospital. meagan fitzgerald just spoke with the family and she joins us live in northeast with an update on the child's condition. meagan? >> reporter: in fact, the father of that 1-month-old child says the baby is doing fine but he is frustrated that it was a fire truck that rushed his child to the hospital since an ambulance didn't arrive until 13 minutes after he called for help. now the father says monday evening at 5:25, they called 911 because the baby wasn't breathing. d.c. fire officials say four minutes after the call, a fire truck arrived. four minutes after that, another truck and an ems supervisor were on scene. they, am minuted the child and determined they couldn't wait for an ambulance so the baby was rushed to the hospital in a fire truck. neighbors around here say they are aware of the slow response time for ambulances and parents
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like dewayne graham say it is a potentially deadly problem. >> i find it an issue. i find it a problem. you know? a life that they are responsible for once it's an emergency. >> reporter: now, that was six months ago that mayor bowser promised to have 49 ambulances on the street, on duty, every day. the city administrator confirms that they have fallen short on that promise. in fact, we did speak with d.c. fire. they confirmed that they did not have 49 ambulances on the street on monday. back to you. >> meagan fitzgerald, thank you. this comes after another high-profile incident involving d.c. fire and ems. in january 2014, a 77-year-old man collapsed across the street from a fire house, no one inside helped him and he later died. the firefighters on duty were disciplined but the lieutenant was allowed to retire with her full pension. earlier this year, a 1-year-old boy died from choking on a
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grape. that care the closest ambulance was not sent and a fire lieutenant was charged with neglect of duty. nearly one year after a tragic crash in oxon hill, maryland, a man has been indicted for manslaughter. the victim's family say they are finally closer to justice. our darcy spencer broke the story and reports now on why it took so long for police to make an arrest. >> reporter: this man, kenneth kelley, was indicted in may for the crash that killed five people last fall, but authorities say he was able to elude capture until august. he was arrested when he showed up to meet with his probation officer. >> if you killed five people, i mean, i didn't think he was gonna willingly turn himself in, i'm not surprised at all, just relieved he is finally off the streets. >> reporter: kelley is facing five counts of negligent manslaughter for allegedly caution the crash. it claimed the lives of three women and two children. relatives are still angry that it took this long to get him into custody.
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>> we all are hurt. to me, i feel like my soul is broken. that's four pieces of my heart that i will never get back. >> reporter: victims were stopped at a traffic light when kelley allegedly slammed into the back of their car here on livingston road. the state's attorney's office says he was going in excess of 70 miles an hour when he crashed. i'm told that kelley was not only speeding, he was driving under the influence of alcohol. i'm told his blood alcohol content was .14. that's nearly twice the legal limit here in maryland. tiffany wilkerson and tameika curtis were sisters. their deaths left behind ten children with no more. the children of another passenger was also killed. and dominique green was a passenger in kelley's car. jasmine curtis is a 16-year-old high school student and the daughter of tameika curtis. >> hopefully he will be convicted of the dangerous things that he done and be able to go to prison or jail to think
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about what he did. >> reporter: darcy spencer, news4. new at 6:00, the oklahoma man who threatened to assassinate three u.s. presidents is headed back to prison tonight. he was caught breaking his probation a few weeks ago by traveling near the white house. scott macfarlane and the news4 i-team broke this story in august and joins us with the fallout. >> archie glass jr. has already been in federal prison several times. he admitted on separate occasion threatening to kill president obama, president clinton, george w. bush and hillary clinton and just recently released from the federal lockup in el reno, oklahoma, when secret service found him outside the white house in late august in violation of his parole. news4 learned that glass en route back to federal prison at this hour, order to serve 14 more month for violating his parole but the feds won't say which prison yet. court records by the i-team found in 1996, glass wanted to be the next john hinckley.
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he was in a halfway house in oklahoma this summer when he left town without permission and he wasn't stopped until he got within close range of the white house gates. >> scott macfarlane with the news4 i-team. watch the original report on archie glass on our website, webb, and click on investigations. tonight, prosecutors in loudoun county say they are going to try a 17-year-old youngster as a murder suspect as an adult. a teenager is accused of shooting 17-year-old danny seine tan know miranda of sterling last friday. the victim was backing to the school bus on his way to park view high school when he was shot. two other men face charges of accessory after the fact. the investigators are looking into possible motives, including whether that murder is gang related. a teenager was arrested in another part of loudoun county after graffiti was found.
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police say the vandalism was not gang related. somebody spray painted the words ms-13 across cars and across part of a building at trail side middle school, in the ashburn farm area. and they did that on monday night. police say a 13-year-old kid is responsible. they say he acted alone. after the vandalism, police put extra patrols in the area. should note that ms-13 is a notorious and deadly gang with its roots in el salvador. now to our weather. more high heat and humidity across our region. also rain on the radar now doug kammerer is tracking it all from the storm team4. hey, doug. >> hello, good morning to you. storm team4 radar showing you that rain across our region, a high today of 94, now seeing the storms develop and most of the area dry and going to stay that way as we move on through the next couple of hours.
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down to the south, fredericksburg, waldorf, la plata, very heavy rain falling through northern charles county, st. mary's county, along 301 waldo waldorf, already seeing light rain, heavier rain making its way in. another area of storminess, culpeper, fredericksburg, 95, we have a lot more where that's coming from. tonight, most areas dry. back to the west a frontal boundary moving in, give us not just a chance for more rain but much cooler weather as we head into the next couple of days and that weekend. the forecast in a few minutes. man died after he fell off a metro bus. his name is reginald burrell. we are told he lost his balance as he was stepping off the bus on bliadensburg road last week. he fell to the ground, the driver didn't see him and ran over his leg. burrell was taken to a hospital. he died yesterday.
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it appears his death may have been caused by a complication from his injury. still ahead tonight, a plane goes up in flames as passengers run for safety. how investigators from d.c. could shed light on what prompted this scene on a las vegas tarmac. armed serial robbers, targeting 7-11s. the fbi using some electronic help to track them down. i'm pat collins. the story coming up, news4. people breaking into cars in people breaking into cars in metro parking lots but they are
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what did iran's supreme leader get in the nuclear deal? to start with, $100 billion. they keep their nuclear facilities and ballistic missiles. there won't be surprise anytime-anywhere inspections. and after ten years, restrictions are lifted and iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. congress should reject a bad deal. we need a better deal.
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we are getting a new look at dangerous criminals wanted for a series of reason robberys across our region. the fbi says they have hit since separate 7-11s in one week. pat collins is live with new video agents hope will stop the robbers before someone is hurt or killed. pat? >> reporter: they move fast, big guns, big knives, they are stealing some big 7-11 money. how bad is it? the fbi's on the case. these are pictures of serial robbers targeting 7-11 stores in our area. there's nothing subtle about these guys.
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they come in, guns out, barking out orders, shepherding had clerks about the store, hands up, cash drawers open, this is surveillance video from the robberies in fairfax, in one week, they robbed six 7-11s in our area. they hit three in about two hours, one in oxon hill, one in virginia, and then here on rhode island avenue in northeast. the fbi is on the case. >> they seem to be familiar with guns, almost as if they rehearsed or practiced. rather than being a crime of desperation, these more organized and more planned out crimes. >> reporter: the fbi is not just talking about this case, they are not just having us do stories about this case. they are using electronic advertisement at bus stops to hunt down these suspects.
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the fbi says sometimes, the suspects not only rob the store, they rob customers is the store, they want these guys caught before someone gets hurt there is some honest money available here. the fbi has posted a $10,000 reward in the case. jim, back to you. >> pat comes, thanks, pat. when andy parker's daughter was shot and killed during a live news broadcast last month, he vowed to do whatever it takes to reform the nation's gun laws. he is expected to be here in washington tomorrow with two groups that are working to change gun laws. now to a u.s. effort to respond to the migrant crisis rocking europe. the united states will increase the number of worldwide migrants and revenue zwlas it resettles by 5,000 next year.
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secretary of state john kerry told members of congress that the number will be boosted to 75,000, according to the associated press. a fraction of the refugees will be from syria. now to more disturbing images to our coverage of the migrant crisis in europe. the camera woman in this controversial video has been fired. she was seen on film yesterday appearing to deliberately kick and trip migrants running from police. the man about the child in his arms went trawl sprauling to sp ground. she worked for a right-wing network in hung garry. the network condemned her actions. >> talking about rain coming our wake some people got it, some people didn't. >> everybody is getting cooler weather. how are you doing? >> i never get to see you. >> i know. what a treat. i have vance. i have doug. >> you know this is my side of the -- you know, my side over here, right? >> hide my big, gigantic bag. put that anywhere, i don't need
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to sit down. >> in the chair. >> vance told me to move it before you get mad. >> doesn't surprise me. take a look out there now, a beautiful day, if you like it hot, a few of you who say, hey, keep the heat coming, the others say bring in that cooler weather, by this cooler weather is coming in. reston town center, looking good now, the highs today, 94, d.c., 95, leesburg, 95, warrenton, 94, fredericksburg. say goodbye to the 90s, say hello to the 80s, even the 70s in the next couple of days. hot and humid, heat index, 95, plenty of cloud cover across the region. a couple showers around the beltway, most stayed to the south and the west, southern maryland, charles county, hit along 301, heavy rain, lightning, thunder, around the la plate ta area, zoom in here, la plata, areas just to the east here, over toward gross town, hughesville, charlotte hall, st.
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mary's county, down toward mechanics, that along route 6, heads up if you are in southern maryland the next few hours, more storminess, spotsylvania county, culpepper county, this storm moving slowly to the north, around culpeper, could see this the next half hour. er storm moving slowly to the north, around culpeper, could see this the next half hour. a frontal boundary to our west. with it tomorrow comes a cooler chance for storms. once again, storms down toward the south, the d.c. metro area, headed to the ballgame, may get the wet side, around 11:00, still notice the shower activity around. not everybody is going to see them tonight, different stories, 8 a.m., few showers around, most of the rush hour okay, tomorrow morning, watch what happens around 1. notice we are starting to see more storms develop and by
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around 4:00, everybody gets in on the action tomorrow afternoon. i do expect some areas to see good amount of rain, half an inch to an inch, we do need to see the rain, two and a half inches below average last month and a half, we like to see the rain by tomorrow, tomorrow night, it is out of here, a much nicer day on friday. 95, some areas, 82, leesburg, 83, d.c., 84, fredericksburg, that stormy conditions, really any time during the day. that bus stop forecast, areas of fog early, the kids, probably want to give them an umbrella, 76 degrees tomorrow afternoon, 83 degrees, scattered storms during the afternoon, some of those storms could be on the strong side, very heavy downpours, not expecting severe weather tomorrow, i am expecting to see some of those storms on the stronger side. 83 tomorrow, 84 on friday. 81 on saturday. see the trend here? going down. only 79 on sunday. now we are still watching the weekend. saturday and sunday, still a little bit of a tricky forecast.
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right now, looks like late saturday into early sunday the best chance for rain. the 6:45, talk about that weekend forecast, if you've got plans, we will go a little bit more in depth coming up at 6:45, a closer look at your weekend. >> thanks, doug. you have probably seen this video. coming up, we are going to hear from the lawyer for that referee. police search for evidence in two murderers ths happened overnight. what does this mean for crime stats he opened up his home for a man
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investigators from d.c. are
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on their way to las vegas now, trying to find out what happened on a british airways plane, the engine of which burst into flames on the tarmac. our chris lawrence is here with more on that investigation. >> reporter: this team from d.c. is going to zero in on why the left engine caught fire and they will look into whether the system that's supposed to put out the flames was working properly. right now, everyone is talking about this pilot. he was able to safely hit the brakes while the plane was going 100 miles an hour down the run watch here is his may day call. >> the pilot has never had this kind of emergency in 42 years of flying. this was supposed to be his second-to-last flight before he retired. now, he says he is done. he says the entire crew deserves credit for saving the passengers and a lot agree. >> no hesitation from them whatsoever, the exit doors were
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opened. they were literally in full swing. it was like clock work for them to be honest, scary for them, too. >> passenger says they couldn't see a thing in all that smoke and crashing into each other amount emergency slide out of the emergency evacuation. 27 people were hurt but none seriously. guys, back to you. >> thank you, chris. the new visitors center opens tomorrow at the national memorial to flight 93. the building overlooks the crash site near shanksville, pennsylvania. it features interactive exhibits that tell the stories of the people on the plane that crashed there on september 11th. those passengers heroically kept terrorists from doing even more damage during the 9/11 attack. coming up tonight, two people murdered several hours apart it happened in prince george's county where despite the violence, overall crime is down. we will tell but what police say is responsible for saving lives. who is breaking into cars to get the handicapped stickers
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from them? i'm adam tuss. that what's metro transit police want to know. want to know. plus, how apple is
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what can i make for you? how about one of our reuben sandwiches? choose from tender corned beef or oven roasted turkey breast, topped with sauerkraut, melty swiss cheese and thousand island dressing. enjoy one while they're here! subway. eat fresh. now at 6:30 two murders and two separate incidents in prince george's county. >> people killing it is senseless. tonight, a good samaritan robbed after he opened up his
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home to a man on the street. i don't new at 6:30, car windows busted at metro parking lots. the unusual item thieves are looking for and why you can't hide it from them. and in montgomery county, final exams will soon be history. >> free up a lot of time to do more instructional activities, more hands-on activities. first breaking news now, i'm jim handily on the live news desk with frightening moments for folks on metro this morning, metro confirms to news4 that a plain clothes police officer pointed a gun at a juvenile who tried to skip paying a fare after the juvenile got violent. it happened at the tock coma station this morning and the "washington post" reports riders on one train were scared because they didn't realize the woman pointing the gun was a police officer. some thought that gun violence was about to break out on the metro platform. they dove to the floor of their train. we will try to learn more about this and get it to you on the nbc washington app and on news4
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at 11:00 tonight. back to you. >> thanks. two men killed in separate incidents in what was an unusually violent night in prince george's county. those shootings happened in capitol heights and landover hills. >> police say the cases are not connected. despite the violent night the county is not seeing the same spike in murders as the district. tracee wilkins join us now with a look at why police say crime is not crossing the border. tracee? >> reporter: the leadership that has set up what is happening now in prince george's county, years of work, enjoying crime being an all-time low here, they say what happened last night really is an anomaly. it was a violent night in prince george's county. four people shot and two killed in two separate incident. >> i think the a shame that people killing, senseless, you no? he. >> reporter: rodney johnson was shocked by what happened right next door to his home shortly after midnight.
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>> from what i understand, more than 20 shots. prince george's county police identified the victim as 25-year-old george salas. two other people were wounded in the shooting on jade court just after midnight. around 5 in hyattsville, another shooting leaving a young man, who has not been identified, dead on a sidewalk it happened near the intersection of annapolis road and cooper lane. >> very sad. very, very sad, it's a shooting and it's so close to where i live. >> reporter: according to prince george's county police, violent crime is still trending down in the county by 12%, with overall crime down 18%. this as neighboring d.c. is experiencing a surge in homicides. >> we attribute that to the hard working men and women on our police department, along with the hard working men and women in our county, the citizens, working hand in hand with us to help solve these crimes. >> reporter: that include pros active work with community police and more resources for
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historically underserved areas and even after a night like last night, police here say they are not worried about crimes in d.c. bleeding over to the county. not something that we are worried about right now. >> reporter: prince george's county police say that the murder that happened here in capitol heights was not a random act. they are still looking for a suspect and a motive in both of these incidents. reporting live in capitol heights, tracee wilkins, news4. >> thank you. you've probably heard the expression, no good deed goes unpunished. there is a man in fairfax county who will probably testify to that. a couple of weeks ago at the vienna metro station, a pan handler asked this man for mum. the guy said i won't give you money, but i will give you a meal. so he put the pan handler in his car, drove him to his house, made him a meal, but the pan handler refused to eat anything. he became a built obsessed with the man's possessions, so the victim drove the guy back to the station.
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that's when the suspect grabbed the car keys and began beating the man. >> after he beat the victim, he then took the vehicle it is still an active investigation. >> the victim is expected to be okay. police are trying to find the guy who did it. the last thing you want after your trip on metro is to find that your car has been broken into in the parking lot. it has been happening at one station in particular, but the thieves aren't looking for cash or even elect tropic. they want those handicap stickers. adam discuss live tonight at the morgan boulevard station with the story you're seeing new at 6:30. adam? >> reporter: people here call it disgraceful, despicable, flat out wrong, now, a whom is disabled says she would rather park away from the disabled parking spaces rather than have her car broken into again. it is not hard to find the disabled tags at the morgan boulevard station and some thieves are going right after
6:34 pm
them. >> this is ridiculous. it has to stop. >> reporter: patricia, who didn't want to go on camera, just had her disabled sticker stolen last week. this is what her car looked like, the window busted out. she had to tape it up. the >> they poing the window, causing the glass to reaching in there taking the sticker and that's it. >> reporter: she has back issues and can't walk far. she is parking away from the dabl disabled space because she is afraid they will be broke in again. others disgusted. >> you get that low to take somebody's plaque card that means you have nothing else better to do. >> a horrible thing. it is. almost a disgrace. >> reporter: metro confirms that just yesterday, five more vehicles broken into and their disabled stickers stolen. >> someone told me that they steal them and sell them for, like, $50 each. i think that's despicable.
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>> reporter: the transit agency says that is a small percentage of cars were this kind of crime is happening and crime in parking lots is trending downward. still, for patricia, it's having a lasting impact. >> what i would like for metro do is get some cameras up. we need cameras. simple as that. >> reporter: now, metro tells us it does have the ability to set up temporary cameras here but right now, no indication that that is going to happen. back to you. >> adam tuss, thank you. problems with metro trains and tracks led to longer wait times this summer. the agency is working to have trains operate above 91% on-time arrival but only the yellow line meets that goal. in june, the orange line had the worst record with 79% on time. the newest silver line was on time, 82% of the time. the numbers are broken down by month. we have posted all this information on our nbc because a.m. the long waits may have becon
6:36 pm
contributed to a drop in customer satisfaction, 73% compared to 82% last year. people who run am held an event at san francisco this afternoon, the one where they introduced the company's newest array of gadgets. the iphone 6 s and 6 s plus will have a function called 3-d touch. it's sensitive to finger pressure for starting applications. they will also have a new 12-megapixel camera. in the wake of sliding tablet sales, apple introduced the new jumbo-sized model. they call it the ipad pro. there's also a nearly 143-inch screen that offers a sigh plus-like pencil and detachable keyboard. >> what do i need? i need a bigger screen, some input mechanisms what happened we saw unveiled today. >> apple announce and update to its streaming media box, am tv this one incorporates voice
6:37 pm
commands from siri to find content on multiple services such as netflix. final exams soon a thing of the past in one local school district. how officials plan to get students ready for college under the new controversial plan. also, some of the treasures that washed up along the plastic shores at the national building museum. doug have you been to that bubble pool there? >> i have not way and the to go see what they are doing with all of those balls coming up soon. i know they just moved them on the metro. out there right now, slow going down toward southern maryland, heavy rain, southern charles county, prince george's county, calvert county, all seeing heavy storms, talking much more about what these mean tonight, tomorrow and your weekend,
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the mayor of baltimore says that a settlement with the family of freddie gray was a good decision for the community. the board, the city board approved a $6.4 million settlement today. mayor stephanie rawlings-blake says the settlement is less expensive than a trial would have been. she also said it will bring closure for the family and the community. tomorrow, a judge will decide whether to move the trial for six officers who are charged in connection with that case. freddie gray died in police custody back in april which led to several days of rioting in
6:41 pm
baltimore. tonight, we are hearing the harrowing details in what it was like inside the charleston church when the gunman opened fire killing nine people. the two adult survivors sat down with nbc's lester holt. >> we were just about to say the prayer to be leased and he caught us with our eyes closed. i remember my son saying, mama, he shot me in the head. >> your granddaughter was with you? >> yes. and i was telling my son, i said ju just lay here, just lay here, but he was still talking to me and i said just lay here. and my granddaughter was hollering, saying she was so afraid. and i was trying to keep everybody close to me as calm as
6:42 pm
i could. >> lester will have more on his emotional interview tonight at 7:00 on "nbc nightly news." still ahead tonight, a referee blindsided. tonight, his lawyer has something to say from his point of view. the lawyer says criminal charges should be filed. public high schools in montgomery county will be replacing final exams with alternatives next year. alternatives next year. this is what did iran's supreme leader get in the nuclear deal? to start with, $100 billion. they keep their nuclear facilities and ballistic missiles. there won't be surprise anytime-anywhere inspections.
6:43 pm
and after ten years, restrictions are lifted and iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. congress should reject a bad deal. we need a better deal.
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there was an emergency meeting today by the people in texas who run high school sports there. they say that coaches should have called a timeout after two players were kicked out of a game in san antonio last friday. instead, the play continued and a referee was creamed by two different players. the referee's lawyer says those
6:46 pm
actions were criminal. >> turning to violence, this was premeditated crime. two crimes committed in a period of just a few seconds. very, very ugly. >> some of the players claim the referee had used racial slurs against them, but the referee's lawyer disputes that. meanwhile, an assistant coach is under investigation. players say he told them that the referee needs to, in his words, pay for cheating us. final exams are among the biggest things of stress for high school students and their parents as well. that might not be the case for long in montgomery county. the school district voted to ditch final exams. chris gordon reports why school leaders think that move will make kids better prepared for college. >> reporter: montgomery county high school students with he spoke with today are happy to see an toned final exams in
6:47 pm
sight. >> i think the idea is really great because the last couple of weeks of school are dedicated to final exams and honest lakers big waste of time. >> reporter: montgomery county's new approach to grading, replacing final exams with other alternatives begins in the school year 2016 to 2017. here at richard montgomery high school in rockville, i asked this history teacher what alternatives he might use to assess his students in place of final exams. >> i think it will graea great opportunity to add in a field trip there wasn't before or experience activities that could teach them material in a different way. >> reporter: without final exam grades, how will students compete in college in the president of the board of education says they are tested in many other ways. >> currently, 50% of our high school students take ap or ib assessments, which are nationally normed, high-stakes, very difficult assessments.
6:48 pm
they are already demonstrating in a variety of ways how they master knowledge. >> reporter: new grading system will be monitored. parents will be asked for input. >> i think it will allow students to spend more time on their studies throughout the semester without having to worry about studying for final exams, which, you know, are very stressful. >> reporter: replacing finals in public high schools is not an experimental program in montgomery county. it's the future. chris gordon, news4. >> we asked what you think is it a good idea to eliminate final exams, if that time is used for more instruction? the results, as they appear now, pretty well split, 48% who have responded suggest it's a good idea. 52%, perhaps not. their white, placid shores drew thousands of visitors this summer but many of the beachgoers left something behind. according to the "washington post," nearly 1,000 items have been reported lost or unclaimed
6:49 pm
from the beach, the exhibit at the national building museum. many of the items are phones, at least one engagement rink, i wonder if it's my size, dozens of shoes, sunglasses, fitness trackers, those fit bits and jaw bones washed up. the museum will fly to return the items or donate anything that goes unclaimed. >> did you say jaw bones? >> the little ear things -- isn't that the thing you put on your wrist? >> i don't know. >> maybe a generational thing a jaw bone. how about weather, doug? this part, i can understand. >> this part you got. the chance for rain, you got. that what's we have out there across our region tonight. going to see rain and some of it could be heavy at times, some location last through to evening planner tonight, sun going down at 7:26 in the evening, earlier and earlier every day. 91, current number, 88 by 7:00, 84 by 9, 80 by 11. a chance of showers that could
6:50 pm
happen any time tonight already happening down toward the south. look at the storms down south, most of the areas to the north dry, showers around mount airy and damascus, southern maryland, charles county, calvert county, northern portions of st. mary's county, all seeing rain, look at this boundary that has developed here, a lot of rain over the culpepper line, watch out around culpeper county, phones for flooding in this area, storms just continue to develop. we will be watching that, fredericksburg seeing rain, this whole boundary moving to the north. we will see some areas around quantico, a couple of those storms moving north as well. we could see some impact from that watching this front, clearly defined here, this area of low pressure, see this little spin, what's going to come up the front and what's going to give us a chance for showers tomorrow. storms likely, not all day though, not too much, umbrella just in care temperatures 79 or
6:51 pm
104. 84 on friday, nice day friday, the weekend comes, 81 on saturday. 79 on sunday, now, right now the best chance of rain looks like late saturday, much cooler weather, a tricky forecast, something we will continue to watch for you the next couple of days. next week, starting off on a much cooler note. >> all right, thanks, doug. sports coming up, carol out at the park with more on some of the big questions facing kirk cousins. >> answer a lot of questions this weekend, jim. on the field, everyone wants to know what is going on in the meetings and locker rooms, kirk
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a couple of important sporting contests coming up in our town. one of them's out on the gridiron. carol's out there now, where jay gruden had some things to say today and i guess we heard from kirk cousins, too huh, carol? >> yeah a busy day. 90 hours and counting till kickoff of week one. we are definitely counting every minute. and robert griffin iii's status is tbd. jay gruden announced that he has verbal results of his concussion test, but he is not going to make it official and make that announcement until he has the
6:55 pm
written results. extra cautious there doesn't matter, meantime, all eyes on kirk cousins, kirk cousins, his team, jay gruden says. he is the starter, handing the keys over to him, as an nfl starter, a record of 2-7, throwing multiple picks in four of those games, whether he fixed his turnover issue, isn't even one of the biggest questions it is how he is going to handle having rg3 behind him on the bench. >> i don't feel a distraction in the building. you know, the distraction is if i turn on the tv, answer my phone, get on twitter, so the distraction is, you know, and as long as i am in the building, working hard, "ignoring the noise," even if there is something on the outside being said, i don't feel it. so you know, we are going to play in because washington for the washington redskins, the nfl. there's always going to be something going on that's going to be there and so important to just look forward and not look right or left. >> so cousins saying griffin staying low key while this new
6:56 pm
season kicks off with the lowest of expectations. a number of represented national polls including espn and pro football talk have picked the skins it finish dead last in the league. the disrespect has been noticed in the locker room. >> i don't think it really truly affected the team because when we are out there on the field, we are not thinking about all the noise these going on. >> a lot of thing that you got to learn how to tune out that being one of them you guys think the sky's falling, we sit in this locker room with a lot of optimism for this 2015 season. >> i have seen the projection, i know where everybody has us rank and great motivation for our football team and we are looking forward to it. you know, being an underdog, nobody talking about us, everybody thinks we're what we are, i think our guys are fired up to show what we are all about. >> redskins just getting a little love this time of year. as for the nat, they were a team predicted to win the world series, but it doesn't even look
6:57 pm
like they are going to make the playoffs, not after last night's disaster. matt williams could barely stand to watch it as the nats fell apart in the seventh. he was forced to pull blake trion after the he gave up a run. then, felipe revere row the hook after walking two batters. then three more batters would be walked, including the game-tying run, jonathan papelbon served up the go-ahead homer. the nats bullpen a huge mess in this series, 14.21 e.r.a. in 6 1/3rds innings. the team has sport of its manager but some fans have lost patience. listen to this. >> what do you do? you pick yourself up by the bootstraps and you go. you don't have a choice at this point. learned from the bad, appreciate the good, take nothing for granted. [ crowd booing ] >> wow. >> those boos coming from the
6:58 pm
president's club, as fans were able to watch the press conference through the glass
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
tonight, fireball on the runway. an engine bursts into flames just before takeoff, leaving passengers just seconds to escape. tonight we hear from the captain whose actions saved lives as fire consumed part of that plane. moving targets. terror on the freeway as bullets pierce through cars. a possible tenth shooting just tod sparking fears of a serial sniper. world outrage. the camerawoman caught kicking and tripping families of migrants running for freedom. now she's paying a price. and two massacre survivors from the church in charleston, for the first time describing the moment shots rang out, the shooter's chilling words before he fled, and a grandmother's act of love that saved a little gi


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