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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  September 10, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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. right now, i'm tracking rain on storm team 4 radar. >> i'm molette green, closely watching a developing situation out of baltimore. any second now, a judge will decide whether to move the upcoming trial for six officers as protesters gather outside. i'm barbara harrison as the father of a slain tv journalist brings his message to washington the tide shifts. the new decision 2016 poll that could mean a new front-runner in a critical state. i'm pat lawson muse. news 4 midday starts right now.
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still waiting to hear from a baltimore judge that has to make a big decision in the freddie gray case deciding whether to move that trial involving six police officers out of the city. the judge heard arguments from the lawyer making the case for the officers accused in gray's death and from the prosecutor who wants the case to stay put. the officers who face trial in this case were not inside the courtroom. our chris gordon is inside the courtroom and heard defense arguments, several points making about pre-trial publicity making it impossible for these officers to get a fair trial. then, there was the argument about the pressure from the community. then, you can see what's going on outside the courtroom in baltimore. we're hearing about one arrest of a protester as many gathered even before the pre-trial motions were heard, to make their voices heard loud and clear. there were officers, of course, who gathered outside the
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courtroom to make sure the crowds stay calm for the most part. peaceful protests, singing, prayer and chants keeping the trial here. >> that is the latest. we are monitoring this developing situation any moment now and find out what the judge decides. back to you. here is the latest on storm team 4 radar tracking rain generally west of i-95. light to moderate in nature. heavier rain down around this area. here is what you can expect. it is going to move inside of the beltway by about 2:00 p.m. notice heavy rain around baltimore at that time. because of how humid and muggy it is outside as we get into the later afternoon nd aeveniand ev think we will be tracking some downpours and the chance for some thunderstorms. it is soggy outside for most of us. once we hit 8:00, still tracking rain in parts of the area. will start to dry out around
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midnight. the latest on what you can expect for temperatures for the remainder of today. >> right now, a big rally forming on capitol hill against gun violence. alison parker's fare ither is t. she is the virginia reporter that was shot and killed and her photographer, adam ward. megan mcgrath is down by the capital where she just talked to one of the organizers. >> reporter: good morning, barbara. you could see behind me all of the people that had gathered were on the senate side of the u.s. capital. there are people that have been personally touched by gun violence. their stories are tragic and very sad and compelling. there are a lot of different stories among the people gathered. among those participating in the rally is andy parker. he is the father of wdbj reporter, alison parker, shot to death by a former co-worker as she did a live shot. he is here to call on congress
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to pass tougher gun control laws. we are expecting to hear from him around 11:15. many different stories from all different parts of the country. a little while ago, i talked to a gentleman from new york, jeffrey atkins. he has lost several friends and children of friends to gun vile le violence. he says it has to stop. >> one of my best friends lost her 15-year-old son. he was shot by random gun violence when playing basketball. some kids got into an argument. one went home and came back and randomly shot and killed my son's friend. >> reporter: the rally is about to get underway here. we are going to be covering it. we will bring you another update at 11:30. pat, back to you. >> all right, megan, thanks. in the last hour, virginia senator, mark werner, weighed in about the on-air ambush.
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here is what he had to say. >> alison parker and adam ward represented the best of their community. how many more parents must the lose their children to gun violence? how many more anxious families must maintain a lonely vigil at the hospital before all of us here in congress move on common sense gun legislation? >> senator warner says he will be meeting with andy parker later today. >> to the campaign trail, it is getting dicey for hillary clinton. she has lost her lead in iowa. clinton is now trailing vermont senator, bernie sanders, 31-40% in the new poll. iowa is a key state for her. she came in third in 2008 republican candidate, donald trump, is topping a brand new cnn or c-poll. he is at 32% now. he is on the defense again this
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morning after insulting his rival, carly fiorina in the new "rolling stones" cover story. quite, look at that face. would anyone vote for that? he said in an interview, he was talking about her persona, not her looks. >> new today, passengers and crew on board flight 93 are being honored in pennsylvania. a new visitor's center will be dedicated to those that lost their lives. the rain didn't stop people heading out to pay their respects this morning. a new learning center is also open to the public for the first time today. events to remember, the 9/11 ehero heroes will take place tomorrow starting at 9:45. in two weeks, pope francis comes to washington. we are getting a bitter idea how it is going to impact you even if you don't plan to see the pontiff up close. wait until you hear what someone said to a police officer during
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a basic traffic stop. every word of it was caught on
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we are getting a better idea of what you can expect on the metro when pope francis comes to d.c. the brookline station is smaller but also the closest to the basilica where the pope will be celebrating mass during his visit. metro is working with d-dot to provi provide shuttle buses. make sure your smart card is loaded before you head out. head to the nbcwashington app. we'll have a section dedicated to pope francis' visit. >> in your first 4 traffic, you may run into road work around reagan national airport. crews are working on route 2:30.
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the work should be wrapped up tomorrow. that's what we are told. >> tonight, you can go to a meeting to talk about the construction on the dulles toll rode. v-dot is planning to fix and update several bridges in the next phase of the silver line project. you are looking at three of those bridges. that's the location. there is a meeting about the plans of the herndon middle school cafeteria. if you want to learn more starting at 6:30 p.m. there are more showers showing up. heading our way, amelia segal is updating the timing as well as whether it is going to dry out
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breaking news from the live desk. the decision is in. the cops charged in the freddie gray death will be tried in the city of baltimore. the judge in this case made the
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decision moments ago after hearing arguments from both sides. the lawyer for the six officers charged and the prosecutors who wanted this trial to be in the city of baltimore. it will be the judge has ruled, saying he did not find any reason to keep the trial out of the city of baltimore. our chris gordon is there covering the case. it tells us the protesters are cheering outside and chanting, very much relieved that this case will be tried in the city of baltimore. back to you. here is a look at current temperatures. more clouds, more rain throughout the morning. you are noticing cooler temperatures, mainly to the north and west of town. martinsburg, 70. frederick, also at 70. washington at 81. a high today in the district of 83.
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in the suburbs, we're going to stay in the 70s. so 2:00, 3:00, temperatures skre generally in the mid to upper 70s. that's where we are going to hang out, mid to evening hours with plenty of clouds in the forecast. specially the later afternoon and evening hours. tracking rain and potentially a few downpours and the chance of a few thunderstorms. it is muggy today. what does this rain mean for humidity? >> the pilot that controlled that british airways plane that caught fire in las vegas says that was his last time in the cockpit. chris heinke tells nbc news, the flight was supposed to be his second to last flight before retiring. he says, in 42 years, he has never faced a life-threatening emergency. he said, this was enough to end his career one flight early. investigators are still trying to figure out what caused the engine on the plane to burst into flames. >> drivers targeted along a busy
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road, bringing back bad memories of the sniper attacks. now, ordinary members are taking matters into their own hands. news 4 midday. here at humana, we value sticking with things.
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when something works, people stick with it. more people stick with humana medicare advantage. because we stick with them. humana medicare advantage. the plan people stick with.
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following breaking news in baltimore where a judge has just ruled that six city police officers will be tried in baltimore for charges in the death of freddie gray. our chris gordon was in the
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courtroom when the decision was read. we'll get an update from him and bring you any other developments on the nbc washington app. >> we are also keeping a close eye on storm team 4 radar. the showers are gone. that was just beginning. amelia has an update in less than a minute. >> right now at the live desk, law makers on capitol hill taking up the sensitive and critical issue of sexual assault on college campus. we are about an hour and 15 minutes into this hearing with the house committee getting recommendations from a group of experts on how to change the culture and improve the process to help victims and to be able to lock up attackers. what we're hearing is just how complicated it is to make this happen. >> colleges are simply unequipped to serve as investigators and fact finders in these challenging issues. rape is a crime. it should be treated as such.
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sound public policy requires adjudicating these cases in court after professional investigation. only courts have the power to take violent predators off the street. >> most victims are violated within the first or second year of college. back to you. here is your humidity forecast. stepping out today, nloticing te muggyness that could lead to areas of heavy rain during the afternoon or evening. sticky for today. tomorrow, a nice change. pleasant humidity levels. in fact, after today, we are looking at really nice, comfortable humidity levels, right on into the majority of next week. currently, we are at 81 degrees. 2:00, we'll still be around 81. tracking showers moving into the beltway at that point. 5:00, areas of rain, possibly heavy. a few thunderstorms possible as well. by 8:00, the temperature around 73 degrees. more rain is in the forecast
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this weekend, braarb ra. fears of a possible sniper on loose in arizona have drivers on edge. arizona state police are calling it domestic terrorism. there have been ten incidents in the last 13 days where projectiles struck vehicles. we have seen shattered windows. thankfully, no one has been seriously hurt. a group of citizens performing their own armed patrol to find those responsible. they are searching for shell casing and hiding places. >> an opening to where somebody could stick a sniper rifle out and start targeting people on the freeway. >> the team has four members. it includes former military, police and even bounty hunters. this dash cam video is going viral this morning, because of what a florida woman said after getting a speeding tinlcket. >> ma'am, you are being cited
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for speeding. explain what your actions are. >> no wonder you people get shot. you are absolute assholes. >> the woman said, no wonder you people get shot. the 62-year-old was pulled over for doing 51 in a 20-mile-per-hour school zone in palm beach county. at one point, she begged the deputy to give her just a warning. he said, her extreme speed near a school zone warranted giving her a ticket. our affiliate in palm beach said that ticket will cost her more than $600. right now, we are counting down to the beginning of the nfl season starts tonight. nine hours and 12 minutes. just about that from now. nbc's jay gray has a preview from gillette field where tom brady is the big focus today. >> finally, it is gameday. the sun is up here at gillette stadium. i don't know where the rest of the fans are. never too early to start the
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tail ga tailgate. we have the breakfast burgers and brats. for many, it left a bad taste in their mouth. >> they left the field last season as champions. >> tonight, the patriots and their fans will celebrate. hanging a super bowl banner inside gillette stadium. >> it is going to be pandemonium. it always is. tomorrow, i think is going to be a special day. >> but still not the end of controversy and court battles that have plagued the patriots and the nfl this off-season. deflate ga deflategate, a four game suspension for tom brady and the judge throwing out the suspension. >> i'll be there thursday night. it has been a long seven months for everybody. >> reporter: the legal battle
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will last longer. the nfl will file an appeal. tonight, for the first time, he will not attend the first game of the season. more than 68,000 fans will fill the stadium. millions more will watch on nbc. many hoping tonight's kickoff will take some of the air out of deflategate. for new questions about spygate and any other gate that doesn't lead to playen o t on the field >> then, you start talking about football. >> the patriots getting it all started. rain expected. forecasters say it will continue after the game. not enough to wash away what should be a terrific start to the season here. >> jay gray, nbc news, gillette stadium. >> i want to know what jay is cooking there. it begins at 8:30 this evening. our coverage starts with nfl kickoff at 7:30 right after nightly news. you can watch "news 4 at 11:00"
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when the game is over. >> the late night tv moment blowing up on social media right now. and the moment on the campaign trail that has one band pretty annoyed this morning. annoyed this morning. we are bac what did iran's supreme leader get in the nuclear deal? to start with, $100 billion. they keep their nuclear facilities and ballistic missiles. there won't be surprise anytime-anywhere inspections. and after ten years, restrictions are lifted and iran could build a nuclear weapon in two months. congress should reject a bad deal. we need a better deal.
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>> we are following these stories. >> jimmy fallon. that's a win-win situations ♪ friends, ones we can depend on." >> the dynamic duo brought back their rap segment. they looked ll cool as they m.c. hammered out some songs. almost half a million have already checked out this video on youtube. >> those guys are great. love them from rap to rock.
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the band r.e.m. is not so happy with donald trump. mike mills tweeted out this after an official statement was made by front man, michael skype. you sad, attention grabbing power-hungry little men. do not use our music or my voice for your -- he used one of the songs at a washington, d.c. rally yesterday afternoon. >> you will be pleased to know it is going ahead this year. >> social media editor, britney johnson, has more. >> residents and businesses rallied to make sure it would be a go. it is this sunday from noon to 6:00 p.m. it is going to be so much fun. lots of good food out there. restaurants and shops will be participating. several local bands will be performing. noon to 6:00. we have more information on our facebook page. make sure to tweet us a pick of how much fun you are having. >> such a great event. gr
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welcome back. a high today of 83. plenty of clouds. areas of rain and potentially a few thunderstorms as we move our way into the afternoon and evening hours. i think we will be tracking pockets of heavy rain. a day you want to keep the umbrella handy. on friday, plenty of sunshine. low humidity. a high of 84. saturday will start off dry. as we work our way into the afternoon and evening hours, rain will start to move into the area. i think rain is pretty likely later in the day on saturday into saturday night. areas of heavy rain on sunday. a few lingering showers early. the majority of the day looking mainly dry. cooler, a high of 76. 78 on monday, pat. >> all righty, amelia. take a look at this incredible video. it was a lucky escape for dozens
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of students when their school bus caught fire. the bus caught fire on a freeway. they did manage to get off safely. there is no word on what caused the fire. we are learning more about colorado shooter, james holmes. the atf put out video of a search of his apartment. they sent bomb squads in. you can see several homemade bombs and explosives. officers said they had to use a robot to record it because the apartment was boobytrapped. during a midnight screening of "dark knight rises" in 2012. he was sentenced to prison last month. breaking in baltimore, a judge decides to keep the trial for six police officers in the
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city that was rocked by violence in april. an update on this breaking story in just a minute on "news 4 mi
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i'm molette green at the live desk. no change of venue. just about 30 minutes ago, a judge in baltimore rejected arguments to move the freddie gray case out of the city. listen to reaction from the demonstrators who gathered outside the courthouse.
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>> you are watching the freddie gray supporters cheering around chanting things like the trial stays here over and over again reacting to two of the judge's ruling that the six city police officers can, in fact, get their trials in baltimore. despite days of protests, rioting and a week-long city-wide curfew. a short time after the commission, we are watching other city leaders speaking with activists there. we are staying on top of this developing story throughout the day. here is the latest. tracking rain pushing into parts of fairfax county. still pretty light in nature. heavy rain over the manassas area and parts of fauquier county. moderate rain traveling along 66. these will continue to push
11:32 am
northeastward into the beltway. keep the umbrella handy as the kids are getting off of the bus. pick them up from the bus if you can. we will be tracking rain in many locations. potentially heavier rain. tomorrow at the bus stop, the weather is looking great. pat, back to you. >> all right, amelia. you may see the hashtag, "whatever it takes" trending today. there is a big anti-gun violence rally under that title happening right now on capitol hill. >> many protesters are remembering the reporter and photographer who was shot and killed while on the air near roanoke, virginia. news 4 megan mcgrath is live where the reporter's father is lined up to speak right now. megan? >> the rally is underway. you can see everyone who is gathered here behind me. we are on the senate side of the u.s. capital. shortly, we are going to be hearing from andy parker.
11:33 am
his daughter was recently shot and killed. we heard the call for change. whatever it takes. we heard it right after wdvj reporter and photographer were shot to death. allison's father, andy parker, was the one that made that plea. he has been very vocal about gun violence and the need for gun control. in just a few minutes, we are expecting to hear from him at this rally. he says, gun control legislation needs to be passed. specifically background checks. that is just one story of those that are gathered here. there are many people in the audience as well as the speakers who have been personally touched by gun violence. i spoke to one young man, colin goddard, shot several times in the virginia tech shooting. he is calling on congress to take action. >> recently, we saw the horrible shooting on live television of two reporters doing their job in virginia. the father comes on television and gives an impassioned plea to
11:34 am
have something change in this country and do whatever it takes to get something done and improve laws in america. we heard that. i thought it was incredibly compelling and we want to bring that message to congress and amplify his voice and say, congress, you need to do something on this. >> whatever it takes is trending on social media. people are encouraged to contact their representatives and urge them through messages and photos to support gun control legislation. back to you in the studio. >> thanks, megan. in the wake of the shooting in roanoke, senator tim kaine has just introduced a new gun law. it is called the responsible transfer of firearms act. the bill would punish anyone who sells a gun to a person not legally allowed to buy one. this isn't the first time kaine has fought for gun control. he pushed for control after the virginia tech shooting a new york police city officer has been reassigned after taking down a former
11:35 am
tennis pro in a case of mistaken identity. james blake says he was thrown to the ground while being arrested outside a manhattan hotel. a police spokesperson says blake was misidentified during an identification into a fraud cell phone ring. >> it shouldn't have happened. it is something that we will deal with the police and find out what they have to say internally. hopefully, there is video and people can see what happened. >> blake was released soon after police officers realized they had the wrong guy. today on the hill, a former state department worker has been called to testify about how he set up clinton's private e-mail server. he was already or has already invoked his fifth amendment. he won't testify before a house xlitty. two senate committees may offer him immunity so he can discuss clinton's e-mail. by the beginning of next month, you won't see the
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confederate flag on virginia's old license plates. virginia's dmv says it has sent out 1500 of these virginia driver's licenses so far. >> an alarming new find about a mysterious illness. more than 1 million cars many people clean their dentures with toothpaste or plain water. and even though their dentures look clean, in reality they're not. if a denture were to be put under a microscope, we can see all the bacteria that still exists on the denture, and that bacteria multiplies very rapidly. that's why dentists recommend cleaning with polident everyday. polident's unique micro clean formula works in just 3 minutes, killing 99.99% of odor causing bacteria. for a cleaner, fresher, brighter denture every day.
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new research suggests that alzheimer's can be contagious. a hormone was contaminated for those that had human growth hormone. several of those that died showed alzheimer's in their brain tissue.
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chrysler is out with a new recall. there is an air bag problem with more than 1 million pickup trucks. watch for this ram 1500, 2500, and 3500 pickups, along with 3500, 4500, and 5500 chassis cabs made between 2012 and last year. these are all affected. wiring in the steering wheel can short circuit causing the driver's air bag to go off. about 188,000 ram quad cab pickups have side air bags that may not even deploy. mixing things up for shoppers as we get close to the holidays. a presidential contender takes
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for today, only looking at limited sunshine, a few thunderstorms for today. tomorrow, gorgeous. the high temperature, low to mid-80s across the area. 84 for a high tomorrow in the district. 81, annapolis. 83, leesburg. more importantly, the humidity is low. really comfortable if you are dining out tomorrow evening. beautiful, mild conditions. temperatures will generally run in the 70s to around 80 degrees. coming up in ten minutes, i'll have another check of future weather. what you can expect in your neighborhood for the rest of today. >> this is fun. ellen is fun. >> what is up, new york? >> today, for the first time, ellen is bringing her show to the east coast.
11:41 am
over labor day weekend, crews transformed rockefeller plaza into a state-of-the-art studio with hundreds of lights, miles of cable and room for thousands of fans. it is part of ellen's premier week this week. one of her guests is hillary clinton. >> clinton has had a pretty tough week. she let loose a little bit during the taping. take a look. >> yes, that's hillary clinton doing the whip and the nene. she performed the impromtu dance during a commercial break. you can see clinton's interview and maybe some more dancing in ellen's first show from new york. starts at 3:00 this afternoon, followed by "news 4 at 4:00." >> can you do the nene? >> i haven't seen that. >> i can thrown do the nene. >> i would like to see it. a traffic alert that can impact an area that can get pretty businessgy. >> plus, an ongoing
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international crisis and how the
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we have all seen the harrowing images of the refugee crisis in europe. there are a lot of cries for the u.s. to step in. as nbc tracie potts reports, it
11:45 am
will take a lot more than simply the willingness to help in order to make it happen. >> reporter: they are fleeing syria in droves. 4 million so far. plus, another 7 million displaced inside that country. europe can't handle them all. >> how can president obama say it is our moral obligation to do what we can to prevent the worst atrocities in our world but refuses to do anything -- >> law makers aren't sure what to do. >> what our role is in trying to help resolve it frankly is unclear to me at this moment. >> the obama administration is looking at bringing some refugees here. >> we are committed to increasing the number of refugees that we take. we are looking hard at the number that we can specifically manage. >> there are security concerns. >> i don't obviously put it past the likes of isil to infiltrate operatives among these refugees.
11:46 am
>> the real solution may be political. stopping the conflict. >> to bring about a peaceful solution to the war. that's what is driving these refugees to flee. >> so far, no timetable on when the u.s. might make that decision. tracie potts, nbc news, washington. first 4 traffic. i'm melissa mollet. we do have construction starting on the gw parkway near reagan national airport. crews are going to update two bridges that connect the gp parkway. we will have lane closures and detours throughout the day. going to take nine months to wrap this one up. developing right now, rescue crews in japan are still practically trying to save people trapped by raging
11:47 am
floodwaters in japan. 70 have been plucked in roof tops. nearly 200 more are trapped from a supermarket and nursing home. in just over 24 hours, that caused a levee to break tearing some homes right off their foundation. back here in the washington area, we are in for our share of wet weather today. showers, storms, all showing up right now on storm team 4 radar. meteorologist, amelia segal, has an update right now. what's the timeline, amelia? >> we are tracking rain moving into the beltway momentarily within an hour or less. here is what you can expect. as far as rain is concerned for our area, we definitely need the rain. we are not really talking about any severe weather this afternoon, any widespread flooding concern. you do want to be ready to deal with potential for some heavier rain specially as we get into the later afternoon and evening hours. 2:00, tracking areas of rain. the brighter colors. heavier rain impacting the area.
11:48 am
notice at 4:00, the heavy rain impacting the district, arlington, alexandria, parts of prince george's county. at 8:00, continuing to track areas of rain. towards midnight, we will dry out and humidity lowers overnight and sets us up for a really nice friday. another check of the storm team 4 radar in just a bit. >> thanks, amelia. >> two years ago, i introduced you to a 14-year-old foster child named nick. a very bright young man who said he hoped to play college football someday. his biggest wish was to finally have a permanent family. today, we catch up with him to see how things are going. >> nick, along with his brand new parents, came back to georgetown university where we first met him. >> nice to see you again. i want you to meet coach rob skarlata. >> it was then football coach, kevin kelly, invited nick, our wednesday child, with a keen interest in academics and sports
11:49 am
to come and work out with some of his team. we were anxious to find an adoptive family that would love him and foster his talents. the clanahans had raised four children and were considering adoption. they saw nick and knew he was a perfect fit for their family the minute they saw and heard him. it is like, you had me with the hello. >> nick said when he met them the first time, the feeling was mutual. >> it is like a feeling that you know what it is but you don't know how to express it. it is like a pleasurable feeling in many ways. >> nick's new mom, mary clanahan, is a teacher and both parents are high school coaches. >> we coach cross-country and track. >> coach skarlata invited nick to join his team. the players got up just to welcome nick back to the campus. nick is 16 now and a sophomore in high school. the coach said he was impressed with his moves and his high academic goals just like those
11:50 am
of his team members. >> the first thing we do is look at their academics. >> nick's new family says brains and brawn have always been important in their family. nick has a really big family now. >> he has a sister and three brothers and nieces and nephews and grandparents. >> i was in a foster home until i was 18 years old. once i realized a family actually wanted me, i realized there is a happily ever after and that it can go ahead and be a good ending. >> and it us. >> and it is. >> if you have room in your home and heart for a child who is waiting, the number is 1-88-to-adopt-me or search wednesday's child. we are so happy for nick. >> yes, we are. great story. a hollywood action hero saves the day about you not on the big screen. the real life rescue that is making its way around online in 60 seconds.
11:51 am
11:52 am
i'm eun yang. >> and i'm aaron gilcrest. >> are you ready for pokeman on the go. it is soon to be unleashed. you will be able to travel between the real world and the virtu virtual pokeman world. >> as if free-falling from the sky is not impressive enough. one diver solved the rubics cube on the way down. chris walker, reaping from a plane, cube in hand. he is plummeting and changing the colors as he falls. that is really impressive.
11:53 am
>> i couldn't do a rubics cube if i was sitting still. >> he is handsome and now a hero. thank you. >> not you. >> we are talking about the rock. >> the rock rescued new puppies from a watery adventure. there you go. you can see them right there. the puppies were headed to his pool when he took them outside to start essentially potty training. >> tough job. apparently, not all dogs have that natural instinct to swim as the rock had to dive in and rescue the little brutus puppies. aren't they so cute, the frenchies. >> good for him. >> you like puppies. >> they are cute and dogs are smart. >> we know that. brand new info in o newsroom about the pope's visit to washington. >> we are back in 60 seconds.
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here at humana, we value sticking with things. when something works, people stick with it. more people stick with humana medicare advantage. because we stick with them. humana medicare advantage. the plan people stick with.
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i'm molette green at the live desk. just got new information on pope francis and his visit to washington. specifically, how you can watch him. he is going to do a loop around the elipse on wednesday, september 23rd. that's after his white house visit. you can watch the pope give his live address or speak from the white house on jumbotrons that will be set up on the northeast quadrant of the washington monument grounds. that's going to be near 15th and constitution. we want you to know that the parade will take place between 10:30 and 11:00 this morning. all of this inside our nbcwashington app. >> this afternoon, two big names will be at the white house to receive medals for their contributions to the arts. sally field and steven king will receive the national medal of art.
11:56 am
the white house says field is being recognized for her decades of work on the big screen and her advocacy for women and lgbt rights off the screen. king is being recognized for his contributions as one of the most popular and prolific writers of our time. >> the latest on storm team 4 radar. tracking rain moving northeast through the area. you notice some light rain starting to make its way into -- trying to make its way into the district as we work our way into the afternoon and evening hours. we will continue to track areas of rain. some heavy rain is possible. there is the chance of a thunderstorm. also, some limited sunshine and muggy, veronica is in updating the forecast. her and doug will have the latest on "news 4 at 4:00," 5:00, and 6:00 tonight. tomorrow, gorgeous. plenty of sun. 84 for a high. >> thanks, amelia. that's it for "news 4 midday." thanks for joining us. back on the air this afternoon, first at 4:00. >> you can get news and weather updates any time with the nbc
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news 4 washington app. and. ll see you in
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>> announcer: today on the meredith vieira show. why does super model beverly johnson forgive bill cosby and lance hung out with justin timberlake. and fifty cent is here. and a little girl that survived a shark attack and became a hero. it's all right now on, meredith. ♪ ♪ makes you feel real good. feel real good. [applause]


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