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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  September 11, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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in the hours ahead. plus, a developing story in california right now after a high speed chase leads to a hostage situation that ends in gun fire. what we're learning about the attack when we go to the live desk just ahead. but first, breaking news on the roads right now. melissa mollet is here with a closure you need to know about. melissa, what's going on? >> breaking news, take a look here. chopper 4 over the scene. this is the icc westbound here right at redland road and at this point, we are shut down here because of this fatal accident at georgia avenue. you can't get any further westbound than georgia avenue. you will be directed off that way. 95 north at 234, a one-mile delay. the crash is out of the way. 70 westbound at 27, we have the two right lanes blocked there. 95 and 66 looking good overall. chuck? skies are clearing. humidity is dropping. and the breeze is ablowing. a northwest wind is pushing the humidity out of the area. great day for golfing or whatever you'll do. friday, sunshine.
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a chance a rain shower for both saturday and sunday. sunday in addition to the rain chances is going to be way cooler. highs in the 60s and 70s on sunday. for now though, temperatures are in the upper 50s and low 60s. sun is up at 6:46. 69 at 9:00, 76 degrees as you get ready to eat lunch today. highs in the 80s. nice day, plenty of sunshine, lower humidity and perfect weather for you friday night as well. more about that weekend in ten minutes. for now, back to you, aaron. 6:01 now. today marks 14 years since the september 11th terrorist attacks. on this day we remember the 2,977 people who lost their lives. a live look right now at the pentagon where in about 45 minutes workers will unfurl american flags. there was a live picture there from new york city and the world
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trade center memorial. 8:46 this morning, president and mrs. obama will observe a month of silence at the white house. that's the exact moment that the north towers were hit. new york city, joe biden will participate in memorial event there is. at the new flight 93 memorial in shanksville, pennsylvania, names of the victims will be read aloud. at sunrise this morning workers will unfurl an american flag at the pentagon to mark 14v0úz the pentagon to remember the
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victims who died 14 years ago. including in about 40 minutes or so. 40, 45 minutes. that's when we'll see something than's become a tradition here. -- that's become a tradition here. the unfurling of the very large flag from the rooftop of the pentagon. that is expected to happen as the sun comes up this morning. so right around 6:40, 6:45 and the large flag will be unfurled and right in the area where that light is. that's something that we have come to expect every year here. there will be a remembrance ceremony for the victims. that's happening at 9:30. this is an invitation only event. it is open to the families of the victims as well as survivors of the attack. the 9/11 memorial here at the pentagon will not be open. it will be closed to the public during that service this morning. then it will reopen later. also at 2:00 this afternoon, there is going to be another
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observance held in the court yard of the pentagon and that is open to all pentagon employees. but certainly a regular work day, but a very somber day as people are reflecting on the victims, the lives that were lost here 14 years ago. we are starting to see people show up for work. they're walking down the sidewalk, making their way to the offices. i talked to one woman she said she was not here during the attack. this is the first year she's been here on 9/11 but certainly she'll be thinking of the victims. back to you in the studio. >> megan mcgrath, thank you. ceremonies also planned in new york city this morning to remember the victims of the september 11th attacks. nbc's dave wagner will join us later this hour. 6:04 right now. police are still searching for a suspect in a double shooting who led them on a chase through silver spring last night. news4 was first on the scene here. this started about 9:30 near the corner of university boulevard and carroll avenue.
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two adult men were shot there. one was hospitalized. the suspect then led police on a chase through howard county. they lost him, but the suspect was driving a black bmw with custom rims. a man is in quote extremely critical condition after he was hit last night by a car in bowie. prince george's county police tell us this happened at the intersection of laurel-bowie road and annapolis road. the man was taken to the nearby hospital. i'm kristin wright at the live desk, starting off this hour with a dramatic hostage situation at a restaurant coming to an end. the gunman shot and killed by the s.w.a.t. team you see here. the man stormed a barbecue restaurant near los angeles and he held four people hostage in a crowded restaurant of many families and children. he was running from police. here is the chase after a carjacking and taking officers here on this long chase. he bailed from the car and ran straight into the restaurant telling women and children at one point they could leave.
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he didn't end up hurting anyone but everybody was certainly shaken. eun? >> thank you, kristin. joe morrissey is dropping his state senate bid. he went to jail last year over his relationship with an underaged employee. morrissey reportedly said health problems will keep him from running for state senate. he fathered a child with the staffer who is now of age. he lost his seat when the relationship is discovered, he won it back and lost its again when he moved from the district. it's now 6:06. happening today, local catholic and religious leaders are calling for criminal justice reform ahead of pope francis' visit to washington. cardinal wuerl and members of the united methodist church and catholic charities are launching a campaign called walk with francis. they want to commit to following his example of prayer and service. the groups are highlighting a program from catholic charities called welcome home which helps
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to rehabilitate ex-prisoners through religion. you won't need a ticket if you're going to the eclipse to see pope francis who will circle the mall in the popemobile. the security gates will open at 4:00 a.m. and will close at 10:00. he is expected to drive through at 10:30 and 11:00. you can expect road closures and delays during his visit. sweeping changes to keep you from getting sick. the improvements being made to better protect you from food poisoning. and two major road closures right now, westbound icc shut down at georgia avenue and a brand-new problem with a closure here. southbound new hampshire road. new hampshire avenue. back in a few minutes. plus a new potential headache for new england patriots. the problems during the nfl opener that have some accusing the team of cheating this morning.
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breaking news on the icc still have this closure, westbound icc still shut down at georgia avenue because of the fatal motorcycle crash. southbound new hampshire at bonifant, we have a crash behind me here this morning. that is now off to the right shoulder. don't have to worry about that one too much. inbound, taking 270 south from germantown to the beltway, no problems. outer loop to 95, 270 looking quite good. now still looking good once again, i should say in virginia. 66 inbound, 95 north, quantico to the beltway, you're fine. remember to listen to our friends on wtop 103.5 f.m. when you hop in your car this morning. it's now 6:11. the new england patriots can't stay away from controversy. during first game of the season last night, the pittsburgh steelers complained that they were hearing the patriots radio broadcast in their headsets for most of the first half. the patriots headsets were shut off to keep things level. but the steelers coach mike tomlin said it's not the first time he's had a similar issue
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while playing in fox pro. the nfl says it was an electrical issue. >> think they'd come up with another way then if you had this problem before. be ready. the redskins have their season home opener sunday against the dolphins. i don't care what anyone says i'm going to be watching. i'm going to be excite and rooting for the team. >> exactly. meteorologist amelia segal is at fedex field. showers yesterday, what do we think for the weekend? >> well, for the weekend, showers are most likely on saturday. and maybe even a few thunderstorms, but we can't rule out a shower at the game on sunday. if you're walking to work, driving in this morning it's comfortably cool. not going to need the air conditioner. 65 degrees, with a little bit of cloud cover as we work our way towards 10:00 a.m. clouds start to break up. skies become mostly sunny. temperatures around 70. low humidity. here's what you can expect for the home opener. kickoff at 1:00.
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a tailgating around noon, 68 degrees. so little bit cool for the game. relatively speaking. you want to pack the poncho, but not a washout by any means. what you're going to be noticing at the game, the temperatures around 70 degrees. back to you. >> thank you. well, trying to keep you from falling deep into debt. the steps being taken in virginia to crack down on predatory lending. but first, we're watching a developing story in arizona where yet another shooting along a busy freeway has drivers fearing for their safety. the lengths some of them are going to do avoid becoming a target.
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6:16 is your time right now. developing this morning, police say 11 vehicles have been the targets of a shooter on interstate 10. just yesterday, there were five reports of cars being hit by bullets. investigators still don't have any leads on who the shooter is or where the shots are coming from. as many drivers are looking to using back roads to get to work and to school. >> it really kind of take us out of our way, but you know, for the safety of my son it's worth it. >> who wants to be driving on i-10 when there's bullets flying
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around? not me. >> an armed civilian group is now patrolling the roads in an effort to find the shooter. one u.s. marine is dead and 18 others injured after a training accident in southern california. this happened yesterday at camp pendleton. all we know is that it was a single vehicle rollover crash during routine training. the marine corps said its focus is on the injured marines and notifying families. james proctor has died. he represented communities in prince george's and charles counties for 25 years. we're working to find out more details. governor larry hogan has ordered state flags to fly at half-staff to honor proctor. he was 79 years old. the attorney general is bringing attention to unfair and deceptive loans. today, mark herring plans to change his consumer protection division to track predatory car title lenders. his office says more than 38,000 virginians failed to make a monthly car payment last year and some lenders charge more than 200% interest.
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6:18 right now. the justice department and the new york city district attorney's office is providing $79 million in grants to help rape victims. $1.4 million will go to virginia. the money will be used to cut the backlog of untested rape kits. news4's meagan fitzgerald spoke with one victim, and she told news4 she waited more than a year for the results of her rape kit. >> i know when i was leaving for my -- i was waiting for my results i felt like i couldn't make any other decisions. i couldn't decide about my future because everything rested in that rape kit. >> the state of virginia says it will start testing the more than 2,000 backlogged kits in the next two years and expect the process to be complete ahead of schedule. today marks 14 years since the deadliest terrorist attack on u.s. soil. here's a live look at the
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pentagon. nearly 3,000 people lost their lives on september 11, 2001. at sunrise, workers will unfurl a giant american flag at the pentagon and we'll bring you that live as it happens. in the 14 years since the terrorist attacks, the nature of terrorism has changed. sophisticated cyber attacks have in some parts taken the place of large scale bombings. in light of that fact, governor terry mcauliffe says it's important to remain vigilant. he says he's ordered security audits of all state agencies to be completed by october 15th. he'll look for ways on how to improve virginia and protecting ips against online attacks. jon stewart is helping to lobby congress about a health program for 9/11 survivors. the world trade center health program is set to expire at the end of the month. if it's not extended survivors and first responders may lose access to doctors or medications. lawmakers also have to decide whether to allocate more money
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for the 9/11 victims' compensation fund. the man who slashed the face of a u.s. ambassador will spend more than a decade in prison. jong was convicted of that attack on lippert. he had to get 80 stitches. kim said it was a protest of the joint military drills between u.s. and south korean troops. if you're headed to the d.c. state fair don't be surprised to see a pot growing contest. the best bud contest is all about growing -- you like that? best bud. i didn't come up with that. all about growing marijuana. participants will be judged on appearance, odor and touch. >> the plant. >> the plants will. not the people. as you know, possession of small amounts of marijuana was legalized in the district earlier this year. people are also permitted to grow their own plants at home. d.c. state fair is this saturday at the old city farm and guild
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in north west. new this morning investigators are trying to figure out what caused the subway train to derail. this happened last night in brooklyn. about 100 people were on the train, three of them were hurt. it's not clear how bad those injuries are. the derailment brought service to a halt for about ten stations along the same line. one little boy just couldn't wait to come into the world. a baby boy was born along i-95 in connecticut yesterday morning. the couple was on their way to the hospital when they became stuck in traffic and the anxious dad called 911 for help. >> i'm driving in the emergency lane. my wife is going into labor. i'm trying to get to stadium ford, connecticut. >> whereabout you? >> i'm stuck in traffic. >> state troopers helped the mom and get on the grass as they waited for paramedics to arrive.
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the little boy was born right there on the side of the highway. the hospital paramedic who delivered the baby said it's not the first time he delivered a baby on the side of the road. must be a lot of traffic. mom and baby are doing well. the baby is beautiful. congrats. breaking news on the roads right now, we have just reopened -- this is westbound icc. chopper 4 over the scene. we were shut down at georgia avenue because of the fatal accident with a motorcycle involved. we are now opened. first car drove by a second ago. southbound new hampshire avenue at bonifant is off to the right shoulder. 70 westbound at 27al two right lanes are blocked. in waldorf near 301, a railroad gate is reported to be stuck in the down position. that's slowing things down at this point this morning. again, chopper 4 over this scene. we are now opened westbound icc at georgia avenue.
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cars kind of slowly coming by this area. chuck? >> outside on a friday morning, yes, friday, everybody. the weekend around the corner. skies are still partly to mostly cloudy. here's the view from the tower looking down over downtown d.c. there's the clouds outside this morning. the clouds remain in many neighborhoods but the rain drops are long gone. so your weather headlines end for today, friday, sunshine. chance of rain moving in for both tomorrow and for sunday as well. but on the whole, the weather impact on your day today will be nice and low. fantastic friday for anything you want to do. what to wear today, well, you'll want to have your shorts and your t-shirt on. you might need a light jacket as temperatures are in the low to mid 60s across the region. much, much cooler than yesterday. 61 now in damascus. 63 in strasburg, virginia. highs today, about 83 in frederick, maryland. 82 in hagerstown. 86 the high in downtown d.c. today. if you're planning ongoing out to the beach with your weekend, the water may be the warmest
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place to be. clouds and shower chances are there for both saturday, saturday night and sunday. so if you go to the beach leave now and have some sunshine on your friday. spending the weekend up in the mountains pretty good chance for rain tomorrow with highs in the mid 70s and sunday, hit and miss afternoon showers. sundays highs in the 60s. here's future weather. good-bye clouds, hello sunshine for today. perfect for anything you want to do on your friday evening as well. clouds start to roll back in early tomorrow and rain could begin as early as lunch time. mostly to mid late afternoon into the evening hours. looks like quite a bit of rain. rain moderate at times and pretty steady as well. tapering off after midnight. by sunday morning a dry start and a chance for showers to bubble up sunday afternoon. seven day forecast, 80s today, 80's tomorrow with the rain moving in. 71 for a high on sunday. but then back to great september weather early next week. sunshine, highs back in the 80s.
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>> thank you, chuck. a judge trying to decide if drivers can pursue a class action lawsuit against the company that runs the 495 express lanes in virginia. that suit alleges that transurban preyed on toll users slapping them with $70,000 in fines and civil claims over about $200 in missed tolls. those who filed the suit have had the accounts settled. the fda is requiring food makers to show how they're preventing food poisoning and other safety issues. the new rules are aimed at companies that make processed food for people and animals. food facilities will be required to take steps to prevent outbreaks and instead of only responding after an outbreak. 6:25 now. a new study shows an increasing number of deaths can be blamed on bad health habits. researchers found high blood pressure led to more than 10 million deaths in 2013. and that makes it the number one preventable risk factor. smoking, poor diet, alcohol use
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and high cholesterol made the list. researchers say it's a significant change from 20 years ago when malnutrition and unsafe water were among the top contributors to poor health. so really you have to kind of take control of your own health and choose those healthy habits. hard to do. >> that's what i was going to say. >> when you're tired, you want chocolate cake all the time. it's -- >> can't overdo it. well, taking steps to avoid another dangerous situation. how d.c. fire and ems plan to prevent a third instance where a patient is rushed to the hospital in a fire truck instead of an ambulance. and plus a trendy d.c. restaurants shut its doors at least for now. the problem that made several guests sick. your time is 6:27. this just in to the live desk now. three attempted sexual assaults where people walk and bike in hyattsville. a man had been hiding near the hiker/biker trail and trying to drag his victims into the woods. one incident happened yesterday
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near what gruder park. and the other two near the west hyattsville metro. they happened late at night after midnight or early in the morning. police are reminding everyone to have their phones on them, on the trails, maybe a whistle. and d
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a special honor in the day ahead as two american heroes who stopped a terrorist attack aboard a train are celebrated with the parade. in just a minute we'll show you part of their very first interview together. we are talking about a big change in our weather. i'm here in the storm team 4 center with chuck bell. and this is a nice little refreshing change. >> i think you're going to appreciate today. you may not be a big fan of saturday and sunday as rain showers come on in, but then next week, classic september weather comes in. still no 90s on the seven day forecast. >> excellent. >> we are done with the 90s i think. maybe potentially for the year. outside here, you're looking eastbound from our tower here in northwest washington. clear skies, except out on the
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eastern horizon where the last of the clouds haven't moved out just yet. your hometown forecast then for today in dale city, a couple of clouds. 64 degrees first thing this morning. sunshine coming your way for this afternoon. a nice breeze, lower humidity. temperatures mid 70s at noon. highs today in the low 80s. perfect for high school football on a friday night. we'll worry about the rain chances in ten minutes. >> we don't want to think about it. westbound icc at georgia avenue, again, we are now open. seeing folks driving through there in the westbound lanes. chopper 4 over the scene of the fatal crash from earlier this morning that's been cleared out of the way. 70 west at 27, two right lanes blocked there. get by on this one left lane here this morning. 66 through manassas going about 45 miles per hour. 95 in virginia, pohick road, no problem there. look at prince george's county overall volume pretty light still. a little too early to get things red around here. back in ten minutes with travel
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times. three americans who stopped the terrorist attack on a train in france will be honored with a parade today. national guardsman alek skarlatos, spencer stone and a college student, anthony sadler will be in a parade at noon today in sacramento. savannah guthrie sat down with stone and the man he saved during the attack. >> and he was asking me where i was from and told me where he was from and said after this is all over we'll go get a beer. and he just -- he just kept me -- he just kept me there. >> and you can see more of savannah's interview with spencer stone and the victim on the "today" show. today muriel bowser will mark september 11th by thanking firefighters. she and mary cheh will be at the engine 16 fire station in northwest at 10:30 this morning. they'll present a ceremonial resolution to the acting fire
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chief, craig baker and the d.c. firefighters association. this honor is to thank first responders who rushed to the pentagon on september 11th. and this morning, this is what students at the university of maryland will see on their way to class. students placed american flags all over the mall on campus yesterday. nearly 500 of you have already shared this video from the nbc washington facebook page. the vets organization said it wanted to remember those who died. and a look for you now at the pentagon at this hour. coming up at sunrise in just a few minutes, workers will mark september 11th by unfurling a giant american flag. we will try to bring that to you live as it happens. 6:33 now. the graphic video of an inmate who died in custody has been released by the fairfax county sheriff. she says she wants the public to see what happened. it shows the deputies struggling to get natasha mckenna into
6:34 am
restraints. they were wearing protective suits because mckenna had previously thrown bodily fluids at them. they used a taser on her four times before discovering she was unresponsive. >> because there was so much inaccurate information that was being put out and it was important that we were able to show exactly the professionalism as well as the restraint as well as the patience that the deputies demonstrated. >> mckenna suffered from schizophren schizophrenia. mental health advocates say she shouldn't have been in the jail and a taser shouldn't have been used to subdue her. her death was ruled a tragic accident. at least 30 new ambulances are coming to the streets to d.c., but not until november. it will fill a critical gap. d.c. fire and ems crews have had to step in often, twice this month crews drove a baby to the hospital in a fire truck instead of waiting for an ambulance.
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d.c. officials say repairs are contributing to the shortage and they also say that people are calling for an ambulance when they don't actually need one. this is a new development since we first told you about the ouster of two michigan state lawmakers who tried to cover up an affair. state police just announced it will investigate whether the two committed criminal wrongdoing. representative t representative todd courser resigned from his seat at 3:00 a.m., during a marathon overnight session where he was about to be thrown out of office. and cindy gamrat also resigned. representative courser sent a phony e-mail claiming he was caught with a male prostitute and was being blackmailed thinking that story would make his affair with gamrat less believable. the michigan state legislature requested that criminal investigation and so now that is the next step. back the to you.
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>> thank you, kristin. seven university of maryland students may be looking for new places to live, at least for now. they were forced out of their house when a huge tree came crashing down into it. one said it felt like an earthquake. there were no storms or strong winds in the area at the time. it was one of the oldest and the largest trees in college park. the house on princeton avenue is unlivable now. 6:36. former tennis star james blake getting a personal apology from the commissioner of the nypd. he was tackled and handcuffed by police on wednesday outside a hotel in manhattan. in a case of mistaken identity. they believed he was a suspect in a cell phone fraud and identity theft scam. >> mr. blake had no role or involvement in the criminal investigation that we were conducting and was totally innocent of any involvement. >> blake says he was just
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waiting for a car to pick him up and take him to the u.s. open. the officer involved now on desk duty. a trendy d.c. restaurant won't be open for dinner tonight. a salmonella scare has shut down fig & olive. at least four people became sick after eating there over labor day weekend. all four had to be hospitalized with salmonella like symptoms. a spokesperson for fig & olive said they're working with the department of health and will continue to do so to ensure the safety of the customers. the restaurant opened in june. a frightening police chase that leads to the tense standoff in california. the whole thing came to an end with gunshots. a virginia lawmaker who was forced to resign in a scandal is giving up his efforts to be elected again. why joe morrissey said he's dropping out of the race for state senate. we are awaiting a special ceremony as we remember the september 11th attacks. a giant american flag expected to be unfurled here at any ♪
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6:41 now. today marks 14 years since the september 11th attacks. we now want to take you live right now to the pentagon. works there you may be able to see them on the roof are about to unfurl a flag on the building. >> this flag unfurling has become a tradition at the pentagon. it was 9:37 in the morning when american airlines flight 77 hit the pentagon. everyone on that plane died including 125 people on the ground. there was a memorial set up at the pentagon now. and today will be a very somber
6:42 am
day as workers come to work and it will be a regular work day for the people at the pentagon too. >> this was 14 years ago. this was an image we saw. that flag coming over the side of what was then a hole there at the pentagon that was so powerful. to see first responders and our service members there. in that moment of unity, it was so powerful to see. every year since it's something we have come to expect to see and it's a great reverence. >> a beautiful image. we'll try to bring it to you as soon as it happens. let's check the forecast now with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. >> good morning. outside -- >> amelia segal. >> and right now, chuck, i'm out here in landover, maryland, with the redskins home opener taking place this sunday. but first, it's cool out here. temperature with the storm truck coming in at 66 degrees right now. so as kids get on the school bus this morning, a big change from
6:43 am
yesterday. the humidity is gone. there's a bit of a breeze and there's some cloud cover. getting home from school, expect temperatures in the low to mid 80s today and plenty of sunshine. really beautiful day overall. and here's your weekend outlook. for tomorrow morning going for that early run, bicycle ride, walking the dog, looking good, but showers moving in throughout the day. so you have saturday night plans out. you do want to prepare for rain. that's the chance of a shower at the redskins game on sunday. chuck will have more on the timing of the rain over the weekend, but for now, we send it over to melissa with a check of the roads. >> good morning. we have a brand-new problem on the rail silver line is delayed. we have crews on the scene, the lanes are now open. that's the important part for everybody. 270 southbound, germantown to the beltway, 19 minutes so we're slow there. top of the beltway, outer loop
6:44 am
starting to get slow. it will take you 19 minutes instead of 12. 13 minutes from fairfax county to the beltway. quantico to the beltway a few minutes behind at 30 minutes. listen to our friends on wtop 103.5 f.m. when you hop in your car. >> thank you. thousands expected to gather near the white house for a chance to see pope francis. what you need to know about the parade so you can catch a glimpse. plus a live picture of new york city right now, where special ceremonies are planned as we mark 14 years since the september 11th attacks. what is happening at ground zero today. [ cheers and applause ] a wave of game-day excitement is rolling into dunkin'. taste the new tailgater breakfast sandwich, stacked with smoked sausage, fire-roasted peppers, and onions. america runs on dunkin'.
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medium hot coffee, cream, two sugars -- see you at the window. at dunkin', we make your coffee just the way you like it. if not, we'll make it again on the spot.
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that's the dd commitment. america runs on dunkin'. 14 years now since the 9/11 attacks and you're looking live as we remember on this day at a picture from the pentagon where the american flag has just been unfurled over the western front of that building that was hit 14 years ago today. we remember 2,997 people who lost their lives. on one side of the screen you see the pentagon. workers just finished that annual tradition of unfurling the american flag on the western front. the other side you're looking at live pictures from the 9/11 memorial and museum in new york city. later this morning vice president joe biden will visit the city for a memorial event. developing right now, police are still searching for the suspect in the double shooting that led them on a chase through silver spring last night.
6:48 am
news4 first on the scene here. this started about 9:30 near university boulevard and carroll avenue. two adult men were shot there, one was put in the hospital. that suspect then led police on a chase through howard county. they lost him. the suspect was driving a black bmw with custom rims. a gunman is dead after a standoff in los angeles. police say it started with a carjacking and chase. when officers were able to get the car to stop, the driver took off and stormed a barbecue restaurant where he held four people hostage. at one point, he told women and children they could leave. but he never hurt anyone. the man did fire shots into the air, but it's unclear if he fired at police. right now a man is in quote extremely critical condition after he was struck last night by a car in bowie. prince george's county police tell us this happened at the intersection of laurel-bowie road and annapolis road. the man was taken to a nearby hospital. 6:48 right now. this morning a lot of people are saying that they were moved by
6:49 am
vice president joe biden's emotional interview with stooern colbert. he is deciding whether to run for president. nbc's peter alexander has more. >> reporter: it was hard not to be moved by this conversation on late night with stephen colbert last night. it was candid. it was raw. it was honest. these were biden's most emotional and most in depth reflection so far since losing his son, beau, to brain cancer in may. this interview aired last night and the vice president said he felt like he was letting down beau if he didn't get up in the months following his death and he also reflected on acknowledging that a candidate needs to be able to offer their whole heart to run and he expressed some doubt. take a listen. >> i'd be lying if i said that i knew i was there. >> reporter: as for that interview perhaps no one was better suited to do it with the
6:50 am
empathy and compassion than stephen colbert. he lost his father and two brothers in a plane crash 41 years ago today. >> thank you, peter alexander. joe morrissey is dropping his state senate bid. he's the former virginia delegate who went to jail last year over a relationship with an underage employee. morrissey reportedly said health problems will keep him from running for state senate. he fathered a child with the staffer who is now of age. he lost his seat when the relationship was discovered. he then won it back and lost it again when he moved from his district. 6:50 now and in observance of september 11th, president and mrs. obama will observe a moment of silence. here is the video from last year. that's the exact moment that the first plane hit the world trade center's north tower. later this hour, joe biden will participant in memorial events.
6:51 am
in shanksville, pennsylvania, the names of the victims will be read aloud. >> here in our area there's events going on the mark the 14 years since the terrorist attacks but we begin at the pentagon where a giant american flag now hangs to remember the lives lost that day. news4's megan mcgrath is live outside the pentagon. megan, we can see the flag behind you. >> reporter: yeah. if you look over my shoulder you can see that large american garrison flag. it was lowered just a few moments ago. let's take a look at the video here of the actual unfurling of the flag. personnel right before the sun came up this morning we could see them up on the roof and just minutes ago they unfurled that large american flag here on the west side of the pentagon. now, this is something that we have seen now for several years. a flag -- a flag, a large garrison flag like this was unfurled for the first time the day after the attack and it's become a tradition here at the pentagon and today is no
6:52 am
different. as people are making their way into the pentagon for the regular work day and it is a regular work day, it's a symbol of exactly what happened here and also kind of something folks can focus on as they remember the victims who died here to say there's a remembrance ceremony at 9:30. another ceremony at 2:00. back to you. >> thank you. today america remembers 9/11 of course it marks 14 years since the attack. there are remembrance ceremonies being held across the nation. dave wagner joins us from new york's ground zero. dave? >> reporter: yeah, good morning to you, aaron. in some respects this day is very much like the day back in 2001. traffic going as usual, people going to work. today though is a cloudy day. in fact, one world trade center shrouded in fog this morning. it was a crystal clear day 14 years ago here when 19 hijackers commandeered four planes at
6:53 am
8:46. the first plane hitting the north tower of the world trade center. we all know what happened, 102 minutes later. we saw the tragedy unfold before our eyes. nearly 3,000 people killed. this year, the small town of shanksville, pennsylvania, where united 93 crashed is -- it's marking this anniversary with the memorial there. in honor of the 40 passengers and crew members who were killed. also, 13,000 american children were born back 14 years ago. some of those kids will be at the new york stock exchange ringing the opening bell. some of the kids have family members who were killed back 14 years ago. that's the latest in new york city. aaron and eun, back to you. >> thank you. i want to check the forecast now. chuck bell is here. >> yes, indeed. clouds and rain are gone. a great day to be outside today.
6:54 am
there's the improving weather picture as we look eastbound to the rising sun. the only clouds left are in the eastern horizon. they're moving on out. good riddance to them. city camera view over washington there's the clearing sky. 66 degrees with a northwest wind at ten miles an hour. you'll notice that northwesterly breeze today. it will blow that humidity and high temperatures out. yesterday's rainfall amounts are low. a cool, dry morning today. falling humidity and plenty of sunshine. temperatures out the door this morning, low to mid 60s across the region. it's a cool start. temperatures will climb into the mid 70s by mid morning. up to 80 by lunch time. and friday night, out on the town, dinner and a movie time, temperatures near 80. and so it will be a nice one. there's your weekend rain chance. rain west of cincinnati out towards chicago and st. louis now. that's the weather system which will bring us our rain chances for tomorrow. future weather then, through
6:55 am
today, there go the clouds and t temperatures low to mid 80s. rain chances come in as early as lunch time tomorrow. but tomorrow afternoon, tomorrow night, a hit and miss shower chance through sunday afternoon as well. melissa now with a check on traffic. still silver line delays, wiehle-reston. 270 south at montrose, normal volume headed southbound. in fairfax at majestic lane no problems otherwise on 50, but we have that one crash there. 66 looks good. 95 in virginia and northbound a little slow. actually pretty light volume headed inbound and outbound this morning. b.w. parkway and 95 and 29 looking good. little slow top of the beltway approaching georgia avenue. aaron? >> thank you. 6:55. local catholic and other religious leaders are calling for criminal justice reform ahead of pope francis' trip to the d.c. cardinal wuerl and catholic
6:56 am
charities have a charity called walk with francis. they will highlight the welcome home program. and thousands are hoping for chance to see pope francis. the route is in red and he'll ride around the mall on september 23rd. a jumbotron will be set up to broadcast the public events that day including the mass at the basilica. and you can find everything you need to know about pope francis' visit to d.c. on the nbc washington app. it is now 6:56. here are four things to know as you head out the door. the patriots at the center of the new controversy. the pittsburgh steelers say the radio broadcast of the patriots was playing in the headsets for first half of tim ga and the nfl called it an electric issue. and next on the "today" show, savannah guthrie talks with airman spencer stone and the man who he saved. police are looking for a suspect in the double shooting last night. that suspect led police on a chase through silver spring.
6:57 am
but was able to get away. a day of reflection and remembrance. today marks 14 years since the september 11th attacks. this is a live look at the pentagon where an american flag now hangs to remember the lives lost that day. and that is the broadcast this morning. we appreciate you starting your day with us. >> the "today" show is next. we'll be back in 25 minutes with weather, traffic and any breaking news. see you then. have a great day. >> make it a great friday, everybody.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. not there yet. an emotional joe biden talks about his presidential aspirations in his first interview in months. >> i'd be lying if i said that i knew i was there. >> while donald trump tries to explain the jabs that keep landing m in trouble. >> many of those comments are made as an entertainer. >> and his republican rivals respond to him head on. >> new season, new controversy. tom brady back on the field. >> brady -- back of the end zone. touchdown! >> and his patriots under fire after the opposing team's coaches


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