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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  September 11, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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the chaos that followed. news4's chris gordon has been working the story all day, live with the latest. chris? >> reporter: chris and doreen, if people forgot that it's september 11th, anniversary of the terror attack, they got a rude awakening this afternoon. a gunshot rang out inside union station. it was packed with passengers and, of course, people who work in the shops here. tonight, they tell us how scary it was. >> we all got down on the there are and we were pretty much terrified, seeing people running. >> reporter: crowds of people flee union station after a shot was fired. this metro surveillance video on taped by news4 shows people desperately seeking safety. we just ran out the door with everybody else. the people just started thundering behind us, so it was scary. i said being 9/11, it was absolutely terrifying. >> reporter: this is the suspect who was shot after a domestic dispute in which he reportedly stabbed a woman and threatened a security guard with his knife. it began about 12:45 this
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afternoon. a source close to the investigation tells news4 it began at kaiser permanente on second street northeast near the entrance to union station. the man and woman were arguing. the woman toll the guard that she had a protective order against the man. he then stabbed her and fled, running into union station. an armed contract guard working with the securities and exchange commission chased the man to the mcdonald's restaurant near the amtrak gates. >> the armed security officer gave chase to the individual, demanding he stop and drop the weapon. the suspect turned on the officer, lunged at him with the weapon, the armed officer fired one round from his revoefrl, striking the suspect one time in the side. both individuals, the miami and the female, have been transported to area hospitals with what we believe non-life-threatening injuries. >> police say criminal charges will be filed against the suspect who allegedly stabbed
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the woman and allegedly assaulted the security guard. the latest live in northeast washington, doreen and chris, back to you. thank you. union stating heart of the transportation hub for y'all truck, metro and east coast bus lines. about 90,000 people go through its doors every day. when the gunfire broke out, many people quickly grabbed their phones and started posting on social media. here is a look at some of the images from the moment that followed. the shooting has been trending online all day and cover all the developments to see more video from inside union station. head to our nbc washington app. tonight, two women in alexandria are recovering from quite a scare a homeless man is in custody tonight after police say he followed them into their apartment buildings and tried to abduct them. the attacks happened within an hour of each other and a few blocks apart. in each care the victims managed to scare them off. >> i think it's a pretty brazen attack, that he attacked two women within the course of a hour, we certainly want to see
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if he is connect anything else. >> in our next half hour, we will hear from police on why they say being polite could make you more likely to be a victim of a crime. three attempted sexual assaults over three weeks in prince george's county. and tonight, the search it is on for the man behind those attacks. the latest happened just yesterday on a busy trail many use to get to the west hyattsville metro station. darcy spencer is live as police work to see if these attacks could be connected to other crimes. darcy? >> reporter: doreen, we are live just off property of the west hyattsville station. you could see this path here, this is where one of the attacks happened. as you said, police are investigating. they want to see, this is connected to any other crimes in the area. >> no way. >> get in the park. >> reporter: women who walk, jog and bike along the northwest branch trail and use the west hyattsville metro station are being warned. a man attempted to sexually
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assault three different women in these areas over the last few weeks. i doaker size in the morning. that's -- when, that's pretty concerning. >> reporter: there have been several other sexual attacks in this area over the last few years. some of those cases remain unsolved. this happen was arrested after a string of sex assaults three years ago. police checked shall he is still in prison. but there were more attacks near the metro last summer. a man jumping out of wooded areas and trying to sexually assault women between 10 at night and 1 in the morning. >> look at past case and see if anyone has been let out from some of the arrests we have made before. >> reporter: this popular cut through between macgruder park and northwest branch trail in hyattsville the scene of an attempted sexual assault. about 7:15 thursday morning, the attacker tried to drag a woman walking in this area into the woods. police believe the attack could be connected to two other attempted sexual assaults that happened near the west hyattsville metro station over the last three weeks.
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one happened here where people walked to and from the metro and here, another shortcut from the station to surrounding neighborhoods. in each case, the victim screamed. people in the area came to her rescue. that made the attacker stop and runaway. >> i hope and pray that they catch him, that that's the sickest crime, rape, in my opinion. >> reporter: again, hyattsville police are sharing information with other departments in the area, hoping they can get a connection to other crimes and get this guy behind bars. chris, back to you. thanks, darcy. been an emotional day around the country and at sun down, lower manhattan will be bathed in light to recreate the image of the twin towers. [ bell tolling ] 14 years later, you can still see the scars of september 11th in new york and especial at ground zero. as nbc's dave wagner reports, some of those there tonight have the deepest wounds.
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>> sigrid charlotte wiswe. >> reporter: they are precious names and painful memories. >> diane marie parsons. >> labarro lopez pascal. >> reporter: for 14 year, ground zero has bn somber and sacred ground. today, each of the nearly 3,000 victims who died on september 11th were remembered. ♪ at the pentagon -- >> your grief, your solace so personal to you is shared with all of us in this nation. >> reporter: secretary of defense ash carter laid a wreath to honor the lives that were lost. and at the white house, a moment of silence, led by the president and first lady. >> todd m. beamer. [ bell tolls ] >> reporter: in shanksville, pennsylvania -- >> patricia cushing. >> reporter: -- 40 heroes honored.
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>> in the face of almost certain death, they knew they must do everything they could possibly do to prevent the loss of other innocent lives. >> reporter: back in new york, as the anniversary comes to an end, the impact of the tragedy is felt every day. >> it's been 14 years, but for all of us here, it could be 100 years, it will still feel like yesterday and it's fresh in our hearts. >> reporter: families and a nation grieving, determined to keep the memories alive. dave wagner, nbc news, new york. outside today, we have seen a lot of sunshine and after a day yesterday, where we saw those temperatures again get back up into the 80s, right back there again but we don't have the humidity, a very nice afternoon. continue to be a nice evening, but take a look at the numbers here. one number stands out, not the 85 here, here, 84 in hagerstown
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this guy, columbus, ohio, 67 degrees. why is that? we have got a storm system back to the west, rain making its way our way, that is a cold front swinging our way, bring down temperatures big time in the next couple of days. headlines tonight, tracking storms on saturday, we will see storms tomorrow, cooler weather on sunday and then the coolest temperatures that we've seen since may they are in the forecast, show you when, coming up. new at 6:00, passengers weren't the only ones injured in that january smoke incident on metro. public records requested by our scott macfarlane reveal 19 metro workers were sickened or hurt that day, too. and a couple of them remain off the job eight months later. scott? >> doreen, good evening. we can tell you all of them are suffering some form of respiratory problem according to our news4 records review and our request shows one remaining on work esser's comp as of tonight. that is a metro police officer, we are told and another employee remains on light duty which
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means he or she is not back to full responsibility as the recovery continues. our further review shows overall, employee injuries have actually dropped in the months since for metro. the leading cause of injuries for the agency, not smoke or electrical issues but for slips and falls on the platforms or near the tracks or the work yards, but tomorrow, but we found metro police trying to make arrests and investigations and this investigation found metro bus drivers assaulted in recent months by fare baiters, them try stop from sneaking on board the bus without paying the fare. no timetable when the final workers injured in the january smoke incident will return. chris? >> thanks, scott. if you are heading out on metro this weekend, you should plan ahead there's track work on all six lines starting at 10 tonight.
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some breaking news in the race for the white house. republican presidential hopeful rick perry drops out. nbc's chuck todd joins us next with a closer look at the decision and how it will impact the crowded field of candidates. police are questioning a man for a series of highway shootings out west. we will tell you where he was taken into custody. they missed the first day of school here in fairfax county. now, several students dealing with a scheduling mess. i'm david culver. coming up, show you
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the presidential race now, a new poll shows donald trump with a healthy lead among republicans in iowa. he is followed most closely by ben carson. the rules are a strong shift since july when wisconsin governor scott walker led the crowded field in iowa. and some breaking news on the republican side, too. "meet the press" moderator, chuck todd, joins us with his take on rick perry dropping out this afternoon. not a big surprise. he had run out of money. we had reports he didn't make payroll in different places, people left to join other campaigns to get a paycheck. you know, i do think the larger message to take away from this is that, you know, he is not the only one struggling to gape traction. when we write the postmore them testimony on his presidential
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politics, look back and say his time was four years ago. four years ago tilt, he was the technical front-runner. but voters, republican voters want new and different. they are -- all of the guys are running again or related to people that have run before are struggling. mike huckabee, rick santorum, rand paul, jeb bush, rick perry, voters are screaming for new and different. and rick perry didn't fit that mold. new and different is that how donald trump keeps going up and up? >> not just him, ben carson. carly fiorina, even ted cruz, who is, yes, an elected official, but it's not like people in washington hug him, you know, and so, that's where the -- that's where the energy in the party is. now, whether it's sustainable, whether it's majority when this thing win knows, i think we're gonna find it, but that's the problem in the focus of the candidates. >> women supporting donald trump, even though he is attacking them. >> doreen, i'm curious to see, it's one thing to bread these comments, it's one thing to hear
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him deny them in a call-in, this and that the debate stage, carly fiorina standing there and he is confronted with what he said and she is not somebody that's going to shrink from him, what does he do and what does he say, then ask me again where people are. that's what i'm waiting for. what does this look like when 20 million people are watching, not when you're reading a quote of a quote and hear that >> you know, hillary clinton sort of jumped to her defense she didn't mention crump by name, said there's somebody out there who has been saying these things about women and i'd love to debate him, something we all obviously like to see at some point. but, you know, are people making too much of hillary clinton's struggles? we are nearly five months away from the first delegates being awarded or is this serious trouble for her? >> here is the problem in being dismiss sive of it. it is -- eight years ago, this feels very familiar, like deja vu all over again. eight years ago, ahead in the polls, started noticing these
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weaknesses. some point, you got to ask yourself, saying the same thing, democratic voters like hillary clinton but they don't love her. what we said eight years ago, saying the same thing again now. maybe it's something about her. if she just can't connect at the end of the day in a primary. remember, primaries are about falling in love. >> emotion. >> who are emotional poll. general election, much more of a rational decision, people sit there and i think, there's no doubt she could be a very strong general election candidate, getting to a primary, it is a about connecting -- connective tissue like that, a little more of a passion and i think some people thought she would get women to rally behind her but we haven't see them yet either. i agree there's still time, but i don't agree that we call it's too early anymore. not in that phase anymore. we are in this thing. >> vice president biden stale big, big question mark in this race. before we get chuck's reaction about this, let's look what the he signed "the late show with steven colbert" last night. >> i don't think any man or woman should run for president
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unless they can look folks thought and say i promise you, you have my whole heart, my whole soul, my energy. i would be lying if i said that i knew i was there. >> quite an interview hard to -- >> i take him at his word. how can you not? it matches everything i have been hearing behind the scenes. it is funny, politically, he has never been better positioned to run for president in his whole life, is actually ground swell, people were asking and personally never been in a worse position. look, the clock is not on his side. if this -- if he had three or four months before the first filing deadlines and all that stuff, boy say there's time. but to beat hillary clinton, he needs to put a campaign together in the next couple of weeks. i will be honest. >> a really strong campaign. that's right. while he technically could wait until the end of october to pete mete filing deadlines and make sure he is on the ballot for primaries york think you can put together the campaign you need to do and he is clearly, i take him at his word, he is clearly
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emotionally -- he doesn't want to be the guy who cries on the trail. that's what i felt like i learned from that look, i'm not going to be that guy. if i'm not there yet, i'm not doing this. one thing he certainly does not lack is passion and emotion. >> which is what i think makes some democrats think, geez, he is exactly the opposite of all the problems that hillary clinton has. >> yeah. thanks a lot. don't forget, you can catch "meet the press" on sunday morning, 10:30 in the morning, right here on nbc4. turning to our weather now, sunshine today, but changes coming for our weekend. is that true, doug? >> it is true, doreen. did chuck tell that you, too? >> yeah. >> right. change is coming for the weekend. we have got some rain right now, a pretty nice shot out there look at this shot toward reston town center. look at a. this beautiful, i love sugarloaf off in the distance, 1,282 feet. did you know it was that tall, 1,282 feet. another great shot. not a cloud in the sky this evening, very, very nice, thinking about taking dinner outside, no matter what you're
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doing, leaving the windows down on the ride home or keeping on the windows up at home tonight, you can turn off the a c maybe, 85 degrees, very low humidity, so we are talking extremely nice conditions, 81, gaithersburg, 82, fredericksburg, 79 towards the annapolis area. the radar is clear for now, but you don't have to go too far to the goes see were the next area of storminess is, back toward the ohio valley, the thunderstorms toward portions of ten and then backed to best. that's the actual front that will sweep on through the area tomorrow. starting off at 8 a.m., future weather timing it out for us. tracking this at 8 a.m., not quite here yet. i think tomorrow morning starting off dry, but the clouds come in. by around 11, we start to see the showers developing, the storms develop around noon, 1, 2:00. notice 2:00, notice southern maryland again, could be an area where we are seeing some of those heavier storms and back to the west, the actual front comes by, well, could see more storms tomorrow afternoon. so take the umbrella tomorrow, just know it's not going to be an all-day rain and you play is
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some games or practices tomorrow, some may be canceled, others may no just keep a watchful eye for that make sure you are talking to the coach or league about those games. 8:00, about everything is out of here, behind it, very get very, very cool. first off, severe risks, not too high heavy rain on the medium. that's about it. high binds an issue for some areas, not expecting much in severe weather, could see a morning or two, that's possible. 80 in d.c. ahead of the rain. but back to the rest west, 72, martinsburg, petersburg, west virginia, 68, 72 down toward luray. a fairly cool day tomorrow back to the west and then everybody is cool on sunday and into the day on monday. your impact forecast tomorrow, we are going to put you on the moderate side due to the fact we could see strong storms, mainly between noon and about 4:00 tomorrow afternoon, maybe some after that, too but i think that's the primary hours. 76 on sunday, 78 monday, take a look at this, 57 degrees, that's in the city, but notice, some of
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the outlying suburbs here, 49 in hagerstown, 51 in winchester, 54 in leesburg. kids going back to school, many of them, i think going to be a rather cool one out there, but we are going to talk about. this this is going to be the coolest weather since may. what comes after that? does it get even cooler? i have that forecast for you. some random attacks in a new apartment complex have some officials saying be polite could put your safety at risk. they pull off a dplim a matter of minutes. how thieves are targeting local communitiers without going inside their cars. redskins fans are gathering redskins fans are gathering up for the
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take a look at what some commuters discovered when they returned to their vehicles at a park and ride last week. their cars on blocks with their tires missing much the surprise came wednesday at the horner
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road commuter lot in woodbridge. another rider noticed the problem he's got off the bus. as i was approaching my truck, i saw the car on blocks and i didn't think much of it, just somebody might have had an issue. but then as i look closer, i saw one tire, two tires, okay, all four tires are gone. >> prince william county and virginia state police both patrol this lot. they are suggesting commuters keep watch for anything suspicious. well, they missed the first day of school and we have learned students in northern virginia were erased from the system, or so it seemed. as news4 david culver discovered, the new software glitch went beyond fairfax county and impacted thousands of kids. >> reporter: this fairfax mom likes having access to her kid's school records a feature of sisome or student information system. having just launched this school year, the sis let's her check her child's attendance and high
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school information. her high school aged son didn't exist when she logged on. boggles my mind to be dropped like a hot potato. >> reporter: lynn say d.a. sind started with an excused absence on the first day of school. her son had a college visit. >> i called him be a second sent, followed protocol and got a message on the phone later in the day that i would have to come in and be reactivated, which i was confused about. >> reporter: after that college visit, linda's son, a senior here at centreville high school showed back up at school on the second day of classes to be told he wasn't in the system and his class schedule was gone. >> on the first day he totally dropped out of the system. >> reporter: we asked fairfax county public schools, they didn't know how many students were impacted, but acknowledged it's at more than one school and they apologized to those affected and told us in part --
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neighboring louden county uses the same computer system for its students. a school spokesperson saying they have no widespread issues. linda worries about her son's workload and catching up. >> being told that he might wait a week before he is in the system, that is a disadvantage. >> reporter: but says that counselors have been working hard to get things back on track n centerville, david culver, news4. a warning after two women were attacked opening their front doors. why police say being poe lit could make you a prime target. a key witness comes forward in the charles severance case. what a cell mail is the revealing about the man charged in three murders. the president of the maryland senate has a plan to pay tribute to delegate proctor after his passing. hoe maps to ask
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breaking news right now the at 6:30, news4 learned a man shot by a security guard inside union station this afternoon has died. according to police, the guard shot the map after he stabbed a woman at a building next door and then ran into union station that shooting happened near the mcdonald's restaurant and people inside the station were ushered out until the scene was secure. we will be working on this through the evening and we will update you on the nbc washington
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app and also on news4 at 11:00. now to some back-to-back attacks on women at apartment buildings in alexandria. tonight, one man is in custody on attempted abduction charges. those attacks happened a few blocks apart just a few minutes apart last night in an area quickly changing with new condo and apartment buildings. news4's mark segraves is live advice from police. mark? >> reporter: hey, doreen. that's right. this part of alexandria like many neighborhoods in our region, a combination of public housing and new upscale condos and apartments. neighbors are shocked by what happened last night. they tell me this is typically a pretty peaceful area. >> in terms of somebody being attacked or robbed, no, i have not heard of that recently. >> reporter: it was 9:00 last night when alexandria police got the call that a man tried to abduct a woman as she was coming home. >> the first case, he followed a woman into her apartment building, into the elevator and approached her as she was
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getting into her apartment. >> reporter: as the map attacked her, the woman screamed. thats when a the suspect took off. less than an hour later, police say that same suspect was here on north fayette street just a few blocks away yes attacked another woman. police arrested a 34-year-old homeless man a few blocks away. he is being held without bond, charged with two count of attempted abduction and two counts of attempted burglary. >> i think it's a pretty brazen attack that he attacked two women within the course of an hour. so we certainly want to see if he is connected to anything else. >> reporter: police say if a stranger does follow you into your building, don't be afraid to say something. >> a lot of women want to be polite and they don't want to challenge somebody that's following them into the building. you should challenge someone. go with your instincts. >> reporter: now the suspect's name is mark head johnson, a 34-year-old homeless man and police are trying to see if he
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is connected to any other crimes to this area and that's why he didn't release his mugshot which i typically do. they want to make sure they don't prejudice any other victims or possible witnesses. doreen, back to you. . mark segraves, thank you. a developing story out of phoenix, arizona, after a series of highway shootings that gripped drivers with fear the last couple of weeks. another person detained with him but was leased. arizona state police surrounded the man's white suv today about two miles from interstate ten. 11 cars have been shot on or near the high wait past two weeks. the shootings have reminded many of the beltway sniper shootings from 2002. baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake is abandoning her re-election campaign and says the freddie gray case is is a big reason she won't run for a second term. six officers have been charged in gray's death and the mayor says she wants to focus on helping the city get through their trials. rollings blake has come under fire for how she handled the unrest in baltimore and now says
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most campaigning would take time away from supporting the city. >> i realize that every moment that i spend planning for a campaign and or re-election was a time that i was taking away from my current responsibilities to the city. >> maryland governor hogan thad the mayor for her service and promised to keep working with her to make baltimore better. prince george's county is mourning the loss of long-time delegate james proctor. he leaves a big legacy in our area. his won't be the only seat at the state house. as tracee wilkins reports now, another delegate is expected to step down. >> we loved him very much, it was a partnership. >> reporter: a partnership and friendship between two maryland delegates and senator. >> it is a team and his loss is difficult to bear. >> reporter: these pictures tell the story. >> we did things together and ran together. >> reporter: delegate james
6:35 pm
proctor passed yesterday due to comp blick cations from heart disease. he served as a state delegate for 25 years and co-chaired the appropriations committee. came time for an opportunity to integrate southern mary land, he was the first african-american to be in the legislature from southern prince george's county. >> reporter: president of the maryland senate mike miller and delegate val lar yo ran as a three-man ticket and lived, like brothers. they both agreed who would be best to fill his seat, proctor's wife. >> she had been involved with him from day one and she knows him, enough to fill those shoes. >> find two search coast and public hearings that his wife fill his seat. >> reporter: democratic central committees will vote on a replacement and the prince george's county delegation has a second seat to fill after the sudden resignation of county council vice chair and newly elected delegate, will camp pos.
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proctor believed in fighting the parks and recreation in maryland and an aquatic center will be built because of his work in this space. folks have saying when it is complete, this it should be named in his and which is hist wife's honor n brandywine, tracee wilkins, news4. both democratic central committees will have 30 dies pint the new delegates f they fail to do so the governor can make appointment. new at 6:00, appears inmate informants may play a role in the charles very much triple murder case a. >> new court filing by prosecutors say severance end mated to a cell mate at the loudoun county jail that he committed the murders in the case and provided corroborating details on one of the three homicides. defense attorneys filed a motion asking for more details. severance is charged with killing three prominent alexandria residents. court documents also say that severance discussed fire arms and his hatred of the judicial system with all four of his cell mates. his trial is set to begin on
6:37 pm
october 5th. it's one of the biggest upsets in tennis history. how the woman who took down serena went from public enemy to fan favorite in a new york minute. down to the final hours before the season other at fedex field. what fans can expect to be different this year. details coming up on news4. and we have got some cooler weather for the game. game's going to be on the dry side for sure, but it's also going to be a little bit cooler. we have got much cooler air moving in after tomorrow's
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you saw it right here last night on nbc4. football is back. the redskins open their season sunday against the dolphins and fans will see something missing at fedex field. derrick ward shows us what fewer seats means for ticket holders. >> reporter: when it was built, it was billed as the largest stadium in the nfl but the number of seats has been going down. this season, some of the upper deck seats have disappeared beneath signage. >> we have done some renovations to the upper bowl. we have done renovations to a number of areas in the stadium. >> reporter: the question may become does a sellout crowd this season mean the same thing as a sellout crowd last season or the season before that? official lish the seating cap pass sit about 85,000. got to be less now. this season will be a concerted effort to get the fans back to the stadium. >> got to bring to the stadium everything you can have in your living room, everything -- all
6:41 pm
the convenience of a home need to be here and we are doing everything we can do to do that. >> reporter: the organization has been surveying fans and do more of that this season. some of the feedback they have gotten says fans want wifi. this, there will be wifi in the stadium and the social lounge where you can trang live time chatter and post your own bobblehead selfies a revamped club level for before and after earth game and outside, bigger spaces for tailgating and one-of-a-kind bathroom that would rival some efficiency apartments, but for more than two dozen new menu items as well. the first time, there's caribbean fare and healthy food, all stadium food isn't necessarily bad for you. this is gluten free and good for you. what's good for the fans, well, new stuff is nice, but there's a big appetite for some ws. >> i'm hoping that they do well. >> reporter: derrick ward, news4. beyond the opener, d.c. is gearing up for an even bigger event, pope francis' visit. some are already taking his message of prayer and service in
6:42 pm
stride. how one man is turning his pain into
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a moving scene this morning at the pentagon where the american flag was up furled over the side of the building. this same thing happened, you may remember, the day after the attack on america 14 years ago. later, defense secretary ash carter laid a wreath in honor of those who died when flight 77 struck the building. this year, there's nothing something new on the horizon, a cross on the pentagon memorial, a sign just went up marking the spot where a visitor an education center is planned. bureau chief julie carey toured the site with the man heading up the fund raising, a man who lost his brother on 9/11. >> reporter: jim lay check helped lead the effort to get
6:46 pm
the pentagon memorial built and spent time at the bench bare bearing the name of his brother, now another fundraiser to build a visitor's education center in the grassy cloverleaf overoverlooking the pentagon. when he led a tour of sixth graders years ago, he realized more than a memorial might been enough to remember. the sixth graders didn't know it was a plane that created the devastation. we started to get a conversation, like, no we thought they were all bombs that went off. that's when we realized that we had a teachable moment here, that we were missing to generations that were coming after 9/11. >> reporter: the drawings show with where it is hoped future generations will learn the story of what happened to the pentagon on 9/11, a video also helps make the pitch. >> the pentagon story is the nation's story. >> a story of heroism and people that went in to try to help recover people that were trapped a story of how we rebuilt the pentagon in a year and how the
6:47 pm
world changed, tsa came into existence. >> reporter: lay check says the center will serve to tie together the nearby air force memorial and arlington cemetery. in fact, a walking path is planned from the center to the spot at arlington where 9/11 remains are interred. the price tag for the project, $60 million and they want to raise another $15 noll help with maintenance at the pentagon memorial itself. ground breaking could happen as early as 2017. >> you know, tried to do what we can here to tell the story of what happened at the pentagon. >> reporter: in arlington, julie carey, news4. we are less than two weeks away from the pope's visit and local leaders preparing for his arrival by calling on the catholic community to walk with francis. cardinal donald whirl is heading the initiative welcoming fran cities to d.c. by dmoigt follow
6:48 pm
his commitment to prayer and service. the pledges will be collected in a become and presented to the pontiff. on, we have a special look at what makes this pope so different from his policies to yes lives, even the ring he wears. take a look at our website by searching a different pope. is this just about a week and a half away, now, doug, great if we could have this kind of weather for his visit to washington. it really would. any time we get weather like this have to thank our blessings out there. temperatures right now, pretty nice, 85, current temperature, dropping tonight as we make our way through the next couple of hours, nice evening to be out and about evening planner, sun down at 7:23, see a nice sunset and the temperatures will drop 80 at 7:00, 75 by 9. 11:00 tonight, down to 71. on the cool side. many in the mid-60s 13w50i 1678 heading out, bring the sweat or jacket, especially one of those people that don't like the cooler temperatures so much.
6:49 pm
storm team4 radar, not much going on now, back to the west, watching this cold front going to come through the area, notice the showers and storms ahead of it. we will see storms during the day tomorrow. not everybody, but we do have a chance of at least some strong storms from the blue ridge off to the east. we think the best chance nor will most likely be from d.c. down toward southern maryland, maybe fredericksburg, the northern neck, the greatest risk for some stronger storms but not anticipating any real severe storms. now, taking you hour by hour, 8 a.m., dry start, 69. bay noon tomorrow, that's when we start to see the showers and thunderstorms move in. temperatures there around 80 degrees. that's also where i will be out at neiman marcus for the heart of fashion event for st. xbrud, helping to raise money for st. jude. come out and see me tomorrow, you want more information on that, go to my facebook page to learn more about that 4:00 in the afternoon, storms ending, stale few out there temperatures around 76. also tomorrow at noon, got maryland, maryland game could be a little bit wet, too, the redskins game, not wet but breezy and cool. 75 at 2:00.
6:50 pm
76 by the time the game is winding down, hopefully a win out there temperatures mid to upper 70s, 80 on saturday, 76, sunday. very cool conditions on monday. 57 a low in d.c. means some of you may be in the upper 40s on monday morning a very cool start to the day, same deal on tuesday, very cool start, look at this weather. great weather. we need to see rain. going to see some tomorrow, but after tomorrow, we don't have much of a chance. plenty of sunshine. temperatures a little bit above average to end the week. thank you, doug. coming up in sports, rg3 has b
6:51 pm
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6:53 pm
this is the time of year when even if you're not a patriots or seahawks fan, everybody has got hope right now anybody can go to the super bowl. so you're telling me there's a chance? >> amen. i like this excitement. >> always your fantasy team. >> right. >> regular team. >> week two we will be on the fantasy. preseason for the redskins was far from smooth. hurricane is record of 3-1 was nice but there were injuries,
6:54 pm
including five players lost for the season and controversy, the answers of a season of redemption for robert griffin iii, faded fast and replaced by concern for his health as he was replaced as redskins starting quarterback. robert griffin iii did receive good news today, cleared to play from the concussion he suffered in week two. that means preseason that means rg3 would be able to don't field if needed sunday against the dolphins, still to be determined by head coach jay gruden whether griffiner is was as the backup or third string. >> he has responded well. obviously, i'm sure he is frustrated a little bit we haven't been able to see it. he is in meetings. he is still asking questions and doing everything he has asked to do out there individual, and when he is thought in team work, he is throwing the ball good. haven't seen an issue yet. i haven't read all the twitter reports, but he has been fine here. >> stay away from that social media. the starting quarterback, kirk cousins, who believes he has learned from past struggles and now, cousins has another chance to make the redskins his
6:55 pm
team. his goal, he say is to be relax and focused, be quick but don't hurry, something he certainly was in an interview with jason pugh. >> if you do struggle this season and fans are chanting reeve rg3's name, how are you going to handle that? how are you going to respond to that type of adversity? >> a part of playing quarterback in the nfl, got to have thick skin and ready for those things. can't push through that, move through that, works true that, you will struggle in this league. going into this season, i'm going to try to be mentally, physically, emotionally tough, whatever comes my way and trust that if i do that, good things will happen in the long run. >> for more of jason's interview with kirk cousins, head to the nbc washington app and search cousins, you will enjoy that don't forget to check out the season debut of redskins showtime this season, former redskin running back clinton portis, kevin sheehan of espn 980 join jason pugh talking about all, i mean, all the story lines heading into the season,
6:56 pm
what you need to get you ready for the opener, that's coming up this sunday, we count you down, 11:30 right here on nbc4. hey, it's why we watch sports. competition is sometimes predictable. but never predetermined. still, for serena williams, the pursuit of winning all four majors in the same year, a grand slam, everything at the u.s. open going to script, until today's semifinal against unseeded roberta vinci and we were reminded, yeah, why we watched. serena, went a 33-match win streak in majors, she won the first t, vinci the second. so we are going to pick it up in the third and serena in the far court. this is just a crazy point. i mean, both players going to get exhausted watching this, running all over the place, finally, somehow, vinci is able to put away, check out the reaction. she is firing up the crowd. vinci would break serena in that game. yeah. now match point. vinci again, the 43rd ranked player in the world on the verge of a stunning upset. she is in the near court.
6:57 pm
and roberta vinci does what many thought she couldn't do, defeat serena williams. serena's bid for the slam comes to an end. vin chain epic upset and epic interview. >> when you woke up this morning -- >> yeah. >> -- what gave you the belief that this moment was possible? >> no. [ laughter ] really. you know, then i won. today is my day. sorry, guys. [ laughter ] [ applause ] >> it was nice to see the crowd cheering. >> yeah. she deserved it. that is the best philosophy. don't think, just run. by the way, the nats, marlins, play tonight. still supporting them. and alex ovechkin engaged. >> what? >> yeah. >> good for him. >> he will have reason to be more focus this hockey season. >> entertainment reporter.
6:58 pm
>> place the game, too. >> oh, my goodness it is true. >> thanks for joining us, everybody. "nbc nightly news" coming up next.
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
tonight, person of interest. police questioning a man in connection with the rash of random highway shootings after yet another car is struck by a bullet. without warning. scores of people killed when a giant crane comes crashing down at the largest mosque in the world. body slammed. newlyeleased video of the violent moment a new york city police officer mistakenly took down former tennis star james blake. in a case reigniting the debate over excessive force. life saver. a major study out tonight on blood pressure. what you should start doing now to dramatically cut your risk of death. and stunning upset. serena williams in a jaw dropper losing her quest for sports immortality.


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