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tv   News4 Today  NBC  September 13, 2015 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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we continue to follow breaking news at 10:00 a.m. a car crashes near the pentagon sparking a large police response. >> news4's derrick ward is live at the pentagon. derrick, have things changed down there? >> reporter: yeah, this happened on the south lot and things have stepped down a bit. we have seen the emergency vehicles leaving, we saw a flat bed tow truck go in there, we can assume that's to tow the vehicle out. this happened earlier this morning, maybe over an hour ago, a vehicle went on to the pentagon lot, jumped a curb and crashed. there were three people in the car, they remained in the car, the bomb squad was called out. pentagon police showed up, set up a wide perimeter around the pentagon property. those three people have been taken into custody as we understand it. the vehicle as far as we can tell is still on the pentagon
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grounds as we said. we have seen a flat bed tow truck go in there a few moments ago. of course there's more than one way to get out of the pentagon parking lots so we hopefully give you a shot of that vehicle. we don't know the circumstances of what happened. but they set up a wide perimeter. they brought in the bomb squad. they brought in the fire department, brought in ambulances and this is the -- this is from the units that they have on the grounds at the pentagon at all times. but things have definitely stepped down a bit now in the urgency of all this. we are seeing they're allowing traffic in. we have seen a metrobus come out. now, this is the underpass that carries 395 over that area. so we don't have much in the way of the details other than the three people were taken into custody. all of this out after a scare of a suspicious vehicle. we are live on the pentagon grounds. derrick ward, news4, back to you. >> thanks for staying on top of that. well, it is 10:01 now on this sunday morning. we want to get a check of your
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forecast. >> let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein who has more on this breeze we're feeling out there. >> let the tailgating begin. we have got a beautiful morning as we're getting ready for football at fedex field. a bit of a breeze, some white topped, gray bottom clouds floating over now. looking off to the west, and we'll have some of these clouds thickening up a bit. maybe again during the afternoon. as temperatures climb into the low to mid 70s. there's a slight risk they might produce a brief sprinkle or a brief light shower coming through. again, there's right around mid afternoon. as we get into the rest of the evening hours things will settle down. right now, storm team 4 radar showing a few sprinkles now in the northern neck of virginia. a few more from dale city and this may be passing south of washington. other areas of some showers out of the mountains. those might be getting closer to us during the afternoon. that's an upper level disturbance coming on through. look at the dry pattern for the
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week ahead coming up. >> thanks so much. well, we are waiting for hail to the redskins to start trending in our area. the team is kicking off the season at fedex field today. and kirk cousins won the starting job as quarterback over rg3. news4 sports reporter carol maloney tells us what he needs to do. >> this isn't just any given sunday. it's the redskins kickoff to the kirk cousins 2.0. cousins started five games last year until being benched because of turnovers. he's not proud of his 2-7 record as a starter throwing interceptions in four of the games. so he's coming in with a lot to prove but the key is to just relax. and not let the moment overwhelm him. >> yeah, it's a big game, yes it's important. but i'm the kind of guy who's going to acknowledge that. it's my job to almost stay relaxed and enjoy the process and enjoy the moment and have
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fun and put a smile on my face. >> he can't feel like the weight of the world is on his shoulders. he has to rely on people to help him out and we have total confidence in kirk. he's just got to understand if it doesn't go right early that hang in there and good things will continue to happen. >> cousins will be tested in the first opening day start since college. the dolphins have two of the best defensive linemen in the league. kickoff at 1:00 p.m. postgame reports at 6:00 and 11:00 and redskins final, both after sunday night football. >> thanks, carol. again, that game, 1:00 this afternoon. gates open up in an hour. 11:00 a.m. >> will they win? >> of course. >> happening today, d.c. serving as the course for the event d.c. nation's triathlon. it benefits the leukemia and lymphoma society. you'll run into street closures, going down independence avenue and into rock creek park. all roads will open around 1:15
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this afternoon. the families of two missing girls in prince george's county are hoping that you can help get them home safe. one of them could be facing a medical emergency. 15-year-old keira patrice richardson from greenbelt suffers from seizures and doesn't have her medicine with her. police think that she may be wanee bridgeforth. she was last seen leaving the high cool on friday. a fire torched an apartment complex in prince george's county last night. one firefighter is recovering this morning from heat exhaustion. everyone who lived inside this complex in temple hills was able to get out safely. many of them credited one man who went along knocking door to door and even threw his shoes at windows to get people to come out. well, a especially ceremony to remember hannah graham is happening today. graham went missing september 13, 2014, exactly one year ago.
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charlottesville police discovered herb body the next month. today her family will hold a memorial for her on the downtown mall in charlottesville. they and the community will draw her initials in chalk there as the last place graham was seen alive. a loaded gun is off the streets in adams morgan. the police night life unit spotted a man clutching his waist band an when he ran away from them he dropped a semiautomat semiautomatic. they didn't replace his name but he's facing several gun charges. that same community will be packed for adams morgan day. the street festival is going to be a little different though this year. homeowners and businesses came together after the original sponsor cancelled. more of the displays are indoors and 18th street is staying open to traffic. 10:06 now. coming up the i-team first exposed the problems, army parents trying to ♪
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you're watching "news4 today." >> more army parents are getting stuck in red tape trying to use the federal day care program. no one is returning their calls and they're getting late payments from the government. >> weeks ago the news4 i-team revealed big problems for some local army families. as scott macfarlane reports an internal review finds the problems are only getting worse. >> reporter: the army fee assistance program is for those parents who can't find day care on the military post. instead, they find private pricier day care in the community and the federal government cuts them a reimbursement check. thing is sometimes those checks are months late. the news4 i-team broke the story this summer, and we showed several u.s. army moms like carmen dekes were going broke, waiting and waiting for
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the general services administration building to send her the money she has been promised to pay for her day care. >> they're three months behind and we have to catch the day care provider up three months and this takes a big chunk of money. >> reporter: dekes is one of those who filed formal complaints saying not only are the checks late, but they can't their phone calls or e-mails returned. when the i-team story first aired this summer, the backlog of unreturned calls had reached 11,000. nationwide. and internal auditors warned that there weren't enough staffers to keep up. and the backlog has grown far worse. now 26,000, unreturned requests for help from army families and it found so many unreturned calls were piling up the agency deleted 4,000 unreturned voice mails from parents. the audit say it happened because of a lack of planning
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and staffing inside the gsa which took over the army fee assistance program last year. the internal audit said one family reported filing for bankruptcy because of late payments. the gsa said it's making improvements and adding staff to reduce the backlog. and the house oversight committee has ordered the two moms who spoke with the i-team to appear at a hearing at thursday as it now investigates this troubled program. scott macfarlane, news4 i-team. >> you can watch the original report and send them a tip at nbc 10:11 right now. it appears to be the year of the anti-establishment candidate and while donald trump's surge is surprising, the rise of bernie sanders shocking even more people. we'll talk with chuck todd about why this is happening and what it means for hillary clinton. and if you're just getting and if you're just getting
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we have more breaking news coming into the newsroom. espn tweeting out that three-time mvp and hall of famer moses malone has died at the age of 60. he played for the then washington bullets in 1986 to 1988. he retired from basketball in 1995 after playing for the spurs. he was from petersburg, virginia. he was the first u.s. player to ever jump straight from high school into the professional
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leagues. it's shame to lose him. he was a great person and a great player. well, if we're learning anything about the pack of presidential contenders right now, it's that that there doesn't seem to be a seem sure in the race. >> the latest surprise comes in new numbers showing that bernie sanders is actually pulling ahead of hillary clinton in some polls. >> joining us now to talk about all of it, moderator of "meet the press," chuck todd. what do you make of the latest poll? this is just a further indication of clinton or maybe an indication of what sanders is doing? >> i think the answer is yes, a little bitt little bit of both. there's something missing in the clinton campaign, whether you want to call it passion or collective tissue. sanders has that sense of a political movement. and plital movements -- political movements can get momentum. his supporters love him. you don't get the sense that the hillary supporters love her. they'll walk on broken glass for her. you had it with obama, you
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didn't have it with clinton. that's why obama won. this is why -- if you're the clinton campaign about the only good news you take from this, sanders is surging sooner than obama did. so maybe you have more time to react before the actual voting happens. >> but any question is with the hillary campaign, the fact she came out and apologized and good news for her, the fact she didn't wipe the server. do you think that she can still move past -- >> is that good news? i don't know. it's good news she didn't wipe the server so it looks like she hid something, that's true. but the bad news they'll find all the e-mails she deleted so -- >> yeah. >> then we have more of that. i mean, the problem for her and her campaign has expressed this, when does this end? like the story -- there's always some drip that continues. you know, like -- so they don't know how to put an end to this. you go back 20 years and veterans covering the clintons like whitewater. when the land deal ended there was a part of the investigation
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that kept going and going and going. which by the way is impacting one of my other guests, chris christ christie. the bridgegate isn't going away. and now someone else has to resign that resulted from the investigation. that's the problem here if you're hillary clinton. chris christie found out the hard way, you never know where the federal investigation will go. if they recreate the e-mails that's more drip. that's got no going to help. >> this debate is pretty important this one, because there's a lot of time between this one and the next one. >> that's right. six weeks of time. we'll have a big fund-raising report at the end of the month. the candidates have to know they have to perform well. there's some guys in single digits that knew they'd be in sing single digits, but christie and rubio and walker thought they bead in double digits but
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there's not. there's a lively debate because of it, and it could be entertaining but it would be chaotic. >> with the first one they were advised don't engage trump. this time, fireworks. >> if you don't make your move now, when are you? >> exactly. >> too much lag time. >> packers win today? >> if they don't, there's a crisis in green bay because i don't think the bears are that good. and granted it's a road game and it's a bears/packers rivalry but this is aaron rodgers. >> be nice not to start off 0 and 2 for once. >> a reminder you can see "meet the press" right here on nbc4 right after "news4 today." all right. well -- >> well, time to meet the weather. >> tom kierein, everybody. >> definitely cooler. but if i were you, i would tell people the complaint department is closed. >> yeah. >> right? >> well, we'll know more later. >> but next week -- >> seven day it looks really nice. i'm all over that. >> unless you're a lawn, you're not happy. i mean, we really do need some
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rain. we have had only about two inches just since the first of august. we did get a few sprinkles early this morning after yesterday's beneficial rains. right now, storm team 4 radar those little patches of green we are getting a little bit of light rain just to the south and east of the metro area. that's in the northern neck of virginia and along 95. that's tracking into prince george's county and st. mary's into southern calvert and off to the mountains a few more sprinkles there. that's part of the disturbance in the upper level of the atmosphere that's drifting over the metro area later this afternoon. that might trigger a few sprinkles. a few clouds floating in a blue sky. that's the live view there from our tower camera. the temperatures are still cool and comfy. great weather for a bike ride on the path or a morning run. in the mid 60s most of the region. around 70 in the bay. out in the mountains in the 50s and later today climbing into
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the 70s. this is in northern montgomery county. i took this picture on friday morning and still looking that way even this morning. and look at this tree, just heavily laden with apples, oh, the autumn apples are coming out. this was taken near martinsburg, west virginia. posted on my facebook page. great morning for a run. afternoon temperatures quickly climbing from near 70 at noontime into the mid 70s mid afternoon. just a small chance of a sprinkle and the winds, they may be a little bit of a factor at the game, fedex field, we could have gusts to around 20 or 25 miles an hour. a small chance of a sprinkle. low to mid 70s during the game. then by dawn tomorrow, feeling autumnal. this is the type of -- time of year i guess to use the word autumnal. say it three times really fast. >> autumnal, autumnal, autumnal. >> the coolest morning since last spring. then upper 70s tomorrow
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afternoon. a gorgeous week as far as the weather goes, but we need the rain. we'll have it comfortable in the 80s and low humidity into next weekend. well, tennis star james blake is calling on the nypd to make changes after he was tackled by the police officer. kristin dahlgren reports. >> reporter: for james blake, watching the video is still difficult. >> i didn't even realize it until i hit the ground it wasn't a friendly encounter. i hit the ground and the first words out of my mouth were 100% cooperating, he said turn over, put your hands behind your back. >> reporter: blake was outside the hotel wednesday when he was taken down hard. >> i don't know what a normal linebacker tackle would be but i would say some nfl guys were pretty proud of him. >> reporter: blake said he was handcuffed for ten minutes before police who were searching for a suspect in a credit card
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theft ring realized they had the wrong guy. >> it's really infuriating to know that i was in such a vulnerable position and i was taken advantage of by someone that wears the nypd badge and in my opinion tarnishes that badge. >> reporter: the undercover office james frascatore is on modified duty awaiting an investigation. he was facing two pending excessive use lawsuits. >> when i was the person i was looking for i don't think the person they were looking for deserves to be treated the way i was treated. that's the bigger issue right now, correcting that kind of behavior. >> reporter: both new york mayor de blasio and police commissioner william bratton have personally apologized. is that enough? >> no. that's definitely not enough. i appreciate it. it's a nice gesture. >> reporter: in a statement the mayor and commissioner said the city has invested almost $29 million to retrain uniformed service members when dealing with the community. they have agreed to meet with blake who says he is considering
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a lawsuit. in that -- if that's what it takes to make a difference. >> it can happen to anyone. and we can't let that keep happening. >> reporter: kristin dahlgren, nbc news, new york. we're back after the break. >> we want to remind you to keep it here for "press pass" with some of the biggest news makers. see it right here on nbc4.
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time right now is 10:25. time to tell you 4 things to know this morning. beginning with the redskins. they open their season today at fedex field and with kirk cousins calling the plays he'll be the starting quarterback when the game begins at 1:00 this afternoon. the pentagon metro station now open and the area around the pentagon is open following the investigation of a spur car. three men were taken into custody. this morning you're going to run into street closures. the event d.c. nation triathlon going on right now. the route goes down independence avenue and into rock creek park. all roads will open at 1:15 this afternoon. and floyd mayweather plans to retire now he's tied the best boxing record of all time. he's 49-0 after winning last night. >> can't debate that record. >> no. >> we do want to thank everyone
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who came out and took advantage of the nbc4 allstate shred event yesterday. >> more nan 3,000 people came out to prince george's county community college. you dropped off hundreds of boxes of personal documents and those documents got shredded. they'll be recycled into other paper products. okay now, i want to pass along a note. getting word that there is no "press pass" coming up, but you can view it on "meet the press" website. go online and catch it there. thank you for joining us. "meet the press" is next. >> we heard today is national
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internet essentials from comcast. helping to bridge the digital divide. the second republican debate, it may be now or never for some candidates. at least they are acting that way. are we starting to hear the sound of desperation on the stump? >> he says kanye west is great. why is kanye west great? because kanye west likes trump. >> chris christie barely qualified for in week's debate. he make a comeback? the governor joins me live. >> reporter: plus, after the summer of trump -- >> we are led by very, very stupid people. >> is the gop about to split in two. majority leader and speaker john


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