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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  September 14, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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standing her ground on christian right. and we just heard from the kentucky clerk at the center of a firestorm over marriage licenses. did some time in jail change her perspective? ra hits close to home. i'm angie goff with how the campaign trail will wind up through our area. >> i'm meteorologist tom kierein. i have a look at how long this will last. >> i'm barbara harrison we're about to get some answers when it comes to a potential transportation nightmare next week during the pope's visit to washington. we have an update from the metro station and we'll see a lot of
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the action. molette? >> we're looer at tive at the b metro station, where the pope next week will make a visit to the national shrine. right now metro and d. dot are getting set to brief us on this three-day transportation event to move people fast and efficiently as possible. in the meantime people in this community are bracing for the big event. >> a papal visit to the national shrine is expected to create traffic gridlock. >> horrific. >> reporter: pope francis will hold mass around dismissal time for brookland middle school. >> i leave pretty much early enough in the day, 7:45 to get to work by 9:00.
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>> reporter: preps for the mass come with warnings about street closures. thousands of ticket holders are urged to take a bus or train here. >> i don't know. for transportation in the city, it's very hit or miss. a lot of people have been hearing, well, maybe shoe stay home and take a personal day, work from home. a lot of people might take that option. it might not be as bad as we think. >> taking metro on that day will be tricky. the brookland station is the closest to the shrine, but 25,000 have tickets to the mass and others who don't still want to come and see. >> ticket holders. i'm not a ticket hold but i will go any way. >> reporter: there will be entrance and exit only service to try to move people faster. at this station, brookland just has one escalator going up and one set of moving stairs going down. now, i got a chance to speak
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with d. dot a short while ago. they tell me they're going to try to address the parts of the city that will be most impacted by the pope's visit. they warned that this will be a fluid transportation event. our transportation reporter, adam tuss is at that briefing and will bring us more later today. i'm molette green, angie? we are finding out more about new trhreats against pope francis. a classified secret service meeting brought up threats and security concerns connected with the pope's u.s. visit. the secret service is the lead agency handling security for events in d.c., new york and philadelphia. right now, a group with a mission is marching towards washington. you may have noticed people walking along route 1 near woodbridge earlier this morning. this is part of the naacp's journey for justice march.
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derrick ward has more on the walk and how it could affect you in about ten minutes. right now, the kentucky county clerk who went to jail over her opposition to gay marriage is back at work. kim davis standing her ground. the clerk is still refusing to authorize marriage licenses to same-sex couples. she says she won't stop her deputy clerks from issuing them but without her name. here's what davis said a while ago. >> any unauthorized license that they issue will not have my name, my title, or my authority on it. instead, the license will state that they are issued pursuant to a federal court order. >> davis wants kentucky's governor to make that provision for her. she thinks gay marriage is a sin and was jailed for five days for contempt. now we want to take a live look at what's happening at liberty university in lynchburg right now.
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you can see that bernie sanders a democratic candidate for president, is making the first of two important campaign stops and speaking live right now about his different views from founders of liberty. he's also arriving to big cheers when he spoke about women's rights. later today sanders will be joined by local leaders at the prips willi prince william county fair grounds in manassas. there may be protests tonight in fairfax county. there's a public hearing on how police respond to emergency calls for help. it starts at 7:30 at whitman middle school on parkers lane. officials made plans for the meeting weeks ago before police released this video and the report on the inmate's death. she was tased four times as they tried to move her from one facility to another. talking about the papal
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visit, we have our first look at next week. now, the extended range outlook for the papal visit. weatherwise should be nice. mostly sunny sky each day. arrives on tuesday. wednesday and thursday he'll be here. low humidity each day with warm afternoons. here's our capital camera overlookingnion station. got the tourist buses ready to go beautiful day to be touring washington. lots of sunshine. there's the washington monument. temperatures now climbing to around 70 degrees. barbara? >> thank you. new today a baltimore pastor is running for congress. jamal bryant had a visible presence during the unrest in baltimore after freddie gray's death. he also delivered the eulogy at gray's funeral. bryant says he will work to keep manufacturing jobs in america and fight to change tax policy and reduce the deficit. today we will find out how long the redskins will be without star receiver deshawn
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jackson. he went out of yesterday's game with a hamstring injury after this. kirk cousins there overthrowing a pass in the first. the redskins wanted to prove so badly that this year's team is different, but fans did not get that result. the dolphins came back to win it 17-10. the redskins host the rams this coming weekend. up in flames and it could be the most destruction we've seen so far. we'll show you the devastation close up as an ent
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we're following a developing story out west. a fast moving wildfire has forced the evacuation of an entire california town. one person died when the fire tore through middletown at the edge of wine country. more than 400 homes and
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businesses were destroyed. coming up later, reaction from neighbors who had just minutes to escape this fire. we have solutions this morning, recommendations for change in ferguson, missouri, more than year after a police officer shot and killed michael brown. a commission of leaders released their ideas and observations in a report earlier this morning. the governor asked them to put together the report after riots and violence near st. louis. there was an overwhelming sense of racial disparity in that region. it said focusing on young people and giving them a chance to succeed would give the city the best opportunity to improve. today president obama is heading to des moines, iowa to push his plan for free community college. he'll be speaking at a town hall meeting with high schoolers and parents, discussing college access and affordability. education secretary, arne duncan will also be there. it could make getting around a whole lot easier. the big announcement
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comfort zone. temperatures now in the low 70s in washington. nearby suburbs around 70 degrees. quite a jump from the morning when we were down into the 40s. much of the region it's jumped about 20 degrees since then. shenandoah valley in the mountains, 70s there. skyline drive around 70rb1 deg. we'll gradually climb into the upper 70s as we get into the afternoon hours. right now storm team 4 radar not showing any rain anywhere in the region. a bit of a breeze picking up. it will be a bit blustery gusting to around 20 miles per hour in the afternoon. a few clouds popping up late afternoon. upper 70s by 4:00 p.m. by 7:00, back down to the low 70s. check out this amazing video. you're looking at rescue off the coast of alaska.
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the u.s. coast guard responded to a distress call from a captain on board a 32-foot vessel. he reported engine failure. the coast guard safely rescued all three men on board. happening today, amtrak is expanding bike service on the capital limit line out of union station. this is a new expansion. it will make it easier for you to travel with your bike. amtrak will hold a ribbon cutting ceremony today to mark the occasion. that's at 2:30 this afternoon at union station in northeast washington. airline passengers scared and confused after their plane collides with another. >> scary stuff. plus new details as a huge manhunt comes to an end.
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right now, a group of people with a list of goals is walking to washington. >> that's right. we expect them to reach the nation's capital tomorrow. they're already having an impact around here. it's been more than a 950-mile journey from selma. >> derrick ward explains their mission. good morning. >> reporter: good afternoon. we are here in ft. belvoir. if you look down there, you are looking down route 1. if you can see that hill, within the hour, sometime later today, marchers should be cresting that hill. the civil rights act is 50 years old this old -- not the civil
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rights act, but the voting rights act is 50 years old. groups like the naacp say nowhere in the half century history has it been under more of a threat than it is now. they have taken to the streets quite literally to bring up that fact and to fight for its passage and for its continuance in quite the novel way. it's the last leg of a nearly 1,000 mile trip from selma, alabamaejhyy to washington. all along the way they're generating support for a cause. >> we brought a band of sojourners for social justice all the way to washington across five states. three purple states two red states, one blue district of columbia, to protect the right to vote. >> from selma, alabama to washington, d.c. >> reporter: they started in early august. while in some states they say it was like marching backward in time to the days before the civil rights act or even before reconstruction. in other parts of the journey, it's proven to be encouraging. >> we have seen people in small
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towns, big cities, sprawling suburbs, who have waved at us, offered us food. brought money for refreshments. >> reporter: they'll end in washington later this week. they alternate between riding and walking with stop fors for and sleep. there's the memory of one man who started out from day one, did you didn't make it all the way. a 68-year-old vietnam veteran who went by the name middle passage. >> he collapsed while unfurling the american flag and died. his widow, his family told us that he wanted to be here and literally gave his life to protect the right to vote. >> reporter: now his hat and that flag will make the trip that he died for. once they get to washington, there will be teaching events a face-to-face lobbying with members of congress. this act is 50 years old, but as you can see, there are people who are willing, as recently as
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this weekend, to give their life for its continuance. live in ft. belvoir, derrick ward, news 4. >> thank you. los angeles airport officials are trying to figure out how two planes managed to collide at the gate. take a listen to the pilot explaining the situation to confused passengers. >> we stopped short of the gate because the parking guidance wasn'ts what was expected. the aircraft behind us continued to push back, the two aircraft met at the same point in the same time. >> t look like they had a bit of a fender bender out there. the alaska airlines plane bumped into a united airlines plane last night. emergency crews responded and checked everything out no one on either plane was hurt. the outbound plane made it to its destination safely. we are following breaking news out of kentucky right now. the man wanted for killing a state trooper is dead. police shot and killed joseph johnson shanks here after an all-night manhunt.
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they found him hiding in a secluded wooded area not far from where the trooper was killed. part of an interstate in kentucky is shut down right now. it's a crime scene. police say johnson shanks fired shots into the trooper's cruiser after a traffic stop and chase on the freeway last night. trooper joseph ponder was 31 years old, new to the force. he graduated from the training academy in january. he was a navy veteran and a kentucky native. trooper ponder is the second kentucky state trooper killed in the line of duty this year. right now a maryland man is on trial for the murder of a d.c. police detective who was also his stepfather. the trial began this morning. prosecutors say antoine james shot joseph newell more than a dozen times in april of 2013. the two were arguing over yard work. a surveillance camera at neighbor's house caught the
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entire thing. detective newell was a 24-year veteran of the police force. look at our gorgeous deep royal blue sky. live view from the storm team 4 tower camera on is monday morning. not a cloud to be seen. we might have a few popping up later this afternoon. much of the area lawns are looking like this one. i took this picture friday morning out in northern montgomery county. we only had 1.43 inches of rain at reagan national since august 1st. that's three inches below average from august 1st to now later today, upper 70s. the dry pattern continues. on tuesday, a bit milder, still low humidity in place. low 80s. ought to hit mid 80s on wednesday. bright sunshine tomorrow and on wednesday. a developing story for you this morning now. european union ministers are trying to come up with a solution for the migrant crisis.
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germany is the latest country to say it can't handle all the people seeking asylum there. lester holt has more for us from hungary. >> reporter: good morning. there have been a lot of developments over the weekend. one of them is the urgency and intensity of the people coming from serbia here into hungary. hungary said they will shut down their border and that could happen by the end of today. tuesday is officially their deadline. over here, there's been a makeshift encampment people have been coming to to get aid, but officials want to get people out of here as quickly as they can at the same time germany had yesterday temporarily cut off the flow of rail traffic from austria to germany. that's creating a bottleneck. there's pressure on the serbian side to get people through there. a lot of moving parts. >> you can hear more from lester holt on "nightly news" this
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evening from hungary here on nbc starting at 7:00. it is an apology three decades in the making. and it was done on live television. plus facebook meets
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. we're following stories you're clicking on this morning. it took 32 years but vanessa williams received an apology from the miss america organization. she was the first african-american winner in 1984, but her reign came to an end after nude photos were found out. here is the new miss america, ms. georgia, betty cantrell. she sang an opera number for her talent performance and weighed in on deflategate and said if there's any question that tom
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brady cheated, he should have been suspended. ms. georgia's win ended new york's three-year winning streak here at humana, we value sticking with things. when something works, people stick with it. more people stick with humana medicare advantage. because we stick with them. humana medicare advantage. the plan people stick with.
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facebook is working on a new app that will allow viewers to change their perspective by tilting the view. it is still in the early ages of development and it's not clear if and when it will be launched but mark zuckerberg has repeatedly called virtual reality the next platform. this comes a year after facebook made its big bet on the virtual reality head seset. bright sunshine if you're about to head out. if you're going to spend time in
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the sun, use that sun block. temperatures north and west of washington, upper 60s to 70, panhandle of west virginia, much of western maryland, suburbs in the low 70s. 70s in washington. eastern suburbs, low 70s. gorgeous day on the bay. temperatures there around 70. storm team four four-day forecast, afternoon highs, mid and upper 70s. lots of sun. this nice pattern continues with low humidity, a bit warmer on tuesday, wednesday, thursday. cool mornings, not as chilly as this morning. as we get into friday and the weekend, still highs in the 80s. next chance of any rain may not be until sunday evening. thanks, tom. check this out. lightning, it lit up parts of southern arizona during a big dust storm last night. it's actually a time lapse video. dust filled the air and the storm knocked out power to
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several home. tricycle injuries are sending thousands of kids to the er every year. more than 9,000 trike injuries were reported in 2012 and 2013. 2-year-olds were the most frequently hurt. the american academy of pediatrics says most children don't have the balance or coordination to ride a bicycle until they are around 3 years old. >> her story is like something out of a movie. now the woman who helped two prisoners escape from jail is telling her side of the story for the very first time. for the very first time. and revealing some shocking new
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a developing story right now out of charles toucounty. the mother of a 3-year-old boy found dead in a maryland park has been indicted by a grand jury. romechia simms is charged with manslaughter, child abuse and negligent. ja'aire was found dead in a swing still being pushed by his mother. the child died from dehydration and hypothermia. ja'aire's father was trying to get sole custody at the time of his death. right now crews are working to clean up this mess in prince george's county. one lane on the northbound lane
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of powder mill road shut down after a tar spill. a car and a truck collided causing that spill. we're working to find out when that lane will reopen. a father of two is dead this morning and police in prince george's county are looking for who killed him. detectives on the scene told news 4 someone targeted the young father. he was shot and killed in the southern marketplace shopping center around 6:00 last night. that's in oxon hill. one bullet into a wall at a nearby chinese takeout restaurant they found. no one inside the restaurant was hurt. a family is still searching for a missing girl from greenbelt. kiera richardson is 15. she was last seen friday morning on breeze wood court. she suffered from seizures and does not have her medicine with her. if you have any information, please call police. american airlines trying to find out why the wrong plane flew from l.a. to hawaii. the crew realized the mistake
11:32 am
halfway over the pacific. a spokesman told the "washington post" the flight left on august 31st. american airlines accidentally flew a newer airbus plane that was not certified with the right equipment to make long flights over water. passenger s landed in hawaii an the empty plane was flown back to los angeles. today's weather emoji is -- i've never seen him so giddy. ecstatic about today's weather. it is gorgeous with the bright sunshine and temperatures right now near 70 degrees, low humidity. there's the blue sky overlooking montgomery county. look at the visibility. excellent all the way to the horizon. just perfect visibility with low humidity. temperatures in the mid 70s by 1:00. upper 70s between 3:00 and 5:00 p.m. a few clouds popping up. might get a breeze going. might have a few gusts up to around 15 to 20 miles per hour. that will be by mid afternoon.
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the former prison guard who helped two prisoners escape in upstate new york is telling her side of the story for the first time. joyce mitchell sat down in an exclusive interview with matt lauer. >> when rich matt comes to you and says, joyce, i need a star-shaped drill bit. that's a lot different than cookies and brownies. >> yeah. >> and what did you think? >> at first i'm like i can't get you that, but then he's like i need it. >> for what? >> at first they didn't tell me and then after they did it was because they were going to try to escape. >> mitchell pleaded guilty to taking in contraband to the facility. she said she provided chisels, hacksaw blades, a punch and screwdriver blades to matt and sweat. >> yes, but i give them the
11:34 am
stuff because they had threatened -- it was mr. matt. he looked at me one day and said, you know, joyce, i do love you, and said i loved my husband. >> she faces up to seven years in prison herself if found guilty. you can find more on that interview friday on "dateline" at 9:00. teachers are demanding pay increases and longer school days in seattle. it's been six years since they got a cost of living increase. because of the strike, three of the built-in snow days are already gone in seattle. holiday breaks could be shortened or days will be added at the end of the year if the strike continues much longer. a fender bender ended in a deadly shooting in florida. two men got into a minor accident yesterday.
11:35 am
when one man got out to check the damage, the other started shooting. police arrested 63-year-old robert gelis and charged him with murder. the victim didn't do anything wrong. >> the accident was so incredibly minor that i can't imagine why. i can't say in any way, shape, or form why that action was justified. >> police have to the released the victim's name. they are investigating to see if drugs or alcohol were involved. >> some people are doing whatever it takes to see pope francis, including buying tickets from scalpers. this is a big problem in new york city where the popemobile will ride through central park on september 25th. about 80,000 tickets were part of a city sponsored lottery. ebay has banned all pope tickets. scalpers are also trying to sell
11:36 am
tickets for the pope's visit in philly. a wounded philadelphia officer will greet pope francis when he arrives there. richard bose was shot five years ago. the bullet shattered his pelvis and badly injured him. bose and his family were surprised in church when they got the news that they'll help welcome pope francis. >> our faith got us through. our darkest moments. >> i was, like, is this really true? i can't believe that i'm going to meet the pope. >> be funny if i asked him to try a cheese steak or something like that. >> we know the pope likes pizza. i would not, right? the bose family will meet the pope when he lands at the airport in philadelphia next saturday. children's lives at risk. the new concerns about what you could do accidentally when you
11:37 am
listen to this. three out of four parents put their kids at risk because they
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don't use their car seats correctly. here are the common mistakes you might be making. either the straps holding the seat in place are too loose, or the straps are not tight enough around the child's shoulders. the academy of pediatrics recommends keeping children in a car or booster see the until they are 4'9" tall. if you need help with any this, you can go to a safety check this afternoon at the dmv inspection station at half street. they will do the inspection for free. close to 10 million new iphones are heading into the hands of apple lovers later this month. preorders for the iphone nd. analysts expected only about 4.5 million preorders. new features include an improved camera and 3-d touch. the 6s plus will ship september 25th. it's smaller than your
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now with more icing. dry pattern continues that beneficial rain on saturday. temperatures rebounded from this morning from the 40s all the way into the low 70s. we ought to hit the upper 70s during the afternoon. might get a few clouds popping up. tomorrow warmer but still low humidity. ought to hit the mid to upper 80s wednesday. warm and dry still. post your pictures, i posted this one yesterday on twitter. it's certainly beginning to look like fall in addition to feeling like it. post your pictures on facebook, on twitter and we'll share on instagram as well. all right. a new procedure may let you put away your reading glasses for good. consider this tiny black circle. specialists say it's a little
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ring with a tiny pin hole inside that helps focus light and restore your vision. it's called a carma cornea inlay. you only need do it once. the procedure takes about 20 minutes, but it will cost you. doctors estimate out of pocket patients will pay about $5,000s. gas prices are falling across the nation according to aaa. the national average sits around $2.30. the average in the district is higher at more than $2.50. in maryland, drivers there, you're paying a little below 2.30 a gallon. in virginia, we're looking around $2 a gallon. the average in west virginia is floating around the national average. here is a way to enjoy those low gas prices. how about take a new mini cooper for a spin. all you have do is download the nbc washington app right now. we are giving away a mini cooper. instructions on how to enter are there. you will find our app at the apple store or on google play. billionaire versus
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billionaire. we'll tell you who claims he could crush the republican
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right now, a deadly wildfire is burning out of control in california. the entire town of middle town, california had to be evacuated over the weekend. >> one person has died as the fast moving fire tears through. nbc's kathy park has reaction
11:45 am
from neighbors who had minutes just escape the fire. >> i lived here since 1963. this is just horrid. >> reporter: as the flames race through lake county, emotions run high. >> we just drove in nine hours from oregon when we got the call this morning that houses were evacuated. >> reporter: kathy long and her family wait with other families at this road block in lower lake, unsure of what they may return to. >> all i know is i want to go home. >> reporter: because the fire is spreading so quickly, crews are trying to get ahead of the flame s by setting back fires along the highway. scenes of downed power lines, scorched grass and homes char ed. we see frightening images of the destruction left behind by the valley fire. the flames destroyed everything from household appliances to playgrounds and cars. back at this holding area off
11:46 am
highway 29, the smoke becoming too much to bear as families watch and wait for updates. >> we don't know what to expect at this point. >> reporter: families like the hargreaves waiting to be escorted by law enforcement to pick up essentials. >> my kids and i, we have asthma, arthritis, they're picking and choosing who gets to get medication. >> reporter: by night fall, the smoke and ash linger in the air as some evacuees get their first look at the damage. there's power lines all over the place that are down. it's wild. >> reporter: as another fire rips through, patience is wearing thin. >> we can't get a break. one thing after another. new today, a kentucky county clerk is standing her ground in her first hours back on the job. but this just in, a same-sex couple got a marriage license moments ago over objections from kim davis. it's the first time that's happened since is the clerk
11:47 am
returned to work after being behind bars. earlier today davis said she will not punish her deputy force issuing same-sex marriage licenses but insisted none of those licenses carry her authorization. a judge let davis out of jail last weekdays after putting her there for defying his orders to sign the paperwork. davis says her faith will not allow her to do that. she called on the kentucky legislature to, as she said, accommodate her. >> are we not a big enough, a loving enough and a tolerant enough state to find a way to accommodate my deeply held religious convictions? >> davis says she is representing many other people who feel as she does, but do not have the nation'sñ here is your storm team 4 four-day forecast. bright sunshine, just few clouds popping up later this afternoon. highs reaching the upper 70s. this dry pattern continue fors
11:48 am
the next several days. low 80s on tuesday. warmer as we get into the upper 80s on wednesday, thursday and friday with morning lows in the 60s. stays dry all of the way into saturday with highs in the upper 80s. next chance of rain sunday evening. here is the outlook for the papal visit next week. the extended outlook, looking partly cloudy, maybe a bit more humid with mild afternoons. a low chance of any rain next week. look at these images. they come to us from japan. you can see the smoke cloud exploding out of mount aso as it erupts. this was on japan's southwestern island. the eruption sent volcanic rock into the air, but it doesn't look like there was any lava flow. there were no injuries or damage to report. now to decision 2016. bernie sanders may an important stop this morning at the conservative liberty university
11:49 am
in lifrmgbeynchberg. he told the crowd he thought it was vital for people of different views to have civil discussions. later today sanders will be joined by local leaders in manass manassas. donald trump is leading the republican candidates followed by ben carson. tracie potts has the latest on the candidates preparing to debate this week. >> we can unlock the potential of every american and when we do that, we will unlock the potential of america itself. >> reporter: polls show hillary clinton falling fast, down ten points in iowa, down 20 in new hampshire. if i lost 40 points in the polls over the last month and a half i would be concerned. >> reporter: clinton is in a dead heat with donald trump in
11:50 am
abc's poll. trump is now aiming at ben carson who is four points behind him. >> donald trump is an entertainer. he says things entertaining. >> reporter: carly fiorina is hoping wednesday's debate is her break-out moment. >> she becomes a legitimate threat for the nomination. >> reporter: she's on the main stage this time. a stage republicans expect to soon dwindle. >> there's not enough hard cash go around to pay campaigns in these states in order to keep 17 candidates alive. >> reporter: in fact, one's already dropped out. rick perry announced he's no longer running. that mean there's are 16 republicans and 5 democrats in this race. tracie potts, nbc news washington. could another billionaire be thinking of joining the race? mark cuban saying that he would crush trump in he ran. he also says he would likely beat hillary clinton if he ran as a democrat. cuban told cnbc his first step
11:51 am
if he decided to run would be to detype whi define which social issues were not presidential but instead personal. she was accused of stealing an expensive diamond. we'll tell you about the extensive and slightly invasive measures police used to prove her wrong.
11:52 am
the mystery has been solved. a missing carat diamond goes missing, but not to worry. doctors in bangkok found it during a colonoscopy. the woman was accused of stealing the diamond from a jewelry fair. may be hard to deny that now. she and her male accomplice may face up to three years in prison. a cliff collapse in california did not seem to bother people enjoying some pool
11:53 am
time here. ly while lifeguards blocked off the beach, others hung out at the pool. the corner of the backyard patio of the house next door was missing and water was running down the side of the cliff. the vacationers renting the house directly above the erosion had to find new digs. neighbors in the area say they have been watching that cliff gradually erode since the 1950s. also on the west coast, it seems this dolphin was not happy when a paddle border tried to steal his wave. the dolphin jumped out of the water and body slammed the paddle boater into the water it happened off hermosa beach. the paddle border was not hurt. he said it was one of the most incredible experiences of his life. you can't buy a swimming can dolphins experience that good. >> imagine. >> i used to live out on hermosa. never saw anything like that. >> really.
11:54 am
>> thank you for that. a comedian gets his own spot in the library of congress. >> plus which neighborhood wants you to keep that noise down? that's coming up. here in vineland, new jersey where progresso light soups are made, we'll never give up our cheddar, our cream, and especially our bacon. so we figured out a way to add rich ingredients like this into 22 light soups, all with 100 calories or less per serving. so if you want to eat light and not give up rich flavor, do what we do...make it progresso.
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jerry lewis is getting his own collection at library of congress. you'll be able to see long-lost television footage of lewis's appearances with dean martin on the colgate comedy hour and the s the tonight show. lewis donated some of the items. the library of congress did not announce when the collection will go on display. so much for those noisy late night college parties. at least some officials in fredericksburg, virginia hope so. the city is one vote away from tightening up its noise ordinance. people making unreasonable noise
11:56 am
in the streets between 11:00 at night and 7:00 in the morning could get in trouble. tom? right now, bright sunshine, temperatures are in the low 70s. afternoon highs much of the region north and west of the metro area will be in the low to mid 70s. mid to upper 70s in washington, nearby suburbs in southern maryland and the rest of northern virginia. a few clouds popping up. around the chesapeake bay, highs mid 70s in the afternoon. overnight tonight, not as chilly. down into the 50s by dawn tomorrow. during the day on tuesday afternoon, highs into the low 80s. bright sunshine. sunny wednesday and thursday. highs mid and upper 80s. horning lows in the 60s. here's a look towards the weekend. remains dry on friday and saturday. next chance of rain may come on sunday. perhaps off and on during the day a passing shower or a thundershower. temperatures in the mid 80s. enjoy this dry pattern. >> you know we will. >> gorgeous day. i wish they could see what you just put on. >> my shoes. >> ready to run out of here. >> i know.
11:57 am
got to enjoy this weather. got get outside. that will do
11:58 am
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>> announcer: what is hot now. what is blamed for serena's loss. and miss america pageant apologizing to vanessa williams. >> and a soldier who stopped a terrorist in france. all now on>> meredith:. ♪ ♪ makes you feel real good! ♪ feels real good. [applause]


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