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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  September 15, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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may be light jacket first thing out the door this morning. 75 at noon time. 78 degrees by 6:00. so maybe a little jacket first thing this morning. otherwise, shorts and short sleeves for later on this afternoon. traffic with melissa. >> 95 in maryland, skaggsville road, everything flowing nicely this morning. looking at b.w. parkway, same area, also nice and green and no problems there. 66, 95 in virginia. 95, close southbound at dale city. little volume, no construction there. everall things looking good in that area. branch avenue southbound still two lanes getting by between the beltway and allentown road. 27 at old hundred road, flowing quite well. no issues in that area. back here at 5:11. live picture of 66. >> thank you, melissa. more now on breaking news. one person found dead overnight
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in new carrollton, maryland. working now to learn more about the person and how that person died. this is video of the scene on 85th avenue not far from annapolis road. person was discovered near a bus stop. news 4's kristin wright is on her way to the scene. look for her report as soon as she arrives. mississippi, a man suspected of killing two other people now dead. police say this man shannon lamb killed another professor. he's also suspected of killing a woman he lived with hundreds of miles from the school. police say lamb killed himself when police cornered him overnight. the university did cancel classes today. also going to have counseling this morning and there will be a vigil tonight as well. also developing, a major wildfire now 35% contained in northern california. safety officials say the fire destroyed at least 160 homes. it is threatening thousands more at this hour. so they're evacuating a lot of
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fobs that live in the homes in the most dangerous area and another fire outside san francisco killed a woman this past weekend. we learned she had ms and became trapped in her home. this morning, students at sparksburg high school in montgomery county will come to school wearing blue. it is to honor their classmates, 16-year-old john dereggi jr. the school student ran -- the spirit committee tweeted the wear blue message after learning about yesterday's news. dereggi jr. was hit and killed by an amtrak train in boyds yesterday. officers say the victim and two other teenagers were working along the tracks and for some reason the 16-year-old went on to the tracks, into the path of the train. coming up, derrick ward will be live at clarksburg high school with how that community is reacting this morning. today, jury selection expected to wrap up in the murder trial of a man accused of killing a d.c. police detective also his stepfather is expected to start. antwaan james is charged with killing joseph knoll in 2013.
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prosecutors say he shot his stepfather several times after the two argued about mowing the lawn. knoll was a d.c. police officer for more than 20 years. five students charged with the death of a freshman during a hazing ritual will head to court today. the five students are charged with the death of michael dang. it happened in december of 2013 when the students were on a fraternity trip to the pocono. the hazing ritual involved being blindfolded, weighted down with backpacks and being repeatedly knocked over. now a group of advocates is just outside of the district waiting to march on washington. the naacp's journey for justice started in selma, alabama, in early august. they'll reach the capital today after walking nearly 1,000 miles. they have a list of goals for congress. it includes equal pay and education rights and standards for the use of force across all law enforcement agencies. and this could impact your drive
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around the district today. we'll send you an alert on our nbc washington app if there are any serious delays. traffic alert could affect your drive home tomorrow afternoon. a new series of tools on interstate 66 so as to help manage traffic there. between d.c. and route 29 in gainesville, you can expect to see new signs and new rules for when you can drive on the shoulder and the newly imprf ei ramp meters. changes will begin at noon tomorrow. my pledge today is to make this change as easy as i can. >> kelly abbott is out this morning. there is a new australian prime minister, just heard abbott swear to make malcolm turnbull's assent as smooth as possible. voters kicked abbott out earlier this week. turnbull will be the country's fourth leader in little more
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than two years. flying above our heads now, two astronauts have spent exactly half the year in space. six months nasa astronauts are now at the halfway point of a year long stay up there. that's going to be a record for u.s. astronauts. they're going to be spending the extra time up there to find out how space affects the human body over a long period of time. >> there are a lot of effects of this environment that we can't see or feel, like bone loss, effects on our vision, effects on our genetic, dna, rna and proteins, things like that. >> nasa is finding out if we could ever fly to mars. kelly has a twin brother, retired astronaut mark kelly. nasa is testing him to see how their bodies have changed after his brother's year up in space. new developments this morning in arizona where the search for one or more freeway shooter continues. what authorities there hope will
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help nab the gunman. outside for a live look this morning, where we're off to yet another chilly start. you're going to need the heat or air conditioning on your drive back to work. we continue to follow breaking news in new carrollton, where one person is dead after an early morning homicide. kristin wright just arrived on the scene. she'll bring us an update in just minutes. time now is 5:06. what can i make for you?
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welcome back. a developing story. police in arizona are increasing the reward for information on a string of highway shootings. the shootings started about two weeks ago. a person of interest is in custody, but police say the main culprits are still on the loose. $50,000 is a reward now being offered for any information. cell phone video of a woman being escorted off an american airlines flight. police say she hit a flight attendant as well as another
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passenger. that plane was on its way to chicago when the female passenger became unruly. flight attendants detained the woman and made the pilot make an emergency landing in indianapolis. the woman was arrested and now facing several charges this morning. a lot of passengers on the board with her too. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. we'll check in with meteorologist chuck bell now to find out what day we're going to have. >> it is a gorgeous start to the morning once again. nice and cool in the suburbs. 55 now, rock fill aville and be about today? light breeze, temperatures in the mid-50s. coming home later on this afternoon, roads nice and dry. afternoon temperature back up near 80 degrees. >> i know you're five feet away
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from me, but i'm not telling you anything. right now in bowie northbound crain highway, we have a ramp with all lanes blocked. that's going to be there for a little while longer. 66 at 123, no problems eastbound or westbound. inner loop and outer loop, everything looking good on the beltway. no major issues or construction still hanging around. that good. branch avenue, southbound, now one right lane blocked here this morning. woodrow wilson bridge maryland to virginia looking good both ways. i'll see you back here in ten minutes. -- is scalping. the website vowing not to sell tickets to see pope
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breaking news now in prince george's county. police are investigating a homicide. kristin wright is live on the scene. >> reporter: we can confirm to you now this is some sort of death investigation and whatever happened happened sometime overnight. we believe that one person is dead, still a very active scene now. let me show you just behind me here. if you look over my shoulder, you can see what i believe to be police officers there. congregated at the scene as they work on this investigation. there are several different types of investigative vehicle here that police use in trying to put together all the pieces. there is a big forensic crime scene investigation van right here behind us, park police is here as well. and new carrollton police, we are on 85th avenue off of annapolis road this morning. there are a few different apartment complexes down this street, down 85th avenue.
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looking at a video from overnight of the crime scene. you see lots of crime scene tape, you see lots of police lights there. you see detectives trying to work on this investigation. we don't have a lot of details at this point except that we believe that one person is dead and right now we're waiting for the public information officer for prince george's county police to come and talk to us and hopefully give some more information about what might have happened here. back to you. the new warning from north korea this morning, declaring today -- restarted all of its atomic fuel plants. this threat to produce more sophisticated nuclear weapons. and all of this coming after a day after warning of long range rocket launches coming. this latest warning could
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significantly turn up the tension with the u.s. that's the latest from the live desk. i'm molette green. back to you. >> -- have gone through so many reports, so many meetings, how can they do that? there is a sense of dismay this morning after an emotional and sometimes angry exchange over the use of police force in fairfax county. the community is challenging the tactics used back in february. natasha mckenna was behind bar and under treatment for mental illness. she died after officers repeatedly tased her in the process of moving her to a different jail. no law enforcement officials faced any charges. >> we heard the police and the commonwealth's attorney say that what happened to natasha was an accident. even if that was possible, that that kind of an assault could be an accident, the outcome was deadly. someone should be responsible for that. >> our news partner says fairfax county will host another meeting at 7:00 tonight.
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this is part of the county's effort to reduce the number of people with mental illness in jail. the goal is to move nonviolent offenders to treatment facilities instead of locking them up. there is a meeting in the district where you can voice any concerns about policing in your neighborhood. this is just one of multiple talks this month put on by the american civil liberties union. tonight's meeting runs from 6:30 until 8:30. if you would like to attend, go to impact hub on seventh street northwest. another discussion planned for thursday if you can't make it tonight. this morning, prince george's county council will hear about the closing of lower regional hospital. they'll present its plan to the council this morning. the company decided to close the hospital and instead open up a walk in center for patients. county officials say the maternity ward will be the first thing to go. will happen on october 11th. hundreds of workers losing their jobs. we're up to 70 possible cases of salmonella linked to a
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very trendy center city d.c. restaurant. all 70 people, ate or drank at fig and olive in northwest. six patients have confirmed cases. health officials collected food and environmental samples from the restaurant but they all came back negative. the restaurant has been closed since last week. does hope to reopen soon. it is now 5:19. new this morning, mexico's foreign minister will fly to egypt. egyptian officials say on sunday security forces shot at four cars they were pursuing for terrorist elements. it turned out they were tourists. the group of traveler was from mexico and on a safari in the desert. 12 peopleer nearly a dozen others were hurt. websites selling tickets to see the pope will stop.
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new york officials and cardinal timothy dolan say free tickets for a religious service should not be used for profit. the tickets are popping up on craigslist an ebay for hundreds and in some cases thousands of dollars. we have a section dedicated to all things you need to know the papal visit on our nbc washington app. >> happens a lot too, during the easter egg roll for the white house, work seeing this kind of thing happen. >> the two websites, they'll pop up other places too. those two are taking a stance on it. 5:20 now. too early to think about the weekend? >> never too early. chuck starts thinking about it monday. >> 1:45 monday morning, that's when i start thinking about the weekend. and 1:45 this morning, there i was thinking about it again. our weekend coming up, will start warm and dry, may end with some needed rain showers. outside this morning, very quiet and clear start to the day.
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temperatures back down into the 50s once again. there is our nearby neighbor, the national presbyterian church and school along nebraska avenue in northwest. gorgeous morning outside. high pressure is large and in charge of our weather for the next couple of days. on the mild side now, with time, though, this area of high pressure works its way to the outer banks of north carolina. southwesterly flow, each day this week will be a little warmer than the day before. and that trend will continue all the way up into your coming weekend. as far as rain chances go, no chance for rain today, tomorrow, on into thursday, friday, and saturday. sunny and dry. sunday and monday, there will be a chance for some showers as leading edge of slightly cooler air moves in sunday afternoon. for now, high pressure has steered all of the rain drops away from us. we could use the rain, quite dry around here since the middle part of july. most of the last few months we have been a couple of inches below average in rainfall. we could use it. it is just not coming today or the next couple of days.
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48 now in the panhandle of west virginia. in northern maryland. 48 in culpepper. 48 in lori. 52 in huntington. 56 leonard town, maryland. mostly blue skies, could pick up a few mid and high level clouds, that's about it. not rainmakers. temperatures from the 50s to low and mid-70s by noon time. low to mid-80s for highs today. county by county, montgomery high, 79. fairfax county, 82. 83 in camp springs by later on this afternoon. seven-day forecast. low to mid-80s today. on into the weekend, i didn't put any 90s on there but close. rain chance sunday and monday. we have a problem 95 southbound, seeing slowdowns and we have some construction that is still hanging around there. will be around -- excuse me -- until 6:00 this morning. this construction between 123 and prince william parkway with
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with lanes blocked. that's why we're seeing a little yellow there as you head southbound to dale city. inner loop, river road, disabled vehicle. a little to the right of this video here for us this morning. big look at the beltway, no major problems there. inner loop and outer loop looking good here. 270 south bound, slow out of frederick. this is volume here. opens up and then okay southbound. northbound, no problems. listen to our friends on wtop when you hop in your car. we continue to follow that migrant crisis overseas. new barbed wire fence stands on the border. migrants can only enter through one of two official crossings or they'll be arrested. more troops are also stationed at the border this morning. european union countries say the tougher rules are necessary as they struggle to deal with an influx of migrants. yesterday alone 10,000 migrants
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entered hungary. the head of iran's nuclear agency says tehran is ready for what he called extended international cooperation. the director general said monday iran will put in place additional protocol that will give the agency easier access to data and nuclear sites in the country. these are new developments after six world powers including the u.s. struck a deal in july over iran's nuclear program. in exchange, tehran will get relief from sanctions. decision 2016, all roads lead to donald trump in the leadup to the second gop doe bait. he is ahead in the polls. bernie sanders gaining ground. carly fiorina will join the debate tomorrow, fighting back after trump took aim at her looks. >> this is the face of a 61-year-old woman. i am proud of everyier and every single wrinkle. >> ben carson hopes to show
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trump tomorrow he knows more than just medicine. trump called the neurosurgeon an okay doctor. it is 5:25. a new kind of physical therapy to help parkinson's patients. canadian researchers are having some people sing to make their faces more active again. parkinson's, the researchers say the new physical therapy is working, but the improvement it patient faces lasts only for a few months. some high profill visitors in the d.c. area later today. king and queen of spain plan to grace the grounds of george washington's mount vernon. during their trip, they plan to lay a wreath at the tomb of george and martha washington. after that, they will tour the mansion from the estate's president. just barely into the school year and this morning some montgomery county students are already dealing with a tough
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loss. how students at clarksburg high school are honoring one of their own today. starting off a little chilly today, but don't think that's going to last a whole day. chuck is back with your hour by hour forecast. download the nbc washington app for updates on this breaking news story we're following in prince george's county. police are investigating a homicide in new carrollton. another update straight ahead. time is 5:26.
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that breaking news in prince george's county. one person found dead overnight in new carrollton. working right now to learn more for you about how the person died. this is video here of the scene on 85th avenue, not far from annapolis road and 495. the person was discovered near a bus stop. you can see here, still a large police presence and we'll continue to update you throughout the morning on news 4. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> i'm david culver. we come up at 5:30, a lot of folks asking, is it saturday? >> do not adjust your screen. >> we have chuck bell standing by with the hour by hour forecast. cool this morning. >> nice cool september morning for all the early morning exercisers to go outside for bike or jog. going to be good for that. skies are clear.
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weather impact today will be delightfully low after our cool start. it will be a warm and sunny afternoon. right now 52 in gaithersburg. 60 degrees in annapolis. hour by hour planner. sun up at 6:49. down at 7:17. temperatures rise from the s this morning to the 70s at noon time, low 80s for highs today. a great day to be outside. get outside and enjoy it. backyard barbecuing later on this evening. you're providing the food, i provide the bug spray. >> bug spray. you bring bug spray, get rid of the mosquitos. you have to, right? taking a look at something improved here in bowie. northbound 301, crain highway, ramp to 50, all lanes open. that was shut down for us here for a little bit this morning. 95 south still slow here. two lanes blocked until 6:00 because of road work. 66 at 123, looking good in town
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and out of town. little slow through urbana and opens back up. >> it is now 5:31 this morning. students at clarksburg high school in montgomery county will come to school wearing blue. it is to honor their classmate, john dereereggi jr. he was hit and killed by a train yesterday. derrick ward has more. >> reporter: the investigation is still going on into just how and why this happened. there has been a reaction to the dpre grief of that loss. this all happened yesterday in boyds, maryland, about 4:45 p.m. the teen, 16-year-old john martin dereggi jr. was walking along the train tracks near the boyds marc station. police say they don't know why and still investigating why and how this happened, but at some point he walked on to the tracks and into the path of an oncoming amtrak train. there was a quick social media
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reaction to this. we had some tweets that have come from this community with noting the tragic loss and extending condolences to the teen's family. and another asking evan at the school to wear blue in honor of their fellow students. the accident suspended marc rail traffic for several hours while the investigation ensued. and they're still trying to investigate exactly how this happened. we're live at clarksburg high school. 5:32. potential scramble for power this morning in have have. a nonprofit group filed a new lawsuit challenging the commonwealth 2011 re districting line. the group says the poundries protect incumbents and in doing so violates the constitution. the districts in question include parts of prince william county, fairfax and arlington counties. panel of federal judges may redraw the boundaries.
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virginia governor terry mcauliffe's supreme court pick made her first appearance on the bench this week. but it could be her last one. justice jane roush is serving on an interim basis. her appointment expires tomorrow. she was at fairfax county circuit court. the governor said he plans to reappoint her. last month, republican lawmakers rejected electing judge roush to the court. employees will keep their jobs. department will restructure the human resources division to avoid layoffs. the 26 people who were going to lose their jobs will be reassigned to other parts of the agency. last month maryland governor larry hogan announced he's cutting $3 million from the department's budget. baltimore's interim police commissioner could officially take over as the top officer of the city. that is what mayor steffi rawlings-blake said she wants to happen. kevin davis took over in july after the mayor fired anthony batts. it has been a quick move up for davis. he only started as deputy commissioner in january.
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before that he spent time as assistant chief in prince george's county. officials in virginia want to make sure changes made to older guardrails will keep you safe. officials from the commonwealth are traveling to california this week to begin crash tests on new guardrails. the older guardrails from trinity industries impaled vehicles rather than doing what you see there. the company was ordered to pay $663 million as part of a lawsuit last fall. virginia has been working to replace the faulty guardrails since last year. the wait is finally over. silver spring transit center set to open, $50 million over budget, four years behind schedule. metro is now take over the building, full ownership, will open on sunday. there will be a link between buses and trains and that future purple line. it is now 5:35. happening today, more than 100
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fourth graders receive free passes to all national parks. part of the every kid in the park program. the national park service will hand out passes at the rock creek park nature center in northwest. it will be a great day for a kid in a park or an adult in a park or anything you want to do outside today. i've seen a couple more minutes. we'll see you in a few minutes. coming up, one of the first to know what was happening on 9/11. now a former airline manager getting ready for a federal court case. the shocking charges he faces. and video everyone at work is going to be talking about this morning. how kayakers neair
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you can add federal child sex crimes to a man already in trouble for his knowledge of the 9/11 attacks. ray holland pled not guilty to the sex crimes yesterday. he works for american airlines and undercover agent arrested him in june. he said holland tried to convince a 10-year-old girl to
5:39 am
engage in some sort of sex act. his trial on the 9/11 charges has not started. prosecutors say he took some of the first panic calls about the first hijacking and told other employees not to report the alerts. have you seen this video yet? if you haven't, you're going to be sharing this. what you saw was a humpback whale. what you don't see, it comes down, slamming on to a kayak. this is just off the coast of california. the folks in the kayak, they survived. this freeze frame, they were briefly grinning. the whales were feeding in that area and the whale tour company says the whales were jumping and showing off. a couple of the kayakers were almost too close. >> once you get over the initial shock, they must have -- that's the coolest thing that ever happened to me. i've been hit by a humpback whale and video to prove that's what happened.
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>> do you stay out there and wait for more to come? >> very cool. chuck bell standing by with the storm team 4 weather center. good morning. >> good morning. 5:41 on tuesday morning. 55 now in rockville, maryland. 52 in college park. 57 in brandy wine. 50 degrees at ft. belvoir. off to the bus stop you go, sun up at 6:49. temperatures low 50s between 7:00 and 8:00. upper 50s between 8:00 and 9:00. cool and quiet start to the day. whole rest of the forecast, a plus for recess again today. tomorrow warmer. may take the plus out of there. it will be a great day to be outside today. outdoor recess for sure. do your homework and make sure you have a good day at work and school. check on traffic now and melissa, how are the roads holding up. >> moving this camera around, i'm assuming we'll see something in a second. 395 southbound, brand-new crash,
5:41 am
will cause delays. but we are talking about the southbound, less traveled lanes at this point in the morning. 95 south, we have with lanes blocked until 6:00 this morning. a little slow and just a few more minutes left on that. outer loop, looks good. 270 south, on time as well. 66 inbound and 95 from the beltway to quantico southbound. looking at those lanes, had earlier construction there. listen to our friends on wtop when you hop in your car. slam dunk, the practice facility in the works for the washington wizards. >> and how you can help maryland governor larry hogan take a stand against blood cancers.
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time now is 5:45. we're working to learn more for you about breaking news in prince george's county. look at the scene here. in new carrollton. police are on 85th avenue where someone found a person's body
5:45 am
overnight. there is a very large police presence near the bus stop where the body was found. kristin wright is there also speaking with detectives. i'm chuck bell. wake-up weather, once again, cool. crystal clear skies and quite chilly. temperatures upper 40s to upper 50s. seven-day forecast, a look at your weekend, just five minutes away. looking now at two of our biggest problems, 66 east, brand-new crash blocking a left lane. seeing some pretty good volume there and 395 south, also slow there with a lane blocked because of a crash as well. molette green at the live desk. hungary just announced a state of emergency because of the migrant crisis and this declaration covers two southern counties in that country, coming just after it imposed very tough new rules to try it secure its border. hungarian police we have been
5:46 am
watching them round up more than 9300 migrants trying to cross from serbia, the highest daily figure this year. this crisis is sweeping europe and has claimed 20 lives after a boat carrying refugees sank in the aegean sea off turkey's coast. that is the latest from the live desk. back to you. >> thank you, molette. you're watching police dash cam video of a getaway car. montgomery county police were chasing a repeat offender after an armed robbery. this chase ended in a crash and ended up sending nelson to jail again. nelson was already on probation when he decided to rob his own family members. police say nelson and an accomplice broke into an apartment in silver spring. they were armed with guns and two ties up their victims and stole sneakers and high definition television. neighbors say they saw the robbers running out of the apartment. this woman asked that we not identify hadder. >> just heard screaming and
5:47 am
rumbling. when we opened the door, we saw the guys running out with the guns. >> the accomplice and he went in, put the bags over their heads, put them on the floor at gunpoint so they could -- >> nelson was already on probation for five years for stealing some dirt bikes. three years ago. he'll spend 12 years in prison. today, five students charged with the death of a freshman during a hazing rae ining rituad to court. this happened in december of 2013 when the students were on a fraternity trip to the poconos. the hazing ritual involved being blindfolded, weighted down with backpacks and being repeatedly knocked over. my pledge today is to make this change as easy as i can. >> tony abbott is out. there is a new australian prime minister. just heard abbott swear to make
5:48 am
mag co malcolm turnbull's assent as easy as possible. he was kicked out as part of an internal party revolt. turnbull will be the fourth leader in a little more than two years. many of you in alexandria are concerned about pedestrian safety. s do a woman was hit and killed by a truck driver. that happened at the intersection of braddock road and commonwealth avenue less than witwo weeks ago. >> i think there is enough people here who are really angry about the situation. and upset about what has been going on. they would like to see some changes. i think there will be. i think it was a bad wake-up call. >> police have identified the driver in this month's hit and run, but no charges as of yet. >> there is another reason you may want to start taking a daily aspirin. a government task force says
5:49 am
everyday low dose aspirin can help prevent a first heart attack or stroke and now it may also prevent against colon cancer. study says the benefits mostly apply to people in their 50s. researchers stressed that taking a daily aspirin is not recommended alone for cancer prevention. give blood today in annapolis. the governor declared september as national blood cancer awareness month in maryland. drive begins at 10:00 this morning and will last until 3:30. he says for his own cancer treatment he's seen how blood donations can make a difference. a special day for two people up in space. they're exactly halfway through a year long stay on international space station. nasa astronaut scott kelly and a russian cosmonaut are spending all that time up there to figure out how space affects the human body over a long period of time. nasa is finding out if we could ever fly to mars. >> there are a lot of effects of
5:50 am
this environment that we can't see or feel like bone loss, effects on our vision, effects on our genetics, our dna, rna, proteins, things like that. >> a record for a u.s. astronaut. also kelly has a twin brother, retired astronaut mark kelly. nasa is doing testing on him down here to see how their bodies have changed after his brother's year up in space. a lot of time without touching the ground. >> six months in space, first step you take on the ground, all wobbly. >> got to get used to it. >> i miss so much about home. >> it would be weird. your legs wouldn't be used to supporting your own weight because you're weightless in space. that's the trickiest part to come back, wobbly. i would do it. >> you would? >> i would. >> you would spend six months. would you? >> i would do half that. >> ei'm doing the full six months. honestly, he's a great guy to
5:51 am
follow. look him up on twitter. mark kelly, astronaut mark kelly, look him up on twitter, he sends out some of the best pictures. and cheats, of course. you look out the window where he is, you always have an amazing view of planet earth 200 miles down below you. outside now, a great way to get your tuesday morning started. skies clear once again. light breeze out of the north, averaging 6 miles per hour. temperature now down to 60 degrees on the nose. another cool start this morning. 100% sunshine coming our way for the afternoon. nice, warm, temperatures will climb. mostly in the 50s this morning. there are 40s on the map. northern maryland, panhandle of with west virginia, few spots through the southern parts of the shenandoah valley. culpepper and prince william county in the upper 40s. most everybody in the low to mid-50s now. runners are loving this little stretch of september weather. run before 8:00 or 9:00, it will be perfect running weather.
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after that, into the 70s by 10:00. we'll be near 80 degrees by noon when i have to be out running. if you're running out later this afternoon, running your errands, 84 our high in downtown. 82 leesburg. 79 gaithersburg. 79 in annapolis. the stretch of great weather will continue so you can get the car washed days and days away. you get home from work, sun down at 7:17. grill out on the backyard, perfect backyard grilling weather for sure. storm team 4 radar, sweep is on, the skies are clear. not a drop in sight. seven-day forecast, 80s all the way through the week and the weekend. next chance for rain is sunday and monday. that's not a lot. that's just a little. looking at our biggest issue around town on the roads, 667z6 inbound at 70. crash off to the left side of the roadway. 2 1/2 mile backup. that's building here. careful if you're headed out
5:53 am
soon, allow a little extra time. both directions earlier emergency work on the tracks there, that just popped up there as well between 95 southbound. still have the accident, doesn't look like it is slowing things down too much. 95 southbound, 123 and prince william parkway, two lanes blocked there for the next ten minutes. we're seeing some real slowdown as for as red goes interest as you approach dale city. keep an eye on this crash for you coming up in the next couple of minutes. >> thank you, melissa. a rape survivor says she cried tears of joy after learning her attacker's fate. a judge sentenced prince perkins to three life terms and 70 years. they say perkins stocked his victim months before the may 2014 attack in wood bridge. he broke into the victim's house and raped her with her son sleeping next to her. police say when her daughter walked into the room, perkins pointed the gun at the girl.
5:54 am
>> the worst fear was not so much myself, but him killing my kids. it wasn't easy at all, but i had to do this to get him off the street. >> police spent weeks trying to find a suspect. eventually a composite sketch and a hit in the dna data bank were key. perkins was linked to the rape and arrested. four teens in custody as police try to track down two others for a bold rip robbery i chevy chase. the other suspect is 16 years old and investigators are still trying to identify the person in these photos. police say back in july, the group went in bloomingdale's, grabbed high end item and pepper sprayed security guards when they tried to stop them. it is an hour by hour situation. autoworkers negotiate a new contract and threatening to walk off the job.
5:55 am
landon dowdy is here with where the talks stand. >> the uaw agreed to suspend its current contract on an hourly basis. the contract expired at midnight and top issues include wage increases and health care benefits. uaw could call for a strike if talks reach an impasse. george zimmer says you'll like the way you look at tux. a new business venture, online tuxedo rentals. he's launching generation tux hoping to capitalize on the need for formal wear. tuxes rent for $95 or up to $150 with accessories like cumber buns, shoes and cuff links and free shipping both ways.
5:56 am
>> interesting. thank you. appreciate it. can you believe this? good chance you may already know somebody who started their holiday shopping. >> overachievers. >> new survey from credit found 1 in 7 people bought a few gifts, get this, about 4 1/2 million already done. only about 2% of the population. >> still. >> i know. so you don't worry, you should still prepare for sellouts on the internet and long lines if you have gifts to buy. >> it will be mid-december before i'm close to being done. >> christmas eve is my deadline. >> good one. district leader are close to a deal that would bring a new multimillion arena to the town. they would pay for the $55 million venue holding 5,000 seats and be similar to the one where the washington capitals practice in boston. district officials hope it sparks economic development across ward 8. >> the next thing you'll need is
5:57 am
a hotel. they have been planning a hotel out there forrier years and nev had the demand for it. >> the new facility should be easy for you to get to. the plan is to build it walking distance from the station. we're watching developments now on a pair of breaking news stories first in utah. a frantic search is under way now for several people missing after deadly flash flooding hits southern part of that state. look at that devastating scene there. what we're learning about what happened from the live desk ahead. i'm kristin wright live in new carrollton and prince george's county where police officers and detectives are very focused on a bus stop. i will explain why coming right up.
5:58 am
5:59 am
breaking news from utah, right now the search is on for several people swept away in flash flooding through the night. we watched the death toll rise there. how many people remain missing and more on what happened from the live desk in minutes. first, we also have breaking news out of new carrollton. this map shows the spot where someone found a person's body overnight. detectives are on 85th avenue now. what is go on out there right
6:00 am
now? >> reporter: this is a death investigation. i want you to look behind me. if you see that bus stop there, that is where a body was found this morning, right near that bus stop. all of this happened overnight, here now new carrollton police, there was a big forensic crime scene van here a short time ago. park police was here as well and prince george's county police. we are on 85th avenue off of annapolis road this morning. there are a few different apartment complexes down 85th avenue. you're looking at video right now from overnight of the active crime scene. you see a lot of crime scene tape. you see a lot of police lights and detectives as well trying to put all of these pieces together and figure out exactly how one person wound up dead near a bus stop this morning. back here live, we're being kept quite a distance back from where everything i


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