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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  September 16, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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by someone else. in the district is man is fighting for his life after he was stabbed. >> a woman was also stabbed at the same location. that woman is expected to be okay. the man is in serious condition. good morning. as you go to the live desk with new video out of alaska where we have confirmed three people have died after a plane crashed. take a look as this is the scene or above the scene. seven others did survive this plane crash. five are in critical condition. they're all being treated right now. we're told the float plane was taking off to a fishing spot when it went down in a rural part of the state. ntsb investigators, they're on the scene right now. they say it's wa too early to speculate what went wrong. aaron. >> angie, thank you. 4:31. today marks two years at the
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deadly shooting at the navy yard. the building reopened earlier this year under a new name, the humphrey building. the retrial of a former principles gorges county high school teacher accused of sexually abusing a student starts today. andre brown's last trial ended with a hung jury back in march. brown worked as a special education teacher and coach. principles gorges county police say he sexually abused a 17-year-old girl on school grounds. >> every moment every day. >> vdot says hopefully not after this afternoon. it says a series of traffic upgrades will help ease traffic on 66. you may notice new signs. x means don't go, don't drive in
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that lane. if you see green arrows the lane is open. yellow means it is time merge. vdot says the new technology will help drivers get faster and farther back on the road. let's go back to chuck bell and get up to speed on the forecast. >> thanks, aaron and ahn. a quiet start to the day. skies have been almost completely cloud free for days. weather impact on wednesday, nice and low. off to a cool start. now we're up to a cool start. not much of a change in the weather pattern. not as many 40s on the map as we've had the last couple of mornings. couple of places out in the mountains of west virginia. in the metro in the low to mid 50s. downtown at 63. annapolis at 62. planning out your day hour by hour. sun is up at 6:15.
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we get closer to the autumnal equinox. up to near 80 by lunchtime. mid 80s this afternoon. plenty of sunshine. start talking about your commuter impacts. >> good morning, chuck. right now still breaking news here in northwest washington. talking about the roadway right in front of sibley hospital here. loughboro road shut down because of the water main break tweel dealcarlia and macarthur. big look at the belt way, inner look and outer loop rolling along fine. 66 eastbound as 123 looks quite good. westbound, no problems. east-west highway and colesville road. we have an update now for a
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developing story out of utah where flooding has killed at least 16 people so far. one person is still missing after two cars were swept away in a rush of muddy water two days ago. 12 people, mostly children in those cars, died. in nearby zion national park three hikers are unaccounted for now. rescuers are waiting for water levels to drop before they search for them. four other hikers died. now to california where we have the huge valley fire. it is 30% contained as of right now. crews are assessing the damage done so far. we're hearing 585 homes ruined along with hundreds of other buildings. there's upwards of 9,000 structures right now still threatened by this blaze. now four firefighters said to be recovering well after they were burned by the fire. crews now hoping that the cooler temperatures that they're
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dealing with will help them fight the fire. for safety measures, many of the people remain evacuated. aaron. angie, thank you. 4:35. turning to decision 2016. right now the large field of presidential candidates is preparing for tonight's debate. top 11 candidates will take the stage for a primetime debate in california. the remaining four are hoping to be noticed during a happy hour style event. donald trump leading in the polls with ben carson closing in and carly fiorina building steam. tracie potts looks at what candidates need to stay in the run joog 4:35. d.c.'s mayor is preparing to introduce a new budget to council members. she says the $23 million supplemental budget comes from an increase in predictive revenue. it will help with problems at the crime lab, body cameras and a new training program. the funds must be spent before
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fiscal 2016 starts on october 21st. governor tre mccullough says he will reappoint jane rousch to the state supreme court. her temporary appointment oaks piers today. the general assembly chose not to confirm rousch to the high court. they say the governor does not have the authority to issue another temporary appointment. an interesting battle going on where he's trying to get his dog reassigned to him. the police department said it no longer owns chip. it won't tell him where the dog is, only that chip's been given to a reputable canine rescue organization. >> worked for the police department. he lived here with my wife and six kids. >> officials told news 4 they can't talk about why chip was
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removed in detail because this is an ongoing confidential administrative matter. now to new developments in the charleston church massacre. today a judge may decide whether a gag order in the case of dylan roof will remain in place. he's charged with killing nine church goers in charleston. various news organizations are challenging the order. roof is not expected to be in court. family, friends and colleagues will gather to remember the five military men who were killed during the attacks in chattanooga. final preparations underway for a concert that will be held tonight. the tribute on the river event will have the blue angels in memory of those lives lost. a d.c. restaurant closed because of a salmonella scare reopens today.
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they will start serving again at 4:00 p.m. so far they say there are eight confirmed cases of salmonella poisoning. they say all of those who ate at figure and olives, the source of the salmonella is not known. >> we are a few degrees of where we've been all week. how warm will it get? chick be chuck bell will let us know what the kids should wear for shorts to school. all day kindergarten, why the program in loudon could be in trouble. >> say awe. an update on the panda cubs
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last night they say even if the board agrees to request that money and more to build classrooms and hire teachers, the board of super advisors may either not hand over the money or raise the tax rate to do so. >> it's been four weeks now since the national zoo welcomed the new panda cub. the cub is a month old and starting to look more like a panda. take a look at the latest photo,
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aaron. you see the black mark around the eyes. he weighs almost two pounds. >> what is that, like cotton? little fuzz? >> he's growing his hair. >> zoo workers say the markings are coming in. the eyes will start to open in the next few weeks. >> this is my favorite part of the panda thing. >> the funny thing is, aaron, you've been off the past couple of days and there was no mention of the panda. >> just for me. >> we know how you love the panda so we brought her back. outside, temperatures mid 50s upper montgomery county. 57 in restin. any weather slowdowns today?
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nah. more beautiful weather. we could use the rain. bus stop weather. sun's up at 6:50. temperatures in the mid 50s for the first early bus goers and rising into the low 60s by 9:00. melissa? breaking news at sibley hospital. right in front of the hospital, loughboro road. we are still should down between dealcarlia and macarthur. principles gorges county overall looking quite good. nice and green here this morning. same thing at the top of the beltway. 95 at bw parkway and 29. everything looking quite good. up top, 95 and gordon boulevard, no problem. a life cut too short but one that will never be forgotten. what family and friends have to say about a maryland teen's life cut short in a train accident. what do the candidates need
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to do in order to take some of the spot life off of donald
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candles burn bright as montgomery county tries to process the loss of a 16-year-old boy. john durreggie died after a train hit him on the tracks. students from three different high schools crowded that church last night. john's friends say that's not surprising. they say john was one of those unusual people who could easily bridge the gaps between high school cliques and bring people together. >> he's real. and these kids know that and they're real with each other and that's what -- i think that's what -- that's the comfort that they're drawing from.
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the reality of the peace in his life. >> john, his girlfriend and her sister were taking pictures along the railroad tracks when an oncoming amtrak train hit him. right now investigators are calling this a tragic accident. in decision 2016 right now the large field of republican presidential candidates is preparing for tonight's debate. the top 11 will take the stage for a primetime debate in california. this debate could be a do or die moment for a few of those candidates. nbc's tracie potts is live on capitol hill on which candidates need to capture the voters. >> jeb bush is languishing at 6%. republican strategists say he needs to do something difficult tonight. he needs to be willing to take on donald trump aggressively but not cross the line in terms of his tone. we'll be watching donald trump. he had an event last night on a battleship where he talked about people being disgusted with traditional politicians,
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incompetent politicians as he called them. one strategist said tonight is going to be the trump show. keep in mind we'll also be watching dr. ben carson who has surged to number two. also a political outsider. many are thinking the same crowd of voters who are disgusted with politicians are gravitating towards carson as the sort of softer alternative to donald trump. then of course there's carly fiorina, the number 11 who broke on to that main stage tonight. she has been thus far willing to take on trump. we'll see what happens when they're face to face on that stage at the lincoln library tonight. >> tracie potts live on capitol hill for us. thank you, tracie. four candidates did not make the cut, rick santorum, bobby jind jindal, george pataki and rick
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perry was set to debate as well but dropped out of the week. >> martin o'malley appeared on late night with seth myers. the two discussed how not having as many debates will negatively affect the democratic candidates. >> it's party malpractice, to really bad way to go about winning a general election. people expect us to be exchanging ideas. i've called for more debates not fewer. given the problems we face, i've called for more. >> o'malley discussed the migrant crisis. o'malley encouraged him to take 65,000 refugees into the u.s. right now the obama administration is only willing to take 10,000. two firefighters are hurt and trying to get better this morning. a ceiling collapsed on them as they battled a fire montgomery county. chopper 4 showing you the burned gaping hole where the roof crumbled. this is at the leisure world retirement community yesterday
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afternoon. more than a dozen residents will have to find a new home. they all escaped safely but the fire damaged eight homes in that community. an emergency bill is now on the table in principles gorges county that would give the council the authority to say whether the hospitals that are funded can close. they want to turn the facility into a walk-in center for patients now. 4:50. the nationals are all but malhotra mathematically out of the playoffs but that doesn't mean they're no longer having fun. >> when he figured out who did it finally, he let them have it. >> take a look at this. the players pranked the philadelphia phillies mascot. he stoeld the fanatic's keys.
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apparently it's like, come on. apparently he called security and the police, too. the team eventually gave him the keys back. >> i like it. >> yeah, i'm just glad they're still having fun. obviously they make big salaries and they're playing to win. >> yeah. >> but they do it for the love of the game as well, right? >> entertainment. >> they do love the game and the kids and the paycheck. >> yeah. you know, what's wrong with that. >> i should have played baseball. >> we all should have played baseball. another great morning outside. welcome to your wednesday, everybody. it's a quiet day outside once again. 63 now at reagan national. not much of a breeze out there. winds have bhon dry to drought. since august 1st only an inch and a half of rain. that's almost three inch behind
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of rainfall since august the 1st. we still have a big surplus of the year courtesy of 12 inches of rain in june. another cool start this morning, another nice day full of sunshine. each day is getting just a little bit warmer than the one before. 54 now in gaithersburg, 50 in frederick 5rks 1, culpepper. running this morning off to a cool start this morning but just like the last couple of days, i was out running yesterday at 1:00 in the afternoon and it was bordering on hot. if you can get that run done early, it will be better for you. 85 the high in frederick, maryland. 85 in culpepper, virginia. 81 annapolis. high pressure still in charge. dry spell continues. get the car washed no problem. backyard barbecuing weather continues. temperatures 82. then back to the mid to upper 70s. any rain chances anywhere near us not really. high pressure's not only in charge. look at that. nearest rain drops to us are in wisconsin.
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we all know that's not that close to us. here's your seven day forecast. 87 today and tomorrow. 88 friday and saturday. slightly cooler weather moves in on sunday. little breezy and maybe a slight chance for a shower as the pope arrives in town next tuesday. breaking news continues in first 4 traffic with melissa mollet. >> we're talking about a water main break in front of sibley hospital. we have loughboro road shut down between dealcarlia parkway and macarthur. >> inner loop and outer loop looking fine in town and out of town. we'll have a story about the new signs overhead on 66 that go into effect at noon here today. woodrow wilson bridge no problem and 270 at old hundred looking good as well. back in ten minutes. >> thank you, melissa. she is the lone survivor of an on air ambush in southwest
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virginia. we're hearing about the terrifying moments that forever changed her life and several others. ♪
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he. you're watching "news 4 today." i just fell to the ground as though i had been hit and went into feet tall position because i felt as though he was going to
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shoot me in the head. >> the survivor of the on air ambush near roanoke, virginia, last month is opening up about the terrifying moments when it happened. vicky gardner sat down for her first tv interview last night on fox news on "the record." gardner was in the middle of a live interview with alison parker and adam ward three weeks ago. vestor flanagan shot and killed the journalists while they were on the air. she was shot and is still alive. she saw movement coming behind parker but didn't realize what was happening until the gunfire started. then she played dead. she was shot in the back. she thought she was about to die. >> i don't know whether he tried to fire off a couple more rounds. i was just concentrating on being so still that he didn't shoot me again. >> gardner is the executive director of the smith mountain lake chamber of commerce. she says she has not returned to the place where the shooting
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happened. later today the people who marched in the naacp's journey for justice plan to meet with d.c. lawmakers. we told you yesterday hundreds of marchers walked the 1,000 miles from selma to the district. their walk ended on the steps of the lincoln memorial yesterday. today they say they plan to bring the demands for education reform and voting rights to capitol hill. more than 100 senior citizens are looking for a new home. the washington home is being sold to the sigwel school. that long-term care facility is next to sidwell's school in upper midwest. they have until december of next year to move. family members say finding a new place is not going to be easy. >> relocating residents of this type, my mom is a medicaid resident, this age in acceptable facilities in the district of columbia is very difficult. >> we will do everything to help
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our residents because this is really tough. this isn't a place of business, this is their home. >> sidwell will sell its lower campus in bethesda. >> your teen or tweens have this app on their phone. snap chat is letting people pay to replay snap chats. the new pay feature allows people to purchase replays of any snap they receive. for $1 a user can replay a snap up to three times. the replay on a specific snap can only be purchased once. >> defeats the purpose, doesn't it? >> right. you have to be careful about what you snap. you can get a screen shot. the idea that it disappears is a little misleading. you all are really liking this next story on our facebook page. looks like the facebook dislike button may happen. ceo and founder mark zuckerberg
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says the dislike option has been surprisingly complicated to create. it's designed to show empathy. news 4 begins with breaking news. i'm melissa mollet in the first four traffic center. breaking news on the roads right in front of sibley hospital. a big water main break going to cause a lot of problems. we're talking about loughboro road should down between dealcarlia parkway and macarthur boulevard. derrick will give us an update of what exactly is happening. >> reporter: yeah, good morning. this is what you will encounter if you are traveling indeed in the 5200 block of loughboro road. you won't be able to. this is the scene in front of the hospital. the street buckled to some extent and you have the tearing up of the pompt. crews are onhe


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