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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  September 16, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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says the dislike option has been surprisingly complicated to create. it's designed to show empathy. news 4 begins with breaking news. i'm melissa mollet in the first four traffic center. breaking news on the roads right in front of sibley hospital. a big water main break going to cause a lot of problems. we're talking about loughboro road should down between dealcarlia parkway and macarthur boulevard. derrick will give us an update of what exactly is happening. >> reporter: yeah, good morning. this is what you will encounter if you are traveling indeed in the 5200 block of loughboro road. you won't be able to. this is the scene in front of the hospital. the street buckled to some extent and you have the tearing up of the pompt. crews are on the scene.
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they've got the gusher stopped. it could, indeed, be an eight inch water main that's broken. >> if you travel on the d 6 or m 4 metro line, that's been disrupted. folks may experience low water pressure issues. that might have been the case for a period at sibley memorial hospital. we're trying to reach out to the public information folks to confirm that and see what way operations have been affected. we'll bring that to you as soon as it becomes available. live in northwest. melissa, back to you. >> derrick, thank you. we do have this closure right in front of sibley hospital. if you need to access the hospital today, you can still access the hospital off of deal krls c -- dalecarl yeah boulevard. i'm aaron gill crest.
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>> we want to get a look at the forecast. >> check in with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. >> september has been an unusually dry and sunny month. here's the live picture of the woodrow wilson bridge. connecting d.c. and arlington to beautiful principles gorges county. 63 at national airport. mid 50s across fairfax. upper 40s and low 50s. nice way to get the day started. urbana, maryland, 50 degrees and 81 degrees by 6:00 this afternoon. an absolutely delightful day to be outside. no weather-related slowdowns from us today. back into the news. chuck, thank you. developing later today a suspect in a northern virginia girl's unsolved murder case will appear before a judge. yesterday a grand jury indicted jesse matthew for the murder and abduction of morgan harrington.
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harrington disappeared in 2009 after she went to a metallica concert. a couple of months later her body was discovered in charlottesville. >> i don't know why it was so important before, but dan, me and our son alex needed son acknowledgment of the fact that morgan's life was taken, she was robbed from us. >> matthew already faces murder charges in uva student hannah graham's death. this morning anarundle police are investigating a shooting. police found a man dead in the middle of the street. they aren't sure whether he shot himself or he was targeted by someone else. in the district a man is fighting for his life after he was stabbed south of east capital street. a woman was stabbed in the same
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location. the woman is expected to be okay. the man is in serious condition. a new update on the valley fire raging in california. the cool weather helping the firefighters get it under control. we now know that it's about 30% contained. major evacuations still in effect out there right now. look at this. the fire threatened up to 9,000 buildings. that's just right now. nearly 600 homes already destroyed. hundreds of other structures ruined as well. four firefighters who suffered serious burns are being treated in area hospitals. they are expected to recover. still no indication on what caused this fire. angie goff, thank you. 5:04 now. an update to the developing story out of utah where flooding has killed at least 16 people so far. just one person is still missing after two cars were swept away in a rush of muddy water. 12 people, mostly children in those cars, died. in nearby zion national park
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three hikers are unaccounted for now. rescuers are waiting for the water levels to drop before they search for them. four other hikers died. today marks two years since the deadly shooting at the washington navy yard. today officials will hold a private memorial. the service is for people who work there as well as the families of the victims. in 2013 araron alexis shot and killed 20 people inside building 7. the building reopened this year under a new name, the humphries building. the retrial of a former prince gorges high school teacher accused of section 50u8ly abusing a student starts today. andre brown's last trial ended with a hung jury in march. he worked as a high school teacher and police say he abused the 17-year-old girl on school grounds. problem every moment every day. >> vdot says hopefully not after
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this afternoon. vdot says a series of tech upgrades will help the congestion on 66. you will notice signs with new directions. they'll be on your drive from the d.c. line to route 29 in gainesville. the new signs will be pretty simple. x means don't go. don't drive in that lane. green arrow, the lane is open. yellow arrow means it is time to merge. vdot says the new technology will help alert drivers faster and farther back on the road of problems. we'll see how it works later in the newscast. the wizards are moving to southeast d.c. to practice anyway. part of an announcement coming later today. the mayor says the $55 million will build a practice facility. it will stand where the former saint elizabeth's hospital was. some say it was closer to the high crime area. they hope the facility will open in 2018.
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right now an investigation is underway in alaska where a small plane crash has turned deadly. the new details just coming into the newsroom about this accident. so how often do your kids eat fast food? the shocking new study that might have you rethinking your dinner plans. looking live outside where we are off to another cool start. you want the heat on though on your way to work. chuck is back with those
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right now agents from the ntsb are in alaska where a plane crashed and three people died. this happened in a rural part of the state in the town of iamna near a lake. that plane was on its way to a fishing spot. you can see the plane from above the video. ten people were on the plane, seven people died. it's too early to determine the cause of the crash. new video into the live desk
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after the egyptian army accidentally fires on tourists. here you are looking at relatives of the victims along with mexico's foreign minister arriving in cairo where egyptian authorities greeted them. this comes days after egyptian forces that were hunting down militants mistakenly opened fire on several vehicles that were filled with mexican tourists. 12 people were killed. mexican officials saying this trip is to show support for the families of the victims and to try to figure out what went wrong. >> it is 5:11. time for weather and traffic on the 1s. chuck bell, good morning to you. >> good morning, ahn. now 54 in college park. 58 in rose riville. 54 in springfield, virginia. walking around town today, this morning, plenty of sunshine. temperatures once you're out and
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about after 8:00 in the morning, in the mid 60s. what to wear today? might need just a little layer of fleece first thing this morning, but it'll be shorts, t-shirts and sunglasses later on this afternoon. now over to melissa mollet with more breaking news. live picture in front of sibley hospital where derrick ward is this morning. loughboro road is shut down between dalecarlia parkway or macarthur boulevard. 66 in town is fine. 95 northbound/southbound in virginia. don't have any issues there. prince gorges county also rolling along nicely. no major problems. back in a few minutes. it could be a very interesting day in virginia and the case of a state supreme court judge. why she could lose her seat on the bench even though the governor is reappointing her. and a strange story we are following out of florida where police are scouring a university
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for serial foot sniffer. the bizarre details just coming the bizarre details just coming
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breaking news in northwest washington just in front of sibley hospital. again, we have this water main break here this morning. loughboro road shut down. you can still get into the hospital, just not on loughboro. take either dalecarlia or macarthur. new developments in the charleston church massacre. a judge may decide whether a gag order in the case of dylan roof will remain in place. roof is charged with shooting and killing nine church goers in charleston. the order prevents the release of 911 calls. it also blocks witness and coroner reports from becoming public. various news organizations are challenging that order. roof is not expected to be in
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court. today family, friends and colleagues will gather to remember five shooting victims. the tribute will feature live music, fireworks and a flyover by the blue angels. a chattanooga police officer was also hurt in that attack. >> a d.c. restaurant closed because of a salmonella scare will reopen. figure and olive has the all clear. so far health officials say there are eight confirmed cases of salmonella and up to 70 people involved. the source of the salmonella is still not known. today d.c. mayor muriel bowser is preparing for a new budget. the mayor says the money will help address three things, problems at the dc crime lab, body cameras for police officers
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and a new job training program. the council will have to act quickly though because the funds must be spent before fiscal 2016 starts on october 1st. today virginia's governor and the general assembly are going head to head over a supreme court pick. governor terry mccull live says he will reappoint fairfax county judge jean roush to the supreme court. her temporary assignment ends today. republican leaders say the governor does not have the authority to issue another temporary appointment. does your family eat fast food all the time? well, a new report says 1/3 of american children eat those go-to meals every single day. that may not sound like a lot to you or it may sound like a lot, but the government report says the numbers are about the same as they were in the '90s. the centers for disease control asked children ages 2 to 19 to participate in the study. the cdc tracks the eating habits of more than 3,000 of them for several years. new research says you can
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help your kids eyesight by sending them outside. researchers in china studied thousands of first graders over the course of three years. those who spent an extra 40 minutes outside every day were much less likely to be nearsighted. the exact reason for the change though isn't clear at this point. >> i think being outside for kids so important for so many developmental reasons. they need to learn how to play and entertain themselves and not have someo tell them what to do every single second of the day. >> that's always a plus. you develop those habits on into adulthood. live look outside while we're talking about the outdoors. kind of a chilly start for some folks. >> things are going to warm up. we're going to find out from storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. what kind of day are we going to have, chuck? >> things are cool outside early this morning but it will not take long before this turns into another sunny and very warm afternoon. temperatures today about 2 or 3 degrees warmer than they were
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yesterday. yesterday we made 84 here in washington. outside now there's the live picture of the woodrow wilson bridge over the potomac. a great morning. temperatures are in the 50s in most neighborhoods and as far as foggy spots this morning, frederick county maryland out towards martinsburg out near culpepp culpepper, there are one or two foggy spots. watch out for a little bit of reduced visibility. on the whole high pressure is in charge of our weather and will continue to dominate all of the weather forecast here. not just for today. but it looks like all the way through the weekend and on into next week. rain chances remain paultry at best all the way through the weekend. yesterday i thought there might be a shower on sunday. there still could be. in the mountains of west virginia. monday night into tuesday around the metro is probably our next real chance for even a little bit in the way of rain. it does not look like a significant chain cha
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significant rain chance at that. sky cast 4 then for today. the computer model is convinced over the last couple of days that we're going to see these mid level clouds around. the last couple of days that has not been the case. i wouldn't be surprised if we stay completely clear all through the afternoon. 50s out the door this morning. around 80 at lunchtime. low to mid 80s around most of the area for your outdoor plans. 82 the high in gaithersburg. 87 in washington, here's your seven day forecast. 87 today and tomorrow. back into the upper 80s for friday and saturday. there's that tiniest little rain chance late monday on into the day tuesday when pope francis arrives here in washington. breaking news continues. breaking news in front of sibley hospital here in northwest washington. take a look here. live picture from the scene where derrick ward is for us this morning for his live reports. we have the water main break that will cause a big problem ford morning commute. loughboro road is shut down between dalecarlia parkway and
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macarthur boulevard. 95 looking quite good. earlier road work is totally out of the way. a little bit of volume at dale city probably in the next 15 minutes or so. that will be completely normal. listen to our friends on 105 faum. inner loop and outer loop looking good. 270 behaving itself as well. we are less than a week now from pope francis's visit to washington. before he comes here the pope will visit cuba this weekend. final preparations are underway in havana. officials are readying the iconic revolution plaza. his visit is part of a steadily improving relation between the catholic church and cuba. if you haven't done so, now would be a great time to download our nbc washington app.
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you'll want be to have it before the pope arrives. a federal appeals court has denied kim davis again. you know the story at this point. davis is that county clerk in kentucky. she refuses to issue marriage licenses to gay couples because it would violate her religious beliefs. an appeals court said she cannot put off an order from the governor to issue those licenses. davis returned to work this week but has one more similar request in court remakininremaining. two teenage girls have died after a car crashed into their school bus. this happened in houston yesterday morning. police say a car hit the front driver's side of that school bus after swerving to avoid another car. the bus plunged off the highway on to a road below. two other students and the bus driver were also hurt. there is no word on their conditions this morning. seattle teachers are going back to the classrooms after ending a week long strike. teachers approved a deal that includes a 9.5% pay raise, mandatory recess for elementary
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students and more say over testing. teachers' salaries now range from 44,000 to $86,000. the walkout delayed the start of school and students will return tomorrow for their first day. we have an update on former president jimmy carter's cancer fight. he's undergone his second treatment without any ill effect. there are two more treatments to go for him. carter opened up to a crowd of 400 people last night. less than a month ago he announced the cancer had spread to his brain. a man with a foot smelling fetish was caught in the act at a florida university. the man was crawling under tables at the school's library smelling women's feet. students in miami had the same reaction many of you are probably having right now. >> that's weird. >> that's kind of creepy. >> like huge personal invasion. i don't know. it's just kind of gross. >> someone caught a picture of the man on the cell phone. he's there on the ground. he's described as a man of 40,
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200 pounds and drives a scooter. there he is on the bottom picture. they're hoping the picture will track down the serial foot sniffer. what are you going to say? people are so strange. >> you can like what you like, you just can't be weird about it. >> all right. the countdown is on to tonight's gop presidential debate. >> straight ahead, who you can expect on stage and what -- what they have to do to outshine front-runner donald trump. take a live look right now at the district this morning where it is a lovely 64 degrees but cooler in some places. 50 in frederick, 50 in culpepper. should we have lunch outdoor, aaron? >> let's. >> let's. chuck bet is going to pay. >> he'll pay for everybody's lunch. breaking news in northwest washington, too, where crews are on the scene of a water main break. our team coverage on how this is going to impact you is straight going to impact you is straight ahead.
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breaking news. 5:28 your time right now. breaking news in northwest washington. water main break blocking traffic in front of sibley hospital. the closures could impact you getting in and out of the city. news 4 traffic is working on the traffic move around and
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derrick ward is working on the delay. >> reporter: crews remain here on the 5200 block of loughboro road. the street has been broken by the pressure of that water. they've actually gotten that shut down but it's a matter of locating the actual break and repairing it. it is an 8 inch water main break. folks may have issues of low water pressure in the vicinity until they get it straight. we're still reaching out to sibley memorial hospital to see how it's affecting their operations. you will be able to access the hospital from alternate roads around the break. low water pressure in the homes. d 6 and m 4 metro lines are affected. for more information on work arounds, here is melissa mollet. >> good morning, derrick. we'll be following derrick as things change. this will slow things down in front of sibley hospital. loughboro road in front of sibley shut down between
5:30 am
dalecarlia park wand a macarthur bouleva boulevard. access the hospital off of dalecarlia or off of macarthur. i have more information on this and work and and travel time. thank you, melissa. i'm eun yang. >> i'm aaron gilcrest. >> chuck bell knows how much rain we need? >> that's right. since the first of august we're more than three inches behind in rainfall. there's no shot at a shower today. weather impact, nice and low. that's the one up side of all of this. a cool start turns into a sunny and warm afternoon. out the door weather mostly in the 50s in the suburbs to around 60 in town. hour by hour planner, sun's up at 10 minutes before 7:00 and sets at 50 minutes after 7. low to mid 80s with tons o sunshine. school day forecast in ten
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minutes. in decision 2016, tonight 11 republican presidential hopefuls will take the stage in california for a debate. for ten of those candidates the job is to keep the spot life off of donald trump. tracie potts has what we can expect. >> reporter: eun, good morning. one republican strategist says it's going to be the trump show. the other ten candidates will be focused on him. he is the clear front-runner. a lot of things have changed more than a month ago when they last met. jeb bush has tanked. he needs to come out swinging but not go over the line in order to improve his 6% in the polls. dr. ben carson, who is now third to a strong number two in double digits that many people consider the alternative to trump in terms of non-politicians. our eyes will be on him as well. carly fiorina who fought her way
5:32 am
onto the main stage. she will be the 11th person on the stage. she's already shown on the campaign trail that she's willing to take on donald trump. it could be quite interesting tonight in terms of issues, immigration will certainly come up. f foreign affairs. but probably first and foremost the economy. >> tracie potts live on capitol hill. thank you, trasz si. four candidates did not make it. rick santorum, bobbyin dal, george pataki and lindsey graham. they'll face off before the debate. rick perry dropped out of the race last week. on the democratic side former maryland governor martin o'malley appeared on the late show. he says how not having as many debates will negatively affect the practice. >> it's party malpractice. people expect us to be exchanging ideas. i have called for more debates not fewer. given the challenges the country
5:33 am
faces, people deserve to hear from us. >> o'malley also discussed the migrant crisis in europe. in a letter to president obama o'malley urged him to take 65,000 refugees into the u.s. right now the obama administration is willing to take 10,000. candles burn brightly as the montgomery county community mourns the loss of a 16-year-old student. john dereggie died monday after a train hit him on the tracks in gaithersburg. they packed difference maker church in damascus to remember him. students from three different high schools crowded that church last night. john's friends say that's not surprising. they say he was one of those unusual people who could easily bridge the gap between high school cliques and really bring people together. >> he was real. he was real and these kids know that. and they're real with each other and that's what -- that's the comfort that they're drawing from, you know?
5:34 am
the reality of peace in his life. >> john, his girlfriend and her sister were taking pictures along the railroad tracks monday when an oncoming amtrak hit him. right now investigators are calling this a tragic accident. two firefighters are hurt and trying to get better this morning. a ceiling collapsed on them as they battled the fire montgomery county. chopper 4 over the scene. you saw the burn gaping hole at the retirement community. more than a dozen residents will have to start scouting for a new home. they all got out safely but that fire damaged eight homes in that community. 5:34 now. more than a dozen people are vying to replace a loudon county supervisor. shaun williams september be nt resignation after he was arrested for assault. one of the 13 candidates will serve the remainder of the 2015
5:35 am
term. an emergency bill is now on the table in principles gorges county. it would give the county council the power to decide whether hospitals funded by the government can close. lawmakers introduced the bill in response to the laurel regional hospital controversy. the hospital's owners plan to shut it down and turn the facility into a walk-in center for patients instead. breaking news. it's official. the ioc announced the cities, buddha pest, hamburg, los angeles, paris, and rome. the city will be selected in two years. aaron. >> angie, thank you. they might want a jacket at the bus stop this morning, but will they need it at recess? chuck has the answer for your kids at 5:41. and get ready for all the ooohhhs and awes. an update on the panda cub at the national zoo including when he could finally open his eyes.
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another virginia county hitting a r
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welcome back. a bit of a stumble to make kindergarten an all day event. the proposal could cost more
5:39 am
than $35 million and that's for half of the children in the county. people poked holes in the plan at a school board meeting last night. they said even if the school board agrees to request that money to build classrooms and hire more teachers, the board of supervisors may not hand over the money or raise the tax rate. you had your first chance to see this little guy when he was born four weeks ago. now take a look at the latest photo. he's come a long way since the butter stick stage, right? come on. they say the new panda cub still weighs two pounds. >> two sticks of butter. >> right. his black and white body markings are becoming more distinct. right around the eyes. he resembles chen chen a little bit. >> i can see that. >> flight. >> with the black around the eyes. >> the black arms. >> just like his daddy. >> taking a nap. she's up. >> she woke up since the last time we checked on her. there's the panda kam.
5:40 am
she's snoring. she is still sleeping. >> that's not her. >> i think she's awake. she's moving. >> no, she is awake. this is my favorite part of watching these pandas. >> we expect the cubs to open their eyes. >> you do love the panda! you do love her. >> get comfortable, sister. let's go to chuck bell now. look at the forecast. >> you can't compete with kids and animals. >> we can't do it. >> that's the worst toss. baby panda, now let's go to chuck. i can't top that. we have a clear sky out there. temperatures back down to the comfy 50s. a lot of open window sleeping. warming trend continues. sun's up at ten minutes before 7:00. temperatures in the mid 50s on the way out to the first bus stops. 8:00 to 9:00, temperatures into the low 60s.
5:41 am
it will warm up quickly. give recess an a, not an a plus. just an a because it's getting a little warm to be outside. temperatures in the mid 80s by the time the kids come home at dismissal time. breaking news continues in first four traffic. >> breaking news again here in front of sibley hospital. we have the water main break that will slow things down quite a bit in northwest washington. here's what's closed. loughboro road shut down between dalecarlia parkway and macarthur boulevard. you can access the hospital, not in front of loughboro. 270 south looking good. outer look rolling along quite nicely. 66 inbound, 11 minutes and 95 north, 26 minutes. you're on time there as well. listen to our friends on 103.5 faum for t fm. if we could take the panda cam, wouldn't that be so sweet? >> she was holding her baby. how cute. >> how can you not love that?
5:42 am
>> we're going to find a box and keep that on the screen. major changes for those of you who drive on i-66. what you can expect to see on the roadway in just a matter of hours. we're waiting on the practice center.ment about a why some think it could cut down on crime. your time is 5:42. ♪
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. breaking news at 5:45. a live picture here where traffic is detoured. blocked in front of sibley hospital in northwest d.c. derrick ward out there as we'll talk to him at the top of the next hour. for more how to get around this we'll go to melissa mollet and first four traffic. loughboro road in front of sibley hospital shut down.
5:46 am
you can get to the hospital off dalecarlia parkway or macarthur boulevard. chuck ? outside today, another dry day. drought monitor starting to show things drying up around here. any chance of rain on the seven day in that's coming up in five minutes. stay with us. heads up. traffic alert now that may change your drive home tonight. expect major changes on interstate 66 between the dc line and route 29 in gainesville. news 4's kristen wright live on the road in have i naen making sure you're ready for this. kristen, walk us through what's ahead. >> reporter: hey, the morning rush has already started of course on 66 this morning. at that i can a look. this is of course the eastbound side headed into washington. traffic picking up by the minute this morning. if you drive 66 you know it gets very congested so changes coming our way today on 66 that may make things better between d.c. and gainesville. one improvement, the red x
5:47 am
lanes. the shoulder lanes will be open more often. real time cameras will allow vot vdot to open up the shoulder lanes. you'll see new overhead signs telling you way ahead of time when to merge. to recap, new lane control signals are going in along 66. expanded use of shoulder lanes. those are the red x lanes. cameras throughout the corridor to help vdot they tell us better manage traffic and let you know when you need to merge or when you need to go a different way. also increased sign messaging. so all of that happening along 66 between d.c. and gainesville starting at noon today. so the hope is that that is going to change things for everybody and make the commute a little less painful. back to you. kristin wright, thank you.
5:48 am
>> i don't know whether he tried to fire off a couple more rou s rounds. i was just concentrating on being so still that he wouldn't shoot me again. >> the survivor of the on air ambush near roanoke, virginia, last month is opening up about the terrifying moments when it happened. vickie gardner sat down for her first tv interview last night on fox news's "on the record." as you know by now, gardner was in the middle of an interview three weeks ago. vestor flanagan shot and killed the journalists while they were on the air. gardner was shot. she saw someone standing by parker but didn't realize what was happening. gardner dropped to the ground and played dead. she's revisited that decision over and over again. >> it will be the thought that goes through, you know, did i
5:49 am
read this? thankfully i felt like i read it well enough that i dropped because had i continued to stand there, i would not be here talking to you. >> gardner is the executive director of the smith mountain lake chamber of commerce. she says she has not returned to the place where the shooting happened. 5:49. a northern virginia church and high school are collecting donations to send a murdered team back home. 17-year-old danny miranda was at the bus shop where he was shot and killed at the bus stop. he's from el salvador. $7,000 has been collected so far for funeral services in el salvador. to learn more about the fund-raiser check out the nbc washington app. an interesting battle is going on montgomery county. a police officer is fighting his own department to get his canine partner returned to him. he says he is missing his best friend chip. he followed orders to return
5:50 am
chip even though the pair worked together for four years. the police department said they no longer own chip. they won't tell him where the dog is, only that he's been given to a reputable canine rescue organization. >> it's hard to talk about chip not being here. he was a very vital part of our family. >> officials told news 4 they can't talk about why chip was removed in detail. this is part of an ongoing confidential administrative matter. later today, the people who marched in the naacp's journey for justice plan to meet here today. they walked the 1,000 miles from selma, alabama, to the district. their walk ended on the steps of the lincoln memorial. today they say they plan to bring demands for economic equality, education reform and voting rights to capitol hill. the nationals are all but mathematically out of the playoffs this year, too bad.
5:51 am
but that doesn't mean they won't have fun. >> he figured out who did it finally and he let him have it. >> that bryce harper. >> that bryce harper. turns out the players pranked the philadelphia phillies mascot. bryce parker stoeld the fanatic's keys. you can see he was hot about it. apparently he called security and the police. the team eventually gave him back the keys. >> i didn't think mascots could talk. >> you saw the tongue come out. >> is that an ant eater. >> what's going to happen to the president? >> bad enough. >> we've been liking this. the weather moderated from the really, really, really hot stuff we had. >> it's september hot instead of august hot. we'll be ten degrees warmer than average around here for the rest
5:52 am
of the week and on into the weekend. luckily our averages are back into the upper 70s. 10 degrees above average. keeps us out of the 90s but just barely. we may have a shot at a 90 degree day or two. most will spend the next seven days with highs in the 80s. outside there's the jefferson memorial nestled into downtown washington. beautiful morning outside. skies once again crystal clear. not much of a wind either. that's leading to a little bit of some fog in the rural areas. keep an eye out for that. may want to slow down a touch if you see the fog on the roadway in front of you. from dry to drought. only an inch since august 1st. that's 3 inch sz less than average. cool morning will turn into a nice, warm, dry sunny afternoon. 49 in martinsburg, west virginia. patchy fog in parts of the shenandoah area. 54 at gaithersburg. 63 now in arlington.
5:53 am
runner's forecast off to a cool start. i'm learning this now. yesterday it was hot outside on the national mall by about noontime. get your miles in early whether you're biking or taking the dog out. high temperatures in the 80s. 87 on the national mall. 81 in annapolis. the dry stretch means that even my clean car gets to stay clean a while longer. if you have a chance to get your car washed, you certainly can do that. guys, you wanted me to pay for lunch. i'll be at your place for the barbecue later on this afternoon. temperatures, 82 at 6:00. 79 at 7:00. sun's down just after 7:00 p.m. the only rain drops anywhere near us are in parts of wisconsin and the u.p. of michigan. latest rain drops are in the u.p. here's your seven day then. sunny, warm and dry through the next of the work and school
5:54 am
week. next small chance of a rain shower shows up on tuesday. breaking news continues in first four traffic. breaking news here once again. talking about northwest washington right in front of sibley hospital. it's where we have the water main break and the problem. loughboro road shut down between dalecarlia park wand a macarthur boulevard. you have to use dalecarlia or macarthur to get in there. you can see the center lane. looks like we have a crash blocking that lane. another accident here. 395, that sounds like it's off to the shoulder. not slowing anything down at least at this point this morning. 270 here at old hundred road southbound near hayat's town. a little slow. you're okay all the way down to the spur. no problems on 270 in the northbound lanes. see you at the top of the show at 6:01. thank you, melissa. new clues in a bizarre murder.
5:55 am
we told you when hunters stumbled on a man's body in a dry creek bed. this morning montgomery county investigators want you to know what they found with the body so you can help them identify the victim. he was wearing lebron sneakers, two pairs of shorts, a gold neck class, a rose ri and a business card from a transportation company in argentina. he didn't have a wallet, cell phone or any keys. >> more than 100 senior citizens are now looking for a new home. the washington home in northwest is being sold to the sidwell friends school. now those living there have a year to find a new place to live. the long-term care facility is next to sidwell's upper school. family members say finding a new place is not going to be easy. >> relocating residents of this type, my mom is a medicaid
5:56 am
resident, this age in acceptable facilities in the district of columbia is very difficult. >> we will do everything to help our residents. this is really tough. this isn't just a place of business, this is their home. >> sidwell friends will also sell its lower school campus in bethesda. good morning, i'm landon dowdy at cnbc business headlines. the dow is up more than 200 points. the two-day federal reserve meeting begins today. futures are lower as investors are split on what the fed will actually do, whether they'll raise interest rates now or later. fed ex reports earnings. that's your cnbc business morning report. i'm landon dowdy. a big announcement about the wizards. the city is building a new $55
5:57 am
million practice facility in ward eight in the southeast. there are new concerns because the facility will be in a high crime area east of the annacosta river. >> make sure it's safe and people can park their cars. people can walk from the metro without incident and we will create an environment that people are really happy to come to. >> it will stand where the former saint elizabeth's hospital was. they hope the facility will open by 2018. breaking news in northwest washington. >> that's where crews are trying to repair a water main break. it ruptured, the line did, overnight. the problem has a busy stretch road many used to get into and out of d.c., the impact this is having on the local hospital and what you need to get around the met is next on "news 4 today" at 6:00.
5:58 am
5:59 am
breaking news is snarling traffic in and out of the district. take a look. crews are looking to find the source of a water main break. you're looking at new video of the mess from this morning. >> hemming appening in front of hospital. >> reporter: we're starting to see more cars come down
6:00 am
dalecarlia parkway and make the u-turn because they cannot enter the 5200 block of loughboro road. take a look. a water main break. an 8 inch main broke earlier this morning. it did quite a number on the roadway in front of the hospital. there are other ways to get into the hospital but you cannot drive down the 5200 block the of loughboro road. the d 6 and m 4 metro lines are being effected. operations at the hospital have not been affected, however, there will be some low pressure for water customers in this area until that is fixed. an eight inch water main break being dealt with in the 5200 block of loughboro road will, indeed, cause issues for the morning commute. >> thank you, derrick. taking a look at the problem loughboro road in front of sibley. shut down between dalecarlia and macarthur.


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