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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  September 16, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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see more cars come down dalecarlia parkway and make the u-turn because they cannot enter the 5200 block of loughboro road. take a look. a water main break. an 8 inch main broke earlier this morning. it did quite a number on the roadway in front of the hospital. there are other ways to get into the hospital but you cannot drive down the 5200 block the of loughboro road. the d 6 and m 4 metro lines are being effected. operations at the hospital have not been affected, however, there will be some low pressure for water customers in this area until that is fixed. an eight inch water main break being dealt with in the 5200 block of loughboro road will, indeed, cause issues for the morning commute. >> thank you, derrick. taking a look at the problem loughboro road in front of sibley. shut down between dalecarlia and macarthur.
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either way. also another issue right now, 66 at route 50. four car crash. sending the chopper. looks like we have the center lane blocked and some activity on one shoulder and some activity on the right shoulder. 25 minutes behind. chuck. outside we have a clear sky early this morning. temperatures in the comfy 50s and 60s. there's the view from our tower. weather headlines for today, another day filled with sunshine after a cool start. sunny days are here to stay. weekend rain chances are drying up. we actually do need the rain around here. that's not necessarily good news although we don't necessarily want the rain on our weekends. your hometown forecast today. 52 out the door this morning. 80 at lunch time. 81 at dinner time. chuck, thank you. coming up on 6:02.
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today marks two years since the deadly shooting a the the navy yard. today they will hold a private memorial that service is for people who work there as well as the families of the victims n. 2013 aaron alexis shot and killed 12 people inside building 197. police killed alexis. building 197 has been closed since that shooting until it reopened earlier this year. the building has a new name, the humphries building. there is an area inside that honors the 12 victims. the retrial of a former principles gorges teacher starts today. andre brown's last trial ended with a hung jury back in march. brown worked as a special education teacher. police say brown sexually abused a 17-year-old girl on school grounds. developing later today, a man already facing murder charges will appear before a judge in another northern virginia girl's death.
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yesterday a grand jury indicted jesse matthew in the murder of morgan harrington. investigators found her body on a remote farm in albamaro county. matthew already faces murder charges in uva student hannah graham's death. police discovered her body five miles from where harrington was found. in the district a man is fighting for his life after being stabbed. this happened on ayers place southeast of south capitol street. a woman was stabbed in the same location. the woman is expected to be okay. the man is in serious condition. chopper 4 near thomas point as police responded last night. police found the man dead in the middle of the street there. he had been shot. police are not sure if the man shot himself or if he was targeted by someone else. this morning in utah rescue teams will be at zion national
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park to look for three hikers still missing in deadly, dangerous floods. four others died there. as of this morning we know 16 people, mostly children, died in the flooding. many killed in the town of hilldale where rushing water carried their car away. volunteers are meeting at 10:00 this morning to go look for the last person. today d.c.'s mayor preparing to introduce a new budget to council members. she says that $23 million supplemental budget comes from an increase in predicted revenue. the mayor says the money will help address three things, problems at the d.c. crime lab, body cameras for police officers and a new job training program. the council will have to act quickly because the money has to be spent before the fiscal 2016 starts on october 1st. there will be a political showdown.
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the governor says he will reappoint her to the supreme court. republican leaders say the governor doesn't have the authority to issue another temporary appointment. turning to decision 2016. right now the large field of republican presidential candidates is preparing for tonight's debate. the remaining four are hoping to be noticed during a happy hour style event. donald trump is leading in the poll sz with ben carson closing in and carly fiorina gaining steam. a d.c. restaurant is closed because of a salmonella scare. it reopens today. >> figure and olive says it has the green light from the department of health and will start serving again at 4:00 p.m. there are eight confirmed cases of salmonella cases and up to 70 possible cases linked to the restaurant. all of those involved ate at figure and olive. the source of that salmonella is
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not known. breaking news right now, a couple of different problems on the roads. first of all, a water main break in front of sibley hospital has a main road in northwest shut down. a brand new problem. sending a chopper. 66 at nuttily street. details coming up. we're also watching a developing story out of california where there is new hope at this hour as firefighters try to contain the massive wildfires. plus, a community remembering the life of a teenager killed by an amtrak train. why those who knew him say he was so good at bringing people together. your time right now is 6:06. stay with us.
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new developments about the wildfires out in california. the massive valley fire north of
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san francisco. fire officials say it is now 30% contained. they're expecting cooler temperatures out there today helping them fight the fire. mass evacuations are still in effect. new numbers overnight say the fire has ruined 585 homes along with hundreds of buildings. upwards of 9,000 structures are threatened by the fire right now. teachers going back to the classroom today ending a week long strike in seattle. teachers approved the deal that included a 9.5% pay raise and mandatory recess for elementary students. teachers remained on the picket lines as they waited to learn specifics. the walkout started a week before the school was supposed to start. breaking news on the traffic. breaking news, 66 at nuttily street. had that crash cleared out of the way ten seconds ago. it is to the left shoulder. we still have some real delays.
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66 and nuttily in bound. route 50 as you're headed eastbound, have this crash kind of off to the right side and the left side of the roadways. still have the right lane partially blocked. right here in northwest loughboro road closed. in maryland, no major problems here on travel times. 270 looks good. top of the beltway no issues. 66 in bound, twice as long. 94 north is okay from quantico. listen to our friends on 103.5 fm when you hop in your car. absolutely beautiful sky early this morning. waiting on the sunrise. still about 40 minutes from now. it will be illuminating con trails in the sky. not much going on in the weather department today. temperatures mid 50s montgomery and fairfax county. low 60s inside the district. low 60s inside the bay. commuter impact, all green lights from the weather
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department. melissa will try to straighten out the mess in traffic. getting out early walking this morning, temperatures in the 60s. mid 80s this afternoon. news continues right now. >> thanks, chuck. ready to welcome pope francis. a special surprise for some area kids as final preparations are made here in washington for his visit. plus, he was hauled away in handcuffs after voicing his displeasure with a speeding ticket. we'll show you why the unhappy driver may
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no. an update on breaking news this morning. drivers having to turn around and find another route here in northwest washington. a water main busted right in front of sibley hospital. as a result, crews have shut down loughboro road between dalecarlia parkway and macarthur boulevard. you're looking at live pictures as crews bring in heavy equipment now. metro bus line, d 6 and m 4 will be impacted here. first 4 traffic's melissa mollet will tell you how you can get around this. 6:41. new video into the live desk after a deadly shootout on the road in kansas city. one person is dead after a violent incident.
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the story confused police at first. now they say people in two cars were firing at each other. a third car trying to get away, crashed. a woman in that car died. we know at least one person was shot in this ordeal. police were involved in the chase and are now talking to the suspect. no word on what led up to it all. >> the next thing you know all i heard was bam, bam, bam, bam. that was it. you see all the police cars coming up here. i knew there was something wrong. >> and by the way, there were several children in one of those cars. we hear that those kids are in the hospital. just an awful, awful scene. eun? >> thank you, angie. candles burned brightly as the montgomery county community mourns the loss of a 16-year-old boy. john dereggie died after a train hit him on the tracks. they remembered him last night. students from three different
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high schools were at that church last night. his friends say that's not surprising. they say john was one of those unusual people who could easily bridge the gap between high school cliques and bring people together. >> these kids know that. they're real with each other and that's what -- i think that's what -- that's the comfort that they're drawing from, you know? the reality of peace his life. >> john, his girlfriend and her sister were taking pictures along the railroad tracks in boyd monday when an oncoming amtrak train hit him. it is now 6:17. investigators working to figure out how this happened. when they did that you may be wondering why they didn't move out of the way. we did some research and the federal research administration says you can barely hear a train when it's coming towards you. it sounds like a car coming by or perhaps a person shouting. trees surrounding tracks can muffle the sound as well.
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the fra says train accidents killed 27 people in maryland over the past 3 1/2 years. they were walking on the tracks when the trains hit them. 6:18. now to new developments in the charleston church massacre. today a judge may decide whether a gag order in the case of dylan roof will remain in place. he's charged with killing nine church goers in charleston. the order prevents the release of 911 calls, coreau ners reports. roof is not expected to be in court today. new insight this morning into the mind of a man who police say killed two people earlier this week and panicked a college campus. police say that shannon lamb left an apology note in his home the night he killed the woman he lived with and later a colleague. they also say lamb called police dispatchers himself to report the crime. officers found him on monday. they say he shot himself after officers tracked him down with his license plate. police do not have a motive yet in this case.
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two firefighters hurt trying to recover this morning. a ceiling collapsed on them as they battled a fire montgomery county. chopper 4 showing you the burned out gaping hole where the roof crumbled at the leisure world retirement community. more than a dozen residents have to start looking for a new home now. they all got out safely but the fire damaged eight homes in that community. a federal appeals court has denied kim davis again. you know the story. davis is a county clerk in kentucky. she refuses to issue marriage licenses to same-sex couples because it would violate her religious beliefs, that's what she says. an appeals court ruled she cannot put off an order to issue licenses. davis returned to her job this week. she has one more request in court remaining. it's not clear what she plans to do if that is denied. 6:19 right now. we are less than a week out from pope francis's visit to d.c. before he comes here the pope will visit cuba this weekend.
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final preparations underway right now in havana. they are readying the iconic plaza where he will say mass. the castro brothers cut ties with the church after seizing power in the 1959 revolution. in our area crews are busy setting up risers outside of the basilica on the national shrine of the immaculate conception. next wednesday the pope will accept celebrate mass at the basilica. 25,000 people are expected to attend. a ticket to attend that mass is a hot seller. three lucky students just found out they can go. they wrote a letter to the monseigneur. one by one monseigneur bart smith surprised the students with the tickets yesterday leaving a lot of them speechless. the classmates had plenty to
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say. >> it's like a once in a lifetime opportunity. >> say hi to pope francis for us please! >> very sweet. a teacher from school also will be going. the mass will be conducted in spanish. if you haven't done so, now is the time to download our nbc washington app. you want to have it before the pope arrives, then you can stay ahead of the traffic delays and receive alerts straight to your home. we all have that one friend, it's like a once in a lifetime opportunity. i had that friend. right now it is official. the international olympic committee announced the five cities competing to host the olympics in 2024. it is buddha pest, hungary, hamburg, germany, paris, france and rome. if you are counting there's only four. los angeles is the final sitting in the running. it was a last-minute submission from the u.s. after boston pulled out of the bid. d.c. was also in that conversation but lost both times.
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breaking news on the roads right now. we have some pretty big backups here. 66 inbounds here. right at nuttily street is where we have one crash. that has cleared out of the way. still seeing a three-mile backup. the other accident we're looking at here eastbound at route 50. one part of that on the left side, the other part to the right. approaching with 50 there there morning. very slow. >> northwest washington right in front of sibley hospital, still had the closure. loughboro road closed down from dalecarlia to macarthur. derek ward out on the scene for us there. big look at the belle way, no major problems. slowdowns on top of the 3we89 way. everything else looking good. prince gorges county, volume building. rolling along nicely at 270 middlebrook road. northbound and southbound everything looking good. outside this morning, sunrise ready to take place in the next 30 minutes or so. skies are mostly clear.
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a couple of clouds. not rain makers though. we really do need the rain. that's our weather hashtag. we need the rain. boy, do we. high pressure continues to be in charge of our weather. as long as that high sits right on top of us, we have no chance whatsoever for rainy time for the remainder of the work and school week. looks like the weekend's shaping up a little bit better as well. looks like the rain chance has been pushed back. between now and monday, no chance for rain whatsoever. high pressure, there it is in charge. big ridge pushing moisture across florida. if you're flying down to fort lauderdale or tampa, it will rain across most of florida today. rain showers across the upper midwest. nothing happening under the bridge of high pressure. a warming trend each day is a little warmer than the one before. out the door temperatures, mostly in the low to mid 50s.
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here's the way the sky will look today. a couple of mid level clouds around. not rain makers. temperatures 55 as 7:00 a.m. 81 at noontime. 84 at 5:00 and back to the mid 70s. if you're spending your day out at the mountains, shenandoah mountains. 50 degrees and up to the lower 80s in the afternoon. hers here's a quick peak at the forecast. i'll show it to you in ten minutes. back to you, aaron. >> we will see it and you then. thanks. a village in new york now has to send somebody to stand trial in a free speech case. the town of liberty, new york, arrested a man after he wrote curse words on a speeding ticket that he paid. his lawyer says the arrest violated his right to free speech. the federal judge says the village has to face trial on the fact that it didn't train the police officers carefully. maryland is reporting the first west nile death this
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yeerm. the department of health said the older adult lived in baltimore county. there are 29 cases of confirmed west nile virus. the virus is transmitted through a mosquito bite. >> a statistic that may surprise you all this morning. all new this morning, the centers for disease control says 1/3 of american children eat fast food every single day. now that may sound like a lot to you, but the cdc says those numbers are about the same as they were in the '90s. the findings came from studying about 3,000 children ages 2 to 19 over several years. well, it's been four weeks since the national zoo welcomed a new panda cub. >> that's right. zoo keepers say the new panda cub now weighs two pounds. he's grown. here's a look at the live panda cam this morning where me mei shong, she's cradling him right there. they sleep all cuddled.
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>> like a bear. >> bear hug. >> she's snoring. >> they are very adorable. here's the cub. you can see the black markings have formed around the eyes and ears, arms. very cute. looks like a panda. >> every time you see it. >> the eyes are going to start opening. >> wonder what color their eyes are? >> i bet they're brown. >> i think they all look the same. 6:26 our time right now. making smart improvements to help you get to work easier. the changes in the day ahead along with one of our busy -- area's busiest highways that could help ease congestion. the wizards are ready to move forward with a practice facility. it will be a bright future for the forest neighborhood. breaking news in northwest washington where a water main break on a busy stretch road.
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what you need to know to get around that mess plus the impact it's having on a local hospital next. right now more than 100 9/11 supporters are heading to d.c. the comedian wants to see a health care act that has helped them, they want to see it happen. the responders are going to join stewart in the halls of congress to put the pressure on lawmakers. this is a program that supports thousands of firefighters, cops, and emts who suffer from illnesses
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we have breaking news in northwest washington that could make you late for work if you are not prepared. a live look at the scene here. this is a busy stretch road that you may use to get in and out of dc. it's blocked as crews are trying to repair a water main break. >> it has an impact at sibley
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memorial hospital. melissa mollet has with what you need to get around. >> loughboro road in front of sibley shut down between dalecarlia parkway and macarthur road. 66 eastbound near nutley street, pretty good volume. one is at nutley cleared out of the way. eastbound off of 50 off the left side of the road. you want to allow a little extra time here this morning. 95 northbound, no problems there. chuck? outside a beautiful sunrise just about ready to take place over the nation's capitol. lots of color in our early morning sky. temperatures are mostly in the 50s this morning. 52 gaithersburg and manassas. 63 in arlington. morning planners, sun's up at ten minutes before 7:00. 70s by 11:00 a.m. we'll spend most of the afternoon with temperatures in the low to mid 80s. our stretch warm weather will
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continue. temperatures mid to upper 80s all the way into the weekend. eun. >> thank you, chuck. vdot says it's about to get smart about managing congestion on interstate 66. tech updates on the highway. d.c. line to route 29 in gainesville. news 4's kristin wright is on the route in vienna. kristin, what's going to happen here? >> reporter: a lot of changes coming. the morning rush has of course already started on 66 this morning. we are on the eastbound side. it's a tough, long commute on 66. melissa has been talking about the problems this morning. changes coming our way on 66 between d.c. and gainesville. this new smart highway technology is supposed to make things better on 66. one improvement, the red x lanes, the shoulder lanes will be open more often.
6:33 am
real time cameras will allow vdot to open up the shoulder lanes when traffic is heavy, not just during peak times of the day. starting today you'll see new electronic signs overhead on 66 giving you real time information. x, for example, means no go. green arrow means lanes open. you'll also be alerted to -- you'll also be alerted way ahead of time to merge to avoid, for example, an accident. to recap, new lane control signals. expanded use of shoulder lanes. cameras throughout the corridor and increased sign messaging. so the new system on 66 goes online today at noon so good luck to us all. back to you. >> thank you, kristin. 6:33 now. today d.c. mayor has a big announcement about the wizards. the city is building a new $55
6:34 am
million practice facility in ward 8 in the southeast. there are some concerns because that new facility is in a high crime area east of the anacostia river. it will bring jobs like the verizon center did. the city hopes the facility will open in 2018. >> 17-year-old danny merandeau was on his way to the bus stop when someone shot and killed him. he was from el salvador. $7,000 has been collected so far for funeral expenses in el salvador. they partnered with park view high school to set up a fund. to learn more about the fund-raiser check our nbc 7 news app. an emergency bill is on the way to give the council the power to decide whether hospitals funded by the government can close. lawmakers introduced the bill in response to the laurel regional
6:35 am
hospital controversy. they plan to shut it down and turn the facility into a walk-in center for patients instead. more than a dozen people want to replace a loudon county supervisor who stepped down publicly. a county board of supervisors plans to replace him. shawn williams sent in his resignation. whoever replaces him will serve the remainder of the 2015 term. this morning there is a bit of a snag in plans to make kindergarten all day for all of loudoun county. the proposal could cost more than $35 million. that's just for half of the children in the county. the people told of a plan at a school board meeting last night. even if the board agree toss request the money and more to build the classroom and hire teachers, the board of supervisors may either not hand over the money or raise the tax rate to do so.
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now those living there have about a year to find a new place to live. the long-term care facility next to sidwell's mid and upper level schools in the west, residents have until december of next year to move. >> relocating residents of this type, my mom is a medicaid resident, of this age in acceptable facilities in the district of columbia is very difficult. >> we will do everything to help our residents because this is really tough. you know, this isn't just a place of business, it's their home. >> sidwell's friends will sell their lower campus school in bethesda. maryland gov nor larry hogan will be at the baltimore orioles today. he is fighting cancer, stage three nonhodgkin's lymphoma. the game begins at 7:05 p.m.
6:37 am
breaking news on the road. >> it came down last night and a closure in northwest. right in front of sibley hospital. morgan harrington is reacting to news that jesse matthew now faces charges for her daughter's death. >> plus, he says he wanted to show his teachers his latest engineering fete. we'll show you why what that teenager's creation is that landed him in
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right now seven people recovering from a plane crash in alaska. three families also grieving for the people on bored who died. this happened in a rural part of the state of alaska near a lake. you can see the scenes from
6:41 am
above in the video. ntsb investigators are there right now but it's still too early to determine the cause of that crash. breaking news in front of sibley hospital. still had that closure, loughboro road shut down between dalecarlia and macarthur boulevard. two new crashes, maryland 27 at sweeps stakes road. crash involving a police vehicle. 270 south and middlebrook road, also a report of an accident. travel times, 270 road southbound. 66 in bound, still slow from fairfax county to the beltway because of two different crashes along 66. 95 north looks pretty good from quantico to the beltway. listen to wtop 105.3 fm when you hop in your car. chuck. another relatively cool start on a wednesday morning. 51 at dulles airport. 54 in leesburg.
6:42 am
63 in edgewater maryland. bus stop weather. sun's up at 6:50. bus stop weather in the mid 50s early. low 60s between 8:00 and 9:00. an a for recess with temperatures up near 80 at lunchtime and highs in the mid 80s. you've been able to like things on facebook for as long as facebook has been around. we'll show you the upcoming change that will let you voice your concerns on a post. i saw movement, then gunfire, lots and lots of gunfire. >> she survived an on air ambush that left a reporter and photo journalist dead. now vicky is voicing her opinion about the attack and
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we start with breaking news right now impacting traffic in and out of the district. in the last half hour we've seen crews come in with trucks to fix the water main break. >> this is happening right in front of sibley hospital where loughboro road is closed. we have team coverage to get to you around this mess. melissa mollet has the traffic and derrick ward has information on how it's impacting the hospital. >> reporter: the good news is it's not having much of an impact at all. they've just opened a new
6:46 am
emergency facility. that feeds in off of macarthur boulevard. any ambulances or emergency cars that have to get in there can do it from that end. they don't have any issues with water pressure as well. fortunately they are fed from a main that's on the other side of the hospital and apparently not affected by this. now some other folks in the neighborhood may experience some low pressure issues or brown water as this is dealt with. an 8 inch water main break broke in front of the hospital. did a number on the pavement. it has kept the 5200 block of loughboro road closed for some time. starting to see more cars coming off of dalecarlia parkway and make the u-turn. the m 4 and d 6 buses are also affected. we'll have more information on how to work around from melissa mollet. melissa. >> good morning, derrick. as derrick said we have loughboro road shut down between dalecarlia parkway and the
6:47 am
boulevard. you can access it off of dalecarlia. following two new accidents. details on those coming up in a couple of minutes, eun. >> thank you, melissa. 6:47. two years since the deadly shootings at the washington navy yard. they will hold a private mai memori memorial. in 2013 military contractor aaron alexis shot and killed 12 people inside building 197. police killed alexis. building 197 had been closed since the shooting until it reopened earlier this year. the building has a new name, the humphrey building. there's also an area inside that honors the 12 victims. the retrial of a former principles gorges county high school teacher accused of sexually abusing a student starts today. andre brown's last trial ended with a hung jury back in march. brown worked as a sped teacher and a coach at high point high school in beltsville. police say brown sexually abused a 17-year-old girl on school
6:48 am
grounds. developing later today, a man already facing murder charges will appear before a judge in a separate northern virginia girl's death. yesterday a grand jury indicted jesse matthew for the murder and abduction of morgan harrington. she disappeared in 2009 after she went to a metallica convert at the university of virginia. >> i don't know why it was so important for both dan, me, and our son alex to have some acknowledgment of the fact that morgan's life was taken. she was robbed from us. >> matthew already faces murder charges in uva hannah graham's death. police discovered her body five miles from where harrington was found. in the district a man is fighting for his life after being stand. this happened southeast of the capitol. a woman was also stabbed at that same location. the woman is expected to be okay. the man is in serious condition.
6:49 am
developing in utah right now, rescue teams are headed to zion national park to look for three hikers who have been missing in some dangerous flooding. four other hikers died in the last few days. they are among the 16 people, mostly children, who died in floods. many killed in the town of hilldale near the utah/arizona border. today d.c.'s mayor is preparing to introduce a new budget to council members. she says the $23 million supplemental budget comes from an increase in predicted revenues. the mayor says the money will help address three things, problems at the d.c. crime lab, body cameras for police officers and a new job training program. the council will have to act quickly because the funds must be spent before fiscal 2016 starts on october 1st. there will be a political showdown. governor terry mccullough said
6:50 am
he will reappoint jane roush to the supreme court. her temporary appointment expires today. the republican leaders say the governor does not have the authority to issue another temporary appointment. 6:50, turn to decision 2016. right now the large field of republican presidential candidates is preparing for tonight's debate. the top 11 candidates will take the stage for a primetime debate in california tonight. the remaining four are hoping to be noticed during a happy hour style event. donald trump leading in the polls now with ben carson closing in and carly fiorina now gaining steam. with fewer debates in the gop party, democrats are taking their message to the talk show circuit. hillary clinton will be on the "tonight show" starring jimmy fallon last night. last night they discussed the migrant crisis in europe. >> don't think for a second that
6:51 am
people in the middle east aren't watching how we act in the face of this crisis. we have the ability to alleviate this human suffering. >> o'malley has urged president obama to take 65,000 refugees into the u.s. right now the obama administration is committing to take 10,000. high schooler and his family now claiming his school discriminated against him. police arrested a student after he brought a homemade clock to school. ak mad muhammad goes to school in dallas. he built the clock over the weekend and wanted to show it to his engineering teacher whmpt it rang in his backpack another teacher thought it was a bomb. she took it from him and police took him in for questioning. the school simply thought the device was suspicious and acted out of caution. however, they have not dropped the case. it is 6:51. it seems like facebook dislike button might finally happen. a lot of you are really liking this story on our facebook page.
6:52 am
ceo and founder mark zuckerberg says the dislike feature has been, quote, surprisingly complicated to create. he says ultimately it will be designed to let users express empathy with their facebook friends especially if you're sharing bad news. you might say, i don't like that news. you don't want it to seem like you're not supporting your friend in whatever he or she is going through. >> huh? that's where people are going to end up on this. what are you disliking exactly? >> if you're stuck in traffic, you say, oh, my goodness, it's taking me two hours to get by that. i dislike that, i dislike being stuck in traffic. >> not the fact that i comment snd. >> let's check in with chuck. >> breaking news on the roads. we dislike that traffic. right now again in front of sibley hospital we're sut down. loughboro road shut down from dalecarlia to macarthur. take little river to get into that area instead, into the hospital. 27 on sweepstakes road. chopper 4 over that scene in
6:53 am
damascus. you can get by there on 27. sweepstakes it looks like most of it is involved there. middlebrook road, a crash on the left shoulder slowing things a little bit in middlebrook. then it opens back up after that. 66 at nutley street. a crash on that shoulder. little slow in bound at nutley. prince gorges county looking good. slow in bound. indian head highway. top of the beltway, typically slow into town and out of town. bw parkway going 40 miles per hour. chuck. outside early morning picture of the rising sun. a gorgeous sky on your wednesday morning. temperatures in the 50s and 60s. not much of a breeze out there now. winds today will be very light. out of the south at probably less than 5 miles per hour. we really do need the rain. we're going from dry to drought around here. only about an inch and a half of rain since august 1st. that's about a three inch
6:54 am
shortage in rainfall over that same period of time. a cool start this morning. a sunny afternoon coming. nice and warm. outside later on this afternoon, temperatures running nearly 10 degrees warmer than average. right now 50 in frederick, 49 in mart continuesburg. low 60s inside the beltway. 62 by the bay in annapolis. 62 in quantico. mid to upper 60s through 9:00 in the morning. mid to upper 70s by 11:00. we'll be in the 80s by noontime today. it will be a toasty warm afternoon to be outside. today's high, 86 in leesburg, 85 in culpepper and stafford and fred driksburg. you could get the car wash, the dry spell continues around here. looks like our rain chances for the weekend are drying up. that's good news for this weekend. it's bad knaus because we need the rain. perfect evening to be out on the backyard with a barbecue going. temperatures dropping from the low 80s to the mid 70s. storm team 4 radar.
6:55 am
no rain or real rain chances in sight until we get into the early parts of next week. chance of shower on tuesday when pope francis arrives in town. chuck, thank you. 6:55. the morning rush is in full force on i-66. vdot says the ride home should be less congested thanks to new technology. starting at noon, expect to see a series of changes between the d.c. line and gainesville. news 4's kristin wright in viennaville. kristin? >> reporter: let's hope it works. right now we're on the eastbound side of 66. take a look. the morning rush, as you mentioned, aaron, already started. tough on 66. changes coming between d.c. and gainesville. vdot says new smart highway technology will make things better. watch for new lane control signals. also expanded use of the shoulder lanes. vdot monitors the interstate and gives you direction in real time. also increased sign messaging. the new system goes online today
6:56 am
at noon. fingers crossed. back to you. >> kristin, thank you. the survivor of the on air ambush near roanoke opening up about what happened p and how she survived. >> i just fell to the ground as though i had been hit and went into feet tall position. because i felt as though he was going to shoot me in the head. >> vicky gardner sat down for her first tv interview last night on fox news on the record. she said she saw someone behind alison parker three weeks ago but didn't realize what was happening until the gunfire started. she dropped to the ground and played dead. she was shot in the back. she survived. she has not returned to the place where the shooting happened. right now here are four things to know before you head out the door. d.c.'s mayor about to announce a new practice facility for the wizards. ward 8 in the southeast. 9 tonight 11 gop candidates
6:57 am
will debate. they'll hold a private memorial at the washington navy yard for those who worked there. today marks two years. a water main break in front of sibley hospital. as a result crews shut down loughboro road between dalecarlia parkway and macarthur boulevard. >> thanks for joining us. >> "today" show is next. we'll see new 25 minutes. >> chuck, may i jump back in here, do you mi ♪
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good morning. round two. the republican field set to face off in a second debate tonight. donald trump's rivals vowing to hit him hard they are time, but can they say or do anything to stop his momentum? we're live in california. death toll rising. at least 16 people, many of them children, killed in that flash flooding in utah as more rain slows the search for four victims still missing this morning. out of bounds. a high school football player rips the helmet off an opponent and then bashes him in the head with it. incredibly, the refs let the attacker finish the game, but now police are weighing criminal charges. and thumbs down? facebook weighing the introduction of a kind o


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