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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  September 16, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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in the murder for her slain husband. it was a very emotional day and just moments ago the jury heard a dramatic 911 recording when antwan's brother called police moments after that shooting happened. the phone taken away by his mother who told the operators that her son had just killed her husband. court documents say this all started in april of 2013 after joseph newell asked his three stepsons to help with yardwork. in court on wednesday, antwan james' mother bernadette newell testified that antwan was the only one who refused. she told the court she yelled at him and said, quote, if he didn't do the work he had to leave. bernadette told the jury antwan snapped saying, quote, he jumped up and said you're doing it because of him and said watch this, and he was out the door. the deputy state's attorney
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clarified that antwan was referring to his stepfather. moments later, bernadette testified she heard several shots fired. prosecutors played a 911 call made by antwan's brother asking for help for newell who was lying on the ground with gunshot wounds. after the shooting, news 4 interviewed julie parker with the prince georges county police department. she said video of the shooting was captured on a neighbor's surveillance camera. >> the video very clearly identifies the victim in this case, detective newell working on a light fixture outside his home and the suspect very clearly walks up to him and shoots him multiple times. >> reporter: now the chief medical examiner who completed the autopsy on the dead and killed d.c. police officer testified that he was shot 19 times and he recovered 11 bullets from his body. if antwan james is found guilty, he faces up to life in prison without the possibility of
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parole. coming up at 6:00, why james' mother says she believes it's her fault that her son is now facing a murder charge. back to you. >> meagan. some families of victims killed at the navy yard filed lawsuits against companies that could have prevented the shootings. aaron alexis shot 12 people two years ago today before officers took him down. the lawsuits allege the companies that oversaw his work as a military contractor knew or should have known about his violent outbursts in the past. three lawsuits were filed in federal court, one for $25 million, another for $20 million and a third for $10 million. the news 4 i team got an -- as colleagues paused to remember the victims. navy officials shared these photos of a ceremony and a 5k race held there today to honor the memory of those killed.
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navy officials shared the photos and they told the i-team it's granted about ten employees with the naval systems command formal permission to work at alternative offices due to trauma from the shootings. the mother of morgan harrington tells us tonight she's one step closer to justice. today in albemarle county judge charged jesse matthew with harrington's disappearance and death. david culver joins us in the studio with more. >> next month marks six years morgan harrington disappeared from a charlottesville concert. her mother has watched for some time without answers. prosecutors charged messy matthew with hannah graham's murder and they convicted him of a sex assault in fairfax and today he's officially charged with killing morgan. >> six years of no answers, no justice. jill harrington hoping today marks a new chapter. >> we have believed that jesse
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matthew was responsible for morgan's murder for some time. >> reporter: telling me by home, her and her husband dan prayed for this moment. >> it was imperative for both me ask dan, and i don't know what kind of validation it brings, but it really was a gut-level need for us to have acknowledgement of the tremendous injury that has been caused to our family. >> reporter: october 2009, their only child, morgan, visiting charlottesville for a concert. the virginia tech student disappeared. her remains found a few months later on a farm in nearby albemarle conte. it was through the tragedy that the harringtons got a glimpse who might be linked to their morgan. jesse matthew. he'll soon be tried for abducting and murdering hannah graham this last year. this past summer he earned a guilty plea in a 2005 sex assault case in fairfax. >> he's okay and he's behind
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bars and we want -- she deserves to have full recognition for the life that was. >> in each of the past cases, we've seen jill determined to show her face. >> i want him to know that i'm not going away after six years, i'm not going away, and i know what he did. >> we've learned matthew will keep the same defense attorneys for both cases, but prosecutors have no plans to combine the trials. pat and jim, matthew's trial for graham's murder is set to begin in july of 2016. >> so interesting. this is about her legacy, what a brave woman she is to talk. >> david culver, thanks. four men are in custody and police are looking for a fifth in connection with a shootout that left a man dead. this is the man police are still trying to track down. his name is alvin jones. investigators say a fight broke out this past weekend in a parking lot in gainesville,
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virginia, and gunshots rang out. claude jackson died. investigators say the fight stemmed from an argument a week earlier. new numbers out today on how synthetic drugs like bizarro, scooby snacks are impacting our community. city leaders and law enforcement from all over the d.c. region gathered to share what they know and don't know about new synthetics at a day-long conference held at gallaudet university. early numbers show that 79% of suspected emergency room cases in the district tested positive for synthetics. she also announced a new campaign called don't be a k-2 zombie. the goal is to prevent the deaths. >> it will be going across all media. i think it will be on our cable, bus, print to specially focus young people. i think what is critical is that nobody thinks that this is a harmless drug or similar to the
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effects of marijuana. >> d.c.'s acting fire chief told attend tendees that 4% of all ems transfers have been related to synthetics. to get an inside look at what synthetics look like, visit our nbc washington app. we got exclusive access at the drug enforcement administration to see how they're trying to tackle the problem. he acted like a cool customer, but once this bank robber got the cash and hurried off, he left a trail of money in the crowded streets of clairen don. now police want to find the wanna be nonchalant suspect. take a look. he mimicked a yawn there during a bank heist. news 4's pat collins found one witness who spoke with the rob or his way out, pat? >> reporter: jim, he did all of the bank robbing things. he had a note and got the money, but then when he made his getaway, something went wrong. . when was the last time you saw some cash money on the sidewalk? take a look at herndon street in
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arlington, some 20s, some 5s, just sitting there not so fast. it's not free money. it came from this man who stole it from that bank. >> crying karma, but i'm getting way ahead of this story. the scene, the t.d. bank in clairen don. the guy in the plaid shirt, no mask, no gloves, standing in front of the teller. he appears to be yawning. then comes a note, them comes the money hand off and then, and then -- then the getaway. the not so clean getaway. you see, as the robber leaves the bank he drops money here on the sidewalk. now gino is outside his framing store and he sees the man coming down the street and gino tries
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to be a good samaritan. i said excuse me, sir, you dropped something and he said you can have it and he was right here and that's it, and i started walking to see what was there and i realized it was money and i went to the bank to make sure everyone in the bank was okay, and the lobby doors were locked and i knew it was robbed and i stood right there to make sure no one grabbed the money. >> reporter: coming up at 6:00, we'll show you the cops collecting the sidewalk deposity and we'll talk to a bank customer who missed that robbery by that much. jim, back to you. >> again, pat, was he armed or did he say in that note that he had a weapon? >> he implied he had a weapon and no one saw weapon, but he implied he had a gun. >> pretty amazing pictures there. outrage over the pending closure of laurel regional hospital has union leaders introducing emergency legislation. this bill would prevent
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government-funded hospitals to shut down without approval from the prince georges county council. it would also require a 90-day notice and public hearing with the county's board of health. we told you the maternity ward at laurel is expected to close early next month and the measure will now go before the county council. if passed, the emergency hospital bill would take effect on the day of enactment and the county council would vote on whether laurel hospital should close. next week's papal visit will have an impact on the hospital center. today the hospital announced it's taking measurement, steps to make sure patients and staff can get into and out of the hospital, but they warned many roads surrounding the center will be closed starting next wednesday morning. hospital officials urge you to plan ahead for the road closures which you can do by downloading the nbc washington app. security will be increased at the hospital so be prepared to show i.d. you will also notice missing
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mailboxes across the city during the poach's visit. the postal service is removing postal boxes that will be impacted by papal security measures. so you won't be able to drop off your letters in the usual spot, surrounding the national shrine, dupont circle, the naval observatory, the zoo and american university. check the nbc washington app, and the mailboxes will be back sent september 25th. after the salmonella outbreak, some people are eating again at what was once one of the hottest restaurants in town. find out what the health department has to say about the plan to protect people at fig and olive. it could be big business east of the anacostia river. how the training facility is good news for more than just sports fans. there is a new threat to shut down the government. we are live at the white house why you should care about this
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planned parenthood funding fight. you are watching news 4 at 5:00. the weather continues to be great, but you know it can't stay this
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>> now at 5:14, we've learned police are looking at potential drug use in a deadly drunk
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driving crash in springfield. 47-year-old sinnette mamo was hit and killed waiting at a bus stop on old king mill road earlier this month. the driver of that car, 22-year-old corey english faces dwi charges. now a search warrant reveals a passenger in english's car was seen throwing a spoon into a wooded area. court documents also say a passenger dropped a syringe as he walked away from the car. the search warrant seeks a blood sample from the hospital where english was treated. hoping it would be the rebound ward 8 needs, today dd.c.'s mayor and leonsis laid out plans for d.c. tom sherwood joins us where the 5,000-seat building will go up. tom? >> jim, this old st. elizabeth's hospital campus has been here since the late 1800s and closed for decades, but now this new
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wizards deal is about to bring new life and new hope to the area. >> wizards owner ted leonsis hands a team jers toe muriel bowser to build a $55 million practice arena that will be the homecourt for the wnba mystics. it will be near the metro stop in mostly poor ward 8. the deal was part of bowser promised to bring long star development east of the anacostia river. >> basketball is a vehicle to change in this ward and across this city. we made a big promise to ward 8 that we would not forget you. >> team owner leonsis had explored sites in maryland and virginia, but the lucrative d.c. deal prevailed. >> i really got to know this area, and i got to go around the anacostia, and i walked around
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this area to see what we could do, and the mayor was with us every step of the way, and i was kind of afraid to say we would go some place else. the new facility to open in about two years was hailed by community leaders anxious for positive economic developments in the city's poorest and sometimes crime-troubled area. the high school principal, reeves. >> we are always grateful for new opportunities for our student to have additional resources. >> trey mines. >> what we preach is not to just be good on the basketball court and we preach to get to the next level. >> a hotel, mixed income housing and entertainment to the new 5,000-seat arena. >>. >> the d.c. council will have to approve part of this deal, but the mayor hopes the new arena is open in two years. in southeast washington, tom sherwood, news 4.
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you'll recall that two years ago republicans shut down the government because they didn't like bmw care. today, some are suggesting the government should be shut down because thai don't like planned parenthood. >> the countdown is on and lawmakers on capitol hill have just over two weeks to reach a budget deal to avoid a government shutdown. this time the battle center is on planned parenthood. joining us now is nbc news chris jansing. chris, what's at stake here? >> reporter: everything. will the government stay open and the battle lines are drawn. on one side you have the conservatives who want to make defunding planned parenthood a part of this budget battle and on the other side you have the president aligning with republican leaders who don't want to see a government shutdown. what they want to do and the republican side is to make sure you get a continuing resolution
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in place so they can at least keep funding the government while they work on the bigger budget plan. the president made his comments today, the ones you showed before a group of ceos and that's another part of this whole arena. they're very nervous on wall street and in business in general about the destabilizing effect and uncertainty they've had. they've been here before and they don't want to see it again. tomorrow the president at the white house will be hosting the two top democrats in congress and the minority leaders, harry reid and nancy pelosi to talk about how to avoid this and also about what their priorities are in those budget negotiations in general. and in addition the president has a priority of his own. he would like to get rid of a tax break for private equity managers and millions of dollars, he says that could be used for domestic and defense programs, but it makes for some strange bedfellows in addition with two republican presidential candidates are supporting that,
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and donald trump and jeb bush. get ready, a lot of people in washington, as you know, are getting ready for another bruising budget battle. >> chris jansing, think that, chris. former daily host jon stewart commanded an audience in washington on behalf of 9/11 first responders. he spoke at a rally outside the capitol joining some of the first responders from new york and politicians. they're calling on congress to extend the act that helps pay medical bills for those who need treatment for illnesses linked to the trr attacks. one part of the act expires next month. >> why is it incumbent upon our first responders to have to consistently push to get the benefits that are coming to them purely for their acts of valor in a wartime situation? this is insanity. >> reporter: the organizers of today's rally say some 3300 n9/ responders still struggle with injuries and illnesses from the
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attacks. less than three hours from now the republican candidates will face off in their second debate of the presidential race. 11 candidates will take the stage at the ronald reagan presidential library. donald trump says he's ready for everyone to come after him, but carson is already coming up behind trump. will there be any sparks? and then there's carly fiorina, will she confront trump about what he said about her in "rolling stone" follow along on the nbc washington app. just search gop debate. the worst of the flooding in utah is over, but we have chris lawrence standing by at the live desk with new information about the grim recovery mission. plus, it's the iconic am images of a cvs burning to the ground during the baltimore riots and we find out what's next for the person accused in this arson. ♪ ♪ >> and performing for the pope. it's theg/#kj chance of a life
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it's theg/#kj chance of a life for
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what can i make for you? how about one of our reuben sandwiches? choose from tender corned beef or oven roasted turkey breast, topped with sauerkraut, melty swiss cheese and thousand island dressing. enjoy one while they're here! subway. eat fresh.
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right now in utah, the same search team that combed ground zero after september 11th is now looking for a little boy who is still missing. he's 6 years old. one of 16 people from the same family who were swept away by flash floods. only three of them have survived and nine of the dead are children. at least six hikers were killed around the same time as they hiked through a small, narrow canyon. all of a sudden it was inundated with water and a search for their bodies have had to be put on hold because there was a threat of more rain and flooding. >> and now your storm team 4 forecast. we could really use that rain here, but no rain for the next couple of days and a very dry spell shaping up here. one thing you can do, wash that
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car. you got that right. get the car washed and dry for another couple of days and it looks like maybe even for most of the next week here as we move on through the next few days and sunshine across the region and temperature, 85 degrees and low humidity after what was another very cool start to the day. temperatures around the region and 84 frederick and 79 north pa tuxet river and cooler and 78 degrees over toward annapolis. there is the storm team 4 radar and just no rain to talk about anywhere arne our region. the closest area is down to the south down toward florida and you can see the storm bringing high clouds up towards our region and those are not going to affect us at all. they make keep temperatures up a little bit overnight tonight, but that will be about it and all of this because of a dominant area of high pressure that really is completely dominating from dallas up toward boston and down to the south and the exception is the area of low pressure down toward the south and that won't move our way and neither will these storms and this is the reason why they have
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the rain out toward california and utah, but these areas of low pressure that have the moisture are moving way to the north and what that means for us is it is going to stay warm and dry for the next week or so. we are going to see some changes later on into the week, but we need the rain and we are three inches below average. one thing of low pressure does for us, cools the temperature, and 53 degrees tomorrow night and 53 in kull pepper and some areas could get down into the upper 40s and some areas did have some areas of fog early this morning, too and high temperatures tomorrow and right back into the 80s and 86 in wash and 86 in washington and i mentioned the nice weather last and 86 friday and 88 on saturday, but notice down to 80 on sunday and that's when a cold front comes through and then we'll see some bigger changes. tom has that and what it means for the pope's visit coming up at 5:45. >> thank you, doug. i posted it on facebook, too, and it's trending across the
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country and all about this kid why even president obama is trying to get him to come to washington. >> plus an exclusive tour a year before the opening of the mgm casino and what you can expect at national harbor. >> a starting quarterback, and a conversion ban anda i drive to
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you're watching news 4 at 5:00. a popular d.c. restaurant when downtown is open again after a salmonella outbreak shut it down for nearly a week. there are ten confirmed cases and dozens more illnesses possibly linked to fig and olive. news 4's mark segraves is there with the latest from the restaurant and the health department. mark? >> reporter: hey, jim. yeah, behind me is the development known as city center and the new development in northwest washington. fig and olive is one of the premiere restaurants inside this development and tonight it is reopened, but not everything is on their menu. >> two items that will no longer be served at that facility which are truffle fries and a mushroom croquette. >> reporter: those two menu items are what most likely caused customers to become ill, but they're not sure what ingredient in those dishes may have carried the salmonella.
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the investigation is still ongoing. right now we have ten confirmed cases of salmonella. there are 60 people who have reported illnesses, and then we have 150 cases that we're still investigating. >> no one at the restaurant would talk to us today and security guard stopped us from taking pictures of the restaurant and this is not related to the national outbreak of salmonella linked to cucumbers. >> and they don't think it was a sick employee either. >> we do not have anything definitively to trace it to a particular employee. >> reporter: so, pat, what we can tell you now is that fig and olive, they did not return our calls, but they did post a statement online saying that they increased their safety protocols here and they have sanitized the entire restaurant. >> coming up at 6:00. we'll tell you what violations health inspectors found here beyond the cause of the salmonella and we'll tell you what happened with all of the food they had before being
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closed down. pat, back to you. >> mark segraves, thanks, mark. >> right now you may be asking the all-important question, what's for dinner tonight? >> new data out from the cdc suggests there is a good possibility the option could be fast food. researchers looked at fast food and young people between 2011 and 2012 and what they found is that on any given day about a third of kids and teenagers in this country ate something from a fast food restaurant. that's about the same level that we saw back in the '90s. for those that did eat out it made up for 12% of those kids' daily calories and slightly higher than adults. one somewhat surprising finding, researchers say gender weight and poverty did not play a significant factor in fast food consumption. >> it does remain a national health concern and that number has been holding steady around 17% for the past decade. >> the starting quarterback of
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the washington redskins drives his grandma's conversion van. it's right here in the parking lot for all to see, but kirk cousins says his drive to win despite that season-opening loss is as strong as ever. >> i learned a lot. i gained confidence, and became a better quarterback. i grew a lot and learned a lot. >> kocins has confidence in his ability to adapt on the fly and to hold on to his job. >> it is a beneficial role. it feels a little more stable, and i want to take full advantage of it and keep building day after day. >> too busy team building to buy a new ride and cousin says this baby has 130,000 miles. >> sometimes our swagger is having no swagger. >> and i do drive a conversion van right now, and i'm working on that trying to get another car here and to bike into work
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and to be productive and i think it will work and let's win football games. >> nothing guaranteed in the nfl, stands for not for long and cousins does not want to have to live in the van down by the river. in redskins park, carol maloney, news 4, sports. the #istand withahmed. he's a high school student in texas and he was arrested after he brought a homemade electric clock to work and he called police and the charges were dropped and now the invites are pouring in. president obama invited him to bring the clock to the white house and mark zuckerberg said he wants to meet the budding scientists. >> i took it to school to show my teachers. in my perspective, it didn't look like a bomb. i invited him to come to
5:36 pm
washington, d.c. so we recognize the encouragement to continue what he's doing. >> ahmed's just 14, nassau also invited him to visit their jet propulsion lab. a guilty plea today from the man accused of setting fire to that cvs in baltimore following the death of freddie gray. ramone carter was caught on surveillance video trying to set fire to pharmaceuticals ebb side the door and using paper to set the store shelves on fire and it's caused more than a million dollars worth of damage and carter pled guilty to federal charges including arson and rioting and faces four years in prison. >> if you know anyone who has had to struggle to find expensive day care for kids and now more parents in virginia may not have to worry about that any longer. a 5 and 6-year-old were walking along this busy roadway in reston to get to elementary school and it has no sidewalk
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and their father was concerned about their safety. i'll tell you about the fairfax
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this week's wednesday's child is a little guy with a smile that lights up the world with his many challenges you may think this toddler has little to smile about, but not only is he just a really happy kid, he makes all those who meet him smile, too. we paid a visit to his foster home the other day and saw why social workers are hopeful he will soon find a loving, adoptive family. ♪ ♪ >> meet seth, a happy 3-year-old who is curious about the world around him, and while he found the wonderful voice of music teacher katie mahachey very soothing, he wasn't ready to doze off for a nap. he seemed ready to get up and move if only he could. >> hi, seth. it's so nice to see you. >> seth tries very hard to get around, but has challenges.
5:41 pm
>> he was born very premature and so at this point he has issues with possible cerebral palsy. >> seth has been in foster care since infancy. >> he's been in care for two and a half years and he is making slow and steady progress. >> he loves katie's music and was anxious to join in. >> seth is the most cheerful, playful baby. >> those who work with him say seth is making progress and it's hoped he may one day be able to communicate better and develop his motor skills. >> and with hope, eventually be able to walk probably with an assistance of a device. >> with seth's spirit and spunk, we think he might surprise a lot of folks. >> his doctors are keeping open
5:42 pm
the possibility. ♪ ♪ >> what a cute young man. he is so sweet and smiling all of the time. if you have room in your home or heart for seth or another child who is waiting, call our special adoption hot line and the number is 1-88 to adopt me or visit wednesday's child at barbara, thanks so much, a fine-tune performance for the pontiff. how one local choir is hoping to stand out in the crowd. >> it's been a year since mgm national harbor broke ground. what is the project looking like right now? >> we're still scheduled to
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only on 4 tonight, we're giving you an up close and personal look at the mgm national harbor and we're one year into the construction hospital, and it is taking shape as the hotel does. what can we expect to see in the
5:46 pm
year to come? tracee wilkins with the story you will see only on news 4, tracee? >> reporter: pat, they have a year to go, and i am hearing in six months we are going to see the wall of this structure take shape. take a look at what it's looking like right now. mostly what you're seeing here is the parking garage. it will be a state-of-the-art pashing garage. this is a massive project and we talked to the ceo and he said it's built that way. >> imagine sitting here having a nice dinner being looking through this reflecting pool out on to the potomac and over to virginia. >> when mgm ceo describes mgm national harbor, it's clear he is in love with this project. >> this is wantnot a casino. this is an international resort. >> a year in, his vision is starting to take shape. >> this corner here will be the hotel. >> it's almost knife-like in terms of the edge. >> the area that curves around
5:47 pm
the hotel will be where the lobby is going to be and vip parking. >> and the inspiration are some of the monuments here in washington, d.c.. >> over here will be the theater. >> we'll get an usher in there or clapton to play music for us. >> as the project marches on, in federal court mgm is battling a suit alleging that minority contractors were not given fair opportunity to bid on projects. murren says it has no merit. >> we have achieved not only everything we promised, but we will have achieved a stronger minority participation than in any project in the history of prince georges county. >> reporter: murren says when the project is complete it will be the most expensive and lavish resort in maryland's history. >> we are building a $1.3 billion international resort. >> what you're seeing -- >> reporter: the site safety manager for the project says it will normally take five years to build, but with their ambitious schedule --
5:48 pm
>> we are still scheduled to finish up the end of next year. >> reporter: now you're taking a look at the impressive set of cranes, nine of them. the project together. coming up on news 4 at 6:00, there have been a lot of questions about what's going to happen to the existing cats inones in maryland when this one ope. jim murren says that's a good question to have and he answers it. tracee wilkins reporting live from the national harbor. back to you in the studio. >> thank you. >> tom kierein is here to tell us more about what's coming tonight. >> yes, we've been searching for words to describe this weather and i've run out of words in english. >> i found one word in english, that i haven't used yet and it's salubri our, us. >> and it's not after i go to google. >> more than two syllable is ani lost it. >> put down your ping-pong paddle, jim, don't come at me with that pipping pong paddle.
5:49 pm
>> pollen county is up because the weeds are up and the weeds along the toe path last week and the weed pollen is in the moderate range and it will stay that way here probably for the next several days as long as we stay warm and dry and we are dry. all of this area in yellow is normally dry includes most of virginia and the metro area and the panhandle of west virginia and the eastern shore and you can certainly see it. a lot of the lawns are dry and we are needing the rain and temperatures right now are in the mid-80s in the metro area and shenandoah valley is out of the mountains, too. and overnight tonight dropping back into the 70s and low 7 s under a clear sky and by dawn it will be down into the 50s much of the region and by 8:00, jumping right back into the 60s by mid-morning and you'll need the fleece tomorrow morning waiting for the bus and waiting for the metro and you'll be comfortable with the shorts and you won't need the umbrella and
5:50 pm
sunglasses and we'll have more bright sun again during the day tomorrow. >> after we're in the 50s and cooling down tonight, tomorrow afternoon jumping into the mid-80s with sunshine and again on friday and the mid-80s with sunshine and the andrews air show is on saturday and beautiful day for that and joint admission on base andrews and highs in the upper 08s during the afternoon. the big change coming our way and the high pressure will be giving us the warm, dry weather and the low pressure comes up along the coast early next week and giving us an easterly flow and a lot of clouds and maybe each a little bit of rain so that's the big change coming our way and sunday's high 70s to around 808 and highs in the 70s as you get into next week and as pope francis arrives on tuesday and into wednesday, we do have a slight chance of some light rain under a mostly cloudy sky and in the 70. that's the way it looks. >> thank you, tom. >> singers from across our area have just one week left until they have the opportunity of a lifetime when pope francis has
5:51 pm
mass next week in washington and they'll have the honor of singing for him. as news 4's ericerica gonzaleze plains getting here wasn't easy. >> reporter: behind these walls of st. mark's catholic church are the best voices in the washington area. nervously rehearsing for what may be one of their most important performances of their lives. singing for the pope during his historic visit to washington. >> i'm very excited right now. jonathan kirby is a student of catholic university and he's one of 90 singers joined the mass choir. >> sitting 50 feet or closer to the pope is a once in a lifetime experience and especially to be a part of the service will be extremely humbling. >> kristin brown is from kensington maryland. she's a music teacher at a catholic school, a soprano in
5:52 pm
the choir, and i think that would just be the most holiest thing. >> for jim shaler, this won't be the first time performing for a pope. he sang for pope benedict at nationals park back in 2008 and he says this time will be different. >> this is really a wonderful spiritual moment for america and for the pope. this is the first time he's going to get to introduce himself up close and personal to the american people. >> under the direction of thomas, the papal choir will sing 25 pieces. >> you know, we're trying to somehow catch the spirit of our new pope. >> so the music is supposed to reflect all of that. >> staly helped hand pick the 90 choir members from a group of 230. the diversity of the ambition of who we are as catholics is represented in this event and that's quite intentional. >> and they know, they've got a
5:53 pm
lot of work ahead of them. >> it's really daunting. it's a 12 to 15-hour a day task about this time and it's exciting and it's also grueling and it takes a lot of work. >> particularly when you've got 90 different people from a lot of different parishes and a lot of different musical experiences. >> but singers say all that practice will be worth it when they finally get to perform for the pope. >> i'll be so happy, so happy to be singing. >> erika gonzalez, news 4. dangerous sidewalks in fairfax. one parent reached out to news 4 when they saw kids walking to school. we'll show you what we found when we went to
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5:56 pm
a fairfax county father is extremely concerned after seeing this video of his young sons walking to school by a busy road where there is no sidewalk.
5:57 pm
>> the family lives less than a mile from the school so the boys don't qualify to take the bus. their father contacted news 4 about this. chris gordon joins us live from south lakes drive in reston with the school system's reaction and what happens next, chris? >> reporter: hi. news 4 safety regulations require i wear a safety vest when working near traffic and imagine the concern ever barry quinn when they realize 5 or 6-year-old sons are walking on this dirt path because there is no sidewalk in this section of south lakes drive and they were walking alone to get to school. >> buckle the seat belts. >> ryan quinn says he can lose his job driving his sons to and from. >> my job is in jeopardy, but i would rather put my job in
5:58 pm
jeopardy than the life of my kids. >> they were walking along a worn path long south lakes drive. >> they have no regards to safety at such a young age. >> they shot the cell phone video of the boys walking to school. >> cars are coming and someone could take a split second for the kids to goof around and one goes right in the road. >> and fairfax county requires students who live closer than a mile from school to walk. >> today news 4 brought the attention to the fairfax county, and student safety is always our priority. the school has been working with the family to resolve this issue and has suggested safety alternative walking routes. the walking routes shown in the video is not one recommended by fcps or the school. today we looked at one of those alternatives from the whisper wood cluster where the boys live and there is a paved path
5:59 pm
running between the high school and middle school with no traffic at all and it leads directly to terrasack elementary seven minutes to get toddle ementry school. >> now brian quinn told me he didn't know that path existed and he took a look at it this evening and he's still not comfortable letting his 5 and 6-year-old sons walk it alone to get to school. and the fairfax public schools say that his concern about safety continues, they can apply for an exemption to get his kids transported by school bus. that's the latest live in fairfax county, chris gordon, news 4. >> now at 6:00, the room's ready and so are the podiums and the republican presidential debate and one quick question where donald trump would survive september as the gop front-runn front-runner. >> and without a good performance tonight and chris lawrence will show us who has to come out swinging, first to
6:00 pm
nbc's jay gray. he begins our team coverage live from the ronald reagan library in california. hi, jay. >> reporter: hi there, doreen and jim. the bastion of republican history and the home to one of its heroes is a very important night for the republican candidates here and donald trump comes into this as the leader in the polls. he's got a lot of momentum and a big target on his back. >>. >> round two in what's been a republican free for all is just hours away. 15 candidates, two debates and one front-runner. >> i hear they're all going after me. whatever. >> reporter: outspoken, some say outrageous and holding the outright lead among republican, some are calling on donald trump to ship on rally mode and deliver specifics of his presidential platform. >> we'll come out with some lanes in a very short time. >> while challengers are trying to make time with voters in a crowded field. >> ben carson and carly fiorina


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