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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  September 17, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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protecting pope francis. >> but first, new fallout from last night's republican presidential debate. did donald trump disappoint and who may have stolen the spotlight? we have team coverage and chris lawrence with a look at some of the controversial exchanges between the candidates, but we begin with edward lawrence with reaction from capitol hill. edward? >> isn't this interesting to watch in two candidates and people are talking about both carly fiorina and governor chris christie were very well prepared for the big stage. >> i'm donald trump. >> all eyes were on donald trump, but it was carly fiorina who captivated viewers, pouncing on trump's jab about her face. >> i think women all over this country heard very clearly what mr. trump said. [ applause ] >> reporter: she then talked policy coming out very strongly against russian president vladimir putin and defunding planned parenthood. >> this is about the character of our nation. while highlighting her career as a ceo. >> think i successfully
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introduced myself to those who did not know me, and demonstrated once again that i am the most qualified candidate. >> experts agree. she sounded well versed, presidential, up to the task. another standout, governor chris christie, they could care less about your careers. they care about theirs. he made his mark by bringing the debate back to the middle class. >> folks understand they want someone in the oval office who will understand their problems and will hear them. >> >> he supports clinton. >> i get along with everybody. >> when he asks florida to have casino gambling we said no. >> wrong. >> we said no and that's the simple fact. >> don't make this up, jeb! >> there is a long haul in this, and i'm confident that i will pick up steam going forward. >> confidence will be the key for candidates who say their debate performance will help them pick up support. >> and when asked, flat-out if on nbc if she won last night, carly fiorina said, quote, she
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was very satisfied with the debate. reporting live on capitol hill, edward lawrence, doreen, back to you. >> with 11 candidates on the stage and more than three hours of heated accusations, fact checkers have been busy breaking down the debate and news 4's chris lawrence is here with the debate. >> the candidates tossed around accusations, but we went to work to figure out if they're actually true. >> let's take another look at that spat between donald trump. >> the one guy that had special interests that tried to get me to change my views on something that was generous and gave me money was donald trump. he wanted casino gambling in florida. >> i did not. >> yes, you did. you wanted it and you didn't get it because i was opposed to casino gambling, before, during and after and i'm not going to be bought by anybody. >> in this case, bush knew his facts. trump never directly petitioned the state for gambling, but he hosted a fund-raiser for bush
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back in the '90s while he was pursuing a casino project in florida. trump doubled down on one of his previous claims that being vaccinated against diseases can cause kids to develop autism. the man standing next to him was a doctor and ben carson said autism is not associated with vaccines. by all accounts the night belonged to carly fiorina, but she claimed as ceo she doubled the size of hewlett-packard, that's true, but she left it was almost entirely due to the acquisition of compaq. fiorina cut 30,000 jobs during her tenure and it went from $100 a share to $20. one candidate tossed numbers on the iran nuclear deal. the u.s. isn't giving the iranians any money. the deal is simply unfreezes assets that iran already has and that exact number is still up for debate. >> chris lawrence, thanks,
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chris. a teenager was viciously attacked by a pit bull yesterday. police say the boy has bite wounds from head to toe. the kid is still recovering. this all happened inside the home of a dog sitter, and tonight we're learning what will happen to that dog involved. pat collins in arlington now with more on this. pat? >> reporter: jim, the attack dog is in lockup. the victim's in the hospital. police are calling the incident serious. the attacking dog, police say, a pit bull. picked up by animal control officers yesterday. the dog in a quarantine state, no decision about what will happen next. police say the victim is 17-year-old boy attacked yesterday at this home on eighth street south in arlington. >> our victim sustained bite winds, literally from head to
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toe. >> nearby neighbors surprised by what happened here. >> 17 years old. >> 17 years old. a minor. >> yes. >> wow! that's scary. that's pretty crazy. i was wondering what was going on? you saw the police? >> yeah. there were quite a few. >> you saw the animal control. >> yeah. >> the police say the home is used as a sitting service for pit bulls. they say five dogs were in the house at the time. two got into a fight. the teen tried to break it up and that's when he was attacked. >> his intervention resulted in the fact that one of the dogs turned on him and him suffering severe injuries landing him in the hospital. >> i'm with channel 4. >> reporter: at that house today, there were people, but no comment. at one point, they did protest the police account of the incident standing on the lawn with signs that said false story, false story.
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now there are no charges here. it's not illegal to own a pit bull in arlington. doreen, back to you. >> pat collins, thank you. now to the big event that's set to rival any presidential inauguration in our city. tens of thousands of people will be in d.c. next week for a chance to see pope francis and tonight the director of the secret service is talking only to news 4 about the challenges that come with the pope's visit. mark segraves has our report. >> reporter: certainly pope prancis wants to be among the people and that's very important to him to be with the people and get as many people the opportunity to see him as possible. >> pope francis has a reputation for being a pope of the people, and he's made that clear to the secret service. >> they've expressed that to you that this pope really wants to engage with people. >> very much so, and i think when you look at his schedule,
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it's an ambitious schedule that he's trying to see as many people that he can on this trip to washington. >> pope francis won't just be meeting with president obama and members of congress, he'll also attend a mass with homeless families. it is unique, but not unlike other visits that the presidents or vice presidents do. so again, we just adapt and we'll have a very secure site. >> director clancy is also preparing for when the popemobile circles the ellipse. ? they allowed us to walk us behind the popemobile as it traveled through the vatican, how do the people react to the pope and how does the pope react to the audience? how does vatican security react? >> of course, the secret service has to prepare for the worst-case scenarios. >> lone wolf is a concern as well as a group attack or an ied and any of those are a concern. >> director clancy says they don't plan for one specific threat. they have a plan in plan that
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encompasses a wide range of scenarios. mark segraves, news 4. >> you'll be able to stay on top of the latest road closures and security alerts by downloading the nbc washington app throughout the pope's visit. we will send out alerts whenever new, major road closures are announced. a big decision by the federal reserve today. the fed announced it will keep u.s. interest rates at their record lows. the rates have been at or near zero for nine years now. some people thought today might be the day that the fed raised those rates and that chair jessica yellin cited increasing fears about low inflation and global financial problems, particularly problems in china. the stock market cut a boost immediately with that announcement and only slight gains ands losses. the dow lost 65 points and the independent counsel finished up four points and the s&p dropped
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five. new at 6:00, some bizarre twists in the pretrial motions for a man accused of killing three people in alexandria. an expert whose diagnosis could play a large role in the trial admitted today it was the first time he's ever seen charles severance in person, but that wasn't the moment that got one victim's family so upset that they left the courtroom. here's julie carey. >> reporter: the family of nancy dunning last year just after charles severance was indicted for the popular the realsor's murder and those of two other well known alexandria residents, ron kishy and ruth ann ledato, it finally meant exoneration for the sheriff jim dunning. today the defense made it clear they will put a new spotlight on evidence against the former sheriff. for example a 911 call in which he's heard calling his wife's death a murder before the cause of death was known. a prosecutor fought the cause of death calling it a continued
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denigration of of a dead man in front of his friends and family. the dunning family i haves believy upset left the courtroom after the judge ruled in favor of the lawyers got the go ahead brick this man to the trial. he admitted today in court marks the first time he's ever laid eyes on charles severance. severance refused to be examined by him. he's formed an opinion about his mental health by reading hundreds of pages of writings and by talking to the defendant's friends and family. his diagnosis, a personality disorder with mixed paranoid and schizo disorder. kill authority, listen to their screams. prosecutors believe his murderous rantings show motive. the trial starts october 5th. the judge delayed until next week a ruling on one other key issue, whether to grant the media request to allow cameras
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at trial. i'm julie kay, news 4. >> american airlines flights are back in the air at three major airports tonight after a ground stop at dallas, chicago and miami today. the airline says it has fixed the computer problem that caused a widespread outage for about two hours this afternoon. no word on how many flights were affected. the airline is expected to finish combining reservation systems for american and the u.s. airways subsidiary in about a month. combining it has tripped up other airlines in the past. >> they're trying to assess the damage after a powerful earthquake rattled chile. tonight there are new pictures throughout the disaster and they're helping to save lives there. >> a 94-year-old veteran may have died from west nile virus. what one local witness is fighting a mosquito problem and why local residents are not happy about it. >> police crack down on a
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dangerous practice. another beautiful day today and tomorrow looks good, too. this weekend, however, and by the time the pope arrives, well the time the pope arrives, well we might have some
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tonight, nearly 1 million people are waiting to see if they can return home after a massive earthquake hit chile. dozens of powerful aftershocks rattled the region today. at least ten people died when
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the 8.3 magnitude quake shook the central coast of chile last night. officials say that number could climb as emergency crews reach the hardest-hit areas. the damage is extensive and it could take weeks or months to clean up all of the debris. the strongest earthquake ever recorded happened here in chile in 1960. since then there have been changes to building codes and warning systems and many say that helped save lives this time. a mother who is also a world war ii veteran may be the latest person to die from west nile virus in maryland. we are learning tonight more about the victim and what the city of laurel is doing to stop the virus from spreading. bureau chief, tracee wilkins with that report. tracee? >> reporter: jim, part of what they're doing is happening right now behind me inside of the city council building and they are meeting with residents and talking to them about west nile virus and how to stay safe. >> for this to occur at this
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stage of her life is this tragic. >> a coding to her family, 94-year-old dorothy mount died more than a week ago from west nile virus. dorothy is a world war ii vet who served in the navy. when she took ill her daughter took her to the veterans center where she passed a few days later. >> it's how bad the disease can be because it took her pretty quick. >> it's devastating. he was looking at a neighborhood blog discussing mosquito spraying and some people are for and some people against and this adds a newell ement to it. the neighborhood was spread twice this summer and there are several no-spray zones and some neighbors opt out and their homes are skipped. >> whether you're if are or against spraying, protect yourself. we are asking the residents to take a real hard look at their property to eliminate any sources of stagnant water.
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>> reporter: as it stands the maryland department of health and mental hygiene has not confirmed the cause of death, but the city of laurel is waiting for the response from the state. >> once we receive the information from the department of agriculture we'll work with them as far as coordinating a response. >> mount was such a fixture in the community this meeting is the kind of meeting she would have been involved with. now again, they are telling residents to dump all water in their yards and to be careful because this is the end of the mosquito season they are not going to be testing for west nile, but they are going to spray that neighborhood one more time coming this sunday. reporting live in laurel, i'm tracee wilkins, back to you in the studio. >> thanks, tracee. according to the centers for disease control, most people who are infected with west nile virus will show no symptoms. however, about 20% will snow symptoms such as a headache, bodyaches, joint pains and they'll suffer vomiting and
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diarrhea or a rash. about 1% of patients will develop neurologic symptoms such as meningitis. a tragedy on the train tracks has a community in virginia to take extra steps to keep people safe. we told you about a teenager that was killed by a train while taking pictures with his girlfriend in montgomery county. people in virginia are learning about his story and the consequences of trespassing. news 4's chris gordon is live in burke tonight with more. chris? >> doreen, here in fairfax conte, last year there were three fatality on train tracks and two of them were juveniles. police have launched a new campaign to crack down and stop trespassing on the tracks. in between the trains, fairfax county police patrolled the tracks, and working with special investigators from norfolk southern railroad. they are stopping students from
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lake braddock high school who were taking short cuts across the tracks to get home or to the local shopping center. basically, they're playing chicken with the trains that are coming through here at about 60 miles an hour. kids will jump in front of the train and wait until it gets close and they'll jump out of the way. >> today officers targeted four dangerous track locations in fairfax county. as part of the crackdown, 800 pamphlets have been handed out to make the community aware that trespassing on railroad property can be deadly. >> they were receptive to the message that we were trying to share with the community and they wanted to make sure they keep their children safe and loved ones safe. >> lucy caldwell helped organize this campaign to educate the community. today she spoke publicly for the first time about a personal loss. >> my family was impacted a bit over a year ago. it was someone who was extremely close to my family who died on the tracks, and it never goes
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away. and you think about it and we always will. >> police say for safety's sake, stay off the tracks. that's the latest, live in fairfax county, jim, back to you. >> thanks, chris. >> a hero's welcome at the white house for the three men that interrupted a terror attack on a train in france. anthony sadler, alek skarlatos and spencer stone stopped a gunman on a paris-bound train last month. they were childhood friends and on vacation at the time. president obama said they represent the best of america. they have received already the highest honor that can be bestowed by the nation of france. they also received a parade in california and now today a meeting with the president. a man arrested for shooting into a metro bus, but tonight
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troubling new details about his past and why he was allowed on the street in the first place. you might want to get ready to pay tolls on one of the busiest routes in northern virginia. tonight we'll take a closer look at the changes, the construction and the impact it might have on motorists there. it's becoming a common occurrence on metro, but findi
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and now your storm team 4 forecast. >> storm team 4 we can be called sun team 4 over the next couple of days and that's all we've got and we do have a lot of sunshine left and that's what we're seeing out there. 83 degrees and winds out of the south at 10 miles an hour with that ash bundant sunshine. we've seen a lot of it over the past few days with this beautiful area of high pressure across the region and that means a nice, cool, overnight temperatures and nice, warm,
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afternoon high temperatures. look at the numbers and 81 gaithersburg and 83 in washington and 79 down toward la rhea and a very nice morning and a great day, plenty of sunshine and no rain. again, we do need to see the rain and it does look like we'll get some in there. it's not moving this way and the area of high pressure dekeeping all of these clouds and all of that rain plummeting south florida. clear skies today and nice conditions. 56 manassas and 56 toward fredericksburg and a cool start to the day tomorrow once again and a very nice start. high temperatures tomorrow into the mid to upper 80s and 84 in mart insburg, once again tomorrow with this area of high pressure and we'll see plenty of sunshine and it will last through the day on saturday. a lot of events going on on saturday. take a look at this one. andrews air force base and they have the air show out there and the thunder birds taking off and plenty of sunshine and hot and a bit humid and high temperatures in the upper 80s and bring the
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umbrella for the shade, at least the sunglasses because again it will be a very hot day and another great event happening in bethesda. they will shut down kordell avenue and have a great, vent for the armed forces day. so come out for that, as well. i'll probably be hitting that on saturday afternoon and take a look at the numbers and 87 on your friday and 88 on saturday and 80 on sunday and that's when things start to go downhill just a little bit and sunday we have a cold front that will come through ask that will knock temperatures down, and most areas staying low to the mid-70s on saturday and high temperature of 77 and the pope comes on tuesday and more of an in-depth look at the forecast and i'll have that for you in just a few minutes. >> thank you, doug. a troubling new twist in the metro bus shooting case. why police say the suspect should have been locked up weeks before the attack. i'm adam tuss, high above i-66 in northern virginia. a major plan to improve the
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traffic on the road and it means big construction and delays. >> and we'll show you how the basilica in northeast d.c. is being transformed for pope francis' first mass in th
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now at 6:30, a man arrested for shooting at a metro bus and hitting someone inside. yet suspect was back on the streets just months after being charged in another crime. yet another scathing report about metro. we'll tell you what the transit agency is being told to change after that deadly smoke incident. think traffic on i-66 is bad right now? wait until you see what's coming next. >> this is no one's idea of a perfect project. >> and in preparation for the pope. a look at how things are coming along at catholic university.
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and he's got one of the biggest smiles you'll ever see. how a high school is rallying around one of their own in need. >> tonight, we are learning more about the major plans to address that awful traffic on i-66 in northern virginia. the traffic involves big changes both inside and outside the beltway and as transportation reporter adam tuss reports it could be disruptive to traffic and homeowners. >> reporter: if you want to reshape the road to get around the crawling traffic and that there will be construction pain and that is coming to the i-66 community. >> you have to be honest, it's going to be impactful. i wish i had another way around that and we will try to manage it. 66 is about to change. specifically outside the beltway, toll lanes are planned with new entry and exit points and interchanges and
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neighborhoods will have to be reshaped to get it done and about a dozen homes are slated and dolores has worked in this home next to the highway for 42 years and she's been told she's probably going. >> i don't know if they could do it another way without, you know, taking all of the houses here. >> virginia delegate mark king represents the area where homes would go. he says would tobacco nice fit be nice for them to talk directly with the residents. >> but 66 is changing and not just outside the beltway and inside the beltway, rush hour tolls are planned and could cost as much as $9 one way. >> we have an app that details all of the plans and just search i-66 plans. back to you. >> d.c. muriel, mariel bowser
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says the city is taking steps to cut down on non-emergency calls to 911. the district has seen a surge. the average down from 3800 calls a day to 4800 calls a day. non-ambulance calls should be responding to real emergencies. >> we are doing more broad, public education about how and when and where people can access transportation. in some cases they need to go to the emergency room. in some cases that i need to go to the doctor. in other cases we know that we have a lot of calls that do not require us to send the engine and an ambulance. >> 22 new call center employees graduated from training today. 11 of them will be call takers. the other 11 dispatchers. it's the first class in more than five years. some court documents that were just released revealed some new details about a shooting on a metro bus and an incident that
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caused metro to temporarily abandon that route. >> police arrested the gunman last night. we have learned that a victim on the bus may have also been shooting, but it's the system that was released from jail that highlights the fear of the mayor and police chief. here's mark segraves. >> reporter: brown is charged with the august shooting of a man on a metro bus. brown had been charged with shooting another man just months before the metro bus shooting. in february, brown was charged about assault with a deadly weapon. the prosecutors allowed him to plead to a lesser crime and he was release said. court documents show brown promised the judge he would return to school and get his high school diploma as well as a job. brown told the court he was sorry for the shooting and explained because the men he shot had had attacked him earlier in the day. brown was released in july. police say weeks later he was
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seen on surveillance video firing a gun on a metro bus. he was arrested at the home of a man he shot on that bus and he used the case to illustrate the need for tougher sentencing for violent gun offenders? to see if the punishment met the charges and if the sentences were actually carried out. >> prior to the first shooting brown had no criminal record as an adult. in the newsroom, mark segraves, news 4. smoke and fire episodes have become more common place on metro and there is a new report that says the transit agency needs to improve the way it responds to events like that. a report from the american public transportation association says that metro needs better coordination at its rail control center in order to make better decisions on the fly. the peer review also says that metro lacks the proper training t5ow to operate its
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ventilation systems. that report was done in the wake of deadly plaza smoke episode in january. a rider died from that incident. the countdown is on for one of the biggest events in washington. we go behind the scenes in the basilica as the pope prepares for pope francis' first mass in the u.s. there's help for a local high school student in need of a new wheelchair. we'll show you how the community responded and
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one of the highlights of the pope's visit to d.c. next week will be a mass, and today the archbishop of washington gave us an idea of what the pope might talk about when he celebrates mass at the basilica. meagan fitzgerald has more on preparations for that special event. >> reporter: there's so much anticipation around pope francis' first visit to the united states. >> i think people are excited that he's coming. he's pretty amazing. >> that's why here on the east portico of the basilica, crews are getting things ready and in order for the historic mass that will take place right here. it was hours ago that workers will raise the roof as he celebrates mass. many are wondering what pope francis will talk about when he gives his homily. of course, no one knows for sure, but we asked the cardinal
6:40 pm
as he toured the east portico to observe the progress being made and he had a few ideas. >> i think we'll be hearing a call for solidarity, human solidarity and he's going to remind us that we are all brothers and sisters on this planet. >> the cardinal will also think the pope will talk about the importance of taking care of our planet, but he was quick to point out that he doesn't believe the pontiff was political. >> whatever message pope francis delivers on wednesday, there will be anxious people awaiting his arrival. >> even though it's all in spanish and we don't know a word of spanish, they're very excited just to see him. >> reporter: reporting in northeast, meagan fitzgerald, news 4. tonight 93 people from 33 countries are new u.s. citizens. it is the largest group ever naturalized on citizenship day in alexandria. >> the mayor calls it an inspiring and moving, vent. citizenship day celebrates native born and naturalized
6:41 pm
citizens since 1787. coming up tonight, an incredible outpouring of support to help a special needs student in maryland. >> given his situation and the pain he goes through every day and the pain and trials that he's had in his life, he
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i'm chris lawrence here in the live desk and we're following some breaking news in laurel. we just learned that there's been an accident between a tour bus and a car. we've learned one person in the car has been critically injured. there were 59 people onboard the bus. none of them appear to be hurt. this occurred on fort meade road right off route 1 in laurel near laurel mradza and chopper 4 is on the way to the scene and
6:45 pm
we'll update you as soon as we get more information. at the live deck, i'm chris lawrence. a local student with a debilitating illness is inspiring a community. the 19-year-old attends high school in montgomery county and he's in desperate need of a new wheelchair. enter a caring teacher and hundreds of his best friends to start a heart warming fund-raiser. >>. >> our melissa malay reports from watkinsville high school on a very popular and very grateful student. >> how are you, sir? >> doing all right? >> he has a smile that illuminates the halls and has transformed hearts at watkinsville high school. >> given the situation and the pain he goes through every day and the pain and trials he's had in his life he continues to smile. >> and right now a reason for ebber's gorgeous grin to stretch even wider. >> i don't know what to say.
6:46 pm
because it's amazing. >> a fund-raising campaign started this summer by teachers and classmates. the goal, $25,000 to get ebro a new wheelchair. i've watched this chair go into the dumps and the brakes are falling apart and there's no foot rest and no support and it's making his body worse, and so we needed to take action. >> there's consistent and constant pain, but he doesn't talk about it. he just deals with it. >> the campaign started with a bake sale and pep rally and this online video and go fund me page. students here are all over social media with a hash tag chair for ebru. >> we wouldn't let any other student go through what he was going through and we'll help everyone anyone in the community. >> in a big high school sometimes you might think
6:47 pm
there's nobody that really cares, but our kids really care. >> when eber came to the u.s. six years ago he didn't have a chair at all. his father would carry him from class to class. >> hi, abraham. >> he has had this chair since he was 13 and was donated by the lolly. foundation that rehabs medical equipment for children. >> a power wheelchair would allow him to be independent and potentially to look further, because he is 19, the ability for him to get around in the world beyond just watkins. >> but hitting the goal of $25,000 doesn't mean these students will stop. his parents work multiple jobs and could only dream of of a medical van to help get him and his five siblings around. the extra money could be used for that or anything else to help with his medical needs. >> he deserves more than i can even give him. i love him to death. i really do. we're going to be best friends
6:48 pm
for life. there's no question in my mind. i think about that every day. >> in gaithersburg, melissa malay, news 4. to donate you can go to our nbc washington app and search wheelcha wheelchair. once there, you'll find a link to his go fund me page. that's quite a community. >> good for those kids and everybody in that school. >> very, very cool. >> indeed. >> so you're going to tell us what's -- what to expect for weather for the pope's visit. >> the pope is coming in and i think he's bringing clouds. >> you know, i don't know, but the clouds are coming in after all of this sunshine. >> no. there must be some mistake, doug. it's all coming up cloudy and not just cloud, but a chance for showers and this week's been nothing, but spectacular. 83 degrees and that's the current number and sun goes down at 7:16 and we continue to lose a lot of time, and a lot of
6:49 pm
daylight out there. temperatures dropping to about 79 next hour and 70ing dids by 11:00 and another cool night. gaith ursburg, 82 manassas and campus spring coming in at 82 degrees and the radar has been dry for quite some time now and it will stay dry over the next few days and tomorrow's forecast, sunny and warm, still dry and temperature, 83 to 88 degrees and it will be warmer than it has been. i mentioned this earlier, we've been only about an inch and a half since august first and we are bilow average with the rain and it will come, but it will have a tough time getting here and 87 tomorrow and 88 on saturday and the weekend being looking very dry and on sunday this is deceiving and sunday 80ing dids and that's ahead of the cold front and that cold front comes through and drops temperatures and picks up wind and monday, tuesday and wednesday and look at the cloud cover here and not just cloud cover, but we set up the chance for shower activity as the storm system lingers off the coast and that will bring in a pretty strong, northeasterly breeze and
6:50 pm
it will be breezy and rather dreary and maybe a few showers just in time for the pope and we'll continue to watch this for you over the next couple of days. >> thanks, doug. we have sports coming up and a whole bunch of embarrassing moments for our football team. one of the worst had to be the game against the rams. remember that? the one last year? oh, m
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this is the xfinity sportsdesk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. doug has sports and we are hoping history didn't repeat itself. >> you guys can respond with so you're saying there's a chance. you're saying there's a chance! >> one of the ways the redskins
6:54 pm
prepare for the rams is to remember what happened last year a 24-0 loss to st. louis. what will be different this time around? starts with the coin flip. jason pugh has more. >> reporter: carol, the redskins and rams will always have a connection. back in 2012 this organization gave up six draft picks to get robert griffin iii, st. louis head coach jeff fisher reminds us all. this was the scene last year between the skins and rams. fisher sent out the six players selected by the rams controlling the organization. griffin was benched at this point. today i asked coach gruden about that coin toss. >> i don't know how he motivates his organization that didn't affect us one iota. they played better than us that game and who they had as captain has nothing to do. i react when the whistles are blown and between the whistles. i don't really care who they send out for a pregame warm up.
6:55 pm
>> meanwhile, another tough defensive line made his way to fedex and it was dominant last week and that had six sacks and nine quarterback hits against t the afc chafrms. >> they're all extremely athletic and they're a strong front. >> four or ve first rounders. >> definitely a great football team and a great defense and they do a lot of different things that we haven't seen, you know, especially for me and brandon being so young. >> don't let the looks discourage us and making us play low. we have to go out and play fast. >> one practice note, tight end jordan reed tweeted this, and i did talk to him after practice and he said it shouldn't affect him for this sunday's game against the rams. i'm jason pugh, news 4 sports. >> let's hope not. thanks, jason. as for the guy traded for all of those picks and robert griffin is trying to work his way on the field and youed grooen said he's
6:56 pm
had reps this weekend to get both the backup and he didn't confirm which role griffin would play this weekend, so you're saying there's a chance? as of 7:30. i just threw that in there. in 2007 the phillies were seven games back of the nets with 17 to play. today the nats are 7 1/2 games back of the nates with 17 to play. >> so you're saying there's a chance? >> each of the past 16-league mvps have come from a playoff team, harper making a strong case to snap that in the seventh inning last night. he hit a bomb to right field for his 40th home run of the season and he joins some elite company becoming the seventh player to hit 40 homers at the age of 22 and four are currently in the hall of fame and the milestone recognized by his teammate in the dugout. look at their reaction and right after, shocking developments. a philly fan was being nice exchanging the homerun ball for
6:57 pm
the autographed one and he was being funny while being immensely impressed with the young slugger. >> i deserved the silent treatment and he didn't quit that ball, but he got enough of it, and he swinging good. he's swinging the ball good and i just want him to continue doing that. >> so mvp, you're saying there is a chance. >> back to chris lawrence at our live desk with more breaking news. driss? >> d' >> doreen, one person has been critically injured between a crash with a tour bus and a car. this is in laurel and we have chopper 4 live over the scene. it's on fort meade road near laurel plaza off route 1. police have closed off route 91 east at anne arundel county line. they're telling people to avoid that area for the next few hours. it looks like no one on the bus is injured, but we'll push out alerts on the nbc washington app
6:58 pm
all night, update you at news 4 at 11:00, nbc "nightly news" is next.
6:59 pm
7:00 pm
tonight, game changer? front-runner donald trump gets piled on while carly fiorina breaks out from the pack. questions about whether some of the truth got lost in all the attacks. money talks. major decision on interest rates. the fed fearing a volatile world economy, the impact on everything from your mortgage to your retirement account. deadly quake. cameras catch the moment a monster earthquake shook chile. more than a million evacuated. the force so massive, it triggered tsunami waves rippling up the pacific to the u.s. going haywire. a massive system failure grounds hundreds of flights. passengers furious over delays and a number of major airports across the country. "nightly news" begins


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