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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  September 17, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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now at 11:00, new information just coming in about a deadly tour bus crash in laurel. >> passenger iings tell us what they saw and heard before this crash. donald trump's campaign, trying to explain his latest jaw
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dropper on the trail, not what he said but what he didn't say at a rally in new hampshire. she survived a devastating injury in 2012. now, this d.c. woman is facing a new bat approximately. >> it's pain and all the pain causes spasms and it's just a vicious cycle. >> and that breaking news in this district tonight where a police chase just ended with a crash here. this new video from the corner of florida avenue and northeast d.c. where u.s. park police say they arrested the driver after he tried to run away from them. >> police began the chase about a mile away near the gallaudet university campus. they say the driver hit at least one other car before he crashed. there are no reports of any injuries. now, to that deadly crash involving a tour bus on prince george's county live. >> we know the driver of the
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pickup truck is dead and passengers hurt. we spoke to some and the driver who died we know more about it. >> reporter: moments ago, michael pa lomo was removed fro here. and police are trying to find out exactly what caused the crash. >> i'm scared because i was there. >> reporter: alexandra is shook up after her tour bus crashed into this pickup truck on route 198 in laurel. tonight, police released the name of the pickup truck driver, 45-year-old michael palomo, he's from silver spring. >> i was surprised that happened. >> reporter: she and 58 tourists were heading to niagara falls from d.c. when the bus crashed on the 9600 block of fort meade road. seven passengers got injured.
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>> people got hurt. >> reporter: this lady was e eating at a nearby restaurant and was eating by the window. >> i saw the bus approach the truck and heard a big boom and heard everybody running to the incident. >> reporter: the tour bus was trying to make a left turn here on fort meade road heading west. all of a sudden you see the pickup, it collided with it. using this drone to take early pictures of the crash scene and officers snapped pictures on the ground. meanwhile, passengers waited with their bags for a backup bus to pick them up. >> a lot of people getting off the tour bus, just saying. >> reporter: right now, fort meade road is closed at the county line. meanwhile, police will talk to the tour bus driver, get his side of the story to figure out what caused the crash. live here in laurel, shomari stone, news4. >> we're following breaking news coming out of donald trump's
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campaign rally. he's in hot water tonight because he didn't challenge a supporter who said muslims are a problem and claimed president obama is a muslim. take a listen. >> we have a problem in this country called muslims. we know our current president is one. you know he's not even an american, birth certificates, man, but anyway, we have training camps where they want to kill us. that's my question. when can we get rid of them? >> we'll be looking at a lot of different things. a lot of people are saying that and a lot of people are saying bad things are happening and we will be looking at that and plenty of other things. >> to be fair, this was the first question of the night and trump was clearly caught off guard. it's only been a few years since she was pushing the notion president obama is not a natural born citizen. trump is being criticized for not denouncing the man who asked the question. a lot of people compared to it 2008 when senator mccain scolded
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a woman and said, no, ma'am, we he's a decent man and we d grow on the issues. >> the response was the media wants to make this about obama and the question was specifically about training c p camps, not muslims in general. a clarification, not an apology. >> thank you, chris. the so-called yawning bank robber could have plenty of time to rest up behind bars. arlington police arrested the man they believe robbed a td bank in clarington yesterday. he has not yet been charged. they have not yet given us his name and handed a note to the teller and demanded money and acted like he had a gun. when he left the man dropped some money he stole from the bank. a teenager accused of kno knocking a man out inside a metro station pleaded guilty to
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assault charges yesterday. this was back in april. transit police say he got into an argument with a man on the train and it continued on the platform and when the victim went up the escalator, they say smith attacked him. new video tonight showed when tsunami tire renes start blaring in chile after the most powerful earthquake on earth rocked that country. it produced tsunami waves in the pacific and now a day later small waves just reached japan. in the last half hour we learned 12 people are now dead in chile and emergency officials fear that could climb as it reached the hardest hit areas and mangled cars and homes and forced more than a million people out of their houses. the quake was so strong people in buenos aires, argentina felt it. >> millions of us are anticip e
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anticipating the arrival of the pope in the united states just days from now but no one has likely prepared more than the men and women of the secret service. adependents and offic agents and officers have been training to protect the pontiff and some traveled to vatican city to fundamental tollow the and observe his interactions with the crowd. we talk to our mark segraves. >> it will be very similar to inauguration in that regard, checkpoints and areas they've been screened. there's been a lot of talk about fencing and washingtonians are familiar with this and we try to provide structure to be safe for the general public. >> we learned the white house invited 15,000 people to its back lawn for the arrival of the pope. >> while there's excitement across the country, the state of catholicism has shifted in the last decade.
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a new pugh research poll found 40% of people in this u.s. that were raised catholics are no longer practicing catholics and real disagreements with the vatican over social issues. three-quarters of catholics say the church should allow the use of artificial birth control and about half of catholics say the church should recognize same sex marria marriages. the cardinal says despite those differences he believes the pope has a quality that is drawing people back to the church. >> the seems to be able to draw people one-on-one just by the way he acts and i believe he is the heart of their inspiration. >> today, the crews raised the roof and others painted curbs and trees. make sure you stay up to date with the latest road closures and security alerts by downlo downloading our app. we'll send you alerts when any road closures are announced.
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tonight, controversial abortion rules in virginia may be changing again. today, they voted to roll back abortion regulations put into place by former governor bob mcdonnell. the most noteworthy would be strict reconstruction standards and they say it aimed to put them out of business and regulation supporters say it helps protect the women's health. we expect to hear more ofberg doof be theberg toll hearing tomorrow and his attorney says he won't testify. he was held captive five years before he was exchanged for several guantanamo detainees and the hearing will determine whether he will face a
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court-martial. going ahead with the purple line, maryland wants to make sure you know everything about the project. they held an open house in silver spring to answer questions about the recent changes for the line. because of cost concerns, governor larry hogan scaled back the light rail from bethesda to carrollton. we want to make sure a tragic accident doesn't happen to your kids. we told you about a teenager killed on monday because of taking pictures on tracks. today in northern virginia, police began patrolling the tracks in between passing trains and stopped several students from lake braddock high school from crossing the tracks to get home. >> basically, they're playing chicken with the train, coming at 60 miles an hour, jump in front of the train, wait until it gets close and jump out of the way. >> today, officers targeted four
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locations and gave them warnings and their name is put in a database. if they're caught a second time parents can expect a hefty fine. >> i next, virginia and fighting back against the confederate flag. eye muslim groups protesting for a teenager arrested for bringing a clock to school and say they don't blame the teachers. in washington, she was injured during 2012 riding her motorcycle up 16th street. now, she needs help again. >> i said to my friends, i don't know what to do, guys. that really nice weather we had over the last couple of days, we will see a couple more and then
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two dozen students in southwestern virginia are fig fighting their school's ban tonight on the confederate flag with we told you about it at christianburg high school in the roanoke area. students can't display the symbol in the car's parking lot. today, those students broke the rule and were suspendeded for it and many say they intend to do it tomorrow. the flag came under increased scrutiny after a gunman killed people at a historically black church in south carolina. tonight, a friend of the
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church shooter is under arrest. it's not immediately clear what charges he faces. 21-year-old joey was told he was under investigation for lying and making false statements after the shooting. he said he occasionally let dylann roof stay with him on the week leading up to the shootings. when he saw his picture he called police. one of the muslim groups y says it blames political rhetoric for arresting the 13-year-old who brought a clock to school. an anti-muslim climate of fear led to the situation. the school says it stands by the teacher who called police and their handling of the situation. ahmed says he's not expecting an apology. >> if they do apologize they'll know they're wrong in front of millions of supporters out there. >> i hope our teachers will fundamental the same procedure
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and get someone else involved and ask experts to come take a look at it for us p. >> today is ahmed's last day of suspension and says he's not going back because of what he calls a hostile environment. >> the victim of daracheo is back in the hospital. she was riding her motorcycle when a giant tree fell during the storm and left her paralyzed. now, she is dealing with more complications. >> i should not be here today, i should be dead. >> the tree that severed carolyn's spine during the destructive derecho storm of 2012 did not crush her magnificent people. >> i know there's a lot of people who say if you expect the worst you will never be disappointed. i'm not like that. >> she was admitted to med star rehabilitation hospital last friday for yet another complication from the injury
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that left her paralyzed from the chest down. it comes at a terrible time for her. the accounting company that allowed her to work from home was sold and with it went her job and health insurance. with no income she had to give up her apartment and kind friends will host her but can only do so until december and that money raised after the accident quickly eaten up. her doctors say living with a serious spinal injury is costly. >> patients say, will i die? i say, no, it's not a death sentence, just the beginning of a new life. you have to adapt. >> reporter: friends that started a go fund me account. she is very grateful for that and says she still wants to work choosing to focus on what she can do and holds no anger over the terrible loss she suffered that night on 16th street. >> i don't have the energy it requires to hate or be anganggr.
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it's a waste of time. what am i supposed to be angry at? the tree that fell on me? >> reporter: she has applied with the d.c. government to find disability housing but she says it has been very slow going. in northwest, jackie bensen, news4. >> just a reminder how powerful that dorenche storm was. >> thousands of trees down and 80 miles an hour winds. she's doing okay and lucky to be alive. >> we're pretty lucky to be enjoying spectacular weather right now. >> we have two more days. two more days of this great weather and then it starts going downhill a little bit but not that bad. we will see a little cloud cover. we need it. you have to average things out. we've seen three days of nothing but sunshine and might as well throw in three days of nothing but clouds. isn't that what happens? trying to balance out.
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72 degrees, winds 6 miles an hour. 59 in frederick again. 69 towards culpeper. we will see temperatures cool again but this is by far the warmest night we've seen and tomorrow will be warmer but still quite nice. satellite and radar together, no weather. and to the south, notice the clouds can't get up here. we have that area of high pressure that's just dominating and we are sitting in clear conditions from d.c. to the st. louis area. chicago seeing a few showers up there but not moving this way. 55 overnight in leesburg. we will be on the cooler side. 65, washington and tomorrow, warming quickly tomorrow, plenty of sunshine, high temperatures back to the mid 80s, 87, d.c., 87, fredericksburg, some areas could be warmer than that during the day tomorrow and the humidity will start to creep up so it will feel more like 90 degrees tomorrow and during the
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day saturday. if you're heading to the andrews air force base, the air show, thunderbirds taking off. plenty of sunshine, a bit humid. high temperatures in the upper 80s. bring the umbrella, not for rain but maybe shade. look at the temperatures. 87, 88 degrees. saturday looking good. sunday is the day of transition here. we will see more clouds sunday, a good chance of the cold front moving through early. we may get to 80 and falling temperatures throughout the afternoon. this is what i'm talking about, just in time for the pope to arrive. temperatures and cloud cover and breezy conditions, temperatures in the 70s, 77 on monday, 30% chance of showers and another chance on thursday. this is what we will see, our area of high pressure and giving us the great weather. that begins to move off to the northeast, at the same time, area of low pressure to the north. with that, we see an area of earl flow off the ocean and
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cooler and cloud cover in the region and a chance for drizzle and fog and maybe light rain. that's exactly why. we will continue to watch that system as it moves through. right now, the one thing we can say is the next two days look spectacular. >> all right. we will make the most of them. thank you. the nats lose momentum and a late inning rally falls short. first, jimmy fallon.
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the mini roll is over again. here we go. >> it was one of those nights again for the nationals. the mets magic number is 9. the time is slowly running out. 16 games left in the nl east and would take a minor mirle for this team to reach the post-season at this point. no miracles at the nats park, marlins playing the role of spoiler as well. in front of their fans for the next 11 games. they fell behind early. desmond crushes this ball. that was a two-run shot and would tie the game at 2. it was a tough game. he was facing justin bour. he has four home runs in seven games against the nationals. he is a nat killer. that put the marlins up 6-2.
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ro washi he was pulled after five innings of work. and bases loaded, chance to be a herohere, comes through and 6-4, marlins lead, four rbi in this game for desmond. a couple batters later, bases full again for michael a. taylor but he strikes out. that was as close as nationals would get and lose 6-4 and move back to eight games in the division. down to tampa, orioles, 5 1/2 games back in the al wild card race, bottom of the third, no score, jon jay son. he hits this ball high, so high it goes up and it stays up. >> what? >> an old rule things that go up must come down. outfielder alvarez cold believe it, a solo home run. it's still out there in the rafter somewhere.
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adam jones, bases loaded, he comes through, two runs come in to score and orioles take a 4-3 lead and would win by that final and now five back of the wild card race. redskins get ready for week two this sunday, another big test makes its way to fedex field. this game is so important for a number of reasons. this redskins game needs a win. after posting only seven vict y victories the last two seasons they're in desperate need of that victory. only 12% of nfl teams have gone on to make the playoffs after starting the year 0-2. another injury on their hands although this is being called minor. tight end jordan reid tweaked his mills in practice and was limited. he knows with jackson out that hamstring of his, he's being counted on to be a difference maker this weekend.
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>> i think they can count on me on third down and do my job to get open in play and play hard. >> you said that's a mismatch, defending trying to cover you? >> i do. i think i create a mismatch on the field. i'm a big athletic target and i can get over. >> jordan reid has missed 12 games. what are you looking at? >> looking for that ball? >> jordan reid missed 12 games in the last three seasons. that ball is somewhere. ♪
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that's going to do it for us. "the tonight show" with jimmy fallon and puppies coming up. >> we always watch the puppies when he has them on. thanks for watching. see you tomorrow.
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♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- kaley cuoco-sweeting, wesley snipes, musical es


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