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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  September 18, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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>> we have a problem in this country. it's called muslims. we know our current president is one. you know he's not each an american. >> we need this -- and anyway, we have training camps growing where they want to kill us. that's our question. >> we'll be looking at a lot of different things and a lot of people are saying that and a lot of people are saying that bad things are happening out there. >> donald trump did not correct the supporter's statement. his campaign later saying christians need support in this country. their religious liberty is at stake. >> chris christie while he won't lecture trump he would have handled it differently. >> if somebody at one of my town hall meetings said something like that i would correct him and say the president's a christian and he was born in this country. >> democratic presidential candidate hillary clinton said he was appalled by trump's response. i would call on him call on all of the candidates to stop this
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descent into the kind of hateful, mean-spirited divisive rhetoric that we've seen too much of in the last month. >> reporter: trump has been unapologetic in questioning the birthplace on whether his birth certificate from that wayy is still real. >> i hope he still doesn't think that. >> reporter: john mccain faced a similar moment when a campaign supporter called barack obama an arab mccain interjected. >> no ma'am, no ma'am. he's a decent family man. >> while trump is a no-show today, he says the show will go on with a campaign appearance in iowa tomorrow and one in south carolina next week. >> reporter: donald trump said he couldn't be here today because of a significant business transaction he had, and that is why ten other republican presidential candidates are here this evening. in greenville, south carolina,
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dave wagner jim, back to you. >> thank you, dave. our team coverage continues with meet the press moderator chuck todd will get his thoughts on today's developments. >> starting monday, the united states will ease some sanctions against cuba, the obama administration announced policy changes today and they include expanding telecommunications and internet services. some american businesses from the agriculture and construction sectors will be allowed to set up a physical presence in cuba. these new rules are limited and the 53-year-old economic embargo will remain in place. the embargo can only be lifted by an act of congress. those policy changes come just ahead of pope francis' trip to cuba. the pontiff recorded a video message to the people of cuba overstate-run television. the pope arrives in havana tomorrow for a three-day visit. on sunday, he's expected to celebrate a mass at revolution square. pope francis is also expected to meet with cuban president raul castro and possibly his older
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brother and former cuban leader fidel castro depending on his health. some lottery winners are feeling just as lucky with a chance to see the pope at the capitol. molette with how d.c. winners were chosen and one caveat that goes along with the ticket. hi molette. >> we think pope preps come together all over town and a mad scramble for sought-after tickets given away through a special lottery. >> security gates now outside the vatican embassy on massachusetts avenue and here outside the capitol, concrete barriers lined third street. >> we definitely recommend biking and taking capitol bike share and with the road closures and general traffic we're not sure what we're going to see. >> getting around on two wheels mieft be your best option with capitol bike share offering
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unlimited docking of bikes in key areas. >> it says mint. >> the first name called in a special lottery drawing for tickets to see the pope outside the capitol help congress wrm eleanor holmes norton put up 50 tickets she gets as an elected leader and snagged 35 more from fellow members and house leadership. >> i must say it is similar to a presidential inauguration in almost every respect. in every respect including security, i might add. >> reporter: and standing room only tickets to see the pope outside here on the west capitol lawn means just that. no chairs allowed whatsoever. only special, only in special circumstances for those who are wheelchair or who need wheelchair access. that is the latest live from the national mall. i'm molette green, news 4. >> thanks, molette. a catholic congressman says he'll boycott pope francis' speech to a joint meeting of
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congress. republican writes on a town, quote, if the pope stuck to standard christian theology i would be the first in line. if the pope spoke out with moral authority against violent islam i would be there cheering him on. if the pope urged western nations to rescue persecuted christian in the middle east i would back him wholeheartedly but when the pope chooses to act and talk like a leftist politician then he can expect to be treated like one, end quote. count on news 4 for continuing coverage. we just posted a list of what you can and cannot do while the pope is in town. open our nbc washington app to see all of the tips. you can access the special section by clicking papal visit. a warning tonight for businesses in loudoun county as they lock their doors for the night. this after burglars seem to be
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targeting asian restaurants for break-s in. julie carey from sterling where three businesses were hit. julie? >> pieces of glass still litter the sidewalk. in fact it didn't take me long to get a handful and it was left behind after the front entry doors were smashed in and cash registers snagged and now the department thinks as many as half dozen of these break-s in might be connected. >> the jarring sight that greeted employees in three businesses this morning. by late afternoon, clean up was well under way. >> the final touches being put on new glass entry doors. at the chinese restaurant a nail salon and an indian restaurant. overnight burglars bashed in the doors and went straight for the money. >> they took my cash register and the register that was old and heavy and they just took it and left through the back door. >> it was that quick. >> three other chinese restaurants have also been hit in the last week.
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the others in the ashburn area. this restaurant owner who didn't want her face shown thinks that thieves are targeting them because of a false notion. >> a lot of people think that chinese have a lot of cash in their doors and they leave all of their money in their drawers and that's why they pick chinese. >> none of the store his much money. the thieves were looking for shopping centers and businesses that either had no security cameras or very few. ling ziso says for a small business, these are a big hit. the cost of replacing a door is 1200 bucks. >> why would they do that? we are all here and they try to you know make a living. >> the loudoun county sheriff's department wants shop owners to take a few important steps when they close up each night. completely empty tip jars and cash drawers and leave the cash
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reg stare registers open. >> her next step installing a security camera inside her restaurant. by the way, loudoun county's prime prevention deputies will be here to offer more advice. thank you jim. developing tonight for the first time an openly gay civilian has been nominated to lead an armed service. president obama nominated eric fanning for secretary of army. fanning has been acting undersecretary of the army since june and has served in the pentagon for years. he's also been considered the righthand man of defense secretary ash carter. he now faces congressional approval. >> graphic testimony about what army sergeant bowe bergdahl experienced after taliban militants captured him. that came out of day two of the article 32 hearing. taliban captors beat bergdahl with rubber and metal hoses and kept him in a cage for three years. this hearing will determine whether bergdahl will face a
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court-martial and possible prifrp prison time for leaving his post in 2009. critics have criticized his release in exchange for freeing taliban commanders is a violation of u.s. policy of not negotiating with terrorists. and now, your storm team 4 forecast. >> a great day across our region right now. as a matter of fact i think it will last one more day and then things start to go downhill just a little bit but it's not really bad weather that we're talking about, and just a change in the weather pattern. out there right now. it's gorgeous. 83 degrees in hagerstown and 75 in ocean city and it will be a nice beach day tomorrow, but if you are heading down toward the beach this sunday maybe not so much. as we look toward the headlines for tonight. the cold front moves in on sunday and that will change the pattern and we could see some rain and clouds just in time for the pope's arrival. coming up in my full forecast. >> thank you, doug. a new flap over the
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confederate flag and it's causing controversy tonight. >> how are commuters reacting to the new silver spring transit center which opens this weekend. i'll have the story ahead. he was run over while on the job. not expected to survive but today that victim faces the woman who was behind the wheel in court. the message he wanted her
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the death toll in chile has risen to 12 after that 8.3 magnitude earthquake and the tsunami it triggered. most of the damage was done by the waves. some as big as 15 feet high. many people say updated building codes and new warning systems save lives. the area still feeling the aftershocks tonight. small tsunami waves reached japan this morning but no damage was reported there. >> returning now to the presidential race and a new problem for donald trump's campaign that we reported at the top of this newscast. "meet the press" moderator chuck todd is here now. he has a big business dealing. are they regrouping his campaign or can we expect an arc apology? >> there is a forum in iowa that we expect him to be at. he'll make the rounds on sunday morning in his various ways that he makes the rounds. so but this does feel as if
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they decided to take a time out. i think they don't want to have to comment on the issue. i asked him about this a few weeks ago directly do you now believe the president was born in the united states and he says, i don't talk about that anymore. he didn't answer the question. i just don't talk about that anymore. >> there was a time when he wouldn't stop talking about it. >> this is a guy who knows his audience really well. you saw it at the debate. he knew the crowd in the hall wasn't with him and he sort of backed off a little bit. i think he knows if he somehow retreats on this issue a little bit that the people that are with him will go away. i think he's preventing himself from being able to expand and he's more fearful of losing when he's got. >> speaking of the debate, carly fiorina. the consensus wassy she was the rock star out of this. >> sure. >> will she gain traction from this and is she likely to become a target if she does. >> top-tier status bring more scrutiny. the two go hand in hand and i don't know if she has the
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campaign infrastructure to handle it. sometimes you peak too soon and you don't have the resources around you to be prepared for it. you know, she's horrendous on fund-raising. this was somebody who she didn't even raise the same amount of money she raised in the senate campaign in the first quarter of this race. >> wow! >> i do think she will get a bounce in the polls. will she get a bounce in money? we'll find out in two weeks. she looked like a first-tier candidate to me on wednesday night. can she put together a camp damp to match that and that is to me the giant question mark on her, but she made the most of that opportunity and let's see if she makes the most of this one. >> chris christie make any gains? >> think he's got his head back above water. look united airlines just lost a ceo because of a scandal that involved somebody he appointed, so i don't know if he can ever escape bridgegate. that said, i thought he did very well. i think he sort of reminded people of what could have been about him.
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i had him with walker huckabee, rand paul and christie who to me were all hovering at no-man's-land here. they were about to fall off the cliff. christie i think, definitely prevented himself. i don't know about paul walker and huckabee. huckabee's still got his base he can talk to, but those three, i don't feel they did enough to right their ships. >> hillary kint came out strongly across trump's remarks and calling on republicans to go on the record against him. that's a strategic move. >> and some have. >> lindsay graham has, chris christie has and ted cruz has not and that's you in the media trying to do this, trying to pit us all against each other but this is what trump has brought on this republican field and this is what drives some of these other candidates crazy about him. why do we have to respond to something stupid he does?
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well, you know, all of the parties sort of is in this together a bit and democrats are trying to have fun here and i have no doubt and don't forget the white house press briefing today and also you heard josh earnest try to poke that and say let's see what the republicans have to say about this. why they don't i'll just say enough is enough and who cares what the president's religion is? >> colin powell said so what if we have a muslim for president. he's not, but we make it as if having a muslim president would be the end of the world. that's prettiee on that's pretty. >> inflammatory in itself. >> right. >> the democrats need to be careful at how much they say oh, no, no no. calm down guys. we are freedom of religion country. >> not a lot of reasonable discussion going on at this point. >> in politics? >> big news there. don't forget that you can watch "meet the press" with chuck todd on sunday morning at 10:30 right here on nbc 4.
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thank you, chuck. business experts say the silver spring transit center will do much more when it opens this weekend. news 4's chris boardon live in silver spring at what will become metro's second bus facility. chris? >> reporter: for years it has been seen as a white elephant clogging traffic in silver spring, but now that the transit center is about to open this sunday, some see it as a vision of the future. >> the new silver spring transit center will be good for business not only here, but throughout the region according to the greater washington board of trade. >> we connect the purple line and we connect mark and metro and we connect the busses and commuter busses. this is a major hub and huge development. >> today we asked some passengers here how they think the new transit center would change their daily commutes. >> you would have to walk over there. >> busses have been training for weeks inside the silver spring
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transit center. the first and second floors will be for bus traffic only. the third floor will be for kiss & ride, car share and taxis. currently busses drop off passengers on the streets surrounding the transit center, leaving passengers with a long walk to the metro station. all of these changes may at first be confusing, but this sunday and monday, plenty of supervisors will be on hand help commuters get around. >> definitely faster easier and appearance wise it will be better for silver spring, maryland. >> reporter: in building it there were construction delays of five years cost overruns of $50 million and allegations of substandard construction that had to be repaired. >> i'm glad it's finally opening. it's about time. i've been frankly so much surprise of the relative complacency of the citizens over the delays here. >> reporter: the lawsuits have been filed which will take years
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to determine accountability. as for now metro expects 20,000 boardings every day at the transit saernt andcenter and it comes just in time for the pope's visit to the area. jim and doreen? >> thank you. a local man killed by a street sweeper. tonight the safety device that wasn't working. the device his family says could have saved his life. i'm tracee wilkins. coming up on news 4 at 6:00, why folks that put together the charles county fair says this group has every right to display the confederate flag. >> and yet fantasy football industry or sports industry is spending big buc
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you know that forecast has been good over the last couple of days. as a matter of fact in the weather center it's been a
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little bit on the boring side. veronica johnson just telling me how she uses pickle juice for her chicken nuggets. i have no idea how that actually works out, but that's what she's telling me right now. i'm calling you out. 83 degrees the current temperature and plenty of sunshine across the region. what are we going to see as we move on through the night tonight. >> 81 in gaithersburg and 81 in martinsburg, and 80 and dropping to 76 by 9:00 and if you'll be out at some of the football games and maybe -- veronica posted that on her website, she says if you want to check out her facebook page. no rain to talk about and you know we've been on the dry side. it's that dominant area of high pressure. look down to the south and we have a storm down to the south, but it can't move out. it can't get in here and that area of high pressure has been sitting here for days and it is going to be moving though, and
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this weekend we'll see that change and first off, temperatures dropping into the mid-50s for the most part and mid-50s in the city and saturday afternoon, warming quickly. a high of 85 in gaithersburg and once again plenty of sunshine and it will be a nice day for the events going on. >> washed the car? showers monday and tuesday. you might not want to wash it this weekend and the redskins game looking pretty good and breezy and cooler and for the evening jog that will be perfect tonight. bluemont fair right along the mountains and saturday, 88 degrees hot and sunny and sunday also looking good and more clouds early with a little bit of a breeze and that 79 comes early and i think we'll see falling temperatures during the day on sunday and that's something else to think about, too, and not quite as warm on sunday as it will be on saturday if you're going out to the event. that's 79 degrees and let's take a closer look.
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ahead of the cold front we get clouds early and then we get clearing skies and then becoming rather breezy. i think we have winds of 10 to 20 miles per hour and maybe higher could affect a kicking game down atted redskins game as we move through the day and falling temperatures by 5k clo, 6:00 and some areas could see temperatures into the 60s already and a very cool overnight, sunday night into monday morning with a high of 74, 78 on tuesday and the pope comes in at 4:00 and more on the pope's visit and the weather you can expect coming up at 6:45. >> thank you, doug. cracking down on synthetic drugs. the new way authorities are trying to keep synthetics off the streets. >> a hit and run suspects breaking courtroom protocols to turn and look at the two men she ran over. coming up all new at 6:00 the message she wanted them to hear in person. and preparing for the pope what one expert expects pope
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the horrible hit and run ibs dent was caught on surveillance camera and today an arlington county judge sentenced a woman to ten years in prison. the driver hit several cars as well as two men who tried to stop her. one of them almost died. our bureau reporter david culver was in court today as both the victims and the defendant broke down in tears. >> nour mustafa sheikh seen in this picture arek the court today wasn't expected to survive. police surveillance images show
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the suv several parked cars and it played in court shows mendes drive over the two men to get away, mendes attorney says his client didn't realize she'd hurt anybody. the alcohol didn't help and she admitted to having five or six drinks and the incident left nour in crist cal condition. a search warrant showed rescuer his to resuscitate him not once but twice. in hysterics he stood up to tell the judge what he's been through. quote, i'm completely broken. i want to die. adding that he has more than $800,000 in medical bills and is struggling to provide for his wife and their three kids. he asked the judge to sentence mendes fairly. >> there was a moment inside the courtroom that was rather unexpected for those of us sitting in there. the defendant actually asked the judge if she could turn her back to him so that she could face the victim. >> i think about you every day.
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she tearfully told the two men and their families. i think about your pain and the way your life has changed. i'm so very sorry. >> it was the only opportunity she had to really address him. i think she wanted to reach out and express her sorry row for the great harm she's done. he calls the judge's ten-year sentence for his client fair. in arlington david culver, news 4. a woman suspected in the disappearance of her two young children in maryland will remain in a psychiatric ward and a montgomery charge found her incompetent to stand trial. he told her to continue treatment and he was charged with neglect with sarah and jacob and the kids have been missing for more than a year and prosecutors are building a possible homicide case d.c. delegate eleanor holmes norton is sponsoring a bill that would
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be in the government's prohibited list making anything containing those molecules illegal. manufacturers frequently change what they put into synthetic drugs and that makes it difficult to prosecute these cases under the current he was 73 years old and enjoying life. he had children and grandchildren, but his life ended when he was run over by a street sweeper. now his family is suing for more than $12 million. they told news 4's mark segraves that their father might still be alive if it had been working properly. >> james gary's family is still coming to terms with their loss. the 73-year-old left behind a large family. >> several of us, five kids, three step kids 22 grandkids. so it was a lot of us. >> reporter: gary was killed while crossing the street in front of the home where he lived for more than three decades.
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according to the lawsuit, fort meyer construction company was paving the street when one of the company's street sweepers backed over gary sucking him into the machine. >> the family members believe their father's death could have been avoided. >> we know from their preliminary investigation that the backup camera was not working on this truck and the very purpose in having that camera is so the operator can see what's behind the truck driver. if that camera had been working then the driver would have had the last clear chance and he would not have run over this gentleman and he would not have died. >> it's hard dealing with that. he still had a lot of years ahead of him and to have that taken away senselessly it's kind of hard to wrap your head around that. >> the family is seeking $12.5 million in addition to the back-up camera not working the lawsuit claims there were other safety problems that day. >> normally on a construction site they will flag them with the jackets on and they'll tell you don't come this way since no one was there to tell him of the danger and he might have
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recognized there was some danger and not a danger of this type when he was run over by a piece of equipment like this. >> fort myer construction is one of the biggest contractors in the region and they did not return for comment. mark segraves, news 4. >> we've also learned tonight that a d.c. woman has filed a multimillion lawsuit against fig & olive restaurant in d.c. it comes just two days after the popular restaurant reopened following a string of cases of salmonella. the woman is claiming personal injury and product liability. news 4 has spoken with a representative from fig & olive. they've declined to comment. the woman who filed the suit has also not yet returned our emails. will the influence of next week's papal visit stretch into the political sphere? the head of the sociology department at catholic university in d.c. thinks so. he told news 4 how he expects news 4 how he expects the pope
6:36 pm
to impact the presidential campaign. >> think his presence here will open up an opportunity for all of the more moderate voices like bush and marco rubio who have a more moderate position than donald trump. >> dr. pumar says he also expects pope francis to address racial and socioeconomic inequality in the u.s. we've been asking you which topics you're hoping to hear from the pope as he speaks in washington next week. so far most of you want to hear about the plight of immigrants, climate change and the vast majority, the state of the family.,$รบ >> still ahead a massive car recall. tonight, the automaker accused of dodging emissions rules. doug? >> we're talking about that pope visit, as far as the weather is concerned, we've got changes as we make our way through the weekend and they start on sunday. we've also got the skins game
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tonight a disturbing update in the case of a girl found dead in massachusetts known for months as baby doe. in the last hour police said she was killed by her mother's boyfriend. they identified the girl today as bella bond. she was 2 1/2 years old when her body was found on the shore of deer island. her mother is facing charges of accessory after the fact. child protective services had been to the girl's home twice in 2012 and 2013. both cases were closed.
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state police said they have now given her a name. next will be justice. volkswagen is facing a multibillion-dollar setback for an alleged violation of clean air laws. the environmental protection agency says the automaker intentionally used software in 500,000 diesel cars that allowed those vehicles to cheat during testing for harmful emissions. the epa will give volkswagen time to repair all of the affected vehicles, still fines for the violation could total $18 billion. good news on the jobs front in virginia the seasonally adjusted unemployment rate sits in the lowest level since september 2008. it was 4.5% 900 jobs were add the in the commonwealth last month the national average for august was 5.1%. >> an update now to a story we shared with you last night and there has been an outpouring of
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support for a local student inspireing a community. abraham hassy is y iscerebral palsy and desperately needs a wheelchair. they have now surpassed their goal raising more than $30,000. the money will help his family get that wheelchair and pay for other medical expenses. a new controversy over the confederate flag. the exhibit on display over our area that has a lot of folks talking. you've seen their ads just about everywhere on tv online and even busses. find out where else the fantasy sports industry is spending big
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thete flag is one of the most controversial symbols in american culture right now but one group at the
6:45 pm
charles county fair in maryland is proudly displaying the flag this weekend and as news 4's tracee wilkins tells us the fair's director is coming to the group's defense. >> something for everybody from 1 to 100, we have it. charlie gardner has organized the charles county fair for a long time and is enthusiastic about everything here. >> please come see us. >> even this display of the sons of confederate veterans that features various forms of the confederate flags. >> it is part of our nation. >> every time we see it we have a reaction a negative reaction. >> that's why she, the head of the charles county naacp asked monday that the confederate flag that's normally also displayed here be removed and it has been but it still is displayed in various other forms. >> we can only look back a few months ago at the tragedy in charleston where that confederate flag was used and displayed and then nine innocent people were murdered.
6:46 pm
>> that boy was just ignorant. he was misled and he probably knows nothing about the history of the flag. >> jim dunbar of the sons of con confederate veterans says dylann roof's association with the confederate flag shouldn't erase this part of the american history. >> i really am sorry they're offended, but if they would take the time to learn the history of the flag. >> it's a dark time of american history and that flag symbolizes for many african-americans, hate bigotry and slavery. >> gardner disagrees that this symbolism doesn't belong here. >> this is history. do we want to repeat history? i don't want to. >> it wasn't is what she counts that at least a partial victory. in charles county, i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. doug is back and they're getting so bored in the weather office and they're trading
6:47 pm
recipes. i guess it was inevitable. >> pickle juice. she's got a point. >> i didn't know you did that. >> is that why those are so good? the saltiness of the pickles? >> apparently it was on the "today" show. >> you haven't had any severe weather to talk about but we're not really. i have nothing, but sunshine across the area, but of course we do have changes if you're headed out to the bluebird blues festival with jim handily and the weather will be quite nice. jim, wear shorts, though buddy, but it will be quite warm tomorrow. >> 83 degrees currently and sunshine across the area, 80 at 7:00 and 77 at night and 74 degrees by 11:00 tonight and once again it will be quite nice this evening and 79 gaithersburg, rockville that's just not right. >> 80 down toward camp springs. radar, you know we're not going to be seeing rain and when you've not seen any at all over
6:48 pm
the last couple of weeks we saw a pretty big storm on saturday and that was about it. sunny and warm still dry tomorrow and a bit humid and that will be a factor and how much humidity do we see? temperatures 84 to 88 degrees and it could feel more like 90 in some areas. this weekend in fedex, the rams coming into town taking on the redskins and rather breezy at 2:00. i think we get to 78 and we'll have plenty of cloud cover early with the front and watch the temperatures dive during the afternoon does it could affect the picking game. we have a new kicker and we'll see how he does. >> high pressure moving up to the north and east as he does so that will allow the nice big storm to the south to move our way, but as that happens the two combine to give us the northeasterly wind and that will come just in time for the pope and that means we'll have the chance for shower activity and high temperature testimonies dropping into the 70s and 74 on monday with a chance of showers and 78 on tuesday.
6:49 pm
76 on wednesday under mostly cloudy skies and we stay in the 70s all week. >> not bad, doug. thank you. you've seep those commercials over and over again this week. fantasy football companies advertising their online games. the news 4 i-team has learned the industry has spent tens of thousands of dollars on lobbyists in d.c. newly disclosed records show the fantasy sports trade association that represents those daily fantasy sports websites hired a k street lobbying firm. they're trying to convince congress to vote against a proposed legislation to further limit online gambling. coming up in sport a big shot for some young redskins. >> plus alex ovechkin turns 30 and gets an interesting prese
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this is the xfinity sportsdesk brought to you by xfinity. your home for the most live sports. redskins getting ready for the rams. how are they feeling? >> doug's had the big story. tell you about the wind and the new kicker. >> i was all ears. >> he's doing a good job. coming up tomorrow at fedex field. >> by the way, partly sun owe sunday and we begin with the question marks and they both hope to play sunday against the rams and defensive lineman, tight end jordan reid, nursing injuries and what is certain the redskins motivation and avoiding an 0 and 2 start. >> we're playing a team that embarrassed last year, so we're coming up for a good rushing game and a good performance wayne and it's important if you want to win especially at this time of year because you don't want to in a situation when you're playing catch up, could
6:54 pm
have, should have, would have. >> getting that victory is important especially with the young team that we have and a lot of young guys playing a lot of ball and it puts the guys in the right mindset. if you lose, i can also put teams on the wrong way. >> let's get this thing going in the wrong direction. >> with the side lined opportunity for young receivers to make their mark and a second-year wide out ryan grant he's also in the mix and getting lots of attention. rashad ross has had experience and he has speed and a winning smile that burst through to carol maloney's question. >> i imagine this is a moment you've been dreaming about your whole life. >> i mean, the other day when i first found out i was nervous and now it's sinking in. >> i think his confidence is high because of what he's showing everybody in the preseason and i got to play with
6:55 pm
him a lot and you saw what he could do in the preseason game and for a guy who has never played in the nfl i think he's pretty darn experienced. >> judging from that smile, i think he's ready. >> he had three catches in one preseason game. from talking about rams to sheep. hockey season is coming. so look this is no time to be sheepish even when a player's name means sheep in russian. hang on your livestock fan i know you're out there but first, carol maloney reports on a first lively first day of training camp for theitalcapitals. >> the city is craving a championship. the city is craving a championship and we want to be the first to deliver that. >> it was hard but you know, that's why we have next year. >> keeping the ending in mean as we begin a new season which may explain the fast and frenetic pace in day one of training
6:56 pm
camp. >> it's probable probably the toughest day of the year and now we're through it and we're on to the more fun stuff learning again and trying to get better and get ready for the season. >> year two for coach barry truss. there is a comfort level as he works on the fizz dalphysical and mental part of the game. >> you get tested and you challenge yourself and say i got it done or i didn't get it done or i will get it done or how close i was and why did i miss? how do i figure that out. >> alex ovechkin just turned 30 recently engaged and dreaming of wearing more than one kind of ring. >> what makes you more nervous, before hitting a penalty shot or before you propose? >> shot. >> what's the best part going home and just -- >> always clean and always have food and it's always nice. >> a hungry and happy ovie returning and he promises to be with a vengeance.
6:57 pm
it's the start of a long year, the longer the better. carol maloney, news 4 sports. in moscowrussia, that i give me a sheep. so it's in my country right now. it's kind of funny. >> just to clarify alex ovechkin received a sheep for his 30th birthday, in fact presented with his live gift on russian tv this week. his country home makes more sense than a ship and he's in tip top sheep -- shape. you don't get this everywhere. tiger woods ss tweeting out just had successful back surgery and he's confident he will come back and against celebrity and that's all i have. >> tigers and sheep. thank you, dave. >> what a birthday. >> that's going to do it for us. have a great weekend, everybody. nightly news is coming up next.
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>> we
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tonight, fire storm. donald trump feeling the heat for not disputing a comment about the president's religion and birthplace. and tonight he is a no show at a big republican event. bella's story. little girl known as baby doe is identified, three months after her body was found. and late word of an arrest in the case. in the cards, the new technology to cut down on credit card fraud. how will it change the way you shop. going the distance. and inspiring so many others along the way. six marathons later she is fit and attracting quite a following. "nightly news" begins right now.


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