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tv   News4 This Week  NBC  September 19, 2015 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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welcome to "news4 this week." >> hi, everyone. i'm chris lawrence. we're going to show you some of the interesting stories this week. among them, the pope. when he gets here, your commute's going to change. what you need to know about getting around d.c. and where you can find some sweet swag. plus a huge move from one of the biggest teams where the wizards will be opening a new practice facility and why it could be an economic boost to the city. and an app ma helps take the frustration out of picking a restaurant. first, a major real estate deal is forcing more than 125 senior citizens in the district to find a new place to live. a prominent private school is
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buying the washington home. as mark segraves reports, a lot of people who live there may have to look outside d.c. to find a place to live. >> reporter: 126 senior citizens currently live at the washington home. a long-term care facility. the 5.7 acres near wisconsin avenue is being sold to the sidwell friends school. >> there are some residents that have been here as long as 25 years. this is their home. >> that means seniors like mary mason's mother will have to move out. >> substantial effects of moves like this on an elderly population in terms of cognition and things like that. this is a devastating blow. >> reporter: the vast majority of the senior citizens living here are on medicaid. and that means they can only be moved to medicaid facilities. the d.c. department of health says there are not enough medicaid beds in northwest washington to accommodate all of the seniors who will be displaced. >> this is not an easy decision, but me and my team, we're here
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to help them through this transition. that's the most important. the biggest news is that we'll still be here tomorrow. that is, you know, more than 15 months away. >> reporter: as the campus expands, the school plans to sell its campus in bethesda, maryland. your commute might look different after the switch on the smart highway. runs from the d.c. line to gainesville on i-66. there are now electronic signs in each lane. green arrow means open and yellow means merge. it will alert drivers to change lanes ahead of a crash. they also allow v.d.o.t. to open up the shoulder if traffic gets too heavy. lots of new details this week about how tough it's going to be to move around when pope francis comes to down. drivers are being warned to add an hour to their commutes.
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it's not just the roads. adam tuss has a warning. >> reporter: inside the basilica warming up beautifully for the pope. but on metro, things might not be so pretty. >> we're comparing this to the first presidential obama inauguration. we're looking forward to the clouds. >> reporter: ron pavlic says if you are riding you need to be extra careful about your personal belongings. >> obviously when there's more crowds, there's more opportunity for bad things to happen. whether it's a pickpocket or cell phone snatcher. >> reporter: as far as getting around, look for the pink representing closures. you can see extensive restrictions around the white house, national mall, capitol building, st. patricks church, st. matthews cathedral downtown, massachusetts avenue by the vatican embassy, and vice president's residence. it's going to be a challenge. >> it doesn't make a difference if you're going to the events or
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going to work or going to the verizon center or baseball game. there's going to be congestion on the streets and on the roads and on the system. >> reporter: v-d.o.t.'s run semilation of the traffic conditions. no bridge will be closed in the area but driving into the city next week should be a last resort. if you do decide to drive, go ahead and tack on an extra hour. at the shrine of the immaculate conception through the large wooden ground floor doors, the souvenir center for pope francis. let the sales begin. >> we have t-shirts with the image of pope francis and the national shrine for $20. they're available in both english and spanish. >> big pope, medium pope, little pope. $180 pope. $60 pope. $20 pope. for the catholic church, this is
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almost like the super bowl. >> doesn't get any bigger than this. >> thirsty? what about an official pope mug? in english and in spanish. salud. they have pope prayer cards. water bottles. it's got the pope's picture on it, people will purchase it. >> he's absolutely a rock star. people love him. they love what he stands for. >> $3 coins. heads and tails. pope on one side. shrine on the other. think you've seen it all? how about a pope mobile? a pope mobile of your very own. and it even plays the hallelujah chorus. ♪ hallelujah hallelujah in northeast, pat collins, news4.
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well, we also learned details this week of the pope's parade route for september 23rd. after meeting with the president, thousands will line the streets to catch a glimpse of the real pope mobile. a jumbotron will also be set up on the grounds of the washington monument to broadcast live coverage of the public events that day including the mass at the basilica. you don't need a ticket to get into the motorcade route, but you will have to go through security. there is a lot to remember, so make sure you have our nbc washington app. we have all this information and more to help you get down there and let you know what you can and cannot bring. virginia's following through on a promise made during a controversy over the confederate flag. we'll show you the new look of some license plates in the state. and it's supposed to be one of the happiest times of your life, but two local women are afraid memories of their wedding day may be lost. a consumer report when "news4 th
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it's being called on economic boost for southeast washington. a new training facility will be built on the grounds of st. elizabeths near the metro stop. it will be used by the wizards and the mystics. and taxpayers will help pay $55 million for it. >> i really got to know this area. i got to go up and down the anacostia. i walked around this area to see what we can do and the mayor was with us every step of the way. and i was kind of afraid too say we would go some place else. >> the facility will be open in about two years. virginia now has a new license plate for the sons of confederate veterans. the flag is gone and the name of the group is on the bottom. earlier this summer governor terry mcauliffe said they wanted them changed. the move comes after a gunman killed nine at a historically
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black church in charleston. there may be a new decision maker in your house when it comes to choosing where to go to dinner. the new app developed in our area that puts a spin on eating out. plus, he did something no american had done before. so why is a man coming home to maryland empty handed?
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we've all run into trouble deciding where to go out to eat. well, now there's an app for that. angie goff reports it make the decision for you in ten seconds all while saving you money. >> reporter: some of the most memorable meals out can be those that don't always go as planned. but in the nation's most powerful city, planning is everything. and when it comes to dining, it can be a downright pain. >> it doesn't matter if it's friends, family or business, you spend 20 minutes talking about
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where to eat. >> reporter: it's that dilemma they say they've answered. together they created spot luck. a restaurant discount app that's helping locals find a place to eat fast. here's how it works. pick your neighborhood, spin, and wherever you land is where you score the biggest deal of the day. the discount can be as high as 35%. and it's based on factors like date, time, and the weather. >> prices in a restaurant on a tuesday at 2:00 p.m. when it's raining should not be the same as prices in a restaurant on a friday night at 6:00 p.m. >> reporter: it's a model that's saving emily money. >> 10% adds up to an extra beer at the bar. >> reporter: and it's fun. especially when she lands on a fave. >> it's like you hit the lottery for a second. >> reporter: like a game, there are perks. particularly in sharing, not necessarily at the table or the bar. but posting about your experience online can get you more points nap can translate into more spins. restaurants say they're winning too. getting more traffic on slower
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days and real feedback from customers. >> a spot luck customer comes in and they do a review, it's gps verified. we know they were in our restaurant. we know the review was real. it's not one of our competitors saying something bad about us. >> reporter: restaurant feedback is all done through the app which allows diners to lock in their location. because the app is so new, thomas says there could be some confusion. >> internally in the restaurant there could be a little bit of a tough time just letting people know what spot luck is. but as we grow, it's just become easier and easier. >> reporter: so far more than 200 restaurants have signed on including clyde's, tony and joe's, and martin tavern. restaurants spanning 15 hubs that include arlington, georgetown, and rockville. >> i discovered new restaurants and new neighborhoods because of it. >> reporter: an app feeding an appetite for something different by spinning a wheel that always gives a deal. angie goff, news4.
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>> talk about a win/win. and after a spin, regardless of where you land, there's always the option to get 10% off any other place on the wheel. well, people plan for years to pay a lot of money for a wedding. . you don't get what you pay for it can be frustrating. two local brides spent thousands and they're still waiting for their wedding videos nearly a year later. consumer reporter erika gonzalez sits down with those brides who just want to relive their big day. >> reporter: 'emily and her husband married a year ago in a beautiful ceremony in d.c. >> it had sweeping views of the national mall. the weather was perfect, lots of family and friends. it was just the best day. >> reporter: among all the expenditures for her dream date, $3,000 for a videographer. >> the video is something we're looking forward to showing to our future kids and just having as a family heirloom. >> reporter: carolyn is another bride who hired the same company for her wedding too.
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she spent nearly $7,000. >> i felt very good about the company and they did a great job for us on the wedding day as far as i could tell. >> reporter: but now about a year later, neither one of the women have a wedding video to show for it. they hired blue sky films. both women say they've called, gone by, and sent e-mails but keep getting put off. so they called the news4 consumer watch for help. we set up an interview with the company, but the night before our sit-down, blue sky films canceled and sent this statement instead saying, quote, while we have always strived to exceed our couples' expectations, sometimes businesses are handed setbacks. right now due to a number of reasons we are behind with our editing. we are working very hard and are fully committed to delivering the film at the level of quality and creativity they are expecting. the consumer federation of america says when setting aside vendors for your special day, use a credit card to make purchases. even if you're charged slightly more, you have more protection
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and can dispute charges if need be. also, if you schedule a payment plan with a vendor, it should be heavily weighted on the tail end once the wedding is over and you have what you paid for. emily and carolyn's contract with the videographer has a clause on delays and reads clients won't hold the company liable for any damages due to a delayed delivery date. >> i'm not really confident in their ability to deliver the final product. i think that we've kind of reached that point where it's better for us to part ways and i just want to make sure that i have those memories and that i have that footage. >> reporter: you're probably asking yourself why would these couples choose a videographer that may have issues delivering? the reviews were sparkling. >> the company was highly reputable. and we really had no hesitation whatsoever. >> reporter: blue sky films won the title washington's be
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videographers that is awarded by clients and experts in the industry. on the popular site wedding, they get 4.8 out of 5 stars and lots of accolades. also given by clients. what do you want out of this? >> it's not about the money at this point. it's about the memories. >> as of today, emily still has no video. carolyn was able to get the unedited footage from her wedding but not the completed video she paid for. she has disputed the charges with the credit card company and she's gotten back at least some of that payment. for more information about what to look out for when planning an event and hiring vendors, go to and search vendors. well, this one's a surprise few would find welcome. an alligator in your back yard. where it was found and how crews got it out.
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he did it!
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goff britten did it! >> me, our producers, we're all crowding around the set watching this. huge fan of this show. he's now the first person to conquer all four stages of "american ninja warrior" but only maryland's geoff britten is coming home empty handed. another was crowned the first american ninja warrior and made himself $1 million richer. remember, geoff is the first person to reach the top. congrats to them both. chopper 4 captured the u.s. air force thunder birds as they arrived this week. they are performing at the andrews air show this weekend. the show starts at 11:30 this morning and lasts until 4:00. parking and shuttles are both available at fedex field and the
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branch metro station. take a look at this. not something you want to see in your back yard. a montgomery homeowner found the alligator in his pond this week. after three hours of draining the pond, officers were able to finally catch a three-foot gator. now it's hanging out at a wildlife preserve and zoo in frederick county. something to see, but i'm glad i'm certainly sure the homeowners are glad to see that one go. it's a all for "news4 this week." thanks for joining us. we're going to leave you with more of the thunder birds putting on a preview of their air show. have a great weekend. ♪
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♪ welcome to the season debut edition of "redskins chronicles." i'm larry michael at redskins park. each week on "redskins chronicles" we take an in-depth look of a legacy. today, hall of famer, art monk. a look back opening day at fedex field, the redskins fell to the miami dolphins, 17-10. here's some of the highlights.


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