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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  September 19, 2015 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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now at 11 pope francis waves to the crowd in the popemobile. he landed in cuba. the men he has.
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a fire ripped through a prjs house. see how donald trump is surviving the firer to he started. >> more pain for a prince georges family. now they are trying to to salvage what they can. how the family is coping tonight. >> reporter: kristin, this has been an extremely difficult day for this family. the restoration crew just wrapped up their work. the family trying to figure out what their next steps will be. these photos show the heavy fire and thick black smoke that
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destroyed this home in springdale. no one was home. they were at the ebenezer church of got a couple miles away. they were at a funeral. >> we heard that some people saying the house was totally burped, some people says the roof is gone. the fire was reported in the afternoon. wilson's widow and other loved ones raced from the funeral to the home. they spent the afternoon across the street. >> it is very difficult on the day that you bury one of your relatives you also learn that
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your home is also gone. >> two firefighters taken to the hospital. the heat from the fire was so intense that it melted the siding on both sides of the house. >> what next? things have a tendency of happening in threes. we hope it doesn't happen in this case. >> reporter: this has been disturbing for this neighborhood. they said how much can one person take. this fire caused $200,000 in damage. the cause is undetermined. >> a euphoric welcome for pope francis in cuba today. cuban president raul castro met hip at the airport. nbc's jay gray has more on the trip before he heads to d.c.
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>> as he arrived in havana, the pope was met by the cuban president. he spoke to a broader audience. referencing renewed relations for the u.s. and cuba and encouraged that. in this country starved for progress and change the papal visit signals a new sense of hope. >> cuba will open to the world and the world will open to cuba. >> the pope's arrival has caused
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excitement. they welcomed him. >> stay with news4 on air and online. we have you covered. we will send you breaking news alerts from our washington app when he gets here and keep you up to speed on traffic delays. >> it took police time to track down two suspects. police chased down a car and arrested two men. both face first-degree murder charges. police say they have the man responsible for sexually assaulting two women.
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>> the prince george's county fire department mourning the loss of one of their own. retired deputy fire chief carla blue died today. she was with the department for 20 years. funeral arrangements will be announced. two young girls did the right thing when two men in a van started following them. they are walking near a school this afternoon. the white van approached. a man called out to them and
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another guy got out and started walking toward them. one of the girls fulled out her known and they ran home and told their parents. >> tomorrow the silver spring transit center starts taking passengers. it will serve metro bus, ride on, van go and the shuttle. donald trump is not backing down. how he is firing back at his critics. hot wheels in one neighborhood after flames tear three skreex. >> cooler temperatures are in >> cooler temperatures are in the forecast for
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. inside this inferno you see 20 vehicles. they all went up in flames in st. louis this morning. people ran out to find this. they found their cars engulfed in flames and exploding one by one. the bomb and arson unit is
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skresing. donald trump not nope for his silence. today he shot back at critics. trump has been under four for not correcting a man who said president obama is muslim. an audience member said is that. today trump says he is in a no win situation. he says he is not morally obligated to defend the president. people are wond onering if this is the controversy that the harm his presidency run. >> back in 2012 trump questioned whether president obama was born in the u.s. trump will be one of chuck
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todd's guests tomorrow morning, joined by dr. ben carson and ohio governor. we need some rain. amelia is up next. first, for the first time in three years the
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the skies above joints base andrews filled with stunts and man ufs. tens of thousands watched pilot show off at the air show. >> floating, soaring, and tumbling. it's been three years since they have graced the skies over joint base andrew. >> one of the aircraft on display you could touch. some that you can't. the maneuvers and hardware on display were used in real life operations. >> we tried on make the
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community know we do that mission every day. >> the sound of some down hope blues filled the air president prince george's community college today. the weather was perfect. our own jim henley there. posing for pictures. nbc4 is a proud sponsor of the festival. cooler tfrps coming our way tomorrow. is fall really coming? >> it begins this wednesday. temperatures this, dealing fomo fall-like than summer-like. here with the weather headlines.
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every temperature in the 70s. we need the rain. our rainfall deficit over 4 1/2 inches. there is uncertainty thursday, friday and saturday. one computer model has us rainy. i am leaning towards a drier forecast. the weather having a low impact on your day. it will be breezy and 10 degrees cooler than today. 75 in washington. here is the latest check of the satellite and radar.
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this will bring partly cloudy skies. so a little bit on the cool side, especially with the breeze. we have the marathon tomorrow. at noon, temperatures in the 70s. a high tomorrow in the district of 79 degrees. nice for sunday evening. the redskins game, anticipate temperatures in the mid to upper 70s. recess with temps in the mid 60s. a high of 72. it's going to be chilly on
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monday. tuesday a little bit warmer, plenty of clouds. friday and saturday temps remain in the upper 70s. >> still ahead a bounceback week for
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taking a look at sports tonight, maryland doing a we will lot better than last week. >> they can't do any worse. if you are randy he had sell what do you do if your team suffers a loss to bowling green. you make changes to your depth chart. turned to junior caleb row out of south florida. he is making his first start since 2013 for the terps. down the sidelines. maryland takes a 14-7 lead. rowe with another strike.
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edwards, nice catch for the touchdown. not perfect today. rolls to his right. his throw picked off. jamie bird with the interception. three for rowe. ensuing drive. flowers upds pressure. he takes off. now down 28-17. maryland's defense came to play. pass tipped with intercepted by sean davis. terrapins back in business. maryland takes advantage. rowe will find edwards again. second touchdown of the game.
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four tds in the game. >> i said last night, all i need you to do is play every play like it's the last you play. that's the mentality we are trying to get. i think they got back to that today. >> hokey fans making the trip to west lafayette. this was just the kind of game frank beemer loves. loses the football. clark mix it up and takes it to the end zone. hokies 10-0 lead. virginia tech, takes it in for the touchdown.
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51-24. to charlottesville. a pretty catch back in the end zone. virginia takes a lead. the junior running back has space. 80 yard touchdown run. virginia survives. to annapolis. dean an reynolds loving his new confence. takes it in from two yards out. nauert quarter, more reynolds. this time 17 yard touchdown run. five tds on the game. they win it.
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jordan zimmermann, bases loaded jam and seven strikeouts. bryce harper hoping to find the national league mvp. monster two-run shot to right. nationals beat the marlins. with the mets loss, that's seven games back in the n.l. east. davis on second base. jones at the plate. jones rips the ball to right center. that proved to be the winner. a big congratulations to the orioles you a fill@for winning
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the eastern heeg championship. >> that's great. >> keep winning. and the weather is going to be nice? >> breezy, temperatures in the mid to upper 70ed. >> saturday night live is next.
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[ cheers and applause ] >> welcome back to "the kelly file." later in the program, undeniable proof that the historical figure blackula was in fact white. but first, it was a long week for new jersey governor chris christie. first he placed nurse kaci hickox into quarantine even


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