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tv   News4 Today  NBC  September 20, 2015 10:00am-10:31am EDT

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right now on "news4 today," in business. that's a look at the brand
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spanking new bus hub. also live this morning pope francis celebrating mass in cuba. you're looking at live pictures as 1 million people attend this historic event. and we're learning what people are learning. >> we're in the 10:00 hour. good morning. i'm adam tuss. >> and i'm angie goff. we were just talkinging you can hear the joy and music. >> you can hare the latin music. >> the horns. coming up let's talk about the spectacular view. overall it feels very good, tom. >> you can hear the joy here too. when you step out the door you notice low humidity has moved in. latest wind gusts around 20 to 25 mile' hour, looking off to the west rehave dove gray
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clouds. we have a general clearing by noontime. we should be getting partly cloudy. rest of the afternoon should be mostly sunny, it will be mostly clear. it's in the 60s to the north and west. up around 70. the metro area, right around the bay, in the lower 70s. the low 60s and 50s out in the mountains chl nice afternoon coming up. we ought to hit the mid to upper 70s. a look how long this pleasant pattern is going to be lasting and the forecast for the papal visit. that's going to be coming up in a few minutes. >> thanks a lot, tom. the silver spring transit center about to open.
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derrick ward with some live reaction. what are you hearing, derrick? >> reporter: indeed you're hearing it. your commute friday will be a lot different than your commute sunday. take a look. this project is about five years behind, $50 million over budget. they just had to make sure the structure was sound enough for all the bus traffic and there will be a lot of bus traffic. there are 30 bus bays. metro, ride on, and, again, a lon time coming. let's hear from a spokesperson from metro. >> the thing is this puts everything in one place for our customers. if they're taking a bus and
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transferring over to metro rail or going on to marc, it's all right here for them. >> and there will be folks here today and certainly tomorrow to guide folks through. again, maybe your buses may have stopped in a completely different place. a lot of signage but there will be folks on hand from ride on, metro, and silver spring. there's going to be a learning curve as you get familiar with these things. buss are only allowed on the first two levels. but if you go to the third level there's taxis and kiss and ride. back to you. >> it will take getting used to but it will all be ironed out. >> right now a million cubans are in revolution square
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watching the pope delivering sunday mass. we want to take you live. the event started moments ago in havana. later the pope will meet with raul and fidel castro. jay gray is there as he visits this historic nation. >> reporter: thousands lined the roadways in havana. waving flags, welcoming pope francis as he arrived saturday. >> translator: the many that we are. >> reporter: thousands are expected to fill the plaza for the first of two masses during his visit to cuba. the pontiff perhaps providing a him of what his message may be during his flight from the vatican. >> translator: a small bridge. then another, then another make a big bridge frp peace. >> reporter: in stru mental in
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healing the relationship between the united states and cuba, he arrives as they embrace him as a hero. >> pope francis and what he brings not just to the country but to all of the pontiffs, to be able to be instrumental in bringing back relations between the u.s. and cuba. he's done remarkable things. >> reporter: and historic things. the mass is expected to last two hours or more and then he i'm have an official visit with president raul castro and fidel. >> that mass is expected to go on for another hour. you can stream it on your nbc washington app. >> when the pope comes here, you need to know four things.
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now, as an angie mentioned the pope arrives tuesday at joint base andrew. first things first the road closure. the brookland metro station. that's going to be extremely business on wednesday and the red line will be particularly clouded. brookland is the closest to ta basilica of the national shrine as the pope moved around town. there are going to be rolling road closures. if you don't have a ticket the closest will be the parade around the white house. he'll travel from the executive mansion toward the cathedral in northwest. lots going on. in the days ahead the maryland didn't of agriculture will spray for mosquitos in laurel. crews will begin spraying around dusk.
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you'll see them around. there will be six no-spray zones if you erie worried about being around the chemical. . this will be the last mosquito spraying for the year. one group of catholics are especially excited about the ponti pontiff's visit. how their connection with the pope makes history. let's take a look outside. is there rain? when we could see showers. tom keir ryan next. the montgomery county community picnic is being held from 1:00 to 3:00 and then
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coming up, you can learn more. construction expected to start in about two weeks. on tuesday a new greenhouse opening at centreville high school. will teach those with disabilities about growing food. that will be used to cook in the cafeteria there. happening today, we invite you to join us for two walks that highlight the need for mental health care and suicide prevention. "news4" is committed to awareness with our changing minds campaign. the first walk kicks off this morning at 10:00 a.m. it kicked off. about 11 minutes going strong with nbc 4's aaron gilchrist and pat lawson muse. we hope to see you there. i want to go back to the live pictures from the pope's mass in havana.
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look at the crowd that has shown up. >> there is no elbow room. >> everyone is packed into revolution square. this mass has been going on for about an hour and it's gotten longer to go. they're handing out communion. that's toward the end of the mass ceremony there. but obviously that's a lot of people to give communion to. how do you hand out communion to a million people? you have to find a lot of eucharistic ministers and priests. that's the process they're going through right now. >> you can stream it now right now o
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well, we have plenty to talk about. starting with this morning's "meet the press," chuck todd. >> he's under fire for not stopping a supporter who called president obama a muslim. is this different? is he losing neany momentum? >> i have new numbers that we're going to debut on the show in 14 minutes when viewers stay with us. we have three of the candidates, trump, carson, and kasich.
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can he expand his base? and this is -- there are some people who wonder was this debate performance, which wasn't great, and you have party who seems more comfortable going after him, is this where you'll start seeing more consistent attacks and slowly and surely the numbers will come out of the balloon? so far they're not seeing it. fiorina surges. she definitely got a bump-up and carson got a bump down. it's magz. the outsiders have 63% of the vote. >> he gets this weird thing going on with rand paul. why are they going back and forth? >> actually in some ways he is a rhetorical predator in that he finds the weakest person in the field and goes after them. it's like the way a lion pounces on a gazelle. he looks at it and realizes
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paul's the weakest link and that's been his m.o. that may have something to do with it and paul doesn't mind shooting back. >> no. the pope is arriving for the first time. it's first time we're seeing somebody else in the headlines instead of the pope. >> thit ooh going have a big impact. we're going to have this week where everybody takes a breath and the pope then inserts himself. he's going talk about climate change, income inequality, issues that democrats would like to see brought up more. it's going to put some conservative catholics -- the pope is going to get politicized and we've never had it that strongly before. when i read george will's column just eviscerating the pope, i thought, wow, this is going to be like no other papal visit.
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i think it will have a big impact on the campaign but we won't realize it for months. >> that and the traffic. >> i've got that covered. >> this is why the pope has left the metro. stay out of your popemobile. >> thank you. chuck. a reminder you can see "meet the press" every sunday on nbc 4 right after "news4 today." >> while we're talking about the pope, right now we want to go back live to havana, cuba, where an estimated 1 million cubans are celebrating machls tens of thousands of cubans have been waiting all night for this very moment. >> special stuff there. >> and when pope francis finally makes his way to d.c. this week it's going to be a special day for them. >> as explained there are hundreds of thousands of hispanic catholics in our area
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waiting to embrace the pope. >> he is our pope. he belongs to the hispanic community. >> father can't wait to welcome the pope. he pastors our lady of the catholic chimp in northwestern d.c. they're all eager to embrace their pope. >> it it is same excitement that the polish used to feel for john paul ii. now it's our turn. he's our voice, our champion. >> he says there's a familiarity that resonates with the hispanics. >> he not only speaks spanish but he hopes like us, things like us, so he's presenting this church that we are so familiar
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with. >> the pope's mass at the basilica of the national shrine of the immaculate conception will be on wednesday. still, he thinks people won't struggle to understand. with a romantic language like spanish, he believes it will heel the soul. >> we believe that message is going to stay with us longer. it's going to go from our head to our heart. >> while the focus of the pope's message still unknown, he believes it will be about people. >> he's going to be inviting the government and church and society to look at the person as the center of everything politics.
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will there ever be another pope like this one? >> there are possibilities. we're not closing the door to popes. >> it's going to be busy, exciting for everybody. what everybody wants to know, how's the weather going to be. >> yeah. it's looking heaven sent, i must say. right now we have clouds ws will begin to diminish
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as the cloud cover continues to break up. now, look at this photo. i've had nearly 20,000 views of this photo on my facebook pang in the last couple of hours. this was sunset yesterday evening over a sunflower field. that taken of by jen johnson. we've got baseball at national and football at fedex field where it will be a bit blustery there. 70s for the game. and tomorrow morning. cool. you'd need a light jacket. long sleeves as well. we may get some showers tomorrow afternoon. not a lot. just some to tamp down the dust. not helping our abnormally dry conditions. then on tuesday. then for the papal visit all the outdoor events are looking beautiful. on wednesday and thursday.
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both days in the 70s to right around 80 with low humidity. lots of
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we want to take you live to havana, cuba, where the pope is delivering his sunday mass to a
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crowd of 1 million people. it has been a beautiful ceremony. everybody has been celebrating. there were times when we actually heard some music. >> looks like he's giving the final sign of the cross right there and the final blessings to over a million people who showed up in revolution square in hava havana. >> they'll go on for another 30 minutes with so many people there. something to follow. at home, metro's going to play a huge role when the pope comes here. we sat down with metro's acting general manager jack requa. he said the best thing you can do is plan ahead. >> it ee going to fill up hours earlier than normal so you should be there in advance. >> normal parking rates are in effect? >> yep. normal parking rates, normal fares. peak hours on wednesday and thursday through the afternoon eventses. >> so the redline is going to be
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particularly crowded when the pope's here. there will be lots of crowds at brookland. it's going to be busy all around. give yourself plenty of extra time and really over the next few days or tuesday, wednesday, thursday, patience. >> they say this will be bigger than the crowds for the inauguration. so plan accordingly. >> weather is looking good. dry for the rest of the week. drys in the 70s to around 80. >>
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. this sunday morning where does the race stand now? we have brand new runners and i am talking to the front runners. plus remember this moment from the debate. >> watch a full fetus on the table and kicking and someone saying to keep them alive for the brain. >> how the fight over planned parent hood could shut down the government in ten days. >> how does a well known


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