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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  September 20, 2015 11:30pm-12:06am EDT

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away from him. i don't know what happened after that. >> al: clearly he fumbles. who comes up with the ball under that pile? >> cris: britt came walking out of it and he was right there. >> al: it's a turnover. they're reviewing it anyway so you don't need a challenge. there you had an initial turnover and then make a second one but it's ruled and you couldn't tell conclusively who wound up with elliott's fumble. they have the ball at the 37 yard line. >> cris: elliott was their second leading special teams guy.
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>> al: an eight-yard gain tackled by thomas. a flag on the play. and now you have a scrum. another flag coming in. three flags on the field. lang without his helmet. a couple teams that don't like each other very much. >> cris: i thought you were going to throw in a couple big uglies there as well. >> al: in the trenches. wright is 50.
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richard rodgers is there as well. >> cris: i think rodgers was going to get the flag if he retaliated. one flew his flag, his hat, he threw everything out there. you're starting to feel the raw emotion of this rivalry, and there's nothing natural except they've been two of the best teams for a while now and they've played such important games. i think aaron now is say iing is going to offset. >> al: he's had a lot of explaining to do tonight on these penalties. >> referee: a dead ball personal foul, defense, number 50. we also have a dead ball personal foul, offense, number 70. we also have a dead ball personal foul defense number 72.
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those penalties are going to offset. however, defense number 50 holding the facemask, number 50 is ejected from the ball game. and second down, green bay. >> al: that is a big loss, wright. even though seattle had two penalties, green bay had one offsetting but they lose wright. >> cris: he didn't exactly take it off but he did everything but. k.j. wright is going to have to leave the field and what he does and what kam chancellor does is a little bit of the same sort of play. and so now they're down two of those guys that can cover and play the run, and so now they're down to kevin pierre lewis to come in. they have to get this football
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back. >> al: and that is a significant drop-off. second down and two. 6 1/2 left in the fourth. able to work tonight, remember lacy got hurt early, out for the game. they have to play the monday nighter against kansas city. starks, meanwhile, 16 carries tonight for 87 yards. >> cris: he has done a nice job, don't you think? this is a good offensive line and we understand that. they had to establish the run against these pass rushers on the other side. and even with eddie lacy out, he has done enough to slow them
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down a bit. >> al: that's jordan hill, third year back out of penn state who stops him. >> cris: some play by hill. he had a major impact at the end of last season. this is him coming all the way across here like that. what did he have five and a half sacks and then got hurt and wasn't able to take part in the playoffs. he is an electric player, certainly adds a new dimension to that pass rush inside. >> al: brandon mebane up front. second down and 11. starks again, the ball to the 20 yard line. rodgers milking the clock. clearly within field goal range.
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third down. >> cris: good stuff out of linsley, too. with lang and sitton outside of him, they really hold that pocket inside which allows aaron rodgers to drop deep and then step up because usually there's not a lot of penetration amongst those three. >> al: rodgers takes the play clock all the way down, but is able to take 40 ticks off the game clock. a time-out. green bay has two. 24-17. a third and six coming up. the last three games against the seahawks, take a look at his numbers. his numbers are fantastic across the board. normally.
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they weren't in the nfc championship game. played that with a calf strain as he did throughout the playoffs. dallas the week before that. tonight back on target, 24-32, 75%. mvp of the league last year. >> cris: ordinarily we'd say a field goal here and it's out of reach. after watching that championship game last week, never say out of reach again. >> al: not in this rivalry. you have randall cobb. richard rodgers in the backfield. third down and six. and finds the open man, first and goal. the catch is made by ty
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montgomery. >> cris: this is an extremely talented group of pass rushers. all night long they have provided enough time for aaron rodgers and even when they missed he has found ways to step up through and around. michael bennett the great pass rusher inside. they have just done a job, very, very talented bunch up front. >> al: and taking the play clock down to the nub on first and goal. and he has to take another time-o time-out. time-out, green bay. down to one with three and a half to go. queso dip ♪
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♪ >> al: rodgers had a couple of free plays with offside against seattle and both times he decided or two of those occasions to throw sherman's way, one completion for 29 and then the big 52-yard penalty for pass interference. against sherman towards the end of the half. >> cris: the only two he threw that way he knew he had a free play. >> cris: an eligible receiver
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number 73. >> al: swinging to the outside. pushed back. kept inbounds by rubin. makes the tackle. there will be under three minutes when we have our next snap. well, the seattle seahawks, the nfc championship game, the super bowl, and last week at the rams, losing a fourth quarter lead. they took the lead, went to overtime. last week happened in st. louis and on the verge of maybe tonight up 17-16 with the seahawks at the end of three. starks again, wagner stops him at the 4 yard line. seattle with that one time-out
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plus the two-minute warning. >> cris: this is when all those time-outs that gets wasted early come back to haunt. >> al: they take their final time-out here. the next stoppage is the two-minute warning. they'll try to hold them to a field goal and then you have possession. down two possessions. of course you'd be thinking of an onside kick if you scored. we know what happened in seattle. >> cris: a little bit of the situation we saw a week ago. i think this is one you're in almost ought mautomatic field g range so don't be afraid to let aaron rodgers take a look. don't throw it away and stop the clock, just take the sack and
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kick the field goal. >> al: when has that happened before? third down and goal now. so jones wide to the right. adams is wide to the left. green bay, empty backfield. rush four. and takes off but can only get to the three. fourth down and goal. will hold him to a field goal attempt. that will come on the other side of the two-minute warning. >> cris: jordan hill took linsley right back in to aaron rodgers. had he not, i think rodgers would have navigate that had one for a touchdown. >> al: so two minutes remaining in the fourth quarter with a
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field goal attempt coming up. why am i yelling? the revolution will not only be televised. the revolution will be mobilized. introducing the all in one plan. only from directv and at&t.
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>> al: so mason crosby will have
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out. tim masthay to hold trying to make it a ten-point, two-possession lead and he does to make it 27-17. so coming up right after the game, volkswagen postgame report, michele on the feel, of course, with the stars of the game, bob, tony and mike, looking around the league as well and cris and i with a look ahead to next sunday's matchup in detroit between the lions and the broncos right after the game. so you need two scores. you're going to have to have an onside kick at some point and recover that. rodgers, how is that for a
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fourth quarter? 999. >> cris: always looks like he's under control. he has this coolest guy in the room kind of deal. it's hard to believe he sat there on draft day and watched the entire league pass on him. >> al: he never forgot it either. >> cris: a lot of great players in this league have managed to carry a chip with them for a long time and it serves them well. >> al: he knows how to settle down the fan base as well. they got off to a bad start a couple years ago, sunday night being in houston. he walked into the room, hey, outside the guy is falling but inside we're just find. last year when they started out
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1-2 he goes on the radio and says r-e-l-a-x. r relax. he was right then, too. >> cris: a little burst from seattle offensively. from this team, it's been good night for dom capers' punch. jimmy go hraham, i don't know t have the timing figured out. i think in a game like this you would have hoped for more production from him. >> al: graham in the middle. doug baldwin short gain. green bayh will give them all they want on those types of plays. second down and three.
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down to 1:35 and ticking down. that's a first down. no time-outs. baldwin makes the catch. 1:20 and under. taking a lot of time here. and wilson will take off. gets to the 49. kerry tackles him. they get into field goal range, they'll probably try a field goal first, save a little bit of time and try to get the onside kick and then score a touchdown. >> cris: i'm not sure we could take another onside kick, though. >> al: the throw and that will be caught by lynch. that caught keeps on moving. green bay tries to take it away 43. now wilson wants to get up there
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and spike it to save some time. that will stop the clock, under a half minute, 29 seconds. >> cris: but i like your strategy. i think you take another ten-yard play if you have it and you trip the field goal or hit the onside kick and then throw a few hail marys. >> al: that's the way to do it. we have to think about using the sidelines, too. you have to stop the clock. they put three seconds back on it. 32 second. second down and 10. jackson in there. to the sidelines. wilson going over the middle. they have jackson and he loses the ball. and that's going to write a finish to it. >> cris: there's your hero. >> al: he knocked it out. he had the interception and then he knocks it out. that's going to put a wrap on
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it. >> cris: there's nothing defensive coordinators like better than a game. elliott was on the pass rush turned and huddled down the field, stripped the football out. remember very much, game over. the tomahawk chop. every team does. when you can begin from behind on a running back and they don't see it coming, almost impossible to prevent that from happening. here is the interception that happened earlier. a pretty special night for that young man. >> al: last year because seattle won on opening night. they had a head-to-head tiebreaker with green bay. this year green bay will own that tiebreak. by virtue of this win tonight. so the packers go to 2-0. the seahawks will go home to face detroit and detroit the
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next two weeks on the nfc north tour are 0-2. >> cris: from my regard, so confident going into that championship game. he really thought he had them them wired. it was the ultimate heartbreak. not a full measure of revenge.
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here now bob costas. last january in seattle, the packers did everything but win the nfc championship game. tonight, week two at lambeau, they do win it. as you heard al michaels michael say in effect, when it comes to playoff seeding they have a thr three-game lead this early in the season on the seahawks. final score 27-17. as you would expect he is efficient with two touchdowns. lineman josh sitton did a fine job. linebacker elliott had a pick and a fumble recovery. all three get to talk to michele. >> aaron, you guys scored a it had it had on the opening drive and then not again until the go-ahead touchdown.
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when you went 8-8. what click on that drive that hadn't been? >> we had cobb in the backfield. james ran the ball great all night. the protection was really good. we had an extra element in the backfield. >> you were 9-9 in that fourth quarter. why are you so good here at home? >> it's "sunday night football," baby. >> all right, the rivalry between these two teams. i know you have been downplaying it all weeklong, but after those three straight losses all in seattle, what does it mean to get the win here? >> it's a tough place to play. we're creating a home advantage, so we have to keep this thing rolling. we're not going to make a big deal because it because we have 14 left and hopefully the playoffs. we have to win all of our games at home. a great opponent. a great fourth quarter for us. >> congratulations. to josh sitton who helped block
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for aaron rodgers. when you have a guy like that who can extend behind you. >> he makes a lot of us look good. you never know where he's going to be but he does a good job moving around. i think he's the best player in the envelope infonfl. it makes our job easy sometimes. >> he told us you're an underrated offensive line. congratulations on the win. >> thank you very much. >> defensive game ball for the interception first and then the strip. talk about what you were seeing and how you were able to be so effective when it matters? >> i tried to go make the play. we needed some energy in the stadium. i'm just very excited right now. >> reporter: you should be. >> thank you. have a good one. >> let's bring in tony dungy.
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tony, the defending nfc champions are now 0-2 and in their last two games, the first two, they've allowed 61 points. that's the most in back-to-back games for a seahawks defense since december of 2010. what's going wrong here? >> well, i thought the game balls were very appropriate tonight, bob. i thought the green bay offensive and defensive really played seattle up front and the seahawks are not used to that. josh sitton and that grouped opened up gigantic holes for james. on defense, they got penetration. they were not able to get marshawn lynch going, and seattle adjusted and did some things with russell wilson, but they never got into the flow of the running attack like they're used to. >> okay, tony, thanks. to mike florio of "pro football talk." how do you see tonight's result affecting kam chancellor's holdout? obviously it increases the sense
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of urgency at least a bit. >> well, bob, these two sides haven't spoken until september 8. with the seahawks at 0-2 you have to wonder whether the phone will ring and the talks resume. coach pete carroll, the gm, have a high degree of job security and also have full support of their owner. now the dallas cowboys are 2-0. the bad news they've lost another key player to a broken bone. tony romo has a fractured collarbone. eight weeks he'll miss. we know more after his ct call. between that and dez briyanbrya broken bone in his foot, will we need them before they are fuelly and completely heeled. whether or not josh mccown is fully and completely healed from a concussion is question of the week. johnny manziel got his first
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career win when mccown is out. when the questions become clear, people are hoping for manziel. >> all right, mike, interesting stuff. thanks as always. once again the final at lambeau, the packers 27, the seahawks 17. al and cris back to wrap things up after this. (phone ringing) oh! i got another call. adam: i'm not having a party! hey chris what's up! you heard about adam's party man? it's going to be crazy. i knew it! (beep) find the closest party store... introducing app-connect. (google voice) here are your directions. michael: i'm gonna throw my own party. the things you love on your phone, available on 11 volkswagen models. wendy's asked this pitmaster to share his secret barbecue sauce recipe. he did not. but he did give us this...
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with the direct tv eight-game mix you can pick out any game you want to watch, every game sunday with nfl sunday ticket. earlier today calvin johnson caught ten passes including this touchdown somehow getting both feet inbounds in detroit's loss at minimnesota. next sunday night detroit will host peyton manning and the 2-0 denver broncos. that's next week on "sunday night football."
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come from behind to win it 27-19. this team is adapting, adju adjusting. tonight they lose eddie lacy, their stud running back early, but they adjust, adapt, and come away with a win. >> the seahawks started 3-3. they make it all into the super bowl. you're always the one to talk. come on, cris. it's the second week of the season. relax a little bit. >> al: next week is week three. talking about adjusting and adapting gary kubiak goes to denver. we know it's a new offense. peyton manning doesn't really play well. defense wins against baltimore and then they have the win against kansas city the other night.
12:04 am
peyton manning's age, you're buying the brain as much as the arm. when they turned it back over to them and they went right down the field and tied the game up and got the fumble afterwards, who knows how it might adjust. kubiak wants to do his thing and john elway is saying when i won my championship at the end we started running the football. you don't want to take away that brain that's been pretty good. >> it's a good brain. we will see it next week when we go to detroit, the first game from detroit in the ten-year history of "sunday night football." broncos against the lions. so that will do it from green bay. al michaels, cris collinsworth, michele tafoya, all the boys and girls that bring it to you every week saying good night from lambeau field in green bay.
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