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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  September 21, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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derrick? >> reporter: good morning. this actually happened around 12:20 last night. we have some video. this happened on the northbound csx tracks as they crossed sunny side avenue. as you said, it's north of that greenbelt rail yard. we don't know the identity of the victim or how that person came to be on the tracks. we do know the train was 57 cars lodge and two locomotives. it was going between tampa and new york carrying food products. just about a half hour ago they reopened this railroad crossing and we have seen traffic going through here. the good thing is there are two lines through here. i talked to a csx official who said ideally the mark trains can use one of the alternate tracks here. we believe it's a train involved in this. we have seen train traffic come through here. we don't know what that means
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for delays. as you said, melissa mollet will be able to tell you more about that later. right now we're live. >> thank you, derrick. right now we're waking up to cool temperatures and rain on the way. >> chuck bell with a first look at your forecast. good morning. >> good morning, aaron and eun. cloudy and cooler than we've been in quite some time. grab your umbrella. i'm still optimistic most of the papal visit, you'll be sitting in sunshine. but before he gets here, do expect a fair impact on your day. grab the umbrella on your way out the door. not a lot of rain heavy early this morning but there are light showers in parts of fauquier county and culpeper. hometown forecast, poolsville,
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light rain. 67 by 6:00 this evening. a shower or two. that's a check on weather. now time for a check on traffic with melissa mollet. >> good morning. now to the fatal scene of the train tracks. we'll be tweeting if we see anything from "first 4 traffic." bei a big look. no problems to speak of here. virginia at 95 and mine road rolling along and at the beltway at river road, no issues here. see you at 5:11. >> thank you, melissa. police are investigating a deadly shooting at greeley place on greeley road. one vk time died at the hospital, and we're working to learn the condition of the other man. crime scene teams worked into the night. you can see here several
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evidence markers. no word right now on a suspect. but police say this was not a random achlkt. in the district, police are investigating a deadly shooting. it happened in the noma neighborhood. the man die at the hospital. the police are auring a $25,000 award for information on the gunman. there have been 115 homicides in the district so far this year. happening right now, the wildfires ravaging parts of california. a fire burning north of san francisco has destroyed another 162 homes. more than 1,000 burned to the ground in lake county this month. the valley fire is the fourth worst in california history and if you look, you can tell from some of the pictures just how dry it is out there from the drought. firefighters are gaining some ground there. the valley fire is about 69% contained.
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there's also a big wildfire burning in butte. it's also one of the worst ever. but it is 72% contained at least. five people unfortunately have been killed in both of these fires. aaron? 5:04 your time now. the trial begins for a man accused of killing a repo man. carol greg is charged with murder. he shot and killed montero. dive teams had to pull his body out of a pond. greg says the shooting was an accident. a retrial begins. michael gardner is the head of the falls church academic community and he's accused of a charge during his daughter's sleepover. the court said character evidence was wrongly excluded from his defense.
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we have 120 buses that will be coming through here during the week on peak days. >> you can take one of those buses today as part of a new way to commute to and from the county. it's basically a massive hub, bus stop, short-term parking spot, and places to lock up your bike. officials say not only does it take the buses off the street but it's designing to get you where you need to go faster. there are changes and new routes to learn. officials tell "news4" they're ready for that. >> we have signs up informing people of the changes here but we're going to have extra staff on hand to make sure everybody knows where they're going. >> structural issues delayed the opening of the center for about a year. they have concerns the concrete would not be able to support the massive amount of bus trachlkt silver springs officials say
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it's ready now after some building and reinforcement. there will soon be new buses to help with congestion. there will be a ribbon-cutting ceremony. the northern virginia transportation authority paid for those new buses. they're responsible for their long range transportation plan. we're following the latest developments in 2016 decision. gop hopefuls after ben carson is in the hot seat. he spoke to "meet the press's" chuck todd. take a listen. >> i would not advocate we put a muslim in charge of this nation. i absolutely would not agree with that. >> the presidential hopeful's comments come days after trump did not denounce a reporter who falsely called president obama a muslim. coming up, we'll go live to tracie potts on capitol hill with the response from carson's campaign this morning. >> 5:07 just about now.
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redskins fans wondering will whether they have a chance in the division following the commanding win. the cowboys now without wide receiver dez bryant and quarterback tony romo who broke his collar hn. skins' rookie matt jones said he wu just glad to lead d.c. to a win. >> we just felt the energy. we knew we were going to win the game. we executed everything we could. >> the team plays the giants and eagles over the next two weeks. could make a statement. >> i wonder what happens to diehards like me. you get hopeful and excited. >> hopeful is good. take a look at your team 4 radar. what about your commute home? chuck has details at 5:11. new details to replace a supervisor after his arrest caused him to resign. what's expected to happen to him
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today. i'm kristin desk at the live desk with more on the
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here in the newsroom we're watching chile because of word of more aftershocks there. 6.3 striking off the central coast. again, chile, of course, still recovering and cleaning up. you can see the pictures here from the big earthquake that hit the same area last week. that was 8.3 kill 13g people. and we're told aftershocks could keep on hitting chile for the next several months to come. bad situation there, guys. >> all right, kristin. thank you. it's 5:11.
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time for watt wa"weather & traf the 1s." let's check in with chuck bell. good morning, chuck. >> good morning. there's a little light rain. nothing more than a lonesome sprinkle or two along 270 and 66 right now. that could be changing as we get into the late morning and afternoon hours. rain chances will continue to increase just a bit. 62 at dulles, 63 at college park, 61 at joint base an druchls any slowdowns today? well, i'm going to give you the yellow lights for light rain and drizzle. your commuter impact relatively low but have your umbrellas ready with rain more likely in the 60s. seven-day outlook. melissa. >> good morning. we do not have any delays popping up on the camden line. of course, we had that person hit by a train on mark. nothing at this point. 29, everything here looks nice and and green. don't have any problems. taking a look south, prince
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george's çñjn÷county, again, ro out of town, into town, very nice. we don't have any major issues. at newington, also quite good. a live look in ten minutes. we're following a developing story out of blame where three people are recovering after a church shooting. what police say led up to gunfire. friends and family mourning the loss of a man. how you can help his family. and the countdown is on until pope francis arrives in d.c. d.c. why one priest is
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recently asked patients to rate the quality of over 3,500 hospitals. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. the pope will be in washington in less than 36 hours. like many of you, we are counting down to his visit. look for an alert on your nbc washington app. the president and first lady will be there to welcome him.
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we'll be covering that for you live on the air as it's happening. the pope comes to the u.s. after making history in havana. the cuban government estimates a whop 3g 00,000 gathered to hear president obama say mass at the plaza de revolution. after that he sat down for his first official state meeting with his brother president raul castro. we're giving you an inside look of the excitement building here. "news4" tracked down father john enzler. in his words he's psyched to be one of the people who will get to meet pope francis. father enzler is the head of catholic charities in the archdiocese of washington. heap help the pope feed the hungry at st. patrick's chur. on thursday. >> 400 or so will be there on thursday.
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aren't i lucky. >> this week's visit will be the pope's first visit ever to the united states. parishioners say he exudes joy and they hope he leaves americans with a renewed catholic faith. our nbc 4 washington app will be useful in the next few days. even if you don't visit the pope, use it to find schedules and maps of all the closed roads around the area. you can help stay aware of significant events or any problems that might affect you. 5:18. a white house staffer was killed over the weekend trying to fight awareness for cancer. 34-year-old jacob brewer died while on the ride. he was hit while crossing a center line. president obama made a statement he was one of the best. he leaves behind a wife and young daughter. a gofundme page has been sets up. nbc 4 was a partner in the ride
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to conquer cancer. it's now 5:19. a special meeting in loudoun county. the board of supervisors is reporting someone to replace supervisor shaun williams earlier this month. williams stepped down after an arrest on assault charges. 13 people applied for the open job. whoever's picked will serve until someone is elected to the position later this year. we have news iffer your health now. listen up, parents. bullying is said to increase the risk of struggles in school and self-harm to teenagers. but a new study says exercise might help. teens who exercise four day as week had less sadness than those who didn't get as much physical activity. researchers say 20% increase leads to less suicide thoughts or attempts. >> viola davis became the first black actress to leeds in drama.
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she offered an emotional and powerful speech. >> let me tell you something. the only thing that separates women of color from anything else is opportunity. >> the other big winner os testify night included jon hamm after seven nominates he finally won for best actor for his portrayal of a don draper on "mad men." watch this. he kind of climbs up onto the stage after so many years. the best writing went to jon stewart. "veep" upset "modern family." "the voice" also won for best variety, something like that. >> these to see tracy morgan up there. looking good. look at that. even made a few jokes while he was up there. >> i need to catch up on so much
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tv. >> some stuff, i haven't seen a single episode. joom chuck bell, watching the skies. >> you're absolutely right. a cloudy sky early this morning and rain chances are sneaking back up which is good news. normally we hate mondays. rainy days and mondays can get us down. we need the raindrops so we'll get them when we can. a mostly cloudy sky early this morning. rain chances this week. finally at least a little something to get our hopes hung up on. a 30%, 40% chance of rain. primarily in the morning. we should be dry tomorrow afternoon. wednesday, thursday look great and another chance for needed drops comes in on friday. it's monday morning. time to start thinking about the weekend. saturday, mostly cloudy. noticeably cooler. clearing skies. highs coming this weekend. mostly in the 70s as opposed to
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the 80s. here's the storm team 4 radar. down to the new river valley and the roanoke valley. that massive moisture is coming in our direction so there's opportunities for a little light rain and sprinkles around early this morning but our best chance for any steadier light rain showers comes in by about lunchtime. temperatures now mid to upper 50s. low to mid-60s around town. as you're planning out your day today, don't leave home. light jacket and long sleeves as well. parts of southern maryland might touch 70. here's future 7 r weather. light chance of hit-or-miss showers. showers could linger into early tomorrow before things peak again. low 70s tomorrow. any rain chances should be early. wednesday, thursday look great as well. there's another little chance
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for a shower on friday. dry toward the weekend. we'll barack down today's rain chances hour by hour, but for now here's melissa. brand-new crash in the southbound lanes has just popped up. we don't have too much information on this one quite yet. no doubt there will be a bit of a scene there for a bit this morning. 270, middle brook, no problem. southbound, no problem. totally normal for this time of day. headed into town, out of town, nice and green. that's the most important thing to note here. remember to listen to our friends on wtop.3. right now a look at the possible delays on camden coming up. >> thank you, melissa. 5:23. we're following a developing story out of selma, alabama. three people are recovering.
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james minter has been arrested after shooting his girlfriend, baby, and the minister. minter was arrested less than a mile from the scene. he's being held without bond. two americans from yemen are heading home. the u.s. ambassador greeted them as they arrived late last night. there were a total of six hostages freed. darden was there working for his company. faren was working for his company. he was taken in march. an eyewitness who called 911 yesterday afternoon said he heard the engine quit. he saw the plane plummet. the faa is looking at why the plane went down. the two student whitehorse died were the only people on that
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plane. police say a homeowner planted bombs around his house to protect his medical marijuana supply. now the case is in the hanldss of the atf. the homeowner was growing more than the amount he was allowed to grow for medical purpss. a former peanut company executive will learn his sentence today. stuart purnell is sentenced for the salmonella outbreak. responsible for nine deaths and hundreds of ill illnesses, they're recommending a life sentence. it's now 5:25. a new report slams. they took their time declaring ebola as a national health emergency. they wornlt properly mixed and body suits were scarce.
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that left workers vulnerable to the irn fekz. experts say the agency's fumbling around skoft people their lives in west africa. 5:25. students are going back to school in seattle. they agreed to a 9.5% raise after originally asking for more than 21%. the school district says lit have to shorten breaks and extend the school year to make up for the six days the students had off. breaking news right now in prince george's county where one person is dead after being hit by a train. an updaut on the scene and whether north this is causing delays on mark train. new poll numbers out. who's losing points and who could be to blame. >> looking live outside. no raindrops right now but that could change. chuck is back with your
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we have breaking news at 5:30 as we follow a story out of prince george's. one person is dead after being hit by a train. melissa mollet will let us know whether any m.a.r.c. trains are impacted. the father of the suspected arizona highway shooter says
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they have the wrong guy. and if you're just getting ready to head out the door, don't forget your umbrella. you might not need it right now. but if you take a look, you can see you're going to need an umbrella later today. good morning, i'm eun yang. >> and i e-ma'm aaron gilchrist. let's check in with chuck bell at the weather center. >> good morning to you both. our steadier light rain chances coming in about lunchtime today. all in all there will be a weather impact. have your umbrellas and long sleeves ready to go as it will be noticeably cooler. there's the rain showers. they're enclosing on the metro and as a result a couple of sprinkles. so as a result as we break your day down hour by hour, temperatures on your way out the door are in the upper 50s to low and mid-60s. as we look at your planner,
5:31 am
light rain by mid to late morning. there's a sprinkle or two out early. it's umbrella-ready for your monday. >> sounds good. my flowers are kind of -- not so sure. >> mine have given up the ghost. >> take a look. first of all in camden, because of that person who was hit overnight from derrick ward we're keeping an eye on this. rye now we have nod hat any delays on the camden line. we'll keep you updated here. 95 south at old keen mill road door have an accident there. just a warning you might see southbound lanes. inner loop and outer loop, no problems. we'll see you with travel times in ten minutes. >> thank you, melissa. developing this morning brand-new regulations about cuba. they say the new rules improve the company's abilities to do
5:32 am
business there. they can all higher cuban workers. it's still in effect. they'll vote on it next month. the polls are showing a boost for gop presidential hopeful carly fiorina and that may be due to some controversy surroundng donald trump. nbc's tracy pots joining us live. the carson campaign responding, right? >> you have to listen very carefully to what he said. the country was not ready for the country to be ready. actually what he said, i would not advocate putting one in chaur. . he said he would not agree with that. hids campaign says he has a great respect for the
5:33 am
constitution for freedom of religion and he's going to be reaching out to some muslim groups after making these comments to essentially sort of square things with them to try to explain themselves. however, some are speaking out. c.a.r.e., one of the largest muslim groups says he should step down. this comes days after donald trump failed to correct someone who said president obama was muslim when he was not and he gave the indication he's in agreement with getting rid of them. it's a big issue and they're going down in the polls while carly fiorina is going up in the debate. >> tracie potts, thank you. we can tell you more about the u.s.'s plan to take in refugees. it comes after thousands of people try to leave shell shocked countries like syria. secretary of state john kerry says 85,000 will be taken in.
5:34 am
by 2018, the u.s. will take in 100,000. they clamored for the u.s. to do more in a crisis. the olympic coach is now dead. marvin sharp died in an indiana jail this weekend. police believe he killed himself. he coached two women in the women's gymnastics team in 2008. he was arrested in his home last month. a man accused of several shootings says police arrested the wrong guy. leslie merritt jr. is in jail right now. merritt's father says his son didn't have a gun at the time. >> i'm not trying to discount their findings. i'm saying even in a high-profile murder case it takes weeks to get for rehn sicks. yet in this case it took less than 24 hours?
5:35 am
>> merritt pawned his gun to be a better father to his children. police are looking for other suspects right now. it is now 5:35. we could learn more about a lawsuit against a trendy washington restaurant. a woman from d.c. filed the multi-milli multi-million-dollar complaint against figure and olive on wednesday. restaurant officials say they pull both the truffle fries and mushroom croquette from their menu. the county auditor says the facility at maryland live says the facility will cost about $25,000. they're creating a tax district to support the development. once built the area should have a 17-story 300-room casino and a
5:36 am
25,000-square-foot convention center. council members will begin debating the bill next month. four votes are needed for the ban. the meeting is tonight. the health department of the county is warning the flew season is approaching. flu vaccine clinics will be held starting in mid-october. a family outing turns terrifying. what sent this boat up in flames and the good samaritan they have to thank for saving their lives. >> it's an online tool that could prevent mass killings. how the holocaust could prevent tragedy. a look outside of the studios. chuck will let us know if the
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the hall cost museum is working to lessen the chance of mass killings. researchers are identifying early warning signs to help the government get out in front of a potential problem. the goal is to concentrate certain areas where there's a risk for mass casualty events.
5:40 am
>> take a look at this. a close call for family after their boat went up in flames off the coast of galveston, texas. two men in fishing boats nooeb say they smelled burning fiberglass. they rescued the family before the boat went down. one person was hurt but expected to be okay. the cause of the fire is still under investigation. storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell is watching the weather for us. >> chuck, what are you seeing? >> i'm seeing rain for everybody. stanton ville, down to the roanoke valley, that rain shower activity is coming our way. it's about three to four hours away, but there's already a few hit and miss-sprinkles out here.
5:41 am
the steadier rain chances are coming. upper 50s to low 60s. kids will need a jacket at the bus stop this morning. definitely have the umbrellas ready to go for later on today. we're going to give recess only a c. people are mixing it up on a monday morning traffic. here's melissa with the latest. >> i told them not to. what are they doing. they have a report of a new crash there. they're trying to get more information on that one. as far as the camden line goes, they're not announcing any problems there. derrick ward is there for us this morning. 270 southbound from german town to the beltway, no problems. outer loop also looking quite good on travel times here. 66 inbound right on time. remember to listen to our friends on wtop 103.5 f.m. when you hop in your car.
5:42 am
>> happening today, the mother of so-called baby doe heads to court for charges related to her death as her father speaks out about the case. today is the first work
5:43 am
5:44 am
5:45 am
george at 5:45 after one person is hit by a train. >> investigators were called out around 12:30 this morning. "news4"'s derrick ward is live at the scene and will join us in just a few minutes on the investigation of the deadly incident. >> have your umbrellas ready to go. cloudy and cooler. upper 50s, low to mid-60s.
5:46 am
seven-day forecast in four to five minutes. >> we have this problem to report. b.w. parkway southbound at route 198. we'll get more on that for you and we'll be back in a couple of minutes. in the day ahead t trial begins for a man accused of killing a repowe man in fauquier county. 53-year-old carroll greg is accused of shooting and killing montero. dive teams had to remove montero's body from the pond. greg shooting was accidental. the retrial begins for a man. michael gardner is the former head of the falls church democratic party. virginia supreme court overturned his conviction last year. the court said character evidence was wrongly executed from hids defense. a woman is in the hospital seriously hurt this morning. fairfax county officials say she fell from the rocks in a remote
5:47 am
section of scots run in mclean. they say she fell 40 feet. the fairfax fire department said she was awake when they put her in the basket. one other person went to the hospital but was not severely hurt. a firefighter went to the hospital after this fire. look at this. he's being treated with second and third-degree burns. another firefighter was walking through the water-filled basement and was shocked. the woman was at her husband's funeral when her home caught fire. no word on what caused the fire. we'll have 100 buses coming through on peak days. >> you can take one of those buses today as a way to travel
5:48 am
to and from the county. the sarbane transit center will be open. right now molette green is there. how is it looking? >> it's quite busy. the big question of the morning, where is my bus stop. that's why we're seeing the staffers posted all around in the bright green vests on this big test day, the first rush hour for the silver spring transit center. this multi-level concrete center brings together rail, bus, bikes, taxis, all under one roof right near metro and m.a.r.c. train access. metro acknowledges it's going to take an adjustment for the commuters. all the streets around here, coldville road, they're gone and moved into the transit center. the bus drivers got weeks of
5:49 am
practice but not commuters. this is the first big test of the week. a lot of attention paid to this promg. silver spring as many of you know is a huge transportation center. this project long delayed because of questions about the concrete inted dprit. of course, it went $50 million over budget. that's the latest from downtown silver spring. i'm mollet green. back to you. >> thank you. there will soon be new buses help commuters and to reduce congestion. there's going to be a ribbon cutting. the northern virginia transportation authority paid for new buses. they're responsible for northern virginia's long range transportation plan. metro has a bit of an offer. starting today you can pick up a limited edition commemorative sleeve if you buy a smart trip card. take a look. there it is. if they don't sell out, metro says it will give away sleeves.
5:50 am
our nbc washington app will be very useful to get you over these next few days even if you don't plan to participate in the pope's visit. there's a good chance the visit will impact you. use this app whenever you're not watching wednesday and thursday. you can look at the alerts. of course, all the traffic problems that could affect you as well. >> wednesday and thursday, pretty much, if you have your tv on, we'll be covering. >> turn us on. watch us. we'll get you ready. >> let's turn to chuck bell now. we've been watching a little rain for our friends down in west virginia. >> a couple of showers already. these are inbound raindrops. these are the kind of raindrops we should be embracing for. it's probably not going to affect your early morning. you'll be hit with a raindrop. rain chances today stand
5:51 am
officially. not much going on in the metro. there's a hint of rain showers trying to move in. a lot of the first round of raindrops is evaporating before it gets to the ground. all of this is real and reaching the ground now from charlottesville. that's all lifting in our direction. these are little hit-and-miss sprinkle chances right along parts of route 60 and interstate 66 out west in the manassas area. so nothing heavy right now. but light to moderate rain more and more likely as the day goes along. cloudy skies. 65 now at national airport with a northeast wind at 10 to 15 miles an hour. 50s. a little cooler north and west of the downtown urban center. 64 in fredericksburg. we'll spend most of the day in the upper 60s. might touch 70 in a few spots. nationals and the orioles. there will be a rain delay
5:52 am
possibility. it should. be so heb of a rain shower chance where we have to cancel the game, but there's a possible. rainfall, a tenth of chance. we should get a little clearing back by the time pope francis arrives at 4:00 tomorrow afternoon. here's your forecast. off and on rain chances. ending early tomorrow. another little chance for shower and cooler weather by next weekend. that is traffic or that is weather. now it's time for traffic. >> good morning, chuck. right now we still have this report of an accident at v.w. parkway. looks like the chopper is getting there. looks like it could ha been cleared out of the way. columbia pike service road at the lane still has that accident being reported. 66 looking good. 95 northbound looking good. prince george's county, no
5:53 am
problem there. southbound, same thing. a little bit of vacuum northbou volume no major issue. the person hit at camden, we're nice and clear there now. b.w. parkway is where we had that report not seeing anything from the chopper above. we'll let you know if that change. back in ten minutes. >> melissa, thank you. 5:53 right now. the mother charged in connection with her toddler's death in court. boston named the baby baby doe after she washed up. now we know her name is bella bond. her mother rochelle is charged with accessory after the fact. michelle's boyfriend michael mick car think is charged with murder. this morning we're hearing from bella's father. joseph amarosa says rochelle
5:54 am
told her her boyfriend killed bella because she was possessed by demons. she was washed up on the shore in a trash bag washed up on a beach. >> i believe her story and everything that came out of her mouth. being that she told me michael mccarthy killed bella, i believe she did. >> he said he never met his daughter and returned in august hoping to meet with her. police believe he attacked two women in the same area. we'll show his picture in a second. but first this is the map the police say a man attacked a woman on hospital drive. they say he also attacked a woman on crain highway around this time last year. here's the suspect's picture. he's steven proctor. he face as string of sexual assault charges now. good morning.
5:55 am
i'm landon dowdy with cnbc. appin inle removed some of its program. apple has. said what stuff users should take to determine if their apps are affected. this could be a black eye for the company which has long prided itself on security measures to screen software in its app store. with your cnbc business report, i'm landon dowdy. >> all right, thanks, landon. at 5:55, volkswagen is halt ing its diesel cars. the company could face billions of dollars in fines as external investigations are under way now. volkswagen of america is located herndon, virginia. gas prices are slowly falling. in d.c. it will cost you $2.52 for gas. you're paying $2.27 in maryland.
5:56 am
virginia has the cheapest at $2.03 and in west virginia you're paying about $2.28 per gallon. we're learning more of the u.s.'s plan to take in refugees. secretary of state john kerry said the u.s. will accept 85,000 next year and 100,000 in 2017. not all of them will be from syria. the migrants will be settled around america. kerry's announcement came amid the call to do more to ease the crisis. breaking news this morning in prince george's county where a person is dead after being hit by a train overnight. "news4's" derrick ward has been on the scene all morning and will have more on what he's learn about this accident. you're looking at life pictures here. we'll stake a look alt any impact on
5:57 am
5:58 am
we're following breaking news am person is dead after being hit by a train. this happened near beltway and edmonson road. >> we'll have more coming up in a moment.
5:59 am
we begin with "news4's" derrick ward live on the scene with more. derrick? >> reporter: good morning. we're here at sunny side avenue where you see it chl. they've actually cleared the scene from the accident. that accident happened 1592:20 this morning. it was at that point we're told a northbound csx train from tampa to new york hit somebody on the tracks in the area of shadyside -- sunny side rather. until an hour ago when they opened this rail line and the railroad crossing here. we don't know if it's causing any delays on the m.a.r.c. line. we did see it a few minutes ago. with more on the delays that we may experience, we now hear if from melissa mollet. melissa? >> good morning, derrick.
6:00 am
we don't have any issues to report. we'll keep you updated. b.w. parkway southbound at 198 that crash is cleared. nothing there for us here this morning. 66 right now, you're going about 45 miles an hour the entire way from manassas to the beltway. 95, only a small spot. it's going to be northbound at dale city. a big look=h at the beltway. inner loop and outer loop, don't have any problems there. again, looking good at sudden li road. more on that coming up. good morning. a look at the weather. things are looking a lot cooler. >> chuck bell with your hometown forecast. chuck. >> that's right. cooler weather for the start of the school and workweek. gr


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