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tv   News4 Midday  NBC  September 22, 2015 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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breaking right now on news4 midday, violent morning in one neighborhood. not one, but two incidents in a short amount of time. we're live as the investigation gets under way. the pope's historic visit to cuba will wrap up in the next 90 minutes and it's what's next that we'll all be watching. counting down to his visit from big crowds to big delays. we've got you covered as the pontiff heads our way. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell, cloudy and gloomy start but in time for the pope's arrival this afternoon, return of what could be sunny weather. a check of the forecast coming up. news4 midday starts right now.
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i'm molette green. police just wrapped up their investigation here at this scene. there was a shooting that broke out about 9:30 this morning in the 100 block of 36th street, we're in the alleyway where it happened off of minnesota avenue. we can tell you that police found a man shot in this alley, he was found conscious and breathing when he went to the hospital. no word on a motive here, what happened, how this played out. detectives went door-to-door looking for information. there was quite a large police presence here just a short while ago. one store owner nearby told me officers came to him and asked if he had cameras that would show this alleyway where people are known to congregate. i did speak to residents who did not want to appear on camera. one woman told me there's a lot of trouble that happens in this neighborhood. we did get here in minutes. we were just a short block away from another crime scene.
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we're not sure if it's anyway related but a stabbing earlier this morning off of minnesota avenue at minnesota and blaine. right outside the minnesota avenue metro station and in front of the friendship charter school. we did see police handcuff one young man and put him in a police car. we do know a male victim was taken away in an ambulance. no word on the condition. no word on a motive in that case as well. we're like this morning in northeast d.c., molette green news4. we continue to track pope francis's trip to the u.s. we want to take you live to san t santiago cuba, meeting with families in our lady of assumption. performing a blessing of the city outside the cathedral. he's giving a speech before he heads out for his farewell ceremony at the airport.
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there's a huge crowd gathering now. pope francis celebrating his final mass in cuba, just a few hours ago. an hour and a half or so, he will board a plane to head to the u.s. we are so looking at a 4:00 p.m. arrival where the president and first lady will welcome him. you're in the area and see something cool that's pope related, don't forget to send us your pictures at i >> everybody getting ready for his arrival. school over early today because of the pope's visit. they will dismiss students two hours early this afternoon. school officials warn bus pickup and drop-off times may be off because of a heavy traffic around washington. parts of massachusetts avenue and 34th street in northwest washington are closed right now in anticipation of his visit.
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they won't open again until the pope leaves town on thursday. transportation reporter will join us in ten minutes to tell us what else we need to know. count on news4 to cover every aspect of the papal visit on air, online, and on our nbc washington app. check out our list of events, road closures and pics from the pros. click papal visit after you open the app. i'm storm team 4 meteorology chuck bell. while you have your nbc washington app open you can stay ahead of the forecast any time you like. here's the view outside at 11:05 in the morning. still a very cloudy sky out there. but i just looked out the window and there are peaks of blue starting to appear. the clouds are thinning out for now. but still so many clouds, the scene now and the time the sun can come back. a cool and dry afternoon. the sunshine will be back just in time for a lot of the outdoor services tomorrow and again on 
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thursday. for now, still lots of clouds. early morning rain and drizzle is over. temperatures back into the mid and upper 60s now. we'll talk about how warm it's going to get, the papal visit and start thinking about the weekend. see you in a few. >> thank you, chuck. a quick traffic alert. if you plan to use metro later today, metro tweeted there are lingering problems because of transformer yesterday near stadium army station. blue, orange, silver trains run with speed restrictions. it it may take you longer to get where you're going. decision 2016 the republican presidential field is now down to 15. wisconsin governor scott walker pulled out of the race yesterday. during his farewell speech, walker took one last shot at donald trump. >> i encourage other republican presidential candidates to consider doing the same, so the voters can focus on a limited number of candidates who can offer a positive, conservative alternative to the current
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front-runner. >> trump didn't take the bait. he tweeted he got to know walker well, that walker's a nice person and has a great future. as one candidate drops out, another rises in the race. carly fiorina appeared on "the tonight show" with jimmy fallon last night. and in case you missed it, here's snippet of one of the topics they discussed, russian president vladimir putin. >> i would describe him as a formidable adversary. he's very confident. he's very -- he can be quite funny and charming. but he's a kgb guy. >> fiorina said the u.s. needs to confront putin's aggression in syria. a recent cnn poll puts carly fiorina in second place, behind donald trump. >> new accusations against the kentucky cheslerk whose views o marriage caused a media storm. when your cell phones could start working when underground
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a lot of folks glad to hear this, you may soon be able to text, tweet, check your e-mail inside the metro chunnel. "the washington post" says metro and four major cell companies have tentatively agreed to expand service to all tunnels within five years. "the post" says cell providers would pay metro to do the wiring itself. a final deal announced in a few weeks. loudoun county has a so supervisor, james bonfils will represent the district. the former supervisor shawn williams resigned after being arrested on assault and unlawful entry charges. a newly elected supervisor will take over january 1st. this morning, kim davis is facing new actizations that she
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altered marriage licenses. the aclu believes she invalidated several couples' licenses by writing that they were issued under the authority of federal court. the complaint could put her in a courtroom again. so far, davis has lost all of her appeals after refusing to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. she said, it would violate her religious beliefs. talk about bad timing, but the potential labor strike looming just as the pope prepares to arriv
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welcome back to news4 midday. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. a cloudy sky overhead. no rain in metro. there are a couple of lingering sprinkles on the shore, parts of northern and central delaware. temperatures in the mid and upper 60s around the metro. low 70sing southern maryland and eastern shore. here's future weathering through
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afternoon, notice with time, these cloud just start to thin out. by 4:00 when the pope arrives, joint base andrews. skies partly to mostly cloudy. after 4:00, between 4:00, 5:00, 6:00, clouds should continue to thin out. we should get a sliver or two of sunshine here before the sun goes down around 7:00 this evening. one or two peaks of sunshine should allow temperatures into the low and mid-70s. so it will be a relatively nice and dry day today. seven-day forecast coming up. the university of virginia is changing its sexual violence policy, after violating a federal law. an investigation revealed the university violated a law against discrimination. the department of education says, uva did not follow title 9 because of university didn't response to certain complaints of sex actual violence in a timely fashion. the school will create a system for tracking and reviewing reports. the school has already implemented policy changes. the university had been under
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investigation since 2011. right now watching capitol hill where government contract workers are going on strike before the pope gets here. that, according to roll, the website says a few hundred workers from the house, senate, capitol visitor centers are demanding right to unionize. they also want $15 an hour wage. earlier this month many workers requested an audience with pope francis to talk about struggles at work. they're gathering on the east front of the capitol today. the pope's visit has not started, but the changes that could lead to traffic problems have already started. news4
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the countdown is on, 4:44 before pope francis gets here leaves cuba an hour from right now. take a look. his final event there he's blessing the city of santiago. the pope is expected to arrive at joint base andrews at 4:00 this afternoon. roads are already closed ahead of the pope's arrival here in washington. >> transportation reporter joins us from mass avenue with more on how roadblocks could affect you. adam? >> reporter: yeah, pat, it out here right now. let's show you how quickly the whole area is transformed. first, vatican embassy right there, a lot of setup going on. you come down here, this is the north side of massachusetts avenue and it's closed until the pope leaves. swing it back up there closures
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continue. all of this ahead of his arrival this afternoon. >> reporter: if there's one thing d.c. can do very well, it put up a barricade. >> they're like6,000 pound as piece. >> reporter: james white, a crew leader, making sure the area's properly secured. his advice if you live, work, or drive through this part of town -- >> don't drive through this area. if you live here, walk. >> reporter: that's exactly what we found betsy crone doing. she lives nearby. >> i'm a big girl. i can cope with it. >> reporter: what's your strategy? you live down the street? try to avoid the area? >> walk. you walk everywhere. >> reporter: the paper. le flag is out, vatican embassy waiting for pope francis. northbound massachusetts avenue now closed until the pope leaves. no trucks allowed here until he leaves. you drive your car through here southbound, aware you could be stopped searched at any time.
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metro had a rough start to the day today, as well. blue, orange, silver lines delayed because of that problem yesterday. we're going to stay on top of all of the road and rail delays and closures throughout these three days. >> thank you. pope francis' visit is not only historic, it's a huge security event. >> law enforcement agencies in all three cities the pope will visit here are on high alert now. a document obtained by nbc news shows law enforcement officials are specifically worried that terrorists may impersonate first responders to enter secure areas. the bulletin from pennsylvania state police warns officers to be on the lookout for attackers with fake 4d1wi.d. cards and uniforms. commissioner charles ramsey says there are no specific threats and it's a reminder for officers to be vigilant. spiritual leaders preparing new words from the archbishop of washington this morning hours
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before pope francis arrives here to the area. cardinal donald wuerl's focus on fighting world hunger. >> this gathering is representative of what pope francis calls us to do. first you have to recognize there is a problem. begin to solve a problem only when you admit there is one. and then you bring everybody around the table to begin to say how do we do this. >> cardinal wuerl touched on the challenge of poverty. that news conference wrapped up not long ago the national press club. now he's going to be on his way to joint base andrews to greet pope francis when he steps off that plane. wuerl is among the few who will constantly be by the pope's side during the visit to the washington area. we're tracking it on the nbc washington app.
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before becoming the leader of the catholic church, pope francis was jorge mario bergolglio, born in argentinarg served as archbishop of bayne nose eros before pope. he was elected pope in 2013, succeeding pope benedict xvi these the 266 pope. he adopted francis, becoming the first pope to use that name. ? we updated the nbc washington app. you can swipe right for the special page covering everything about the pope's visit here. we'll also follow his visit up to new york on thursday to philadelphia this weekend. so be sure to keep that app by your side. chuck? >> thank you. we still have a lot of clouds in our sky right now. but the rain is over. the clouds are going to linger here for the next couple of hours. should start to thin out by mid to late afternoon. already starting to see a little brighter of a sky here in northwest outside of our window to the station.
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cooler than average, temperatures today in the low to mid os. it's about 5 to 7 degrees cooler than average but the rain's gone. the nationals and the orioles tonight, last night's game postponed. tonight's game able to be played for sure. first pitch temperature around 70. most of the game will be in the mid to upper 60s. plenty of clouds but dry for the game. sunshine's back for tomorrow. outdoor activity surrounding the pope's activities around town. detail some of the forecasts in a few minutes. sunshine's back in time for the visit. police in howard county need your help finding a missing woman. michelle monroe last seen leaving her home in laurel 10:00 yesterday. a tan colored 2000 siena with maryland tags sheep may have underlying health issues. you have any information, police would like to hear from you. from the big events to milk shakes to messages made with
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legos, legos, the social media message ahead of the pope's vis knit 60 seconds.
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i'm aaron gilchrist. following stories you're clicking on. papal visit trending. here in d.c., one sandwich shop offering something special for the pope's visit. britney johnson has more. >> it's pope week, and in honor of pope francis' special visit to d.c., self-restaurants having pope deals including potbelly, across from catholic university where the pope will be giving his mass tomorrow. they have their own papal shake a strawberry oreo milk shake and 50 cents will go to the office of ministry. we have special deals this week on our website. >> here are four things to know about the popes visit to d.c. head to youtube to check out what the archdiocese of
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washington says you need to know ahead of the papal visit. they say that the top priority is getting to know pope francis. number two, the best chance to see the pope is during his parade around the ellipse tomorrow morning. gates open at 4:00 a.m. number three, while brooklyn metro station is the closest to the basilica, it's also the smallest station on the red line. consider use the rhode island metro, it's only a mile from the basilica. wul have to walk in with your ticket. number four, nbc washington app, it will be your best friend of road closures.
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now storm team 4 forecast. >> good morning, once again, a very cloudy sky overhead. skies are definitely going to stay on the gray side here for the remainder of the afternoon. but with time, those clouds thin out a bit. we'll have a sliver or two of sunshine coming our way, after 4:00, 5:00 this afternoon.
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sun's down after 7:00. we'll get a little sunshine late in the day. temperatures to the upper 60s by 1:00. mid-70s by 4:00. near 70 by 10:00. 64 degrees by sox tonight. as far as tomorrow, sunshine back, noticeably prettier day for wednesday. activities around town, mid-70s and sunshine at noon. highs tomorrow up into the upper 70s and low 80s. seven-day forecast when i see you next. >> thanks, chuck. >> right now in rockville a plea for the government not to shut down the director of the national institutes of health holding a news conference warning that a shutdown could damage critically important research right now. maryland representative chris van hollen is there, too. congress has to pass a spending plan by september 30th to avoid a shutdown. that's now just eight day as way. if you live in southern arlington, your kid's school may be getting major upgrade next year. the county's approved 30,000 foot expansion for abingdon
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elementary. will incorporate more than 100 new students, it includes 12 new classrooms, outdoor teaching area, and a new gym. a major jewish holiday begins tonight. yom kippur. not only will all of the synagogues be holding services there's one at lincoln memorial at 6:30. yom kippur is considered the holiest day on the jewish calendar. jewss are atoning for the sins they committed all year. last-minute preparations to what's in store for the next couple of days as the pope makes his way to washington. one of the big concerns if you're not planning to see the pope is all of the traffic changes. some are already in effect. what you need to know when news4 midday returns.
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pope francis is about to leave cuba, he'll take off for joint base andrews in the next hour. final speech and blessing in santiago. >> expect these crowds or more when he arrives here this afternoon and over the next few days in washington, new york, and in philadelphia. huge numbers of people. pope francis spent three days in cuba. he'll spend tonight through thursday here. we have a special page with coverage of the pope's visit on
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the nbc washington app. right now, we're watching the final preparations at the white house. he's going to be there tomorrow morning. nbc's brian mooar live on capitol hill with how they're getting ready at the white house. >> well, of course the pope is here on a mission, to re-energize catholics across this country. it seems he's accomplished that goal before touching down. papal banners pl flutter along the stars and stripes in the nation's capitol. thousands of seats set aside. miles of barricades poised to hold back the rest as eager throngs line up to welcome the pope. >> everybody's thrilled so proud. >> reporter: the three-city, six-day journey begins in washington where the pontiff will meet with president obama and address congress. but he'll bless the city's homeless at this catholic charity. next stop, new york. the united nations and the 9/11
11:31 am
memorial. but philadelphia is the centerpiece of this visit, where he'll lead more than a million people in an outdoor mass sunday, to close the world meeting of families. these pilgrims are traveling 800 miles by bus from chicago. >> he's so warm and so loving and he wants to talk to the whole world. >> reporter: pope francis is an inspiration and a symbol but to some a target. the secret service has been working with vatican security for months. >> he likes to, for example, likes to see babies and go up to the handicapped individuals. we have a good sense of his movements. >> reporter: history in the making, as the people's pope meets his u.s. flock. the pope lands in a little under 4 1/2 hours, greeted by president obama, the first lady and the bidens. catholics and noncatholic as like are waiting to see whether the pope will address hot button
11:32 am
issues including climate change and immigration reform. live at the white house, brian mooar, news4. >> and if you're a federal worker, the office of personal management is releasing its plan for the pope's visit. >> they tweeted agencies should allow employees to tell work in town. this is the best way to keep the government running and support safety on the roads. check with your supervisor about what the teleworking plan is for the pope's visit in your office. >> try to ease some of the traffic tomorrow, the i-95 express lanes in virginia will change for the pope's visit. on wednesday, thursday, the lanes will reverse direction an hour earlier. the northbound will switch to southbound starting at 10:00 in the morning instead of 11:00 a.m. the southbound express lanes open at noon instead of 1:00 in the afternoon. the express lanes will be back to normal friday. i'm eun yang.
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we want to sh you how you can access all of the information about the papal visit, all of this information is available on our app as well. if you head to, right there on the front section, there's a special section dedicated to the pope's visit to washington, d.c. there's all of this cov. >> including stories about events he's going to be at, places where the pope might likely make news, dos and don'ts during the papal visit. all of the security preparations and of course upcoming canonization. one thing people between know about, of course, road closures. so many rod closures that begin tonight. click on the pope's itinerary that will take you there, you'll see a map, ideas where you should and should not go because of a lot of road closures, especially the vatican embassy, where the pope will make his first stop. also send you alerts from any app on the breaking news and during special events stream our
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newscast straight from the app. back to you. as we are getting close to the noon hour here in washington, skies are still mostly cloudy. thin spots in the overcast letting a little bit more daylight through. as a result, temperatures should trend out of the 60s where we are now and into the low and maybe briefly mid-70s. mid to upper 60s through 1:00. then warming to 74, 75 degrees, between 3:00 and 5:00 this afternoon. temperatures tomorrow with a lot of the outdoor activities going on with the papal visit, back up near 80 degrees. the same story on thursday but clouds increase thursday afternoon. rain chances back by mid to late friday. rainiest day of the weekend looks to be saturday. there's also a chance for showers lingering into sunday as well. with any luck, we should get showers out of here before sunday morning is a complete loss. temperatures back down into the 70s with the rain this weekend.
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>> just in, adoptions put on hold for a few weeks at a northern virginia shelter after most cats contracted a bad disease. the animal shelter saying lab results reveal an outbreak of the calicis virus, it's very contagious and infected the majority of the cats in the shelter. it affects respiratory system, and there is no specific treatment, we're told. in fact, vets only provide supportive care. cats are vaccinated for diseas like this and it was not born in the shelter but rather brought in. right now they're working on containing the spread but adoptions have been put on hold for at least two to three weeks. by the way, humans and dogs cannot get it but it can spread from cat to cat. >> thanks. we may soon learn more about the bloody arrest of a university of virginia student. governor mcauliffe's office expected to release the administrative report on the
11:36 am
arrest of johnson. johnson and law makes asked for the report, it's expected to be released pending signed consent agreements from those involved. photos and video of at rest outside charlottesville pub in march were circulated on social media, sparking public outrage. the agents involved were cleared of wrong doing and they are back at work. developing right now, a manhunt is under way for as many as 11 armed men. police say kidnapped 4 people in the philippines, three were tourists two from canada, a man from norway. you can see pictures here. this happened at a resort in the philippines. a filipino woman was also taken captive. it looks like the senate showdown over abortion could be nearing an end. just minutes ago, we learn senate democrats blocked a republican bill prohibiting most late term abortions. the proposed measure would sentence doctors 20 weeks or more into the pregnancy to five
11:37 am
years behind bars. it the second time since video surfaced this summer involving planned parenthood. the head of a huge automaker says, quote, we totally, quote, screwed up. controversy surrounding millions of cars this morning in 60 second.
11:38 am
volkswagen ceo is confident the automaker will restore confidence. vv stock fell 20% on monday, the justice department is reportedly opening a criminal probe and could face fines up to $18 billion. that's your cnbc morning business report. those who ordered your new iphones are going to have be patient. u.p.s. will try to work around the traffic changes and street closures while the pope is here
11:39 am
in washington. you can probably expect some kind of delay on your dlafrry the rest of the week. u.p.s. suggests tracking packages online. >> a kayaker in california fought off a hammer head shark, caught on camera. it happened saturday, off of the coast of santa bash rap the video shows a kayaker hitting the shark with his oar but the fearless fish keeps circling. it lasted 15 minutes. the man hit the shark about 20 times before it finally swam away. >> wow. that was scary. hundreds of dollars delivered to your door by mistake? would you return it? that's story coming up in 60
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welcome back to news4 midday. a very mild start to our late morning activities. temperatures are in the mid to upper 60s right now. we should be able to make it up into the low and mid-70s for a brief time.
11:41 am
cooler than average. but not such a bad day to be outside. going down to the baseball game tonight, battle of the belt weighs, baltimore orioles and washington nationals first pitch at 5 7:05. rain is gone. as a result, we have no chance for a postponement or delay tonight. tonight, by tomorrow morning, temperatures into the 50s, clearing sky. tomorrow, sunshine and warmer. temperatures in the low 80s. staying warm and dry through thursday as well. there will be more cloud cover coming back into the skies on thursday. that leads to a friday rain chance and we'll talk about in a few more minutes. >> thanks, chuck. a pilot is recovering after escaping from his plane before it crashed. this is a serious crash out in california. take a look. you can see the plane surrounded by smoke on this military base near fresno. investigators are working to find out why the plane crashed. no one else was hurt. >> imagine, ordering pizza and chicken wings and getting a box of cash instead of a box of
11:42 am
pizza. >> exactly what happened to a man in california when he was delivered dough of a different kind, so to speak. mike vegas ordered takeout from dominos but after called into work he grabbed a slice of pizza and left the rest at home. when he got back home at 5:00 the next morning and decided to grab a snack he found $1300 in that delivery box. >> you're a good person, try to be a good person, i believe in karma, especially -- i couldn't keep it. >> after getting a message from the dlufrry driver, he returned that money. he was offered free pizza for a year. that was for his honesty. >> he deserved that, don't you think? the pope's visit to washington begins in an hour, or hours, a few hours now. so much you need to know, even if you're not planning to see the pontiff. >> we have you covered from the last-minute preparations to the potential traffic headaches.
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i'm melissa mollet. following major traffic impact opponent pope francis' visit will cause today an rivs at 4:00, travel to northwest washington. there is a lot to know about these rolling closures first of all, around joint base andrew, everything could be shut down. we're talking about branch avenue that could be off limits,
11:46 am
as it is next to the base. so could be sutland parkway. take a look, pennsylvania avenue as well. it's not clear what impact this could have on the beltway, but if you can avoid this area, might be a good idea to stay away around that time of day. now taking a look here in northwest washington, once he arrives closer to the embassy, in d.c., you want to stay off of massachusetts avenue in this area around the naval observatory as the pope gets in. also 34th street here northwest is a no-go. this is because that's where of course the embassy is. high security there with pope francis will be sleeping the next few nights an void wisconsin avenue if you can. could be closed. the thing is vatican officials and securities not telling us what route the pope will take tonight so it's best to stay away. the pope will be here in a few more hours. right now heading to the airport in cuba. just wrapped up a blessing at a
11:47 am
cathedral in santiago. there were massive crowds on hand there. the pope is expected to riv at joint base andrews at 4:00. make sure you double-check the si signs where you park tod >> there may be changes because of the pope's visit. crews will not enforce regular street sweeping restrictions on some streets, there may be emergency no parking signs where not expecting those. public works say contact them if your car gets towed. >> a couple of things to keep in mind if you plan to use metro during the pontiff's trip. metro will open and close at normal times, 5:00 in the morning to midnight. try to buy that smart trip card before you go to the station and preload it. you don't want to have to wait in long lines. leave your selfie sticks, bicycle and cooler at home you can't take them to papal events.
11:48 am
be aware, security crews could search any bag. tomorrow and thursday, the maryland transit administration will add capacity to select trains on the camden and brunswick lines. basically, they'll add more train cars to handle all of the extra riders. the pope will travel to philadelphia on saturday. organizers are setting up for that mass expected to atrek uple 2 million people. the pope will celebrate mass on benjamin franklin parkway. >> and make news4 your go-to place, for all phases of the papal visit. as you plan your week, check out the list of road closures and tips from the pros for riding metro. search pope commute after you open the nbc app. cloudy skies still overhead although some of my co-workers
11:49 am
saying, i can almost see a shadow out there now. clouds are thinning a bit. little more sunshine sneaking into the picture as we go later into the afternoon. still partly to mostly cloudy through 1:00, temperatures upper 60s. a few peaks of sunshine all it takes to get temperatures up into the low and mid 70s, should be dry. things clear out after midnight tonight so by tomorrow, full sunshine is back, highs tomorrow into the upper 70s and low 80s. all of the outdoor activities, wake-up temperatures into the 50s. perfect day outside tomorrow. final check of the seven-day forecast. back to the news. new video into our newsroom. d.c. police looking for the two men you can see there, they are, look at them, they are cutting the wires on several computers and then run away with them. this happened early in the morning last month on douglas street northeast near 17th street. there's $1,000 reward if you can help police solve this crime. you can now order your pumpkin spice latte on your
11:50 am
phone. forget the lines. starting today, you can download starbucks mobile order and pay feature on the app. once you do that, only a few selections away from picking up your favorite coffee beverage. >> haven't had the pumpkin, have you? >> very popular. back every year. >> tastes like pumpkin? you haven't tried it. seeing results of a huge outbreak of avian flu in the u.s. price of turkey going up 17%. that could be as much as $1 a pound or more. avian flu kill ed 18 -- >> live to santiago. pope francis at the airport preparing for his departure from cuba after a four-day visit there he's headed to the u.s. about to board the plane and expected to fly into washington at 4:00 this afternoon.
11:51 am
>> he'll arrive at andrews joint base andrews, as it's called now, getting ready for the departing ceremony at the airport which is expected to last at least another 25 minutes to a half hour, unless he's ahead of schedule, which he could be. we'll take a break and be back in a moment.
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stories lighting up social media this man may be the most unpopular ceo in the country now. 32-year-old pharmaceutical ceo raised an anti-parasite drug it was $13. 50 a pill. he's raised it to $750 per pill. he says, he needs to turn a profit on the drug called daraprim. twitter lit up with critics and he was not shy fighting back. talk a look at what he says on
11:53 am
twitter, coarse language and even a rap lyric in his response. you'll are v. to look at that for yourself. without a doubt the quick et way to get around the big apple, especially dragging home a giant slice of pizza. this video has gone viral now. more than a million people have watched it on youtube. twitter lighting up, too. one man thinking about leaving his wife for the internet rat race, if you will. sometimes good pizza's hard to pass up. let's talk about miss piggy and kermit the frog. they admitted on jimmy kimmel live hi wanted different things. he asked about the breakup. miss piggy wished she had the high standards she has now when she dated the frog. not to be beaten, kermit fired back when kimmel asked miss piggy if she was dating anyone. yes, that's it, she's dating anyone. back to you. >> funny, isn't he? >> kermit's always been.
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thank you. we're
11:55 am
cloudy skies but the rain is done for now. wit a little bit of sunshine this afternoon, temperatures able to make it up into the low and mid-70s. great weather the next couple of day for all of the outdoor activities and services around the papal visit. sunshine tomorrow, up near 81 degrees. also near 80 thursday. clouds coming back a bit thursday afternoon and thursday night. rain chances back into the forecast for friday afternoon and friday night. saturday, i won't say lost cause yet because we still have a ways between now and the weekend but saturday looking cloudier and rainier today than yesterday. with any luck, we can get the rain out of here in the front half of the day. most of weekend on the cloudy side. a solid chance of rain on saturday. >> in just a few hours, pope francis will visit washington. that visit officially begins at
11:56 am
4:00 this afternoon. here live pictures now from the airport in santiago where the pope is set to leave within the next 30 minutes. >> in just a few minutes, the farewell ceremony begins at santiago's airport and then he'll get on the plane and that plane will take off from cuba washington. the plane, here at 4:00 this afternoon, he'll get a plane side greeting by president and first lady obama and then head to the vatican embassy in northwest washington. d.c.'s mayor expected to be on hand as well as governors of maryland and virginia. >> we'll will continue to follow this. of course, we will just wait to see that lift-off which we are expecting to happen some time in the next half hour. >> just the beginning of a very busy few days in washington. join us on news 4:00 at 4:00 as we cover the historic visit to the united states. >> get updates on the nbc
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washington app.
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