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tv   News4 at 6  NBC  September 24, 2015 6:00pm-7:01pm EDT

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cathedral in midtown manhattan. >> it has been a very busy day for the pope and he began with speaking with powerful politicians and ended by mingling with the poor in washington. he's had a jam-packed schedule and he was the first pope ever to address a joint meeting of congress. >> we'll have more on that in just a moment, but we begin tonight in new york with our own jim handly. he is live overlooking st. patrick's cathedral. hi, jim. >> hi, doreen and jim. one thing you can say about this pope. he knows how to move. this man gets around and he is waiting to get off of the marine helicopter right now at the wall street heliport. let's take a look at that live picture right you in. he cut his sun seat tour short and he got a good look at the statue of liberty down by the southern tip there of wall street, of manhattan and he is -- i'm looking to see if he's getting off the helicopter and he hasn't yet. he had two advance helicopters land before him with all of his
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support team from the vatican with him there. the real story today before his arrival has been security. 6,000 additional police officers, the biggest challenge in the history of nypd, 24,500 barriers around city streets and intersections around manhattan, 1200 traffic cones, 37 miles of barriers, 43 sand trucks just in central park. one thing they don't want here is the typical gridlock that manhattanites are used to every day of their lives. timothy dolan who will be greeting him at the wall street heliport spoke with him today about how they've been planning security for months for this visit. >> we're raring to go and are we ever grateful that's all done. we've been working for that for about four years. the goal was christmas, and i am so grateful for the workers who said we'll get it done by the pope's visit. >> i walked in the cathedral and walked inside and out and i met all of the people.
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their excitement is contagious and now they've got me on a high. >> we all remember where the pope slept at the vatican embass owe mass avenue in northwest d.c. here he's on the upper east side at the 11,000 square foot nuncio's residence valued at $17 million. we want to go back live there as we await the pope to exit that marine helicopter right now. i think that the steps have lowered there. this helicopter he boarded at jfk took about a half-hour tour of manhattan and seeing the statue of liberty, and a beautiful sunset. there is that fiat. there is the fiat. he is now in the fiat, we understand and he will take a closed motorde tour until he approaches st. patrick's cathedral where we are here and then we understand, he may be getting into a popemobile for the last stretch before he attends vespers or evening prayers here at st. patrick's. he is inside on the left. the same license plate. they may have moved the plate.
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we don't know if it's the exact same fiat that he was driving around washington in, but again, that's what he likes to travel in. these are live pictures and that's the lead car with the vatican flag. this is going to be quite a motorcade through the city. the southern end all of the way up to midtown manhattan here. he will be greeted and he already has been greeted by timothy dolan, cardinal of new york, but he will be greeted by the governor at st. patrick's cathedral and also mayor de blasio and he is on the steps of st. patricks and a thousand priests inside and some nuns, as well. about 500 invited guests are on risers on fifth avenue ready to cheer the pope into st. patrick's cathedral where he will take part in those evening prayers in spanish this evening and he will return to the residence on the upper east side. some footnotes that we've heard. he will not be eating a huge meal or entertain some of new
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york's famous chefs as did his predecessor when he visited, pope benedict, a few years ago, but his diet tonight according to doctor's orders tonight will be fish and light rice. the only thing that he's requested in his room is still water and bananas, so he's keeping it simple. i mentioned the competition between washington and new york. i can tell you jim and doreen, the streets are cleaner in washington and they're also a bit more quiet down there, too. we are only hoping the cabbies can hold their honking horns out of respect for the pontiff. >> that seems unlikely, jim, as i watch pope francis in his little fiat, i'm thinking for a 78-year-old, he has got a lot of stamina. most of us would be ready to call it a day after the three days he's spent in d.c., but he still has so much on his schedule. >> oh, he does, and at 6:30, we'll tell you about that and
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8:30 tomorrow morning he kicks it off with the u.n. general assembly speaking to 170 world leaders and we'll have more on what's coming up tomorrow and a jam-packed day in midtown manhattan. >> jim, here's what i'm curious about. new yorkers are not known to be particularly sentimental. you will recall the excitement that per straighteded the streets and the air during the pope's visit and stay here in washington. have you had an opportunity yet to get a sense of the attitude, the mood, the sentiment about the pope's arrival in new york city yet? >> reporter: that's a great question. i did run across a couple of new yorkers with their attitudes, why can't i cross that street and why can't i get to my office or the store on fifth avenue that's a ghost town now and they rolled their eye, a few of them did and some people have been out on the street since 6:00 this morning knowing he won't
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even land at 6:00 this evening at that heliport there. they have been waiting for this moment, i think watching. washington has pumped them up beyond measure here because they want to see what washington got a taste of these past two days, and i did notice that the crowd is much more diverse here. we have catholic population in new york of more than 2.6 million, many of them from south american and central american countries so you're seeing people from all walks and he will get to meet a lot of those people tomorrow. >> jim handly, thanks, jim. pope francis, in fact, addressed a joint meeting of congress today and he is the first pope afforded that honor as we noted before. he urged the members of congress to cooperate on issues of immigration and to embrace what he called the stranger in our mid midst. steve handelsman has more on that from capitol hill. >> the pope from the holy see!
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>> the first pope to address congress moved many lawmakers and pope francis said he was speaking to all americans. >> in the land of the free and the home of the brave. >> reporter: francis urged respect for life at every stage and an end to the death penalty. follow, he said, the golden rule. >> do unto others as you -- >> interrupted by a standing ovation, the pope got specific, urging america to help impoverished immigrants who want a better life for their children. >> not to turn our backs on our neighbors. >> reporter: lawmakers, he said, need to work together on the issue. and this congress has an important role to play. >> reporter: outside, a crowd built on the capitol lawn, waiting for this. >> pope francis on the speaker's balcony. >> god bless america. >> reporter: it was emotional, some fell to their knees, silvia
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wept with joy just to see pope francis. >> he sends a message of love and that's what it's about. >> for a long time the church has been about what we shouldn't be doing and he's about what we should be doing. >> reporter: action, not just talk and leading by example. pope francis went from the ornate halls of congress to a catholic charity feeding the homeless. more people than ever now, the pope says, need help. >> francis is called to help all people and all life could play into the political fight over the funding of planned parenthood that resumed up here today soon after the pope left. from capitol hill, steve handelsman, nbc news. >> thank you, steve. maryland governor larry hogan got to meet with the pope today, the governor asked for and received a blessing for all cancer patients. he said he was inspired when pope francis said service is never ideological because service is for the people. >> he's diagnosed with
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non-hodgkin's lymphoma=ñ and 95 of his cancer gone and he has one more keir chemotherapy trea left. after meeting some of the most powerful people in washington, pope francis switched gears, greeting the homeless and needy people who are fed by catholic charities. news 4's pat collins was there as today's special luncheon took a backseat to the guest of honor. >> reporter: yet another stirring, incredible event brought to you by pope francis. you see, he was just supposed to come to the luncheon for catholic charity clients, bless the food, say a few words and maybe eat a little something, but the pope went off-script and got close up with the crowd and got a rock star reception, hugs, handshakes, pictures, and at times he was surrounded and surrounded by so many people you couldn't see him and everybody
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here loved it. >> for him to come and touch an average, everyday person and feel like he is with us. i feel like a little person and he's a big person and he's here with us. >> catholic charities helps the homeless, hungry and disadvantaged and it provides services for more than 120,000 people every year and to have the people's pope here for something like this, well, it's a big deal. >> i was so worried he may be too tired to go in the crowd and we can see him, and he saw the children right here and he got with the kids and kept walking and walking and walking and less than 15 minutes or so he was in the crowd. it could not have been bet. >> reporter: every day he's been in our town the pope has done something to send a message and create a memory. i'm pat collins, news 4, washington. some people were especially
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moved to be in the presence of the pope today. our chris gordon picks up some team coverage with some people who say their lives were changed by meeting him at st. patrick's church. >> reporter: pope francis said that hes is son of immigrants like many of those here at st. patrick's church. the pontiff said there is no justification for homelessness. he made the remarks in front of 200 clients of catholic charities. >> we're all in it together and that's his message is that everybody is equal in the eyes of god and he wants us all to help each other and he wants everybody to participate in that help. >> some people look to the pope for something personal. >> translator: i wanted to feel that i was going to be cured completely from my cancer. >> reporter: did you get a blessing the pope? >> translator: yes, he did. >> reporter: and the reaction from catholic charities who said
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meeting the pope here today changed her life. >> we made contact. eye contact. it was marvelous, for sure it's a change in my life. [ speaking spanish ] >> translator: it's something that you can't compare to anything. >> translator: i think it's the most important thing in my life. >> reporter: the pope left, but for many, the memories of his visit here will last a lifetime. chris gordon, news 4. >> we have compiled some of the best photos and videos of the pope's star trip, and it's on our nbc washington app. we go there and just search pope photos. an explosion rocked the community in maryland tonight. new images of the damage as investigators try to figure out what caused it. federal investigators have joined a search for clues in northern virginia after nearly 3,000 gallons of gasoline
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spilled. we'll tell you what we're learning from the people who live nearby. plus a family torn apart. one man is dead and another is in prison. the heartbreaking new evidence just revealed. and we're tracking a lot of rain down to the southeast and that rain trying to make its way our way. our way. i'll show you how it may affect
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new video tonight of a massive fire caused by a town home explosion in maryland last night. the blast happened in columbia, maryland, a gas company employee was investigating the smell of gas just before the explosion. he was taken to the hospital with burns and other injuries, but is expected to survive. a woman who lives next to the home that blew up made it out safely. >> the wall that i share with her, like, i just saw insulation
6:17 pm
like it was imploding inside and i ran downstairs to my storm door and i walked right through it and there was no glass anymore. it was explosion and flames and everying and my next-door neighbor's house was on fire and my house was on fire also. >> a total of six homes are uninhabitable and no word on the cause of the suspected gas leak or what sparked the explosion. >> tonight, the national transportation safety board has joined the investigation of of a gasoline spill in fairfax county. at least 2800 gallons of gasoline leaked from a pipeline into some retention ponds and into a storm water system. it happened at route 28 and new braddock road in centerville. as scott mcfarland reports, dozens of workers and emergency responders are trying now to clean up the mess. >> 48 hours after people began smelling gasoline in the air, crews have found the leak and a major colonial pipeline in route
6:18 pm
28 in centreville carried gasoline from north carolina to the northeast and they say they'll soon fix the leak which is about 200 feet from town homes. he received a formal letter notifying him of the leak last night. this was the first time i got that notice from the company that is doing the job, you know? and i noticed that yesterday when i was walking around all of these activities. >> no evacuations and the fire department says the leaked gasoline did not infiltrate the drinking water supply. three restaurants were forced to shut down. they said the storm water drains and the smell of gasoline was strong. >> any environmental impact is a health hazard so we want to make sure we err above the side of caution. >> 2800 pounds of gasoline escaped and they put air monitoring equipment in place here, too. >> it's basically just to
6:19 pm
understand what the vapor content is and to ensure public safety. >> and the ntsb has joined the investigation to help determine how the leak happened and to prevent it from happening again. you can see the white boom and the materials they're using at the apartment complex near the leak and it could be days until the cleanup is complete. in centreville, scott mcfarland, news 4. new details and a breaking story from washington state. four people were killed and 12 others were critically injured when a charter bus and amphibious vehicle crashed in seattle. the bus was carrying foreign college students and it is unclear where the people are from. the tourists travel on land and on water. this is the second crash since july involving a duck boat in seattle. coming up, a young girl a target on her way home from school. we'll tell you about a new warning to students after an
6:20 pm
attempted abduction in virginia. i'm carol maloney at metlife stadium. kirk cousins imploded during the matchup and this is cousins 2.0. how he's changed and is he how he's changed and is he prepared for pri
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and now your storm team 4 forecast. >> that forecast goes from the sunshine and the very nice weather we've seen to the clouds and rather dreary, damp and breezy weather over the next couple of days. right now the national harbor camera being looking pretty good up at the woodrow wilson bridge and down toward the downtown area. look at that, nice, tranquil conditions and windzs out of the east at 10 miles per hour under mostly cloudy skies and looking at high clouds and that's all we've seen today. 75 mart insburg and 73 in gaith u ersberg. and nothing on the radar. storm team 4 radar continues to
6:24 pm
be dry and once again we still need to see some rain and we'll get a couple of chances over the next couple of days, but nothing like what they'll get down to the south and the cloud making its way to the south and it's all down toward the carolinas and georgia. look at the moisture coming in toward parts of south carolina today, over four or five inches of rain and they saw a lot of flash flooding into that region and could be more, three to five inches expected over the next few days for north carolina and south carolina. >> this whole system will try to move our way, but i think it will stop just short of getting here. it is coming during the weekend. so obviously, we don't want to see a lot of rain for the weekend, but once again, we do need to see if it is quite dry. future weather, notice the clouds moving on in. rather more clouds down to the south early on, but during the day, everybody gets in on the cloud cover. so we will see a lot of clouds tomorrow and a little bit on the breezy side and because of that it will be cooler. the rain chances tomorrow,
6:25 pm
culpeper, orange, over toward fredericksburg and the rain staying south tomorrow and watch what happens on saturday and more cloud cover around 8:00 a.m. and saturday afternoon, most of the rain stays to the south and if you live fredericksburg over towards culpeper and quantico and you have a better chance of seeing rain this weekend. there are some computer models bringing the rain up across our region and right now we're just not buying that. we do think we have a chance for showers this weekend. first off, take a look at the temperatures and 74 in d.c. and 70 towards the culpeper area with more sun. so what to wear for the next few days and get rid of the sunglasses and the shorts and it's the jacket and the long pants and the umbrellas. keep those with you for the next few days and these guys have the right idea and i do think we'll see a lot of cloud cover and damp conditions coming up. 72 on your saturday and 70 on sunday and that's in the city and most of you are staying in the 60s all day and we'll talk about that extended forecast and the potential weekend trouble
6:26 pm
we've got moving in. >> the need is growing and how one local school district is hoping to feed thousands of students. this isn't usually what you see at a bus stop in prince william county, but police stepping up their presence after an attempted abduction. i'm david culver in
6:27 pm
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now at 6:30, pope francis arrives in new york city for the second leg of his historic u.s. trip. >> god bless america. >> his speech to a joint meeting of congress bringing lawmakers to their feet and some of them to tears. thousands of people gathering outside the capitol to catch a glimpse of the pontiff. >> just like his theme of coming together. >> maryland governor larry hogan receiving a blessing on behalf of all cancer patients as pope
6:30 pm
francis visited catholic charities and blessed lunch for the homeless. the pontiff's first-ever trip to d.c. ending with the ones who hold a special place in his heart, the children. >> right now, the pope is on his way to st. patrick's cathedral in manhattan. it's the first stop in what will be a very busy 36 hours in new york city. our jim handly will be there for all of it and he's got a perfect spot just across the street from the cathedral. hi, jim. >> reporter: hi, doreen. well, the fiat 500 is on the move making its way to midtown here. right across the street behind me, st. patrick's cathedral and a few blocks away from here is the jeep, the popemobile, crowds are waiting for him to get out of that fiat into the open-air popemobile so he can wave and maybe get out and reach out. the pope arriving there and you can see his motorcade pull up. he has shortened a little bit of his trip to make up for lost
6:31 pm
time and he had the late takeoff from washington in afternoon and he's shortened a little bit of this trip and he's hoping to make it inside st. patrick's cathedral for evening prayers at about 6:45, those are known as the vespers, too. people are on risers and many more thousands of people are lined up and down fifth avenue. fifth avenue which has been shut down all day today. eight-foot fences in a security zone for blocks around st. patrick's cathedral there. you can see his advance team is there ahead of him. he got a very quick aerial tour, as we know, up in that marine helicopter, about 45 minutes ago and then he landed at that heliport in wall street. here comes the popemobile and that fiat, same license plate and i don't know if it's the exact same car that he rode around washington in, but here the pontiff is about to exit and climb aboard the jeep.
6:32 pm
again, we don't know whether these are the exact vehicles that he rode around in in washington. if they transferred him up here, but they seem to work well for us in washington. this popemobile will by the way, be taking him throughout a third of central park tomorrow. they will also -- the fiat there will be taking him to the u.n. tomorrow morning. he has a busy day tomorrow which we'll tell you more about. you know, when he makes his way up to st. patrick's cathedral for the vespers you should know that just this month a couple of weeks ago they finished a $175 million restoration and he'll be meeting with ten important supportes of that cathedral restoration. the vespers, those evening prayers will be in spanish this evening and that is the scene of the catholic archdiocese of new york. usually this time of day people will be getting off work and these treats would be body to
6:33 pm
body on the sidewalks and they're pretty empty, but for the pope and his motorcade and the secret service and his advanced team? members of the new york archdiocese. inside the church tonight for those vespers as we watch the pope in his poth, there will be a thousand priests taking part in those evening prayers and now the popemobile is about to be on the move again in darkness. and i don't think that we saw him so much at night in the popemobile in washington at all. this will be an interesting look as we see new york city start to be lit up. the sun is setting and we're in that concrete canyon here they call midtown manhattan. >> jim, what's the sign of the crowd? >> reporter: this is the busiest part of manhattan. >> reporter: we have truly thousands here, but when he makes his way, doreen, right up to st. patrick's cathedral they have risers with only 500 invited guests and they'll be welcoming him at the steps as will mayor de blasio and
6:34 pm
governor cuomo. that's where it really gets tight and the security is very tough to cross any street around there and we're at 30 rock looking down at st. patricks. is this a short trip and is this an opportunity for the public to see him or do you have to be an invited guest with an invitation. >> in this early area yes, but he's only going to be going a few blocks before he makes it to st. patrick. this is not a long stretch right here and some people have managed to get in there and we talked to some people who got into these positions at 6:00 this morning so he will have some public access right here. >> you wonder -- >> reporter: and you wonder if he'll even get an opportunity to do what we saw him do on constitution avenue. the guards brought babies up for him to kiss and that sort of thing. >> reporter: exactly. my guess is not so much tonight, but tomorrow you will see a lot
6:35 pm
of that all around central park, they're shutting down a third of central park so he can do that very thing and that is going to be a logistical challenge for security around central park because you will really have hundreds of thousands of people in that park tomorrow. and that is going to give him the opportunity to do a lot of that then. >> watching that scene -- >> reporter: people weren't really sure if he was going to be in the popemobile. >> that is fifth avenue in manhattan and a familiar scene to anybody who has ever visited new york city and just thinking about what a traffic jam up that is behind that is kind of mind-boggling. >> reporter: oh, you know. and you know, this city, they get a little upset when former president bill clinton comes in with his entourage, they get upset at the gridlock. you can only imagine on the outskirts of this motorcade some of the frustration as people
6:36 pm
wait. they've been in traffic halt for 40, 45 minutes waiting for this moment. >> we have talked often about how exhausting this must be for the almost 80-year-old pope, looking at those pictures and what we're seeing seem to be the same security guys and women, by the way, that we have been seeing for two or three days right here in washington, d.c., and one must assume they don't ride very much. they do a lot of walking beside that popemobile and it must be a tiring period of time for them, as well, i would imagine. >> reporter: well, you know it is. the only difference is probably some of them are quite a bit younger than he is, but you know, as you mentioned and as we know they've been training for months and they trained in maryland and they went over to rome to train, too. to work with this popemobile and get a sense of what the pope
6:37 pm
likes and how they work with crowds and how the crowds approach him and they've had training in this, but certainly as you mentioned and not in this period of time and they are long with him, as well. >> new yorkers are very used to -- >> they're doing selfies up here, too. >> of course, they are. >> we know new yorkers are used to traffic chaos and congestion. they have every year, the new year's eve celebration and they're all of the time having festivals and concerts and things that block off streets. so this is pretty standard stuff for people who are living and working in manhattan. >> we, down here -- >> go ahead, jim. >> reporter: as i was walking around earlier this afternoon we were seeing some shuttered stores like saks fifth avenue, very high-end stores and to know that he landed on the wall street heliport and this pope has had a lot to say about capitalism and trickledown
6:38 pm
economics and you know what? here he is traveling by the capital of capitalism right here in midtown manhattan. right behind me right now i see the motorcade and the procession and the bells are ringing at st. patrick's cathedral. >> a celebratory time for all of the people up in new york as well as the people in this nation and around the world, if you will, as pope francis makes his way to the cathedral in new york city having arrived there just a short time ago, about an hour and a half ago. we will continue our coverage of the pope's stay in new york city. right now we invite you to stay with us.
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a report now on the near-abduction of a little girl in virginia. she got away from her attacker, ran home and curled up in bed with her shoes and backpack
6:42 pm
still on. that attack created a lot of concern in a neighborhood just off cardinal drive in woodbridge, virginia. >> as our david culver found out, police will be greeting kids and parents at the bus stops again in the morning. >> this isn't what you normally see at the afternoon school bus drop-off and county police are keeping close by. we spotted them patrolling this neighborhood throughout the day. >> we will still take some steps to review the bus tapes to see if that shows anything. >> sergeant jonathan paroc says they're searching for a blue pickup truck and the man driving it. >> the white male, early 50s with a beard and a distinctive mole on his left cheek and that's who we're looking for right now. >> police say he tried to grab a 13-year-old girl as she walked home from this bus stop. a bold move. >> it was in broad daylight.
6:43 pm
>> i was able she got away. >> that's the voice of the girl's father, the man asked his daughter for directions and then got physical. >> he grabbed her arm first and she ripped her arm away from him and he went for her shirt and it started to rip and it tore down the middle. >> she ran home. >> it makes my family nervous. >> and police are placing themselves at bus stops in this area, namely at the time the kids are going to school and when they're coming home in the evening just to make sure that they're going to be safe. the school system also reminding kids to walk in groups again as precaution. >> in woodbridge, david culver, news 4. our coverage of pope francis' historic trip to the u.s. continues. that is a live picture of the pontiff. i guess we have to assume that he has arrived at st. patrick's cathedral there on fifth avenue. he's going to -- he's getting
6:44 pm
ready for evening prayers or vespers service at the cathedral and we will continue to cover his movements tonight ahead of of a busy day tomorrow. we will be back with more news
6:45 pm
6:46 pm
6:47 pm
it's our first look at the mangled mess left behind after a train slammed into a dump truck and dragged the vehicle along the track and the whole time the terrified driver was stuck inside. the driver spoke only to news 4 about the wreck and told us he feels lucky to be alive and the vre train was on his way to union station when he clipped the truck just north of the mandarin oriental hotel in d.c. mark segraves was there when crews removed the truck from the tunnel. >> imagine being inside of this truck when the train hit it. the man who was, said he was
6:48 pm
holding on for dear life. >> you look inside that, you know there warrasn't supposed te a living man. >> i'm lucky to live because god is great. >> he was makaing a delivery when this vre train sideswiped him. >> there were no passengers on the train and three crew members were taken to the hospital. at least one of them had serious injuries. the accident forced the cancellation of one southbound vre train tonight. about 50 gallons of diesel fuel spilled on the train tracks. >> they're contaminated with diesel fuel and no direct impact to the environment and there are no storm drains that have been affected and csx has personnel and they're going to take care of it to remediate the situation. >> everyone here says this accident could have been much, much worse. >> vre says they are expecting here. in southwest, mark segraves,
6:49 pm
news 4. coming up in sports, pot roast and his teammates ready to face the giants tonight. we're hoping that the guys on the giants team will call him
6:50 pm
6:51 pm
6:52 pm
this is the xfinity sportsdesk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. jason is here no matter what the record is whenever these two teams meet and it's about twice every year. we have not done well against him for quite some time. >> especially there in new york the last time they won against the giants and tonight is the night when the redskins can establish themselves as true contenders in the nfc east and a win against the giants and the skins will have nine days to rest up for the winless eagles,
6:53 pm
but first thing's first, new york is a team desperate for a victory and the skins are desperate to prove their critics wrong. karen maloney is live for this prime time matchup and who has the most to prove tonight in new york? >> definitely kirk cousins. the pressure is on him. it's a four-day turnaround for both teams, but for cousins, this is a culmination of a year's worth of work. the giants and the redskins, they met last season, week four, thursday night matchup and cousin, it was his worst night in the nfl. four interceptions in a lost fumble, humiliating and skins confident with a new and improved kirk cousins and it starts with being more mentally tough. >> think he was a tough one, and i hadn't thrown four intersepgzs before and it was a first-time experience for me. yeah, it was frustrating and it was difficult. we had come off a tough loss
6:54 pm
against the eagles and the loss to them, the giants and stuff and it made me stronger as a quarterback and as a person, and i'll use all of that to help me as a quarterback this season. >> cousins doesn't have to feel the weight of the world on his shoulders and that with the defense being what it is and ranked first in the league in total defense and it starts with the man in the middle, pot roast. don't call him terrence, there's beauty in this beast. >> does anybody call you terrence? >> no except my mom and players in the locker room call to call me terrence and i say it's pot roast. >> do you have any other name, mr. roast? pot. t. night. big t. i've heard it out. if someone says terence? do you look? >> i immediately get angry, though. i immediately get angry. it's something only my mom calls
6:55 pm
me. in the workplace, just having fun in the locker room, just keep it fun. >> reporter: so pot roast, not terrance, only to his mom. jason, he's expectation lot of double teams tonight and it's his first nfc game he's excited for and so are we, pumped for the 8:30 kickoff. back to you. >> thanks so much, carol. let's move on to talk baseball now for a moment and the nationals are not going down without a fight and the fellas are being swept by the orioles and tempers flared last night between these two teams and today the os are trying to give the nats the best type of payback there is, winning the game. teddy having some fun with os fans in attendance in the park and we'll pick this up in the bottom of the senth and we're tied at three and that batting average just climbing off. this one to the wall and matt will come home to score and
6:56 pm
anthony rendone trying to get behind him and he's out at the plate. the nationals are up 4-3 at this point. matt facing blake, and that ball out of the park, a two-one shot that gave the birds a 5-4 lead and that's where we're standing right now, the game leaded to the ninth inning and we'll see if the nationals can come back after blowing another one against the orioles. >> i like the redskins. >> why? the defensive line. i think they'll get to eli manning and it should be a good game. >> he's been off his game. >> especially in the last two minutes. >> let's hope you're right. >> let's be hopeful. >> we shall be. >> we are committed now to being hopeful. >> we leave you now with lasting images of pope francis' historic trip to washington. >> good night. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
6:57 pm
♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ >> the pope of the holy see! ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
6:58 pm
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>> breaking news tonight -- pope francis arrives in new york city. crowds lining the streets and heavy security as the pope delivers a prayer to the faithful at st. patrick's cathedral. after his historic address to a joint meeting of congress. tonight the striking message he delivered. >> also developing news of a fatal collision on a bridge in seattle. a violent crash involving a packed charter bus and amphibious tour boat. we have late details. stampede horror. at least 700 dead, 800 injured as disaster strikes again in one of the world's holiest places. breaking a scandal. the small teen from an american university that discovered a shocking secret and brought the world's largest automaker to its knees.


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