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tv   News4 at 11  NBC  September 24, 2015 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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a. now at 11:00, change your hashtag, pope francis now nyc. >> the pontiff on the second leg of his trip now saying evening prayers tonight in new york.
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>> i'm overlooking stats in the b -- st. patrick's in the big apple. the pope's busiest day yet just nine hours away. >> d.c.'s crackdown on synthetic drugs closes another store. i'm shomari stone and i'll show you who's getting the credit for it. i'm tracking a lot of rain to our south trying to move our way for the weekend. i'll show you what to expect. pope francis arrived in new york and hit the ground running, leading an evening prayer service before stopping to rest for the night. >> new york's mayor and governor were there to greet him along the leaders of the archdiocese. our team coverage begins with jim hanley live at the comcast building across from st. patrick's cathedral. hi, jim. >> reporter: hi, doreen, the pope has an intense 40 hours here in new york city. right behind me, st. patrick's cathedral. he went in there tonight to recharge his batteries with evening prayers.
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music and a thousand priests armed with cell phones joined the governor and mayor inside. pope francis offering a heart felt thank you to america's nuns who erupted in applause. he also met ten people very important to the $170 million restoration of the cathedral. a grateful cardinal timothy dolan saw it be completed just in time for his visit. >> your presence this happy evening renews all of us and provides a special blessing to all our work for this cathedral we so love. >> the pope then left down fifth avenue by his familiar fiat for the vatican nuncia arrange 11,000 square foot house on the upper east side. more moments, more cherished memories. this pope is inspired by young people. i caught up with a ten-year-old,
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his name is r.j., he got out of school to be inspired by pope francis. >> you don't see that too many times in your lifetime. it's a once in a lifetime experience. i'll never be able to forget it. >> reporter: did you get goose bumps or cheer or what did you do? >> i was so excited, i was, like, yeah. that's the pope. he's just sfwentering the cathel there. very cool. >> reporter: i'll say. are you going to post it on facebook? >> instagram. >> reporter: instagram, what was i thinking? tomorrow pope francis's day begins with the address at the u.n. general assembly, 170 leaders there he moves on to ground zero for an interfaith service there. he visits a school. there's also a procession through central park capped that you have day long visit and a lot of intensity with a 20,000 member celebration of a mass
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that's add madison square garden, it's a ticketed event. a lucky 20,000 get to see the pope then. cherished memories tomorrow and sure to come in philadelphia. meanwhile, washington still basking in the know where of the papal visit. let's check in now with jackie benson live on our national mall. jackie? >> reporter: jim, for the nation's capital it's a sense of mission accomplished. as the jetliner with pope francis took off, official d.c. gave a small sigh of relief. the historic visit went off without a hitch. all around the city this evening, crowd control fencing was piled up awaiting removal. on third street in front of the u.s. capitol workers spent the evening dismantling the structure that had been part of one of the d.c. area's largest security operations ever. near catholic university things were back to normal after a few
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extraordinary days. >> very good experience. we were excited to be a part of this. obviously if it happens in the future we'd love to be part of it again. >> when i saw the motorcycles coming around the corner i said, god, this is it, be with me. >>. >> reporter: hours after pope francis led those there prayer, the pastor, monsignor salvatore chriscola is still beaming from the experience. >> the francis affect. it has an affect on everyone. it has an affect not only on catholics, non-catholics, nonchristians. >> reporter: a mem aive the banner hangs over one of the church's main doors. >> the parish has been here for 21 years. we've had presidents, vice president, cardinals, dignitaries, the first eucharistic congress 120 years ago but never have we ever had a pope.
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>> reporter: there will be very little down time left. there will be a large concert to restore the national mall taking place in west potomac park near the national memorial. thousands and thousands expected. jackie bentsen, news 4. back to you. >> thank you, jackie. after the pope left joint base andrews, another powerful leader landed there which will bring more motorcade issues to our city. vice president biden greeted chinese president xi jinping. he's here for an official state visit and state dinner tomorrow. president obama welcomed the chinese leader at the white house and the pair then walked across pennsylvania avenue for a private dinner at the blathe bl the leaders are expected to discuss cyber security, human rights and climate change. tonight there is relative quiet when it comes to the pope's address to congress, which is unusual in a town where people often have a visceral reaction to hot-button issues.
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they seem able to let the pope's words speak for themselves. >> we must renew a fraternity of solidarity, cooperating gener s generously for the common good. >> reporter: several presidential candidates in the chamber for the pope's address and president obama watched from the white house. >> jim handly will be live at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00 and eun yang reports at the word meeting of families in philadelphia. a barricade situation in southeast d.c. ended after about five hours. it started with the report of shots fired and police chasing one of the suspect's vehicles. two men bailed out, ran into a house on haley terrace and held up inside before officers went in to arrest them. we don't know their names yet or what they've been charged with.
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it's not here yet but there is rain to our south that could have a big impact on our weekend. what's the story, doug? >> good news and bad news, the good news is we need the rain. unfortunately it looks like it's coming as we make our way into the weekend. i'm not expecting a ton. this is the satellite and radar. look at this storm getting its act together and look at the motion here right off the atlantic ocean. that's bringing a ton of moisture. three to five inches expected in parts of the carolinas. this storm will move our way. first the clouds will be here during the day tomorrow so expect a cooler day tomorrow and expect a cloudy day, 65 at 7:00 a.m. rising but only into the low 70s tomorrow. what about that weekend forecast. how often will you need the umbrella? i've got that forecast coming up in ten minutes. out west a driver who saw the deadly crash in seattle says a duck boat tour vehicle and charter bus were going in
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opposite directions when the duck boat suddenly swerved. the driver says it looks as if the tire locked up and sent it into on coming traffic. police haven't said how it happened but we know four people are dead and 15 others are still in critical condition right now. a lot of the passengers on the bus were international college students who had been studying in seattle. neighbors in howard county are thank ago technician for saving their lives. a house exploded in columbia creating a huge fireball. the blast destroyed one home and left five others uninhabitable. so somebody smelled gas and the technician got everyone to evacuate with seconds to spare. >> we thank the bge guy who told us to evacuate. had he not done that, we would have still been in the house. >> reporter: the technician was treated at the hospital and released. another person went to the hospital for spoke inhalation. the cause of the explosion under investigation. there have been two separate assaults on women jogging in loudon county and investigators say one man may have attacked
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them. sheriff's deputies say a man in a hooded sweatshirt tackled a woman around 6:00 as she was running near riverside parkway. the woman fought him off around the same time wednesday, leesburg police say another woman was jogging near ida lee drive when a man in a hooded sweatshirt grabbed her behind then ran off. in prince georges county, firefighters say two kids are responsible for setting fire this playground. it started burning at the forest hills apartment on southern ave. police george's county investigators think the kids were playing with fire and have referred them a fire safety program. >> reporter: d.c. police using emergency powers to shut down a store they say was selling synthetic drugs. news 4's shomari stone has our report new at 11:00. >> reporter: if you take a walk down martin luther king avenue in southeast on the 3100 block you might come across this sign that says "open" but it's misleading because this
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convenience store, smiley mart, is closed. police chief kathleen lanier applauds people for giving tips and leads to shut this place down for allegedly selling synthetic drugs. two people were also arrested. people who live in the southeast d.c. neighborhood gave police the information needed to institute an emergency order to close smiley smart. the chief says synthetic drugs are dangerous and wreaking havoc on users and the community as a whole. the american association of poison control center says these drugs are addictive, can cause psychotic episodes, aggressive behavior and seizures. the police chief has the power to temporarily shut down, fine, kwor the business license to be revoked if the business sells synthetic drugs. the chief encourages other people in the community, if you know of a business that is allegedly selling synthetic drugs police want to hear from you. in southeast d.c., i'm shomari stone, news 4. >> tears of joy over the pope's
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visit. speaker john boehner pokes fun at himself after getting emotional on capitol hill. a new investigation launched into the volkswagen scandal. the advice local dealers are giving drivers who want to trade in their cars. >> and the chinese state visit includes a trip to see washington's newest panda.
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>> an incredible honor. that's how maryland governor larry hogan described his meeting with pope francis this morning at st. patrick's church. the governor received the pontiff's blessing on behalf of cancer patients everywhere. governor hogan is undergoing treatment and starts his final round of chemotherapy next month. his immune system is weak and doctors have told him to avoid touching people but the governor admit he is did reach out the to shake the pope's hand. he's been diagnosed with non-hodgkin's h non-hodgkin's lymphoma and says his catholic faith is giving him the strength he needs to fight the disease. the governor said his cancer is 95% gone. >> reporter: there was a special blessing for congressional leadership as well. the group net speaker john boehner's office before the pontiff's speech to congress. speaker boehner is a life long catholic and has tried for two decades to bring a spoke to speak at the capitol. francis is the first to accept his invitation. tonight the pope's heart was halfway around the world. before he led evening prayers in new york he played for muslims
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marking eid and offered condolences for more than 700 people killed in a stampede ine large groups were performing hajj. they collided on the tightly packed streets and witnesses say people were climbing over each other to be able to breathe. a lot of people are criticizing the saudi government tonight for its failure to control the crowds. the attorneys general from at least 27 states and the district are launching an investigation into volkswagen and maryland and virginia are part of that. they're looking into volkswagen's consumer and environmental decisions after the german automaker admitted rigging some of its cars to pass emissions test. tonight erika gonzalez explains what local dealers are telling vw owners. >> reporter: people are trying to get to consumers before they panicked after vw admitted its
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rigged emissions tests to make diesel power vehicles emitting fewer nitrogen oxides, owners began to question how does this affect my car. the volkswagen dealership near us said should you decide to trade your tdi, the value of your vw will be calculated at the value prior to epa findings and second should you trade your car it will plant 50 trees in the customer's name. we have not heard from volkswagen america is how to it will address this scandal with consumers. volkswagen says the vins are still unknown and dealerships don't have the information either but at this point. contact your dealership to learn if it's doing something similar. >> erika gonzalez. first lady michelle obama and her chinese counterpart will
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get up close and personal with the new panda cub at the national zoo. the pair will mark decades of scientific collaboration between the u.s. and china for giant panda conservation. they will make a special announcement we understand. michelle obama visited pandas in china last year and both first ladies recorded messages for bao bao's naming ceremony. students from a chinese immersion elementary school in d.c. will also be at the zoo to see the pandas tomorrow. >> i know they tend to be more active the cooler it gets. >> but that baby isn't coming outside yet. >> perhaps dad. >> they've been more active because it's been on the cool side. do you know what temperatures they start? >> no. >> i don't either. let's take a look outside and show you how things are. it will be a cool night. right now in the city, however, we're still at 69 degrees. winds out of the northeast at eight miles per hour. notice the rest of the area. everybody else cools so much
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faster than the city. 57 gaithersburg, 5 ma4 in manas. the waters of the chesapeake bay still are on the warm side. we'll see numbers drop a few degrees more but that's about it. we've gotten cloud cover. we won't see rain any time soon. here's what we're looking at. look at the clouds. this is becoming a classic area of low pressure. what you see here is the low level circulation and then the outer flout flow of these cirrus clouds coming overhead. you'll see the thicker clouds coming up to our area. don't expect to see much in the way of sunshine. this system will move our way but it will have a hard time getting here. i've been talking about this area of high pressure that we've had for the last two weeks sitting over the region. that's one reason why we've been so dry. that will move off just a bit but, again, it will be strong
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enough, we'll get the northeasterly flow which we've had for the bester part of two weeks. we'll see the area move up the coast but the rain can't get into the area of high pressure and that means good stuff for the weekend. it's a tough forecast. could it still come in? yeah, is but i think the best chance will be fredericksburg to the south. if you're headed to the outer banks, south carolina over the next couple days you're looking at rain down there, three to five inches. lots of rain just to the south, how far north does it get? i don't think it makes d.c. but i think we will see a few showers. team team will continue to track this. this is one model verifying what i'm talking about. 8:00 tomorrow morning the cloud cover. notice where the rain showers are well to the south and west at 5:00. how about saturday. we see a few showers overnight but saturday we're dealing with the clouds again and all day saturday it's cloud cover, most rain staying well to the south. could this change? yes, a little bit.
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that's what i will continue to keep you posted on. next couple days, 30% chance of a shower saturday 0040% sunday with a temperature of 70. many areas may stay in the upper 60s as a result of that northeasterly flow. 75 on monday, 80 degrees coming up on tuesday. right now tuesday looks good before another front comes through and that brings through even cooler air late next week. and that means pandas will really be active. >> i only know because i took my daughter to the zoo and they explained it to me. >> you weren't paying attention to the temperature. >> no, i was not. up next, the os break out the brooms against the nats who maybe have seen their playoff chances slip, slip, slipping away. >> bye-bye. >> jason is up next but first, here's jimmy fallon. >> we're singing barbershop with joseph gordon levitt and chris
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. if only the nats were showing the fight the orioles are coming down the stretch. >> they had the lead in each game but -- >> they've had the lead in almost everything the last month. >> that's the story of the nationals. a very important matchup between the nationals and the orioles. the nats were trying to keep their slim chance of making the post-season alive. the os on the other hand they still have a shot at making the
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wild card in the american league. manny machado got plunk bud got his revenge in his first plate appearance. that drives in the first run of the ball game. let's move ahead to the bottom of the seventh. yunel escobar has been hot in september. i mean hot, this drives in matt den dekker. he's going to score. right behind him trying to make a play, the relay throw and he is out. matt williams, mads stokkelien emoji sad face. now a two run bomb right here. the birds are up 5-4. that would be your final. the gnats get swept. matt williams, he sounds like he's in denial right now. >> it's disappointing but we have more to play.
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we have one tomorrow had a lead and couldn't hold it today. that's baseball. it happens. >> more to play? >> it over till it's over guys. so the nats not mathematically done just yet but it gets tougher seeing how the mets won. they're seven and a half back with seven to play before they face off in the new york in the final series of the season. they need to be perfect the mets going 2-4 if there's any chance of them tying and the last series having meaning. that scenario gets hard we are each nationals loss. moving on. these days it doesn't take much for a video to go viral. for instance, a rat drug a slice of pizza down a new york subway and everyone went absolutely nuts. this next video i thought was very entertaining. it's midland lee high school in texas. their kicker attempting an extra point here, gets a good snap, good hold but kicks it too low. it beans the official in the head and skips over the cross bar. >> well, that seems like it should count. >> it did count! that's the great thing about it.
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it counted, excellent kick. i don't know what the official is looking at here but you have to get out of the way. >> soccer move. >> either way, great job by that high school kicker. the referee is considered a part of the field. >> i'm sure he felt like a part >> i'm sure he felt like a part of
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one of the most talked about moments at the speech of the capitol is what happened to the right of the holy father. john boehner caught reaching for the handkerchief not once, not
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twice, three times then again on the capital bonn calny. the speaker is an emotional guy and as always twitter was twitter. it blew up with jokes and means. this time he tweeted "we know it doesn't taken a act of god to get emotional.
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♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- joseph gordon-levitt, chris hardwick, musical guest big grams.


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