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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  September 25, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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i'm michele green at the live desk. a serious accident between a charter boat and a duck boat at a bridge in seattle. we want to take a look at the video. you can see the extenl of damage. thursday's accident killed four college students in, injured at least 50 people. they still want to figure out why the open air vehicle crashed into the middle of the bus. two people are in critical condition. the charter bus was filled with college students, many of them international students and the popular duck boat was loaded with tourists at the time. in just a few hours the seattle community college will hold a gathering to remember all of the students who died and to pray for the victims. back to you, aaron. >> thank you. right now the people of smiley matter are wondering if they'll
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lose their license. they say the shop was selling synthetic drugs. it's not far from alabama avenue. d.c. police chief cathy lanier said she received tips to close it down. officers chased a suspect yesterday evening. two men bailed out of the carnd then ran into a house on haley terrace. after a few hours the police went in and arrested them. we're working to find out their names and what they're charged with. we've had picture-perfect weather for the past few days. outside, a noticeable change. >> chuck bell has more in the storm 4 weather center. >> the clouds are moving back in. we'll have a whole lot of clouds around. staying dry for at least this morning but there will be chances for showers, especially
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southern maryland, northern neck, fredericksburg, rich mochbltd rain chances will be noticeably higher south of washington and north of the mason dixon line. here's your hour-by-hour planner. a lot of clouds around through this morning. temperatures will inch their way and shower chances move in by late this afternoon on into the evening. so as a result, have the umbrella with you just to play it safe. you'll be dry this morning. the longer you'll be away from home, the more likely you'll be i. for now, roadwork. >> right now we're talking roadwork. 95 northbound at stafford, the stafford exit there, you can see a little bit of a better vantage point there headed because of roadwork headed around this morning. 270 at montrose road, don't have any problems there.
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b.w. parkway looking nice and green. right here at westmoreland we have the left lane getting by because of all the cones here on the right side of the roadway. back in ten minutes. we'll see you back here at 4:41. >> it's 4:33 right now. the man suspected in the role of a quadruple kill in d.c. will be in court this morning. he was charged with killing the family. a 17-year-old murder suspect also has a hearing today. police say kevin lee killed tanika phenomenon ta knell last month. he was also accuse of shooting her 12-yeaold son in the arm. lee hired two new lawyers so that date was pushed back to today. some howard county neighbors are thanking a bgt worker for
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saving their lives. an explosion created this huge fireball. the blast destroyed one home and left five others uninhabitable. somebody smelled gas. the technician was able to get everybody out of the house. >> we thank the bge guy to tell us to evacuate. >> the technician was treated at the hospital and then released. the other person went to the hospital for smoke inhalation, the cause for the explosion under investigation. an alert before you head out for your run. deputies say one man may be attacking joggers. sheriff's deputies say a man in a hood sweatshirt tack. ed a woman around yesterday morning near riverside parkway. she's oklahoma. she was able to fight him off. at the same time wednesday a woman was jogging when a man in a hooded sweat shirt attacked
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her. a child who crawled into bed without taking off her backpack and what police are doing to make sure children are okay. the man who was killed last we're during "the ride to conquer"'s funeral is today. he lost control of his bike on a curve and was hit by a car. his gofundme page has raise mder than $100,000. a vigil will be held in the name of a man who found reston, virginia, more than 100 years ago. he led elementary students on a bike vigil. he was one of the first master plan communities in the u.s.
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coming up on 4:36 now, and metro has the go-ahead this morning to start on its action plan after a series of deadly incidents. the federal transit administration approved its nearly 80 sixes. in june the fta slammed them and said there's not enough time or money or issues to fix the tracks. they plan to fill ten of its systems. it will begin looking to start work before the midnight close. speaking of metro work this weekend, trains on the orange, silver, blue, and yellow lines will come every 24 minutes. red line trains will arrive every 20 minutes. it's a long wait for the redskins following their loss to the new york giants last night. turnovers again put the game in the other team's hands.
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by sunday night there could be a three-way tie for second place in the division. the skins play the following sunday against the eagles. >> yeah. it's a combination of learning from this game, prepping for the eagles and rest ioresting. we'll start doing those. >> quarterback deangelo hall is another story that we'll be watching. he injured his toe in the second half. do you remember that? coach jay gruden said he's not too thrilled how long hall could be out this year. if you are packing the kids' book bags, you might want to throw in an umbrella. chuck bell said we could see some rain today, but will it hit the bus stop. and a major cleanup is under way in the potomac after thousands of gallons of latex spilled into the water. why do officials think it's impacting water quality. and i'm
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welcome back, everybody. two more universities are cutting ties with bill cosby. ford ham and marquette have rescinded their honorary degrees. police have not formally charged
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him. both ford ham and marquette said this is the first time they've rescinded an honorary degree. at the live desk we just got video in showing damage from an apparent tornado in south carolina. we want you to take a look at what we have so far. the twister tore sidings off of some homes, downed trees near the charleston area. just take a look at that. no reports of injuries and crews will have to go out at daybreak to get a better idea of just how much stuff was blown around and torn off. right now there is a flash flood watch for southeast charlson. power crews are out working to restore electricity to the thousands of people who lost their lives. back to you. >> molette, thank you. 4:41. starting off with the "weather & traffic on the 1s." another cool morning out there. >> starting to feel like fall. >> you've got that right, erika.
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i'm not sure it's going to keep it dry all weekend. it will do its best. rain chances are higher the farther south you live or travel. outside this morning mid to upper 50s. low 60s from manassas to washington. bus stop weather t sun's up just before 7:00. cloudy and rain-free. we'll be dry on yaur way out the door. we could have showers by late this afternoon into the evening. take your umbrella just to play it on the east side. recess gets a "b." right now let's go to melissa for weathtraffic. >> we're going to get more information and be back on that in just a minute. outer loop between american legion brigg and dulles toll road, we have construction there. no problems. that's good for this monday morning. 95 northbound at stafford we do have a bit of a slowdown because
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of roadwork and beltway at indian head highway looking good. we'll have more on the crash as it comes in. what we're learning about the amount of fingerprints hackers got from the office of personnel management. and an area school disstrukt dishing out a lot more free lunches this s
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4:45 right now. it could be an exciting morning in decision 2016. repubcan presidential hopefuls marco rubio and donald trump could face off today in washington. both plcould address a gatherin
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and controversy over hillary clinton's e-mails may come up over the weekend. the justice didn't has not released enough information about her use of private accounts and a server during her time as secretary of state. federal investigators are looking through clinton's home based server. they're concerned that classified information may have passed through that system. happening today, president obama will officially wng chinese president zxi jinping. >> a lot of that conversation is going to happen behind closed door and critics of president obama and how they criticize it could happen in public. china's president is coming to the west coast where he's been trying to lure more business
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into china. yes, they're an important trade partner. they're supposed to make a big announce mnlts today about curbing emissions beyond what they've agreed to do. on the other hand they have a history of suspected human rights abuses and been accused of hacking into the u.s. comput computer. today they'll hold a joint conference before the day is over and before the state dinner tonight and we should get some sense whether or not president obama and president xi will be able to come to some decision on the issues playinging the u.s. >> all right. tracie potts. thank you. opm says hackers now have the fingerprints of more than 5.5 million workers. that's a big jump from the initial estimate of 1 million.
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they believe the hack was part of an espionage operation being run out of china. they're now calling for lifetime protection for current federal employees. workers are working to clean up latex that spilled into the water. the cumberland times news says it happened as the latex was being offloaded from a railcar on wednesday and they say they don't believe there's any threat to water quality, but they i've notified facilities in virginia and west virginia of the incident. the ntsb is now looking to find out what caused a big gasoline spill in fairfax county. at least 128 gallons of gas leaked from an old pipeline. the gas seeped into some retention ponds and stormwater systems but did not get into the
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drinking water. letters were sent out to neighbors to let them know what happens. >> any environmental impact is a health hazard so we want to make sure we err above the side of caution. >> no one had to be evacuated but three restaurants were temporarily shut down. three children are responsible for set fire to play ground in oxon hill. it started yesterday afternoon at the forest hill apartments. police think they were playing with fire and have referred them to a fire safety program. local school programs say the eligibility for students for free lunch has risen up. 100 staffers produce breakfast and lunch for county schools -- for schools countywide. they're then shipped and served. the school district says the new hub district is allowed to serve
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meals to kids who need them. >> we don't know what they have at home or what they have is nutritious. we want to make sure we've met the nutritional needs for these students. >> reporter: they're offering free breakfast to all students to increase participation. this weekend national parks around the country are using the smith soebian method. there will be three this saturday. about a third of them charge a fee to get in. this is happening because tomorrow is national public lands day. >> all right. there you go. is how you figure out where you can go and get in free. i'll figure that out. >> beautiful, aaron. >> you have to wonder what the weather is going to be. >> i love the way he says that. park business, you know. it depends which park you go. right here where we are, welcome to my worst nightmare.
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it's always in the middle. right on the line around here. good luck, everybody, with your weekend. outside we go. >> chuck, at least you're honest. >> that's right. i wish i could tell you, yes, it will rain or, no, it will not rain. we're right on the line. it's probably going to rain ore the weekend. it won't rain all the time. the pope's gone and he took the sunshine with him. 64 now with a northeasterly breeze at 8 miles an hour. the northeasterly wind always mean as lot to clouds. cooler weather. later on today into this evening. highs this afternoon will only reach into the low 70s for most neighborhoods with an abundance of clouds around and rain chances today the higher you. right now low to mid-60s. there are'4รท?hshowers in southe virginia all over the carolinas and northern georgia. and that moisture is trying its best to work its way ever
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northward with time. here's future weather then. through today, lots of clouds. and by lunchtime into the afternoon there could be light rain or drizzle south of washington into parts of southern maryland. and then as we get to 3:00 or 4:00, light rain. probably dry across northern maryland. so friday, rain chances today. low across montgomery county. medium chances for rain, prince george's county and higher chances for rain down toward the south. sat time for you then, here you go. near 74 today. only upper 60s to near 70. li not be a washout but have your umbrella ready to go. you could get hit with a rain bout any time. new information here. all lanes blocked because of the accident we were telling you about a couple of minutes aelg we just got off the phones with police. they're saying it should be cleared out of the way shortly.
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once they get the cars out of the way, we'll be okay and should reopen. we'll keep you updated here and on twitter. northbound 270, we don't have any problems there. 66 westbound at westmoreland, they're getting by. inner loop and outer loop don't have the issues and taking a look, if you're starting around the 32 area, you're okay. nice and gray. see you back here at 5:01. >> all right, melissa. thank you. take one look at the damage and you wouldn't expect it but the man behind the wheel in this crash walked away with his life. hear his incredible story of survival. >> could bit a cancer breakthrough. the new research showing why some cancers come back and others don't in "news for your health. "
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. it is 4:56, and right now pope francis is waking up in new york city. just like in d.c., he has a packed visit for the big apple. more on that including a live report from new york. >> it makes my whole, you know, family nervous and a lot of other families around here too. >> anxious parents after an attack at a bus stop that tore a young girl's shirt right down the middle. that 13-year-old girl is okay. please say thanks to her they know a fair amount about the man
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they're looking for. they'll be around woodbridge, specifically elkwood court. they'l keep an eye on a blue pickup with a beard and dissting active mole on his left cheek. he tried to grab the girl as she was walking home. her father didn't want to show his face but he explained what happened next. >> he grabbed her arm and went for her shirt and she ran and that's how it ripped, so it tore down the middle. >> the girl's father said she was able to run home. she was so upset she curled up in bed still wearing her backpack. researchers are trying to find out why a fifth of women relapse after undergoing treatment. researchers find primaries. some of those showed up during later phases of cancer. they could find high-risk
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patients and target the genes responsible earlier. older people who work longer may have a better chance of staying healthy longer. being unemployed or retired was linked with greater risk of poor health. workers with physically demanding jobs hat lower rates of chronic conditions and limitations. vre should be a smooth one after a graphic crash. a man behind a smashed tractor trailer said he almost can't believe he's alive. alan houseman only spoke with "news4" how a vre train sideswiped him and sent three people to the hospital. >> yeah. i'm lucky to live. if you look at the side of the truck, you know i was supposed to be a living man. >> houseman said he was making a delivery yesterday to a tunnel. the train clipped the truck mortgage of the mandarin hotel
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southwest. there weren't any passengers on board. the one crew member is in the hospital with serious injuries. about 50 gallons of diesel fuel spilled. that forced vre to cancel one train last night. >> no doubt he's counting his blessings today. all right. let's gog on and get started with our 5:00 broadcast. stay with us. "news4" continues right now at 5:00 a.m. now at 5:00 just off the heels of his visit to d.c., pope francis waking up in new york city. we've still got you covered even though he's no longer in the district. >> you heard the report now. action. the changes that soon could be coming to metro. >> it's 5:00 a.m. good morning. i'm aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm erika gonzalez in for
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eun yang who is on assignment. >> let's get started with the weather at storm team 4's meteorologist chuck bell. chuck? >> a whole lot of moisture is on line today as rain chances will be increasing. it's not going to be a washout but i'd take the umbrella with you. you could be hit with a shower just about any time. upper 50s to low 60s. beautiful falls church, virginia. a lot of clouds. i couldn't rule out a few showers late in the day probably after 5:00 or 6:00. could have a little drizzle before that. up into the mountains this weekend, cloudy and damp both days with temperatures staying in the 60s. slowdowns now in montgomery county. let's hear more about that from melissa mollet. >> thank you, chuck. taking a look. all lanes are blocked at 29 southbound at eun verlgts boulevard. the tow truck on the way. once that gets out of the way, we'll be clear and ready to start the morning commute perhaps in that


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