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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  September 25, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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eun yang who is on assignment. >> let's get started with the weather at storm team 4's meteorologist chuck bell. chuck? >> a whole lot of moisture is on line today as rain chances will be increasing. it's not going to be a washout but i'd take the umbrella with you. you could be hit with a shower just about any time. upper 50s to low 60s. beautiful falls church, virginia. a lot of clouds. i couldn't rule out a few showers late in the day probably after 5:00 or 6:00. could have a little drizzle before that. up into the mountains this weekend, cloudy and damp both days with temperatures staying in the 60s. slowdowns now in montgomery county. let's hear more about that from melissa mollet. >> thank you, chuck. taking a look. all lanes are blocked at 29 southbound at eun verlgts boulevard. the tow truck on the way. once that gets out of the way, we'll be clear and ready to start the morning commute perhaps in that area.
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a big look here, inner loop and outer loop, nice and green, you don't see any slowdowns there. you're fine here. prince george's county, you're roll ag long fine this morning. taking a look to the north, b.w. parkway overall looking line. at university we do have that slowdown in the southbound lanes. guys? >> melissa, thank you. it's 5:01. pope francis continues his u.s. visit with a busy day in new york city. at 8:30 this morning he'll address the u.n. general assembly and at 11:00 he'll pray at the 9/11 memorial. at 4:00 this afternoon he'll stop by the our lady queen of a angels in east harlem and then at 5:00 he'll be in central park and wrap up with a mass at 6:00 p.m.ed a madison square garden.
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it will remain to be seen if the pope's message influenced lawmakers on key issues in the coming weeks. >> god bless america. >> people who came and waited houring to see pope francis during his events here are still overjoyed from the experience. >> the francis effect. it has an effect on evan. . it has an effect not only on clicks, non-catholics, non-christians. >> they'll host app event for the restoration of the mall. jim handly will be live in new york today starting at 4:00 p.m. and again at 11:00 p.m. and this weekend eun yang reports on the world meeting of families in philadelphia. two reports. four college students dean between a duck tour and a bus. we want you to take a look at
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the scene. they had to tow the vehicles a few hours ago. the duck boat was full of tourists when it plowed into a charter bus filled with college students. they're gathering this morning for the victims. at least 51 people were hurt. two are in critical condition right now. another hearing for the suspect in a quadruple murder in d.c. duron wint will be in d.c. court in two hours hchl's charged with killing savopoulos. savopoulos's wife and children were also killed. he was not charged in those deaths. a man is accused of killing a woman and shooting her son in the arm.
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a man who was killed in last week's "ride to cancer" will be laid to rest this morning. he lost control of his bike on a curve in howard county and was hit be acar. his gofundme page for an education fund in his memory has raised more than $100,000. a vim ll be held today in memory of the man who founded reston, virginia. robert e. simon died friday at the age of 101. last may he led students on a bike to school day. a candlelight vigil is beld held tonight at 6:00 p.m. on the plaza, a place he was most proud of. reston was one of the first master planned communities in the u.s. four minutes after the hour now. metro has the green line this morning to start on its action plan after a series of deadly inaccidents. the federal transit administration approved several fixes after smoke in a tunnel
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line killed one person. in june they were slammed saying there's not enough staff, not enough training, and not enough time to fix any tunnel issues or tracks. "news4's" megan mcgrath joins us with more on metro's solutions. speaking of that, repairs could affect your ride. metro plans to work on five of the six lines starting at 10:00 tonight. trains on the orange, blue, sill version and yelle lowe wiow wil every 24 minutes. the red line, every 20 minutes. >> president obama and xi are meeting to discuss cyber security, china's economy, and human rights issues. the two are also expected to talk about climate change. in a couple of minutes tracie potts joins us live with what and how -- or how this meeting could be affecting you. in the meantime michelle
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obama will take a trip to the national zoo. kristin wright is there. you're expecting to make a pretty special announcement. >> that's right. the first lady of washington and the first lady of china are going to tour the zoo with the panda. this is kind of a park for visiting the first family. it's also a celebration of the longstanding collaboration between the u.s. and china in science collaboration and giant panda conservation. these days everybody is talking about the new panda cub. we have a live picture from the live panda cam this morning and we just got word from the zoo that the began cub born last month is doing well, up to nearly three pounds now. so apparently mei xiang, mama mei xiang and the team at the
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zoo are taking good care of the new cub. as mentioned, there's supposed to be some kind of announcement made by the first lady and the first lady of china as well. we'll have to wait and see exactly what that is. we dodge know at this point. but they're expected to be at the zoo around 10:15 this morning and we'll definitely let you know what that big announcement is. back to you. >> kristin wright, thank you very much. a lot of you are headed back to work, maybe working from home after the popp's visit. you may need your umbrella. chuck bell is back with the weather. right now the power is out for a lot of people in south carolina after an overnight tornados. the images just
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5:10. right now major damage is
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limiting road in south carolina where an apparent tornado touched down. you can see it took down trees and tore siding off houses. nobody was hurt there. power is being restored to thousands of people. there's also a flash flood watch for southeast south carolina right now. >> if you've got a chance to save cash, keep your energy low and if you're a pepco company, you can see a change. keep energy low especially at 2:00 or 3:00 this afternoon. if you're part of the program, you can expect a 1 to 3-degree difference on your thermostat. >> will the temperatures help you use less power today? >> i think so. the last couple of days the windows have been down in the car, up in the house, chuck. >> you bet. unfortunately all the sunshine we've been enjoying is now all
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gochblt clouds are coming back into the picture not just for today but all through the weekend. as far as weather slowdowns are concerned. mainly just cloudy skies. but as you get into the weekend, more clouds and an opportunity for hit-and-miss light rain showers both saturday and sunday and an abundance of moisture just down to the south. the high pressure is doing its best to keep the dry air in place. sunshine will be at a premium. temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s. on your way to work, high 60s. coming home from work, a few showers. temperatures up into the low 70s. seven-day forecast is just ten minutes from now. a check on traffic is just seconds away, melissa. >> here i am, right next to you. all lanes blocked, that has cleared out of the the way. we're now clear. southbound at university boulevard, just spoke with police. everything is good there. 66 looks good.
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66 westbound at westmoreland still have left lanes there getting by with a little bit of roadwork. prince george's county looking good. branch avenue, pennsylvania avenue, everything rolling along nicely. we'll see you back here in ten minutes with a live look. >> melissa, thank you. a plan is in the works after last year's deadly smoke incident at lafont plaza. a look at the sixes next. a lot of things can control a plane, but a spider? a bizarre story out of marshall. a live report on the pope
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5:16. metro will work on some
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dangerous issues. >> smoke filled the line in january. megan mcgrath joins us live from headquarters. megan, what can you tell us about the solutions? >> reporter: metro is going to do a number of things. they're going to be boosting staff in some levels and increasing training in others. we're going to get an update on the specifics later on this morning. now, several federal agencies began to review the safety procedures and practice after that deadly smoke incident in a tunnel back in january. the fed ran transit agency came up with 91 items, things they have to change to improve saf y safety. 17 for metro rail 13rks for metrobus. they've come up with a plan to fix all of those issues. the safety issues flagged by the fta include, let's take look, not enough training for employees, a staff shortage at
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the rails operation control center, not enough time for track maintenance, problems with the ventilation system, as well as issues with overall maintenance. officials say they have taken corrective action in some of these areas and they have identified things they're going to be doing in the future to address some of the other concerns. metro ford is going to get an update on this final plan later on this morning, that meeting getting under way at 10:00. back to you guys in the studio. >> megan, thank you. >> right now the people in charge of smiley matter southeast are wondering if they'll lose their license. police say tips gave officers the ability to close it down. d.c. police responded reports of shots fired and
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police chasing a suspect vehicle yesterday evening. the two men bailed out of the vehicle, then ran into a house on haley terrace. and after five hours police went into the home and arrested them. we still don't know the men's names or what exactly they're being charged with this morning. >> an alert before you head out the door for your morning run. deputies in loudoun county says one man may be attacking joggers. they say a man in a hooded sweatshirt attacked a woman yesterday morning. she is okay. she fought him off. around the same time a woman was jogging knew ida lee drive when she says a man in a hooded sweatshirt grabbed her and then ran off. ahead, the bold bus stop attack that has a 13-year-old crawling into bed without bothering to take off her back pack. how she's doing this morning and what police are doing to make sure she stays safe.
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right now t redskins. hall injured his toe last night in the skips versus giants game. you take a look there as he's walked off the field. coach jay gruden said he's pretty worried right now. >> there's different degrees. we don't know what degree this is and hope for the best. by the way, he walked off the field. i'm not too thrilled that it's going to be a short-term injury. >> the team has some extra time off now. they take on the eagles october 4th, a week from this sunday. a delta passenger had an unusual delay that made his flight from baltimore to atlanta run late. the passenger says boxes of ta ran chulas on board sunday night were somehow opened and some were found in a bin. the pilot refused to fly. everybody got off and they left on a new spied der-free plane.
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>> that makes me alone. >> i would have been the first one auto of the door. >> no kidding. i don't know if people want to be the fit one out the door this weekend. maybe a good weekend to stay in. cuddle up. watch a game or two. >> the entrance of fall. a live look outside this morning. chuck, what should we be ready for? >> you should be ready for just about everything. a chance for rain starting late this afternoon or this evening and then off and on chances for rain through tomorrow and on into sunday as well. so it sounds rather like a gloomy forecast. it's going to be a lot of clouds and opportunities for light rain and drizzle across the area. high driz toll our north is keeping all the moisture to the south of us bottled up for the most part but an east to northeasterly wind is not our friend if you want sunshine. it's going to bank moisture up against the blue ridge mountain.
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nonetheless everyone's going to be stuck in the clouds some of lots of rain just down to our south. virginia beach, north carolina, tons of rain this weekend. for us, the real question is how far north does all that moisture get? here's the way i see our rain chances coming. in that 30% to 40% for saturday and sunday. it's not a guarantee for rain. look at the moisture now across virginia and north carolina. all socked in with rain showers for now. here's the wain computer models handle the rain chances. maybe a bunch of sprinkles and showers. by 9:00, 10:00, rain more likely. southern maryland, the northern neck and through the day tomorrow, a whole lot in the way of cloud but not necessarily a lot in the way of rain chances. so with all that in mind, here's your seven-day forecast then. we're in the 50s and 60s. we'll be in the low 06s and 70s.
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with at least a chance for a shower each and every day starting tonight and going through monday, warmer weather returns as we get into the early parts of next week. that's a check of the forecast. we'll ba we'll be back with your hour-by-hour. melissa, to you. >> you are moving along kwient nicely. also right now taking a look at the beltway, we're okay on the beltway and taking a look down 270, don't have any major problems there either. northbound, southbound, everything rolling along just fine this morning. remember to listen to our friends on wtop 103.5 f.m. when you hop in your car you can take a look at b.w. parkway. that is looking good too. i want to mention all lanes open at university boulevard. i'll see you back here in ten minutes. >> thank you. it's 5:23. at this hour, pope francis is in
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new york city and he has a full schedule ahead of him today. nbc's jay gray is live in manhattan now following where the pope is headed in the day ahead. jay? >>. >> reporter: hey, ain. it's a busy day. the partnership wiontiff will h time keeping up. it's filled with plenty of what he likes to do best and that meese meeting people face-to-face. he'll be addressing the general assembly there. they're expected to discuss among other things climate and the environment. he's expected to urge leaders to work together. it's a theme he's continued throughout his visit to the u.s. here. he will visit an inner city school in harlem, something he
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requested, something that he said he wanted to be part of his agenda here today. he'll also spend some time in central park. ticketed people will be inside central park as he will tour the park area there, and he'll wind everything up in new york with a mass at madison square garden, the arena holding 19,000. but more expected to line the walls and corridors there. the crowd will likely spill out onto the sidewalk and the streets. you saw that there in the nation's capital. it's going to continue here i'm quite certain. following the mass this evening pope francis will travel to philadelphia, his final stop on his six-day historic tour. that's the latest in new york. i'm jay gray in new york. back to you, aaron. >> back here in washington, it's back to business. without action, the government will shut down october 1st. since pope francis spoke lawmakers have been pushing through bills, at the same time trying to meet the plans, to
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punish planned parenthood over abortion controversy. there should be a procedure vote in the senate on monday. >> 5:26. developing this morning, we're expecting a big announcement from the volkswagens emissions scandal. the epa is expecting sweeping changes to how it tests vehicle emissions. volkswagen has lost millions of dollars in market value after it was learn thad they cheated on tests and violated the clean air act. a small lab in west virginia discovered the problem. >> no one would ever consider emissions testing glamorous, but this has brought five of us into a spotlight that no one would have dreamt of. >> now, voeks wag season recalling hundreds of thousands of cars. its ceo resigned and more people in the company management could leave or be fired today. baltimore will have more than a million dollars to help it pay for police officers
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during riots this spring after freddie gray's death. it's not nearly the estimated $50 million worth of damage. baltimore suffered eight days of unrest. mayor larry hor began asked for government assistance to help cough the riots. fema denied his request and appeal. school districts are dishing out more free food this year but why are so many more in need? the answer straight ahead. ing the massive developments in the data breach that may affect you. what we're learning about the amount of fingerprints they got from the office of personnel management. 65 degrees here right now. chuck will let us know how warm
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right now at 5:30, another world leader is waking up in d.c. why the president from china is here and what we can expect from the meeting with president obama. and blast that blew a home right off the face of the earth. why some are crediting him with saving their lives. right now, lots of 50s on this map. the question now could we still see a warm day around here. good morning, everybody.
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i'm aaron gilchrist. >> i'm erika gonzalez. eun yang is on assignment. nice to see the temperatures on the map. fall is coming around quickly. >> let's check in with storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. chuck? >> good morning. a lot of clouds have moved in overnight and there are rain showers in central and southern virginia right now. that is where the rain is for the most part going to stay. it should stay south of the metro, but our friends and neighbors in the northern neck, you have higher rain chances today. right now it's in the upper 50s and low 50s. as you plan out your day hour by hour, the sun up just before 7:00 and down just after 7:00. low 70s today with a best chance for rain showers today down to our south. today's high, 73 in hagerstown, 74 in washington. not at a bad day to be outside. if you're like me and thinking about going to the beach this weekend, you probably won't be swimming.
5:32 am
rip current, high waves, rain clouds, and showers. >> no laying out for the weekend? >> a bad weekend at the beach is better than a good weekend at home. >> can't argue with you there. this morning southbound here at 95 as you're headed ore the river there, right kind of in the dale city area, a little bit slow there because of earlier roadwork. 66 is fine. taking a look at 270 northbound, no problem northbound. a little bit slow there as you're approaching clarksburg road and it clears back up so you don't have any problem after that. taking a look. b.w. parkway. everything is nice. inner loop and outer loop is moving along nicely. we'll have travel times for you in ten minutes. >> melissa, thank you. some howard county neighbors are thanking a bgt tech neshian for saving their lives. a house exploded and created a huge fireball. it left five others
5:33 am
uninhabitable. somebody smelled gas and called bge. they were able to get everyone out of the house with seconds to spare. >> we thank the bge guy who told us to evacuate. had he not done, that we would still be in the house. >> he was treated in the hospital and leased. another person was treated. the cause of the explosion is under investigation. happening today, president obama will officially well china's president xi jinping. nbc's tracie potts is live this morning. she's following what's expecting to come out of that meeting. hi, tracie. >> we could get something concrete. both nations are expecting to announce more kurk of emissions. remember, there was a general agreement earlier. we're expecting to get more specific today. president xi is expected to talk
5:34 am
about it. it's a complicated relationship. they're a big trade partner but many in the united states don't believe they're a fair partner. there's a history of human rights abuses and more recently cyber security issues as you mentioned and that they're suspected of hacking into computers. a lot of people saying the white house shouldn't be rolling out the red carpet to china until some of that is resolved. bottom line we do expect some of them to sit down and talk together one on one and there's a state dinner tonight. >> tracie potts on capitol hill. thank you so much. we have new details this morning. opm says hackers now have the fingerprints of more than 5.5 million federal workers. 's a big jum frp the initial estimate of 1 million. u.s. officials believes it was part of a hacking run out of northern china.
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5:35. it could be an exciting morning for decision 2016. senator marco rubio and donald trump could face off today. it's a conservative christian gathering between today and tomorrow. eight of the gop candidates have plans to address that gathering. and the controversy over hillary clinton's e-mails may come up over the weekend. the justice didn't has not released enough information about her use of a private account and server during her time as secretary of state. federal investigators are looking through clinton's home based sevener. there are concerns that classified information passed through that system. >> crews in maryland are working to clean up tens of thousands of latex in the potomac. the maryland didn't said it spilled into the north branch for about four hours. the cumberland times news says it happened as the latex was
5:36 am
being unloaded from the railcar on wednesday. they don't believe there's any threat to water facilities but they've notified virginia and west virginia to be on the safe side. the ntsb is looking at why gas leaked out. the gas seeped into some retention ponds and stormwater systems, but idiot did not get into the drinking water. letters were sent out to the neighbors to let them know what had happened. >> any environmental impact is a health hazard, so we want to make sure we err above the side of caution. >> no one had to be evacuated, but three restaurants were temporarily shut down. local school districts say the number of school districts eligible for free lunches is up significantly. they show an increase of about 10,000 free meals in the region since last year. month gomtry county schools has opened a central kitchen near
5:37 am
gaithersbu gaithersburg. a hundred staffers produce breakfast and lunch for schools nationwide. it allows them to serve meals to a growing number of students who need them. >> we don't know what they have at home or what they have at home is nutritious. we want to make sure we've met the nutritional needs of each student. >> doesens of schools are offering free breakfasttology increase participation in that program. that including one out of every three schools in anne arundel county. i'm mollet green. just got word. we learned the u.s. and australian embassies are alerting travelers to stay away from a popular market area in the capital city of quall la lumper. it comes off they picked all possible threat of an attack in
5:38 am
that shop airing ya. that's the latest. >> thank you. if you're packing your kids' backpacks, you may want to throw an umbrella in there. whether wi could see rain and whether it will hit the bus stop.
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welcome back. it's 5:41. two more universities very cutting their ties with bill cosby. fordham and marquette. both fordham and marquette say this is the first time they've ever rescinded an honorary degree. new this morning another resignation over the olympics in japan. japan is deciding on a new plan for wouch the main venues and there are now concerns that it will not be done in time. today japan's education minister says he takes responsibility for the issue. he won't leave his post, thoerks until somebody new is elected. "weather & traffic on the 1s" coming your way now as we start off another cool day and anticipate some raindrops. >> it is friday. did we mention that? it seems like it's been such a busy week.
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let's head on over to storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. >> don't neglect to mention the fact it's friday, erika, right? that's the most important fact. your weekend is just around the corner. east and northwesterly winds are pushing the dry air down and it's eating up most of the rain drops. look at all the moirlt bottled up to our south. rain chases will be higher the farther south and west you go. mostly upper 50s, low 60s. a little cool this morning at the bus stop. into the low 60s between 8:00 and 9:00. recess today gets only a "b." it will be dry for recess, but it will be cloudy and cool. what to wear for the kiddos today? a little jacket and long pants and i wouldn't stray too far from the umbrella. those will linger into the weekend. company your umbrella handy. a look at the forecast is just minutes away. for now, though, pump up the volume, melissa mollet.
5:43 am
>> brand-new accident. just got off the phone with police. also another crash in manassas. that's going to last until the 6:00 a.m. hour here this morning. first travel times looking good. no problems there. 66 inbound, 95 northbound. also rolling along nicely. remember to listen to our friends on wtop 103.5 f.m. when you hop in your car. it was a terrifying experience for a prince williams county girl and it's the reason you'll see more offers near certain bus stops this morning. >> and one word. panda. who's getting an
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it is up to metro to fix
5:47 am
safety problems after deadly incidents at the l'enfant center. megan mcgrath walks us through what's next. outside this morning plenty of clouds. and on the cool side. temperatures in the upper 50s to low 60s right now. rain chances in the forecast. that forecast is just minutes away. right now we have two different problems in alexandria, all lanes blocked southbound at van dorn. and also grant avenue between prince williams street and burg drive. more of that coming up. it makes my whole family nervous and a lot of other families too. >> anxious families afty ies at stop after a girl's shirt was torn down the middle. police say thanks to her they now have a fair amount of information on the man they're
5:48 am
looking for. they'll be out at bus stops. they're keeping an eye for a blue pickup truck and man with a beard and a distinctive mole on his cheek. he tried to grab the girl as she was walking home from the bus. her father explained what happened next. >> he grabbed her arm and she ran, so he grabbed her shirt and it tore down the middle. >> her father says she ran home and was so upset she curled up in her bed with her backpack still on. visitation for jake brewer will be held. he was hit during the bike run last week.
5:49 am
gofundme has raised more than $100,000. last year david culver had some time to be able to catch up with him. he and students at lake anne elementary were able to go for a bike to school day around that area. candlelight vigils will be held tonight, place where he told "news4" he was most proud of. reston was one of the first master planned communities in the u.s. china is expected to launch a new national system to limit greenhouse gases and air pollution. today president obama and china's pre xi jinping are expected to talk. the two plan to milwaukee targets for cutting emissions. the first lady of china and the
5:50 am
first lady of the united states plan to go to the national zoo. christi kristin wright has more on the big announcement. >> reporter: they'll come to visit the panda house today. not only is this a fun perk of visiting the first family in wall, but this also celebrates the longstanding scientific collaboration and giant panda conservation between the u.s. and china. well, you know, these days everybody is talking about the new panda cub. we have a live panda cam. we got world just recently the began cub is doing very well 4678 1/2 weeks old and up to 3 pounds now. aparentally mama mei xiang and the team at the zoo are taking
5:51 am
very good care of him. giant pandas are native to china. as you may know mei xiang and the giant panda cub were born there. they went there to live in 2010. bao bao is expected to go live in china in 2017 when she's 4. and the new panda cub which by tradition hasn't been named yet will also be moved to china by age 4. that is the exchange. this visit happening at 10:15. yes, a big announcement is expected. we'll definitely let you know what that is. back to you. >> kristin wright. thank you so very much. it will be a nice crisp cool afternoon to make that announcement. >> chuck bell with the weather
5:52 am
for the weekend. >> the pope left and took the weather with him. >> isn't that incredible? >> the sun broke out the minute he landed and left the minute he cleared. clouds are going to be a huge part of your forecast, everybody. not necessarily going to be a washout. don't throw up your hands and say, oh, great, it's going to be raining all weekend. that's not going to happen. cloudy skies right now. 64 in washington. northeasterly winds at 12 miles per hour. that east to northeast wind is a huge part of our forecast. it will keep us dry for now and keep up cloudy. temperatures right now, upper 50s. 57 in manassas. a little warmer from the metro centers out toward the bay where temperatures are in the mid-60s. what to expect. lots of clouds, cooler than we've been in the last few days and the best chances up this evening. rain chances will be higher in
5:53 am
southern maryland and the northern neck. higher rain chances there. lower the more you move on. it's keeping the moisture at bay. however, that ice an awful lot of merit really close by. no watchout. here's future weather through today. socked in with the cloud and by late afternoon into evening there could be a couple of light showers there. if you're traveling to richmond or virginia beach you'll be rained on. rain chances for us, highest down to the south from southern st. charles county. not st. charles county. just charles county. best chance for rain coming up sunday afternoon as we warm up aliet bill. anything to um packet your traffic, melissa mollet?
5:54 am
>> allotments of things to um packet the traffic sadly here, chuck bell. all lanes blocked because of a crash at franconia road. we're sending a chopper to show us what this looks like. in manassas grant after knew shut down. we also have that this morning. brand-new report of crash has popped up. a little slow as you approach the beltway. aaron? >> melissa, thank you. it's 5:54 right now. your ride on vre should be smooth this morning after a crash. a man behind the wheel of a smash i smashing one. a vre train sideswiped his truck and sent three people to the hospital. >> u i'm lucky to live.
5:55 am
you can look inside that truck and know i was meant to be here. >> it clipped him. one crew member is in the hospital with serious injuries about 50 gallons of diesel fuel spilled. that forced vre to cancel one southbound train last night. good morning. i'm landon dowdy at cnbc headquarters. amazon is selling prime membership for only $66 a day. amazon promotion for new members today is to celebrate the five emmys won by its original show "transparent." with your original cnbc report i'm landon dowdy. researchers are close to finding out why a fifth of women
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relance after undergoing treatment for cancer. some of those differences showed up during later phases of cancer treatment. the fiemgds could help doctors identify high-risk patients and target those genes responsible early. older people who continue working splay a better chance of staying healthy. being unemployed or retired were linked with a greater risk of poor health. workers with physically demanding jobs has the lowest risks and fiscal innovation. the iphone 6 and iphone 6 plus have some upgrades. some of you just cannot wait to get it first. most of thosestores open at 8:00, so good luck with that. a local family z asked folks to keep an eye out for their
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missing father this morning. lieu ban phipps is 80 years old. he walked away from a senior picnic in upper marlboro. his daughter said phipps is living with dementia and he doesn't know the area very well. he just moved from the caribbean five years ago. >> i just want him to be found. he double know where he is and he might be trying to find a place in st. thomas. >> the phipps family asking any volunteers to help in the search to join them tomorrow evening. metro answering to a exacting report about safety. >> everything from inadequacy to training. how they're going to fix it from the inside out. >> bye-bye weather. chuck bell is timing out of your rain chances and whether you should carry an umbrella all weekend long. 's at the top of the hour on "news4 today."
5:58 am
sure, tv has evolved over the years. it's gotten squarer. brighter. bigger. it's gotten thinner. even curvier. but what's next? for all binge watchers. movie geeks. sports freaks.
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x1 from xfinity will change the way you experience tv. from the capitol to the big apple pope francis getting ready for another long day in the states. the issues his leader is taking
6:00 am
global action on today. and laying out specific steps following a deadly smoke incident at one of their stations. pope francis continues his u.s. visit today with a busy day in new york city. here's a live look at the united nations general assembly building, which is his first stop this morning. the speech at roughly 8:30 this morning is expected to tough touch on climate chamg and posh earth. here's a look at the rest of the day. at 11:30 he'll pray at the 9/11 memorial. at 4:00 he'll stop at the school. at 5:00 a procession in central park and wrap up at 6:00 with mass at madison square garden. jie gray will have more. >>


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