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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  September 25, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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near the scene and he is live now with this developing story. what have you learned, chris? >> you see the crime tape and a black covering. this is where it happened. it may have been the result of an argument where a resident was yelling for a driver to slowdown here little along senecca parkway and drivers are just going too fast along here. it happened, and this is chopper 4 video just about 12:20 this afternoon. >> a man was hit and the driver then fled and called his mother and she called police and police responded to an address in germantown where they are examining the car allegedly involved in this hit and run. there is damage to the windshield that we saw when we were on the scene there. there are witnesses in this area who say there was a heated argument bordering on rage between a middle-aged resident
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in the street walking his german shepherd and a man who had been driving by and got out of the car and words were exchanged and allegedly the man got back in the car and made a u-turn and then hit this driver in that area. police are investigating. this is a death investigation and coming up on news 4 at 5:00, we will hear from some of those witnesses as well as police who tell us where this investigation stands. that's the latest live in clarksburg, chris gordon, news 4. we're tracking developments in today's stunning revelation from capitol hill. house speaker john boehner said he could have survived the political attack coming from the right flank of his own party, but after spending a morning with pope francis, he decided it was best to move on and as steve handelsman reports, boehner sounds as if he's never been happier. >> my, oh, my, what a wonderful day. >> the weight is lifted. john boehner said he decided for sure just this morning to step down as speaker and leave
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congress by the end of october to try to unify republicans. >> this prolonged leadership turmoil would do irreparable harm to the institution. >> gop moderates are stunned. >> it's anarchy to remove the speaker in the middle of his term and that's what happened. >> boehner is fighting another government shutdown move by tea partiers. this time over planned parenthood funding. just a few minutes ago, speaker boehner announced that he would be resigning. conservatives and a d.c. conference cheer. >> i think it's a great day. >> finally, we can hopefully elect a speaker that can not only believe in and articulate speakers. boehner looked emotional realizing his dream of getting the pope to congress. he said he's satisfied to leave being seen as fair. >> i'm trying to do the right thing every day on behalf of the country. that's -- i don't need any more than that. a possible successor is kevin
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mckaerm mccarthy of california. >> my hope is there is a speaker that we can have significance differences on issue, but that doesn't mean you shut down the government. congress remains divided as john boehner headed for the door. >> a lot of republican voters will be happy and today's nbc news wall street journal poll were dissatisfied with baner and now there will be a new speaker and how might that affect the gridlock up here? i'm steve handelsman, nbc news, capitol hill. defense attorneys for the man charged in the high-profile d.c. mansion murders want prosecutors to reveal the name of a witness in the case. darren wint, and their son aimy and their son philip vera fig rora. prosecutors say the investigation is ongoing and they don't want to reveal the name of witnesses because they believe wint didn't act alone and he will be back in court in
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december. this is day four of pope francis' visit to the u.s. and one of the longest and most taxing days yet. >> the pontiff has been going nonstop since 8:00 or 9:00 this morning and he still has several events on his schedule and jim handly has been following his movements in new york. jim, is he on his way to harlem now? >> he is, and he's just arrived there, chris, pat and he is still going strong. check out this headline of the day, heavenly francis takes new york city by storm brought to you by the new york pope, that's the name of the paper on this friday today with the pope in new york city and let's take a look at live pictures. he's greeting and blessing young children and immigrant families outside the school and he'll be greeting 250 students inside and meeting with 24 students and third and fourth graders because that's when children start receiving sacraments. they'll be giving them gifts, a soccer ball, tool belt and li n linens for this evening's mass
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handmade by immigrant women and he's meeting with families there, too. he delivered to 170 world leaders at the u.n. general assembly and before he addressed those leaders, he spoke with staff members at the u.n. thanking them on this 70th anniversary. >> this organization's idea of uniting human families living in harmony and working not only for peace, but in peace and working not only for justice, but in the spirit of justice. >> later in his address in spanish he focused on the environment, poverty, human dignity and equality. this was the fifth time a pope has addressed and visited the
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united nations. later in the morning the most solemn moment of this day came at ground zero. let's take a look at some of those pictures on the southern tip. this was at 11:45 and there he prayed for peace, and there was a muslim, christian and buddhist prayer, too. timothy dolan asked them all to exchange signs of peace and the pope met with families of victims and first responders. coming up at 5:00, tonight, we'll hear what the pope had to say at the 9/11 memorial today and also at 5:30, we'll talk to people who have been gathering at central park since the crack of dawn to get a glimpse of him at his popemobile and he's back on schedule around 5:00, we hear. live at midtown manhattan, jim handly, news 4. back to you. make sure you like jim's facebook page to see some of his behind the scenes pictures of new york and he'll join us at
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5:00 and 6:00 and he'll preview the world meeting of families in philadelphia coming up at 6:30. i'm wendy rieger at the live desk where we are learning more about the awful crash in seattle between the duck boat vehicle and the bus. two people are still in intensive care following yesterday's crash that occurred in the you arora bridge in lake union. the four people who died were all international students scheduled to start classes at north seattle college on monday. one 18-year-old man from indonesia, another, a 17-year-old girl from china. seattle's mayor said yesterday was one of the most difficult days in office. he also praised businesses for helping out, singled out the woodland park zoo which served as a triage center after this accident. back to you. >> all right, wendy. one of the world's deadliest snakes turns on its owner. now the science teacher is learning one very important lesson. >> here we go.
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and i'm storm team 4 team meteorologist doug kammerer. we have light shower activity around the area today and a bigger area of rain trying to move up across the region. it's friday and our last backyard weather and i gave my umbrella to these guys here and i'll try to get him back for just a second and keep the
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>> and now your storm team 4 forecast. right now we're breezy and gray and it's a little wet across the area. we're going to be amping it all up more as we move through the weekend and radar showers are across the area and these are light sprinkles, too and right into fairfax and all from this area of low pressure that is moving right up the coast and
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and more rain will be inching its way northward during the late evening hours and the early part of the night and we will see the shower threat increase throughout the day tomorrow and more so than what we had today and it struck down into the upper 60s by 8:00 this evening and take a look, and here is the shower chance for the weekend and high or sunday and we'll show you hour by hour where that rain will fall through the weekend and meteorologist doug kammerer has that more in his backyard weather. a few hours from now president obama and xi jinping will break bread, but the first the two leaders sat down to business and the agreement they reached. i am so thrilled to be here as we get ready to name the new baby panda. >> the first ladies of the united states and china visited united states and china visited the national z
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the national zoo's month-old panda finally has the name, bei bei. the first lady of china and mrs. obama unveiled it. >> reporter: this came as a huge surprise today at the zoo. the new panda cub just born has a name already. it's bei bei which means precious treasure. first lady michelle obama and the first lady of china were here at the zoo to help announce the new name and students from washington's yu ying charter school were here, too. zoo keepers at a panda reserve in china suggested the name bei bei and zoo coopers here at the national zoo suggested the name ping ping which means peaceful and calm. the first lady chose this which again means precious. this is such a surprise because the naming comes early and in the past the zoo waited 100 days
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to name newborn pandas, but with the historic visit this week of china's president and madam pong to the white house, the zoo decided that now was the time to commemorate more than 40 years of scientific collaboration and more than 40 years of handa preservation effort between the u.s. and china. kristin wright. >> it's our flash survey of the day. do you like the new name bei bei for the new panda cub? >> text 1 for yes, 2 means no. 3, if you wish. the public could have maded decision. >> president obama is holding back-to-back meetings with the president in china and said the talks have been productive and this afternoon he held a joint news conference with xi jinping as they rise over the policy and territorial disputes and mr. obama announced the two
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countries had stopped to stop cyber spying and it is one of the most contentious issues and the president says it has to stop. >> we've agreed that neither the u.s. or the chinese government will conduct or knowingly support cyber-enabled theft of intellectual property including trade secrets or other confidential business information for commercial advantage. >> china's president says coop raising can benefit both nations and tonight the obamas will host a state dinner in honor of xi and his wife. a fund to honor a white house staffer who died last weekend and it's well beyond its goal and family and friends attended jake brewer at the national cathedral today. we last told you the jake brewer memorial education fund had $100,000 in donations and that number is now more than 380,000. brewer died in a crash on his bike during the ride to conquer cancer in howard county. he was 34 with a wife, a young
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daughter and another baby on the way. >> there's some criticism of saudi arabia today after the deadly stampede that killed hundreds of muslim pilgrims yesterday during their hajj during the two massive crowds of people making their annual pilgrimage to mecca sparking that stampede that killed at least 700. >> worshippers marched in that nation's capital of tehran in protest today and politicians said they did not handle such a large event. ♪ ♪ >> hello, everybody. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist doug kammerer on a friday. it has been a long summer for backyard weather and we do about six of them a year and normally we're done by now and before labor day and we've had so many cancellations and this rain and guess what? it's raining right now.
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and we're going to continue and take a look at my umbrellas and i have to give it to these guys and they're the ones that really need it right here and this is the brevard family right here. this is jen elle and this is brad and thank you very much for having us and introduce us to the kids right here. we have ian right here who is four and who was about to turn 6 on thursday. it's almost like a birthday. it's a birthday, and i love that even more, and i'll talk to that in just a second and we're live in herndon just down the road from where i grew up and let me show you what's happening with the radar and we do have shower activity and first up, temperaturewise around the region we're sitting in the upper 60s to 70 degrees and it's the northeasterly flow. the northeast at 13 and that's given us this chance of showers and notice where the rain is from annapolis right on 50, right through washington to the dulles toll road and then a break in the weather down toward
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the south notice around loudoun county and all of this seeing light shower activity and that's all we'll see tonight and if you do have plans make sure you take the umbrella. there is a lot more rain just to the south and here's the best part about this. we're not going to see the bulk of the rain and it will just not make it here and we'll see showers over the next couple of days and you'll need the jackets and the umbrellas here and if you're headed to the nationals game as we take on the phillies, let's see if we can win the game. 67 degrees with the seventh-inning stretch and take the poncho. i know you can't have umbrellas in the stadium and let's get to the serve-day forecast and show you what we'll be dealing with the next couple of days. saturday, sunday and monday, this is the three days where you'll need the umbrellas and we get to the mid-70s, and then we see a cold front come through and it's probably one of the coolest cold fronts we've seen so far this season and i'll get
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back in a couple of minutes and we're here all afternoon through 5:00, 6:00, 7:00 and these guys have not put the umbrellas down. we'll be back. >> thanks, doug. like parent, like child. if you tend to suffer from anxiety you don't want your children to suffer. new research at johns hopkins finds children whose parents suffer anxiety disorders are at greater risk of suffering the same, but the study also finds the risk is significantly reduced when families get therapy. >> in news for your health, doctors are weighing in on a weight loss shot that could hit the market soon. an injection got fda approval last year. a study found those who got the shot had 5% more weight than those who didn't, but some doctors say there are other approved weight loss procedures that show significant results. the active ingredient is already used to treat type 2 diabetes and no word yet on when it could be marketed strictly for the rain loss.
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>> doug was talking about the rain we could get, but it's not going to be anything like this. >> that's right. residents are picking up the residents are picking up the pieces after a possible [ female announcer ] business travel isn't just about the going.
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it's also about the going home. and being connected all along the way. whether you're working or recharging, do business travel on your terms. acela. take off.
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>> fairfax police are hoping you can help them find two men suspected of stealing bikes from a parking garage last month. it happened in the shelby apartments on king's highway in the alexandria section of the county. if you have any information you should call fairfax county police. about 500 miles to the south of us a tornado may have ripped through south carolina and damaged up to ten homes. the twister ripped the sides off homes and knocked down trees off charleston. a team from the national weather service is verifying that now. powerful winds cut power to thousands of homes, but so far no reports of injuries. volkswagen is making some big changes in the wake of that diesel car scandal.
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find out how local owners can benefit if they want to get rid of their cars. ♪ ♪ and we'll take you back to new york live for the papal visit.
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we're tracking the shake-up in congress and the resignation of house speaker john baner and what it means for us and more on the names being floated as his potential successor and news 4's scott mcfarland. >> he stopped endorsing anyone, but congressman kevin mcarthy is the number two man in his party would make, quote, an excellent house speaker. who is kevin mckarthy? he's a relatively new
4:31 pm
congressman and a california republican from bakersfield and the house gop chose mccarthy to choose eric cantor last year after cantor lost his republican primary in an upset. and mccarthy has a reputation as a laid back, approachable politician who at times could lead toward the center politically and he is in tune with tea party-affiliated members of the house and there's no official word from kevin mccarthy or his office about speaker boehner's resignation, pat and chris? >> thanks a lot, scott, over the next few hours pope francis will wrap up his public schedule in new york city and get ready for that short trip down to philadelphia and the world meeting of families. nbc's chris palome has details and it's been a packed day for the pontiff. >> he essentially has attended events today from tip to tip and
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it's been a memorable day, not just for the pope, but also for the people who have come out to see him. >> some moments of quiet reflection for pope francis. a midday visit to the city's most hallowed ground, the september 11th memorial in lower manhattan. a spot the pontiff specifically wanted to visit during his time here. he prayed and met with families of those who died in the nation's most devastating terrorist attack, speaking solemnly about what happened here 14 years ago and its significance to the world. >> where thousands of lives were taken in a senseless act of violence and destruction. you can feel the pain here. >> while the memorial represents pain and sadness to many, pope francis said family members of those lost symbolize the other face of the attack. the face of the power of love and of remembrance.
4:33 pm
>> translator: a memory that does not leave us empty on behalf of so many loved ones. >> the pope began the day at the united nations urging world leaders to work for peace andity rating his call to action to address global warming. >> any harm done to the environment is harm to humanity. >> as all this went on, final prep raisings were were under way for the pope's last new york event and a public procession through central park and a mass at madison square garden and a full day which will leave a lasting impression on thousands who came out to see him. and the crowds over at central park are already massive and it's slow going getting into madison square garden at this hour, as well. lots of people want to see this pope and he stays in new york city for one more night tonight before leaving for philadelphia first thing this morning and that will give new yorkers one last chance to see this pope. >> live in new york city i'm
4:34 pm
chris pollone. >> thank you, chris. crews are cleaning up 10,000 gallons of latex that spilled into the potomac. it spilled from the verso paper mill for more than four hours. environmental officials don't believe there is a threat to water quality, but they've notified officials in virginia and west virginia. >> and now, your storm team 4 forecast. >> keep the umbrellas handy. we do have light showers that continue to fall across parts of our area right now. there could be a short game delay as the washington nationals take on the phillies and meanwhile for the upcoming weekend, i think the festivals will be just fine, but for the total lunar eclipse, maybe not so much and we'll talk about that in just a moment. >> we have one area of showers that have made their way up into fairfax around the district right inside the beltway and the roads are wet here around the beltway and the good thing is we're not seeing any heavy rain
4:35 pm
and you're not going to need the big golf-size umbrella and keep it handy this weekend because along with the showers we will be getting the persistent northeasterly wind and it means at times by late in the weekend it could get windy. definitely on the cool side and with that umbrella, a jacket and yes, wait until you see how many days we have an overcast sky in the forecast and we'll talk about the rain and how much we can get in just a couple of minutes. >> thanks, b.j. the festival kicks off its annual multicultural festival in the morning and the vigil for robert e. simon who died at the age of 101. people have been leaving flowers and mementos on his statue at the plaza. all of them reflective of simon's vision for the community. >> well, he founded reston and he created reston to be a diverse and welcoming community,
4:36 pm
one of the early people to espouse that 52 years ago. he imagined an area where all races and all people and all economic status could come together in community. the vigil starts in about two hours at lake end plaza. the multicultural festival runs at the same location tomorrow from 11:00 to 6:00. washington suffered a tough loss last night, but one player came out a winner. >> that's right. find out what deangelo hall did for a very special fan. you look at it and you think it kind of looks like a london taxi cab, right? these are vehicles that will be rolling out across arlington county over the next few weeks and coming up we'll tell you whose commute they're going to make a little smoother. >> i'm jim handly following pope francis and he's about to get in the popemobile and head over to central park and share more healing words from ground zero and we'll have a preview of the
4:37 pm
star-studded mass. it's all coming up on news 4 at
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storm team 4 out here right now with a little backyard weather and our backyard a little bit on the wetside and just light showers right now. it really is amazing. we've been talking about it all week. brad here, you got to see the pope when he was downtown. >> yes, i did. >> how was the weather when the hope was here? >> it was beautiful. >> and then when the pope leaves? >> it's bad. will. >> i'm not sure what happened, and we had the parade before the pope and the pope leaves and let's take a look at the radar and brad will get some of that food ready and temperatures across the area and upper 60s to low 70s and look at the radar. there is one small swath from annapolis right to d.c. and right along to fairfax. and look at how it develops here
4:41 pm
over the next one to two hours and if you are going to be heading out and about tonight. there's more rain down to the south. fortunately, we will see the rain should stay to the south. overnight tonight, if you are going to be dining out, grab the umbrellas and temperatures will be in the 60s and maybe not a lot of al fresco dining tonight. everybody's got at least an umbrella coming in across the area. so that's a good thing. i brought three myself. >> that's the truth. >> you're covered, doug. thanks. long lines started forming last night around our area, and of course, they had nothing to do with the pope. no, the new apple iphone 6s and 6s plus went on sale this morning and some folks were willing to wait all night long to be among the first in line at the georgetown apple store. staffers gave them a very warm welcome when those doors opened at 8:00. >> we got here at 4:10 p.m. yesterday and it was awesome
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staying the night because we got to bond with lots of people. >> the 16 gig rose gold. i'm so excited. >> many of those who got there early got a bonus in the form of a surprise guest, apple ceo tim cook was there. he stopped by the store. >> wow! that's a nice surprise. volkswagen is trying to get ahead of the diesel scandal and ahead of the diesel scandal and find out what they're trying okay. so everyone is saying, "hey! you gotta get fios!" but why? why fios?
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>> we have breaking news. medics have rushed a boy to the hospital after he was stapped four times. this is near the fort dupont neighborhood. megan fitzgerald is on the way there right now. we hope to get to her and get a report from her at the top of the hour when she arrives and i will see you then. right now, authorities are keeping a very close eye on an
4:46 pm
area of centreville where a gas leak earlier this week forced two businesses to temporarily close. firefighters say a petroleum leaked near route 28 and braddock road and that's where news 4's derek ward. neighbors in the area are concerned about their safety. tell us what's going on there? >> first of all, they do know that this pipeline is here. a lot of folks who live here and they just didn't know the scope of it and if it happened to be a cleanup like it is now. what you see behind me is where they are vacuuming out or suctioning out some of the sewers. they feel there may be petroleum in there and i'll show you video from a short distance away where crews may be digging up some of the soil that was contaminated during that fuel spill. it's been taken to a richmond area facility where it could be cleaned and disposed of. it's actually being wrapped in plastic before it is taken there and they've got 16 truckloads that have gone out so far, and
4:47 pm
we are told that about 2,900 gallons of fuel have been recovered in liquid form and not quite sure how much had soaked into the soil. people are concerned about their safety and health in this area, and they're also pleased with the clean-up efforts so far. >> i feel safe. i feel fine and they handled it really well living in the neighborhood and they've done a good job of keeping people back and take care of things. >> because of the sewer, chipotle and fish grill has been closed and we don't know when they'll be reopened and we don't know when they'll be done with this process and the ntsb is a lead investigative agency on this and they'll determine what exactly caused this spill and how to prevent it in the future and so far they don't have that information. we are live in centreville virginia. eric ward, back to you. >> the washington lost to the
4:48 pm
giants and deangelo hall got injured and it sounds like a pretty bad night, right? except for one very cool, mean joe green moment. hall was helped off the field and he turned his unfortunate night into a memorable moment for one young man. hall met into a washington fan in the hall later and the kid told him he'd say a prayer for him. o'hare then tweeted that hall said thanks, kid. i needed that. and threw him his game jersey. it's reminiscent of a famous coke commercial that only us old folks remember where hall of famer mean joe green did the same thing back in 1979. more on the game and hall's injury coming up on news 4 at 5:00. >> and now your storm team 4 forecast. a lot going on this weekend. some of you are worried about the forecast. we will have some wind around this weekend. it's going to be breezy and we will have some rain showers.
4:49 pm
the good thing is it will not rain for the entire time, but it will be overcast, and on the cool side. here's the first little leading edge that's been hovering around our area and it has aren't made its way up to the north and it's been building eastward through areas of anne arundel county and showers around the beltway. roads are wet and keep that in mind. at least we're not seeing any heavy rain and much in the way of any moderate rain and showers we have were at 72 degrees and our showers will drop into the upper 60s as we keep the chance of showers around for the evening and yes, for tomorrow and even through southbound. i think it was a better chance for the second half of the weekend coming our way and weather will have a moderate impact on tomorrow's weather and here's what you'll need to know and you'll need a jacket and wind breaker, umbrella possibly and anything to keep warm and with temperatures up to 70 degrees and it is going to be quite chilly and even more for the coastal locations and ocean
4:50 pm
city, saturday, sunday, gusts to 25 to 30 miles per hour with those temperatures only getting into the upper 60s to around 70 degrees. there is an area of low pressure and we're tracking as it comes up the coast and here is a snapshot of saturday morning where you can see where the rain is kind of like where it is today and the bulk of it between the pocket of 66 and 95. there's 3:00 saturday and we're not going to get much in the way of saturday and we have a better chance on sunday as the rain comes up for our area. for the landmark festival where we have temperatures around 70 degrees and you'll need to pack the poncho for sure. we'll take a look at the extended forecast and we'll continue with that rain into next week coming up on news 4 at 5:00. today volkswagen named a new ceo, the head of its force division and the announcement comes days after his predecessor resigned amid the emissions scandal. the epa announced sweeping changes to the diesel emissions testing program. the epa says it will add on-road
4:51 pm
testing in addition to the standard emissions test cycles and volkswagen admitted its sophisticated software allowed cars to pass tests in the lab and still release pollution on the highway. >> the attorneys general from at least 28 states and the district are launching an investigation into volkswagen and maryland and virginia are part of that. they're looking into volkswagen's consumer and environmental divisions after the german automaker admitted rigging some of its diesel cars to pass those tests. consumer reporter erica gonzalez explains what local dealers are telling owners. >> one volkswagen dealership in our area is acting quickly trying to get to consumers before they panic. it rigged u.s. emissions test to make its diesel-powered vehicles look like they were emmitting oxide. how does it affect my car and they sent an email to its customers and in it, two key points on what they call their
4:52 pm
part in making this right. number one, should you decide to trade your tdi, the value of the ww will be calculated at the value prior to the epa finding and some seconds, should you trade your car and it will plant 50 trees in the customers' name. remember, we have not heard from volkswagen america as to how it will address this scandal with consumers. while volkswagen says that some half million vehicles could be impacted, the vin s are still unknown and dealerships don't have any information at this point. you'll want to contact your dealership to know if it's doing something similar. tomorrow the top rock festival comes back to jamming java in vienna. it will benefit the elementary school in fairfax county and the music love on maple avenue. >> you can hear some of their music and just search cora kelly
4:53 pm
elementary on the nbc washington app. to a scary lesson in animal safety for a retired science teacher. >> it's also a good reminder for anyone who might think of a wild animal as a pet. paramedics rushed him after one of his pet snakes bit him several times. he has a sign on his door warning visitors, but he couldn't protect himself from the viper, a species with deadly venom and some of the world's longest fangs. neighbors are a little worried, but they did secure that snake. >> thankfully. >> new school busses are about to hit the road in arlington. >> tonight we'll get a sneak peek.
4:54 pm
4:55 pm
4:56 pm
we've been hearing a lot about the pontiff's fiat and popemobile and over the next few weeks three new vehicles will be rolling through our area that will catch your attention.
4:57 pm
david culver shows us the newest school busses for kids with special needs in arlington? . >> it may remind you of a london taxi cab, but this, read closely is for arlington county public schools. it's called the mv1. special needs students like george excited to get onboard. his nurse by his side. >> the families feel much safer knowing that the vehicle will come right to their front door to pick up their child versus having to go to a bus stop so the families are very excited about it. >> director of transportation david mccray showed us how it works with the ramp that emerges from the floor. >> everybody wants to see where they're going and what they're doing and we lose some of that if there is a ramp here. >> ideal for students like jonah gilman, it is helping him guide his wheelchair up the ramp and into position and securing it to the floor. >> notice jonah gets a front
4:58 pm
seat. >> are you used to sitting up front? >> no. >> no? >> no. >> could you get used to it? >> yeah. >> it's more normal to get into a van like their parents own than getting on to a yellow school bus. >> the advantage of these is with its size. you can see it's a lot smaller, a lot easier to maneuver especially with parts of the county and compare that with the larger, must bulkier school bus. >> and can't offer the door-to-door pick up everywhere. instead having to rely on the red stop signs to halt traffic. these allowing four curbside service with some style and comfort. in arlington, david culver, news 4. >> can't wait to see them on the road. news 4 at 5:00 starts now with pat and wendy. a deadly hit and run. now at 5k clo, why witnesses say this may not have been an accident. >> this morning i woke up, and i
4:59 pm
said my prayers as i always do, and i decided, you know, today's the day i'm going to do this. >> house speaker john boehner resigns. what does it mean for government workers facing another possible shutdown? and a good samaritan tried to stop an attack in the district and see how quickly the tables turned when videos that you will only see on news 4. now to breaking news, a teenager stabbed a number of times in southeast washington and it happened near the seed public charter school. meagan fitzgerald is live at the scene. meagan? >> reporter: that 14-year-old boy was walking home from basketball practice as you mentioned near seed public charter school which is five blocks away from where we are here on b street. i'll step out of the way so you can see the scene behind me. that teenager was walking home. it's still unclear whether or not this is his home here, but you can see that they've taped off the area.
5:00 pm
they tell us that he went inside and was transported to the hospital. this is still an ongoing investigation, and we are told that investigators are actively looking through surveillance video around seed public charter to see if they might be able to identify a suspect, but we are told that that 14-year-old who was stabbed in the back is expected to be okay. back to you. >> thanks, meagan. a young man is dead after being hit by a car in montgomery county and neighbors say this was no accident. >> clarksburg on little senecca parkway. witnesses say he argued with a driver right before he was hit. news 4's chris gordon is live now with what witnesses say what the men were fighting about. >> reporter: witnesses say one man was yelling to slow down. they are trying to determine if this was a fatal


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