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tv   News4 Today  NBC  September 27, 2015 6:00am-8:01am EDT

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and that breaking news in d.c. three people shot overnight. what police are telling us about who did and who did not make it out alive. and a mass for the masses. pope will cap his finally visit with a heartfelt visit and why he'll be in jail later today. >> in jail? we'll stick around for that. welcome to "news4 today" on this sunday. i'm adam tuss. >> and i'm angie goff. it looks like clouds will stick around for us today a and others might see rain. >> tom kierein has our forecast. >> here the storm team 4 weather
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center looking at the storm team 4 radar looking at sprinkles out of the south into virginia and west virginia as well. most of the rain is west of the area, north of the shenandoah valley. showing a few of these sprinkles in prince george's county just about to come into the metro area, just about to cross over the beltway and a few sprinkles from springfield to stafford and west of there to prince william county and a few sprinkles near leesburg and a light wave of rain coming through the metro area ore the next few hours and some of the heavier showers out toward west virginia. those will stay west through much of the morning. we have our temperatures down into the 50s in the northern western suburbs. along the beltway into the beltway. low 60s. a look at the wet pattern setting up. that's coming up in just a few
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minutes. >> thank you, tom. we're going to begin with breaking news. one man is dead after a triple shooting in the district. it happened on elvans road just before midnight. one has life-threatening injuries. the other is expected to be okay. police are looking for information in that indicatio's we're told pikesville a road will be closed for several more hours. a man slammed into the pole in the kensington neighborhood. police tweeting out a photo. there's still no word of the cause of the crash. one person was taken to the hospital. they do have serious injuries. well, pope francis's visit to the united states wraps up today come min nating with what's expected to be the biggest events of his trip.
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here's a live look from philadelphia at the benjamin franklin parkway where the pope will celebrate mass for the closing world meeting of the families. what an event. >> it's for more than a million people on this final day. at 11:00 a.m. he'll start with a visit at philadelphia's largest jail, a papal mass with the world meeting of families is scheduled at 4:00 this afternoon. from there pope francis will leave for rome at 8:00 tonight. you know that eun yang is in philadelphia right now where music and passion have already set the stage. >> reporter: philadelphia is live with excitement and joy as pope francis spends a full day here in the city of brotherly love. the faithful who came to see him say his message of love is good for the church and for the country. the crowd roared as pope francis
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rode through benjamin franklin parkway in the heart of philadelphia. thousands upon thousands of people lined the streets early to stake their spots. >> there he is. >> reporter: each person had to go through intense security screening to catch even a glimpse of him, making the trip worthwhile. >> we waited for five hours. five seconds but it wu beautiful. >> we feel his holiness. feel his holiness. it's been a beautiful experience. wouldn't trade it for a thing. >> reporter: he held a massive outdoor mass marking this exhibit. he spoke about the importance of supporting families. >> translator: god give me the strength to move forward. let us look at the family. let us protect the family
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because it is in the family that our future is at play. >> reporter: the faithful who call to see him say the message unified their families and strengthened their faith. he starts the day at a prison and ends the day with a public mass on the parkway here in philadelphia. i'm eun yang with you. >> the bible was given to the library. it has special illustrations and side notes. the librarian accepted the bible in the presence of pope francis. and we're going to check in with eun yang in the 9:00 hour. we'll check in for pope francis's final day in the united states. a woman in prince williams county is now facing criminal charges. the victim andre warren died
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inside their apartment on statler drive in woodbridge early yesterday morning. she was taken to the hospital with what police describe as self-inflicting wounds. sources tell "news4" there are now five finalists for the general manager position. the finalists have both airline and management experience. metro has been without a permanent general manager since last january. now to decision 2016. we have the latest. republican presidential candidate ben carson will be in loudoun county this morning. there's a rally at parkview high school. carson has been gaining in the po polls. and republican presidential candidate ted cruz is now leading in at least one poll. he won the sum it straw poll for
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a third year in a row. he's a favorite among the religious conservatives. dr. ben carson was the runner-up with 18%. mike huckabee came in 14% and donald trump landed in fifth place. the ladies of 2016 are going to be on "meet the press." that's coming up at 10:30 this morning on nbc 4 . in 30 minutes we'll speak with chuck todd in the studio. the group renaming the turk stadium. it was named at h.c. curly byrd who some students called a racist and segregationist. you heard this first on "news4." you'll soon be paying more for
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water in the district. for some of you, the fee could be as much as $80 a month. a man charged with sexual assault in fairfax county will be sentenced. he was charged with a sexual assault dating back to an incident in 2005. he'll be sentencing on thursday. awaiting trail in two other cases. >> the landmark musical festival will be held at the park. drake was the feature. the benefit is benefiting. an angry could. why they're so upset the business is moving into their neighborhood. expect more clouds. and looking ahead to the workweek,
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welcome back. a virginia gun shop reopened in a new location this weekend. store owners say they picked the location in mclean because it had more space. >> as "news4" derrick ward reports, some are concerned because it's so close to a school. >> reporter: it's less than a mile away. >> working out of a little over 300 square feet. this is 3,000 feet total. >> reporter: there was a crowd outside but it wasn't a welcoming committee. >> we're not really pro or
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against guns, the point is we don't want the store in mclean and certainly not near an elementary school. >> james gates sees it as a proximity. >> we're doing a class for how to act if you have active shooters. >> reporter: there are exceptions in virginia for virginia licensed gun owners, but there are also gray areas. some of the protesters say it isn't the only issue. >> i would think you would locate someplace else. >> right now state laws regarding zoning issues don't leave a lot of room for local control. >> to make sure that communities have input and how their retail allocation space is used. >> i think they're good people and very good people and just difference of opinion. >> reporter: derrick ward, "news4." >> well, changeable forecast. >> i know, but it's feeling like fall.
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can you believe today is the last sunday of september. >> is it? >> it is. we're all ready to enter pumpkin picking. >> let's check in with tom. what do you say, tom? >> apple hunting. many areas are laden with apples. you may want to plan an skpurks. right now we're getting some rain. a little bit of light rain showing up. you can see across virginia and mainly west of 95 this rain is advancing to the north and the panhandle of west virginia. closer to washington, a few sprinkles around the beltway over to woodrow wilson bridge and west of there into fairfax, the beltway up to tysons. it's getting a little well as well as burke and shann tilly and west of 66. south of there through manassas and woodbridge and quantico getting a few sprinkles as well as south of cambridge on the eastern shore. cool start. we're in the mid-50s in
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shenandoah valley. upper 50s, near 60, right in washington, low 60s. low 60s aunld the bay. it's in the low 50s out of the mountains right now. hour-by-hour forecast. there's the capital under a cloudy sky. temperatures in the mid-60s. we may get sunshine breaking out in the afternoon, upper 60s nchl the afternoon the sun peeking out. landmark musical festival west potomac part later today, partly sunny, mild. then overnight this evening might get a few breaks in the clouds with a lunar eclipse but overall a lot of clouds around the lunar eclipse. watch out. a lot of clouds after midnight and then by monday morning we may get a little sunshine breaking out. then during the afternoon, a passing shower is possible. highs, upper 70s. it looks like a wet pattern here beginning. each day, tuesday all the way
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into the weekend we've got a chance of a passing shower and maybe temperatures a bit cooler too. in fact, only near 70 each day on wednesday, thursday, friday, and into the weekend. that's the way it looks that thank you, tom. up next we have "reporter's notebook" for you. good morning. welcome to "reporter's notebook." i'm pat lawson muse. will our city ever be the same again? pope francis spent three whirlwind historic days here in the nation's capital celebrating the canonization at the basilica mass and became the first pope to join the joint meeting of congress. how did he do? >> i like your first question, will the city ever be the same. i'm sitting here thinking, yeah, the day after the pope leaves
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boehner decides to leave congress and here we go right back. but to answer the last part of your question, i think all in all the city did pretty good. i think thanks to the news programs, you know, like tv 4, you got the message out. people knew. you know, stay home, work from home, adjust, and, you know, traveling around the city as i did, it was pretty easy because a lot of people either did what you guys asked them to do. >> metro had a scare the day before the pope arrive. there was a smoke incident at the rfk, the metro station there. and the day he arrived there was a power failure on the green line throwing a wrench in the afternoon commute for so many, but things seemed to go pretty smoothly after that. >> they did, but you had to sort of feel for metro in a way that they're probably thinking what can we do to get things right. you know, fortunately for them,
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the pope's visit was so big it really sort of overshadowed that. i think the mayor has to be happy with the way things were handled. i think police chief cathy lanier has to be happy. now, they had to have federal help. you could onto get so close and things were cordoned off. some folks didn't know in which direction the pope would go, that's how secretive it would go. up close it looked smooth. i think the only complaints would be that you couldn't get close to the pope even if you wanted to get close. >> i'm sorry. back to the metro thing. again, i don't feel sorry for metro, per se, the institute. i do feel sorry for metro riders because these are the people who had delays to work. i mean they've got to get control of that situation and maybe the best we could say is they dodged a bullet. >> things went so well, could it backfire in the future when there are big events planned
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here. the last time they said the roads were going to be jammed and they weren't. so this time i won't stay home. >> no, n i think you guys did a masterful job and i would say as you were talking, what helped the situation, again, was this social media. people -- now we have the iphones. now you can check. it was like i was -- you know, thanks to you, i've got my tv 4 app going. >> the nbc washington app. download that. >> and i was -- it was alerts coming in all the time. so i knew where the pope was. i knew where the traffic was almost while it was happening. >> but i know where you were going with that. >> it worked really well this time. >> also in the context, this was such a big event. it was really a global event. it wasn't just a city convenient.
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i think if you have another dignitary who comes in who doesn't have the global appeal, right, of the pope and exposure and folks don't really pay that much attention as they did with the pope to stay off the road, stay home, opm sending out alerts, that i think it could sort of go back to the situation where folks aren't really seeing that these roads are closed and people are trying to come into the city. so i do think it depends sometimes on what tigny tair is coming in in terms of how much folks are paying attention. >> well, we certainly didn't get it with the chinese prime minister, did we. i don't know if we've gotten those alerts quite yet. >> highlighting the homeless. the pope put a high light on homeless. some were representing just a fraction of the more than 11,000 people living in shelters in this city. he pointed out that jesus was homeless at birth and there's no social or moral justification for the lack of housing.
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how do you think the mayor and city leaders receive that? >> that was a powerful powerful statement, and for the mayor, she had to be happy to hear that. we've talked about that many times. has been the centerpiece of her run for mayor and her administration. now the question is will she use that posted pope bump alert to get that out for a push to homelessness? will she use it? i would recommend she use it. the pope's visit was very popular. she can sort of lean back on that and say, listen, the pope spoke on this and we have to follow his dictates. we have to do something about homelessne homelessness. >> i heard that same sermon 20 years ago by the reverend jesse jackson. i slemt opt outside in the park.
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jesus was homeless. we've heard this over and over. i hope you're right. i really hope you're right. something was strange and that just a few blocks away from where the pope had lunch with a handful or small fraction of homeless people, people were literally walking over homeless people. and the reality is we're going to continue to have this problem because people can't afford housing. they can't even afford to live in the city. some of them -- i read a story where in cities like san francisco and other cities, people who work for the city, bus drivers are sleeping in their buses. >> shouldn't you agree this is the mayor's opportunity to sort of use the appearance of the pope to her advantage politically because we know as much as the pope was speaking from a spiritual point of view,
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he's also a very political figure. we saw it when he came into the house to give a speech. they told congressional leaders, no one shake hands. the only hands he shook was secretary of state john kerry. the only one he knew in terms of religious position. >> i do agree. the question is what actions will now be taken. that's really the question. what actions will be taken to deal. and this homeless issue involves the mentally ill. it involves family. it involves a lot of things. >> all righty. we've got to take a break. we'll be right back. stay with us. ♪ ♪ hush my darling... ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] ♪ hush my darling...
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[snoring.] ♪ don't fear my darling... ♪ the lion sleeps tonight. [snoring.] take the roar out of snore. yet another innovation only at a sleep number store. broken breath tester. there are new problems surrounding the breath al lites
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machine. there was only one. the police believe it may have resulted in fewer arrests for dui. gentlemen, i thought we had gone here a couple of years ago when there was a broken breath test machine. how did we wind up here again, very monte. >> you say this is new news. it's really old news. they had issues where the machines were testing the breathalyzers and statistics came out where they were 40% off on these tests and they led to these lawsuits. here we are 4 1/2 years later, same issue, same problem. i think what's so important about this is any jurisdiction in the nation, they're dealing with drunk driving. this is oftentimes one of the main points of police departments. and to have a system where you have machines that are broken and have been broken and the person who's supposed to run this system has left and you
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haven't filled the position, you know my question would be if this is so important, why hasn't either the administration or the police department put more of an onus, more of an importance on this issue. that would be my question. and i think that's a major problem. >> my position -- and when i heard this story, i must tell you. how much does a breathalyzer cost. it is absolutely embarrassing to be in washington, d.c., the nation's capital, and you've got one working breathalyzer. that is quite embarrassing. and it just does not make sense. go buy them, get good ones, get people trained, because other than that, you are putting all our living at risk because we're going to be on the streets with people who are drinking and driving. this is ridiculous. it's absolutely absurd to have one working machine in washington, d.c. >> vermonte, the city paid more than $300,000 to people who sued before alluding to the case you
6:27 am
were speaking of. the police chief is warning the problem could jeopardize new cases pending right now. >> i don't see how they could. there's clearly a precedent for this. if i was a person that was pulled over and if i can't trust that the test was run correctly or i contest whether i had been drinking, you can fall back on what we know now and even what was done previously. that's why i was saying for the city this is so bad that it's 4 1/2 years later and we're readdressing this. i would say, another point, pat, if we don't do the breathalyzer, poce had to then douren tests and that took longer. it costs $75 a test where the breathalyzer is $10. now you're talking about that. mistreated. a transgender said she was called by "it" and a guard
6:28 am
watched her shower has won a legal victory that forces the prison system to get training on treating transgender inmates better. you've had past cases where you had inmates who ha have suffered health issues and won cases. there's a need for better training in the jail system when it comes to treating people who are different. >> i think the big issue here was out in maryland. they weren't following federal regulations, again, that were already on the books. you know, the prison rape elimination act is there. and this prison wasn't following any of them. so the issue becomes it's a new society, right? and so how are these prisons then going to react to what is new in new york on rikers island. they set up a unit where
6:29 am
transgender prisoners were put. but even then there's an phish they're segregated for so long, is that a problem. so i this i this is an issue where the prison system is going to have to struggle with this. we keep talking about training. are they going to put money behind this to train. and any time you have a situation like this where the prison doesn't follow regulations, that's a big issue. >> don't they have to? >> yeah. then i el make it simple. bring your checkbook to court because you're going to continue to get these lawsuits. this is not new. this is 2015. and so everything you said is 100% right, and until they start training people and get serious about it. lawyers are going to sue. bring your checkbook to court because you're going to pay. residents in fairfax county can now text 911 in case of an emergency. they announced the capability of the technology for people who can't call or speak.
6:30 am
sounds like a great idea, great step forward. >> i think so particularly for people who do have those limitations, no ifs, ands, buts. at one point we talked about what may be the drawback. i don't know about you. so often i get a text and i have to find someone to interpret it. their spelling, their shorthand. that may be one of the drawbacks that it could get overused. >> well, obviously the upside is if you're in a situation where you can't talk, you klkts be heard, and you need to let police know there's an emergency, that 911 is there. i think what's also important is this is something the scc has put in place and they've asked the phone companies to make it available. now it's up to the jurisdictions whether they implement that. >> a lot of young people, that's it. that's how they communicate.
6:31 am
they text. they're good at it. it's not bad. it's another way. look, you can do both. >> joe and vermonte, thank you so much. and thank you. that's "reporter's notebook." stay with us. "news4 today" continues right now. . . we are following breaking news this morning in the district. one man is dead after a triple shooting in southeast. it happened on elvans road just before midnight. >> one has life-threatening injuries. the over is expected to be oklahoma. d.c. police will now offering a $25,000 reward for information leading to an arrest and conviction. more than a million people are expected to celebrate mass with pope francis on this final day of his u.s. visit. after an electric night filled with music, the stage in
6:32 am
philadelphia is now being trance forled into an altar. >> that's right. jay gray live in philadelphia this morning. jay, how is the brotherly love. >> reporter: it's overflowing here and has been this weekend. look, it's been an inner jet ek and emotional at times six days here. as you mentioned, hundreds of thousands turning out to greet pope francis at each stop along his american tour. nothing different as he closed out the families festival here, the world meeting of family. he went off skrimt as he talked about families, the love and importance of family and how families have the take care of not only their children but the grandparents. it was very interesting. for some a very moving night last night. spend some time with clergy members and seminarians. he'll also visit with local prisoners who helped to hand craft a chair that will be used today during his mass.
6:33 am
over a million expected to be a part of this mass. one chance to say a final good-bye to pope francis. he leaves after this mass here this afternoon. that's the latest live right now as preparations continue in philadelphia. i'm jay gray. back to you. >> jay gray live. thanks so much. you've got see the touching moments thousands of people are sharing online. as pope francis left the philadelphia airport yesterday, he stopped when he saw a boy in a wheelchair. 10-year-old michael keating has cerebral palsy. when the pope saw him, he got out of the fiat, he placed his hands on his head and kissed his forehead. the family cried. our eun yang is in philadelphia for the meeting of the families. that's coming up in our 9:00 hour of "news4 today."
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6:33 right now. we want to check in with tom kierein with more on this west forecast. >> yeah. yesterday morning i said we might get a few sprinkles sunday morning. here it is, sunday morning windchill e are getting a few sprinkles. the areas moving green coming out of virginia heading into west virginia and maryland. most of it is west of i-95. scattered. light sprinkles. the northeast and washington getting a few sprinkles and just outside into prince george's county getting a few sprinkles into largo and marlboro. and farther to the west getting a few and prince william, these again advancing to the north and the metro area. cool morning. you're in the 50s right in washington. low 60s. low 60s right around the bay. it's like a wet pattern setting
6:35 am
up here for much of the week ahead. look at our rain chances. that's ahead in a few minutes. >> thank you, tom. this morning more than a dozen people are recovering after a stage collapsed in arizona. police say the crowd may have pushed the stage causing it to collapse. nine people were taken to the hospital. it happened near phoenix yesterday. well, we have new information this morning about a deadly hit-and-run in clarksburg. police arrested this man, ryan salandy. they say he admitted to intentionally running over william mcdaniel. this happened on sweet spire kriesh near daniel's home. they say it bordered on rage. he drove to a germantown home where the family called police. investigators believe it all started with an argument about work. >> he may have had music or produced some music and mr. mcdano may have been formatting
6:36 am
it for him. investigators believe there may have been some dispute over that exchange or a transaction. >> now, salandy is being held without bond. he'll be in court tomorrow for a bond review. >> a community is now remembering a d.c. teen who was killed by a baltimore county police officer. darcy spencer talked with loved ones who called the shooting excessive force. we want to warn you, the video of the shooting is graphic. >> dozens turned out for a candlelight vigil held in memory for a 19-year-old man who lived in this garfield neighborhood. that young man keith mcleod was shot and killed by baltimore police officer. the teen's sister spoke. >> he was loved by many. he had our ups and downs but he when he needed somebody, wi us there. >> reporter: this graphic video shows the confrontation between
6:37 am
the officer and mcleod. the police chief says mcleod had his hand in the small of his back, whips his right hand around and brings his left hand up as if to support the right. >> that officer had one second to make a determination as to what to do to save his own life. >> reporter: but that decision is being criticized by mcleod's family and friends who call it excessive form. mcleod was unarmed . he was shot three times. >> you could have shot him once and detained him. he wasn't 150e6even 100 pounds. investigators say the front
6:38 am
ed engine of the duck boat was she she sheared off. four college students including those from austria, china, and japan were killed. >> i want to remind you of closures. 2015 turkish festival kicks off sunday morning. much of the day here, pennsylvania ave you. between 14th and 12th. also as far as metro goes, weekend track work here, green line running regular service here this weekend. orange and blue running every 24 minute this weekend. red line will run every 10 to 20 minutes and they'll have additional trains between fair began north and ♪
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i am never getting married. never. psssssh. guaranteed. you picked a beautiful ring. thank you. we're never having kids. mmm-mmm. breathe. i love it here. we are never moving to the suburbs. we are never getting one of those (minivan). we are never having another kid. i'm pregnant. i am never letting go. for all the nevers in life, state farm is there.
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welcome back. it's 6:42. the pope came to washington and promptly the speaker of the house said he's leaving. >> we have chuck todd with us, the moderator of "meet the press." people were taken aback by this. >> that's right. it was pretty clear his job was in jeopardy, that there were folks gunning for him. how -- and it wasn't clear how he was going to be able to navigate this funding of the government, demand from conservatives that they do whatever it takes to defund planned parenthood at the same time, even if it means shut down the government. he couldn't figure a way out. what's interesting, he did find
6:43 am
a way out. he threw himself on the grenade. by doing this, it forced everybody to punt everything for three months. there's not going to be a shutdown for three months. it was like, all right, fine, you won't have me to kick around. >> who's going to be the next person? >> the most likely person, ken mccarthy. the problem is about 30 to 40 house republicans who have been upset with the tactics that he had been leading. well, there's not enough of them to choose their own speaker. they're still going to end up. the establishment if you want to call them that still has it. and guess what, mccarthy is going to get that. >> why are we hearing so much about paul ryan? >> paul ryan is somebody who they they could -- he has credibility with both the base conservatives and the
6:44 am
establishment that could be the guy who has the bong. he has no interest. he doesn't want the political part of the job that's never interested him. >> what did you take away from the pope? this was an amazing three days. i know he ee in new york and philadelphia but we got him first. it was interesting. >> his speech to congress and he had gone through a litany of issues. he certainly had an agenda. what was remarkable to me is this congress has become so famous for being polarized that even a man who lives in another continent came over here and very lightly lectured them about getting along together. it was amazing how, again, very politely and in an optimistic tone talked about the need in a good democracy that everybody do the best they can to work
6:45 am
together and bring them -- even if they disagree. >> real quick rj. i know you have a big show. >> we do. hillary clinton, car ly fiorina the two women running for pretty president. the new polls, maybe it's time to call carly fiorina one of the front-runners. >> a reminder you can see "meet the press" every sunday on nbc 4 right after "news4 today." the number of students free-meal-eligible is growing. "news4" got ahold of records. >> montgomery county is meeting the growing demand and "news4's" scott mcfarland went inside a central kitchen to see how a school district is doing it. >> a school lunch aseamably line by the hundreds. these are the school lunch cooks
6:46 am
and the cleaners, but they're not in the school but in a facility. montgomery county school system has a new kitchen. these will be shipped to dozens of schools tomorrow and served on monday says the school's services director. >> that's very unique and very efficient. >> reporter: and they need to be more efficient than ever. there are thousands more than last year and 2013. it's an enormous burden for school that must kiesch pace. helen herrera says some classmates depend on those meals. >> a lot of kids i know don't have a lot of food at their houses so they like to come to school because that's the only way they can eat. >> reporter: we found an increasing number of school districts trying free breakfast for all students. a new program to increase
6:47 am
participation, whether those qualify it or not. anyone can come by and grab one of these. yogurt and a bagel. at the processing center in montgomery county, they're even making students dinner. >> we don't know what they have at home. we want to make sure we've met the nutritional needs of each student. >> more people, more money now needed regionwide for those meals. some groups are having watch parties for those who can't make it to an event in person. a group of nuns from reading, pennsylvania, yeah, they've been breaking out the, quote, pope corn, papal punch. a marathon binge watching can
6:48 am
put your netflix to shame. >> each time he begins, his humility at the end, a constant "please pray for me." we do, we do, we do, we do every day. >> lots of excitement. the sisters say they're already working on how to make the pope's legacy real in their daily lives after the pope leaves. we talk about it last week. the middle of the week we said was going to be heaven sent weather. >> my favorite picture of the week was the nuns out tailgating. the weather was picture-perfect, they broke out the sandwiches, and they were sitting on the back of the wagon. >> everywhere he went it was beautiful weather for the pope. even in mass in philadelphia. here we're getting sprinkles. looks like they'll stay away from philadelphia. as we look now at the radar, the area in green, there's a few scattered sprinkles.
6:49 am
west virginia. that's showing up there in this area in the north. northwest of winchester. a few sprinkles. closer to washington, getting a few of these scattered across prince williams, fairfax, and iincento prgeorge's county between washington and buoy county getting wet. this is going to be drifting away. as it does, we'll get a little sunshine. mid-50s. out of the shenandoah valley in the 40s. closer to washington, a little milder. low 60s in town and right around the bay. skycast 4 showing a lot of clouds around this morning and breaking clouds. by noontime sunny. during the afternoon, it looks quite nice. partly sunny and mild. then the clouds begin to close back in this evening for the lunar eclipse. that is going to begin by early
6:50 am
evening. a chance of maybe a sprinkle or shower mid morning. upper 60s by noon. low 70s during the afternoon. for the land mark festival in potomac park, it's looking great. it will be hovering near 70 under a partly sunny sky then. the moon may be looking like that by around 9:00, 9:30. it begins at 8:11. so gradually as it gets at peak, we'll have more clouds. we might get lucky and see a little bit of it. partly sunny. upper 70s. a chance of an afternoon shower. then each day, tuesday all the way into saturday, a chance of a passing shower. afternoon highs on tuesday, the upper 70s. then on sunday, right around 70 degrees. then higher only in the 60s. maybe a little sun in and out. still a chance of a passing
6:51 am
shower. chance of more showers around. paps on friday perhaps on saturday. we do need the rain. we are now averaging about 4 to 4 1/2 inches dryer than average since the first of august. so we need some of this rain coming up in the week ahead. have an umbrella handy. >> thank you. the itsy-bitsy spider
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
thousands gathered to see two icon ic situations. the chimneys were blown up in an explosion yesterday. the stacks blew up in eden burg. the power station was shut down in 2013. okay. so if you are scare of spiders, here's an example that should be fairly obvious not to follow.
6:55 am
a man from detroit was at a gas station filling up his car when he saw a spierd near his fult door. instead of brushing it off, he took out his lighter at a gas station, okay. his car and the gas pump went up in flames. the guy grabbed the fire extinguisher to put it out. the clerk cut off the gas and the man wasn't hurt and the man went back the next day and apologized. >> that's the least you can do. i mean how was he going to shoe the spider away with a lighter. >> i don't know. >> if you have a hat, just push the spider away, whatever. he learned the hard way. >> i'm shaking my head. shaking my head. happening today, locals are gathered to watch the pope put a final stop on his u.s. trip. we're taking live pictures from philadelphia where he will be celebrating mass at the world meeting of families. that's expected to draw nearly a
6:56 am
million people. and there is a watch party happening at georgetown university if you want to watch it around here. head down to gaston hall. this is around 4:00 p.m. this is very cool. >> this is the last day he's here. it's almost over. >> i know. six days. >> amazing. >> it is amazing. >> what a cool moment for us here in washington to have those three days. >> he was able to go so many places and meet with so many different people and address so many different audiences really. when you think about it, it went by like this. it really didn't and i'm sure he doesn't feel that way. it's been one long week for the pope. >> i think he hopes his message sticks. >> four minutes away from 7:00. we have more. >> that includes an hour-by-hour forecast with storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. he says you may want t
6:57 am
6:58 am
6:59 am
welcome in on this 7:00 hour of "news4 today." we're going to be giving you breaking news in d.c. three people are shot overnight. police talk about who did and did not make it out overnight. >> where the mass is. the pope will cap his whirlwind visit with a heart felt message
7:00 am
and why he'll be in jail later today. i'm storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein. a few sprinkles and thin some sunshine for this afternoon. >> thank you, tom. more breaking news in the district. one man is dead after a triple shooting in southeast. it happened on elvans road just before midnight. the victims were shot inside the car and one of those victims has life-threatening injuries. the other is expected to be okay. d.c. police is offering a $25,000 reward that leads to an arrest and conviction. right now a road is closed. we spoke to the police a few minutes ago. they tell us it will be closed for several more hours now. police say a car slammed into a pole. this was around 11:00 last night in the kensington nabtd, police tweeting out this photo. there's still no word on the cause of the crash. one person was taken to the
7:01 am
hospital and that person does have serious injuries. >> let's check in with tom. he says expect sunshine and sprinkles today, right? >> yeah. just the sprinkles this morning though. and the sun breaking out later this afternoon. right now the storm team 4 showing just a few scattered light sprinkles of rain across virginia into maryland. there's one moderate downpour in the panhandle west of winchester. that is tracking to the northeast. maybe getting closer to haig hagerstown. west of there we have it, just a few scattered sprinkles across northern virginia, fairfax county and near fauquier county. a little break in the clouds. a little sun trying to showum
7:02 am
to believe he's got the biggest event coming up. at 11:00 this morning he'll start with a visit from the jail. the papal mass for the world meeting of families is at 4:00 this afternoon. gentlem eun yang is there where music is about to fill the stage.
7:03 am
>> reporter: pope francis spends a day here at the city of brotherly love. he says it's good for the church and for the country. the crowd roared as pope francis rode through benjamin franklin parkway in the heart of philadelphia. >> we love the pope. he's beautiful. he's holy. >> reporter: thousands and thousands lined the streets lining early to stake their spots. >> there he is. nice. >> reporter: each person had to go through intense security screenings for even a glimpse of him, making journey worthwhile. >> it's awesome. we're doing it. we waited for four or five hours. five seconds, but it's beautiful. >> we feel his holiness. we feel his holiness. it's been a beautiful experience. we wouldn't trade it for a thing. >> reporter: they celebrated the city of brotherly love with an
7:04 am
outdo outdoor. he spoke of supporting the family. >> translator: god give me the strength to move forward. let us look after the family. let's protect the family because it's in the family that euour future is at play. >> reporter: and the faithful who came to see him says the message unifies their family and strengthens their faith. he starts the day at the prison and wraps things up celebrating a public mass here on the benjamin franklin parkway. back to you. >> thanks, eun. police in philadelphia put a man in handcuffs last night after he tried to climb up a rieser at benjamin franklin parkway at the event. he was holding the sign asks the pope to make him a priest. it's unclear if he was arrested or will face charges. the library of congress has
7:05 am
a rare bible on hand now. it has special illustrations and side notes. the librarian of congress accepted the bible in the presence of pope francis. we're going to check back in with eun yang live in philadelphia coming up in our 9:00 hour of "news4 today." she's going to give us an update on the pope's final preparations on his final day in the united stat states. police say rashida rice stabbed her boyfriend after an argument. the victim, her boyfriend, died yesterday morning. wright was taken to the hospital with what police describe as self-inflicted wounds. and metro is getting closer to a new leader. sources tell "news4" there are five finalists for the general manager position. they have airline and management experience. interviews will continue this week. now, the list could be narrowed
7:06 am
down to two candidates by the end of the week. metro's been without a permanent general manager since january. >> the latest now on decision 2016 republican presidential candidate ben carson will be in loudoun county tore. he's heading to a rally at 5:00 p.m. he's been gaining in the polls. loudoun county is expected to be a key swing county in the battleground state of virginia. and republican candidate senator ted cruz is leading in at least one poll this morning. cruz won the values voter summit straw poll. he's a favorite among the conservatives. he took away 35% of the votes cast. dr. ben carson was the runner-up with 18%. mike huckabee followed up with 14% and donald trump came in fifth. and the ladies of decision 2016 are hitting "meet the press" this morning. nbc's chuck todd will talk to democratic candidate hillary clinton as well as gop contender
7:07 am
carly fiorina. that's coming up at 10:30 this morning right here on nbc 4. >> joo let's take a look at the stories coming up on the week ahead. the group considering renaning the terp stadium will be meeting. it was named at curly byrd who some stunls call a racist and segregationist. some of you could be paying more for your water in d.c. for some of you that could mean $0 per month. that fee will go toward repairing the city's aging water pipes. and the man charged for sexual assault will soon be sentenced. he'll be sentenced aet the fairfax county court on thursday. mathew is awaiting trial on two other cases. developing this morning the police say one man caused in an
7:08 am
hour-long crime spree before they were able to arrest him. the tragedy we're learned happened once the quarterback walked off the field. and thanks to social media, and thanks to social media, a
7:09 am
7:10 am
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now to a developing story this morning. two people are dead and three are hurt after a spree of shootings in southern california. police say they now have a man in custody. police say the man may be connected to killing two motorists. he's also being questioned about an assault. a new jersey man waiting to find out why a high school quarterback died after he was hurt in game. people watching say he was hurt in the backfield on play. he walked off the field. he reportedly collapsed after that. murray was the starting
7:12 am
quarterback for warren hills regional sky. police arrested a woman who was seen riding a sea turtle on the beach. >> what? >> i know. the photo went viral. thanks to the public's tips melbourne police were able to catch up with stephanie moore last night. she had an active warrant for the incident. >> that's just not right. coming up. an angry crowd over a gun shop. expect more applause today and looking a hi ed to your week, why tom kierein says you'll want to keep your umbrella handy pretty much every day. here are two events you can check out. the then and wow family festival. festival latina mary
7:13 am
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welcome back. a virginia gun shop reopened a new location. store owners say they picked the location in mclean because it has more space. >> and as derrick ward reports some are concerned because that location is near a school. >> reporter: the gun shop has outgrown the carriage house location. now it's in a new location. >> we were working out of a 300 square foot location. now it's 3,000 feet. >> reporter: there's a committee, not a welcoming committee. >> we don't want the store in mclean and we certainly don't want it backing an elementary school. >> reporter: local gun store owner james gates sees it as an opportunity. >> we're looking on how to do a
7:17 am
class. >> reporter: there are school zone laws restricting gun possession within the area of a school. some say legality isn't the only issue here. >> i think out of common decency and respect to the community you would locate some place else. >> reporter: right now state laws regarding zoning issue don't leave a lot of control for the locals. >> that the community circulate input in how the reallocation space is used. >> i think they're good people, very good people, just difference of opinion. >> reporter: derrick ward, "news4." first lady michelle obama has launched a new campaign. it focuses on girls around the world. she unveiled the campaign at the global city festival in new york city yesterday. she said 62 million girls around the world are not in school. he asked the girls to tweet a photo of themselves with #62
7:18 am
milli mill girls. they have come up with a plan to address climate challenge and extreme poverty. the plan is expected to cost between $3 trillion and $5 trillion every year until the year 2030. happening today, it is day two of theytñ landmark music festival of west potomac park and drake was the head liner. miguel and wale also performed. the strokes are today's big musical guests and, tom, you said you're starting to see some peeks of sunshine, right? >> yeah. we should be drying out for that event. how is it that the weeds keep growing. >> i don't know. the pope. >> i know. angie's going to come ore and pull my weeds tonight.
7:19 am
she's so nice. the day is starting off with much needed rain. not helping out much. sort of tamping down the dust. getting a little bit of very light rain scattered across virginia and maryland. those areas in light green, the sprinkles. there is one moderate shower that is breaking down a bit. it's northwest of winchester. locally just a few sprinkles in fairfax and southern loud about and fauquier. this one made the pavement a little bit damp. now that's near annapolis. all this tracking to the north. temperatures out behind ta are still rather cool. we're in the upper 50s. western suburbs and shenandoah valley. nearby suburbs and right around the beltway low 60s. low to mid-60s. sky cast 4, the morning clouds breaking up a bit. maybe a few peaks of sunshine. however, there may be a few sprinkles as well through mid morning.
7:20 am
then by noontime, partly sunny and a nice afternoon coming up. then as we get toward the evening hours clouds will begin to close right back in again for tonight's lunar eclipse. you may see the moon turn this blood red color around 9:30, 10:00 this oocevening. it will start to fade a little bit. the earth's shadow will begin to peak. if we have breaks in the clouds, we'll see that. we have a chance of a sprinkle between now and mid morning. by noon time, upper 60s. low 70s for the mid-afternoon for the landmark festival. it should be good weather for the afternoon concert. 70 at west potomac park. for tonight, a lot of clouds. monday, a cloudy start. middle, some midday. clouds close in on the afternoon. highs in the 70s. might get an afternoon shower tomorrow but greater chance of passing showers from time to
7:21 am
time. each day now looks like tuesday, wednesday, and again thursday, friday, and saturday. each day, a chance of showers, maybe some sun breaks out on thursday. overall, a lot of clouds through the rest of the week and cooler, too, thursday friday. have the umbrella handy. >> we'll take the rain. coming up, new school buss in arlington about to hit the road and we're getting a sneak peek. stay with us.
7:22 am
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7:24. a special sensory playground is open in fairfax. it's accessible to wheelchairs. it also has a sign language and braille area. it also has harness swings for children and students with special needs. >> this is an inclusive playground. it has a lot of sensory components on it now. we have three classrooms of
7:25 am
children with autism, and we all know that play is really important. >> this is the first playground of its kind in the fairfax county school system. very cool. we've been hearing a lot about the pontiff's fiat and vehicle. david culver shows us the special school bus with special needs in arlington. >> reporter: it may remind you of a london taxi cab, but this -- read closely -- is called the arlington county public school bus. >> families feel much safer knowing the vehicle is going to come right to their front door to pick up their child versus a bus stop. >> reporter: david mccray showed
7:26 am
us how it works with the ramp that emerges from the floor. >> everybody wants to see where they're going, what they're doing. we loose some of that if there's a ramp here. >> reporter: ideal for students like jonah gillman. the staff helping him guise his wheelchair up the ramp and into position, securing it to the floor. notice jonah gets a front seat. >> are you used to sitting up front? >> no. >> no? >> no. >> could you get used to it? >> yeah. >> it's more normal to get into a van like their parents own than a yellow school bus. >> reporter: the advantage of these is with their size. you can see it's a lot smaller, a lot easier to maneuver around parts of the county. compare that with the smaller much bulkier ramp. they have to rely on the red
7:27 am
signs to halt traffic. these allowing for curbside service with some styling and comfort. dave culver in arlington, "news4." later on this morning, a concert gets out of control. what excited fans that caused some to go to the hospital. a deadly hit-and-run that rocked a local community. the reason police say the man went on attack. tom says when it
7:28 am
7:29 am
7:30 am
7:30. here's a look at our top stories this morning. d.c. police investigating a homicide. one man is dead after a triple shooting on el advance street, southeast. all three victims were inside the car. police are oftening a $25,000 award leading to an arrest and conviction for those responsible.
7:31 am
montgomery county police say a car slammed into a pole around 11:00 last night in kensington. one person was taken to the hospital with serious injuries. and today is the last day of pope francis's tour to the u.s. he's visiting philadelphia's biggest jail this morning. an estimated million people will join him to celebrate mass for the closing of the world meeting of families. welcome back, everyone. i'm angie goff. >> and i'm adam tuss. i hope you're having a great start to your sunday so far. a little cool with some sprinkle, but tom tells us it's going to change. >> not a washout. >> no. in fact, that's where we're getting a few sprinkles drying out after we had a few sprinkles go through over the last couple of hours. they're moving offer to the north and east where we're seeing a bit of a break in the cloud cover. a splash of gold on the eastern horizon. and there in philadelphia, we just saw that live picture. they have sunshine there. but we are getting a few sprinkles here north and west of the metro area in this area in
7:32 am
light green across west virginia. there's one area that will be passing through hancock over the next hour. a few sprinkles in fairfax county. southwestern loudoun and northern fauquier and down 95 prince william near fredericksbu fredericksburg, a few sprinkles. by mid-morning most of it will be done. a look at our afternoon forecast and then a wet pattern moving in for the week ahead. >> thank you, tom. more than a million people are expected to celebrate mass with pope francis for the final day of his u.s. visit. it has been an exhausting five days. and it's come to a close. >> jay gray is following the pope's visit in philadelphia as they get ready for the big event today. >> reporter: the celebration saturday night in downtown philadelphia.
7:33 am
aretha franklin. andrea buechele and mark wahlberg. >> good evening and welcome to the festival of families. >> reporter: but as the world meeting of families comes to a close, there's no question about the star of this show. pope francis ignited the crowds that lined the streets in places ten deep, some who had been there since the night before. >> translator: thaul all that i beautiful leads us to god. >> reporter: hundreds of thousands looking for a glimpse of the pope. the crowd is expected to you with the pope's visit for an outdoor mass. don fisher will see history unfold as he's invited to the mass. >> we're going to feel something
7:34 am
that emanates, resonates from this man's heart, from his intention, and it's that that's so skrietsing. >> reporter: an excitement, an energy that's followed pope francis at each stop during his six-day american tour. >> so you've got to see the touching moment thousands of people are sharing online right now. as pope francis left the philadelphia airport yesterday, he stopped when he saw a boy in a while chair. 10-year-old michael keating has cerebral palsy. when pope francis saw him, he got out of the fiat, placed his hands on his forehead and kissed the boy. his family cried and thanked the pope for the blessings. eun yang is in philadelphia. we're going to check in with her on the pope's final preparations at 9:00 on "news4 today."
7:35 am
people are recovering after a stage collapse at a concert in arizona. police say the crowd may have pushed the stage causing it to collapse. nine people were taken to the hospital yesterday. we have more information on a deadly hit-and-run yesterday. take a look. ryan salandy intentionally ran over a man. a woman who saw the two men arguing friday afternoon bordered on rage. according to police, salandy drove to his german town home. >> mr. salandy may have had music or produced music and mr. odano may have been transforming it. there may have been a dispute over that traction. >> he's held without bond.
7:36 am
he beal in court tomorrow. a story out of seattle. investigators are saying the front axle of the duck boat involved in last week's accident was sheared off. now witnesses say they saw the duck boat's left tire lock up before it swerved into a charter bus. four students were killed in that accident. people were killed outside of mecca. close to a thousand hajj crowd were suffocated to death. they plan to sue saudi leaders in international courts. new details on the freddie gray death investigation. what officers say gray asked for in police custody before he suffered that fatal injury. and one country is banning singer chris brown from
7:37 am
traveling there. the incident the country is pointing to. we actually get chils and we're not even there. he's spatial person and a holy, holy soul. >> break out the pope corn and get comfy. meet the
7:38 am
7:39 am
7:40 am
jeel, this morning one of the officers say that freddie gray asked for help. he suffered a spinal injury while he was being transported to custody. gray died one week later in the hospital. his death led to major protests in baltimore. rapper chris brown will not be heading down under any time soon. the rapper is now banned from australia because of his history of domestic violence. according to "buzzfeed" brown was issued a formal notice from zranl officials refusing to give
7:41 am
him a visa. he has 28 days to make an appeal. previously he's been denied entry into the uk, canada, and new zealand. i'm scott mack farland. coming up, school lunch
7:42 am
7:43 am
7:44 am
the "today" show is next on nbc 4. >> let's get a preview. >> coming up on "today" the pope wraps up his historic visit to the us with a mass for the masses. last night hundreds of thousands turned out for a star-studded event for the people's pope. we'll take you there next. also ahead, an apocalypse on the rise. tonight's super blood moon combined with the lunar eclipse
7:45 am
has some, maybe even you preparing for the end of the world. plus an incredible story how a baby sea otter is learning to breathe again after raging fires out west led her battling asthma. dill l dylan. >> she has a swimsuit with the "today" logo on it. >> i bet that's tough work. >> she said it was tough. >> hard workout, she said. >> can't wait to see it. thie thank thanks, guy. ahead, president obama will meet with russia's president. according to "the new york times" the kremlin is denying that. we do know the meet willing happen sometime tomorrow. relations between the two nations have been tense to say
7:46 am
the least. also happening this week we'll learn more about the use of police body cameras. we'll get an update on the police on the use of body-worn cameras. they announced in the spring they would implement a pilot body program. there are still technical and legal issues that need to be addressed such as who should see the video and how it should be stored. the number of students meal-eligible is growing. >> montgomery county is meeting the growing demand and "news4's" scott macfarlane went inside to see how they're doing it. >> reporter: a school lunch line. workers are adding potatoes to the tray and they have to wrap it. they're the school's cooks and cleaners but they're not in the school but a processing center near the montgomery county
7:47 am
school district. they produce nearly 80,000 meals a day. they'll be shipped torl and serveded on monday says the school's food direct stheer that's very unique and very efficient. >> reporter: our local schools need to be more efficient than ever. they show a spike in students requiring a meal. thousands more than in 2013. it's an enormous burden for school that must keep pause. helen herrera says some classmates depend on it. >> a lot of kids i know don't have a lot of food at their houses so they like to come to school because that's the only way they can eat. >> reporter: we found an increasing number of school districts trying free breakfasts for all student, to increase participation, whether they qualify for free meals or not. here's one in gaithersburg high school. anyone can come by and grab one of these. yogurt and a bagel.
7:48 am
nearly one in three schools in anne arundle and prince george's counties. >> we don't know what they have at home or that the food at home is nutritious. we want to make sure the nutritious needs are met of each student. >> reporter: scott macfarlane, "news4." happening today, locals are gathering to watch the pope's final stop on his u.s. trip. we're taking live pictures right now from philadelphia this morning where there will be a mass at the world's meeting of families. that's expected to draw nearly 1 million people. and there is a watch party happening at georgetown university. if you want to watch the mass, head down to gaston hall at 4:00 p.m. everybody is welcome. >> pope francis has been more popular than a rock star you can say this week and he's had thousands of people traveling from all over. some groups are having watch
7:49 am
parties for those who can't make it to an event in person. check this out achlt group of nuns from reading, pennsylvania v been breaking out the pope corn, the papal punch for the last five days. the binge watching can put your binge watching to shame. >> i'm tearful. at the end his comment stays constant. please pray for me. we do, we do, we do every day. >> the sisters are working to make the pope's legacy real in their daily lives after the pope leaves. so cool to see so many people inspired by his message and taking his presence here away. >> all ages. i know what was so touching to me was to see the young people and the excitement and just how electric they were, especially the ones that were able to see him and greet him. that was a wonderful sight. >> tom, yo get a gold star
7:50 am
because you delivered the weather. >> heavenly weather has been following the pontiff. it looks like it will stay dry for the mass this afternoon. we've been flirting with a few sprinkles s off and on. you can see it as it advances off to the north. there's one moderate shower in the panhandle of west virginia. it's going be moving in locally. just a few scattered sprinkles in fairfax county and northern montgomery. 95 from prince william, stafford county and west of there. all of this tracking off to the north and coming right through the metro area. if you're going to be out and about, maybe you'll get a few sprinkles. most of the area should stay dry. the rest of the morning, cool morning. upper 50s. northern western suburbs. nearby suburbs, low to mid-60s right around the bay. so for your morning run this morning if you're getting in
7:51 am
exercise, going out for a bike ride, you'll probably stay dry. a brief sprinkle. then the sun breaks out during the afternoon. a few light breezes. by mid afternoon it should be in the low 70s. the sky cover, this is going to be critical as people are going to be wondering about the lunar eclipse. the clouds break up nicely around noontime and during the afternoon going partly cloudy. welcome sunshine during the afternoon for all the outdoor events. they're doing yardwork. then this evening the clouds begin to close back in a little bit for the lunar eclipse tonight. however, if there are breaks in the clouds, there might be by 9:00, 9 37b 30, the clouds may look like this. the blood moon, super moon. it looks larger than it usually is. the eclipse begins around 8:11 as the earth's shadow passes over the moon and the moon passes the earth's shadow at
7:52 am
peak time, at 10:47. that's when the moon will be at its darkest color and for west potomac park, great for the concerts there. then overnight tonight after the eclipse, a lot of clouds around. tomorrow might get a little. have the umbrella handy on tuesday and wednesday. highs upper 70s. near 70 on wednesday but occasional showers looking more likely tuesday and wednesday. then maybe a few breaks in the clouds on thursday. still the possibility of a shower. then another round of some showers. looks like maybe the end of the week, first part of the weekend, highs in the upper 60s on friday and again on saturday. that's the wait looks. >> all right. thank you, tom. 7:52. here are the four things you need to know today. dchl c. police investigating another homicide. one man died in a triple shooting on elvans road in the southeast. the victims were shot inside the car. this road be be closed for
7:53 am
several hours. a car slammed into a pole around 11:00 last night in the kensington neighborhood. police tweeting out this photo. one person was talk on the the hospital with serious injuries. more than a dozen people recovering after a stage collapse at an end of summer concert in arizona. police say a crowd pushed the stage causing it to collapse. nine people were tay taken to the hospital. it happened in phoenix yesterday. >> today is the last day of the pope's u.s. tour. he's visiting the biggest jail this morning. 11 million people will join him to celebrate a close meeting of families. it's 7:53. the itsy-bitsy spider -- go ahead and do it -- climbed up a man's gas tank. that wasn't in the original story, was it? >>.
7:54 am
7:55 am
7:56 am
7:57 am
spied story in detroit.
7:58 am
7:59 am
patients across the country have spoken. they recently rated their care experience at over 3,500 hospitals nationwide in a survey conducted for the centers for medicare and medicaid services. fewer than 10% received 5 stars. among them was cancer treatment centers of america in philadelphia. learn more at
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cancer treatment centers of america. care that never quits. appointments available now. good morning. francis, faith and the family. ♪ after a night of celebration in philadelphia, history unfolding today, with up to a million people expected for mass. the pope wrapping up his week-long visit to the u.s., thrilling the faithful and laying hands on a boy with cerebral palsy. his mother in tears. we're live in the city of brotherly love. breaking overnight, deadly rampage. a crazed gunman behind the wheel of an suv goes on a shooting spree on the streets of southern california, before terrorizing unsuspecting homeowners on foot. what set off this


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