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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  September 28, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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the benjamin franklin parkway. 22-year-old ryan salandy admitted he hit 21-year-old mcdaniel after they got into a fight. witnesses say they saw salandy drive away from sweetspire drive. they caught up with him in german town and charged him with first-degree murder. virginia police say they pretended to be a 12-year-old when they reached out online. he sent child porn to an undercover officer. he was most recently an assistant coach to middle schoolers. new details on a crash between a duck boat and a charter bus. we learn a fifth victim has died. we can also show you what went wrong. we can show you the images. five have died after that duck tour plowed into the bus in
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seattle last week. a front action. sheered off the duck's car. we even got two transportation updates for you this monday. first the metro. starting tomorrow only the blue line trains will duo through. metro says as part of the convection after a transformer fire there earlier this month. it says there will be free shuttle buses between stadium armory and minnesota avenue during the by pass to the stadium armory stop. did you see it? late last night many of you were able to catch the total lunar eclipse of the super moon. it was also considered the fourth and final blood moon. like some predicted, it wasn't the end of the world.
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it's not going to happen again until 2033. >> they had their jobs cut out for them to say the least. >> that's right. chuck bell standing by. we need rain, too, don't we? >> yeah, we need the rain. it seems like we've been getting a lot but it's just been very, very cloudy. friday, saturday, monday, just traces of rainfall. that's the same this morning. plenty of rain fall. primarily out across north central virginia and the blue ridge but everyone at least has a chance for getting rained on today although rainfall amounts will be very, very light. kind of a sticky start this morning. temperatures mid to upper 60s already. there's your hour by hour planner. 77 at inner loop and northeasterly 80 today. so even a sliver or two of snipe
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will make it a warm and humid september. scattered showered around. we'll talk about school day forecast in ten minutes. for now, melissa mollet with roadwork. >> i do have some information. wisconsin ave and woodmont. woodrow wilson bridge into virginia or maryland, doesn't matter which way, looking good. overall, prince george's problems, no problems. nice and green. and no real roadwork to bother us. b.w. parkway, 95 and 29, everything looking good. southbound, we do have roadwork with alternating lanes. northbound through stafford a tad slow and 66 is rolling along fine. erika? >> when they do things that are
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clearly misconduct at best. at worst murder or man slaughter. >> a renewed call for consequences after the death of inmate natasha mckenna. the fairfax sheriff's office released this video where you see deputies trying to restrain mckenna so they could transfer her to a facility in alexandria. she fought mental illness. fast forward to this rally last night in front of the courthouse. >> it's hard to believe out of nine people no one has the common sense to back off and reassess the situation. >> the naacp gathered last night. they question if decision to not pursue grand jury investigation. dep putss say they're investigating the incident. they've stopped using tasers at
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that thomas stalling died after being shot in a car. other two victims are critically injured. so far the suspect has not been named. the police are offering a reward of up to $25,000 leading to information and an arrest. man tried to hid a sergeant. the suv almost hit the sergeant while he was trying to stop it from entering what was a restricted area on saturday. the sergeant wasn't hurt but police found the car later on. they believe it may be connected to another hit-and-run. a woman who helped two prisoners escape from a new york prison will find out how long she'll spend behind bars. mitchell pleaded guilty to giving hacksaw blades and other tools to richard matt and david
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sweat. matt was killed by a border agent. sweat was later captured. today we're going to get an update from montgomery county leaders for a plan to give police officers body cameras. they're trying to work out technical and legal problems. they're putting together guidelines on how to use them. they hope to have a statewide policy by the start of the next year. >> new discussions today about the name of the university of maryland football station. the stadium is named for longtime school president curly byrd. however, some say he was a racist and segregationist and want the name changed. they created a committee to discuss other options. they meet for the first time today. a controversial meeting ahead for president barack obama. we expect him to sit down with russia president vladimir putin. they'll be in new york for the 77th general assembly.
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he'll address the assembly as well as heads of state from china, france, and iran. just days after being canonized, they find a statue like this. he's known for his opinions. what donald trump is expected to lay out today in his quest for the white house. let's show you live from storm team 4 radar. this is what you're looking at. you might want to stick an umbrella in the kids' backpacks
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would you like at this giant sinkhole that swallowed up cars and campers. people had to be evacuated from the area. the 492-foot sinkhole is almost ten feet deep. incredible video there. all right. at 4:40, let's check in with chuck bell. >> hey, erika. these clouds are going to remain thick all day. could get a sliver or two of sunshine. on the whole, think of it as a cloudy day. temperatures are already in the mid to upper 60s. sun's up at 7:00 a.m.
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7:01, cloudy and sprinkles. temperatures, upper 60s between 7:00 and 8:00. low 70s between 8:00 and 9:00. recess only gets a "c" because of all the clouds around. there could be a few showers around. they'll need a jacket on, but also don't leave home without the umbrella. seven-day forecast is up in just seconds from now. check on more crashes with melissa. that's instantaneously. >> a report of a crash, annapolis at 71st avenue. we're trying to get more information. 95 and virginia from the parkway, alternating lanes. into town, out of town, you're looking quite good, 270, inbound and outbound looking good. 4:41. another small earthquake rocks part of central virginia.
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the cause for aftershocks coming up. a national embarrassment. why two players say
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developments today in decision 2016. donald trump will announce his tax plan and policy ideas in new york city this morning. the republican presidential hopeful says he plans to speak from trump tower at 11:00 this morning. you can check on "news4 today" onplan and how it could impact you. an update on the numbers. the nbc/wall street journal poll has donald trump and ben carson neck and neck. the only female candidate carly fiorina is tied with senator
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marco rubio for third place. hillary clinton is losing ground to bernie sanders. she leads by seven points. that's down from an overwhelming 60-point lead back in june. the e-mail controversy surrounding hillary clinton is hurting her in the polls and she knows it's not going away any time soon. on "meet the press" clinton struggled to explain a string of e-mails that were sent on her account earlier than what she said before. >> explain that discrepancy. >> there was a moment. i wasn't that focused on my e-mail account. >> clinton argues she used her personal i'm out of convenience. pope francis back in rome after an exhausting visit to the u.s. in six days he was able to captivate the lives of millions
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of americans. jay gray is live in philly. jay, i guess what if any lasting impact does the pope's visit have? >> well, right now the impact is cleanup. how do you clean up after to close to a million people spent the weekend in downtown. they're doing so and have been overnight. they continue. you talk about the pope being back at the vatican. he did, in fact, use social media to send one last message. i'm reading it here from his twitter account. pope francis says with my heartfelt thanks may the love of christ always guide american people using the hash t tag #godblessamerica. it was his last words publicly. he said god bless america, walked to what was called shepherd 1 american airlines, a 777, and took a trip back to rome. what a trip it was.
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six full days. he made sure each of those days was, in fact, full. a hectic and whirlwind trip, many of us who followed worn out. it seems like the favorite part of his trip, the part that really touched him the most was the time he got to interact face-to-face with a lot of the people, stopping often to stop his motorcade and see the infirm. dlierned up downtown philadelphia as the pope has returned back to the vatican. >> unfortunately some clean-out west this morning. a statue of the new saint has been vandalized. pleem say someone broke into
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carmel, california. it was found tipped over and painted green. others were also damaged. it happens today. d.c. mayor muriel bowser. they're looking to rah krut 500 volunteers to help with the literacy program. they'll not only help them gain a passion for reading. it will happen in the school of social work auditorium. mayor bowser is expected to be there as well. a new attempt for a company to buy pepco will happen today. according to the washington business jushl. exelon is going to ask for a new jury and it wants a small vote.
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a small earthquake is being reported. it hit sunday near where the larger 2011 earthquake hit. there are no reports of damage this morning. >> four years later still feeling it. >> no kidding. >> this morning, kind of muggy out there. we really need the rain this weekend. it looks like we may get it. >> finally. a little chance. it's been way behind really since about early july because june was a deluge around here. it's been drying up ever since then. lots and lots of clouds. not too much in the way of a rain threat. there are a few threats. for now it's a cloudy start over washington. temperatures are on the mild side for sure. we're already near 70 degrees. 68 with a northeast wind at 8 miles an hour. uniformly in the 60s top to bottom. 61 in hagerstown, 61 in
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lorraine. what to expect today, lots of clouds. warm and humid. we'll be near 80 degrees today but i can't rule out an occasional shower. mostly likely early this morning. highs today will be mild. upper 70s to near 80 degrees. at least it would be all that cold as far as rain chances. a couple of sprinkles out here south of the area. these are drifting northbound here, so a little bit more of a chance for wet roads along i-81. these showers in west virginia are headed northbound, but there's so much moisture in the atmosphere and it's going to continue to be. rain chances will continue off and on. our best chance for rain comes in between sundown tomorrow and sunrise on wednesday. there's future weather. hit and miss. light rain showers and occasional raindrops here this afternoon into early this evening. things dry out just a smidgen,
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but we'll be right back into the rain chances for tomorrow. everyone has chance for getting rain today. highest chances will be west of the metro along parts of interstate 81 and as we get into tomorrow. rain chances start to creep up a bit. that's good news. we're nearly 5 inches behind in rainfall since the first of august. here's your first check of a seven-day forecast. only a 30% chance of a shower. have an umbrella. if you don't need it today, you're likely going to need it tomorrow afternoon, thursday afternoon. just a whole lot of rain chancesful again, our only real shot wednesday into thursday cooler into the weekend. a check on traffic with melissa mollet who has more fender benders. >> yes. not the way to start a week here. we do have this crash at 71st
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avenue. we're not getting much information. sounds like something that won't be in the way for too much problem. 95 at stafford, slow because of the roadwork. it's just that section. 270 at montrose, northbound, southbound, not too many problems. top of the beltway, nice and green. b.w. parkway, no issues, no roadwork to talk about. 66 into town, out of town, we're fine here, niece and green and moving. remember to listen to our friends on wtop 103.5 f.m. when you hop in your car this morning. david? this morning the french released air strikes on isis targets. they destroyed an isis training camp so as to protect them against carrying out attacks. the attacks lasted for close to
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five hours. until now they only attacked them as part of a u.s. coalit n coalition. just how low will they go. why you'll pay even less at the pump if you have to fill up your tank this morning and why preess are expected to st low. and it's the video everyone's going to be talking out at work. take a look at this. the baseball brawl
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we're following a breaking fire on benfield. details are slim but we know two people have died. we'll keep you updated on that. chuck has rain in our forecast. we'll have that at 5:01. you've probably seen this video. papelbon and bryce harper. this in the dugout. take a look. if you haven't seen it. here's what went down toward the end of the game. haerp your doesn't run out a flyout in the eighth inning and when he gets to the dugout papelbon started yelling at him.
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and then this, a lunge toward harper's neck. he throws him into the wall. he spoke about it after the game. >> you know, sometimes in this game, there's a lot of intensity that spills over. things that happened to me -- i can't allow that to happen. >> right after that fight, papelbon was brought out. he gave up a home run. the phillies go on to score eight runs and win the game. if you plan to fill up your gas tank, prices are falling. the national average is about $2.35 a glob. in d.c. it's a little higher. maryland rubs around 2.53. retailers are cutting their own profit markets because high supply is force them to compete for your business. anger over software that
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allowed volkswagen to cheat on its emission test is not going away. the company launched a website asking customers for patience. it has to apiece diesel owners thinking they would help the environmental without sacrificing a fun drive. it's working to get government approval with 16 models with updated engines. they could face an $18 billion fine in the u.s. and countless lawsuits. >> the obama administration just came out with new rules to loosen restrictions on trade, banking, and travel. the "washington post" reports the talks focused on how to expand tourism, education, health care, as well aztec knollgy. it was also to focus on trade. a 23-year-old who was hit while jogginging on the national
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mall is honored. ag ler was able to give brandy swan the luck she needed and sunday the dads were able to meet. >> to be young and to sign up to be a donor isn't just an ordinary thing. most of us skip that part of the driver's license lesson. talia saved five others through organ donation as well. >> pretty incredible. >> stay with us. "news4 today" continues at 5:00. as we come up in the 5:00 hour, i'm david cull er. >> and i'm erika gonzalez. we go to the live desk for an update on the fire. >> we now have a look at the home where two people died in that fire in severe na park, maryland, in benfield road.
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if you take a good look, you can see scorch marks near the roof and a whole section of paneling torn away. this was not far from the high school there. the fire is out but still no word on a cause here. we'll continue to follow this developing story. back to you. a muggy start to your morning. it looks like we could finally get that rain that we need so much. we'll send it over to storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell. >> yes, indeed. welcome to a monday morning. a whole lot of clouds. kind of a clammy and soupy feel outside. finally needed rain chances coming your way and very little in the way of sunshine this coming week. early on a monday morning a couple of sprinkles across north central virginia. there's just so much moisture in the atmosphere. might be able to wring out a couple more showers. out the door weather this morning. very mildy


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