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tv   News4 at 5  NBC  September 28, 2015 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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two versions of that story. >> this is what 29-year-old lynna uribe looks like today. this is what she looked like july 12th after she said a cop punched her a number of times in the face. she was knocked out, taken to the hospital where she was treated for three days. >> the scene, the el tapatio bar. it was about 2:30 in the morning and miss uribe says inside four women were attacking her younger sister. she said she went to protect her sister and some bouncers brought her out of the bar to the cop in the parking lot. >> miss uribe's attorneys produced this blotchy surveillance video which they say shows the cop throwing her to the ground and punching her in the head. >> miss uribe spoke today through an interpreter. >> translator: when he twisted my arm to the back he threw me
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down to the ground. he continued to hit me on my face. after that i lost consciousness. >> reporter: according to the police, miss uribe was throwing bottles at people inside the bar. she was brought outside where police say she spit, punched and scratched the cop in the face. the cop said i delivered several closed-fifties strikes to uribe's face until she stopped striking me. now where is the cop now and what's he doing? what are the lawyers saying and where does this case go to from here? i'll catch up with all of that coming up at 6:00. live in prince georges, pat collins, news 4. it's scott mcfarland at the live desk and breaking news near the frederick montgomery county line in maryland. an injured hiker about to be rescued on sugarloaf mountain. the maryland state police
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chopper that's above sugarloaf mountain. the injured hike serothe harder more challenging trails for hikers and about a nine-mile loop and this is near dickerson maryland. we know a hiker is injured and we don't know the nature and severity of those injuries and we do see it hovering overhead and we'll keep watching and keep you up daded, but for now at the live desk this is scott for farland. now to a blockbuster proposal designed to help ambulance response times in the district and this is from muriel bouncer and it calls from private ambulance companies to run some of the 911 calls and they spoke to the fire chief about how it could work. he's outside engine 9 on u street. mark? ♪ ♪ >> reporter: district officials
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point to a deteriorating fleet of ambulances as well as a surge in 911 calls as the reasons there have been so many delayed responses. d.c.'s new fire chief hopes by using private ambulances for some tran sports it will reduce those delays. >> we're hoping that by a use of a third-party provider that it will allow us to concentrate more time on the training of our firefighters especially our ems training as well as to get to the preventive maintenance of the vehicles that is an ongoing problem. >> it does make sense. the rigs are falling apart and we need more time to train. mayor bowser expects the d.c. counsel to approve a pilot program to test the use of private ambulances. chief dean says only low-priority patients will be transported by the private ambulances. >> it could be a cut hand, a cut arm and things of that nature, a sprained wrist and we would call for a third-party provide tore
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take you to the hospital versus taking you on the fire department an rattis. >> this will not impact patient care. >> the ambulance companies, all their employees have to be emergency medical technicians and they still need to be licensed under the department of health. >> now the mayor and the chief plan to roll this plan out to the d.c. council tomorrow morning at the monthly breakfast meeting and news 4 will be there. coming up, who will decide whether a d. chlt kr ambulance or private ambulance will transport you and what are your right whethers that decision is made? >> mark, thank you. an arrest and a story we brought you on news 4. a man is facing charges for a series of shots fired at buildings in virginia. officers took matthew mccarney and he's accused in shooting in both herndon and leesburg. in one case police say someone caused thousands of dollars in damage. in another there were still employees inside and no one was
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hurt. just moments county police released new information about a taser incident. some are calling it excessive force and cell phone video shows the respect appears to be paysed while his hands were on the squad car. northern virginia bureau chief julie carey talks to us from woodbridge. julie? >> well, just minutes ago, we saw the news from the fairfax county police about their internal inquiry about this advertising injury last week. the bottom line was the use of the taser was justified and the video that's created commotion doesn't not rapt a good picture of what he's seen. the officer believed he saw a gun in the suspect's pockets and couldn't magdz the decision at the time he made to tase him. they have ruled this was
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justified use of a taser. we are in prince william county and the incident happened in the rose hill shopping saernt. he came here to be with his family after he bonded out of jail to go over the weekend. we spoke to his brother and the way he clifrntly than police. >> this is the video that prompted an uproar in social media. he started recording last thursday afternoon when he saw an officer abruptly pull over to block a man walking down the street. he asked that his identity be concealed. >> then we see the guy, you know, complying to the police officer's request by turning around and putting his hands on the hood and the officer by then had already taken out his taser and he shot at him while his back was turned toward him. i feel like that was way too much enforcement. it could have been hand emed differently. >> 35-year-old elton chancellor
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was charged with larceny and assaulting a police officer. he's accused of stealing a pair of sunglasses at a nearby bank. his brother first saw the video on saturday and thinks the officer involved should face disciplinary action. >> if my brother did something wrong he noods to be accountable for what he did, but in this case, he surrendered, for whatever the kiss may be he surrendered so for him to shoot him in the back with the taser. >> the taser incident leaves him shaken. >> he's upset, kind of walking on egg shells right now. >> the man who took the video and posted it on social media says he called police right away to report what he viewed as excessive force. >> the bystander wasn't -- he wasn't resisting arrest. he was -- he was listening to the officer and he just wanted to know what was going on. so once i saw that taser go off, it's shocking to see that happen out here in a metropolitan area. >> reporter: minutes ago fairfax
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county police say they have found this to be a justified use of a taser, and they losed less than lethal force in this case and to support their position they released new videos and they say a picture of the knife, we will have that all for you coming up on news 4 at 6:00. i'm julie carey, news 4. get ready, folks. it is going to be a busy week for storm team 4. we are going to see some rain and we already have the low-hanging clouds and doug, how is it going to look all throughout the week. >> a good idea to keep that up brel umbrella handy. >> and some of that rain will be heavy at times and others will be kind of what we see today and that will be shower activity and storm team 4 radar tracking just a few light showers and and around culpeper county in toward culpeper countiy and portions of loudoun county west virginia and a few more showers back toward annapolis and that's about it. we'll be tracking most of these
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as they move out of our region and a good idea to keep the umbrella handy. what we're watching is an area of rain down to the south and down to the southwest, a couple of storm systems coming together to give us the potential for heavy rain tomorrow into tomorrow night and that's what we'll be watching for not just tomorrow, though, and it could be more rain for the week and much cooler temperatures and wait until you see the seven-day forecast. we have changes to talk about over the next couple of days. a young woman is dead after police say she overdosed on a synthetic drug. she overdosed on 25i. very little is known on how it can impact the body. we are told investigators are still working to identify all of the chemical components of the drugs this woman took. major changes are coming to your commute if you ride the blue, orange or silver lines. for the next six months your
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trip will take a bitacfun longe it's ball of the large transformer fire down at the stadium armory station next week. adam tuss is live outside with details about this latest metro slowdown. adam? that's right. here are the key takeaways on the orange and silver lines. on the blue line, starting tomorrow, only blue line trains will stop here at stadium armory. and every train that rolls through here is going to be rolling slower. so all in all, not a pretty picture. >> reporter: it's worse than first thought. the fire outside stadium armory last week certainly didn't look good and now we know it caused a lot of damage. >> three key power transformers were inside. all three now damaged beyond repair. >> we lost all three. the fire involved only one. it's determined the two others can't be fixed and metro has to find power from other places and
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that's why it's so critical that we be conservative about this and that we not overtax the power system because if either one of those remaining substations should have an issue then we're really talking about a major service disruption. >> because of that, trains have to run slower and all of that means you're going to have to give yourself more time to get around and that's not something riders want to hear. they're already delayed. >> how long have you been waiting? >> about 20 minutes. >> is that acceptable? >> no i was expecting i would be on a train in about five minutes or maybe six or seven. >> reporter: the fix isn't easy, either. metro has to custom order new transformers. it will be about six months before everything is back to normal. >> seeing as the dollar and we're late to work and we tro explain to our bosses because we're late and it's because of metro. only blue line trains will stop here at stadium armory during rush hour. >> there are a lot of students who rely on metro to get to their school here around stadium
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armory. if they can't take the train here, what are they going do? coming up at 6:00, i'll tell you about metro's plan? wendy, back to you. >> all right, adam tuss. we are learning about the death of a 2-year-old just days after he fell out of a window. we'll find out what's being done to help the family. >> a deadly hit and run, find out what a driver told police was the motive for this attack. >> you've seen the image using the image of bryce harper being choked as its cover page. next, we're live with the details on the fallout and reaction from fans. it's scott mcfarland at the live desk. we're watching an aerial rescue about to happen. an injured hiker and we'll tell you how this is happening and how they'll effect this rescue how they'll effect this rescue in a few moments.
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♪ ♪ now to that dugout duel between two of the national stars. boy, it was a wild and ugly scene and now the aftermath. >> there is a suspension and a
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benching and a manager taking blame for not knowing enough. carol maloney has the details she's at the park. >> he's being suspended four games without pay for his altercation with bryce harper in the dugout. papelbon had been suspended three games by major league baseball for separate incidents and he is done for the year. meantime, bryce harper, he's also receiving some punishment. harp not in the lineup although he was ske you willed to have an off day already. matt williams taking a lot of heat for allowing papelbon to stay in the game after the fight and admitted he did not have all of the information and he would not have allowed that to happen. williams, adamant and there was no place for that on this team? i was upset and i was appalled and i think the punishment we've announced today fits and
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reflects the feeling we have about the tolerance of issues such as this, and what we can do is at this point, not let that define us as a team and as individuals and go play. that's what we're paid to do and that's what we must do and fix it as possible. we'll bring that to you shortly on news 4 at 6:00. for the fan reaction, let's head over to tom sherwood. >> thanks, carol. let's be honest. for the fans this nats seasonal ready was a huge disappointment and then there was the dugout fighyesterday. it was the choke seen round the baseball world. and here at nats park today there's no doubt who the dugout villain was, pitcher jonathan papelbon. >> i'm glad that he got suspended and he needs to go because that was totally uncalled for. >> i'm glad papelbon has been
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suspended. i don't think he did the right thing. >> any comment on papelbon? >> he's an [ bleep ]. some fans worry that star bryce harper could have been seriously injured. >> i think that it did not set a really good example for nationals fans. >> at minimum, to some fans, terrible sportsmanship. i would never teach my kids to retaliate against -- especially another teammate. >> some fans said the disappointing season head headed downhill and disblazed closer bruce storing. how about papelbon? >> i rest my case. >> many fans here for the last home game of the season were still optimistic like this little girl who grabbed the microphone. >> hello, people. my name is addison and i will be coming to games next year. >> reporter: wait until next year. coming up at 6:00, i'll tell you
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what fans told me about keeping manager matt williams. i'm tom sherwood at nats park. >> we asked you to weigh in on the suspension. so for a majority of you think papelbon would have been suspended longer in some cases. 63%. and students at a new jersey high school are remembering their star quarterback after he died collapsing during a game over the weekend. 17-year-old evan murray was a three-sport star at warren hills regional high school in new jersey and he took a hit during friday night's game and collapsed making it to the sideline. he later died at the hospital and an autopsy is under way and we'll have more from the school and some nfl players and how they're remembering murray. that's coming up in the next half hour. to a developing story at the united nations where president obama is meeting face-to-face with vladimir putin. addressing the civil war in
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syria. putin says it would be in his words an enormous mistake to refuse to cooperate with the syrian government. president obama said syria's future cannot include current president bashar assad. despite that statement today president obama said that the u.s. would work with any country including russia or iran to find a solution in syria. he also called for more cooperation in the fight against isis. >> when a terrorist group beheads captives, slaughters the innocent and enslaves women, it's not a single nation's national security problem and that is an on all our humanity. >> the u.s. is increasing the number of refugees to be welcome into the country. >> congress will lift the trade embargo against cuba. >> the push defund planned parenthood has very little support among the american people. six in ten in a new poll say
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they're opposed to completely eliminating the federal funding for that program and that includes 44% who are strongly opposed. >> among those in favor of defunding planned parenthood, 9% support shutting down the government to achieve that goal. one of the common cancers for men is getting easier to detect. doreen gentzler explains how a w technique is combining the old with the new in the fight against prostate cancer. thousands of students in prince georges county didn't get their vaccinations and in a store that's only on news 4, find out when kids could start getting pulled from class and who is getting pulled off the job. the fight over a new gun shop in northern virginia has parents very upset and we'll
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and now here's storm team 4 forecast. >> not a bad weekend out there for many of us. some areas saw a lot of rain and others didn't see much rain at all and we told you, areas to the south will see more rain around fredericksburg saw rain over the weekend and kind of similar and some areas are seeing showers and others not seeing anything at all and not seeing the national harbor, and we have mostly cloudy skies and that will be the case adwe move
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to the rest of the evening and winds out of the east at 7 miles an hour and it has been a hum humid -- and it has allowed for a few showers to develop. and 75 in annapolis and down toward huntington. here is the shower activity. >> culpeper, and we've got showers around the charlestownia irin charleston county, west virginia and that's about it. the bulk of the area remaining dry and we have moisture to the south. as a matter of fact, take a look at this. look at how much moisture is in the eastern half of the united states. we have plenty of clouds and a lot of rain to the south and all of the way to new england and that's the way it will be for the next couple of days and we'll start out with cloud cover and by noon, we start to see some showers taking shape and most of the showers start taking place.
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everybody starts to get in and it will be the case all evening and some of the heavy rain back to the west and 10:00, we're going to see some rain tomorrow during the latter portion of the day and take the umbrella with you and maybe heavier rain and it comes through our area during the evening hours and we'll see chances of rain and it looks like those rain chances could last through the weekend and cloudy, maybe some fog early and temperatures around, and temperatures head's up for that and we will see some locations with heavy rain and mick sure you take that umbrella to work. into the 70s and low 80s and we did see any sunshine across our region today. hour by hour forecast, 70,
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degrees and that's where you expect the stormy donees and one thing we'll continue to watch is the rest of the week and high temperature is 64 is what owe'r predicting on friday and the rain chances possibly going way up toward the weekend and we'll have much more with veronica at 5:00. prince georges county takes center stage as nasa makes a big announcingment about life on mars. i'm darcy spencer in rockville where a man who has allegedly confessed to intentionally running over another man with his car killing him appeared in court today, coming up, w
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we're now learning more about the man accused of running down another man in montgomery county on friday, this was in clarksburg. the man behind the wheel is now charged with first-degree murder. news 4's darcy spencer is live where the man had his first court appearance. dharsy? >> reporter: that's right, wend pep a judge ordered ryan sal understa andy to be continued to be held without bond. his attorney argued he is not a
5:31 pm
risk to the community and he is not a flight risk and has no criminal record. family and friends of ryan salandy join in prayer outside the courthouse in rockville. some wiped away tears after the 22-year-old faced a judge for the first time on a first-degree murder charge. he was described by relatives as a christian rapper and college student. >> i was in shock, you know? anything like this is obviously disturbing. >> reporter: prosecutors say he is also a killer, internally running down a young man he knew during a dispute over a transaction involving a music recording. according to charging documents he said he did it because he was angry. >> investigators believe there was some relationship where mr. mcdaniel was formatting or doing something with music given to him by mr. salandy. >> reporter: the victim, 21-year-old william mcdaniel, he was walking his german shepherd near his clarksburg home friday afternoon when witnesses say he and salandy got in a heated
5:32 pm
argument. salandy left, but then he came back. he circled back to the neighborhood and -- and struck mr. mcdaniel intentionally with his vehicle. >> police say salandy then drove away. detectives found him and his heavily damaged saab at his home in germantown after his own mother called 911. mcdaniel's parents and grandparents were also in the courtroom and did not speak to reporters. a family friend cried throughout the court hearing. salandy's mother and the dozens who showed up to support him say he's innocent. >> from what i understand, this is a small fraction of his supporters. people who know him, people who love him, people who believe in him. >> reporter: if you would like to see those charging documents for yourself, you can view them at nbc washington at the nbc washington app. search under hit and run and coming up at 6:00, why he gave the confession to police.
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sad news out of aspen hill, maryland. word that a 2-year-old child who fell from a balcony last week has died. that child fell from the third floor of a home on hewitt avenue here near georgia avenue. his name has not yet been released. >> and a former children's hockey coach in virginia has been sentenced in december after he pled guilty today. to propositioning boys online. timothy bodenheimer used to coach middle school kids at the ketler iceplex in worrellington. investigators busted him in an online sting and found thousands of pictures of porn on his devices. the former coach never touched a child. a gun store moved it a new location has a supervisor stepping in now and they moved the row, and it is steps from franklin sherman elementary school. store owners tell us the new
5:34 pm
location has no space and released a statement saying, quote, whatever one's personal position on gun ownership is, it is anning it niftic to our community and frightening to locate a store selling firearms and live ammunition, literally within 60 seconds, walking distance to a school entrance. the superintendent of a naval academy says he believes women absolutely could be navy s.e.a.l.s in this country. he's confident the school could produce female seals if the military changes its policy. the academy has produced the most successful graduates. the navy special warfare units that combat crews be open to women. >> pope francis now back at the vatican after his whirlwind tour of cuba and of course, the united states. the pontiff says tonight his biggest surprise about our
5:35 pm
country, how warm, lovable and prayerful the people are. on the plane back to rome the pope told reporters that anyone who covers up child sex abuse including bishops are guilty. when asked if his being a star would be good for the catholic church he said, stardom is fleeting. adding what lasts is being a servant of god. >> the strongest evidence yet, water flowing on mars. news 4's chris lawrence is here with details of a major announcement from nasa about the red planet. >> scientists have noticed a phenomena over several years. they'll be calling it recurrent slow, and now they say it's water and saltwater and it's flowing on mars. >> streams of briny water appear in craters during late spring and summer. and the streams disappear in the later months and it's an incredibly important find especially for the push to send humans to the red planet.
5:36 pm
>> the existence of liquid water even if it's super saelt, briny water gives the possibility that if there's life on mars that we have a way to describe how it might survive, but the exciting thing is that i think we will send humans in the near future to mars and there will be scientists looking for signs of life and the resources are there. >> so far scientists haven't been able to determine where that water is coming from. we know mars had lakes and seas billions of years ago, but something happened to the pla t planet's climate and almost all of it disappeared and it's possible it's seeping out of the surface and now they're identifying the source and trying to find out how much water could be left on mars. >> thank you, chris. more changes east of the anacostia, we'll tell you where one neighborhood is about to see a big boost in d.c.. >> have you noticed the price of cereal is on the rise. we'll tell you why breakfa
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developing tonight on news 4 at 5:00, more automakers may have to issue recalls because of exploding air bag inflaters. 19 million cars have already been recalled in the u.s. because they have inflators made by takata. now the government wants seven additional carmakers to report which models may have takata
5:40 pm
inflators. those carmakers include mercedes, jaguar, tesla, rather, andvolkswagen. at least eight people have died so far because of the inflators exploding with too much force. she cried on the stand today, but the judge didn't buy it and sentenced joyce mitchell to up to seven years in prison. mitchell is the former prison worker who helped those two murderers escape in new york state this past summer. although sentenced to seven years, she could earn her release in two years. mitchell apologized for giving david sweat and richard matt tools that they used to make their prison break. she may also have to pay new york $120,000 in restitution. >> for the first time in two years virginia could execute an inmate for two weeks. alfredo prieto will be executed on thursday. the el salvador native was
5:41 pm
sentenced to death in 2010 for the 1988 killings of rachel raver and her boyfriend warren fulton. prieto's attorneys argue that he's intellectually disabled. the state will be using lethal injection drugs for texas because virginia's supply expires on wednesday. >> old texts may not always test for prostate cancer. we'll explain what has changed. >> it's a story you will see only on 4. the director for the health department for the prince georges county school system has been placed on administrative leave as it's revealed that thousands of students have not received their immunizations. i'm tracee wilkins. we'll have that story coming up at 4:00. >> our rain chances way up over the next seven days and i'll give you the timing of how a give you the timing of how a tropical system will impact
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i'm sid. and i bank human at td bank. i'm scott mack far lane. there have been reports of an injured hike or sugarloaf mountain on the trail there. the maryland state police hospital over the scene and if you look closely at the screen you can see the door and you see maryland state police rescue personnel with these white helmets and they're about to lower some type of crane or harness down to retrieve an injured hiker on the blue trail. notice one of the more challenging trails on sugarloaf mountain for hikers and rock climbers. reports of this person being injured came up more than an hour ago.
5:45 pm
a rescue is imminent and we'll keep watching it and we'll have the images as soon as they come in. for now, this is scott mcfarlane. we have learned that thousands of students in prince georges count ve not been immunized and some may be asked to leave school. the health director for the school is on administrative leave. news 4's tracee wilkins explain yes the health director is in so much hot water. >> we have some vacancies. >> reporter: dr. angela joined the prince georges county school system in 2013 hired by ceo kevin maxwell. she currently served alongside maxwell. she as the head of the county's health department and he as the head of public schools and he was fired for reasons not quite clear and including a lack of confidence her leadership according to reports. now after two years on the job she's been placed on an administrative leave in prince georges county.
5:46 pm
>> it really is a personnel matter and it's confidential information and she's still part of the school district here and we're not giving out any specific information about her situation at this time. >> this as news 4 has also learned that prince georges county has thousands of students who have not been immunized and having those students immunized falls under dr. rockaway's responsibility and our goal is to work with parents and notify them and that's our responsibility as a school district. >> students not immunized by this wednesday have to leave school. parents say they are shocked to find out so many students are not in compliance this late in the year. >> you put other kids at risk when you don't get immunized and it's really a health issue. >> it's pretty shocking to hear that a lot of kids are aren't immunized. so i'm a little lost for words right now. >> reporter: we tried, but we weren't able to reach dr. rockaway. coming up at 6:00, how do the immunization numbers compare to
5:47 pm
surrounding counties? i'm tracee wilkins, news 4. ♪ ♪ ♪ scott macfarlane watching the rescue of a hiker. they've just lowered maryland state police equipment on to what appears to be an area near the blue trail of sugarloaf mountain and you see a lot of people around this area and one of the people on the ground we believed to be an injured hike or what is a difficult course there, a difficult trail. the helicopter and the maryland state police helicopter says part of the rescue is off your screen and is hovering above this area and they've lower some equipment closer to these individuals on the ground and trees are blocking some of our view as you would expect in late september and we see a group of people have gathered around and we believe to be an injured hiker and it's not too far from interstate and north and wet of
5:48 pm
that area and it's popular with hikers and outdoor enthusiasts and injury happened mid-afternoon to late afternoon and the maryland state police helicopter was positioned about an hour ago and then just moved a few minutes ago into position to remove this individual and not sure if it's a man or woman and we're not sure of the nature of the injury and they felt necessary to move a helicopter into place and rescue personnel is the place to make this rescue and keep an eye on this in the coming minutes and for now at the live desk, i'm scott macfarlane. >> it's not like someone fell on a dirt path. it looked like they were doing rock climbing. >> i noticed it was wind. >> it could have been the helicopter. it was that close. >> what i do like is we don't have any big ras coming through the area right now and it's not picking up out there. and a different story for tomorrow. so for this evening we're
5:49 pm
talking about some fog forming and it will get misty, too. here's a look at tomorrow this time. so for the evening rush tuesday, i do think that we'll be deal being with moderate to heavy rain and we're finding in the early part of the day again with the visibility down around a half mile and it's one of those days when you need to stay abreast of the forecast and download the nbc washington app and we'll get you continuously updated with the live area. around richmond and that's where the showers are, south of fredericksburg right now and any real rain. so for us, i think as we get into the evening hours and it could get misty and foggy again and our temperatures, we've got breaks in the cloud cover and up into the upper 80s or low 80s, but when you drop to the low70s by 11:00 p.m. with fog forming across the area. 7:00 a.m. as we go through the day there could be spotty showers again down south around orange and areas like fredericksburg and quantico.
5:50 pm
by afternoon, after 3:00, 4:00, that's when we will keep a close eye on the radar because overspreading the area, some moderate rain and even some heavy rain by 9:00, 10:00, 11:00, making its way through hagers toin and those areas that will be impacted the largest or the heaviest will be right up here around leesburg, and frederick, and hagerstown and winchester, and 795 and out west around 66th for tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. probably the bulk of the rain, 5:00 to 9:00 there could be wind with this. so it will be having an impact on your travel and exercising and getting out and about and the moderate rain again after 5:00 and it gets nasty late and try to exercise early and tomorrow will be early in the day. i'll just take the big one because of what awaits for the afternoon and evening hours. 80 degrees and then as the rain comes through the area and our temperatures will be dropping into the 70s between 5:00 and
5:51 pm
8:00 and could be even cooler in some areas. high temperature right into d.c. and 80 in fredericksburg and while it is going to be a warm day tomorrow, look at how we cool down by the end of the week and especially the weekend. so you know, be careful what you wish for. much of this year abnormally dry and we have rain chances every day this week. wednesday, your thursday and friday and they drop at the end of the week and your temperatures, too, into the mid-60s and that's the weather front that comes through on wednesday and we have cooler conditions for thursday and friday and we're watching the storm system. yeah, there are still a lot of uncertain we this and we could be dealing with a lot of wind and rain coming to our area and maybe frost for the early part of next week. guys? >> thanks, veronica. >> prostate cancer is one of the most common cancers in men, but detect it early and it can be very successful. news 4's doreen gentzler reports on new technology that is giving doctors a helping hand into
5:52 pm
diagnosing this disease. for men, dealing with prostate cancer, the only way to confirm a diagnosis is with a biopsy, but for years, doctors haven't had an accurate way to do that. >> doctors say that deteching prostate cancer can be tricky. it starts with a blood test, checking a man's levels of prostate-specific antigen or psa. when that level is high a biopsy is the next step. trouble is doctors typically use a ultrasound, and all too often the ultrasound doesn't find the cancer, but now doctors at medricstar georgetown university hospital are using a system called euronap. it combines mri with the ultrasound. urologist dr. john lynch says it's helping to detect abnormal areas in the prostate that they would have missed before. >> we don't want to biopsy everybody unnecessarily. so if we can be far more accurate with the biopsies that's the key. we don't want to do too many
5:53 pm
unnecessary biopsies and when we do them we want them to be as accurate as we could possibly be. dr. lynch says this is helpful for men diagnosed with non-aggressive forms of cancer and they would have to have regular biopsies to keep tabs on the cancer. doctors have a more accurate view of the prostate so men did skip those regular biopsies if there's no progression of the disease. so this technology really has two purposes. diagnosis and detection. september is prostate cancer awareness month and you can learn a lot more about the disease on our nbc washington app including the four things you might not know about prostate cancer. thanks, doreen. a once vacant public housing community is getting new life tonight. the old sheridan terrace community is now sheridan station located off suitland park way near the anacostia metro station. check it out. the $100 million project
5:54 pm
provides 327 mixed-income apartments and town homes and most are rentals and most are set aside for affordable income programs. all of them are families that make up to $64,000 a year. a high school player injured during a game never recovered. up next, learn how this tragedy on the field has impacted an entire school community then new at 6:00, a look at donald trump's tax reform plan and who it
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a school and mourning the death of a high school foo will player. a star quarterback died after collapsing on the field friday night and condolences came in from governor chris christie and the new york jets. nbc's jim maxfield spent the day at the school as classmates remembered 17-year-old evan murray. j friends of evan murray are gathering to remember and to pray outside a memorial at the football field. >> he doesn't deserve it at all. he was the nicest kid. >> the 17-year-old h seemed to have it all, a three-sport athlete, starring quarterback and a top student here at warren high school. >> he was a well-rounded kid. >> he died after taking a hard hit in a football game summit. evan walked off the field himself and shortly after he collapsed.
5:58 pm
>> as an em it, i take care of football players on the field when they go down and i'm first responder so i can relate what they have to go through. >> in addition to the ambulance standing by at the game friday night, warren hill his both a team doctor and a trainer on the sidelines. news 4 has learned that goes above and beyond what new jersey high school sports official require. >> i've spoken directly with our school physician and he assured me we had absolutely first-rate, readiness and preparedness for any eventuality. evan is the third high school football player who has died due to an injury suffered in a game since september alone. in the last two years, 29 high school football players have died either directly in a game or indirectly collapsing after practice. we were in total shock. just not something you expect from somebody so young. >> the warren hills community and the larger football community have rallied around
5:59 pm
the murray family. a go fund me page has raised almost $50,000 and more than 2500 people have signed an online petition on to change it to evan murray stadium in his memory and to retire the number 18 jers ney his honor. late this afternoon the medical examiner announced that evan had died of internal bleeding due to a las rated spleen. he did tack a hard hit to the stomach before collapsing on the side line friday night. the medical examiner also noted that he had an enlarged spleen to begin with which may have put him at greater risk for the sort of devastating noniinjury. i'm jen maxfield, news 4. >> new at 6:00, a new effort to improve response times in the district. we'll tell you why a private ambulance might be responsible for care sdwl. a potential shake-up in the white house. hillary clinton losing ground as
6:00 pm
a new name captures more gop support and it's not trump. fairfax county police are defending the officer seen in this video. he tased a man who appeared to have his hands on the squad car. our bureau chief julie carey spoke to the suspect's relatives about this takedown and she joins us live from woodbridge with both sides of this story. jules? >> reporter: well, the result of the police administrator review into the use of this taser only came out about an hour ago. so since my 5:00 live report i had a chance to work thoroughly and i had a chance to go down the street there and talked to the brother of the man who was tased in that video about his take in the latest information. the incident happened last week at the rose hill shopping center in fairfax county. we are here in woodbridge and that's because the subject of the whole controversy came here to stay with his family after he bonded out of jail. he told me he has cerebral palacy and he was extremely ke


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