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tv   News4 Today at 6  NBC  September 29, 2015 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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the second half of your lunch hour today. potential for heavier rain comes in after 4:00, 5:00. out the door weather this morning, temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s. here is your hour by hour breakdown for the day. 72 at 7:00 a.m. 78 at noon. near 82 for a high today. chances for rain and thunder late this afternoon and this evening. there will be weather slowdown for your commute. tom has more on that in ten minutes. update on trucky tuesday traffic from melissa. >> tricky traffic. 95 southbound at 123, crash to the left side of the roadway. not slowing anything down at this point this morning. looking pretty good. southbound lanes, 50 here at fill more street and arlington, still a crash blocking some lanes and northwest 14th street at madison drive. also a little closure there. orange line, prince jorans county overall, no major problems. same thing inbound branch avenue, otherwise looking quite good.
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travel times in ten minutes. right now we're in the middle of the first morning of what looks like a slower metro commute than usual. last week transformer fire at the metro station will impact your ride there for months. molette green is monitoring this for us live at the station. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. passengers i talked to this morningpproaching the station with caution, not sure how their commute will go. six months or longer. that's what you need to know. metro has to basically tear down that damaged sub station and build the thing out entirely. that means a big adjustment for passengers on the orange, silver and blue lines. so during rush hour, the orange and silver line trains will bypass the station. during rush hour, that is. only blue line trains will service the stadium armory.
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when the trains leave, they'll be accelerating at a much slower speed. there will be fewer trains on the orange and silver lines as well. and i talked to a passenger earlier today, who is very worried about his already long commute. >> every morning, i have no expectation because metro is always in shambles, but i would like to get to work open time and always impacts my commute. >> reporter: back live here, you need to know there are free shuttles being offered during rush hour for those folks who need to travel east from the station to stations between minnesota avenue and new carrollton during rush hour. that is the latest live from the stadium armory station. i'm molette green, news 4. another issue for metro, but officials tell us this one will not have lingering impacts. reports of an arking insulator brought floods of live trucks to -- fire trucks to the wisconsin avenue and friendship
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heights metro station last night. no one was hurt. metro single track the red line for an hour until the problem was fixed around 10:00. working to learn new developments now about a violent night over the last several hours in d.c. five people shot in three separate shootings, most recently a man shot just before midnight. this in northwest d.c. it happened on ft. stevens drive off 13th street in northwest. we originally heard two men were shot, but d.c. police now only confirming one. the victim is expected to survive. officers also arrested a suspect but have not told us any names at this hour. over in southeast, police working two shooting scenes, a pair of shootings happened within two hours of each other. around 10:00 last night, two men were shot on g street and 46th place southeast. police tell us the men were conscious and breathing when they were transported to the hospital. right now there is not any suspect information in that case. one man is dead after a shooting on eaton place in the berry
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farms neighborhood from last night. the other shooting victim is in the hospital this morning. police still working to identify the victim and any possible suspects. now 6:04. happening today, virginia's attorney general mark herring will introduce what he calls 21st century policing. herring will make three appearances today across the state to announce these new initiatives. he'll start the day in arlington and head to richmond and norfolk. several high profile stories on police tactics have officers under heavy scrutiny. the family of a man tased by a fairfax county police officer says they have hired an attorney. elton cansler's brother says the officer's use of force was unnecessary. the department is standing by the officer. police say cansler walked into the sun trust bank last week and stole a worker's sunglasses. bank employees called police. when they confronted him, they say he started to reach into his pocket. police say he was carrying a six inch knife. >> it is a utility knife that
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folds out. and that could be a deadly weapon if he was to get it. >> the tape clearly shows he never reached for it. so where was the threat? there was no imminent threat to the officer for him to use that type of force on my brother. >> marco crosby says his brother has cerebral palsy and was shane by the incident with the officer. we'll learn more about the mayor's plan to speed up ambulance response times within the district. mayor muriel bowser and gregory dean want to use private ambulance companies to help carry the load. they plan to find out for a year. fire chief says the private contractors will respond to call for low priority or nonemergency incidents. news 4 plans to go to this morning's announcement and get that nbc washington app ready or check us out for any updates. the growing number of minors getting their hands on cigarettes in our area. today the montgomery county council could stiffen the fine for stores that sell tobacco to minors. right now the fine is 500 bucks for a first offense.
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750 for a second. a vote today to increase the fine to $1,000 for the very first offense. that's the highest fine allowed under state law. lawmakers need to pass a spending bill by midnight tomorrow to avoid a government shutdown. if that spending bill passes, it would keep the government running through december 11th. senate republicans are upset majority leader mitch mcconnell stripped a provision that would cancel federal funding for planned parenthood. new information this morning about a danger lurking in your home. a study out overnight raising new concerns about a growing number of kids being hurt by falling tv sets. some suggestions that could keep your child from becoming a statistic. and promising to save you money. every time you stop to fill up. the pitch one presidential candidate is ready to make to lower gas prices. several brand-new crashes around town. one on 95 southbound. one in arlington. details on both coming up.
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right now, two people are dead with massive cleanup under way in taiwan. typhoon dujuan slammed the country. two people died and 300 were hurt. look at the debris here, dirt and rocks covering the roadway. six people are missing. thousands of people lost power in the southern island of japan. the storm is now over china where schools and southeastern ports are all slowed. republican presidential candidate jeb bush calling to end the ban on u.s. oil exports and easing restriction on natural gas. bush argues reversing the ban would allow u.s. gas companies to do more business which would lead to lower gas prices. those against the plan say that while lifting the ban would give a major benefit to the gas industry, we only see a small drop in gas prices. all right, it is 6:11. that means time for weather and traffic before you head out the door this morning get your day
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started. >> tom kierein has my favorite pa backdrop of the morning at the tidal basin. >> no matter what time of year it always beautiful here at the tidal basin, jefferson memorial lit up. the waters are calm, like glass, hardly any wind around this morning. we had a few sprinkles coming through, though. i'm here with the storm team 4 by 4. if you look at the storm team radar and the nbc washington app, you'll see a few sprinkles now passing just north of washington and southern montgomery county, few sprinkles around silver spring to college park and east of there to northern prince george's county. later today, as you head out, have the umbrella handy. you may need it as you will be walking to the bus stop and the metro this morning. and likely you'll need it this afternoon with some showers likely coming through. melissa has an update on a crash. what is going on with that? >> update on the crash, right now, 95 southbound at 123, looks like it is just on to the left
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shoulder there. don't worry about that one anymore. arlington, 50 at fill more street. still have that accident. downtown, 14th street and madison drive, still have that crash as well in northwest. 270 south looks good. outer loop top of the beltway, no problems there. 66 inbound and 95 north. just about normal for this time of day. listen to our friends on wtop when you hop in your car. weighing in on the scuffle that still has fans talking. why cal ripken jr. says tis dugout fight between bryce harper and jonathan papelbon is no big deal. also ahead, another automaker under microscope this morning. why investigators say they may have put you at risk over their handling of a recall. 6:12.
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just six games left to play and jonathan papelbon will not be in any of them. the nats suspended papelbon for four games and he accepted a separate suspension from the mlb for throwing at a player earlier this month. mike rizzo said his behavior was not in line with how players should conduct themselves. he also said he would evaluate, quote, every moving part of the
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team, which includes papelbon and manager matt williams. cal ripken talked to wtop's michelle bash. >> being on many teams for all those years, this is not something that is rare. it happens periodically. and tempers flare and people get over it. so i didn't see it as a big issue. >> matt williams and papelbon are under contract next year. the nats take on the braves on the road tonight. baseball player in the hospital now after he went flying into his teammate. watch this closely here. see that. he dives for the ball. biscotti then waves as he was driven off the field. this is what you'll see here. the cardinals say he's okay, they have sent out several tweets over the last few hours, they say tests came back negative and the team thanks
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people for their prayers. >> hope he's doing well. this morning, firefighters in prince george's county say good-bye to their former deputy fire chief. karla blue was the first african-american woman to serve in that role. this morning her funeral will be at the mount ennon baptist church in clinton. viewing at 10:00 followed by the service at 11:00. blue died in a car crash nearly two weeks ago. the cause of that crash is still being investigated. today, you can share your thoughts on what the relationship between police and your community is like. tonight the aclu is hosting a forum to talk about effective community policing. it starts at the meant african-american episcopal church. police in frederick, maryland, need your help to find a missing teenager. gabrielle good was last seen on friday. no word on what she was wearing. if you have information, investigators want to hear from you. a man is facing charges for a series of shootings that
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damaged office buildings in northern virginia. matthew mccarney was arrested last friday. he's accused in shootings over the past couple of months in both herndon and leesburg. in one case, police say the shots caused thousands of dollars in damage. no one was hurt. here is something we know you'll like to hear. you could be eligible for a refund. a supreme court ruling found maryland essentially double taxed people who paid income taxes in another state. this was between 2011 and 2014. so maryland governor larry hogan says around 55,000 people may be eligible to get the county portion of their income back. all you have to do is check the nbc washington app to see if you're one of them. we also tweeted out a link to that. new york city's mayor will be in d.c. today. bill de blasio will be at conference for a democratic politician and business leaders today. he'll travel to baltimore. there he'll meet with other mayors from around the country. a scare in new york is now over after a plane had to turn
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around for an emergency landing. you can see the boeing 757 here. it had just left on a seven hour flight to ireland when the pilot discovered hydraulic failure, no flaps and problems with the landing gear. the plane turned around, but then its brakes caught fire on the way back in. the passengers were taken back to the terminal and crews put out the fire. tragic story. a child died after someone gave him the wrong medication. idaho health officials say they're tryinging to determine whether friday's incident was a system failure or just human error. they say neither the doctor nor st. luke's magic valley valley hospital are in jeopardy of losing the license. for one family, it is the attention to detail that is just too late. >> our hearts go out to the family. we are profoundly sorry this occurred. we have expressed -- we have offered them any assistance the family needs. >> what exactly happened? state officials say they should have an explanation by next
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week. they say while the tragic incident is likely rare, it is the second one for this hospital in 15 years. new this morning, a safety alert for parents, more and more toddlers being hurt by falling tvs according to a new study. the number of severe neck and head injuries on the rise. kids between 1 and 3 are most at risk, they're more likely to climb on the furniture and try to pull those tvs down. safety experts say all tvs should be safely secured to a wall or base. now even though the flat screen is popular, they can fall on top. >> still wait theeight there, n question. look at weather and traffic. >> let's head over to storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell tracking all the rain. >> good morning, everybody, our long stretch of dry weather appears to be coming to an end. there is an old saying in the weather business, all droughts end with a flood. not forecasting a flood. but we have a lot of moisture and rain chances coming our way, not just for today. you'll need your umbrella today.
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you may need it every day for the next couple of days as well. and that includes on into the coming weekend. tropical storm joaquin has been born. couple of hundred miles east of miami, florida, right now. the current motion on the storm is to the west at only 5 miles per hour. the official forecast track from the hurricane center shows very little in the way of movement or strengthening over the next couple of days. between now and thursday night, friday. very little movement. and the storm expected to remain a tropical storm, not become a hurricane. as we get toward the weekend, all that storminess moves up the coast. sometime late saturday night or early sunday, the storm may be off the coast of the outer banks or virginia beach. not expecting it to make a landfall, but even if it doesn't, it will certainly bring an abundance of tropical moisture our way. that will be our weekend rain chances. between now and then, we have all of this to deal with here. rain across parts of the roanoke and new river valleys now, this will make the curve and come up i-81 by late morning into this
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afternoon. and rain could be moderate to heavy at times as we get towards late this afternoon into the evening here in the metro. rainfall amounts could get as much an as an inch or more in the immediate metro, could get two inches or more across parts of the shenandoah valley. temperatures now in the upper 60s and low 70s. hour by hour planner for the day. rising up to the upper 70s and low 80s. rain possibly heavy rain after about 4:00, 5:00 today. then a chance for thunderstorms into this evening. seven-day forecast, low 80s with heavy rain later today. have the umbrella. showers heaviest rain tomorrow. hit and miss shower chances on thursday. friday night to the weekend, we'll see where joaquin is and what the track of that moisture turns into. it will be cooler and staying on the wet side. slow and wet, how is 270 coming along? >> not looking so hot here. 270 southbound, as you're passing, a little slow through the area. opens up as you hit clarksburg and then we're okay. this is volume.
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no report of anything at least at this point. if anything changes, we'll let you know. 66 inbound, 35 miles per hour, outbound, don't have any issues. 95 south at 123, looks like we still have that disabled vehicle off to the left shoulder there. fill more street and arlington, that crash is still there. so is the one in northwest, 14th street there at madison drive and big look at the beltway, you can see we're getting slow here, top of beltway, outer loop and inbound 66 as well, just as you go inside the beltway. back in ten minutes. volkswagen has set up a new website for its u.s. customers looking for more answers about its emissions cheating software. more than half a million of its vehicles in america are letting off more pollution than epa standards allow. go to the vw diesel to find a list of affected models. volkswagen says it is still working to fix that situation. bmw is in trouble with the national highway traffic safety
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administration over claims that the automaker didn't put out a recall fast enough. bmw recalled more than 30,000 mini coopers in july for failing to meet side impact crash standards. regulators say their tests showed there was a problem months earlier and push for bmw to make the recall. they said it is reviewing their response. in news for your health, a new study says you need to reduce both saturated fats and refined carbohydrates to keep your heart healthy. researchers at harvard examined nearly 130,000 people's diets. they found people who cut out sarated fats like those found in meat and dairy lowered the risk for heart disease. same was true for those replaced white bread with whole grain. you can start teaching heart healthy happen yy habits to you children. teaching preschoolers about diet and exercise developed life-long healthy habits. preschoolers were less likely to be overweight or obese according to the study. two people from our area
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named genius grant recipients. coates and coen will receive $625,000 over the next 25 years. they can use that money for anything they wish. the awards the grants to art leaders and scientists, coaches and journalists, who write about racial identity. we wish them both congratulations. >> genius grant, that's a big deal, right? >> i don't think we qualify. congrats to them, though. a new era for the daily show. trevor noah took the desk for the first time last night. >> he wasted no time bringing on the laughs. he even mentioned his predecessor jon stewart with, of course, some humor. >> jon stewart was more than just a late night host. often our voice, our refuge, in many ways our political -- it is weird, because --
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>> he's from south africa. he gave his comedic take on current events, poked fun at pope francis' y!Ășavisit, john boehner's resignation and discovery of water on mars. always plenty of material, right? tonight he'll have chris christie on the show. and in washington, feels like so much of that washington comes from right here. >> has to be nerve wracking, filling jon stewart's shoes. >> big shoes. >> 6:26. new trouble for a trendy d.c. restaurant. the company's legal troubles have spread to california. new developments around the security scare at new york's jfk airport after a man made it on to the tarmac as pope francis left town. why that man says he wanted to talk to the pontiff. we are bracing for a soggy day ahead. check out storm team 4 radar. see the line of showers? moving on in. when you can see the most rain where you live with your hour by
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hour forecast. that's coming up at 6:31.
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right now, our storm team is tracking a line of showers that will likely impact your day. some of you are stepping outside
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to rain right now. scattered showers moves through our area. look at that radar, that blue heading our way. this afternoon, you need to get ready. >> we're looking for your tweets this morning too. use that #umbrella day as you look out on the tidal basin live now. we can show you that. maybe not. we'll show you the radar. >> almost as pretty as the tidal basin, right? >> you are as pretty as the tidal basin, chuck bell. it is a cloudy and wet start. our #is umbrella day. download our weather app. and have the radar right there in the palm of your hand if you try to plan out your day. morning planner, cloudy skies, mild out there. already 70. we'll hover in the low to mid-70s through 9:00. showers becoming more likely again in the metro after about lunch time today. rain could be moderate to heavy at times between 3:00 and 4:00, 5:00 this afternoon. we could get some rumbles of thunder after about 6:00 or 7:00 this evening. so umbrella ready for sure.
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moderate rain in the roanoke valley, moving up through the shenandoah valley and press eastbound. rain intensity will increase in the metro by later this afternoon. temperatures now in the upper 60s to low 70s. so with all the clouds outside, risk of rain, recess only gets a grade of d today with temperatures again into the upper 70s and low 80s. ten minutes, tom kierein out there talking about the impact the weather will have on your commute in to work and school this morning. for now, another slowdown. >> another slowdown here. this one in centerville, southbound at wallny road. right lane blocked because of a new crash there. 66 overall, 95 looking typical. both routes inbound there, 50 at fill more street and arlington, still have that crash. now, a little slow bw parkway inbound as you approach the beltway. 95, 29, all look good. 270 here at montrose, little volume headed southbound there out of frederick all the way
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down to rockfell this morning. as we come up on 6:32, developing story surrounding security for the pope's visit to the u.s. learning more this morning about how a firefighter breeched securi -- breached security. chris followed a motorcade into an airport and slashed his retired firefighters badge at a security checkpoint to get on to the tarmac. today we expect a former state department official to face accusations he solicited sex from a minor in virginia. daniel rosen admitted to a list of crimes in d.c. news 4 outside court in july when he pleaded guilty to 11 counts of stalking in the district. d.c. police say he recorded as many as 25 women in their most
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intimate moments without them even knowing. detectives found the footage on his phone as they were investigating him for soliciting sex from a minor in fairfax county. sentencing should happen next month. a judge could decide today to push back the trial of six police officers charged in the freddie gray case. defense attorneys say they need more time because they have new evidence from prosecutors. the trial for officer william porter is supposed to start first in about two weeks. judge barry williams already decided the officers will be tried separately. the highest court in the land, the u.s. supreme court now the last hope for a prisoner facing execution in the commonwealth of virginia. governor terry mcauliffe denied a last minute attempt to delay the execution of convicted serial killer alfredo prieto yesterday. the execution is scheduled for thursday. defense lawyers argued prieto was mentally challenged and wanted to move the case to california. mcauliffe said the case was decided in the courts. brown university has
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rescinded its honorary degree for bill cosby. brown becomes the third university to take this action in less than a week. the school's president said crosby admitted to conduct with women contrary to the values of brown. the 78-year-old admitted to affairs with several women who now accuse him of sexual assault. he's never been charged with a crime. planned parenthood's president is making her first appearance before congress this morning since questionable videos went viral. cecil richards is criticizing republicans for not investigating. the videos show planned parenthood officials describing how they obtain fetus tissue for research. planned parenthood argues 1% of its 700 clinics obtain fetal tissue. president obama meets with cuban president raul castro in new york. this is the second time they will have met since restoring diplomatic relations.
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president castro said the u.s. economic embargo is a major obstacle for cuba's development. 6:35 now. fig & olive is facing another lawsuit involving the restaurant's salmonella outbreak. the l.a. county health department is looking into more than 20 salmonella cases at the chain's west hollywood location. here in washington, as many as 150 people became sick after eating at the restaurant in city center. a multistate investigation is underwe way to find out if the are any other cases. >> it is interesting. the mushrooms, the croquets and the truffle oil seems to be a common denominator. >> the lawsuit cites those same menu items as well in california. fig & olive says it is confident it is addressing this problem. more than 3,000 students in prince george's county have one day to get their shots. more than a month into school and thousands of students still are not properly immunized. news 4's tracee wilkins broke
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the story. they're not assigning blame for the lack of immunizations but trying to let parents know any student not immunized by tomorrow will have to leave their school until they get the proper shots. virginia has 11 days now to issue driver's licenses that meet new federal security guidelines. the commonwealth's real i.d. extension runs out october 10th. congress passed the real i.d. act in 2005. he created a set of standard security check for licenses to make them harder for terrorists to get. i.d.s that don't comply could be rejected at airports starting next year. virginia is currently in the process of getting another extension. bracing for a longer ride to work this morning, the service changes you need to know about on metro as the transit agency begins several months of repairs at one of its stations. making sure your kids are dressed properly for day ahead, how the showers will impact them on their way to and from school. with your bus stop forecast at 6:41. first, a hiker being hoisted to safety after an accident on
6:37 am
the trail, the fall that landed him in the hospital.
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the man you see in the video recovering in the hospital this morning after being rescued from sugarloaf mountain in maryland. chopper 4 above the scene as maryland state police helicopter lowered rescuers to the trail where he man fell 75 feet. the hiker being lifted into the chopper. this happened yesterday. the man is believed to be in his 20s, he suffered a head injury. it is now 6:41. time for a check on your forecast this morning. >> storm team 4 meteorologist tom kierein is standing by at the tidal basin. >> a serene scene here at the tidal basin. seeing the first light of day now, the air is rather humidity,
6:41 am
cool now. and the winds are calm, i'm here with the storm team 4 radar showing all the sprinkles we had an hour ago are out of the metro area. stand by later today, you'll need the umbrella and wet roads for the afternoon, maybe a few roads damp north of washington this morning. in the afternoon, have the wiper going and umbrella handy as well. melissa, now, checking on a new crash, what is happening. >> this one in rockville. a report of an accident in the intersection. this is 395 southbound, ramp to washington boulevard, crash there too. not seeing that on camera, but we know it is there. 27 south germantown, an extra ten minutes now. pretty slow there this morning. outer loop, top of the beltway slowed, 95 to 270. taking you 24 minutes. 66 inbound, no real problems there. 95 north quantico to the beltway. listen to our friends when you hop in your car.
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i'll see you in a couple of minutes. metro says changes at this one station could benefit tens of thousands of riders. my live report from stadium armory coming up next. watching a developing story in d.c. after a violent night. this morning, police are investigating three separate shootings around town that left at least one person dead. what we're learning about each
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right now, metro riders are bracing for a longer commute. the problem centers around this station here, stadium armory south and southeast washington. we'll show you why the adjustments are being felt at stations across d.c., maryland and virginia after your weather and traffic. good morning. skies are cloudy. a little light rain out there now. but your wake-up weather for the most part, on the cloudy and mild side. temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s. there is rain on the way. grab the umbrella. the forecast coming up. good volume building now, 270 southbound south there near hyatts town, slow through that area for some reason. 395 also southbound, the ramp to washington boulevard, new crash that is causing some delays as well. thanks. we are right in the middle of the first rush hour test for changes at a busy metro stop. last week's transformer fire at the stadium armory metro station will impact your ride there for
6:46 am
months. molette green is monitoring this for us live. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. passengers aren't quite sure yet what to expect and how to adjust their commute. this is metro's plan for the next six months, possibly longer until the crews can rebuild that damaged power station. a big adjustment for passengers on the orange, silver and blue lines. during rush hour, the orange and silver line trains will not stop, just cruise on by this particular station and during rush hour, only the blue line trains will service the armory station. that has passengers worried about long delays ahead. >> kind of bummed about it. i catch the train every day. my job is an hour away on the train. so that's going to make it like three hour drive, with hours.
6:47 am
>> now one shuttle bus just passed by. another one is standing by. metro workers out here that help folks with information. you should know that the free shuttles are being offered to folks who are traveling east from the station, between this station and minnesota avenue all the way to new carrollton. that is the latest live from stadium armory. i'm molette green, news 4. lawmakers need to pass a spending bill by midnight tomorrow to avoid the government shutdown. that spending bill passes, it would keep the government up and running through december 11th. senate republicans are upset the majority leader mitch mcconnell stripped a provision that would cancel federal funding of planned parenthood. there is mixed reaction this morning to donald trump's new tax plan. peter alexander joins us live more with how people are questioning trump's map. >> for weeks, donald trump found to hike tax on the hedge fund
6:48 am
guys and the wealthy. his new ambitious plan is now out and it does promise to cut taxes across the board, especially for the wealthiest americans. his plan reduces the number of tax brackets from four -- from seven to four with millions paying no federal taxes at all. the highest tax bracket will be lowered to 25%. corporate taxes capped, 15% there. trump says the plan would be to pay by eliminating various penalty and deductions, but the experts say this could cost trillions depending on what tax breaks donald trump wipes out. his group helped consult on the proposal. we see coming up on the "today" show, we'll let the experts weigh in and have some of the latest numbers from our new nbc news wall street journal poll. we'll show you where donald trump ranks among all politicians when it comes to popularity. peter alexander, thank you. watch for his report on the
6:49 am
"today" show. police investigating three separate shootings where five people were shot in northwest washington. we're working to learn the name of the man. the man is in the hospital this morning, expected to survive. officers also arrested a suspect in that case. over in southeast, police working two shooting scenes. a pair of shootings happened within just two hours of each other. around 10:00 last night, two men shot on g street and 46th place southeast. they tell us the men were conscious and breathing when they were taken to the hospital. right now, there is not any suspect information in that case. one man dead after a shooting on eaton place in the berry farms neighborhood. the other shooting victim in the hospital this morning. police still working to identify the victim and any possible suspects here. happening today, virginia's attorney general mark herring will introduce what he calls 21st century policing.
6:50 am
he'll make three appearances today across the state to announce these new initiatives. he'll start the day in arlington and head to richmond and norfolk. the family of a man tased by a police officer have hired an attorney. the department is standing by the officer. police say cansler walked into the sun trust bank last week and stole a worker's sunglasses. bank employees called police. the officer said when he confronted cansler, he started to reach into his pocket. police say he was carrying a six inch knife. >> so it is a utility knife that folds out. and that could be a deadly weapon if he was to get it. >> the tape shows he never reached for it. so where was the threat? there was no imminent threat for that officer to use that type of force on my brother. >> marco crosby said his brother
6:51 am
has cerebral palsy and was shaken by the incident. walmart says it wants to make your life easier. you can order your groceries and other item online and choose a pickup location as well as a time. even have them brought to your car. it is pretty convenient. the company says it will add more stores in the upcoming weeks. especially good day to get your can have foffee buzz on. national coffee day. feels like that every day around here. be sure to check out the nbc washington app on the way out the door this morning for a list of the local spots where you can get a free cup of joe. >> no limit that says you have to go to only one. you can go to each one. >> be all shaky. >> only thing i want is a free doughnut. that's not provided. >> there are a lot of local places that are great. compass coffee. >> i had my first two cups
6:52 am
already. first cup went down at 2:05. that's when you need it the most. outside now, it is cloudy and mild out there for sure. temperatures are already in the upper 60s to low 70s across much of the area. 72 now in washington. winds out of the northeast at 5 mile per hour. 71 hagerstown. 71 in st. mary city. 70 in manassas. a cloudy and mild start. chance for heavy rain moving in late this afternoon into this evening. bus stop weather on the damp side, temperatures near 70 for the next hour or two. low 70s by 9:00. coming home today, take the umbrellas. showers rolling in between 2:00 and 4:00. what could be heavy rain after 4:00, 5:00. so as i mentioned, the raincoats, long pants, need your umbrella on the way out the door this morning. look at it on radar, moisture all over the eastern seaboard. anywhere you travel from chicago to boston to miami to atlanta to
6:53 am
texas, rain everywhere. this rain in the southeastern parts of the shenandoah valley will work its way in our direction. here is future weather. by noon time, that pocket of rain in the valley, by 2:00, 3:00, showers around the metro area here, after 4:00, though, look at the yellows and reds. this is moderate to heavy rain coming in here as we get past about 6:00, 7:00 this evening. could have some thunder and lightning. rainfall amounts generally an inch or more from i-95 eastbound. potentially two inches or more out towards the shenandoah valley and blue ridge. an eye on tropical storm joaquin, not an immediate threat to us. friday, saturday, sunday, the weekend, that storm may be off the outer banks of north carolina or potentially somewhere off the eastern shore. so that will need to be watched very, very carefully. seven had-day forecast, 80s today. tomorrow, in the 70s. we may stay in the 60s for the highs. clouds and rain chances as we finish the weekend. new traffic troubles from
6:54 am
melissa mollet. >> new problem. sounds like a crash. we'll tweet you about that. westbound old bridge road at antietam road, have all lanes blocked there because of a crash. just happened a few minute s ago. southbound, pretty slow through hyatts town. further south, 28 miles per hour down to the -- just volume, no actual problem there. rockville, a crash there. sully road at wallny, right lane blocked because of an accident. inbound to 10, indian head highway, little red inbound and taking a look at the top of the beltway, 95 and 29, everything inbound going about 40 miles per hour. your ride through friendship heights should be smooth. that's not the way it was last night. no one hurt.
6:55 am
metro's single tracked the red line for hours until the problem was fixed. the news 4 i-team told you about first, the growing number of minors getting their hands on cigarettes. the fines could be stiffened for stores that sell tobacco to minors. the fine is $500 for a first offense and $750 for a second offense. a vote today could increase that fine to $1,000 for first offense and that is the highest fine allowed under state law. good morning. m landon dowdy. gm's ceo says the automaker will tap more into connectivity in its cars. gm plans to add more self-driving features and enable services through smartphone apps. you could use an app to import preferences like seat position and mirrors into any gm car you're driving. i'm landon dowdy. later this morning, we'll learn more about the mayor's plan to speed up ambulance
6:56 am
response times within the district. the mayor and gregory dean want to use private ambulance companies to help carry the load. they plan to try it out for a year. the private contractors will respond to calls for low priority or nonemergency incidents. check your nbc washington app or news 4 midday, we'll bring you updates there. it is now 6:56. four things to know before you head out the door. a judge could push back the trials of six police officers charged in freddie gray's case. the defense says they have new evidence from prosecutors and need more time. the funeral for a former deputy fire chief in prince journals count y georges county will this be morning. she died in a car crash nearly two weeks ago. three separate shootings in d.c. five people in all were shot. police arrested one suspect so far. expect a slow ride along the blue, silver and orange lines near stadium armory metro
6:57 am
station. officials say the damage from a transformer fire last week will impact your commute for as long as six months. grab your umbrella. 80% chance of rain. heavy rain possible on the way home this afternoon. all lanes blocked westbound old bridge at antietam because of a crash. 270 southbound slower than normal. thanks for having me. >> thanks for coming. come back. we'll see you in 25 minutes. have a great day.
6:58 am
6:59 am
7:00 am
good morning. deep frost. president obama and vladimir putin all business moments before their first meeting in two years. >> thank you very much. >> but did those 90 minutes behind closed doors do anything to bridge their differences on how to take on isis. taxes and tone donald trump unveils his much anticipated plan to overhaul the tax system. >> just going to cost me a fortune. >> and makes a surprising admission about his attacks on his rivals. >> it's a little childish, but this is a campaign, and usually, and i think you know this better than anybody, i'm responding to them. >> this morning trump is with us live. emergency landing. >> we've lost our hydraulic system, one hydraulic system, so we're going to have to r


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