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tv   News4 at 4  NBC  September 30, 2015 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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i'm darcy spencer in loudoun county where they're still cleaning up after a four-foot wall of water flooded basements in one leesburg neighborhood. i'm adam tuss on capitol hill. is the federal government about to step in and take control of metro safety? bracing for more torrential downpours and the threat of serious flooding. >> storm team 4 has an eye on hurricane joaquin, but prior to that local homeowners need to get ready for a wave of widespread rain. doug and veronica are in the storm center. >> we've seen it anywhere from two to six inches of rain fell across the region and that prompted areas of flooding and we think we have another two to six inches of rain coming on friday and saturday and that's with a nor'easter and then we talk about the potential for joaquin. >> exactly, two potentially and another third round coming in and we can't stress this enough. this is two more systems that we could be getting moving right
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over our area or at least very close to our area all producing a lot of rain and the potential for flooding. and that rain's not happening now. we do have some shower activity and storm team 4 radar tracking some of the showers and more drizzle than anything else. we have a frontal boundary trying to move on through the area and the montgomery county coming in through the district and very light rain if anything hitting the ground. we mentioned the nor easter and that's what we're going to get first. the two to six inches has nothing to do with joaquin and that's what we want you to remember here. even if joaquin stays out to sea, you're still going to have a major impact for us as far as the nor'easter that will develop a very strong northeasterly flow and for us that means 30 mile an hour inland down toward the beaches and two to six inches of rain and friday and saturday will be quite messy and then we have to talk about joaquin and where does it go? right now it's an 85 mile an hour hurricane and the next advisory we expect it to be strengthening even more and the
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track of that storm coming up in just a couple of minutes. guys? >> all right, doug, a big announcement on safety on metro. metro's current oversight group is ineffective and it wants the federal government to take over safety oversight. transportation reporter adam tuss broke this news on twitter and it's been the top story on our website all day. adam is on capitol hill to break down what this means for metro and metro riders. adam? >> reporter: here's why this is significant. this is the first time ever that it's been suggested that the federal government step in and take control of safety oversight of a subway system. it's also significant because it tells you exactly how the ntsb feels about the current state of safety at metro. the ntsb delivering a sobering assessment of the group that does have oversight of safety and they're known as the tri-state oversight committee. it's a group of three. yes, three people who have no set of safety rules and
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guidelines and they don't have the ability to enforce any safety rules or guidelines for metro. the ntsb saying today that if the federal government were to step in and take control of metro safety, issues that would take the current oversight group years to fix could, in fact, be addressed in just a few months. this announcement today has sent shock waves through the halls here on capitol hill. local leaders are reacting and we'll have their reaction coming up on news 4 at 5:00 and why some say this may not be all that's needed. back to you. service on the yellow line back to normal this afternoon after trouble this morning. metro says a transformer started smoking near la font plaza and metro has ed spspeeds across th potomac. it is all clear. a man charged in the murder of his ex-wife's second husband entered a no-contest plea in court today. men wen shot and killed corey madison inside madison's ashburn
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home back in january. they say wen was jealous of the time madison had been spending with the children that wen had with his ex-wife. wen's wife or ex-wife was there at the time and pregnant with madison's daughter. she brought her newborn daughter to the hearing today. it carries the same consequences as a guilty plea without admitting wrongdoing. an attempted kidnapping in arlington and police are looking to determine if it's related to similar cases. this happened monday night along north quincy street. a man grabbed a 23-year-old woman from behind and tried to drag her into the bushes. she screamed and he ran off. turning back to the weather right now. two big stories developing and homeowners in northern virginia are preparing for more flooding after dealing with torrential rain last night and first to laurel, maryland, where the weather service is inspecting several buildings. this is chris gordon in the 300 block of main street in laurel,
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maryland. the rain and wind last night brought roofs down and broke windows, smashed signs and even tore bricks from the side of buildings. all new at 5:00, we'll hear from someone who was downtown in the historic district of laurel last night and tells us what he saw and what he heard. that's coming up. back to you. we are on trigate court in the leesburg area of loudoun county where there was some pretty significant flooding last night. take a look here. the homeowner describes a four-foot wall of water literally hit the back of the house and pushed open the basement door, literally brought it off of its hinges and there was a lot of water damage in the basement. that's being kleebed cleaned up right now. some of the items have been destroyed. you have some of the children's items here, some christmas ornaments and decorations for the holiday season that's going to be approaching.
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all of this is damaged. take a look over here. you have some insulation that's been brought out of the basement. so they're in there now with some sump pumps and this is a nightmare for this family. >> it's been a pretty bad day. they lost pretty much everything. i think there was four feet of water inside there. >> reporter: coming up, i'll show you some of the cleanup going on in this community today. in leesburg, darcy spencer, news 4. now to the news of a deadly mall shooting that was following out of south carolina. an officer who responded to reports of a suspicious person at the mall is dead and police have a suspect in custody. the fallen officer was greg alia. investigators say he and a partner confronted an armed man and chased him through a shopping center in the city of forest acre, that's just outside of columbia this morning. gun fire rang out and alia was shot. he was 32 years old and police haven't released the suspect's name, but they say he was armed
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with a gun and a knife. we have some breaking news now. jesse matthews' trial date is set in the murder of morgan harrington. news 4 is live in charlottesville where a hearing just wrapped up. david? >> reporter: barbara, that case has now been set for trial, jesse matthew waving his right for a speedy trial and the trial date october 24, 2016. you'll note it's after the case for hannah graham which is set for next summer. eachime there is a court appearance for jesse matthew, morgan's parents wearing purple and orange to remember their daughter as well as hannah graham. matthew is accused of abducting and murdering morgan in 2009. just two weeks ago, prosecutors charged him with first-degree murder. in court we learned of another conflict of interest involving the judge in this case. plus the very personal reason that the first trial date that was set earlier today had to be
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changed. i'll share that with you when i see you on news 4 at 5:00. for now reporting live in charlottesville. >> thank you, david. a young marine dies while trying to help a driver on the side of a busy highway. news 4 speaks with a longtime friend of the victim. the controversial kentucky court clerk said she had a secret meeting with the pope. what the va
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now your storm team 4 forecast. and after all that rain late yesterday, it's good that we're getting a bit of a break today. our temperatures in the 70s. yes, it's cloudy. tomorrow, a cooler day for us and then we're ready to track round two as well as round three, that from joaquin. keep in mind these will be two separate systems that we will have to deal with.
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as far as joaquin goes, the very latest, new information out just before 5:00 and throughout the day on friday, joaquin expected to strengthen up to a category 2 hurricane, possibly to a category 3 before diminishing. there is a look at early part of monday. very close to new jersey, delaware area.9q i want to stress this is a very changing forecast. a very difficult forecast and we've seen the tracks change several times and a lot of uncertainty with our forecast. very quick, just some action items to take and heavy rain is forecast for saturday and check your sluump pumps. we'll have more on the seven-day forecast. we're learning of a secret meeting pope francis had with kim davis, the kentucky clerk that refused to issue licenses. >> the meeting happened at the vatican embassy in washington last thursday. the pope told her to stay strong and gave davis and her husband rosary beads. a vatican spokesman didn't deny
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the report, but didn't comment either. on his flight home to rome, the pope said conscientious objection is a human right. a young marine who spent most of his life serving others dies doing just that. the awful accident that claim his life and how friends are remembering him. >> calcium supplements and many women take them every morning before walking out of the door. today, there ava and i needed a little vacay. but we needed to watch our spending. meaning i needed to watch nikki.
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here are the stories that are developing right now at 4:15. hurricane joaquin lurking in the atlantic and the d.c. area, now in the forecasted cone. storm team 4 is updating the track now and we'll have the timing of each more rain set to move in later this week. >> right now most american women over 50 take calcium to prevent broken bones. straight ahead, we'll talk to dr. jackie about why those calcium supplements may actually be hurting you. we're working on a disturbing case onboard a metro train. transit police have arrested a maryland man for violating a girl onboard a grown line train. police say espinoza lopez sat next to a girl and exposed and touched himself when the girl tried to leave and the suspect put his hand on her and tried to get her to stay. we'll explain how police tracked him down. that's coming up in the next hour. i'm megan fitzgerald on route 15 north in frederick county where
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late last night a 21-year-old marine was struck and killed along this roadway. maryland state police say corporal william ferrell pulled off on the side of a road to help a driver just before 11:00. police say ferrell was walking on the shoulder of the road towards the car when he was struck by a large pickup truck hauling several vehicles. investigators say the suspect kept going and the marine who was stationed at camp david died on the scene. state police are asking anyone who may have witnessed the accident or knows anything about the suspect who drove off to contact the department right away. back to you. it looks like communities that were hard hit last night by the rain are about to get it again. let's check in with storm team 4 to see what they're looking at. >> guys, i really want to stress today, tomorrow, no big deal. the only big deal tomorrow is the fact that it would be rather cool and breezy. already breezy out there right now and let's take a look and shou you where they are. look at the winds. they've now shifted out of the
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north at 15 miles per hour and that will bring in much cooler air, but as i mentioned, everyone is still around the 70-degree mark and 80 degrees toward pa tuxet river and the changes come tonight and you can see the flow already making its way down to the south and we've seen a few showers this afternoon and we'll continue to see a few more and maybe a couple of area was drizzle as the front move across our region and not a lot tonight. way up toward new england and now out to sea, but what we're going to see is this moisture. you see all of this moisture and the speed? that will move back in across our region over the next couple of days and you can see that on the future weather and tomorrow, most of the day looking dry tomorrow and at least most of the early part of the day and watch how all of this moisture to the east and this is the atlantic ocean and just off to the east and watch as the moisture starts to move back in, heavy rain down toward the chesapeake and toward ocean city and watch how it moves in or early on friday and notice what's really going on.
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look at the very heavy rain moving in right towards our area and this will be friday into friday afternoon and then into the day on saturday and we'll see more rain developing overnight friday night into the day on saturday and a very wet period and it's all because of a nor'easter. take joaquin and throw it out. you're not going to see the storm friday or saturday. even if it does come it wouldn't come until friday ore saturday. high pressure to the north giving us those strong northeasterly winds and that's what we're going to see over the next few days. so here's what we know we'll be seeing and coastal flooding and beach erosion and inland flooding with some of the heavier rain and winds to 40 miles per hour. that's even in d.c. we could see 40 mile an hour wind gusts and in the chesapeake and out toward the beaches and three to six inches of rain and put that owe down over what we've seen in the past 24 hours and you can see the flooding potential is there. let's talk about the rainfall and how much and who will see the most from this and it's mostly going to be closer to the coast. three to six inches plus and that does include the d.c. metro
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area and back toward the mountains and this will be a big scenario here as far as the flooding is concerned coming up on friday and into the day on saturday. now sunday would be joaquin and here it is right here and here's the hurricane and it looks very, very healthy. as of 2:00 this afternoon it had 85 mile an hour winds and i did expect it to be strengthening by the 5:00 advisory and the latest advisory brings it to a category 3 hurricane and then positions it somewhere in towards the mid atlantic. where exactly? well, we're not exactly sure right now, but one thing's for sure, once again, friday and saturday, those are the days to worry about now and then we can focus joaquin and veronica will have more coming up in a few minutes. if you're still taking calcium supplements there is fresh evidence they may be a waste of time and money. in "news for your health," new studies say the extra helpings of calcium-richfoods can do more
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harm than good. a family allergy is here to explain. dr. jackie, right now 60% of american women over the age of 50 are taking extra calcium believing it will help preventec broen bones. how did so many of us wind up taking it? >> there was a concern over fractures and older people will take them and they move less. an original study was done in nursing home patients. the answer was to take calcium and that trickled down to everybody over the age of 50 and that's where it all started. >> there are two new studies that say extra calcium doesn't reduce your fracture risk. >> taking calcium does increase your bone density, but only by 1% or 2% and in a second study they found there really was no decrease in the risk of fracture by taking calcium and that's whether they took it by supplement or in their diet. >> are they recommending women not take supplements at all?
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>> that's what they're recommending and this has been a recommendation in the u.s. since 2013. what's important to realize is this was a study done as a medric analysis meaning they looked at 90 studies and this isn't coming from just one place and the risk really was not there. >> what are the biggest risks from extra calcium. you can have problems with the cardiovascular system, kidney stones and g.i. symptoms like constipation and abdominal pain. >> so it's a little tricky, but basically everything we say in moderation and take calcium in your diet like we normally it would and it would be to move weight-bearing exercise. >> isn't there a growing board of evidence suggesting that we don't need these supplements anyway? >> right. that's exactly what's coming out of this particular study is that there is the supplement community and the supplement business that says that you need all these things particularly when looking at in this case, calcium with bones doesn't make a difference and being do more harm than good so why are we
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having people take all of this? let me also say we're in the beginning of flu and cold season and we go through this with vitamin c and it's the same business that it really hasn't been shown. the science simply isn't there. so the supplement industry will put out all sorts of things saying it's good for you, but in these particular cases it really isn't necessary and in fact, may do some harm. dr. jackie. thanks so much. >> sure. we all know it's difficult to avoid baggage fees when we fly, now you might have trouble when you ride the rails. the new charges amtrak is rolling out. the white house fence, why president obama said a baby boy not one, but two letters.
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storm team 4 is hard at work updating a changing forecast. steady rain moving in later this week and then a potential hurricane looming for the mid-atlantic. make sure you have that nbc washington app and turn on your weather alerts. doug and veronica are back in just five minutes with an update. we're used to them for air travel, now baggage fees are finally hitting the rail too. starting tomorrow amtrak will charge passengers $20 if they exceed restrictions for carry-ones and personal items. if you want to avoid those fees
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make sure your bags or suitcases don't go over the 50-pound weight limit and you're allowed to bring two and in addition two smaller items that can't weigh more than 25 pounds each. pope trancis is still reflecting on his ten-day fill grimmage to cuba and the u.s. thousands greeted him as he arrived for his first weekly general audience since returning to vatican city. he told the crowd gathered in st. peter's square that america's tradition of freedom is evident especially during his visit to washington. he said the flight from cuba to the u.s. was symbolic of the bridge being built between the two countries. a white house mistake means a baby boy out west will have not one, but two amazing mementos to celebrate his birth. his parents in utah have a tradition of sending birth announcements to the white house for their children and after the arrival of their fourth, benjamin last year they were thrilled to get a letter back signed by president obama. the only thing is it wished the
4:27 pm
baby, benjamin, a happy 101st birthday, but the white house caught the mistake and sent a new letter. >> we've been showing people the first letter, they'll definitely get a look at the second letter. he hopes we'll pull these out in 2015 and smile, however we're smiling about it now. >> the family said it's an honor to hear from the president at all. their two oldest daughters have letters from president obama. the way you use your credit card is about to change. today the news 4 consumer team is working to explain why millions of people and businesses aren't ready for this. and the next big thing is tiny. why d.c. is leading the nation when it comes to owning small condos.
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oui got some very, very spotty showers out there right now. we're getting a bit of a break so the road conditions are fine here for the evening rush, but let's talk about the road conditions for the next three days and what we'll have to contend with. tomorrow, i think we're fine and a few more showers coming through our area and it is going to be a cool day and the wind will pick up and we'll get a green light on how the weather will impact the area roads and for friday and saturday the weather will have a high impact for area roads and some wind will come into the area and then for saturday, more rain and some more high winds throughout our area. it's friday especially during
4:31 pm
the afternoon and evening hours and we will see the rain increase in coverage and intensity. check out the winds here. this is friday at about 4:00 p.m. look at that, the winds on the coast, rehoboth and 40 miles per hour and greater inland locations and 30 to 35, those winds at the coast late friday and early saturday morning will be gusting between 45 and 50 miles per hour and we still have wind around the area on saturday, not quite as high on friday, but we're going to get more rain. again, two systems that will be making their way right up the coast and over us, so a lot of uncertainet and track, i want to stress that that track could still range, and we'll see how much they can get coming up in a few minutes. >> it looks like some students were trying to get more fun with the heavy rains we've got pounding parts of virginia out west. the flooding is so bad around james madison university that it's forced the evacuation of streets there. students face some new lakes were formed on campus because the floodwaters were so deep.
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i'm scott mcfarland at the live desk where we're awaiting word on an execution set to oklahoma at this hour despite a last-minute push to stop it. richard glossip was scheduled to die by lethal injection at 4:00 this after the supreme court denied his request for a stay of execution. he maintained his innocence and despite being convicted twice in his role of beatsing a colleague to death in an oklahoma city motel in 1997, glossip got a plea from pope francis. that's the second time the pope has made such an appeal this week. a similar letter failed to stop the execution evernight. preventing debit and credit card fraud. are retailers ready to accept the new chip technology the next time you shop? the card industry set tomorrow october 1st as a deadline to
4:33 pm
pressure merchant to have the upgraded chip card readers and researchers say they are way behind and even those with the new technology installed, many readers are just not working. tomorrow also shifts the liability of fraud from the banks to the retailers. coming up on news 4 at 5:00, who's ready? we have an exclusive research many merchants won't be ready until next year. pat and barbara? >> thanks so much, erica. when it comes to home ownership the big new thing is tiny. and downtown d.c. is helping lead the nation in bringing tiny condos into the mainstream. cnbc's diana oleic explains. so home prices are still rising far faster than inflation up 4.7% in july from a year ago according to the latest s&p case shiller and that's a bigger annual gain than we saw in june. so how do urban condo developers
4:34 pm
get cash-strapped young millennials back into buying? for one thing, they don't go big. they go tiny. super tiny. this is one of 30 teeny, tiny about 300-square-foot condo units on ontario 17 which is in d.c.'s very trendy adam morgan neighborhood and the area very pricey and the condo not so much, $27 5,000 for this studio unit and the developer behind it, the peterson group had to pay very close attention to detail because they had to use every teeny, tiny square inch and of course, you have your murphy bed in the wall and that's a given, and also underneath the sofa you have your storage for your bedding, but if you're saying to yourself, i have my dining room in the middle of my bedroom,/living room. all you do is pick it up, and latch it in and voila, you have art work. i promise, it's up there. come with me to the kitchen which i have to say by new york standards is really quite
4:35 pm
spacious. you have very high-end, sleek, german appliances, but you will notice they are slightly than your usual appliances. you also have a very large-size bathroom in the back. no tub, i cannot get you into the bathroom, we cannot get it in time, it does give you an idea of what you can do in the space. >> as for the building itself. you get a rooftop deck and a teeny tiny terrace in every single unit and a neighborhood that is already gaining in value. now, the super amenities you do not get. you don't get the pool. you don't get the gym, but you also do not get the super high condominium fee and that is by design. so i will admit to you, though, that the bigger penthouse units, they went the fastest, but for millennials in the studio, they were really -- shall i say, okay, guys, cleaning up. i had to do it. back to you. >> that's teeny tiny, all right.
4:36 pm
there are spirited debate about the teeny-weeny condos. visit our facebook page to visit the discussion. a 26-year-old baltimore man is under arrest this afternoon accused of writing threatening graffiti at several locations in anne arundel county. zachary shanor wrote killing aac cops coming soon at the richard highway shopping center. officers found more graffiti on hammonds lane. he was already in police custody for unrelated charges and he's now charged with destruction of property. now to decision 2016. "forbes" magazine says republican presidential hopeful donald trump isn't as wealthy as he says he is. the magazine put out his annual 400 richest americans that list, anyway, trump comes in at 121 with an estimated net worth of $4.5 billion. that's less than half of the $10 billion that trump says he's
4:37 pm
worth and trump is dismissing forbes' claims in an interview that airs friday on cnbc. he said the magazine didn't consider the value of the trump brand and failed to accurately estimate his lick rid quid asse several laws are, .08 or more or involved in a crash that killed another person. starting tomorrow you'll lose your license for six months for a first offense and your license will be suspended one year after a second offense or more. there is a list of all of the new driving laws on our nbc washington app and website. just search maryland laws. developing now, a show of force. russia unleashes its warplanes over the middle east, but there were questions about moscow's true target. plus a slip of a tongue at plus a slip of a tongue at the u.n., biden a
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storm team 4 team meteorologist doug kammerer and we have a busy couple of days and we also have a couple of days to prepare and i do think we do need to do that, prepare for flooding. we mentioned -- clean out any debris out of your storm drains, as well. >> we'll have many more of those on our website at
4:41 pm and things you can do to prepare for the potential for flooding and the wind. >> right now we just have some light sprinkles. that's really all that's on the radar and most is not hitting the ground right now and this is what we're worried about. this is friday and saturday and this is from the nor'easter that will be developing tomorrow night into friday and saturday and two to three inches of rain and three to six inches in this yellow area and down to the virginia region, as well. so here's what we know tonight and here's what we're looking at. heavy rain and wind and flooding will become likely and this is all friday and saturday. once again, this has absolutely nothing to do with joaquin and it stays out to sea and it still occurs and that's what i want you to keep in mind here over the next couple of days and veronica with more on the impact that this storm will have. all right, doug. some might call it an accidental campaign endorsement. a foreign minister had a slip of the tongue today during a u.n. meeting of world leaders when referring to vice president joe
4:42 pm
biden. >> mr. president -- vice president, sorry. i'm -- well, could have been, can be. who knows? if you have news to tell us here, please, let us know. >> well, no news yet. vice president just laughed it off and he hasn't made a call as to whether or not he'll jump into the race. >> a new poll finds there are those who would support him if he does decide to run. silicone injections claimed a local woman's life. new from the medical examiner about how it happened. vladimir putin, and there are questions about the timing and
4:43 pm
4:44 pm
4:45 pm
and now your storm team 4 forecast. okay, guys. not too much in the rain falling today or tomorrow. can't say it enough times from storm center 4. now is the time to take action and do the necessary things around your house to prevent any damage from taking place. i know that all too well, it doesn't take much with a sump pump to get flooding in your basement. a number of reports from friends where there is that situation. showers around east of richmond around the beach locations right up into salisbury and soegz city which will see high surf coming up the next couple of days again. now developing along that front
4:46 pm
will be an area of low pressure and that's what we've got to talk about for the end of the week and first part of the weekend is then we get joaquin. for us right now, 72 and spotty showers around the area and you can get by with a small umbrella today and 64 degrees by 11:00 p.m. and tomorrow, temperatures start out in the 60s and we fall throughout the day and look at the rain late tomorrow. this is during the afternoon hours and showers start to overspread the area with the low developing from south to north. so that's tomorrow. we get a little bit of rain starting to move into the area late in the day. early friday it will be wet and wet in the morning and that's 6:00 a.m. and then as this area of low pressure develops more by the afternoon hours and lunchtime on friday is heavy rain and high winds from the coastal locations inland. i showed you those winds earlier and there were gusts around 50 miles per hour around the coast and 35 to 40 inland and a lot of rain that continues to friday and another way as this thing continues to organize and more rain coming into the area as
4:47 pm
side and the winds not quite as strong, but still, doesn't take much in the way of flooding and let's talk about the impacts in our area. this is for tomorrow and we're cool, humid and a few showers and a low-impact day for us. heavy rain, the flood chance is high and high winds, as well. it will be a weather alert day for us on friday as well as on saturday. you want to make sure you download the nbc washington app because we have updates that we'll be pushing all throughout the day next couple of days and cool one for friday at 59 and we have more, and a new track coming out on joaquin on news 4 at 5:00. right now, russia is engaged in a serious show of force in syria. just hours into the first russian air strikes there. u.s. officials and others are already casting doubt on moscow's insistence that its goal is to root out isis rather than prop up the government of bashir al assad.
4:48 pm
and rather than isis targets and steve handelsman is following targets. >> the questions here in washington are these. what's putin's plan and what's putin's motive in getting involved now in the complicated syrian civil war. the russians saying the pentagon confirms today that for the first time russian warplanes were up over syria and the russians say they were bombing isis targets, but the russians bombed a part of syria where isis forces are now accurate and that makes it look like forces in the u.s. were targeted. u.s. secretary of defense says russia is putting gasoline on the fire where tens of thousands of refugees have had to flee. putin makes it clear he wants to keep in power syrian president who is under attack by isis and by u.s.-backed anti-isis rebels and a political attack by president obama saying assad cannot stay in power in syria
4:49 pm
and it is looking for iran. that puts the russians kind of on the opposite side from the u.s. with iran, except for the fact that we and russia are also attacking isis. that's how complicated it is. here on capitol hill, obama critics led by republican senator john mccain say it didn't have to be this complicated and it didn't have to be this way and mccain said for years president obama should have gone after assad and syria. recently the u.s. should have to do more to fight isis and now mccain warns and others agree, that putin will get a lot more influence in the middle east. day one of a potentially dangerous situation. back to you. an update now in the story of a maryland woman who died after receiving silicone butt injections. the medical examiner today ruled kelly mayhew's death a homicide. she went to new york for the cosmetic procedure earlier this year. the woman took off after mayhew
4:50 pm
started having trouble breathing. the low-grade silicone had traveled to her lungs. police have not publicly identified the woman who injected here and no one has been arrested. just in, caitlyn jenner will not face charges in a deadly car crash. prosecutors say there isn't enough evidence for a conviction. jenner slammed into two cars in malibu back in january, sending one vehicle into oncoming traffic. investigators say jenner was traveling at an unsafe speed. despite a last-minute flir of appeals, georgia convicted a murderer. she is the first woman executed in georgia in 70 years. kelly was put to death at 12:21 a.m. and she sang amazing grace as prison officials gave her the lethal injection. a man she was involved with stabbed her husband to death. he later implicated her. more than 100 people witnessed the execution. >> she said she was sorry that
4:51 pm
that amazing man lost his life because of her and once the execution started she began singing "amazing grace" and sang it all of the way through. >> she was the only woman on georgia's death row during the visit. pope francis urged the board to spare her life. a scary touchdown for people onboard. this american eagle flight in texas. the plane tilted to the side and the wing touched the ground upon landing. the flight took off from dallas-ft. worth tuesday morning. it landed about an hour later here at the bordertown airport of mcallen, texas. despite clipping a wing no one was injured. mesa airlines which operates the flight took the plane out of service. no word on what went wrong. on wall street, stock of ralph lauren jumped after the
4:52 pm
company announced a new ceo. ralph lauren is stepping down of the fashion and home decor empire that he created 50 years ago. the new ceo is stefan larson, president of the gap. the change take effect in november, but lauren will continue to lead the company as its chief creative officer. >> would you use twitter if you could make longer messages at a time? the company is spearheading a project called 140-plus, it would create options so users could send tweets that exceed the current limits and current handles are not include in the account. they're trying to attract new users by making it easier to use the site. ♪ ♪ i'm mark segraves. we're just outside of macon, georgia, where this looks like a catastrophic building collapse, but in fact, it's a simulated
4:53 pm
earthquake. first responders, search and rescue cre country including maryland task force 1 are here for five days of around the clock, 24-hour training and they'll be training inside these buildings doing high-angle rescues from on top of the buildings and search and rescues from beneath the building and to give you an idea of how realistic this is, take a look at this huge slab of concrete and that is modeled after the murrah building collapse in oklahoma. coming up at 5:00, we'll take you inside with these first responders. pat, take a look. mark segraves. a little boy, the victim in a neighborhood car crash. why his family says the men responsible are making their pain worse on social media.
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take a look after a truck hauling honey bees overturned. it got loose and they were everwhere. bees even covered a police cruiser that arrived at the scene and trapped the officer inside. beekeepers trapped as many of the bees as they could and they had to burn the containers because the bees were getting so aggressive. a family grieving the loss of a child say comments on social media are making their pain much worse. >> nbc's michael george spoke to a father in new jersey who say
4:57 pm
the two men involved in the crash are sharing brazen details on facebook. >> i just want justice for my son. that's it. >> reporter: for a father who just lost his 8-year-old son, it's an outrage. >> they should be locked up immediately, you know? that's it. locked up immediately. >> jermaine woodward said the two men involved in the death of his son are actively talking about the accident on facebook. he showed us this now-deleted post. >> one man told me, why you told me to get in the front that day, you hit that kid because your brakes on the car wasn't good. the other person responds, what are you talking about. that was two cars. you're going to jail, too. >> no one has gone to jail yet and the two got speeding tickets and one careless driving ticket and no criminal charges. >> it makes me mad, all right? it makes me very angry. just come tell the truth. tell the police. you shouldn't have to do it on
4:58 pm
social media. it shouldn't have to come out like that. >> 8-year-old main died in june andity hit in the street right in front of his jersey city school. he was a rising football star and a good student and his granding for the father -- >> you have to excuse me, man, because when i start thinking about it -- >> the hudson county prosecutor's office is aware of the facebook post, but will only tell us they're still investigating the case. main's family is horrified the case is issue casually talked about on facebook. >> if they were to admit, oh, it was an accident. i'm sorry, you know? show some type of remorse about it, you know, i would feel a little bit better. news 4 at 5:00 starts now with jim and wendy. get ready for what could be a wild, four or five days ahead of us. we begin with storm team 4
4:59 pm
coverage tonight. all eyes on a developing nor'easter. >> and now the top of the hour, we are just getting some new data on the latest track of hurricane joaquin and all of this is going to come down to timing to see how this is going to impact us. doug and heron qaa have the latest forecast. guys? >> and you mentioned that four or five days. the first two are friday and saturday and that's with the nor'easter that we know we're going to get and we are definitely going to get the nor'easter with strong winds and rain and the potential is there for flooding and several more inches of rain which is the first system and the second one, a lot of uncertainty, but you put several more inches on top of what we had yesterday and then more on top of that, and we could see very serious issues around our area. right now we have some rain around portions of the region. most of the areas are dry and we have light sprinkles and mainly some drizzle and most of the area remains dry. today, tonight, tomorrow and really good, the next 24 hours and a good time to start to think about the plans you may
5:00 pm
need as you make your way into the friday and saturday. maybe you have extra flashlights in case the power goes out. the nor'easter will be on friday and the nor'easter is first and you have very strong north eastederly winds and 50 along the coast and we could see flooding from this, three to six inches of rain and we could see the potential for trees down and that's what we'll continue to watch. the first headlines, heavy rain and wind likely on friday and saturday and flooding will become likely and that is friday and saturday and that does not even include what we could see from joaquin and we've got a brand new track that just came out. veronica has that. >> here is the very latest and one of the things again, we just want to say it's been a very changing forecast and a difficult forecast over the last couple of days and not just for us in the hurricane center and looking at different guidance and the a category 1 hurricane just east of the leeward


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