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tv   News4 Today at 430  NBC  October 2, 2015 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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good flooding. dangerous as well. joaquin may affect parts of cuba, haiti, the dominican republic, turks and caicos today. the good news is so far down in the bahamas, no one has been hurt. adam? >> thank you, kristin. hurricane joaquin is not expected to be a danger for us but there could be damage to beach coasts. heavy-duty rescue vehicles are on standby ready to plow through any water. officials on long island, they need to be prepared to evacuate just in case. satellite pictures from just this morning show a strong storm despite a new track that looks like it will spare most of us. our team of meteorologists say it may still impact ocean city, maryland. there's a coastal flood warning until about 4:00 this afternoon. officials could extend it. they did not order any
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evacuations but the mayor is taking this seriously. >> look what happened with sandy. it may not, but it could be worse, but let's address it in the same manner. >> he's particularly concerned about two areas, the bay area and the ocean inland. you don't have to wait to track the system yourself. in our nbc washington app, check the radar and new storm track and see how your town is getting ready. it's all in there on our nbc washington app. a lot going on. make sure you're checking it all. >> that's right. you know who's checking it here, chuck bell. good morning, chuck. >> that means more news on air, online and more push alerts through your app. look eight through your computer or check your phone on the ride in to work. temperatures in the mid-50s. it's kind of a nasty day. it will be a weather alert day today and tomorrow as the
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flooding threat continues today into tomorrow. heavy rain and localized flooding and coastal flooding will be the biggest impact. little impact from joaquin itself, so that's good news. heavy rain moving into the area will be with us for the remainder of the day. rainfall amounts could be in the 2- to 4-inch amount. we find jay gray down in kitty hawk, north carolina. those outer exposed islands are always in great danger. jay? >> reporter: hey, there, chuck. yeah, they're already preparing. some of the outer islands, one accessible only by ferry, they've already start'd ved evacuations there. that's the big problem there. it's been raining in the carolinas for the last several days here. there's already been flooding.
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joaquin even if not making a direct hit is brushing through the area, delivering 5, maybe 6 inches. it's an area already saturated. they can't handle that right now. major flooding is a big concern as the storm continues to make its path, hopefully more to the east, hopefully sparing a lot of the islands which they're expecting right now. again, a lot of rain, perhaps some higher winds and that flooding. flooding is going to be the main issue. this is a rainmaker. we'll continue to monitor it for now. that's the latest from kitty hawk. from "news4," i'm jay gray. >> thanks, jay. let's check in with melissa. >> no matter where you're going, it's going to be nice and wet. know it's very wet here this morning. 66 into town, out of town, don't
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have any problems there. 95 also looking quite good at this point this morning. we do have this problem on the inner loop at georgetown road, a crash with a tractor trailer on the left side of the road. be aware of that if you're headed out. 95, route 129, everything there, b.w. parkway looking good. i'll see you back here in ten minutes. this has been a long sad tragic day at ucc. >> an oregon community is still reeling after a deadly shooting rampage on a college campus. some cop fusion still a part of the facts. investigators say ten people died when a man started shooting at random at victims at umpqua community college yesterday. they haven't identified any of the victims yesterday but a spokeswoman said the shooter was among the dead. the county sheriff would not
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even speak his name. multiple law enforcement officials told nbc news chris harper mercer was the gunman. reporters spoke to his father overnight. >> obviously it's been a devastating day. devastating day for me and my family. shocked. shocked is all i can say. >> it was the first week of classes at the college in the hours after this happened. president obama also spoke about the shooting and reinforced his stance on gun control. we'll have exactly what he says coming up in just 15 minutes. new this morning, the taliban says it shot down that u.s. c-130 that crashed in afghanistan. 13 people died. the transport plane went down at an air base taking off from jalal bad airport. six airmen were killed. five contractors also died. the other two people were after gap civafghan civilians were one
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ground working with nato. so far no confirmation on the names. >> thanks, kristin. it's sentencing day for jesse mathew. the judge will hand down his sentence later this afternoon. look for an alert on your washington app when that does happen. ma you entered an alfred plea. next year he'll go to trial for the two other murders. a woman ran at a district officer with a steak knife. he shot her after repeated commands. she put the blade down. we spoke with the mother. she said her 22-year-old daughter struggles with bipolar disorder.
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she couldn't get the treatment she needed. alfredo preato died at the greens ville correctional center in greensville, west virginia. >> mr. prieto did make a last statement. his statement was i'd like to say thanks to all of my lawyers, and family members. get this over with. >> he was convicted in connection with a double murder. in 1980 they found rachael ray raped and murdered in the field. he shot her companion in the back. >> i asked for absolution of his crimes. he would not, of course. >> reporter: he was convicted of a separate murder in california and he was linked by dna to six more killings. what's going on around an
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inviting beautifully designed playground in a d.c. neighborhood has parents ready to move. some both died from gun violence near the kennedy rec center. just last night d.c. police took down the crime tent nearby. shaw residents told officers the summer of deadly violence may send their neighborhood in the wrong direction. d.c.'s attorney general is teaming up with a colorado advocacy group to fight the use of marijuana drugs. they say they've also seen the use of synthetic drugs go up. both hope to work together to create creative ways of cutting down on accessible and use of illegal drugs and tougher penalties in the district and in colorado. we're standing by to see whether weather could affect any schools in the area. what will it be like for the kids in the bus stop?
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chuck bell will let us know. >> and new information just in about a wildfire that killed two people in california.
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good morning. 4:41. both, high-impact weather alert days. it's got nothing do with
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joaquin, every dog with the nor'easter that's already pushing rain across the entire d.c. metro, heavier rains in southern maryland and still toward tidewater, virginia. that's coming our way this afternoon and tonight. flood water warnings increase tonight and tomorrow. temperatures will stay in the 50s with wind-driven rain coming up this afternoon into the evening. flooding concerns are quite real. coming up in ten minutes, we'll detail out the latest track on joaquin and the course for us over the weekend. in the meantime a check in with melissa and a new crash. >> just hearing this, it's been reported as a crash. it might actually be roadwork blocking the left lane. either way your left lane is blocked as you're headed up 270 to 15. taking a look at the top of the beltway, georgetown road, that crash is out of the way and should be cleared soon. we look pretty good here this
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morning. nice and green. 66 rolling along nicely. so is 95. and right now a live look top of the beltway at colesville road, a wet morning all day and all weekend long. guys? >> developing right now, firefighters are making some real progress on two huge wildfires out in california. the butte fire in sacramento is 100% contained so far. the valley fire, 97% contained. great news for them. valley fire is north of san francisco. the butte fire is east of sacramento. six people died altogether in these two fires. they destroyed thousands of structures including homes. good news for them out west, kristin. why more students are expected to miss school again today. and will anything come of the latest mass shooting in the united states?
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we're leave from capitol hill with a look at whether or not con
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i'm ava. i'm nikki. and we bank human at td bank. what? storm team 4 radar on this weather alert day, it is expected to rain all day long, but will it be over by today? chuck bell will let us know on his seven-day forecast. that's coming up at 4:51. first of all, on behalf of all of us, we extend our sympathy, our best wishes, and all the good thoughts that can come from here. >> i know there is a way to have sensible gun control measures that help prevent violence,
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prevent guns from getting into the wrong hands, and save lives. >> lawmakers have a message of compassion and they're calling for gun control laws. this comes after ten people died and seven others were injured after a gunman opened fire at an oregon community college yesterday. the gunman was among those killed. nbc's tracy pots joins us now from capitol hill. trac tracie, good morning. now that we've seen so many of these mass shootings, what happens next? >> what happens next is probably a lot of talk, but we haven't seen much in the way of gun control legislation. you've heard hillary clinton there. it is something resonating on the campaign trails. she said it's something beyond comprehension why congress has not done something after aurora, sandy hook, and now what's happening in oregon. bernie sanders we need comprehensive gun control legislation including addressing
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mental health and guns in the media. so far nothing on capitol hill. they've tried and failed. >> the president said congress has made the choice not to do anything about new gun laws lchl this next mass shooting change anything though? >> a lot of people are frustrated and the president was frustrate and emotional yesterday in a 12-minute speech where he talked thb and he said, we keep talking but nothing is actually happening. he criticized people saying he's politicizing it. president obama says, we probably should. >> this is a political choice that we make, to allow this to happen every few months in america. we collectively are answerable to those families who lose their loved ones. because of our inaction. >> the president challenged the media to clinch the numbers.
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we did. about 3,000 american deaths since 2001 from terrorism. of course, that including 9/11. 153,000 from gun violence, according to the cdc. big difference. >> for sure. tracie potts on capitol hill. thank you. a teenager is facing serious charges, accused of shooting a high school principal. he's facing charges at an adult after shooting the principal. he was subdued. the principal is back in school today. the man accused of three allegheny murders refused to answer questions and argued instead. he demanded the judge explain excessive bail. when the judge said he was being
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sentenced without bail, he said that's unconstitution nal. 100 jurors reported for jury duty on monday. the man charged for the disappearance of two young girls is headed for court. he's charged with murder in the 40-year-old case involved sheila and katharine lyon. the girls vanished after going to the wheaton plaza mall. witnesses saw him observing the girls. the sisters' bodies have never been found. he's already serving time for an unrelated raich cape case in de. students will not be going to school because they don't have their shots. nearly 2,000 students missed school yesterday. mary center is an organization that helps on immigrant
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children. they offered immunizations to children free of charge but for some reason plans stopped until recently. >> we could easily immunize 150 children in a week. >> prince george's county schools hoping to get nair numbers down next week and st. mary's center saying they're more than willing to help out. >> did you see chuck's chart? there was an "f" if there and that brought me to my school days. >> i can't believe you failed recess. >> no, that was not my strong suit. >> failing grades on the weather today, it's just going to be a total loss for anything you wanted to do outside. if you had plans outside today or if you're going to a sporting convenient or were today, tonight, tomorrow, on into sunday, make sure you're in touch with people holding the events, whether it's a private event or football game, whatever
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it is, because there may need to be a lot of changes to plans over the weekend, particularly tonight into tomorrow. but by tomorrow night into sunday, things should be improving. the redskins game on sunday shouldn't be a problem. the new information from the national hurricane center will be in. we'll bring that to you on "news4 today" at 5:00 a.m. here's the forecast as it goes. each track has been consistently farther and farther off the eastern seaboard and now it takes most of eastern new england out of play and carries the storm out to nova scotia and newfoundland but staying essentially over the open waters am landfall now appears extremely unlikely, but the wave threat and beach corrosion could still be a huge problem. what to expect around here today. heavy rain ahead. flood threat increases tonight as the winds increase as well. be prepared and take action now.
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make sure your downspouts and gutters are cleaned and also make sure if you have valuables stored the basement, get them out of here. how much rain. 2 to 4 inches or more. washington southbound, a solid 1 to 2 inches at least. that's on top of the fact we got nearly an inch of rain yesterday. from a severe weather threat, gusty wind, heavy rain and flash flooding are the primary threats. flash floods are up. do take that advice and don't get near any high or fast moving walter. temperatures only in the 50s now. here's the seven-day forecast. you stay in the 50s. back into the mid-60s tomorrow. heavy rain is early. then off-and-on showers continue through sunday. but then back into sunshine and more classic october weather as you get into early next week. we'll talk about the timing of today's heavy rain at the top of the hour. for now it's traffic time with
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melissa. >> good morning, chuck. taking a look at my big map there, all that green you see on my screen there, that's a massive amount of green. we're talking an awful lot of wet roads here this morning. the inner loop there as we zoom into that has a crash off to the left side of the roadway. looks like it's not slowing anything this way though. heading north. 15 north, the left lane is blocked there. that's because of emergency roadwork that has popped up. prince george's county, overall you're looking good. branch, you're clear here. everywhere else, you're kind of nasty here. fairfax to the beltway, you're on time taking you about nine minutes. we're nice and green and moving along well. live look at 95 when we're back in a few. >> thank you, melissa. an update on an iteam
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investigation. >> also coming up, we've got an update o
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another look at storm team 4 radar. chuck bell will let us know the potential for flooding coming up in just a few minutes. a former high-ranking federal police official denies
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new allegations that he had sex on duty in government cars. christopher bartley at the national institute of standards and technology made that statement through his attorney yesterday. earlier this week house committee accused bartley of having sex while on the job and a possible time sheet fraud. he pleaded guilty to cooking meth inside a lab. taking away precious marks of love. charles county sheriff's deputies say sometime between tuesday and wednesday at least two thieves stole bronze vases from 90 gravesides at trinity cemetery. a mother almost couldn't believe it. >> instantly my heart went into my stomach.
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she fought so much when sheas alive fighting cancer and to disturb her when she's resting. a man who police say stole tide pods was arrested. another man is still wanted for a similar crime in rockville. investigators believe the men were selling the stolen laundry pods on the black market. >> we've got to a consumer alert to warn you about. hackers got ahold of the personal information of 15 million t-mobile wireless owners. most at risk, customers who signed up in the last two years. hackers got that information from credit reporting agency experian that t-mobile uses.
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it's a weather alert day on this friday as we continue to track a nor'easter and hurricane joaquin. >> it's already being felt this morning and you can bet it's going to continue throughout the day. good morning. welcome in to a soggy rainy friday morning. >> you came in on a busy day. >> i did. i'm adam tuss in for aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. let's get right to storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell and find out what's going on outside. chuck? >> the heavy rain down to our south and southeast, that's coming our way as a developing and strengthening area of low pressure, becoming a nor'easter headed for the coastline. it's the nor'easter that's going to cause us all the problems. the latest track from joaquin keeps it farther off the coastline and will have no direct impacts on the maryland or delaware beaches outside of coastal erosion and large waves. the impact from the nor'easter, heaviest rain from today


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