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tv   News4 Today at 5  NBC  October 2, 2015 5:00am-6:01am EDT

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this friday as we continue to track a nor'easter and hurricane joaquin. >> it's already being felt this morning and you can bet it's going to continue throughout the day. good morning. welcome in to a soggy rainy friday morning. >> you came in on a busy day. >> i did. i'm adam tuss in for aaron gilchrist. >> and i'm eun yang. let's get right to storm team 4 meteorologist chuck bell and find out what's going on outside. chuck? >> the heavy rain down to our south and southeast, that's coming our way as a developing and strengthening area of low pressure, becoming a nor'easter headed for the coastline. it's the nor'easter that's going to cause us all the problems. the latest track from joaquin keeps it farther off the coastline and will have no direct impacts on the maryland or delaware beaches outside of coastal erosion and large waves. the impact from the nor'easter, heaviest rain from today into early afternoon tomorrow.
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strong wins possible late tonight. that could knock down trees and power lines. it will be a high impact weather day for the heavy rain and increasing wind threat and it's chilly too. temperatures only in the mid-50s right now. there it is on storm team 4 radar. this is coming northwest bound. heavy rain is coming our way. floosh flood watches are up. 2 to 4 inches of rain are possible between now and the time you get up saturday morning. impacts in ten minutes. speaking of which, impacts on "news4" traffic. >> we're having it. take a look here. at this point we have a couple of problems here. right now indian head highway northbound at kirby hill road, we have some lanes blocked in each direction because of a problem with some construction popping up here. taking a look at the top of the beltway, we have a problem. we have brand-new crash we heard about here. we have this problem, inner loop at georgetown road.
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heading north, 15 and i-70, we have the left lane block because of roadwork. again, all this massive green right here is rain that is falling. so we are going to have some pretty wet roads all over the area for your morning commute and, of course, throughout the weekend. >> thanks, melissa. preparations are under way. crews are clearing out storm drains. that's because of the nor'easter that's set to hit. it could be a mess. >> "news4's" megan mcgrath live at washington harbor in georgetown withhat the district is doing. >> reporter: well, good morning, guys. a lot of activity as people get ready for this potential flooding. we're expecting an awful lot of rain here today and into tomorrow. folks don't want to take any chances. they want to make sure they're ready. here at washington harbor, they are ready. take a look behind me. they have their flood wall in
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place. if you push in, you can see the white panels now in between the posts with the big lights on top. those panels make it watertight. so if the water does come from the river here, it will prevent it from going -- those panels will prevent the water from going into the businesses. very important that they have it in place and they do have it in place. the new levee on 17th street may be pressed into service for the first time. take a look at where it is. 17th near kops substitution. so over by the world war ii memorial. they really haven't had the opportunity to test it out as of yet, but what will happen there is if they make the decision that it's needed, in about four hours' time, they can snap panels into place. they snap into these walls on either side of 17th street. the panels cross over the street, preventing flood water from getting down into the federal triangle area which is very low lying and has a denizency to flood. we're still waiting word whether
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they're going to decide whether to put the levee up or not. they're keeping an eye on the rain totals and trying to figure out what the potential for flooding is. and i should mention the national park service has closed turf fields and there are events on the land that have been canceled as well. back to you guys in the studio. >> all right, megan. thank you. we have our eyes on storm team 4 radar. there's a concern that the wind and rain will cause trees to fall. take a look at that. a tree uprooted, snapped a pole in half and fell incleared the . many neighbors are worried it will fall into the streets or worse. >> i'm worried that it will snap and hit my house. >> they want you to be wary of landscapers or repairmen going
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door to door. always make sure they're licensed before you pay them any money. >> right now joaquin is pounding the bahamas. it's a category 4 hurricane. the national weather service calling it extremely dangerous. we just received a new advisory, and we're looking through it just now. you're looking at new video overnight. flooding, severe. they're expecting a foot to a foot and a half of rain down there in the bahamas. winds, you can probably hear gusting near 130 miles an hour. now, joaquin, we also understand, could affect parts of cuba, haiti, and the dominican republic today. back to you. >> thank you, kristin. well, joaquin won't be a direct hit for us but it could affect beach coasts. heavy-duty rescue vehicles are on standby, ready to plow through high water. officials in long island say officials need to be prepared to
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evacuate just in case. satellite pictures from this morning show what a powerful storm this is. now, despite the new track, it looks like it will spare most of us. our team of meteorologists says today's nor'easter may have more of an impact on ocean city, maryland. there's a coastal flood warning until this afternoon. officials could extend it. they did not order any evacuations. the mayor says he's taking this seriously. >> look what happened to sandy. it may not be like that. it could be worse. but let's address it in the same manner. >> mayor rick man is concerned about two zones, the bay area and ocean city inland. and storm team 4 veronica johnson will be in ocean city to give you a firsthand account of what exactly is happening. look for her reports later on tonight. you don't have to wait to track the system yourself. check our nbc washington monitor
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and the storm tracker. see how your town is getting ready. it's all in the app right now. my teacher had come running into the room in a very big panic telling all the students, 20-plus, to come into a teach 'eers room, hide, duck down, shut off all the lights, and don't make any noise. a vim l l le vigil a vigil at umpqua community college. right now you know a school shooting happened in raurl part of oregon yesterday. investigators are expecting to name the victims. i have not officially named the gunman although law enforcement tells nbc news chris mercer was the shooter. overnight his father spoke to reporters. >> obviously it's been a devastating day, devastating for me and my family. shocked. shocked is all i can say.
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>> it was the first week of classes at the college, and reports say mercer also forced people to stand up and state their religion before he shot them. we are following breaking news right now at afghanistan and a u.s. military plane that looks just like this. who is claiming responsibility for a deadly crash. >> also this morning, a serial killer put to death just hours ago. what we're learning about alfredo prieto's final moment. this is it. blue and green filling the whole area there on this weather alert day. day. what you can expect on your walk
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we have breaking news right now. the taliban is now claiming responsibility for a military plane crash that killed 13 people in afghanistan including
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several americans. the plane crashed in jalalabad last night. the taliban said it shot the plane down. we're awaiting confirmation on that. two afghan civilians on the ground also died when the plane went down. well, we're under a weather alert day as two storm systems head our way. did you notice? it's raining. >> a little bit. >> not as bad as expected. but still could bring washouts all weekend. >> storm team 4's lauren ricketts has more on what we can expect. lauryn, you need a big umbrella. >> reporter: i need a big umbrella and scarf. it's chilly out there. but, adam, you're right. it's static. it doesn't look as bad as yesterday. your drive time forecast, a little wet and rainy this morning. as we continue into the evening,
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still wet and rainy even with showers and thunderstorms. we do have some pretty heavy rain through friday and even into saturday. sunday looking a little bit better as the showers start up again. we'll have your full forecast and give you the latest on joaquin and what we can expect and when we can see sunshine. that's all coming up. but right now we have a crash update with melissa. melissa? >> right now we have this crash still here on the left side of the roadway at the inner loop in old georgetown. that's pretty nasty. and the american legion bridge. right now we're not seeing too many slowdowns but, of course, all of this green is the rain moving through the region right now. most of our roads are covered. 95 northbound between the beltway and powder mill road h e do have some roadwork with the left lane blocked. 66 very wet. 270 no major problems northbound or southbound. i'll see you in ten minutes.
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>> thank you, melissa. new information this morning out of california about a massive wildfire that took the lives of two people. what we learned overnight. we're in the clear for we're in the clear for hurricane joaquin, is that it's also a story about canals and the artificial heart,oers.
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welcome back on a weather alert day. we're taking a look at storm team 4 radar. take a look at all that blue and green rain is dumping on us, and preparations are under way as we track the nor'easter. how is joaquin going to affect us? chuck will let us know whether that's going to change and whether that will impact your weekend plans. that's coming up in a few minutes. it's now 5:17. the state of virginia executed a convicted serial killer and rapist. alfredo prieto died last night and the greenville correctional center in greenville, virginia. >> mr. prieto made a last
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statement. that statement was i'd like to say thanks to all my lawyers, all my supporters, and all my family members. get this ore with. >> he was convicted of a double murder in 1980 in fairfax county. they found rachel raped and murdered in the field. he shot her companion in the back. >> i asked him if he wanted answer solution from his crimes. he would not confirm that, of course. >> he's linked by dna to six more killings. what's going on around an inviting beautifully designed playground in one of d.c.'s trendiest neighborhoods has parents ready to move. two died this summer from gun violence. just this week the police took down the crime tent nearby.
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they say it may send the neighborhood in the wrong direction. it's 5:19. good news for firefighters out in northern california. they've been fighting two major wildfires, and now they say they're almost totally contained. the butte fire east of sacramento is 100% contained as of this morning. it killed two people and destroyed hundreds of homes. the other big fire, the valley fire, north of sacramento, is 97% contained right now. well, it is a wet day outside. we have been wet for a while. we're watching two major storm systems as will coming up the east coast. check out this latest hurricane joaquin model. yesterday at this time it looked like we were going to take a direct hit. now we might dodge the storm. at least the joaquin part of the storm. right, chuck bell? >> yes, indeed. we're continuing get more and more optimistic runs of the computer forecast. but what's going to happen with joaquin, each run, and the track continuing shift farther away
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from the eastern seaboard. i'll show you the official track in just a second. first things first, we have to get through today and tomorrow before we consider any impacts. weather alert day between day and tomorrow. what does that mean? more frequent pushes on our app, more updates on our website and facebook page. heavy rain, localized flooding and coastal flooding will a big concern late tonight late tonight into early tomorrowing. beach corrosion and along the bay, especially along the potomac could be an issue. here's the mother lode of moisture. that's what's coming our way for tonight. heavy rain down to our south. it's all right light to moderate rain across the area. this will continue to increase as we go through the day. flash flood watches are up. widespread amounts. 2 to 4 inches possible. heaviest late tonight. it could be windy enough that power outages could be an issue. here's future weather. here's that moderate to heavy
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rain blasting through here. the rain will start to taper off. probably not any sunshine this weekend but the heavy rain will be done by early noon time tomorrow. today's temperatures in the 50s. again, rainfall amounts will be quite a bit. could potentially see six inches or more across southern maryland. rain today, tonight, tomorrow, ending on sunday. the football game on sunday should be all right and back after that. jay gray is on the outer banks of north carolina. kitty hawk expecting a big impact from a coastal erosion. >> reporter: yeah, chuck, you're right. it's something they've already been dealing with because of rain that's been going on the last several days across the area, across southern carolina. while it doesn't look like it at this point, it will still make landfall and that's great news. it's going to provide serious problems. adding rain, five, six, seven
5:22 am
inches in some areas. it's caused an evacuation. they want to make sure no one's trapped when all this rain moves in. we've seen it this morning in spurts. it's going intensify. they're going to see flooding. a lot of people preparing, making sure they have water, food, and making sure that they don't have to drive in floodwaters because that's a major concern of officials here. that's the latest from kitty hawk. >> thanks, jay. good news here in the atlantic. a lot of beach erosion will be a problem. also a problem.
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impact on the roads. melissa mollet. >> tough already. this is our latest accident here, chuck. again, remember, all of this green you're seeing on your screen there, it's not pretty. it ooh tess rain that's falling. outer loop between georgia avenue and connecticut avenue, a brand-new crash. looks like they may have been pushed off to the shoulder here. we also have this problem. inner loop here and then the outer loop. we put on another layer right here. all of the rain impacting all of our roads in the region this morning. beltway, you can see a little bit of a sheen on the roadway. also hearing in my ear. we'll talk than in a couple of minutes. >> thank you, melissa. we can show you new video of three recent u.s. coalition air strikes on isis targets in iraq. its ministry of defense says one of its strikes hit an oil refinery in the town of baghdad.
5:24 am
these strikes hit last week. it launched an additional air strike at isis targets in iraq and one in syria. 5:24 now. there is a new sheriff in town in tulsa, oklahoma, and he's taking over for his old boss who's facing charges. earlier this week they indicted him. glanz resigned is and rick weigel took over yesterday. he plans to take up recommendations. a man may face a long prison sentence. leslie merit is facing charges in four of the 11 shootings. each of those shootings -- in each of those shootings merritt is charged with penalties that carry a mauks mum sentence of 30 years. merritt says he's innocent. no one was hurt in the shootings. as the general assembly of catholic bishops meet, divorced
5:25 am
and married hope to be able to receive the fundamental sacraments again. it will last for three weeks beginning sunday. the assembly will focus on catholic family issues. the debate over allowing divorced and remarried people to take communion was on the agenda last year, but there was no solution. >> the argument is if you allow divorced and remarried catholics to receive holy communion, then these particular divorced remarried catholics will probably be receiving communion ill led ill legit matly. >> those divorce and remarried are considered living in sin and cannot take communion or confessi
5:26 am
confession. take a look at this live picture raining all over. where can we see the heaviest downpours? chuck bell breaks it down? >> will anything become of the mass shooting in the
5:27 am
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your time is 5:29 on this weather alert day. good morning to you. i'm eun yang. >> and i'm adam tuss.
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alexandria with flood preps. chuck bell can say that very fast. go ahead, chuck. >> flood preps indeed. it means more updates on air and online. have our nbc washington app ready to go. weather headlines, windy today. heaviest rain likely between 4:00 this afternoon and 4:00 tomorrow morning. localized flooding and coastal flooding will be a big concern. but of lesser concern now, the latest track from hurricane joaquin is even farther off the eastern seaboard, so there's the good news nchl the meantime both today and tomorrow, a heavy rain threat and a lot of wind as well. there's the push of heavy moisture across southern virginia and eastern north carolina. now, this is all sideways rain in eastern north carolina. and there you can see the rain showers pushing into our area as well. as you make your plans today, have a warm jacket that is also very dry and -- pardon me.
5:30 am
sorry about that. i crashed into the phone. temperatures in the 50s today. flooding threats will be a greatest overnight into tomorrow. remember the number one rule, turn around, don't drown. >> turn around and don't drown and watch out for the phone. how many times have we said that's going to happen. it's way too tight there. right now we do have this new accident here. that is very close to another problem. outer loop at georgia and connecticut, we still have that crash, but it's now on the shoulder. taking a look at the one on the shoulder, outer loop at the g.w. bridge and near the parkway. we still have that accident off to the left side of the roadway. remember all of this green here, not a pretty meadow. that's radar showing rain all over the area. be careful. you're going to have to use the wipers today and throughout the weekend. first of all, on behalf of all of us, we extend our sympathy, our best wishes, and
5:31 am
all the good thoughts. >> i know there is a sensible good way to have measures to prevent violence, prevent guns from getting into the wrong hands and save lives. >> some democratic lawmakers not only calling for compassion but sensible gun control laws. this comes after ten people died and others were injured after guanman opened fire at a college yesterday. the gunman was killed. nbc's tracy potts has more. after each one h e talk about gun control. has anything been done in congress to affect more gun control laws? >> no, not really. they tried and failed. they came close a couple of years ago. that's really the source of frustration, especially for democrats who have been pushing this. you heard hillary clinton. bernie sanders also came out and said we need to deal with
5:32 am
comprehensive gun control legislation that takes into account dealing with images of guns in the media and the mentally ill and making sure that they don't have access to weapons. it just has not passed here on capitol hill. >> and the president has said congress has chosen not to act. what's going to happen next? i mean obviously more talk, but then what? >> well, and that's the question. that was the source of his frustration. you could see him yesterday. he was visably frustrated by not just the situation that happened but the lack of action here saying that people accused him of politicizing incidents like this. his argument was it needs to be politicized. >> this is a political choice that we make, to allow this to happen every few months in america. we collectively are answerable to those families who lose their loved ones. because of our inaction.
5:33 am
>> and he challenged law abiding gun owners to pick up the charge and lead this fight. >> all right. tracie potts live on capitol hill. thank you. a tabler is facing serious charge this morning accused of shooting a high school principal. mason buhl is facing charges as an adult at a south dakota high school. this happened yesterday. another school worker was able to subdue him. it happened during school hours. the principal is back in school today. the man accused of three alexandria murders refused to answer the judge's questions. charles severance argued with the judge and demanded that the judge discuss excessive bail. when the judge explained serve rajs was being held without bail, he protested that it was unconstitutional. seven ranns is being charged with the murders of ruth yan ann
5:34 am
l ruthanne lodato, ronald kirby, and nancy dunning. long island welch . investigators say welch was there that day and witnessed saw him observing the girls. the sisters' bodies have never been found. welch is already serving time for an unrelated rape case in delaware. we're learning prince george's county public schools is working to get kids evacuated. mary's center is a health organization that focused on immunization of children. they were in communication with school officials to off services to student free of charge last spring but at some point plans stopped until recently. >> we were estimating we could
5:35 am
immunize easily 100 to 150 children a week. >> it's an excellent partnership and one we hope to take advantage of. >> they're hoping to get numbers down next week and mair's says they're willing to help. maryland state police are offering up to a $1,000 reward. troopers say a truck pulling a trailer ran into 21-year-old marine corporal william farrell on route 15 in frederick county. they think he pulled over to help a stranded driver. he wore a reflective vest and his emergency lights were flashing. >> a man accused in killing a woman in a drunk driving crash. he was drunk last month when he hit frances sumter's car last movement police believe he was drink and switches places after hitting another car. jackson is facing dui charges.
5:36 am
he may also face other charges. breaking right now the vatican is now talking about pope francis's secret meeting with kentucky clerk kim davis while the pontiff was in d.c. last week. they said the meeting should not be a form of support of her position. the pope talked with her because of his kindness and availability. davis, of course, the rohn county clerk who refuses to offer lie says senses to same-sex couples, she was jailed for it and is back to work. the pope met wither h last week in total secret. davis said pope francis gave her and her husband rosary beads. back to you. >> thank you, kristin. we're working for you on this weather alert day. we're standing by to see if this weather will affect any schools. what does it look like at the bus stop? i'm thinking big umbrellas.
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the school moves times for later in the morning. according to the "washington post" parents of younger students are having trouble blapsing their schedules. parents of younger students say they have to figure out a new plan or pay more for child care. one child care owner told the post this morning that his enrollment has gone up 25%. mission accomplished. an unmanned cargo ship filled with tons of supplies just made it to astronauts aboard the international space station. the russian ship blasted off yesterday carrying food and fuel for the space station. about 2 1/2 tons of supplies actually. the ship docked overnight with no problems at all. supply missions, by the way, failed in april and june. >> thank you, kristin. it is a weather alert day in the
5:41 am
washington area. this morning the rain is dumping rain on us? a lot of green. we have a brave soul, larn ricketts. she went outside, brought the big umbrella, but it's cold. >> reporter: it's cold. as soon as i walk outside the rain started coming down and it's windy. i'm going to hold onto this umbrella. it's going to be intense. it is a little bad out here right now, and it will continue to get like this. so watch out for the morning commute. not expecting any flooding early on, but definitely by the time you head home there could be a few areas around that could be flooding. we'll have the heaviest rain from about 4:00 p.m. tonight to 4:00 a.m. tomorrow. recess, "f." definitely an "f." melissa, how do the roadways look? >> i'm not sure i can give much
5:42 am
better. partially blocked because of a car police say went off the roadway. so the other problem at this point. outer loop at the american legion bridge, we still have that crash blocking. taking a look at travel times for you this morning, 270 south from germantown to the beltway looks fine. 95 to 270 also looking quite good. taking a look at 66. inbound, don't have any problems. traveling at speed. no major problems as you're heading into town. back in ten minutes. >> thank you, melissa. an update on an iteam investigation sur rounding nist. >> and a man robbing a grocery store for laundry pods. why police think he did it and how they caught up for him. >> an 'letter for t-mobile
5:43 am
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5:46 am
another look at the nor'easter heading our way. chuck bell is going to take a look. >> melissa mollet is keeping an eye on the slick roads. they could cause a problem for drivers. all of that coming up in just a minute at 5:51. >> there's a lot of green up on the radar this morning. many of you are preparing for heavy rain in the next few days. alexandria is under a flood watch until tomorrow night. "news4's" mollette green is liv in alexandria this morning. molet molette, good morning. what is the city doing to prepare for it? >> reporter: right now there's a pretty steady rain coming down. the only business open right now is the coffee shop behind me, and as you can see, it is surrounded by sandbags.
5:47 am
residents and business owners in old town alexandria, they know the drill. in just a few hours, the city will start handing up to five sand bags per city and property owner. they took time yesterday to clear out debris and leaves for storm drains and gutters. city leaders are also urging people to stay off the roads and, of course, have a plan of action just in case things get worse. now f these flood and flash flood watches turn to warnings, those in low lying areas know they have to be ready at a moment's notice to get out of the way. we're watching the scene right now in old town alexandria. high tide comes up in just a few hours. things look pretty good right now, but, of course, this is one of those areas tricky and prone to flooding. i'm molette green.
5:48 am
back to you. >> thank you, molette. you can customize your coverage. how about that. this is our nbc washington app. be sure to check the nbc radar and monitor your storm track. it's all getting ready for you right now. >> sounds like a plan. a judge today in d.c. will check on the mental health of a woman who ran at a officer with a stake knife. the officer shot nettles after he repeatedly asked her to put the knife down. her mother said she struggles with bipolar disorder and couldn't get the help she needed. d.c.'s attorney general teaming up with a colorado based marijuana advocacy group to fight the use of synthetic drugs. although marijuana is legal in colorado, they say they've also seen the use of synthetic drugs go up. they hope to work together to
5:49 am
develop creative ways to cut down on the accessn't and use of synthetic drugs as well as tougher punishments in the district of colorado. today we're expecting a report from the justice department about st. louis county police. this is the last doj review following that violence in ferguson after michael brown was killed last year. the first report criticized ferguson police and the second addressed issues with their response to the protest. once the new report is released, we'll put all the details on the nbc washington app. a man who police say stole tide laundry pods at a grocery store in maryland is now in custody. police say mario wells has turned himself in. another is wanted in rockville. police believe the men were selling the stolen laundry pods on the black market. >> you'll want to hear this. if you plan on using metro this weekend, metro says track work
5:50 am
will affect five oust sick line this sunday. red line trains will operate every 20 minutes while orange, silver, blue, and yellow will operate every 24 minutes. the green line will remain on schedule. they're not happy to turn parts of i-66 into a toll road during rush hour. terry mcauliffe is facing criticism. drivers could pay as much as $7 depending how far they travel. they say the tolls are too high. the commonwealth will reject or approve the plan later this month. happening today, a brand-new homeless shelter will be on rating. it will provide a meal and a bed and other services. >> we'll have mental health and substance abuse unseling as
5:51 am
well as job training and learning about budgeting. but most importantly about what is differential about the center is it will alou us to off all of these services under one roof. >> there you see amelia segal. that's service there. a number of homeless people in ar lickton have been cut in half and this is expected to play a huge part to end homelessness by 2018. >> it looks like it's raining behind amelia. >> rain for all. >> doug and amelia will be here this afternoon. doug will have you covered tomorrow morning. storm team 4 is fully deployed. weather alerts not because of joaquin but a nor'easter and a heavy rain threat. but because joaquin has been grabbing all the headlines, i wanted to bring you the very latest. this is the newest forecast released about 15, 20 minutes
5:52 am
ago. hurricane joaquin is now a category 4 storm with 130-mile-an-hour sustained winds. it's causing havoc across the bahamas right now. it calls for a bit of a northeasterly turn and event annually as we get sunday night into monday, it will be parallel with nags head, south carolina. if you planned on going to bermuda, it will have an impact. notice the new track takes it even farther away from the eastern seaboard. rip currents and waves will be important for the coastline. more fornlt per us, today and tomorrow not hurricane-related, hen rain and flood increase tonight and power outages possible. keep your gutters and downspouts clean. power outages mean you need to keep your generators clean. so severe weather risks. o your main threat will be heavy rain and flash flooding
5:53 am
primarily from sundown tonight until sunrise tomorrow. localized, 3 to maybe as much as 6 inches of rain. cloudy, nasty, windy outside. 50s across the area. we'll budge nowhere temperature-wise. here it is on radar right now. bright to moderate rain moving into parts of southern maryland. that's the heavy rain that will impact us later today, tonight, and into early tomorrow. here's your seven-day forecast then. weather alert. today, tomorrow, frequent updates on our website, frequent push alerts on our app and upindicates all day and all night. there you can see rain showers ending tomorrow and as we get into sunday, still a passing shower too. by then things will be quieting down by next week. we'll break down the timing of the heavy rain threat at 6:00. here's melissa with the traffic. >> i have an update. the inner loop of the beltway i try to pull the vehicle out of
5:54 am
the ditch there. that's probably going to be a little slow through the area for the next couple of minutes. a big look at the beltway. it looks okay. we have two slow spots. but this massive green, that is our radar showing a lot of rain all over the area. very slick roads. slow and nasty. inner loop at georgetown, still have an accident. outer loop, same thing there. southbound b.w. parkway, a disabled vehicle blockling the lane for you there. and at montrose, it looks slick but is open. eun? >> melissa, thank you so much. a former high-ranking federal official denies allegations he had sex on duty in government car. christopher bartley, the former head of police at the national institute of stan darlds and technology made that announcement to our iteam yesterday. he was accuse of having sex while on the job and a possible
5:55 am
time sheet fraud. bartley resigned in august after pleading guilty after attempting to cook meth inside a nist lab. >> we have information about an alert for 15 million ti-mobile customers. names, addresses, birth dates. they got this information from experian which t-mobile users apply. good morning. i'm landon dowdy. they don't work with its prime instant vud owe service. amazon says video is an important part of its prime member program which costs $99. you can still buy other streaming devices that are
5:56 am
compatible with prime video including roku and xbox. and starbucks will start using 100% cage-free eggs. it follows similar pledges by mcdonald's and burger king. they're starting to slowly rebuild their flocks. that's your cnbc morning business report. i'm lawn don dowdy. >> thank you, han donn. charles county sheriff's deputy say sometime between tuesday and wednesday at least two thieves stole bronze vases from 96 gravesides at trinity memorial gardens in waldorf. one f them beloved to 14-year-old kayla brown. her mother said she almost couldn't believe it. >> instantly my heart went into my stomach. she fought so much in life fighting cancer and she's disturbing while resting.
5:57 am
>> reporter: they offer a reward for anyone who can catch the suspects. today jury selection will resume for the former ceo who faces charges in connection with an explosion at a west virginia coal mine. don blankenship was ceo at the time. tupper big branch mine accident killed 20 cole mine works in 2010. investigators believe faulty equipment failed to put out the fire which ignited the coal dust which ignited the explosion. blarngenship denies any wrongdoing. it's a weather alert warning as we brace for a storm. ahead, hurricane joaquin and the impact it can have on our region. which neighborhoods are most at risk of flooding and how much rain you can expect where you live. >> reporter: with the threat of flooding, will the 17th street
5:58 am
5:59 am
we are helping keep you prepared on this weather alert day as we brace for the strong nor'easter that's rolling into our area right now. expect to see heavy rain throughout the day. >> and we're seeing signs that people are prepared for the worst. these storm barriers are already up in georgetown. you can see more go up as
6:00 am
conditions worsen. >> we have storm team 4 coverage for you. melissa mollet has more and megan mcgrath has more. >> chuck bell has more about the storm threat. hey, chuck. >> absolutely right. we have a big nor'easter to get through today, tormorrow, and we'll have big winds where trees and power lines may come down. an area of low pressure off the eastern seaboard comes off the coast and throws an abundance of moisture in our area. heaviest rain up through late morning to about noontime tomorrow. strongest winds will probably occur overnight tonight and with two to three inches of rain and winds over 40 miles an hour, you will have problems with power in places. frequent updates on air and online and frequent push alerts from our app. and, again, heaviest rain comes in today and tonight. we'll talk about the rain. breaking news and


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